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Full text of "A calendar of Confederate papers, with a biblography of some Confederate publications; preliminary report of the Southern historical manuscripts commission, prepared under the direction of the Confederate memorial literary society"

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$reltmtnarp Report of ftfje g>outfjern Jl 














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31$ Htmtteb to nt tETfjou^anb Copies;, 

>f Mlfncf) ^f)tsi "Volume is 
Dumber ..... . 







Papers Relating to the Medical Department of the Confed 
erate States Army, 15 

Papers Relating to the Richmond Campaign of 1864: The j 
Harrison Loan, ." 51 

Papers of Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, 73 

Journal of Chas. E. Lining, C. S. S. Shenandoah, 126 

Miscellaneous Manuscripts, 164 

Papers Relating to the Trial of Jefferson Davis: The Shea 

Memorial, 439 

Exhibits Prepared for the Defence of Jefferson Davis, 479 

Letters of J. M. Mason to Jefferson Davis, 480 

Confederate War Maps, 486 

Muster-rolls, Returns and Rosters, 491 

Ante-Bellum and Post-Bellum Papers, 497 


Bibliography of some Confederate Publications in the Con 
federate Museum, 501 



A. C. S. A copy, written and signed by the original signer of the paper. 

A. D. S. A document, report, receipt, order, etc., written and signed by 
a known person. 

A. D. n. S. A document, report, receipt, order, etc., written by a known 
person, but not signed. 

A. F. S. A customary "form" report, requisition, return or receipt 
written and signed by a known person. 

A. F. n. S A customary "form" report, requisition, return or receipt 
written by a known person, but not signed. 

A. L. S. A letter, written and signed by a known person. 

A. L. n. S. A letter, written by a known person, but not signed. 

A. S. A manuscript, not otherwise classified, written and signed by a 
known person. 

A. n. S. A manuscript, not otherwise classified, written by a known per 
son, but not signed. 

C. C A copy of a manuscript, certified as to accuracy by some legally 

competent person. 
Copy. A manuscript, known to be a copy of another manuscript. 

D. S. A document, report, receipt, order, etc., by a known person, but not 

written by that person. 

D. n. S. A document, report, receipt, order, etc., written but not signed- 
F. S. A customary "form" report, requisition, return or receipt signed 

by a known person but not written by th?t person. 
F. n. S. A customary "form" report, requisition, return, or receipt 

written but not signed. 

L. S- A letter, signed by a known person, but not written by that person. 
L. n. S. A letter, written but not signed, 
n. d. Not dated, 
n. s. Not signed. 

n. p No place of sending mentioned. 
O. C. Official copy, that is, a copy, used or intended for official purposes 

and certified as to accuracy by some legally competent person. 
P. D. A printed document, report, receipt, order, e!c. 


P. D. S. A printed document, report, receipt, order, etc., signed by a 
known person. 

P. F. S. A printed "form" report, requisition, return or receipt signed 
by a known person. 

Tel. A telegram, either the original given the operator, or the copy fur 
nished the person addressed. 


Following the abbreviation which gives the character of the particular 
manuscript calendared, will be found a symbol fixing the location of the 
manuscript in the Archives of the Museum. Where a single letter or com 
bination of letters is used, such as "A" or "SM," the reference is to a case 
in the central collection. The figure following gives the number of the 
folder in the case. Thus, "B-i6" refers to case B, folder 16. Where more 
than one paper is included in a folder, the number of each paper is given. 
Thus, "B-37-8" is case B, folder 37, manuscript 8. A small numeral fol 
lowing the case letter refers to the serial case, as "B 2 ," that is, the second 
case in series B. 

The abbreviations "Va," "Ala," "Mo," etc., refer to the various State 
collections, while the numerals following give the case or exhibit number. 
Thus, "NC-247-3" would be, North Carolina collection, exhibit 247, manu 
script number 3. 




Inasmuch as the present volume marks the beginning oi a 
new venture in the collection oi source material relating to the 
War between the States, it is proper that the nature, need and 
scope of. the undertaking should be stated. For some years 
students of Confederate history have felt the need of systematic 
and thorough co-operation in the collection of sources for several 
reasons. In the first place, in consequence of the death of many 
participants in the war, numerous collections of papers have fallen 
into the hands of persons unconscious of their value and unable 
properly to preserve them. For instance, virtually the entire cor 
respondence of a prominent Confederate general was condemned 
to the waste-heap by his heirs, who did not suspect the character 
of some of the manuscripts. Fortunately, these were rescued and 
have since been properly repaired and examined; but instances of 
this character are not infrequent. Other manuscripts have suf 
fered a fate hardly less disastrous, being left to molder in 
garrets or to rot in cellars, until they have become practically 
illegible, and are useless to the historical student. 

Furthermore, the private papers of leaders of the Confederacy 
are scattered throughout the South in such a manner as to make 
them virtually inaccessible to the average student. The investi 
gator who wishes to collect material regarding Jefferson Davis, 
for example, will find his letters in at least a dozen libraries and 
archives, not to mention the fact that numerous important papers 
are in unknown private hands. 

Again, while various Confederate leaders, military and civil, 
have published their memoirs, there have been but two attempts 
at systematic collection. For some thirty years the Southern 
Historical Society has issued an annual volume of Papers, rich in 
valuable material, but constituting, in their entirety, a very small 
portion of the manuscripts extant in the South. The second 


attempt was the publication, by the United States Government, 
of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, including an 
enormous mass of material. While eminently fair to the South, 
and truly monumental in character, the importance of the Records 
may readily be overestimated. The very magnitude of the task 
rendered close attention to minor details practically impossible, 
and the plan of the work necessarily excluded much that was 
vital to the history of the Confederacy. 

Accordingly, in the spring of 1907 a plan was agreed upon, 
whereby this important undertaking was confided to the Con 
federate Memorial Literary Society, in view of the unusual facili 
ties possessed by that organization, and to its previous success 
along similar lines. The Southern Historical Manuscripts Com 
mission was therefore formed, and was instructed by the Society 
to outline some working plan for the collection of material and 
to make a beginning in the publication of new records. 

The Commission believes that its operations should not be 
confined to the period covered by the war, but should take into 
consideration the years immediately preceding, and the period of 
reconstruction following the war. In dealing with material re 
lating to the ante-bellum period, it was disclosed that much might 
be done in collecting sources on two important subjects State 
Rights and Slavery. The monographs which have appeared on 
the former of these subjects show what may be there accom 
plished, and it is believed that further study of the doctrine in 
other States will be equally successful. The printed material for 
this subject can be obtained in most large libraries of the country, 
but private manuscripts of leading men in the various States 
can be secured only with the greatest difficulty. As to slavery, 
adequate material cannot be had at present for the study of either 
its political, economic or social aspect. Even the laws of slavery, 
state and municipal, have never been thoroughly codified, and the 
"comparative method" employed by Kurd has received little 
attention since his day. The economic side of slavery is even less 
understood. A glance at the most recent general work on slavery 
will show that the present results on the subject are based on no 
more trustworthy authorities than census returns and the observa 
tions of hasty travelers; but a careful writer has demonstrated 
what light may be thrown on the subject by an examination of 


sources which are essentially local. It is hardly probable that all 
the records of plantation finance have been destroyed, and the 
publication of the actual receipts and expenditures of half a dozen 
farms would throw much light on the larger subject. The Com 
mission proposes to make an extended search for records of this 
character, and to publish such material as is collected. 

It is evident that many problems await investigation in con 
nection with the war period. In the first place, material on the 
actual formation of the Confederacy is sadly lacking, and the 
inner workings of the Montgomery Convention await investiga 
tion. One particular class of possible sources suggests itself in 
this connection. The members of the Convention and of the Pro 
visional Congress must have written many letters to their families 
and friends. If any of these can be recovered, they may give 
important information on obscure points, as did the Cobb letters 
which recently appeared in the publication of the Southern History 

Again, material on the later legislative and executive history 
of the Confederacy has been greatly neglected. As regards the 
former, some attempt should be made, first of all, to secure some 
connected and accessible reports of the debates in the Confederate 
Congress. It is true that the more important debates in the House 
of Representatives, and most of the debates in the Senate, were 
behind closed doors; but despite this fact, a collection of the 
reports of newspaper correspondents and of letters of Congress 
men would appreciably add to the existing information regarding 
many important enactments. Material on the workings of the 
Confederate Cabinet and on the movements of the presidential 
and of the anti-administration parties, might likewise bring 
valuable facts to light; and a close study of the executive de 
partments would certainly yield valuable results. 

Another great field of investigation, and one in which the 
Commission proposes to work, is social life during the period 
of the Confederacy. The patient sufferings of the non-combatants, 
the quiet demeanor of the slaves, the temper of the press these 
were foremost among the forces which contributed to the main 
tenance of the Southern armies in the field, and are deserving of 
close analysis. The materials for such study are obvious and can 
be gathered in great numbers by concerted effort. 


In connection with military operations, it must not be supposed 
the Official Records contain all the existing material. There are, 
for example, several gaps in the correspondence there published, 
notably in the executive correspondence of 1861-62, and in the 
confidential communications to the President from generals in the 
field. It is perhaps useless to hope that these losses may be 
recovered, even in part ; but occasionally a missing paper is found. 
Certainly no effort should be spared to make an exhaustive search. 

Moreover, the Official Records do not contain adequate ma 
terial on the organization of the military bureaux of enrollments, 
conscription, ordnance, subsistence and the like. It is submitted 
that material should be collected regarding these bureaux, since 
a thorough knowledge of the operations of at least some of them 
is essential to a correct understanding of any campaign. Ordnance 
transportation, for example, in the Pennsylvania campaign of 
1863, an d Subsistence in the Appomattox campaign were hardly 
second to any other factors in determining the final outcome. 

In like manner military topography demands attention, and 
an effort should be made to accumulate more war maps. The 
atlas published with the Official Records was a most important 
addition to the material on military operations, but it contained 
comparatively few Confederate maps. Others are known to exist, 
and should either be reproduced or placed where they may be 
readily consulted by investigators. 

Nor should the history of particular commands be neglected. 
It is a truism of military history that the esprit de corps of an 
army depends on the spirit of each particular command, and the 
previous career of victory or defeat of even a single regiment may 
sometimes be important. Viewed in this light only, the labor 
involved in writing the history of a particular brigade, for in 
stance, may be well spent, if the only result should be to determine 
the exact strength and spirit of the command at a critical time. 
The materials for this class of investigation are not to be found 
in the Official Records, though they certainly exist in private 

Finally, material should be collected for military biography. 
It is useless to emphasize the importance of an intimate acquaint 
ance on the part of the investigator with the personal character 
istics and methods of the great generals of the period; only 


through their private as well as their official papers, can these 
be disclosed. 

In connection with the subject of reconstruction, the Commfe- 
sion believes that emphasis should be placed upon social and 
economic problems and conditions, and it therefore intends to 
collect material on these subjects. The principal political papers 
relating to reconstruction have already been collected and printed 
in accessible form. 

In thus outlining the subjects upon which it proposes to collect 
material, the Commission would not intimate that these are the 
only matters that should be treated; on the other hand, it is im 
possible to foresee the direction that future research will pursue. 
The Commission merely intends, in the above outline, to indicate 
some of the more important aspects of the subject that remain 
to be considered. 

With these aims in view, then, the Commission believes that 
its work should be, first, to locate, examine and report on large 
or inaccessible collections ; secondly, to procure originals where 
possible or accurate copies and to deposit the same in the library 
of the Confederate Museum, Richmond, Virginia, where they 
may be consulted by all students; thirdly, to publish exhaustive 
reports of particular collections, when deemed sufficiently im 

The Society realizes that this work will require many years, 
and that its success at any time depends on the support of all 
persons interested in Southern history. But relying on the loyalty 
of the Southern people, the Society appeals to them to deposit 
their papers in the fire-proof Museum, where they may remain 
as a lasting memorial of those whose deeds they record, and 
where, at the same time, they are assured early publication and 
distribution to historical students. Representing as it does, no 
particular State, but standing for the entire South, the Museum 
seems the most appropriate place for the collection and preserva 
tion of Confederate papers. Certainly without some such system 
of co-operation as that proposed, the unpublished records of the 
Confederacy will be lost beyond reclamation in the course of an 
other generation. 

In carrying out the further instructions of the Society, the 
Commission begins its work by the publication in this volume of 


the manuscripts already collected by the Society and now in the 
Confederate Museum. These represent the gradual accumula 
tions of a decade, and while there have been notable gifts of large 
collections, the greater part of the papers have come in a few 
at a time and from many different sources. 

This Calendar lists all of these manuscripts, with a few excep 
tions that should be noted : Mrs. Varina Davis gave the Museum 
a type-written copy of the executive letter-book of President 
Davis, but as most of the important papers therein are printed, 
and as a movement is already on foot to publish the full cor 
respondence of Mr. Davis, it was not thought expedient to deal 
here with this material. Again, the letter-book and order-book 
of Brigadier-General W. N. Pendleton, now in the Museum, have 
been but briefly mentioned in this volume. These manuscripts 
are extensive and extremely valuable, and their publication has 
been deferred to a later time, when it is intended to issue them 
in their entirety. Finally, the Florida collection contains some 
important papers and records of the Lake City General Hospital 
and of Dr. A. S. Baldwin, surgeon in charge there; but in view of 
the fact that a large number of medical papers appear in the 
present volume, it was thought proper to defer detailed report of 
this material to a subsequent date. In like manner, papers in 
the Museum that are also printed in the Official Records have not 
been entered here, except in some special instances, and then with 
references to the full text as printed. 

With the above exceptions, however, this report contains an 
abstract of all the manuscripts received at the Museum prior to 
September i, 1907. Some of these may appear unimportant, or at 
most, of small value, but the editor has not felt called upon to 
pass final judgment on every paper, and has preferred to make 
brief mention of all, in order to avoid the risk of omitting any 
thing that might be of use. 

Where any considerable number of papers clearly belong to 
gether, they have been grouped in sections under a specific title, 
but the bulk of separate or individual papers will be found under 
the caption Miscellaneous Manuscripts. To facilitate rapid ref 
erence, each section is prefaced by a brief statement, giving the 
general content of the papers. The arrangement of each collection 
varies somewhat with its character. The Shea papers, for ex- 


ample, are so connected as to form virutally a continuous narra 
tive, and for that reason are arranged chronologically, as is the 
Harrison Loan; but the Miscellaneous Manuscripts are arranged 
under the names of the senders of signers, and by date under the 
various names. Thus, in referring to the letters of T. J. Jackson, 
all letters and orders signed by him are grouped under his name 
chronologically. Reference to the index will show at once all 
letters addressed to, or endorsed by him. Occasionally a number 
of unimportant papers, such as receipts, returns, etc., are cal 
endared under the name of the person to whom the receipt was 
given or the return was made, though the names of the signers 
of such papers will be found separately in the index. Again, 
entry is under the name of the person addressed when the sender 
is unknown. 

The form of calendar-entry has followed closely the model 
suggested by the American Historical Association, which is now 
generally accepted by students; and the abbreviations descriptive 
of the character of the papers are an extension of those proposed 
by the same body. 

As many manuscripts are undated, it has devolved upon the 
editor to supply the proper date when possible. This can some 
times be done by the contents of the letter ; and where this readily 
appears, the date has been placed between brackets by the editor, 
without comment. Where the date can be ascertained only ap 
proximately, or where it is doubtful, an interrogation point has 
been added; and when the date is supplied from evidence that 
does not appear in the context, an explanatory foot-note has been 

In quotations, the peculiarities of orthography and diction 
have been preserved throughout; but where the meaning of the 
original is not clear, a corrected or suggested form has been 
placed in brackets. Brackets have likewise been added wherever 
a word, letter or figure has been interpolated by the editor, and 
parentheses are employed only where they occur in the original. 
It has been thought best to adopt a uniform system of date and 
title abbreviation, following the generally accepted military usage. 
Where such title or date appears in full, the standard abbreviation 
has been used without comment, but where other abbreviations 
occur, they have been indicated by brackets. Thus, where the 


term "General commanding" is spelt in full, the abbreviation 
used is that commonly found in such a place, "Genl. comdg." ; 
but where the original reads "G. comdg." the change has been 
noted as "G[enl]. comdg." 

Throughout the text, foot-notes will be found with more or 
less frequency. The editor has supplied these purely as an ex 
planation of statements made in the text, without comment of 
his own. While these notes will be of little value to the trained 
investigator, it is believed that they may be of some service to 
the general reader. 

Part Two of the Calendar contains a bibliography of some 
Confederate publications. This list does not pretend to any de 
gree of finality or completeness ; but the Commission has thought 
wise to publish the titles of the more important books printed 
during the period of the Confederacy in order to call attention to 
them and also to secure references to other titles and editions from 
investigators and bibliophiles. Additions to this list are earnestly 
requested, as the Commission contemplates the publication of an 
extended bibliography at some future time. It has been thought 
best to preserve the terms "octavo" "duodecimo," etc., in describ 
ing the books listed, inasmuch as measurements in centrimetres 
convey no accurate impression of the size of the volume to one 
unfamiliar with the metric system. 

The editor wishes, finally, to express his indebtedness to the 
many friends who have assisted him in the preparation of this 
edition. Miss Baughman, Chairman of the Committee, has faith 
fully and graciously discharged her onerous duties. Misses Maury 
and Harrison, of the Confederate Museum, gave the editor 
every possible courtesy in the preparation of the material; Miss 
L. T. Munford and Mrs. W. N. Hamlet, of Richmond, kindly 
made accurate copies of lengthy documents, and Miss K. P. 
Stiles afforded him every facility to the examination of the 
splendid DeRenne collection. To Mrs. E. C. Minor the editor 
owes a special debt of gratitude for introducing him to the work 
and for supporting him throughout. Professor C. M. Andrews, 
of Johns Hopkins University, has given generously of his time 
and experience, and has saved the editor from many mistakes of 
form and of judgment, while the other members of the historical 
faculty of the same University have been equally kind. Dr. H. J. 


Eckenrode, archivist of Virginia, has advised the editor upon 
many technical points, and Dr. Allen W. Freeman, of Richmond, 
supplied the notes to the medical papers of this volume. Finally, 
the editor s father has been his unfailing source of information 
for facts regarding the history of the Confederacy. A word of 
thanks should be added to the printers, Messrs. Whittet and 
Shepperson, and especially to Mr. Robert Whittet, Jr., for their 
care and courtesy in the performance of their task. 

D. S. F. 

Johns Hopkins University, 
4 February, 1908. 

Addenda and Corrigenda. 
Page 63, note 55, line 2 : For "Corsi s," read "Corse s." 

The following document, referred to on page 48, note 116, 
was accidentally omitted from page 421 : 

1861, Sept. 9, Richmond, Va., War Department. Sally 

Commission as captain in Confederate service. Sig. : L. 
P. Walker, Sec. of War. P. F. S. Va. 




In the fire which followed the evacuation of Richmond, 
the Surgeon-General s office was burned, 1 and with it, all the 
archives of the department, including hospital-returns, con 
solidated reports and histories of important cases. 2 In con 
sequence of this loss, material on the medical history of the 
army is scarce and widely scattered. The collection of this 
material is demanded not only as a phase of the history of 
medicine, but as a factor in the general history of the war, 
since hospital management, field sanitation, prophylactic 
measures and surgical technique were important considera 
tions in determining the effective strength of the army. 3 

The Museum has been fortunate in securing many medical 
records, and from them the following selections are made. 
The letter-books of the Front Royal and Liberty Hospitals 
are especially important, inasmuch as Surgeon Blackford 4 

1 The building was located at the western end of Bank street, and was 
also used by the War Department. In it the Virginia Convention of 1861 
had held its early sittings. 

2 For reference to some of these cases, see Proceedings of the Army 
and Navy Surgeons, infra, p. 37. 

3 Rhodes, Hist. U. S., v. 5, pp. 186-87, gives the losses of the Southern 
armies from disease as about 164,000, as compared with 224,586, in the 
Federal armies. See also T. L. Livermore, Numbers and Losses in the 
Civil War in America. (N. Y. and Bos., 1901, 2nd ed.) 

4 Benjamin Blackford, M. D., was a native of Virginia, and was born 
in 1834. He was Surgeon-in-chief at the Front Royal, Va. General Hos 
pital until its abandonment, and was then appointed to the General Hos 
pital at Liberty, Va. His commission as Surgeon dates from June, 1862. 
After the war Dr. Blackford practiced his profession in Lynchburg, Va. 


entered in them all orders and circulars from the Surgeon- 
General s office. From these, and from the correspondence, 
many valuable facts regarding hospital life may be gathered. 
It should not be supposed, however, that the conditions at 
Liberty were altogether typical, since a hospital constantly 
filled with the newly wounded, and situated in an impover 
ished country, could hardly maintain the standard of this 
essentially convalescent hospital. On the other hand, the de 
tails of hospital routine were probably the same everywhere. 
The abstract of the proceedings of the Army and Navy 
Surgeons gives much information regarding the lines of re 
search and investigation followed by the leading surgeons of 
the army and navy, while the selected miscellaneous papers 
illustrate the relations of the medical department to the 
army. 5 

LIBERTY, VA. 2 Vols. 40 20-21. 

1861, Oct. 16, Manassas Junction, Medical Director s Office. 
Thomas H. Williams, Medical Director, Army of the Poto 
mac 6 to Alex. H. Rives, Asst. Surgeon in Charge Genl. Hosp., 
&c., Front Royal [Va.]. 

Permission cannot be granted to occupy one of the 
churches at Front Royal 7 without consent of the Trustees 
no more patients will be assigned you than can be accom 
modated. 20 p. 9. 

1861, Dec. 14, Hd-Qrs. Army of the Potomac, Medical Direc 
tor s Office, G. O. No. 13. Sig. Thos. H. Williams, Med. Dir., 

5 Other papers of similar character may be found listed in the Mis 
cellaneous Manuscripts, infra. 

6 The Army of the Potomac became later the Army of Northern 

7 Front Royal is a small tov/n in Warren County, Virginia, not far 
from the Shenandoah River. 


Surgeons in charge of Gen. Hospitals will hire civilians 
and negroes as nurses instead of detailed enlisted men 
when these cannot be had, commandants of posts will press 
free negroes into service 8 when civilians can neither be hired 
nor pressed, details may be applied for condition and num 
ber of nurses must be stated. Enlisted men now acting as 
nurses will return to their commands when nurses can be 
had. 9 20 p. 23. 

1861, Dec. 15, Manassas Junction, Medical Director s Office, 
Thos. H. Williams, Med. Dir. Army of the Potomac to Actg.- 
Surg. Benj. Blackford, etc., Front Royal. 

Your course in refusing patients permission to visit their 
homes unless properly furloughed, and in reporting them for 
deserting the Hospital, is fully approved. In such cases 
report the insubordinates at once require the commandant 
to send a file to arrest such men and return them to their 
regiments. 20 p. 24. 

1861, Dec. 17, Front Royal, General Hospital. Benj. Black- 
ford, [Actg.] Surgeon in Charge to Dr. Thos. H. Williams, 
Medical Director, etc. 

We can accommodate about 35 new patients new build 
ing nearly ready plastering progressing difficulty of pro 
curing mechanics will endeavor to procure civilian nurses 
this is difficult, because the militia is in service no free 
negroes to be pressed 10 all serve as officers servants will 
endeavor to procure them rather than ask for details. 

20 p. 26. 

1861 [1862], Jany. 4, Front Royal [Va.], General Hospital. 
Bfenj.] Blackford, Surg., to Thos. H. Williams, Med. Dir., etc. 
Reports forwarded how mistake occurred. "Thirty-five 
sick arrived last night between the hours of 12 & I in a snow 
storm. The Rail Road Officials failed to supply the Sick Cars 

8 See Blackford to Williams, Dec. 17, 1861, infra. See also index, 
Free Negroes. 
See ibid. 
10 Cf. Williams to Blackford, Dec. 14, 1861, supra. 


with wood for the Stoves and some of the seats in the Cars 
had to be used for firewood." We have 100 beds ready for 
the sick. 20 p. 32. 

[1862], Feb. 14, Front Royal [Va.], General Hospital. Benj. 
Blackford, Surgeon, etc., to Thos. H. Williams, Med. Dir., 

"I have understood that you have been informed that I 
have given up the Baptist church as a Hospital : this is an 
error. In consequence of there being no scabies cases in the 
Hospital, I have ordered that Building to be closed. It is 
and has been ready to receive all cases of contageous cutane 
ous diseases, but I have not deemed it necessary to put other 
cases in that building, hence the impression that the building 
had been given up for other cases." n 20 p. 44. 

1862, Feb. 19, Manassas Junction, Medical Director s Office. 
Thos. H. Williams, Surgeon, etc., to Benj. Blackford, Surg., 

In establishing a general system of vaccination, it is de 
sired to accompany the same with notes so arranged that 
further information may be gathered these forms are sent 
you assign a medical officer to the special duty of vacci 
nating new patients, and impress on him the importance of 
procuring the facts required. "Crusts of an unexceptional 
character procured from patients without constitutional dis 
ease, and never before vaccinated, will be preserved, and if 
not needed for use in the Hospital under your charge will be 
forwarded, properly labelled, to this office." 12 

20 p. 50. 

[1862], Feb. 20, Front Royal [Va.], General Hospital. 
Benj. Blackford, Surgeon, etc., to Thos. H. Williams, Med. 
Dir., etc. 

11 Scabies, commonly known as "the itch," is a minor disease of the 
skin, contagious only to those in immediate contact with the person or 
clothing of the patient. Its isolation and control are more matters of 
comfort than of health. See Williams to Blackford, Oc^:. 16, 1861, supra. 

12 See Moore to Blackford, May 13, 1862; see also index, Vaccination 


Progress of plastering completion of the second build 
ing stoves being put in have for two or three weeks had 
between 100 and 150 unoccupied beds ready for the reception 
of sick five wards have never been occupied nothing left 
undone to hurry up the three buildings. 

20 p. 48. 

1862, Feb. 26, Front Royal [Va.], General Hospital. Benj. 
Blackford, Surg., etc., to Dr. H[unter] McGuire, Medical 
Director, A. V. D. 

We have 150 empty beds the hospital is under the con 
trol of the Medical Director of the Army of the Potomac. 

20 p. 52. 

1862, May 13, Richmond, Va., Surg.-Genl s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl. 13 to Benj. Blackford, Surg., etc. 

Detail will be made in every army department to vacci 
nate the soldiers. To procure a fresh supply of pure vaccine 
virus the officers detailed will, when practicable, vaccinate 
gratis the healthy children in the vicinity. 

20 p. 262. 

1862, May 19, Richmond, Va., Surg.-Genl s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl., to Surg. Benj. Blackford, Genl. Hospital, 
Liberty, Va. 

By authority of the Secretary of War, you may take pos 
session of Crenshaw s factory 14 to be used as General Hos 
pital for the sick of the army. 20 p. 254. 

1862, May 21, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surgeon in charge, to Surgeon D. S. Green, C. S. N. [sic.] 
Genl. Hospital, Lynchburg, Va. 

In view of the large number of patients transferred from 
your hospital here, who never report, I suggest that the train 
doors be locked until they arrive distance is short I think 

13 Samuel Preston Moore of South Carolina, formerly a surgeon 
in the "old" army. Moore ranked as Brigadier-General in Confederate 

14 See Blackford to Carrington, Mch. 3, 1863; Blackford to Carring- 
ton, Oct. 16, 1863, infra. 


this the only; way to insure receiving the correct number 
sent. 15 20 p. 56. 

1862, May 22, Lynchburg, Va., Genl. Hospital, C. S. A. W. O. 
Owen, Surg. in charge, to Benj. Blackford, Surg., etc. 

I have received letter suggesting the doors of trains be 
locked to prevent patients leaving the train, when transferred 
to the Liberty Hospital an order will be issued to that 
effect. 16 20 p. 270. 

1862, May 27, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-General s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg-Genl. etc., to Benj. Blackford, Surg., etc. 

The hospital accommodations at Liberty 17 will not be re 
quired to exceed 800 or 1,000 beds. 20 p. 255. 

1862, May 27, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Dr. S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl., Richmond, Va. 

Request the return of steward ordered to report at Lynch 
burg have about 500 sick at present need the steward s 
services. 20 p. 59. 

1862, June 6, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Genl. S. Cooper, A. & I. Genl. C. S. A. 

I have received appointment as Surgeon in the Provisional 
Army accept I was born in Virginia resided in Lynch 
burg am 28 years of age. 20 p. 63. 

1862, June 14, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surgeon in charge to Dr. S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc., Rich 
mond, Va. 

For some time past large number of soldiers have passed 
on the Va. and Tenn. R-R. without proper leave. They are 
from Johnston s and Jackson s armies. I think it my duty 

15 See Owen to Blackford, May 22, 1862 ; Blackford to Moore, June 14, 
1862; Blackford to Cooper, Aug. 9, 1862, infra. 

16 See ibid. 

17 This town, which is very beautifully located, is the county-seat of 
Bedford County, Virginia. The name has since been changed to Bedford 


to report it commandant of the post has arrested a num 
ber I suggest that sentinals be placed on the cars in Lynch- 
burg to examine the papers of soldiers who enter conduc 
tors have become careless many "run the blockade" with 
out trouble suggest appointment of a guard here to assist 
in arresting deserters. 20 p. 66-67. 

1862, June [16-18], Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Black- 
ford, Surg., etc., to Dr. S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc. 

Request the appointment of another medical officer here 
have accommodations for 700 patients only 4 assistant sur 
geons. 20 p. 68. 

1862, July 7, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Dr. S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc., Richmond, 

Request the appointment of another medical officer here 
have nearly 800 sick in the hospitals only 5 assistant-sur 
geons. 20 p. 76. 

1862, Aug. 9, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Genl. S. Cooper, A. & I. Genl. C. S. A. 

I beg to suggest a guard on the trains at Lynchburg to 
arrest deserters and stragglers the post commandant here 
has arrested and remanded about 500 in the last 6 weeks : 
deem it my duty to report and assist in preventing desertion 
compliments to Capt. Buford, post commandant. 18 

20 p. 83. 

1862, Sept. 22, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-Genl s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc., to Benj. Blackford, Surg., etc. 

Examine all soldiers who enter the hospital if they do 
not show protection mark of vaccination, have them vacci 
nated at most eligible time during their stay to procure a 
continuous supply of reliable virus, vaccinate the healthy 
children of the vicinity gratis, when opportunity offers. 

20 p. 266. 

18 A military post seems to have been maintained at Liberty until the 
close of the war. 


1862, Oct. 17, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Genl. S. Cooper, etc., Richmond, Va. 

Beg to enclose list of soldiers discharged the service by 
the examining board 19 names 14 for Phthisis Pulmo- 
nalis 2 for chronic diarrhoea. 19 20 p. 101. 

1862, Oct. 17, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Genl. S. Cooper, etc., Richmond, Va. 

Beg to enclose a list of men furloughed by the examining 
board 65 names leaves 15 to 60 days. 

20 p. 102-04. 

1862, Oct. 25, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-Genl s Office, S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc., to Benj. Blackford, Surg., etc. 

In reply to yours as to erecting hospital buildings 20 the 
work must be commenced without delay. 

20 p. 275. 

1862, Oct. 31, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Dr. S. P. Moore, etc., Richmond, Va. 

The sheriff has been endeavoring to take some of my 
negro cooks and nurses to work on fortifications around Rich 
mond they are needed here I ask order forbidding have 
refused until I hear further. 21 20 p. 108. 

1862, Nov. i, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Genl. S. Cooper, etc., Richmond, Va. 

Beg to enclose list of men furloughed by the examining 
board 47 names leaves 15 to 60 days. 22 

20 p. no-ii. 

19 Despite the frequent discharges reported because of consumption, 
many cases of that disease were undoubtedly cured by the open-air life of 
the soldiers, anticipating by a generation the modern treatment- Chronic 
diarrhoea and its frequent concomitant, dysentery, have always been 
scourges for armies. 

20 Not found. 

21 Blackford was later sued for this refusal and a judgment was se 
cured against him. 

22 See Blackford to Cooper, Oct. 17, 1862, supra. Similar lists were 
forwarded Nov. 22 and Dec. 12, 1862; Jany. 9, and Feb. 2, 1863, 


1862, Nov. 18, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-Genl s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc., to Benj. Blackford, Surg., etc. 

"With the view of obtaining some additional information 
on the Surgical Pathology of the nervous system, Med. Direc 
tors are instructed to require of the Med. Officers serving in 
their respective districts specific report of all local or General 
Diseases of the nerves which may have been treated or ob 
served by them, resulting from or subsequent upon wounds 
or surgical operations/ 23 20 p. 280. 

1862, Nov. 28, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Surg. Thos. H. Williams, Med. Director and 
Inspector, Lynchburg, Va. 

I have received your letter as to accommodations of the 
Front Royal Hospital prior to its abandonment the two new 
buildings accommodated 500 also accommodations for about 
200 in the Court House, Baptist and Episcopal Churches and 
Academy in all about 750. 20 p. 120. 

1862, Nov. 29, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-Genl s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc. Circular. 

"Medical Directors are instructed to direct all Medical 
Officers under their control not to recommend furloughs for 
patients with venereal affections either Syphilis or Gonor 
rhoea." 24 20 p. 281. 

[1862, Nov. ?], n. d., [Richmond, Va.], Surgeon-Genl s 
Office. S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc. Circular. 

To prevent the spread of small-pox and varaloid, leaves 
of absence or furlough on medical certificate are not to be 
granted to officers or men recently exposed to these diseases. 

1863, Jany. 3, Liberty [Va.], Genl. Hospital. Benj. Black- 
ford, Surg., etc., to S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc. 

23 This and subsequent questions upon the nervous system are of 
academic interest only. Their discussion at such a time seems strange, 
in view of the many important practical questions then unsolved regard 
ing military medicine and surgery. 

24 Regulations regarding these diseases are necessarily strict in all 


Small-pox has appeared I deemed it necessary to take 
an unoccupied building of a Mr. Miller price $20 per 
month building in a ravine isolated and sufficiently remote 
from village it will accommodate 15 or 20 patients only 
building suitable will use it until a small-pox hospital can be 
erected will erect as soon as possible disease seems to be 
increasing among patients recently admitted burying ground 
some distance from small-pox hospital I have secured "an 
uncultivated corner of an old field near the Hospital" thus 
will not have to carry bodies through the streets to the gene 
ral burying ground I make this report as some object to the 
location of the hospital. 25 20 p. 141. 

1863, Jany. 7, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-Genl s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc., to Benj. Blackford, Surg., etc. 

Yours received regarding transfer of small-pox patients 
from the army to your hospital vaccinate all inmates and 
people of the vicinity. 20 p. 277. 

1863, Jany. 9, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Genl. S. Cooper, etc. 

Beg to enclose 6 names of men discharged the service by 
the medical examining board diseases: 2, Phthisis Pulmo- 
nalis, and one each of Necrosis of Femur, Vulnus Sclopeticla 
[sic], Elephantiasis, Fractura. 26 20 p. 132. 

1863, Jany. 17, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-Genl s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc., to Surg. T. C. Madison, Med. Inspec 
tor, Liberty, Va. 

Attention of directors is called to lavish and unjustifiable 
expeditures of hospital fund by surgeons, as shown in printed 
bills of fare, etc. is condemned as recommended by sim 
plicity and economy and authorised by usage of service, sub 
stitute a standard table of full, half, and low diet I would 

25 The successful control of smallpox in the Confederate army was one 
of the most brilliant achievements of its medical corps. 

26 The reading of the last word is doubtful, but Fractura was probably 
intended. Vulnus Sclopetica is an archaic medical term for "gun-shot 


call attention to order that copies of all hospital orders of 
importance be sent this office. 20 p. 289. 

1863, March 3, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Black- 
ford, Surg., etc., to Surgeon W. A. Carrington, Med. Director. 
This hospital was established May 1st, 1862 Following 
are buildings used as Hospitals with specified rent: Cren- 
shaw s, Campbell s, Davis , Reese s, Piedmont, Toler s, and 
Clark s Factories, Small-Pox Hospital total rent $285.00 per 
month capacity is 725 am now erecting hospital buildings. 

20 p. 151. 

1863, April 3, Liberty [Va.], General Hospital. Benj. Black- 
ford, Surg., etc., to Dr. S. P. Moore, etc. 

Beg to report the amount of hospital fund reverting to 
C. S. treasury in Dec.-i862-March, 1863 total $27,545.80. 

20 p. 164. 

1863, April 27, Richmond, Va., Medical Inspector s Office. 
Wm. A. Carrington, Medical Inspector, to Surg. in Charge, 
Genl. Hospital, Liberty, Va. [Circular.] 

Forward for the information of this office a description of 
organisation and administration of your Hospital as required 
by enclosed guide omit such facts as are known to this 
office state such as would be useful and you desire to re 
port. 27 20 p. 297. 

1863, May 27, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-Genl s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl. to Surg. in Charge, Genl. Hospital, Lib 
erty, Va. Circular. 

Printed: O. R., s. iv., v. 3, p. 569. 

20 p. 30O. 

1863, June 2, Richmond, Va., Medical Director s Office. W. A. 
Carrington, Med.-Dir., to Surg., etc., Liberty, Va. [Circular.] 
I. disposition of property of deceased soldiers. II. "You 
are directed to cause such comforts as have from continued 
use in Hospital during the Past Winter became saturated 

27 No response to this order has been found. 


with animal effluvia and require cleansing to be ripped open 
and the infected Padding removed [;] the Calico or cloth re 
maining will be made into light coverlets suitable for the 
Sick during the warm season III. Disposition of surplus 
bottles and supplies. 28 20 p. 301. 

1863, June 19, Richmond, Va., Medical Director s Office. Wm. 
A. Carrington, Med. Dir. to Surg. [Benj.] Blackford, etc. 

I wish to establish a Way-Hospital at Liberty where 
quarters, rations, and attendance may be furnished sick and 
wounded going home on furlough or on discharge it must 
be furnished with suitable bedding and provisions regula 
tions similar to those of other hospitals have it convenient 
to R-R depots select some of smaller hospitals now in use 
use them only in emergencies for regular hospital purposes 
report when prepared. 29 20 p. 306. 

11863, June 23, Liberty [Va.], Genl. Hospital, C. S. A. Benj. 
Blackford, Surg., etc., to Surg. W. A. Carrington, Medical 
Director, Richmond, Va. 

Have received letter regarding proposed Way-Hospital 
I can use a hospital building on R-R near station it has ac 
commodations for 85 patients about 60 beds .occupied 
will serve as way hospital very well is it to be registered 
and regulated with other Hospitals or separately? 30 

20 p. 190. 

1863, Oct. 16, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital, C. S. A. Benj. 
Blackford, Surg., etc., to W. A. Carrington, Med.-Dir., etc., 
Richmond, Va. 

I have received letter as to terms on which hospitals are 
held and whether they are inconvenient, etc. now occupy 
four large tobacco factories, two cabinet-shops, one large 
brick building once used as an Institute buildings compara 
tively new before the war large, well-ventilated and easily 

28 See Carrington to Blackford, Dec. 15, 1863, infra, p. 28. 

29 See Blackford to Carrington, June 23, 1863, infra. 

30 No answer found. 


heated last winter when hospital was full, one stove made 
every part of the ward warm and comfortable wards in fac 
tories and shops large and commodious There are in the 
Piedmont Institute two large and four or five small wards 
the latter used for offices rented in May, 1862, when the 
hospital was established terms of rent most, if not all, were 
unoccupied when rented with exception of Crenshaw s Fac 
tory has had no application to relinquish any of them Cren- 
shaw applied Government refused as it needed the build 
ing 31 no further application presume this due to fact that 
there is no further need for factories the tobacco season is 
over one large hospital building has been completed and 
occupied the second is about completed these will accom 
modate 130 are on the hill with the Piedmont together 
they will form one division of the hospital, 200 patients dur 
ing prevalence of small-pox, erected a small-pox hospital, ac 
commodating 30 or 40 these are all of C. S. buildings at the 
post. As to relinquishing any of them, I think owners will 
not want them very little tobacco being raised difficult to 
get labor is much cheaper to rent at the present figure than 
to build respectfully urge against relinquishing any of the 
buildings This is the largest hospital on Virginia and Tenn. 
R. R. in case of an active campaign in the Southwest, hos 
pital would be filled if army retreats from Abingdon, hos 
pital at Emory will be abandoned, which would leave the 
hospital at Montgomery Springs and this one the only ones 
on the Va. and Tenn. R. R. the country is remarkably 
healthy men convalesce more quickly than at most hospitals 
in the State country well supplied with provisions cheaper 
than in Lynchburg or Richmond 20 p. 230-3. 

11863, Dec. n, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Dr. S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc., Richmond, 

Col. Crenshaw has applied for the release of his factory 
used as Hospital unless there is an active campaign in 
S.-W. Va., and East Tenn., making it necessary to send their 

31 See Moore to Blackford, May 19, 1862, supra. 


wounded here, I think it may be released 32 new buildings 
have been occupied for several months are being ceiled for 
the winter weather. 20 p. 246. 

1863, Dec. 15, Richmond, Va., Medical Director s Office. Wm. 
A. Carrington, Med.-Dir., etc., to Surg. Benj. Blackford, etc. 
Remove all hospital and public property from Crenshaw s 
warehouse turn it over to its owner if you do not need the 
bedding, send it to the purveyor at Lynchburg. 33 

20 p. 314. 

1863, Dec. 18, Richmond, Va., Office Inspt. & Supt. Vaccina 
tion. E. N. Covey, Inspt., etc., to Surg. Benj. Blackford, etc. 

To supply the department with vaccine virus, in addition 
to that procured from the men, endeavor to procure supply 
of scabs from healthy children of your community forward 
all good crusts to this office with as little delay as possible. 34 

20 p. 315. 

1864, J an y- IX Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Dr. S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc. 

Send a supply of vaccine virus as soon as practicable 
several children in the neighborhood recently vaccinated with 
virus furnished by you it proved worthless. 35 

21 p. 4 . 

1864, Jany. 13, Lynchburg, Va., Medical Purveyor s Office. 
T. R. Baker, for Surg. R. K. Taylor, Medical Purveyor, C. 
S. A., to Surg. Benj. Blackford, etc. 

Your requisition for blankets or comforts received have 
only on hand about a dozen blankets and no comforts re 
turn the requisition might get them in Richmond. 36 

20 p. 318. 

32 See Blackford to Carrington, Oct. 16, 1863, supra. 

33 See Carrington to Blackfcrd, June 2, 1863, supra. 

34 See Williams to Blackford, Feb. 19, 1862; Moore to Blackford, May 
13, 1862, supra. 

ss Cf. ibid. 

36 The stores and supplies of the Medical Department were chiefly in 
Richmond. Cf. E. W. Johns to J. L. L Engle, infra, p. 46. 


1864, Jany. 14, Richmond, Va., Office Inspr. & Supt. Vaccina 
tion, Dist. Va., Tenn., and Ga. E. N. Covey to Surg. Benj. 
Blackford, Liberty, Va. 

I enclose you one vaccine crust and circular to citizen 
practitioners propagate the virus and circular among citi 
zens medical friends ask them to procure such virus as they 
can and forward it to this office. 37 20 p. 317. 

1864, Feb. 16, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Capt. C. K. Mallory, A. Q. M., Liberty, Va. 

Beg to suggest that the Quarter-Master General be writ 
ten to regarding the establishment of a shoe-factory here for 
men who come to the Hospital without shoes many are 
shoemakers by trade could make shoes for themselves and 
others during their period of convalescence a factory could 
be established without much cost to government would be 
benefit to service if it was established only to repair shoes of 
those sent to the hospital. 38 21 p. 21. 

1864, Feb. 26, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Surgeon Woodall. 

I have received your list of 55 men transferred only 4 or 
5 reported 39 have accommodations for nearly 500 at this 
time when you transfer men, give a day s notice, so that 
proper persons may be at the train to receive and assign 
them. 21 p. 23. 

1864, March 28, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Black- 
ford, Surg., etc., to Surg. E. N. Covey, Inspt. & Supt. Vacci 
nation, Surgeon-Genl s Office, Richmond, Va. 

I enclose two vaccine crusts from healthy children, one 
three months, other six months of age. 21 p. 32. 

11864, May 7, Liberty, Va., "by Telegraph from Richmond." 
W. A. Carrington, Med. Dir., to Surg. B[enj.] Blackford. 
Take Crenshaw s building 40 if actually required vacate it 

37 Cf. Blackford to Covey, Mch. 28, 1864, infra. 

38 No reply found. 

39 Cf. Blackford to Green, May 21, 1862, and note 15, supra. 

40 Cf. Blackford to Moore, Dec. n 1863, supra. 


as soon as it is not wanted if you can procure tents, use 
them. 20 p. 325. 

1864, June 13, Liberty [Va., Genl. Hospital]. Benj. Black- 
ford, Surgeon, etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. F. Nichols, Comdt. Post, 
Lynchburg, Va. 

"The enemy are reported at Buchanan. 41 I have nearly 
500 men besides my Hospital bedding which requires [sic] 
transportation. I respy ask that you order a train for me 
without delay." 21 p. 92. 

1864, June 20, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Wm. J. Moore, 
Surg., etc., to [Brig.]-Geril. [W. F.] Nichols, Commanding 
[Post] at Lynchburg, Va. 

Because of recent occupation of this post by the enemy 
the stores and supplies were sent off Hospital fast filling 
with sick Confederates and Yankees impossible to feed them 
I request 10 days rations for 300 men at once vouchers, 
etc., will be sent. 42 20 p. 93. 

1864, June 28, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Black- 
ford, Surg., etc., to Wm. A. Carrington, Med.-Dir., etc., Rich 
mond, Va. 

When the enemy left the county, I returned to my post 
except in building used as Wayside hospital, nothing had 
been disturbed lost about 80 shirts and bed ticks at the 
Wayside hospital minor losses of goods not removed was 
informed the building caught fire accidentally I am satisfied 
it w r as set on fire it was near the Tannery and Foundry de 
stroyed the medical officers left in charge were paroled, but 
were informed by Genl. Early when he occupied the Tower 
that the parole would not be respected sudden approach of 
the enemy and lack of transportation made it impossible to 
remove bedding requisitions on Lynchburg not honored for 

41 Buchanan is on the James River, in Botetourt County and is about 
17 miles from Liberty. 

42 The same sent to "Mr. Leftwich, Agt. Q.-Mr. for tax in kind," with 
this added: Assuming the rations to be one-third pound of bacon and 
one and one-half pounds of flour. The commandant is absent have no 


fear of losing trains I sent about 230 men to Lynchburg who 
could do duty in the trenches others able to march were 
ordered to Danville many took the woods and have returned 
medical officers have all returned no medicines, commis 
sary stores, or records lost the sick and wounded left here 
were not paroled condition of rail-road and mails left Surg. 
Moore in charge. 43 21 p. 95-6. 

1864, July 4, Richmond, Va., Medical Director s Office. W. A. 
Carrington, Med.-Dir. to Surg. Benj. Blackford, etc. 

Yours of 28th received your action during raid of enemy 
on Liberty is approved "with the exception that there need 
be no anxiety to remove Hospital property or Medical Officers 
from the scene of action as they are always respected by the 
enemy, and if any capture is made of them they are given up 
on demand of our Commissioner. Paroles given under such 
circumstances are invalid, and only when the Captor can 
hold the captive, until offered at City Point for parole [,] are 
paroles respected. This rule was first promulgated in a Gen 
eral Order by the United States Government, and at once 
operated to lose the C. S. Govt. some 10,000 men thus paroled 
irregularly." 44 20 p. 338. 

1864, Sept. 24, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to E. S. Gaillard, Med.-Inspector, Richmond, Va. 
I enclose a statement of number of patients [between 
specified dates.] Capacity of hospital, allowing 800 cubic feet 
per man, is 35O 45 as this is largely a convalescent hospital, 
I have not observed this rule strictly many do not occupy 

43 The raid referred to was the Hunter raid. When Hunter reached 
Bedford, General Early was pressing him, and he hastily moved on. The 
raid was turned back, June 18, in front of Lynchburg. 

44 The status of surgeons was at this time an unsettled point of inter 
national law. According to the custom now in vogue, medical officers 
and hospital need not accept parole unless they so desire; and in case 
they refuse, the captor has either to carry them to the exchange-point or 
liberate them. 

45 Cf. Moore to Blackford, May 27, 1862, where the Surgeon-General 
orders accommodations for 800-1,000 patients ; Cf. also Blackford to Moore, 
July 7, 1862, where about 800 parents are reported in the hospital. 


their beds during the day hospitals are well ventilated, ele 
vation is very high Surg.-Genl. allowed discretion I allow 
about 600 cubic feet the man 46 when I have many sick and 
wounded, allow 800 feet. 21 p. 141. 

1864, Nov. 5, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital, etc. Circular 
No. 41., II. Sig. : Benj. Blackford, Surg., etc. 

The hospital librarian will not allow books, newspapers 
to be taken from the Library between 9:00 A. M. and 3:00 
P. M. after that hour the secular papers will be distributed 
to the different wards order does not apply to religious 
papers. 20 p. 159. 

1864, Dec. 8, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl., etc. 

Am in need of more vaccine virus supply exhausted 
demand increasing here. 21 p. 169. 

1865, Feb. 4, Liberty, Va., Genl. Hospital. Benj. Blackford, 
Surg., etc., to Surg. W. A. Carrington, Med.-Dir., Richmond, 

I received letter regarding observance of Par. II., Cir. No. 
7, S. G. O., June, 1864 have endeavored to carry it out in 
making assignment according to capacity of officers skin 
diseases are assigned to separate wards cases of hospital 
Gangrene, Erysipilas [sic], etc., are treated in tents kept for 
the purpose 47 to economise fuel, I concentrate convalescents 
in large wards and close others when I can do so wards are 
being white-washed and renovated for the Spring campaign. 

21 p. 185. 

46 600 cubic feet of air per patient was a good allowance under the 
circumstances; though modern hygiene, in stationary hospitals, allows not 
less than 1,200 feet. See Whitelegge and Newman, Hygiene and Public 
Health (Chicago, 1905), PP- 216-17. 

47 These cases constituted the real problem of the military surgeon. 
An enormous percentage of all operative cases succumbed during the war 
as a result of these diseases. 



Minutes of organization and proceedings, from Aug. 22, 
1863, to A P r - 2 3, 1864, and from Feb. 4, 1865, to Mch. 18, 1865. 
This Association was formed among the staff of the Surgeon- 
General s Office and the surgeons of the forty-four Hospitals 48 
in Richmond for the discussion of problems relating to mili 
tary medicine and surgery and to hospital management. Its 
sessions appear to have been spirited, and, though the ques 
tions raised were often academic in the main, some idea of 
methods of treatment may be gathered from these records 
and the appended questions. The discussions were printed in 
the "Journal of the Army and Navy Surgeons," but no com 
plete set of this has been reported. 49 

The record appears to be in one hand, probably that of 
Surg. W. P. Thorn, and covers 22 pages. 50 8-31. 

Minutes of Proceedings. 

Aug. 22, 1863. Meeting for Organization at the Medical 
College Surgeon-General elected chairman statement of 
purposes of the meeting committee on organization ap 
pointed constitution proposed membership entrance fee 
of ten dollars honorary members may be elected by a present 
majority committee on nomination appointed S. P. Moore 
elected President vice-presidents appointed recording sec 
retaries, W. A. Davis and W. A. Thorn corresponding sec 
retaries publication of proceedings in daily papers mem 
bers of faculty of the Medical College not attached to govern 
ment service elected honorary members Subjects for discus 
sion: "I. In gun-shot wounds do such characteristic differ 
ences exist between the points of entrance and exit as always 
to indicate them with unerring certainty? 2d. Have gun-shot 

48 See list in the Strangers Guide to Richmond (1863). 

49 There is but one number of this journal in the Confederate Museum. 

50 Dr. Thorn was one of the Recording Secretaries of the Association, 
and the records were found among his papers. 


wounds often assumed the appearance of incised wounds, and 
healed by first intention? 3d. When suppurating, which 
orifice seems to heal first?" 51 

Sept. 5, 1863. President in the chair minutes read resig 
nation of Vice-President [W. A. W.] Spottswood received 
accepted resignation of Cor. Secretary laid over first ques 
tion taken up 52 n members discuss it Surg. [J. B.] Mc- 
Caw offers this resolution. "That while we cannot with unerr 
ing certainty, by observing the physical signs, distinguish be 
tween the aperature of entrance of a ball and that of exit ; yet 
in many instances we can arrive at a correct conclusion, 
although many collateral circumstances may modify the de 
termination." Moved to substitute "a majority of cases" for 
"many instances" moved to add "vast" before the amend 
ment 53 pending at adjournment. 

Sept. 19, 11863. President in the chair minutes of last 
meeting read answers to questions proposed received from 
six surgeons one application for membership received elec 
tion of Vice-President postponed treasurer to be elected 
resolved that when a member proposes a question, the society 
by a majority vote approving, the President is to appoint a 
committee to investigate and report on the same decided to 
divide the meeting into medical and surgical sections the 
first question discussed and passed over undecided, 54 the 
second also pending the third, adjournment. 

Oct. 3, 1863. President in the chair Vice-President 
chosen corresponding Secretary chosen, who resigns as Vice- 

51 None of these subjects would seem to be of real practical import 
ance, except where is was desirable to know the direction from which the 
bullet came. 

52 See proceedings of Aug. 22, 1863, supra. 

53 The guarded language of this resolution indicates the real difficul 
ties involved in determining this point. As a general proposition, the 
aperture of entrance is clean-cut, while the aperture of exit may be las- 
cerated or jagged, and is usually larger than the aperture of entrance; but 
the distance from which the shot was fired, the nature of the bullet and its 
velocity have to be taken into consideration. 

54 See proceedings of Aug. 22, 1863, supra. 


President other officers chosen members to be restricted 
to 10 minutes in discussion resumes of previous discussions 
read a committee to be appointed to report on comparative 
advantages of hot and cold applications to wounds ; best ap 
proved plan for their use ; the circumstances under which they 
are deemed most advantageous as therapeutic agents 55 
answers to questions read first question left undecided 
second discussed 56 adjournment. 

Oct. 17, 1863. President in the chair application for 
membership answers to questions amendments to constitu 
tion accepted honorary members chosen second question 
of second series discussed subject: Shocks cases reported 
third question of same series discussed third series post 
poned "Surg. Gibson expressed his surprise at the reports of 
gun-shot wounds healing by first intention" 57 adjournment. 

Oct. 31, 1863. President in the chair minutes read 
third series of questions read 58 answers received a table 
presented of cases of "Ligated Arteries consequent upon 
.secondary haemorrhage, prepared from records in Surg. Genl s 
Office, from October I, 1862, to Oct. I, 1863." reports pre 
sented a case of "haemorrhage from anterior tibial artery 
permanently controlled by compressing the femoral artery 
continually for 15 days, without ligation" 59 decided to dis 
cuss incidental subjects connected with the general ques 
tions Surg. Campbell discussed cases of haemorrhage "and 
suggested the propriety of ligating the main trunks in cases 
-of haemorrhage, with a view to controlling the inflammation 
as well as arresting the flow of blood" 6o discussion ad 

55 The report of this committee is not found in the records. 

56 See Questions for Discussion and Report, second series, infra, p. 40. 

57 It is stated that in recent wars, notably ti.e Russo-Japanese, a ma 
jority of the wounds inflicted by bullets from small arms healed by first 

58 For these questions, see infra, p. 41. 

59 Ligation would almost certainly have produced infection. 

60 It is difficult to see how "inflammation" could be controlled by liga- 
;tion of the vessels. 


Nov. 28, [1863].. President in the chair minutes read 
reported a new method of "flap" amputation 61 answers to 
questions received report on Cicatrices essay on Hunterian 
and Guthriean methods of ligating arteries 62 reports on third 
series of questions decided to put question on first series at 
next meeting. 

Dec. 12, 1863. President in the chair minutes read re 
port on secondary haemorrhage case of secondary haemor 
rhage arrested by "styptics, compression and cold applica 
tions without ligation." 63 Resume of previous discussions on 
first series of questions "see records of Sept. 5th" amend 
ments rejected original motion carried resume adopted as 
sense of the meeting report on Water Applications not 

Jany. 2, 1864. President in the chair minutes read 
replies to questions case of "traumatic aneurism of the axil 
lary, following gun-shot wound" 64 discussed secondary 
haemorrhage discussed third question of series of Dec. 26 
discussed committees appointed to report on: I, Wounds of 
the cranial cavity; 2, Wounds of large joints; 3, Wounds of 
the thorax, involving the lungs. Paper read on eruptive dis 
eases following vaccination. 65 

Jany. 16, 1864. President in the chair minutes read 
case of traumatic aneurism of the femoral following gun-shot 
wound 66 secondary haemorrhage and water applications dis 
cussed resume read of discussion on third question of first 
series 67 adopted discussion of fourth question of series of 

61 Amputation was by far the most common operation during the war, 
and the methods employed differed essentially with the operator. 

62 Not found. 

63 This was good treatment, doubly good in view of the enormous 
mortality following operations. 

64 Traumatic aneurism is said to have become much more common 
after wounds caused by modern high-power arms than it formerly was. 

65 No further report found. 

66 Not found. 

67 See proceedings of Aug. 22, 1863, supra. 


Dec. 26 68 tetanus the next subject for discussion "prepa 
ration of a tumor" reported photographs of a case of excision 
of the hip-joint. 69 

Jany. 30, i864. 7 President in the chair minutes read 
papers on death from chloroform 71 on tetanus and tetanic 
spasm 72 discussion of previous series of questions 73 no de 

Feb. 13, 1864. President in the chair minutes read re 
plies to questions analysis of 26 cases of traumatic tetanus 74 
from Surgeon-Genl s records case of diffused traumatic 
aneurism of the femoral 75 report on wounds of the lungs 
read and accepted tetanus discussed by 12 members. 

Feb. 27, 1864. President in the chair minutes read re 
port on method of amputation committee appointed to in 
vestigate and report on "Syphlitic inoculation, its relation to 
vaccination" 76 questions of Feb. 27 discussed. 77 

68 For these questions, see infra, p. 42. 

69 Excision of the hip-joint is rather an extensive operation, even 
to-day. The use of photographs in connection with the report is inter 
esting. This method of illustrating a case has since become very general. 

70 The ink of the record changes at this point. 

71 Such deaths were not infrequent in the early days of chloroform. 
Frequent cases of fatal results from its effects were reported in newspapers 
before the war and a popular dread of chloroform was thereby aroused, 
which did not die out for decades. See F. W. Hewitt, Anesthetics, (3rd 
ed., Lond., 1907), pp. u, 14, 147. 

72 Some of the methods of treating tetanus at that time were extra 
ordinary and irrational; and even now treatment is rarely of any avail 
except in the mildest cases. Osier asserts (Practice, 6th ed., p. 259) that 
tetanus was comparatively infrequent as a result of wounds during the 
war between the States. 

73 That is, series of December 26, for which see infra, p. 42. 

74 The term "idiopathic" tetanus has passed out of medical literature 
with the knowledge of the cause of the disease. 

75 Cf. Proceedings of Jany. 2, 1864, supra. 

76 This dreadful accident, far too common before the days of calf 
lymph, has happily been eliminated by modern method of preparing 

77 See Fifth Series, infra, p. 43. 


Mch. 12, 1864. President in the chair minutes read re 
ports on traumatic tetanus and tetanus report "of a disease 
in the South simulating tetanus" 78 honorary members 
chosen second question of series of Feb. 27 discussed 79 case 
of amputation previous to manifestation of tetanic symptoms, 
and its failure to prevent tetanus 80 third question [series Feb. 
27] discussed 81 discussion on cases of excisions of parts of 
the humerus. 82 

Mch. 26, 1864. President in the chair minutes read 
appointment of surgeons to report on "Site and construc 
tion of Military Hospitals. Proper proportion of inmates to 
cubic capacity. Necessary hygienic measures to insure early 
& rapid convalescence, embracing ventilation, drainage, &c. 
Origin, rise, and progress of infectious maladies, particularly 
obnoxious to Military Hospitals ; how communicated ; Best 
preventive & curative measures to be adopted. Disinfectants, 
how employed, and to what extent successfully, and any 
other points deemed of interest or of value in the general 
management of Military Hospitals." 83 embryology and 
foetal development discussed 84 adjournment. 

April 9, 1864. President in the chair minutes read re 
ports read and adopted on the wounds of the cranial cavity 85 

78 It is impossible to determine what disease is meant. Escherich has 
reported a form of general "tonic contractures of the muscles of the jaw, 
neck, back and limbs" in children, which occurs as a sequel of some acute 
infection or occasionally as an independent malady. (See Osier, op. cit, 
260.) This may possibly be the disease referred to here. 

79 See Fifth Series, infra, p. 43. 

80 The amputation-stump might very well have been inoculated with 
tetanus at the time of the operation. 

81 See infra, p. 43- 

82 Conservative bone surgery was impossible; excision or amputation 
were the only alternatives. 

83 The importance of these subjects is manifest. Unfortunately the re 
port has not been found. 

84 Evidently this was incidental; such a subject would have no place 
in the discussions of the Association. 

85 See proceedings of Jany. 2, 1864, supra. 


cases presented committee appointed to report on "Camp 
Itch its distinctive character its differential diagnosis from 
true scabies, 86 and its most efficacious treatment." 

April 23, 1864. President in the chair minutes read 
paper read and accepted on "wounds of large joints" 87 hon 
orary members chosen. 

Feb. 4, n865. 88 President in the chair minutes read resig 
nation of Treasurer Treasurer elected report on Yellow 
Fever read and accepted 89 papers on "Syphlitic Inocula 
tion" 9o and "Pneumonia" announced. 

Feb. 18, 1865. President in the chair minutes read 
paper on "Endemic Pneumonia of the Confederate States" 91 
read case of resection of radius 92 a case "of gun-shot wound 
of right thigh and knee, followed by amputation, subsequent 
exposure and protrusion of the femur, and removal of this 
bone." 93 

March 4, 1865. President in the chair paper on Syphlitic 
Inoculation 94 moved it be printed in the "Journal" 95 car 
ried paper to be read on treatment of gun-shot wounds by 
"Occlusive Dressings, or hermetically sealing" 96 from sta- 

86 "Army itch" or "camp itch" is now generally regarded as true 
scabies. See Stelwagon, Diseases of the Skin, (5th ed., 1907), pp. 1100-01. 

87 See Proceedings of Jany 2, 1864, supra. 

88 No records have been found for the period from April 23, 1864, 
to Feb. 4, 1865. It is probable that another record-book was used. 

89 Not found. Such a report would be of great interest. Yellow fever 
was sadly remembered in Virginia after the Norfolk and Portsmouth 
outbreaks of 1855. 

90 Cf. Proceedings of Feb. 27, 1864. 

91 Pneumonia was probably then, as now, of a slightly less fatal type in 
the South than in the North, else no distinction was to be made. 

82 Result not stated. 

93 The result is not stated; but bone injuries were almost always fatal 
at this time. 

94 Cf. Proceedings of Feb. 4, 1865, and note 90. 

95 See page 33, supra, and note 49. 

96 This was the idea from which Listerism was to develop. 


tistics furnished no response to query whether any cases of 
injury to the face had been seen with paralysis of the same 
side. 07 

March 18, 1865. President in the chair paper announced 
at last meeting read future papers announced adjournment. 

Questions for Discussion and Report. 
[First Series. See minutes for Aug. 22, 1863.] 
[Second Series, Oct. 3, 1863.] 

"Association of Army and Navy Surgeons, 

Richmond, Va., October 3rd, 1863. 

In replying to questions, and in Essays or Papers sent to 
the Association, a resume is requested, coming to some con 
clusion, in order to facilitate taking the vote in the decision 
on the subject. 

The Following Questions Are Proposed ; 

I. Any death from Chloroform in your practice ; give par 
ticulars of the case, if any. Is this agent always used? 9S 

II. ist. Does "shock" postpone your surgical interference; 
at what period of time, after injury, are you usually able to 
operate ? 

2d. Any relation between the character of the injury and 
the gravity of the shock? 

3d. Any death, in your practice, from shock alone?" 

III. Do cicatrices from gun-shot wounds furnish you in 
formation as to the nature of the missile which caused the in 
jury, and the probable entrance and exit of the same? 100 

Further particulars on these subjects, with accounts of any 

97 The point to be proved is not clear. 

98 Ether seems to have been but little used in the Confederate service. 

99 The questions would be difficult to determine even now, and are still 

100 cf. Proceedings Sept. 5, 1863, supra. 


remarkable course which balls may have taken in transit 
through the body, in your own practice, are solicited. 

Pres t Ass n A. & N. Surgeons/ 
Address ; Surg. Middleton Michel, 101 
Act. Cor. Secretary, 

Box No. 6, Richmond, Va." 

P. D. 8-31-2. 
[Third Series, Oct. 3, 1863.] 

"Association of Army and Navy Surgeons, 

Richmond, Va., October 3rd, 1863. 


You are respectfully requested to restrict your answers at 
present to these questions of Section A, Third Series, as those 
of Section B, on the same subject of traumatic haemorrhage, 
will shortly be forwarded. 102 

Third Series of Questions : 

I. In your field practice, what number of cases of primary 
haemorrhage ; ratio of these to the hundred Gun-shot 
wounds; vessel operated on; point ligated and result? 

In your hospital practice, what number of cases of second 
ary haemorrhage; ratio of these to the hundred; and vessel 

III. In your practice, how long after the arterial lesion 
from a gun-shot wound does secondary haemorrhage occur? 
Mention the Artery wounded. 

IV. Among your wounded, how has secondary haemor 
rhage most frequently occurred? by excess of arterial action? 
or separation of slough? or ulceration of coats of artery? or 

101 Surgeon Michel was one of the most prominent surgeons connected 
with the Association, and seems to have been the moving spirit of the 
debates. After the war he attained prominence as a practitioner in 

102 No copy of Section B has been found. 



from exudation from the general surface of a granular wound? 
Field surgeons will state whether the tourniquet, or any 
other ingenious appliance is much resorted to on the battle 
field, and whether they have ever met with considerable 
haemorrhage from gun-shot wounds, when no large or im 
portant vessel was opened, requiring to be tied. 103 

Pres t Ass n A. & N. Surgeons." 

Address: Surg. Middleton Michel, P. D. 8-31-1. 

Act. Cor. Secretary, 

Box No. 6, Richmond, Va." 

[Fourth Series, Dec. 26, 1863.] 

Association of Army and Navy Surgeons, 

Richmond, Va., Dec. 26th, 1863. 

"I. What varieties of Traumatic Aneurisms have you 
noticed ; how have they been treated ; what results, and what 
proportion did such accidents bear to the total number of 
wounds of arteries under your care? Io * 

II. Any instances of Secondary Haemorrhage following 
amputation, and have such occurred after the flap or circu 
lar methods had been performed. Have such accidents been 
more frequent after the one or the other of these modes of 
operating? lo5 

III. Have you met with any Incised, Punctured, or Sword 
Wounds; and what features of interest have they pre 
sented? 106 

IV. Which is the most approved mode of treating uncom- 

103 The tourniquet in its simplest form consists of a cord to be twisted 
around the limb by a piece of wood or the like. It has been the means 
of saving many from death by hemmorhage. 

104 Cf. Proceedings of Jany. 2 and 16, 1864, supra, p. 36. 

105 Cf. Proceedings of iSov. 28, 1863, supra, p. 36. 

106 No reports on this subject found. 


plicated gun-shot wounds? Have warm or cold applications 
been the more generally resorted to, and with what result? 

Pres t Ass n A. & N. Surgeons." 

Address ; Surg. Middleton Michel, 
Act. Cor. Secretary, 

Box No. 6, Richmond, Va." 

P. D. 8-31-4. 
[Fifth Series, Feb. 27, 1864.] 

"Association of Army and Navy Surgeons, 

Richmond, Va., Feb. 27th, 1869. 

"I. To what causes do you ascribe Idiopathic Tetanus, and 
have any cases occurred in your hospital or field practice from 
exposure to severe degree of either heat or cold? lo7 

II. Has amputation, division of nerves or opening of 
wounds been resorted to by you for the relief of Tetanus? 108 

III. After death, from Traumatic Tetanus, in what condi 
tion have you found the nerves, in and about the wound? 109 

IV. What injuries of nerves, from wounds, amputations, 
or surgical operations of any kind, have you seen ; symptoms 
that have arisen, and treatment? 110 

Pres t Ass n A. & N. Surgeons." 

Address ; Surg. Middleton Michel, 
Act. Cor. Secretary, 

Box No. 6, Richmond, Va." 

"Syphilitic inoculation, its relation to vaccination." ni 

P. D. 8-31-3. 
[Sixth Series. See Minutes of Mch. 12, 1864.] 

I0r Cf. note 74, supra. 

108 Cf. Proceedings of Mch. 12, 1864. 

109 Such changes as occurred would hardly be discernable to the 
naked eye. 

110 The interest in nerve injuries here manifested seems rather curious 
under the circumstances. Cf. Moore to Blackford, Nov. 18, 1862, supra. 

111 This sentence is added in pencil to the original text. 



1864, Feb. 2, Dalton, Ga., Hd.-Qrs. Manigault s Brig. T. P. 
Bailey, M. D., Surg. loth S. C. V[ols.] to Surg. E. A. Fluel- 
len, Med.-Dir., A[rmy] T[enn.] 

Protesting against G. O. 17, Jany. 28, i864, 112 which 
neglects the medical department in providing transporta 
tion necessity of wagons for our stores. 

A. L. S. S. C.-42I. 

1863, July 20-1864, Feb. 4, Lake City, Fla., etc. A. S. Bald 
win, Chf. Surg. Dis. E. Fla. 

Letter-book between these dates, official correspondence. 

Fla.-lc- 4 6 

1865, Jany. si-May 8, Lake City, Fla., etc. A. S. Baldwin, 
Surg. and Actg. Med. Dir. Genl. Hospitals Fla. and Quitman, 

Order-book between these dates. 


1861, Dec. 10, Amelia C. H. Hospital. Monro Banister, Surg. 
in Charge to Surgeon-General [S. P. Moore], C. S. A. 

Request detail of pvt. Thos. E. Morton, Randolph s (Rich 
mond) Howitzers, Brown s Co., 113 to act as steward Morton 
has received injuries and will not be able to perform active 
duty during the winter. A. L. S. M-3Q-I. 

Endsd : Forwarded for the approval of the Capt. comdg. 
company. S. P. Moore, Surg.-Genl. 

1862, July, Richmond, Va., Office Examining Board for In 
valid Soldiers. J. H. Bernen, Surg. and Presdt., Archd. Tay 
lor, Asst.-Surg., Recorder. 

9 notifications of furloughs issued sent company com 
manders. P. F. S. F-iy. 

112 Not found. 

113 J. Thompson Brown, Captain 2nd Company of Howitzers, 1st 
Virginia Artillery. 


1864, Apr. 8, Orange C. H. Hospital 2nd Corps, A. N. V. 
H. Black, Surg .in Charge, to Capt. V. Dabney, A. A. G. 

Pvt. J. McNeely, Co. I, 2ist Va., sentenced to execution on 
the I5th, has been received under orders to remain here until 
that time the Hospital has no guard I cannot be respon 
sible for his safe keeping. Copy M-25. 

Endsd : "Capt. V. Dabney, A. A. G. [ :] Genl. Steuart re 
quested Genl. Jones to send this. J. C. Moore. A. S. 

1862, Dec. [31,] [Richmond, Va.] W. A. Carrington, Med. 

"Consolidated Report of the sick and wounded of the army 
in Hospitals around Richmond, Va." names of men, com 
mands, dates of discharge or death, cause of death and dis 
eases. P. F. S. Fla. 

1862, Jany. 6, Nelson Hospital. W. H. Coffin, Surg. in Charge 
to Maj. J. Thompson Brown. 

J. W. Gibson, ordered on duty, has catarrhal opthalmia is 
unfit for duty "if you still order his return, I will send him, 
as that relieves me of responsibility." A. L. S. C-22. 

1865, Jany. 13, Emory, Va. Thos. W. Colley, Comp. 2ist 
[sic] 114 Va. Cav., to Capt. Thos. C. Litchfield. 

Application to be placed on the invalid corps by reason of 
gun-shot wound requiring amputation of leg. 

Approved upon physical examination : James B. Murfree, 
T. C. Montague, J. L. Henderson, Surgs. Board. 

Appended : [illegible] certificate of .injuries received. 

1863, Mch. 28, Richmond, [Va.] A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 
75, III. Sig. : Jno. Withers, A. A. G. [by command Sec. War.] 

Asst.-Surg. J. C. L Engle will report to Brig.-Genl. [Jos.] 
Finegan for duty at Lake City Hospital, [Fla.] 115 

D. S. Fla.-ga.-g. 

1864, Mch. 21, Camp near Orange C.-H., Va. L. J. Cottle, 

Co. G, 3rd N. C. 

114 Coliey is elsewhere mentioned as belonging to the ist Virginia 

115 Cf. E. W. Johns to J. C. L Engle, infra, p. 46. 


Certificate of disability of; by reason of wound in knee re 
ceived at Chancellorsville, May 8, 1863. Sig. ; Edward H. 
Armstrong, Capt. Comdg. 

Approved upon physical examination, D. Herndon, Surg. 
3rd N. C, Benj. M. Cromwell, Surg. D. S. .-39. 

Endsd ; Give the man a trial on duty. "Med. Ex. Board." 

1864, Apr. 3, Camp 23rd Va. J. P. Hall, pvt. Co. E. 

Certificate of disability for service. Sig. ; J. M. Denny, 
Surg. 23rd Va. certified by board of examiners recommend 
Hall be detailed for making huts. A. S. D.-I3. 

1862, Aug. 8, Richmond, Va., E. W. Johns, Medical Purveyor. 

Invoice of medicines, etc., consigned to Surg. J. C. L Engle, 
or Surgeon attending, 2nd Fla. Regt. 

[Elaborate form, with list of all articles issued.] 

P. F. S. Fla.-ga.-2i. 

1862, Aug. n, Richmond, Va., Medical Purveyor s Office. E. 
W. Johns, Medical Purveyor, to Surg. J. C. L Engle, or Surg. 
Attending 2nd Fla. Regt. 

Enclose invoice of hospital supplies turned over to Thos. 
Turner, Aug. 8 furnish duplicate receipts for same, report 
date of receipt, number packages and agreement with invoice. 

P. F. S. Fla.-ga.-i4. 

1862, Sept. i, Chaffin s Bluff, [Va.] Geo. A. Keeper, Co. A, 
46th Va. 

Statement of service: enlisted at Lewisburg, June 18, ij36i, 
for the war born at Chambly, Canada has been unfit for 
service for six months. Sig. C. Purcell Bigger, Lieut. Comdg. 

Appended ; Certificate of physical examination : Keller is 
incapable of performing military duty because of "constitu 
tional syphilis affecting his mouth and throat, with extensive 
cutaneous eruption" duration of disease and means required 
for its cure satisfy us he should be discharged. Sig. : David [?] 
H. Tucker, Surg., Chas. L. Gwyn, Afctg.] Asst.-Surg. in 
charge. D. S. K.-y. 


1864-1865, Lake City, Fla. Lake City Hospital. 
Records as follows : 

I. Case-book, Mch. 13, i864-Jany. 14, 1865 treatment or 
dered diagnoses. Fla.-lc-i4. 

II. Account-book of expenditure, Mch. 24, i864-May 8, 
1865. Fla.-lc-i. 

III. Furlough-book, July 2, i864-Oct. 24, 1864 printed 
forms of furlough on surgeon s certificate. Fla.-lc-g. 

1862, Dec. 25, Hd.-Qrs. Maury s Div., 2nd Corps. Dabney H. 
Maury, Maj.-Genl. to Maj. Waddy, A. A. G. 

Requesting authority for ordering a detail of surgeons to 
visit hospitals and return convalescents improperly remaining 
as nurses there are many such. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-25. 

1863, Mch. 28, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-General s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl., to [Lt.-Genl.] J. C. Pemberton, comdg. 

Requesting permission for supplies to be introduced for 
the Medical Department. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-28. 

1861-1865, Richmond, Va., Surgeon-General s Office. S. P. 
Moore, Surg.-Genl. 

19 miscellaneous printed orders, with orders of A. & I. 
Genl s Office and of Dept. Hd.-Qrs. relating to Medical Dept. 

P. D. Fla.-ga-26. 

1861, Aug. 1-1865, Apr. 2, Richmond, Va. Robertson Hos 
pital, Third and Main streets. 

Register of admissions between these dates 1,333 names, 
73 deaths, numerous transfers each patient entered by name, 
command, with date of admission, diagnosis, and outcome 
p. 85: Ladies of the Robertson Hospital: Sally B. Tomp- 
kins, Chief, 116 , Mrs. E. T. Semmes, Asst., Mrs. Mary A. Page, 

116 To this heroic woman more than to anyone else the success of this 
Hospital was due. She had been possessed of large means before the war, 
and had devoted herself to philanthropic enterprises. Her resources were 
freely expended in behalf of the wounded during the war, and the Robert 
son Hospital reached a high degree of efficiency. An executive order was 


Miss A. P. Tabb, Miss Eliza Davenport, Mrs. B. Trigg, Mrs. 
Jas. A. Jones, Mrs. Jno. McGuire, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Bay 
lor, Miss Agnes Haxall, Miss Bettie McMurdo, Miss Mollie 
McMurdo, Miss Kitty Heath, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Wm. Bell, 
Mrs. Sandaige, Miss Rebecca Jones, Mrs. Deas, Mrs. Dr. 
Wellford, all of Virginia, except Mrs. Sandaige, of Louisiana 
p. 86 ; "Surgeons of Robertson Hos." ; A. Y. P. Garnett, of 
Washington, D. C. ; C. L. Garnett, Virginia; Thos. S. Lati- 
mer, Maryland ; Geo. H. Roberts, Maryland ; W. S. Love, 
Louisiana ; T. W. Hancock, Virginia ; J. G. Cabell, n. p. 
Stewards W. D. Sale, Virginia ; Geo. E. Mann, Virginia ; 
Lamar Hollyday, Maryland. 122. p. 86, bound. 

1 86-, Savannah, Ga. Savannah Wayside Hospital. 

Constitution and list of contributions bound, unpagi- 
nated. Ga.-i-88. 

1862, Feb.-Aug., n. p. W. R. Smith, pvt. Co. L, 5th Va. Infy., 
P. H. Hopwood, pvt. Co. H, 5th Va. Infy., R. F. Betterson, 
pvt. Co. A, 37th Va. 

Certificates of disability of; Smith for "blindness of one 
eye," Hopwood for "loss of great toe and lameness," Betterson 
for "a chronic disease of the spinal marrow and urinary 
organs." P. F. S., F. S. .-56-1-3. 

1863, June 29, Dept. Miss, and E. La., Inspr.-Genl s Office. 
Thos. H. Taylor, Inspr.-Genl. and Comdt. Post, to Surgeon 
Knode, Med.-Inspr. 

Investigate the report that surgeons of hospitals are "liv 
ing off" hospital supplies and paying $1.00 per diem, instead 
of purchasing supplies. G. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-2g. 

Endsd ; The arrangement was due to a misunderstanding 

of G. O. from the Surgeon-Genl Knode, Med. Inspr. 

A. S. 

issued, placing all hospitals under governmental control, and this meant 
that the Robertson Hospital would lose its chief supporters. Rather than 
permit this, President Davis issued Miss Tompkins a commission as Cap 
tain ; and this she retained throughout the war. Miss Tompkins is still 
alive. See infra, p. 421. 


1862, Jany. i, .... Fayette Co., Ga. W. H. Turnipseed. 

Certificate of disability of; because of "chronic rheuma 
tism" recommendation for discharge sig. : J. W. Cousins 
approved, J. A. Anderson, Maj. comdg. ist Ga. 

D. S. T.-26-i. 

1862, July 20, Camp near Gordonsville, [Va.] Geo. W. Wood 
ing, Capt. Danville Arty., to Dr. [Hunter] McGuire, Med.- 
Dir. V. D. 

Application for a surgeon for this battery I have long 
needed one. A. L. S. F.-iy-io. 

Endsd : I. Referred to Dr. H. McGuire, who will appoint 
an asst. surg. if he has one ; or will make application to the 
Surg.-Genl. for one. Wm. B. Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. Comdg. 

A. S. 

Endsd: 2. [illegible] I have no Asst. Surg. [?] If I can get 
one will send him[?] Many commands are in need of sur 
geons. Hunter McGuire, Med. Dir. A. S. 

186-, n. d., Richmond, Va. Albert Wortham, [Surg.?] W. H. 
Gwathmey, [Surg.?] 

Fragment (pp. 5) of register of hospital under charge of; 117 
names of patients, commands, dates of admission and of 
discharge Mrs. Martha Morris, Matron. 

[1865, Apr., Richmond, Va.?] Daniel F. Wright, Surg. P. A. 
C. S.; Tho. Pollard, M. D. ; E. D. Phillips, M. D. ; P. H. 
Starke; E. Nance; J. M. Bibb; E. H. Gill and 108 others to 
"The Genl. Assembly of the State of Va." 

"The undersigned Physicians and Citizens respectfully pe 
tition your honorable body to exempt from military duty such 
apothecaries as are now exempted from the same by the Con 
gress & Government of the Confederate States. 

For the necessity of this we would call to mind that the 
apothecaries thus exempted number only forty-five (45) in 
the entire State. 

117 The Strangers Guide lists no hospital in the locality assigned to 
this one, in a MS. note attached to the original, the two nearest being "Gen 
eral, No. i," on Second street, and the "Samaritan," on Clay, between 
Fifth and Sixth streets. 


This number is hardly sufficient to supply the sick in their 
localities with medicines & instances of suffering perhaps 
of a fatal nature have occured in consequence of inability to 
procure the usual remedies. 

The Education and experience necessary to fit the Apothe 
cary for his calling is of such a character that his duties can 
not be delegated to unskilled persons, and that the difficulty 
of procuring and bringing Drugs to our Towns is greatly in 
creased, & that in addition to the preparation of Physicians 
prescriptions, it now devolves upon the Apothecary to manu 
facture many articles which formerly could be purchased 
ready for use. 

It is moreover uncertain at what hour the Apothecary may 
be called upon to furnish his Medicines. 

We therefore respectfully ask that the few Apothecaries 
who are now exempted by the Confederate Government may 
be allowed to devote their whole time and skill to the per 
formance of their important duties, in which the comfort and 
safety of the sick are so seriously involved." D. S. Wj- 



This collection consists of 983 original telegrams relating 
to military and naval operations around Richmond and 
Petersburg, Va., during May-September, 1864. The more im 
portant messages are printed in the "Official Record" j 1 but 
the importance of the campaign, and the controversy which 
is still on regarding all of its movements, call for the publica 
tion of all papers which may shed light on events. 2 The tele 
grams copied below relate chiefly to brigade movements, to 
the blockading squadron, and to conditions on the Rich 
mond defences. 

The collection contains a large number of ordnance mes 
sages, a few of which are here printed, and a mass of personal 
despatches, besides the military and naval material. Appa 
rently these are the originals of telegrams sent from Drewry s 
Bluff, or thereabouts, by J. D. Potts. They were acquired by 
the late Hon. W. W. Henry, and deposited by his heirs in the 
museum. Many of them are the original autographs of lead 
ing Confederate generals. 

The copies below are full. 

1864, May 7, n. p. A. Gracie, Jr., 3 Brig.-Genl., to Maj. T. O. 
Chestney, A. A. G. 

"Advance guard struck enemy s Infantry picket near Ware 

1 See Volumes (Serial) 67, 68, 69, 80, 81, 82, 87, 88. 

2 Accounts of this campaign will be found in most books on the War. 
The views of both sides are given in Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, 
v. 4, pp. 535-590. E. P. Alexander in the Military Memoirs of a Con 
federate, pp. 545-73, gives a critique of the various movements. 

3 For a sketch of Gracie see Confederate Military History, v. 7 (Ala 
bama), p. 412. This work will hereafter be cited as C. M. H. 


Bottom Church 4 their pickets have not been advanced since 
yesterday Their force not ascertained." Tel. 

1864, May 7, n. p. S. M. Barton, 5 Brig.-Genl., to Maj. T. O. 
Chestney, A. A. G., Richmond. 

"I received your dispatch 6 just as I was posting the last 
troops on the right of the exterior line It was so late, sunset 
and the troops so much fatigued, have been up all of last 
night, that I have postponed changing them till daybreak to 
morrow. The front is very strongly and thoroughly picketed 
outposts connecting from flank to flank." " 

1864, May 8, 11:15 A. M., n. p. S. M. Barton, Brig.-Genl., to 
Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. G. 

"No force of the enemy is known to be moving toward 
Chester. 8 Our cavalry are scouting beyond them. The 
enemy s cavalry were reported to be moving in that direction 
last night, but my scouts reported it false." 9 

1864, May 8, 6:00 P. M., Hd.-Qrs. Drewry s Bluff, [Va.] 
G. H. Terrett/ Maj. comdg. Post, to Hon. S. R. Mallory, 

Sec. Navy. 

"I have no news from the enemy. Everything remains in 
about the same position as on yesterday." 

1864, May 8, 4:00 P. M., Drewry s Bluff. W. H. Stevens, Col. 
Eng., to Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. Genl. 

"Our pile-driver used in removing the obstructions has 

4 Ware Bottom Church is located on the south side of the James River, 
opposite the stretch of land through which Dutch Gap was cut. See War 
Atlas, Official Records, plate C. 

5 For Barton see C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 579-81. 

6 Not found. 

7 Cf. Barton to Ransom, May 7, 1864, Official Records, s. v. 68, p. 973. 
The Records will hereafter be cited as "O. R." with the serial volume 

8 A village in Chesterfield county, on the line of the Richmond and 
Petersburg railroad. 

9 See Barton to Ransom, O. R., s. 68, p. 973. 

10 Terrett commands this post during the entire period covered by this 


met with an accident, which will delay the removal of the 
last crib one day, if we meet with no delay in getting her on 
the ways at Richmond." 

[1864, May 8, 11 ] 8:30 P. M., n. p. S. M. Barton, Brig.- 
Gen., to Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. G. 

"An Infantry scout left the vicinity of Ware Bottom 
Church at 3 P. M. Pickets at same place as yesterday- 
learned from citizens that main body was encamped on left 
of Hundred s road 12 nothing from the cavalry ordered to 
attack the pickets." 

[1864,] May 9, "12:30 nt," Hd.-Qrs. Drewry s Bluff. G. H. 
Terrett [Maj. comdg.] to Hon. S. R. Mallory, Sec. Navy. 

"If you can possibly spare the two Marine Guards at the 
Navy Yards please send them immediately. They number 
about 60 men and should be of incalculable service here." 13 

[1864,] May 9, 10:00 A. M., Hd.-Qrs. Drewry s Bluff. G. H. 
Terrett, Maj. comdg. Post, to Hon. S. R. Mallory, Sec. Navy. 
"It has been reported to Genl. Barton, 14 that the enemy is 
advancing. I have no news from the fleet." 

1864, May 9, 12 P. M., Drewryf s Bluff?] R. Ransom, 15 Maj.- 
Genl., to Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. G. 

"Refer all matters of importance to Genl. Bragg." 16 

1864, May 9, 5 :oo P. M., Drewry s Bluff. R. Ransom, Jr., 
Maj.-Genl., to Genl. [Braxton] Bragg. 

"From all I can ascertain the object of the enemy seems to 

11 Evidently of the same date as Barton s message to Chestney, May 8, 

12 For the location of this road, see O. R., Atlas, plate XCII. 

13 See further telegrams of this date from Drewry s Bluff in O. R-, 
s. 68, pp. 977-78. 

14 Not found, but see O. R., s. 68, pp. 979-80. 

15 Genl. Ransom sometimes added "jr." to his name. Entries are here 
made as they occur in the original. For Ransom, see C. M. H., vol. 4, pp 

16 General Braxton Bragg was then acting as special military adviser 
to Pres. Davis, with headquarters in Richmond. 


be merely to destroy the Rail Road. 17 They have burnt the 
station at Chester and retired down the Rail Road. I have 
sent forward two regiments to press them." 

[1864,] May 9, 9:30 P. M., Drewry s House. R. Ransom, 
Maj.-Genl., to [Maj.-]Genl. G. E. Pickett, Petersburg. 

"By direction of Genl. Bragg I telegraph^ you to know ac 
curately the conditions of affairs with you we have heard 
firing to-day. Doubtless you have repulsed them. 18 Please 
give me your force and the prospect of other arrivals, and 
any other information that may be useful. We have had little 
demonstration in our front to-day." 

"Via Burkeville, Dept. Richmond." 19 

[1864, May] Q, 2 n. p. S. M. Barton, Brig.-Genl., to Maj. T. O. 
Chestney, A. A. G. 

"The enemy is moving in full force against my south 
front on Turnpike." 21 

[1864, May 8 or io?], 22 5:40 P. M., n. p. S. M. Barton, Brig.- 
Genl., to Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. G. 

"Nothing from the front. All quiet." 

[1864, May 8 or io?], 23 12:30 P. M., n. p. S. M. Barton, 
Brig.-Genl., to Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. G. 

"Dispatch about cavalry received and obeyed. 24 It had 
been anticipated. Artillery is heard in direction of Port Wal- 
thall Junction 25 probably beyond at Swift Creek No artil 
lery firing here now." 

17 This was the Richmond and Petersburg railroad. See O. R., Atlas, 
plate C. 

18 For the reports of these engagements, see O. R., s. 68, pp. 213 ff., 
and correspondence in ibid., pp. 978-79. 

19 This message was sent via Burkeville probably because direct com 
munication was cut off at the time. 

20 Date fixed by O. R., s. 68, p. 981. 

21 See location of this road in O. R., Atlas, plate C. 

22 See O. R., s. 68, p. 981. 

23 See ibid., and pp. 973, 975, ff. 

24 Not found; not published in the Official Record. 

2 5 See O. R., Atlas, plate C. 


[1864, May 10 ?], 26 Richmond. R. Ransom, Jr., Maj.-Genl., to 
Maj. [G. H.] Terrett. 

"What is the meaning of the firing in direction of your 
place? answer at once." 
Endsd: i. "Please tell me how to answer this/ n. s. 

2. "The enemy appear to be shelling our breastwork 
from about and near Lowmends[?] on the turnpike. G. H. 
T." A. S. 

[1864,] May n, 2 30 A. M., Hd.-Qrs. near Drewry s Bluff. 
R. Ransom, Maj.-Genl., to Col. Maury, Chaffin s. 

"Be extremely alert and keep a bright lookout in all direc 
tions. 27 Notify both Gen. Bragg and me of anything that may 
occur worthy of note." 

[1864,] May u, 12 30 A. M., near Drewry s Bluff. R. Ran 
som, Jr., Maj.-Genl., to Gen. Braxton Bragg. 

"Telegram rec d. Will have Hunton s Brigade 28 ready to 
go up whenever ordered." 

[1864,] May n, 1 125 A. M., near Drewry s Bluff. R. Ransom, 
Jr., Maj.-Genl., to Gen. Braxton Bragg. 

"Tell me when to leave the garrison & citadel at the Bluff 
and join you in Richmond with the other troops should 
there arise a necessity for it. I send Dunnavant s Battalion 
dismounted Cavalry 29 to Manchester at once." 

[1864,] May n, 11:30 A. M., near Drewry s Bluff. R. Ran 
som, Jr., Maj.-Genl., to Sec. War, Richmond. 

26 See O. R., s. 68, p. 986. 

27 See ibid., p. 980; cf. p. 1000. The Maury mentioned is Col. J. M. 
Maury. His forces were the Goochland, James City, Lunenburg and Pa- 
munkey Va. Arty. Chaffin s [Bluff] is just across the river from Drewry s 

28 Eppa Hunton, Brig.-Genl. commanding. This command was com 
posed of the 8th, I9th, 25th, 32nd, and 56th Va. Infy., with the 42nd Va. 
Cav. Batln., Col. Robins. Cf. Ransom to Bragg, O. R., s. 68, p. 990. 

29 This was properly Dunovant s 5th S. C. Cav., two companies of 
which came to Virginia with Genl. Whiting. See Beauregard to Bragg, 
O. R.. s. 68, 1021. 


"Your dispatch relation to instructions given Genl. Beau- 
regard just received." 3o 

[1864,] May n, 12 M., Hd.-Qrs. Drewry s House. R. Ran 
som, Jr., Maj.-Genl., to Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. Genl. 

"Your dispatch concerning movements from Petersburg is 
just received. 31 

[1864,] May n, 5:30 P. M., Hd.-Qrs. Camp near Drewry s 
Bluff. R. Ransom, Maj.-Genl., to Hon. Sec. War, Richmond. 
"Will you please ascertain when the Iron Clad Gun Boats 
will be ready for service and inform me." 32 

1864, May n, 5:45 P. M., Hd.-Qrs. Drewry s Bluff. F. Mac- 
Rae, ist L[ieu]t. C. S. M. C. and Adjt. Post, to Hon. S. R. 
Mallory, etc. 

"I have just received the following despatch from the 
Signal Station at Cox s, W. H. Seabury, comdg. 

The enemy are cutting down a great many trees near 
Baldwin [s] 33 apparently blockading the River/ " 

1864, Ma Y JI Hd.-Qrs. Drewry s Bluff. James T. Browne, 
A. A. & I. Genl., to Lt. Col. A. Anderson. 

"Genl. Ransom requests that you will join him immedi 
ately. To-night if possible." 

[1864, May ii?], 34 n. p. R. F. Hoke, [Maj.-Genl.] to Genl. 
[Braxton] Bragg, Richmond. 

"The Brigade 35 was ordered two hours ago but I learn has 
not yet gone. I have sent to hurry it forward." 

30 See Seddon to Beauregard, O. R., s. 68, p. 991. 

31 Not found. 

32 These were probably the gunboats then being fitted ou 4 - at Richmond. 

33 Baldwin s was located on the James, in the stretch later cut off by 
the Dutch Gap Canal. It was close to Ware Bottom Church. See O. R., 
Atlas, plate XCIII. 

3 * See O. R., s. 68, p. 988- 

35 Probably Hoke s "old" Brigade, 6th, 21 st, 54th and 57th N. C. 
Regts., and ist N. C. Batln. See ibid., but compare ibid., pp. 986 and 990. 


[1864, May ii?], 36 n. p. R. F. Hoke, Maj.-Genl., to Genl. 
[Braxton] Bragg, Richmond. 

"The Brigade ordered can reach you before any other of 
my command. Delay was caused by courier failing to de 
liver dispatch. This is now corrected." 

[1864, May ii?] 37 n. p. R. F. Hoke, Maj.-Genl., to Genl. 
[Braxton] Bragg. 

"The brigade ordered will leave here by half-past six 6J." 

[1864,] May 12, 8:30 P. M., Hd.-Qrs. Drewry s Bluff. G. H. 
Terrett, Maj. comdg., to Genl. Bfraxton] Bragg. 

"Genl. Kemper s 38 Brig, is here ready to go to Richmond. 
No boats are here to transport them." 

1864, May 12, 10:30 P. M., Drewry s Bluff. G. H. Terrett, 
Maj. comdg. Post, to Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. G., Gen. 
Ransom [sic.] 

"But one Brigade has left. One Brigade still here await 
ing transportation. The Boats are in Richmond. Answer." 

1864, May 13, Drewry s Bluff. Isaac W. Smith, Capt. Engs., 
to Col. A. L. Rives, Actg. Chf. Eng. Bur. 

"The draw at the Wilton bridge is sixty six feet on the 
water line, and would answer by removing a row of piles on 
the west side of the Tree Hill bridge. I can probably secure 
a lighter twelve or fourteen feet wide. Would not this be top 
heavy. Please answer to Capt. Mason." 

1864, May 13, [Drewry s Bluff.] G. H. Terrett, [Maj., 
etc.], to Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. G. 

"Kemper s Brig, left here about 2 A. M. 39 He has been on 
the road 2 or 3 hours." 

1864, May 13, Hd.-Qrs. Drewry s Bluff. R. F. Hoke, Maj.- 
Genl., to Genl. Braxton Bragg. 

"Do you know anything of Gen. Beauregard s movements." 

36 Ibid., 990-991. 

37 Ibid. 

38 Jas. L. Kemper, Brig.-Genl. commanding. His brigade was com 
posed of the ist, 3rd, 7th, nth and 24th Va. Regts. 

39 See Parker to Bragg, O. R., s. 68, p. 005. 


[1864,] May 14, 9 A. M., Drewry s Bluff. W. H. Stevens, 
Col. Engs., to Genl. Braxton Bragg. 

"Would it not be advisable for you to hear Genl. Beaure- 
gard s views about affairs here." 4o 

[1864,] May 14, 9:15 A. M., Hd.-Qrs. Post, Drewry s Bluff. 
G. H. Terrett, Maj. comdg. Post, to Hon. S. R. Mallory, etc. 
"Brisk Skirmishing both with Artillery and small arms 
going on along our front." 

1864, May 15, Drewry s Bluff. Chas. T. Mason, Capt. Engrs., 
to Hon. Sec. War. 

"The iron clad Fredericksburg 41 can pass through the 
obstructions at High tide tomorrow." 

[1864,] May 24, 5:00 P. M., Drewry s Bluff. W. H. Stevens, 
Col. Engrs., to Genl. G. T. Beauregard, Chester, Va. 
"The Iron clads are through the obstructions." 

1864, May 26, Flag-Ship "Virginia." Jno. K. Mitchell, 42 Com 
mander Jas. River Squadron, to Hon. Sec. Navy. 

"Your telegram of the 25th is recieved and duly noticed. 43 
Will be given to Gens. Beauregard and Ransom." 

1863, May n. d., Drewry s Bluff. G. H. Terrett, Maj., etc., to 
Maj. Jno. M. Otey, A. A. G. 

"No change in the Enemy s fleet since morning report." 

[1864,] June 4, Drewry s Bluff. G. H. Terrett, Maj., etc., to 
Genl. Braxton Bragg, Richmond. 

"Reed your dispatch of this morning. The officer whom 
you desire 44 is on detached service with Genl. Beauregard s 
Army. Have forwarded your dispatch to Genl. Beauregard 

40 Beauregard was then in command of the troops south of the James, 
General Lee not assuming command of that territory until he crossed the 

41 See O. R., Naval, s. i. v. 10, p. 634, Mitchell to Mallory; ibid., p. 
635, Parker to Mitchell. 

42 For Mitchell, see C. M. H., v. 12, 56-59, 92-94. 

43 See O. R., Naval, s. c. v. 10, p. 657. 

44 Lieutenant Barry. See O. R., s. 69, p. 875. 


with an explanation of the case, by telegraph. Will inform 
you as soon as I hear from him. Have no steamer here to 
send the detachment on, will order them to march, as soon as 
Genl. Beauregard sends in Lt. Barry." 

[1864, June 4?], Drewry s Bluff. G. H. Terrett, Maj., etc., to 
Genl. Bfraxton] Bragg. 

"Genl. Beauregard has .ordered Lt. Barry to report to me 
as soon as he arrives. I will order him with the detachment 
to march to Richmond and report to you. If there should 
happen to be a boat here I will send them up in it." 

[1864,] June 4, 12:25 P. M., Drewry s Bluff. G. H. Terrett, 
Maj., etc., to Genl. B[raxton] Bragg, Richmond. 

"Lt. Barry & detachment have started for the point desig 
nated in your order." 

1864, June 4, Drewry s Bluff. G. H. Terrett, Maj., etc., to 
Maj. Jno. M. Otey, A. A. G. 

"No change in the enemy s fleet since morning. This dis 
patch has been unavoidably delayed on account of the 

[1864, June 3-4?] 45 7 :oo A. M., Hd.-Qrs. A. N. V. G. T. Beau- 
regard, [Genl.] to Genl. R. E. Lee. 

"I have ordered a forced rec. to ascertain more of enemy 
position and condition. 46 Have ordered Ransom s Brigade to 
Bottom s Bridge as requested by Genl. Bragg. I am willing 
to do anything for our succour, but cannot leave my dept. 
without orders of War Dept." 47 

[1864, June 3-4 ?], 48 n. p. G. T. Beauregard, [Genl.], to 
Genfl.] Brax[ton] Bragg, Genfl.] R. E. Lee. 

"I am just from the front reconnaissance in force of this 
morning shows it might be dangerous to send away Ransom s 
brigade constituting over one third available infantry force 

45 See O. R., s. 69, pp. 870-71. Cf. ibid., p. 866. 
4 Ibid, and also p. 868. 

47 See note 40, supra. 

48 See O. R., s. 69, p. 870. 


now here. 49 We must elect at present between bottom bridge 
and Rail Road communication between Petersburg and Rich 
mond." 50 

[1864,] June 6, Drewry s Bluff. G. H. Terrett, Maj., etc., to 
Maj. Jno. M. Otey, A. A. G. 

"No change in the enemy s fleet except addition of one (i) 
tug and two (2) schooners, one lying with the Monitors, the 
other at the landing." 

1864, June 6, n. p. J. D. Potts 51 to J. R. Dowell, Genl. Supt, 

"Having learned that both wires were down about a mile 
and half from here, I went to remedy trouble, and found both 
lines on ground across the road, which I propped up with 
limbs of trees. Trouble caused by pole falling." 

[1864,] June 7, Drewry s Bluff. G. H. Terrett, Maj., etc., to 
Maj. Jno. M. Otey, A. A. G. 

"Four (4) monitors, three (3) transports, three (3) tugs 
lying together in their usual positions. Six (6) schooner 
rigged vessels below." 

1864, June 8, [Drewry s Bluff.] G. H. Terrett, Maj., etc., to 
Maj. J. M. Otey, A. A. G. 

"No change in the enemy s fleet since last p. m. report." 

[1864,] June 8, 8 P. M., [Drewry s Bluff.] G. H. Terrett, 
Maj., etc., to Maj. [Jno. M.] Otey, A. A. G. 

"Four monitors, four transports, a large one just having 
moved up, four Brigs, seven schooners and a bark, in usual 
position. One of the transports and their picket boats has 
been reconnoitering in front of fleet, but were driven back by 
our sharp shooters." 

1864, June 9, Hd.-Qrs., Drewry s Bluff. Geo. H. Terrett, 
Maj., etc., to Genl. [G. T.] Beauregard. 

"The following report just rec d from Hewlett s, Four 

49 Cf. Beauregard to Bragg, O. R., s. 69, p. 870. 

50 See map in O. R., Atlas, plates XCIII and C. 

51 See supra, p. 51. 


Monitors, four tugs, three transports, one Gun boat and one 
Barque moved up a little above Howletts, and laid there all 
night. About twenty row boats attempted to pass Howletts 
early this morning, but were driven back by our Sharp-Shoot- 

[1864,] June 9, [Hd.-Qrs.] G. H. Terrett, Maj., etc., to Genl. 
[G. T.] Beauregard. 

"No change in the enemy s fleet since morning report." 

1864, June 10, 6:00 A. M., [Drewry s Bluff.] Geo. H. Terrett, 
[Maj., etc.] to Genl. G. T. Beauregard. 

"Four (4) Monitors, one (i) tug, one (i) armed transport, 
three (3) transports, One barque, five (5) schooners. All 
lying in their usual position below Howletts." 

[1864,] June 10, 6:00 P. M., [Drewry s Bluff.] G. H. Terrett, 
Maj., etc., to Maj. [Jno. M.] Otey, A. A. G. 

"No change in the fleet since morning report, except an in 
crease of two (2) tugs." 

[1864,] June 10, 8:25 P. M., Drewry s Bluff. G. H. Terrett, 
Maj., etc., to Genl. G. T. Beauregard, and Maj. [Jno. M.] 
Otey, A. A. G. 

"Have just received the following dispatch from Col. 
Mauryf,] comdg. Chaffin s Bluff The lookout near Cox s 
barn reports a large force of the enemy moving in line of bat 
tle towards Howletts House. " 

[1864,] June 12, [Drewry s Bluff.] G. H. Terrett, Maj., etc., 
to Maj. [Jno. M.] Otey, A. A. G. 

"Four Monitors, 2 tugs, 3 transports, 2 armed transports, 
7 Schooners and a barque, lying in the same position." 

[1864,] June 12, 6:00 P. M., [Drewry s Bluff.] G. H. Ter 
rett, Maj., etc., to Maj. [Jno. M.] Otey, A. A. G. 

"Four (4) monitors, four (4) tugs, two transports, two 
armed transports, five schooners, and one barque, lying in 
same position." 


[1864,] June 14, 6:00 P. M., [Drewry s Bluff.] Geo. H. Ter- 
rett, Maj., etc., to Genl. [G. T.] Beauregard. 

"Four monitors, Four tugs, Two transports, Four schoon 
ers and a barque, in usual position. 

1864, June 15, 7:00 A. M., Hd.-Qrs., Drewry s Bluff. Geo. 
H. Terrett, Maj., etc., to Genl. [G. T.] Beauregard. 

"Four Monitors, Two Tugs, Three Transports, Two 
Armed Transports, Four Schrs., and a Bark, in usual posi 
tions. Report delayed on ac [count] of mist." 

1864, June 15, 7:20 P. M., [Drewry s Bluff.] G. H. Terrett, 
Maj., etc., to Genl. [G. T.] Beauregard. 

"Four Monitors, four tugs, five schooners, one brig, four 
transports, one armed transport, one monitor dropped down 
half a mile. All the schooners brought up and lying with the 
other monitors." 

[1864,] June 16, Drewry s Bluff. R. E. Lee, by C. Marshall, 
A. D. C., to "Operator at Charms Bluff." 

"Send all dispatches for me to this place. 52 Notify comdg. 
officer where I am." 

11864, June 19, 8:00 A. M., [Drewry s Bluff.] Geo. H. Terrett, 
Maj., etc., to Genl. [G. T.] Beauregard. 

. ^Four Monitors, one Tug, one Armed Transport, and one 
Transport, and one Bark. 

One Monitor dropped down about three quarters of a mile, 
the others in usual position." 

[1864, June 2i, 53 ] 2:20 P. M., n. p. G. E. Pickett, Maj.-Genl. 
comdg., to [Brig.-] Gen. G. W. C. Lee. 54 

"Let me know at once what force the enemy is threaten- 

52 General Lee crossed the James River on the i6th, and in consequence 
moved his headquarters. 

53 See O. R., s. 81, p. 674. 

54 Brig.-Genl. Custis Lee was at this time in command of the Rich 
mond "Local Defense Troops and Reserves." 


ing you with, and if you need other assistance than Cooks 
brigade if necessary I will come with my division." 55 

[1864, June 2i,] 56 n. p. G. E. Pickett, Maj.-Genl., to 
[Brig.-] Gen [1.] G. W. C. Lee. 

"From your telegram 57 I am induced to believe that you 
do not wish anything more than Cooks brigade." 

[1864, June 22,] 58 n. p. H. Heth, Maj.-Genl., to Col. W. H. 

"The following dispatch has just been receved the Pickts 
report the Yankees have been steadily Crossing at Swiny s 59 
during this evening mostly Cavalry. They can be heard 
plainly talking &c. Signed, M. M. Garry, Col. Comdg. ; 

[1864, June 22,] 60 2:00 P. M., "Hancock Hs." C. Pickett, A. 
A. G., [by order Maj.-Genl. G. E. Pickett] to Brig.-Genl. G. 
W. C. Lee. 

"Nothing new in our front Have you anything new or 
anything from hampton." 

[1864, June] 22, Chaffin s Bluff. G. W. C. Lee, Brig.-Genl., 
to Maj.-Genl. [G. E.] Pickett. 

"Nothing new here[;] enemy a little bolder than here 
tofore, and a good deal of shelling by Gun-boats Good for 
Mahone." 61 

55 Pickett s Division was at this time composed of Barton s, Hunton s, 
Corsi s and Terry s Brigades. Hunton s brigade was detached during 
part of the summer and served with Genl. Ransom. 

56 See O. R., s. 81, pp. 674-76. 

57 See O. R., s. 81, p. 674, for the text of the message. 

58 Heth to Lee, June 25, 1864 (O- R., s. 81, p. 685), refers to a mes 
sage which corresponds to this as sent "last night"; but see G. W. C. Lee 
to Pickett, June 21, 1864, ibid., p. 674. 

59 Sweeney s is probably meant. The place does not appear on any 
map available. 

60 See O. R., s. 81, p. 680, Cox to Pickett. 

61 Mahone, with a part of his division, attacked the Federal troops on 
the 22nd to the west of the Jerusalem plank-road, and drove them from 
their first line of works. Some 1,600 prisoners and four pieces of artillery 
were captured. See Lee to Seddon, O. R., s. 81, p. 678. 


[1864, June 27,] 62 n. p. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., to Maj.-Genl. 
Fitz Lee. 

"Telegram rec d 63 and Gen. Lee desires you to shoe up & 
then move in this direction following Hampton s Division as 
soon as you can if nothing occurs to detain you on north side 
of James." 

[1864, June 27 ?] 64 Osborne s Turnpike. Fitz Lee, Maj.-Genl. 
comdg., to Genl. R. E. Lee. 

"Am on north side of James near Pontoon bridge No 
news from Lower James Will tomorrow be time enough to 
cross to southside? Am shoeing up and grazing my com 
mand now." 

[1864, June 28?] 65 n. p. Fitz Lee, Maj.-Genl. comdg., to Genl. 
R. E. Lee. 

"Command will march at 12 130 this day & encamp tonight 
where Richmond & Petersburg turnpike crosses R. R. & P. 
R. R. 66 about 6 miles from Petersburg." 

1864, Aug. 3, n. p. Jno. M. Otey, Lt.-Col. and A. A. G., to 
Genl. L. S. Baker, Goldsboro, [N. C.] 

"Genl. Hampton s Cavalry at Stoney Creek has been or 
dered by Genl. Lee to cooperate in checking any advance of 
the Enemy. 67 Genl. Hampton is at Stoney Creek." 

[1864,] Aug. 7, n. p. Jno. M. Otey, A. A. G., to Maj.-Genl. 
W. H. C. Whiting, 68 Wilmington, N. C. 

"Please explain why you have ordered all the train hands, 
firemen and negroes of the Manassas Gap Rail Road from 
Greensboro to Raleigh. The Commanding General desires 
that I inquire of you." 

62 Cf. O. R., s. 81, p. 690. 

63 Not found. 

e* Cf. O. R., s. 81, p. 690. 

65 Probably sent the day after the message above. No other indication 
of its date to be found in the Official Records. 

66 Correctly, the "Richmond] & Petersburg] R. R. This crossing 
is given as " Williams " on the war maps. 

67 No such order found, but see Lee to Hampton, O. R., s. 88, p. 1165. 

68 For Whiting see C. M. H., v. 4, p. 352. 


[1864,] Aug. 8, Dunns Hill. G. T. Beauregard, Genl., to Col. 
L. B. Northrop, Com. Genl., Richmond, Va. 

"I have ordered the Will-O-Wisp 69 to be allowed to dis 
charge cargo." 

1864, Aug. 8, Dunns Hill. G. T. Beauregard, Genl., to Maj.- 
Genl. W. H. C. Whiting, Wilmington, [N. C] 

The demand for Coffee is pressing. Permit the Will-O- 
Wisp to discharge Cargo at once." 

1864, Aug. 8, Ordnance Office, A. N. V. B. G. Baldwin, Lt.- 
Col., to Col. W. L. Brown, Richmond Arsenal. 

"The Columbiad platforms cannot be framed. Proper tools 
and workmen cannot be obtained. Send by first train work 
man with tools. Augers, Chisels, Gouges and Broad Axes. 

Genl. Lee is very urgent. There should not be a moments 
delay. The guns must be in position tomorrow night. 

Telegraph operator in Richmond please have this deliv 
ered immediately. 

Send this as soon as handed in." 

1864, Aug. n, Petersburg. W. H. Stevens, Col. Engrs., to 
Capt. T. T. L. Snead, Engr. Adjt., Richmond. 

"On what day did you send me the torpedo Locks, 70 and 
did you get a receipt from R. road." 

1.864, Aug. n, Dunns Hill. Jno. M. Otey, A. A. G., to Col. D. 
B. Harris, Chief Engr., Weldon, N. C. 

"Genl. Beauregard says stop a day in Weldon and examine 
the works for the defence of that place." 

1864, Aug. n, Petersburg. R. E. Lee, Genl. [by C. S. 
Venable, A. D. C], to Maj. D. H. Wood, 71 Supt. Trans., Rich 

"Please provide transportation for eight guns with caissons 

69 See Beauregard to Whiting, infra. The Will-o -Wisp was probably 
a blockade-runner which had come into Wilmington. 

70 Torpedoes are frequently mentioned in connection with the river 
defenses. See O. R., Nav., s. i, v. 10, pp. 635, 636, 637, 645, etc. 

71 For papers of Maj. Wood, see infra, p. 433. 


and about six hundred men to Culpeper C. H. 72 by tomorrow 
evening from Richmond." 

1864, Aug. 14, Petersburg. W. H. Stevens, Col. Engrs., to 
Capt. W. D. Stuart, Engrs., Pickett s Hd.-Qrs. 

"Lay out gun chambers at Bishops for two or four heavy 
guns ; put them far apart as possible, so as to get magazines 
and bomb proofs in the traverses. Genl. Lee finds the guns 
at Dantylee too crowded, would prefer two properly separated, 
than four crowded. Get to work on them as soon as pos 
sible Can you not get one or two very reliable men to go in 
at night opposite the suspected Canal 73 and hide, so as to re 
main all day concealed, & watch & listen. Repeat your obser 
vations on the Bluff at the head of the Bend where we were 
yesterday the spot you suggested for a Battery. Send me, 
or bring a sketch of your battery as laid out. You had better 
come down here tonight." 

1864, Aug. 14, n. p. W. H. Taylor to Maj. A. L. Land, Dun- 

"Your telegram received. The two regts. will number 
about 200 each. Communicate with Genl. Wilcox when they 
can be transported. After these troops have been taken away, 
trains for two brigades (say 2,500 men) are to be kept at 
Lundy s." 

1864, Aug. 14, n. p. W. H. Taylor to Mr. [J. D.] Potts, 

"Gl. Hampton is today on the cars from Richmond to 
Charlottsville. Send this 74 to Richmond and request them to 
have it delivered to him on the route if practicable. It is very 
desirable for Gl. Hampton to get it." 

1864, Aug. 15, 10 P. M., n. p. Jas. L. Corley, [Q. M.] to Mr. 
Gill, Supt. Richmond and Petersburg R. R. 

72 These arrangements were for Genl. Wade Hampton s command, 
ordered to report to Lt.-Genl. R. H. Anderson at Culpeper. See O. R., 
s. 88, pp. 1171-72. 

73 Cf. Lee to Ewell, O. R., s. 88, p. 1173. 

74 A telegram to Genl. Hampton, recalling him. See the text in O. R.. 
s. 88, 1177- 


"In addition to the trains already ordered by Maj. Branch 
& Maj. Land Gen. Lee wants trains for (2,500) twenty five 
hundred men kept at Lundy s Xing to move troops at a mo 
ments notice." 

1864, Aug. 16, ii :oo P. M., n. p. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., to 
Col. C. Marshall, A. D. C. [to] Genl. Lee, Chaffins Bluff. 

"Telegram rec d will send articles requested at once. Tell 
General brigade left for Richmond ten minutes to ten. All 
quiet here." 

1864, Aug. 17, Hd.-Qrs. A. N. V. B. G. Baldwin, Lt. Col., to 
Lt.-Col. W. L. Broun, Richmond Arsenal. 

"Have you sent four Napoleon Guns to Capt. Gregory, 
Earlys Command. 75 If not can you do so and when." 

1864, Aug. 17, Hd.-Qrs. A. N. V. B. G. Baldwin, Lt.-Col., 
etc., to Lt.-Col. W. L. Broun, Richmond Arsenal. 

"Please send immediately to Capt. Wilkinson five hundred 
hand grenades with leather or thick canvass tails as agreed 
between yourself and Genl. Alexander." 

1864, Aug. 18, Ord. Office A. N. V. B. G. Baldwin, Lt.-Col., 
etc., to Lt.-Col. W. L. Broun, Richmond Arsenal. 

"Please send immediately to Maj. P. B. Stanard, Dunlops 
Crossing, One hundred thousand (100,000) rounds ammuni 
tion Calibre fifty eight." 76 

1864, Aug. 18, Ord. Off. A. N. V. B. G. Baldwin, Lt.-Col., to 
Capt. I. M. Gregory, Fisher s Hill, via Staunton. 

"Have directed four Napoleons to be sent you from Staun 
ton. Get an order from General Early on Maj. Leyden at 
Staunton to give you four Napoleons recently sent him. No 
chance of getting guns in any other way at present." 

1864, Aug. 18, Burwell s Bay, via Petersburg. F. Stringfel- 
low to Genl. R. E. Lee, Chaffins. 

"Yesterday I7th two boats passed up the river loaded with 
troops one a steamship, the other a transport. All quiet 
this morning." 

75 Cf- Baldwin to Commanding Officer, Staunton. O. R., s. 90, p. 995. 

76 Orders similar to this are frequently found in this collection. 


1864, Aug. 19, Petersburg. G. T. Beauregard, Genl., to J. L. 
Morrow, Esq., Supt. R. & D. R. R., Richmond. 

"No information yet reached me, that your Road is in 
danger. 77 It would however be advisable to leave as little 
moveable property exposed as possible." 

1864, Aug. 22, n. p. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., to Chas. G. Tal- 
cott, "Supt. Danville Railroad," Richmond, Va., and H. D. 
Bird, Supt. So[uth] Side Railroad, Petersburg, Va. 

"The report of enemy s cavalry having crossed Weldon 
road & taken direction of Dinwiddie C. H. lacks confirmation. 
It is not thought to be true." 

1864, Aug. 24, 2 145 P. M., near Petersburg, Va. G. T. Beaure 
gard, Genl., to Maj.-Genl. [W. H. C.] Whiting, comdg., Wil 
mington, N. C. 

"In case of urgent necessity, call on Genl. Baker at Golds- 
boro for assistance. I believe twill prove to be only a 
feint/ 7 78 

[1864,] Aug. 25, 12:36 A. M., Hd.-Qrs. A. N. V. W. H. Tay 
lor, A. A. G., to Maj.-Genl. C. W. Field, 79 via Chaffins Bluff. 

"Your telegram of 9 P. M. rec d. Two brigades & 2 regi 
ments of infantry and W. H. Lee s division of Cavalry are on 
their way to you. The infantry left by raif at 7.30 & 9.30 
P. M. The cavalry will move right on. Send an officer to 
meet it with instructions to Gl. W. H. Lee where he is most 
required Hampton is moving down from other side. Keep 
Richmond advised of movement of the enemy s cavalry. 

"Mr. Potts 

Please date this I don t know the hour. W. H. T." 

T7 The Richmond] and D[anville] R. R. was one of the most impor 
tant lines of communication to the western part of Virginia and to North 
Carolina. Cf. L. E. Harvie to J. R. Edmunds, infra, p. 271. 

78 Cf. Baker to Vance, O. R., s. 88, p. 1203. See Beauregard to Whit 
ing, infra. 

79 Cf. Lee to Field, O. R., s. 88, p. 1201. For Field, see C. M. H., v. 9 
(Kentucky), p. 236. 


11864, Au g- 26 2: 45 P- M., near Petersburg, Va. G. T. Beau- 
regard, [Genl.], to Brig.-Genl. Baker, comdg. 2nd District, 
Goldsboro, N. C. 

"General Whiting is authorised to call on you for assist 
ance should he be hard pressed. Aid him as much as your 
means will permit." 

1864, Aug. 26, Hd.-Qrs. Engrs. A. N. V. W. H. Stevens, Chf. 
Engr., to Capt. T. T. L. Snead, Engr. Adjt. 

"Let me know how many negroes were left on the Rich 
mond defences after sending the two hundred and forty to 
this place, and where employed. Answer immediately." 8o 

1864, Aug. 27, Petersburg. R. E. Lee to Hon. Jas. A. Seddon, 

Sec. War, Richmond. 

"Genl. Archer is on duty with his brigade. Officers capable 
of duty cannot be spared. Genls. H. H. Walker at Savannah 
& A. L. Long at Lynchburg, at present incapacitated for field 
service, might be available for a court. Genl. J. G. Martin 
with Holmes also." 

1864, Aug. 30, near Petersburg, Va. G. T. Beauregard [Genl.] 
to Maj.-Genl. Sam Jones, comdg. Dept., Charleston, S. C. 

"Renew rope obstruction near Sumter & put down new 
ones near mouths of Ashley & Cooper Rivers with proper 
pilings Farragut may soon pay you a visit." 81 

[1864,] Sept. 2, 2:30 A. M., n. p. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., to 
[Brig.-] Genl. Jno. Gregg, 82 Chaffin s Bluff. 

"Telegram received. 83 Endeavor to ascertain accurately 
the strength of the enemy reported to have crossed & keep 
me advised." 

1864, Sept. 2, 1 145 P. M., near Petersburg, Va. G. T. Beau- 

80 These negroes were employed on the fortifications as laborers. No 
answer to this message found. 

81 Printed, O. R., s. 66, p. 617. 

82 For Gregg, see C. M. H., v. n (Texas), 234-36- Gregg uas killed 
Oct. 7, 1864. 

83 Not found. 


regard, [Genl.] to Maj.-Genl. G. E. Pickett, comdg., Han 
cock House. 

"Answer signal message thus Soon as sufficient wire 
can be had. Nothing new about canal since last Report/ " 8 * 

1864, Sept. 2, Petersburg. H. D. Bird, Gen. Supt., to Col. 
[W. H.] Taylor, Hd.-Qrs. 

"It has been reported to me by apparently credible au 
thority, that the Yankee cavalry have got through our lines 
and are near our Rail road. Please inform me of the fact. I 
shall stop our trains until I hear from you." 85 

1864, Sept. 2, n. p. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., to Brig.-Genl. 
Jno. Gregg, Chaffin s Bluff. 

"Have you any further information of the movements of 
the enemy. Have they made any demonstration Can you 
learn anything of their force." 86 

1864, Sept. 9, Petersburg. George Wm. Brent, Col. and A. A. 
G., to Genl. G. T. Beauregard, Wilmington, N. C. 

"Gen. Hardee telegraphs Capt. Beauregard s Battery all 
right. Quiet on lines yesterday. One killed & Seven wounded 
in trenches." 

1864, Sept. 10, Petersburg. George Wm. Brent, Col. and A. 
A. G., to Genl. G. T. Beauregard, Wilmington, N. C. 

"All quiet yesterday. Casualties in trenches 5 killed & 
8 wounded." 

[1864,] Sept. 13, Petersburg. George Wm. Brent, Col. and 
A. A. G., to Genl. G. T. Beauregard, Wilmington, [N. C.] 

"Quiet yesterday. Casualties 2 killed & three wounded." 

1864, Sept. 16, n. p. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., to Brig.-Genl. 
Jno. Gregg, via Chaffin s Bluff. 

84 A decoy message. It was intercepted by the Federal Signal Corps 
and forwarded. See O. R., s. 88, p. 658. For similar messages, see ibid., 
pp. 468, 479, 500, 518, etc. 

85 Cf. Taylor to Bird, Aug. 22, supra, p. 68. 

86 No answer found. 


"Telegram received Endeavor to ascertain nature of re 
ported movements of the enemy as also their strength & of 
what composed." 

[i8]64, Sept. 29, Hd.-Qrs. A. N. V. R. E. Lee to Lt.-Genl. 
[J. A.] Early, Waynesboro, Va., Centl. R-R., via Meachums 

"Telegram received. I do not think enemy s cavalry can 
be moving in direction you indicate. A movement is now 
being made by the enemy against Richmond on north side of 
James." 87 

1864, n. d. 8, 2:30 P. M., n. p. S. M. Barton, Brig.-Genl., to 
Maj. T. O. Chestney, A. A. G. 

"Dispatch received will move promptly on receipt of in 

[1864,] n. d. 8, 2:30 P. M., n. p. Theodore G. Barker, Maj. 
and A. A. G., to Maj.-Genl Wade Hampton, care Brig.-Genl. 
Jno. S. Preston, 88 Bureau of Conscription, Richmond. 

"Battle is ordered by Genl. Robt. Lee to move your Di 
vision at daylight this morning to Stoney Creek to intercept 
the raiding party." 89 

[1864,] n. d., Petersburg. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., to Col. 
E. Waggaman, comdg. "detachment Early s men near Drew- 
ry s Bluff." 

"March at once with your men to Richmond apply to 
Maj. Wood for transportation to Staunton thence Proceed to 
your command & Report to Genl. Early. Send an officer 
ahead to see Col. Broun Richmond arsenal & procure arms 
& accoutrements for your men also to arrange with Col. Wood 
for transportation Halt your command outside of city until 
all arrangements are made procure two day s rations at Rich 
mond if you have none be Expeditious." 

1864, n. d., n. p. F. W. Smith, Maj. comdg., to Capt. [sic] 
J. M. Otey, Hancock s House. 

87 For this movement on Richmond, see O. R-, s. 88, p. ff. 

88 For Preston, see C. M. F v. 5, pp. 416-17. 
8e See Otey to Baker, Aug. 3, 1864, suprd, p. 64. 


"The signal officer corrects his former dispatch. It sh d 
have been one, not eleven, transports at Hewlett s. Should 
messages by the signal line be sent to you?" 

[11864,] n - d- n - P- F - W. Smith, Maj. comdg., to Capt. [sic] 
J. M. Otey, Hancock s House. 

"The following is just rec d & is 3 monitors, 3 Gunboats, 
ii Transports, 6 schooners, i Bark off Howletts. " 

[1864,] n. d., 7:45 A. M., [Drewry s Bluff] G. H. Terrett, 
Maj. comdg., to Genl. [G. T. ] Beauregard. 

"4 Monitors 4 tugs 3 transports one armed transport 4 
schooners and one barque. Schooners and barque are lying 
along and near to the buoys." 

[1864,] n. d., 6:00 P. M., [Drewry s Bluff.] G. H. Terrett, 
Maj., etc., to Genl. [G. T.] Beauregard. 

"Four Monitors, One Gun Boat proper, three transports, 
seven schooners and one barque All lying in usual position." 

[1864,] n. d., [Drewry s Bluff?] G. H. Terrett, [Maj., etc.] 
to Col. Maury. 

"Genl. Lee s Hd.-Qrs. are on this side of the river just 
opposite Wilton bridge. You can communicate with him by 

[1864,] n. d., 6:00 P. M., [Drewry s Bluff] G. H. Terrett, 
[Maj., etc.] to Maj. [Jno. M.] Otey, A. A. "G. 

"Four Monitors, Three Tugs, Two Transports, Two armed 
transports, Six Schooners, and One bark. All lying in their 
usual position below." 

[1864,] n. d., Hd.-Qrs. [Drewry s Bluff.] G. H. Terrett, 
Maj. comdg., to [Operator.] 

"Fix your line as soon as possible and send the following 
to the Secy, of the Navy. 

We have been heavily engaged all the morning all along 
our front. The enemy seem to be trying to get on our right. 
Shot & shell flying in the lines occupied by my command. 5 " 9o 

80 Very hastily written. 



On Dec. 6, 1864, Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, P. A. C. S., 
was paroled as a prisoner of war, by agreement between 
Judge Robert Ould and Lt.-Genl. U. S. Grant, 1 and appointed 
agent to supply Confederate prisoners of war. By the agree 
ment, one thousand bales of cotton were to be shipped by 
the Confederate authorities from Mobile to New York, and 
there sold by Genl. Beall. 2 This collection contains his copies 
of the correspondence on the subject between Oct. 1864, and 
Sept., 1865, including his orders and instruction; his commu 
nications with Head-Quarters ; the negotiations for the ship 
ment and sale of the cotton ; and the letters from prison com 
mittees chosen to issue the supplies. The "Official Record" 3 
contains many papers regarding the shipment of the cotton 
which are not in Beall s collection, nor did he apparently keep 
copies of all his communications with Head-Quarters ; but 
the letters from the prison camps appear to be new, and con 
tain many valuable hints as to the condition of prisoners. 
Papers which are printed in the "Official Record," and also 
found in Beall s copies, are entered merely with reference to 
the full text. 4 

I. Correspondence with Head-Quarters. 

II. Correspondence Regarding the Transportation and Sale 
of Cotton. 

III. Correspondence with Prison Committees. 

IV. Accounts of Distributions. 

1 See Parole, O. R., s. 120, pp. 1199-1200; see also Robert Ould to U. 
S. Grant, Oct. 30, 1864, ibid., p. 1063 ; Grant to Ould, Nov. 6, 1864, ibid., 
p. HOI; Ould to Grant, Nov. 11, 1864, p. 1117; Grant to Ould, Nov. 12, 
1864, p. 1 122, etc. 

2 Ould to Grant, Nov. u, 1864, s. 120, p. 1117. 

3 Volumes (serial) 120, 121; see index of the same under W. N. R. 
Beall, Ro. Ould, D. H. Maury, F. G. Noyes, H. E. Paine. 

4 For Beall, see C M. H., v. 10 (Arkansas), p. 3:1. 



1864, Oct. 17, Johnson s Island, O. George D. Phillips, Lieut, 
and A. D. C, to Brig.-Genl. Wm. R. Beall, Prisoner of war. 
"The Colonel comdg. directs that you be prepared to 
leave this Post at 3 P. M. this day." 

A. L. S. B^o. 

1864, Nov. 28, Richmond, Va., Q.-M. Genl s Office. A. R. 
Lawton, Q.-M. Genl., to Maj.-Genl. [I. R.] Trimble or Brig.- 
Genl. W. [N.] R. Beale [sic.] 

"Enclosed you will find copies of communications, 5 which 
will show you the understanding had in regard to supplying 
Prisoners of War, through the agency of their respective 

The fund referred to is designed to provide clothing and 
other necessary supplies, and it hoped that it will be realized 
in time to avert the severity of winter. 

Your own judgment will best guide you in the purchase of 
such articles as will contribute most to the comfort of our 
soldiers now in captivity. Blankets and woolen clothing, es 
pecially the former, will, of course, be their chief want. 

You are requested on completing the purchase and dis 
tribution of these supplies to make to this Office a report 
thereof, coupled with a summary account of the sale of the 
cotton and the disbursement of the proceeds." 

L. S. B r 26-3. 

1864, Nov. 30, Washington, [D. C.I H. E. Paine, Brig.-Genl., 
Vols. [U. S. A.], to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, P. A. C. S., 
Prisoner of War. 

"Brig.-Gen. W. N. R. Beall is expected, by the U. S. Gov t 
to observe the following orders and restrictions under the last 
paragraph of his parole. 

ist. While he will be permitted to visit places in the 
United States, where he believes he can effect more advan 
tageous sales of Cotton or purchases of Supplies than in New 
York, he will only leave New York to effect such sales 

5 Ould to Grant and Grant to Ould, see note i, supra. 


or purchases, and will, in no event, visit any place at which 
Confederate prisoners of War are detained. 

His arrangements with Confederate prisoners of war at 
the several Depots of prisons, for the distribution of Supplies, 
will be made by correspondence, which will be subject to the 
inspection of Brig.-Gen. H. E. Paine and the Commanders of 
Such Depots and will be transmitted through Genl. Paine and 
Such Commanders. 

2nd. He will give Gen. Paine timely notice of required 
transportation of Supplies, to enable him to procure the same 
through the U. S. Qr. Mr. Department. 

3d. He will report according to his parole to Genl. Paine, 
daily, at such places as Gen. Paine may designate. 

(Signed) H. E. PAINE, 

Brig. Gen. Vols." 

"Fort Warren, December 6th, 1864. 

"I agree to observe the within orders and restrictions, ac 
cording to the terms of my Parole this day signed. 

(Signed) WM. R. BEALL, 

Brig. Gen. P. A. C. S., 

Prisoner of War." 
C. C. 6 B r 25-2. 

[1864, Nov. 30, Washington, D. C., Office of Com. Genl. of 
Prisoners. W. T. Hartz, A. A. G.] 

Statement of Confederate prisoners of war returns Oct. 
i;-Nov. 25, total, 56,345. 

Compare list in O. R., S. 121, pp. 998-99. 

C. C. B r i9-2. 

1864, Dec. i, City Point, Va., Hd.-Qrs. Army of the United 
States. F. T. Dent, Lt.-CoL, U. S. A. [and] A. D. C. Staff of 
Lt.-Gen., to [Brig.-] Genl. W. N. R. Beall, P. A. C. S. 

Yours of Nov. 26 to hand Genl. Grant received notice that 

6 Genl. Beall s autograph. 


you and Gen. Trimble were selected he suggested the change 
you are not forgotten though on opposing side "I hope 
this war will soon be over and that we may meet again as of 
yore" Family news You have probably been informed of 
the appointment Congratulations on your escape from longer 
durance. A. L. S. B r 38-i. 

1864, Dec. 6, Fort Warren, Boston, Mass. W. N. R. Beall, 

Parole. Printed: O. R., S. 120, pp. 1199-1200. 

A. C. S. B,-25-i. 

Endsd : i. "Suspended and Gen. Beall placed in Fort Lafa 
yette on 5th Jany., to remain till arrival of cotton." 7 

2. "Renewed on the 24th January & Gen. Beall permitted 
to recommence his duties the cotton having arrived." 8 

11864, Dec. 19, New York. W. N. R. Beall to Maj.-Genl. H. 
W. Halleck, etc., U. S. A. 

[Request permission to buy and ship supplies on credit 
until the arrival of cotton consigned to me. 9 

Printed: O .R., S. 120, 1246-47. Copy. 6^37. 

1864, Dec. 20, Washington, D. C., Hd.-Qrs. Army. H. W. 
Halleck, Maj.-Genl. and Chief of Staff, to Brig.-Genl. H. E. 
Paine, New York. Copy. B,-23-i. 

Printed: O. R., S. 120, 1249. 

1864, Dec. 22, New York. W. N. R. Beall, Brig.-Genl., etc., 
to Maj.-Genl. H. W. Halleck, etc., U. S. A. 

[Request permission to visit Washington to consult with 
you regarding my duties.] 10 Copy. 6^37. 

1864, Dec. 25, New York. H. E. Paine, Brig.-Genl. U. S. V., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Printed: O. R., S. 120, p. 1273. L. S. 6^23-2. 

7 Genl. Beall s autograph. 

8 Genl. Beall s autograph. 

9 Beall s copy is a fragment- ry "memorandum of telegrams sent." 

10 Ibid. 


1864, Dec. 26, New York. H. E. Paine, Brig.-Genl. U. S. V., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Printed: O. R., S. 120, p. 1279. A. L. S. 6^23-3. 

1864, Dec. 28, New York. H. E. Paine, Brig.-Genl. U. S. V., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Printed: O. R., S. 120, p. 1288. L. S. 6^23-4. 

1864, Dec. 29, New York. W. N. R. Beall, Brig.-Genl., to Col. 
D. T. Van Buren, Chf. of Staff, Hd.-Qrs. Genl. Dix. 

Printed: O. R., S. 120, p. 1295. A. L. S. B r 3o. 

1865, Jany. 3, New York. H. E. Paine, Brig.-Genl. U. S. V., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Printed: O. R., S. 121, p. 14. L. S. 6^23-4. 

1865, Jany. i-Apr. i, New York. W. N. R. Beall. 

Memorandum book of Confederate prisoners of War. 
Returns in O. R., S. 121, p. 1000-1001. Bj-21-i. 

1865, Jan. 5, City Point, Va., Hd.-Qrs. Army of the United 
States. F. T. Dent, Lt.-Col., etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. 
Beall, P. A. C. S. 

I beg you use your influence to have Major Norman Fitz 
Hugh, brother-in-law of my wife, released on parole from 
Fort Delaware to serve as your assistant would appreciate 
the favor Residence of my wife. 

A. L. S. Bi-38-2. 

1865, Jany. 23, New York. H. E. Paine, Brig.-Genl. U. S. V., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, Fort Lafayette. 

Printed: O. R., S. 121, 114. C. C. Bj-23-5. 

1865, Jany. 28, New York. H. E. Paine, Brig.-Genl. U. S. V., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Printed: O. R., S. 121, 139-40. O. C. 6^23-6. 

[1865, Feb. 3, New York. H. E. Paine, Brig.-Genl. U. S. V., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall.] 

[Enclosed] List of Confederate prisoners of war, "up to 
the latest received." 


Printed: O. R., S. 121, p. 174. O. C. 6^19-3. 

Duplicate. O. C. B^ig-i. 

1865, Feb. 3, New York. S. M. Van Vleet[?], Bt. Brig.-Genl. 
and Q.-M., U. S. A., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, New York. 

Certain boxes of tobacco have been consigned to you 
What disposition is to be made of them? Will ship supplies 
to Elmira and Fort Delaware as soon as you state number to 
be sent Supplies for Point Lookout will be despatched to 
morrow How many shall be sent?" 11 L. S. B 32. 

Rc d N. Y. 3 Feb. [65.] 

1865, Feb. 21, Washington, D. C. W. Hoffman, Com. Genl. 
Prisoners, to Brig.-Genl. [H. E.] Paine, [New York]. 

Genl. Foster is directed to exchange prisoners at Fort Pu- 
laski and other places of his department There are about 600 
officers at Fort Pulaski. 

Endsd: i. "for inspection of Gen. Beall." 

2. Rc d N. Y. 21 Feb. Tel. 6^23-7. 

1865, Mch. n, New York. W. N. R. Beall, Brig.-Genl., etc., 
to Brig.-Genl. H. E. Paine, U. S. A. 

"I have the honor to state that I have just rec d a commu 
nication from the Committee to Distribute Supplies to Pris 
oners of War at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Ind., in which 
they state, In view of the supply of Blankets generously fur 
nished by the authorities for prison use, as well as the fact that 
those to be issued by us are to be retained here for future use, 
we have thought best not to issue any Blankets until we hear 
further from you. 12 From this it appears that the prisoners 
are not to take with them, when going on exchange, the 
Blankets furnished under the late arrangement, as this is the 
reverse of what my ideas were in reference to the matter, and 
having no definite instructions on this point, will you please 
give this matter your early attention and inform me what the 
instructions are? Enclosed I send communication per Comdg. 

11 No answer found. 

12 See Atkins, et al to Beall, Mch. 6, 1865, infra, p. 97. 


Officer, Camp Chase, Rock Island, Point Lookout & Elmira 
& Alton, which please forward." 

"P. S. I enclose a letter from committee at Rock Island 
for your information &[c.]" 13 A. L. S. B r 23-8. 

Endsd: i. "Respectfully referred to Gen. Hoffman, Com. 
Gen. Pris." 

2. "Respectfully returned to Brig.-Gen l H. E. Paine. In 
structions have been given to Commanders of Prison Camps 
not to retain blankets that have been issued, when prisoners 
who have blankets are leaving, and those who remain require 
blankets, they are retained for the use of the latter. 

The letter of Col. Siemens has been referred to the Com dg 
Officer at Rock Island for a report." W. Hoffman, Bt. Brig.- 
Genl., etc. Mch. 14, 1865. A. S. 

3. "Respectfully returned to Gen. Beall." H. E. Paine, 
Brig.-Genl., etc. Mch. 16, 1865. A. S. 

1865, Mch. 13, Richmond, [Va.] Ro. Ould, Agent, etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Printed: O. R., S. 121, 389. L. S. B r 2g. 

1865, Mch. 22, New York. W. N. R. Beall, etc., [Brig.-]Genl. 
R. O. Tyler, U. S. V. 

I request that my A. A. G., Capt. Beall Hemstead, prisoner 
at Johnson s Island, be paroled to assist me here Letter from 
Col. R. Ould on this point, as follows : Your note concerning 
your nephew Capt. Beall Hempstead received as I allowed 
Genl. Hayes to select his assistants, I take it for granted U. S. 
authorities will extend same favor. 
I have no assistant now. A. L. S. B t -28. 

Endsd: i. March 22. Approved "since Gen. Vance has 
been exchanged." R. O. Tyler, Brig.-Genl. Vols. A. S. 

2. "March 24. Submitted to Secty. of War & refused by 
him." H. W. H falleck,] M[aj.]-G[enl.]." A. S. 

1865, May 6, Washington, War Department, Adjt. Genl s 
Office. W. A. Nichols, A. A. G., to Maj.-Genl. John A. Dix, 

comdg. Department of the East, New York City. 

13 Probably W. F. Siemens to Beall, Feb. 27, 1865, infra, p. 121. 


Bvt. Maj.-Genl. R. O. Tyler reports that Gen. Beall has 
nearly completed his work Secretary of War directs Beall 
will proceed at once to close his accounts "and that he will 
then be returned to imprisonment." O. C. B 1 -33-i. 

Endsd: I. Referred to Genl. Tyler, to report when Beall 
has closed his accounts. D. T. Van Buren, Col. and A. 
A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. Dix. A. S. 

2. Referred to Genl. Beall will report when he has closed 
his accounts. R. O. Tyler, Bt. Maj.-Genl. A. S. 

1865, July 27, New York, Hd.-Qrs. Dept. of the East. D. T. 
Van Buren, Bvt. Brig.-Genl. and A. A. G. [U. S. A.]. 

Permit to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall to visit Washington 
for the settlement of his accounts and to return to New York. 

D. S. B r 33-2. 

1865, July 28, Washington, D. C., Office of the Com. Genl. of 
Prisoners. W. Hoffman, Bvt. Brig.-Genl. U. S. A., etc., to 
[Brig.-] Genl. W. N. R. Beale [sic], New York. 

Instructions have been sent to Maj.-Genl. Hooker to 
order your release "on the same terms as other General 

[Cf. Hoffman to Maj.-Genl. Jos. Hooker, O. R., S. 121, 713.] 

L. S. 6^33-3. 


1864, Nov. 19, Washington, [D. C.,] Hd.-Qrs. of the Army. 
H. W. Halleck, Maj.-Genl, etc., to Maj.-Genl. Gordon Granger, 
or comdg. officer, Mobile Harbor. 

In accordance with agreement between Robert Ould and 
Genl. Grant, Genl. Maury or commander at Mobile will ship 
1,000 bales of cotton on U. S. transport to Gen. Beall, at New 
York. Notify Maury of your readiness to receive and receipt 
for it your officer will accompany the cargo till delivered to 
Genl. Beall and will then return to his post I enclose copies 
of Ould s and Grant s agreement. Copy. Bj-24-i. 


1864, Dec. 7, Fort Gaines, Hd.-Qrs. Dis. W. Fla. and S. Ala. 
G. Granger, Maj.-Genl. U. S. A. comdg., to Maj.-Genl. [D. H.] 
Maury, comdg., Mobile. 

Printed: O. R., S. 120, 1200-01. C. C. 6^24-2. 

1864, Dec. 12, Mobile, Ala., Hd.-Qrs. Dis. of the Gulf. Dab- 

ney H. Maury, Maj.-Genl. comdg., to Maj.-Genl. Gordon 
Granger, U. S. A. 

Printed: O. R., S. 120, 1217-18. C. C. B r 24-3. 

1864, Dec. 19, Mobile, Ala. N. H. Broun, Special Agt. War 
Dept., C. S. A. 

Invoice of 1,000 bales of cotton, weight 515,770 Ibs., good 
middling and below, shipped this day by U. S. S. "Atlanta" to 
New York, consigned to Maj.-Genl. Trimble or Brig.-Genl. 
W. R. Beale [sic.] P. F. S. 6^24-8. 

1864, Dec. 22, New York. D. G. Farragut, Rear Admiral [U. 
S. N.], to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

In reply to yours of today, beg to inform you no instruc 
tions as to passing cotton from Mobile under conditions spe 
cified in yours had been received prior to my departure. 

A. L. S. B l24 -4. 

1864, Dec. 22, Mobile, Ala., Hd.-Qrs. Dept. of the Gulf. Dab- 
ney H. Maury, Maj.-Genl., etc., to Maj.-Genl. Gordon Granger, 
U. S. A., etc. 

Printed: O. R,. S. 120, p. 1261. O. C. B r 24-5. 

1864, Dec. 25, Hd.-Qrs. Dis. W. Fla. and S. Ala. G. Granger, 
Maj.-Genl. U. S. A., etc., to Maj.-Genl. D. H. Maury. 

Printed: O. R., S. 120, p. 1271-72. O. C. B r 24-6. 

1864, Dec. 26, Mobile, [Ala.] N. H. Broun, Sp. Agt. War 
Dept., C. S. A., to Maj.-Genl. Trimble, or Brig.-Genl. Wm. R. 

Beall, C. S. A., New York. 

In accordance with instructions from Sec. of War, I have 
shipped 1,000 bales cotton to you, per U. S. S. "Atlanta" 
the proceeds of its sale are for purchase of supplies for Con- 


federate prisoners of war You have doubtless received in 
structions I enclose Invoice and Bill of Lading. 14 

A. L. S. B r 24-y. 

1865, Jany. 8, City Point, Va., Hd.-Qrs. Armies of U. S. F. T. 
Dent, Lt.-Col., U. S. A. [and] A. D. C. [to Lt.-Genl. U. S. 
Grant] to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Yours of 5th received I gave it to Genl. Grant. He said 
order was given to receive the cotton at Mobile a letter was 
received from Judge Ould saying it was there, but ships had 
no order to receive it. Grant at once telegraphed Sec. of War, 
who said orders had been given a duplicate forwarded Genl. 
Grant thinks the cotton will soon arrive in N. Y. I regret 
your confinement at Fort Lafayette case of John C. Dent, 
my brother, confined in prison at Columbia, S. C. could have 
retaliated but did not I ask you have Major Norman Fitz 
Hugh appointed your assistant and paroled Family news. 

A. L. S. B r 24-g. 

1865, Jany. 15, Mobile Bay, U. S. Transport "Atlanta." Frank 
G. Noyes, Capt. and C. S. V., U. S. A., to Maj.-Genl. D. H. 
Maury, com dg. at Mobile, Ala. 

I enclose duplicate Bills of Lading for 997 bales of cot 
ton it was in bad condition, marks on many bales were 
illegible have receipted accordingly number of bales was 
checked by two men will make affidavit as to number not 
altogether impossible mistake has been made -If so found 
upon reaching New York, mistake will be corrected. 

Copy. Bj-24-io. 

1865, J an Y- J 5 Mobile Bay. Frank G. Noyes, Capt. and C. S. 
V., U. S. A., to Maj.-Genl. Trimble, or Brig.-Genl. W. R. 
Beale [sic.], C. S. A., [New York.] 

Bill of Lading for 997 bales cotton "in bad condition" from 
N. H. Broun, Sp. Agt. War Dept. C. S. A., per U. S. S. 
"Atlanta," Pennington, Master. 

Endsd : U. S. S. transport "Atlanta" : Owing to incapacity 
of the "Atlanta" to carry all, 170 bales turned over to Asst. 

14 See Noyes to Beall, Jany. 15, 1865, infra. 


Q.-M., U. S. A., at Fort Morgan, Ala., for shipment to me at 
N. Y. Frank G. Noyes, Capt. & C. S. V., U. S. A. 

A. S. Bi-24-n. 

1865, Jany. 24, New York, U. S. Transport "Atlanta." Frank 
G. Noyes, Capt. and C. S. V., U. S. A., to Maj.-Genl. Trimble, 
or Brig.-Genl. W. R. Beale [sic.] 

I have under my charge a cargo for delivery to you, by 
orders Maj.-Genl. Gordon Granger, U. S. Army, pursuant of 
Ould-Grant agreement and of instructions from Maj.-Genl. 
Halleck, etc. I received 997 bales on Jany. 13 from the 
"Waverley." The "Atlanta" could carry only 827 bales be 
cause of bad condition of the cotton rest will be forwarded 
and delivered ready now to deliver 827 bales enclose cor 
respondence on the subject. 

Reed N. Y. 25th Jany. 65. A. L. S. B r 24-i2. 

1865, Jany. 24, New York. H. E. Paine, B[rig.-]G[enl.] 
V[ols.] to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Printed: O. R., S. 121, p. 124. L. S. 6^24-15. 

1865, Jany. 26, New York. Duncan Sherman & Co. to [Brig.-] 
Genl. [W. N. R.] Beall, etc. 

It will probably be necessary for you personally to pass 
the cotton through the custom-house unless this is done, it 
will be liable to seizure by the custom-house authorities In 
the meantime it can be landed, sampled and made ready for 

Rec d N. Y. 26 Jany. 65. L. S. B r 24-i6. 

1865, Jany. 27, New York. Duncan, Sherman & Co. to Brig.- 
Genl. [W. N. R.] Beall. 

We can give no credit while there is any question of get 
ting absolute possession of the cotton It was for this reason 
that we suggested you personally attend to it we will, how 
ever, see the authorities and report. L. S. 6^24-17. 

1865, Jany. 27, New York. Duncan, Sherman & Co. to Brig.- 
Genl. [W. N. R.] Beall. 

We find upon inquiry at the custom-house that as the cot- 


ton was consigned to the U. S. Q.-M. he will deliver it to us 

without difficulty We only await report on its condition 

Think with you "that it should be pushed to an early sale." 

Rec d N. Y. 27 Jay 765. L. S. 6^24-18. 

1865, Jany. 28, New York. Duncan, Sherman & Co. to Brig.- 
Genl. [W. N. R.] Beale [sic.] 

In answer to yours, you are at liberty to draw on us for 
$100,000 current money, against the consignment per "At 
lanta." L. S. Bj-24-ig. 

1865, Jany. 28, New York. Robt. Dillon. 

Bill to Duncan, Sherman & Co. for mending and packing 
828 bales of cotton, rebaling 5 from loose cotton, $2986.85. 

Copy. 6^24-22. 

1865, Feb. i, New York. Duncan Sherman and Co. to Hon. 
Joseph J. Lewis, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Wash 
ington, D. C. 

Printed: O. R., S. 121, 283. Copy. 6^24-30. 

1865, Feb. 3, Washington, D. C., Office of Internal Revenue. 
Joseph J. Lewis, Commissioner, etc., to Duncan, Sherman and 
Co., New York. 

Printed: O. R., S. 121, 283-84. Copy. 6^24-31. 

1865, Feb. 8, [New York.] W. B. D[uncan] [to Brig.-Genl. 
W. N. R. Beall.] 

Auction-sales account of cotton sold 44 bales good mid 
dling @ $.93 per Ib 1 80 bales ordinary @ $.75 per Ib 833 
bales averaged $.8448 per Ib. Pickings sold @ $.42 to $.47. "I 
consider this a very satisfactory result/ 

A. L. S. 6^24-23. 

1865, Feb. 8, [New York.] Duncan, Sherman & Co. to Brig.- 
Genl. W. N. R. Beall.] 

Sales No. 557 828 bales cotton received Jany. 28, 1865, 
per "Atlanta." Gross sales, $348,622.34. Sales charges, mend 
ing, revenue tax, etc., $25,060.78. Return you our commis 
sions net total $331,789.66 placed to your credit. 

D. S. 6^24-24. 


1865, Feb. 8, New York. Burdett, Jones & Co. 

Printed announcement of sale of "Mobile cotton for the 
benefit of Southern Prisoners of War." Broadside. 

1865, Feb. 10, New York. Burdett, Jones & Co. 

Auction sales by order Duncan, Sherman & Co. see B x - 
24-34. D. S. B r 24-25. 

1865, Feb. 13, New York. Duncan, Sherman & Co. to Brig.- 
Genl. [W. N. R.] Beall. 

We enclose account of sales of 833 bales cotton, per "At 
lanta" net $331,789.66 placed to your credit Internal 
Revenue authorities insisted on payment of Tax @ $.02 per 
Ib. We applied for a remission under the circumstance it 
was declined we enclose correspondence. 

Rc d N. Y. Feb. Hth, 1865. L. S. 

1865, Feb. 14, New York. Frank G. Noyes, Capt., etc., U. S. 
A., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

I request a copy of Duncan, Sherman and Co. s statement 
to you of the number, weight and classification of the cotton 
delivered them by me, pursuant of your order of Jany. 25. 

Rc d 15 Feb: 65. A. L. S. B r 24-is. 

1865, Feb. 25, New York. Halbert E. Paine, Brig.-Genl. [U. 
S. V.] to [Brig.-]Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

To make my report, I request statements of consignment 
of cotton, price, purchasers, etc. also list of goods purchased, 
from whom, and the prices ; also amount, transportation, dates 
and destinations of shipments also contributions received. 

Rc d N. Y. 25th Feb : 65. L. S. 6^24-20. 

1865, Feb. 25, [New York.] W. B ____ Duncan to Genl. [W. 
N. R. Beall.] 

I was not entirely correct in my reply to Genl. Vance as 
to cotton tax it has not actually been paid, though return 
was made liable to payment at any time. 

Rec d N. Y. 25 Feb: 65. A. L. S. 6^24-32. 

1865, Apr. 3, New York. Duncan, Sherman & Co. to Brig.- 
Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 


In reply to yours, the government tax on the Mobile cotton 
has been paid say $8,589.68 the collector applied for it. 

Rec d N. Y. 3d Apl. 765. A. L. S. B r 2 4 - 3 3. 


1865, Apr. 6, Washington, D. C, Hd.-Qrs. of the Army. H. W. 
Halleck, Maj.-Genl. and Chf. of Staff, to Brig.-Genl. R. O. 
Tyler, New York. 

In reply to yours of 3rd I am directed to say that the 
War Department has no control over collection of Internal 
Revenue the decision of Treasury Dept. must be complied 

Rec d N. Y. nth Apl. 765. O. C. 6^4-34. 

1865, Apr. 7, New York. Frank G. Noyes, Capt. and C. S., 
U. S. A., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

Beg to inform you that the balance of the cotton from 
Maj.-Genl. Maury has arrived am ready to turn it over to 

Rec d N. Y. ;th Apl. 65. A. L. S. B r 24-i4. 

1865, Apr. 12, Washington, Office Internal Revenue. Joseph 
J. Lewis, commissioner, to R. O. Tyler, Brig.-Genl., New 

Yours of 6th to Sec. of Treasury asking reversal of com 
missioner s decision on cotton shipped to General Beall, was 
referred to this office with orders to refund the assessor of 
New York has been instructed to afford all necessary facili 
ties for presenting the claim in due form. 

Rec d N. Y. I4th Apl. 65. Copy. 15 6^24-35. 

1865, Apr. 18, New York. Duncan, Sherman & Co. to Brig.- 
Genl. [W. N. R.] Beall. 

Sales report of cotton sold this day middling sold @ $.375 ; 
ordinary @ $.2425. 16 

Rc d N. Y. i8th Apl. 765. L. S. 8^24-27. 

15 In Genl. Beall s autograph. 

16 Cf. the prices for the first consignment, supra, p. 84. The decline 
was doubtless due to the reverses of the Southern armies and the prob 
ability of an early peace. 


1865, Apr. 18, New York. John H. Draper & Co. 

Printed announcement of proposed sale of "Mobile cot 
ton, forwarded by the commissioner of exchange for the bene 
fit of the Southern prisoners of war." Broadside. 


1865, Apr. 24, [New York. Duncan, Sherman & Co. to Brig.- 
Genl. W. N. R. Beall.] 

Sales No. 590 170 bales cotton received Apr. 8, per "Em 
pire City." Gross sales, $25,319.67. Sales charges, mending, 
revenue tax, etc., $1,917.11. Return you our commissions 
net total $23,944.76 placed to your credit. 

D. S. 6^24-29. 

1865, Aug. 26, Washington, D. C, [Office of] Internal Reve 
nue. Wm. Orton, Com[missioner], to 

The claim of Duncan, Sherman & Co. for refund of 
$8589.68 has been examined and rejected, by order of the Sec. 
of Treasury "on the ground that the so called Confederacy 
having ceased to exist the United States is the legitimate suc 
cessor to all its property and rights, claims & effects." 

C. C. B r 24-s6. 

[Note in Genl. Beall s handwriting] : "On Gen Beall 
presentg. the claim referred to in this letter to the commis 
sioner on the 27th July, the commissioner informed him that 
the claim was correct and that a draft for the amount would 
be forward to Beall at N. Y. in ten days." A. n. S. 

1865, Sept 7, New York City. John T. Martin s Son & Co., 
Joseph Lee, Balch W. Pierce, M. Minzesheimer & Co., Lock- 
wood Bros. & Underbill to Sec. Treasury, Washington, D. C. 
Review Beall s claim for return of revenue tax he is our 
debtor on this account commissioner s letter 17 quoted We 
contracted the debt with authorized Confederate agent during 
its existence, and "under your authority that the tax money 
would be refunded" and under agent s assurance we ask 
refund to Beall that he may pay us. 

Copy. B r 24-37. 

17 See J. J. Lewis to R. O. Tyler, supra, p. 84. 



1864, Dec. 9, New York. W. N. R. Beall, Brig.-Genl. and 
Agent to Supply Prisoners of War to Confederate Prisoners 
of War. Circular. 18 

"Under the late arrangement made between the Confed 
erate States and the United States, to each supply their own 
Prisoners of War with necessary supplies, I have been se 
lected to carry out, on part of the Confederate States, this 
arrangement. I therefore desire that you will, at once, de 
termine, by a committee or otherwise, the supplies (Cloth 
ing, Blankets, and Provisions,) you most need ; give the num 
ber of blankets and each article of clothing, naming those 
articles first that you need most. 2d. Give the number of 
officers, privates, and citizens, separate. 3d. Select officer, 
give name, rank and regiment in full, who you desire to re 
ceive and issue to you the supplies on their arrival." 

P. D. S. Bj-iy-i. 

1864, Dec. 9, New York. H. E. Paine, Brig.-Genl. Vols., U. 
S. A., to "Commanding Officer and Superintendant of Pris 
oners of War at " 19 

"Will the Commanding Officer and Superintendent of 

Prisoners of War at have the enclosed requests of 

Gen. Beall, P. A. C. S., presented to the Prisoners of War. 
And in forwarding the Report called for through me, make 
such remarks and suggestions as may be of service." 

P. D. S. 6^17-2. 
Alton, 111. 

1864, Dec. 18, Alton, [111.,] Mil. Prison. John F. Rucker, 
Major, P. A. C. S., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

Yours of Qth received enclose number of prisoners and 
their needs men in "greatest need of the articles named" I 
do not think I overestimate it not knowing what provisions 
are to be issued do not list them. 

18 This was sent to all the Prison Camps. 

19 This was sent to the commanders of all the Prison Camps, with 
Beall s circular. 


List: Enlisted men, 1084; citizens, 257; officers 51; total 
I392. 20 Supplies needed: Blankets, 800; Coats or Blouses, 
800; Pants, 900; Shirts, 1250; Drawers, 1250; Shoes or Boots, 
850; Socks, 1600; Hats or Caps, 750. 

Endsd: Reed 24 Jany 65. A. L. S. Bj-12-i. 

1864, Dec. 18, Alton, 111. "Report of Confederate Prisoners 

of War confined at Military Prison, Alton, Ill s., December 
i8th, 1864," [n. s.] 

Field and staff officers, 3; company officers, 36; enlisted 
men, 1084; citizen soldiers under sentence, 36; lady prison 
ers under sentence, 7; company officers under sentence, 13; 
field and staff officers under sentence, 2; citizens under sen 
tence, 218; aggregate 1399. A. N. S. B r i2-2. 

1865, Mch. 7, Alton, 111. J. F. Rucker, Maj., etc., to [Brig.-] 
Genl. [W. N. R. Beall.] 

Have received invoices need instruction : "Will the sen 
tenced men receive any of these supplies" almost 300 men 
here under sentence Since requisition was made, 750 men 
were forwarded for exchange about 1100 remaining. What 
are the prospects for early exchange of officers here as this 
is not an officers prison, they are discouraged most of officers 
here for exchange are wounded. 

Rec d N. Y. ii Mar/65. A. L. S. 6^12-3. 

1865, Mch. 20, Alton, 111. John F. Rucker [Maj., etc.] to 
Brig.-Genl W. N. R. Beall. 

I enclose receipts will complete work in few days un 
derstanding of my instructions I received invoices of Mch. 
7 when these goods arrive, will have more than enough for 
present prisoners, as "great numbers" are now "being re 
leased from this prison" I request instruction can supply 
Gratiot St. Prison, St. Louis, 20 miles away, if so desired 
can take clothing from here. A. L. S. Bj-12-5. 

1865, Mch. 20, Alton 111. Mil. Prison. J. F. Rucker, Maj., etc. 
Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for supplies, as fol- 

20 Cf. list below, same date. 


lows : 300 blankets, 300 jackets, 330 prs. pants, 500 prs. pants, 
500 prs. drawers, 490 shirts, 500 prs. shoes, 471 prs. socks. 

P. F. S. B r i2-4. 

1865, Apr. i, Alton, III. J. F. Rucker, Maj., etc., to Brig.-Genl. 
W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

Yours of 23d received There are 611 Confederate prison 
ers here, 380 prisoners of war, 231 "are prisoners that are sen 
tenced" will complete my work this week, making report 
can store surplus goods will report arrivals and departures 
Supplies of Mch. 7 not yet arrived. 

Rc d N. Y. 6th Apl/65. A. L. S. B r i2-6. 

1865, May n, St. Louis, [Mo.] J. F. Rucker, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

I enclose list of issues since last report. The Genl. comdg. 
has given me permission to supply Gratiot St. Prison will 
do so from surplus at Alton. 

[List, p. 3:] Distributed 215 prs. pants; 183 coats; 175 
prs. shoes ; 149 prs. drawers ; 194 shirts ; 194 prs. socks ; 17 
blankets. A. L. S. B r i2-8. 

1865, May 22, St. Louis, [Mo.] J. F. Rucker, Maj., etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, in 
voiced from New York, as follows : 500 jackets ; 500 prs. pants ; 
277 prs. drawers ; 200 prs. socks ; 300 prs. shoes ; 271 Ibs. 
tobacco. Received at Alton, 111., Apr. 4, 1865. 

A. D. S. B r i2-7. 

1865, May 22, St. Louis, Mo. J. F. Rucker, [Maj., etc.] to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Enclosed receipt for your shipment of March 7 21 at sug 
gestion of the Provost Marshall [sic] General, I have had 
surplus supplies at Alton shipped here "in order to furnish 
destitute paroled Confederate prisoners, who are now at this 
time, coming [sic] in by hundreds from all parts of the South" 
I think this is the best arrangement, as no new prisoners 
are to be sent to Alton address through Provost Marshal s 
Red 26th May 65. A. L. S. B r i2-g. 

21 See list below, same date. 


1865, Sept. 14, New York. W. N. R. Beall, late Brig.-GenL, 
to "The Confederate Prisoners of War." 
Printed: O. R., S. 121, p. 748-49. 

Baltimore, Md. 

1865, May 14, Baltimore, Md., U. S. General Hospital. A. 
Chapel, Surgeon U. S. V., in charge, to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. 

In answer to yours of loth, all clothing sent here by you 
has been issued, as per enclosed rolls 22 I have on hand 16 
pairs pants and 6 short coats. As I have no prisoners and am 
to close hospital, I suggest I be authorised to send them to 
Fort McHenry. Some prisoners are there whose wounds will 
detain them a long time. L. S. 6^16. 

Camp Chase, O. 

1864, Dec. 21, "Camp Chase Ohio Pr[ison] i." Ro. F. Dennis, 
Capt. & A. Q.-M. C. S. A., Jas. P. Riely, Lieut. Co. G, ist Md. 
Cav., J. P. Shiffey, Capt. Co. A, 8th Va. Cav. 

At an election of the prisoners held in Prison I by the en 
tire encampment, the following officers were elected as comm. 
of distribution: Col. Wm. S. Hawkins, ist. Tenn. "Mounted 
Scouts," Col. J. E. Josey, I5th. Ark Infy. and Capt. C. T. 
Smith, 36 Va. Batt. of Cavalry. D. S. B r 6-i. 

1864, Dec. 22, Camp Chase, O. Wm. S. Hawkins, Col. etc., 
J. E. Josey, Col. etc., C. T. Smith, Capt. etc. to Brig.-Gen l. 
W. N. R. Beall. 

Have entered on our duties There are 5,272 prisoners at 
the post, of these 286 are in the hospital ; 166 are officers, 
4,987 are enlisted men, 119 are citizen prisoners most press 
ing need is an increased bread ration sutler furnishes pepper 
after today straw has been issued, making need of blankets 
less considerable clothing has been issued, in whole and part 
suits commandant of post states an occasional ration of 
molasses will also be issued :will men be allowed to receive 
boxes from the south? this will much decrease the wants 
are paroled to the limits of the camp 

L. S. B r 6-2. 

22 Not found. 


1865, Mch 2, Camp Chase, Ohio. Wm. S. Hawkins, Col. etc., 
Chairman of Comm. 

Receipt to Brig.-Gen l. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, from 
New York, as follows : 984 blankets ; 200 prs. "pantaloons" ; 
260 jackets ; 840 prs. socks ; 600 prs. canton flannel drawers ; 
29 "packages of sundries for prisoners." 

P. F. S., Bj-6-3. 

1865, Mch 8, [Camp Chase, O.] Office of C. S. Agency. Wm. 
S. Hawkins, Col. etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

I enclose invoices for first shipment of supplies it has 
been distributed have received second invoice delay in re 
ceipt of supplies unexplained agent said he did not know 
where to send them we need supplies for the sick the ten 
boxes of tobacco would be a basis for a fund in their benefit. 

A. L. S. B r 6-4. 

1865, Mch u, Camp Chase, O. Wm. S. Hawkins, Col. etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, from 
New York, as follows: 1,000 blankets; 1,000 jackets; 1,010 
prs. pants; 1950 shirts; 500 prs. drawers; 1960 prs. shoes; 10 
boxes of tobacco. P. F. S. B r 6-5. 

1865, Mch 14, Camp Chase, O., Office C. S. Agent. Wm. S. 
Hawkins, Col. etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall.. 

The first invoice was at once distributed the second was 
slow in arriving short in some shoes and clothing the 
third has not yet arrived applicants for "the oath" have been 
separated from those desiring exchange, the latter in Prison 
3, of 25 barracks, each with 125 to 200 men I make pro rata 
distribution on ration return of each barrack inspections 
made and distribution only to the needy issue blankets as 
men file out on exchange tobacco reported was short. 

A. L. S. B r 6-6. 

1865, Mch 15, [Camp Chase, O.] Wm. S. Hawkins, Col. etc., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

I enclose receipts for second invoice 23 part of the third 

23 See certificate of White, et al, below. 


has come and is being distributed have received circular of 
the Qth, 24 will make return accordingly 

A. L. S. B r 6-7. 

1865, Mch 16, Camp Chase, [O.] Certificate sig: J. D. White, 
D. F. Mahood, Wm. Prince, F. M. Ross, John H. Ward, John 
B. Sherrard, and 23 others in charge of Barracks. 

Specifications of pro rata issue of clothing sent by Brig.- 
Genl. W. N. R. Beall. D. S. Bj-6-8. 

1865, Mch 17, Camp Chase, O. Wm. S. Hawkins, Col., etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for supplies in 
voiced March 13, 1865, as follows: 500 blankets; 500 jackets; 
1014 prs pants ; 330 shirts ; 300 prs. drawers ; 500 pairs socks ; 
520 prs. shoes. P. F. S. Bj-6-io. 

1865, Mch 17, Camp Chase, O., Office C. S. Agent. Wm. S. 
Hawkins, Col. etc., [to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall.] 

Certificate of the distribution of private boxes sent to pris 
oners at this post 29 boxes. A. S. Bj-6-g. 

1865, Mch 28, Camp Chase, O. Wm. S. Hawkins, Col. etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

In accordance with circular of the 23rd, I report that the 
seventh detachment of prisoners left on the 26th each de 
tachment numbered 500 men are yet 3200 to go this does 
not include applicants for the oath are over 1500 of these 
I have distributed the bulk of articles sent reserved a few 
for patients in the pest-house and other hospitals further 
wants in the last week 125 men have come in from hospital 
around Nashville these are very destitute health of prison 
ers is much improved now average 5 deaths per diem a 
month ago it was 20. L. S. B^G-n. 

1865, Apr. 5, Camp Chase, O. Wm. S. Hawkins, Col. etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Since my last letter, 40 prisoners have come from Wheel 
ing also 160 from the Hospitals in and near Franklin and 
Nashville from an appeal made for sick prisoners I have re- 

24 Not found. 


ceived $200 in the last month also books, etc. Miss Mcll- 
waine of Ky. sent 180 shirts, 80 prs. drawers, 50 prs. socks 
and 25 blankets services of Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Thayer, Miss 
Wills and others are doubtless known to you I hold Sun 
day service for the sick regularly in each ward, and on special 
occasions when sent for invoices of the 25th received have 
not received the goods have distributed all the tobacco can 
more be sent? A. L. S. Bj-6-12. 

1865, Apr. 10, Camp Chase, O. Wm. S. Hawkins, Col. etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for supplies, in 
voiced Mch. 25th, as follows : 120 prs. pants ; 400 prs. draw 
ers ; 1,104 P rs - socks; 120 prs. shoes. 

P. F. S. B r 6-is. 

1865, Apr. 16, Camp Chase, O., Office C. S. Agt. Wm. S. 
Hawkins, [Col. etc,] to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

I have delayed forwarding receipts, because of desire to 
send rolls with them illness of my chief clerk and the news 
of the week has delayed him. "On yesterday after the read 
ing of the bulletins confirming the assassinations of Messrs. 
Seward & Lincoln, a mob of paroled men in the camp be 
came quite unruly & a detachment was sent to hoist the Fede 
ral Flag over my office. I was fortunately absent but my 
wife met them & by her courtesy disarmed their wrath. The 
Comdt is very kind & extra guards are now in readiness to 
repress any outbreak. I remain perfectly calm & trustful, 
doing or saying nothing to exasperate, yet in no wise abating 
my position. Have you any information as to the status of 
Prisoners now or as to what arrangements are proposed in 
reference to them?" A. L. S. B r 6-i4. 

1865, Apr. 24, [Camp Chase, O.] Wm. S. Hawkins, Col. etc., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

17 pairs of pants missing in invoice of March 27th more 
shoes and socks than invoiced box did not appear to have 
been tampered with greatest need is hats can anything be 
done in that respect I have received $100. from Mrs. Sulli 
van, and a box of clothing from her and other ladies through 


Mr. Jennings The Genl. comdg. has given permission to re 
ceive supplies for the hospitals do all I can in that direction 
still 300 sick. A. L. S. 

Camp Douglas, 111. 

1864, Dec. 19, Camp Douglas, Chicago, 111. A. W. Cockrill, 
"of Livingston, Ala," chairman; Thomas J. Chambers, "of 
Liberty, Texas"; J. D. Hunt, "of Ky." ; W. S[?] Brantley, of 

"Checkasawhatchie, Ga.," Board of Officers, to Brig.-Genl. 
W. N. R. Beall. 

"Tabular statement of clothing & blankets required for 
Confederate Prisoners of War" here : blankets, 6,791 ; coats, 
3,652; prs. pants, 4,767; shirts, 8,052; prs. drawers, 8,269; prs. 
socks, 13,006; prs. shoes, 3,999; hats, 3,032. 

"Required in addition to the above" : bacon-sides, 4 oz. per 
man daily; 4 oz. of flour per man daily; potatoes "35 pounds 
to the 100 rations" ; full rations of cabbage or kraut, sugar, 
coffee, onions, pickles, tobacco and red pepper. 

Number of Confederate Prisoners here: 163 .first ser 
geants; 508 Sergeants; 406 corporals; 8,107 privates; 32 citi 
zens; aggregate, 9,216. D. S. Bj-y-i. 

11865, Feb. 28, Camp Douglas, 111. M. D. Baber, Col., W. C. 
Clifton, Lt.-Col., A. L. McAfee, Maj., committee, to Brig.-Genl. 
W. N. R. Beall. 

Received today your shipment of loth 5 boxes sundries 
and 5 boxes tobacco were missing all in good order. "Is it 
your understanding that blankets issued to prisoners going on 
Exchange will be retained by them, please instruct us on every 
point & new development." 

Reed N. Y. 4 Mar. L. S. B r 7-2. 

1865, Mch. 9, Camp Douglas, 111. M. D. Baber, Col., W. C. 
Clifton, [Lt.-]Col., A. L. McAfee, Maj., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. 
R. Beall. 

We have received to date: 1484 blankets; 850 prs. draw 
ers ; 2000 prs. socks ; 200 prs. pants ; 1260 jackets ; 2,000 shirts ; 
640 prs. shoes. 

Red N. Y. 13 May/65 L. S. B r 7-s. 


1865, Mch. 15, Camp Douglas, 111. M. D. Baber, Col, W. C. 
Clifton, [Lt.-]CoL, A. L. McAfee, Maj., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. 
R. [Beall.] 

Received today the following: 500 blankets, 1004 jackets; 
1020 prs. shoes ; 660 shirts ; 894 prs. drawers ; 2000 prs. shoes ; 
400 Ibs. tobacco. All supplies, heretofore received, distrib 
uted. L. S. B r 7-s. 

1865, Mch. 27, [Camp Douglas, 111.] M. D. Baber, Col. etc., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Have drawn on you for express to date. 

Reed 31 Mar 65. L. S. B r 7-4. 

1865, Mch. 27, Camp Douglas, 111., Head Quarters Post. E. 
R. P. Shurly, Capt. & A. A. A. G., to "William N. R. Beal 

[sic] Agt. to Supply Pris. of War." 

I have received yours of I5th. Prisoners of war on ex 
change are permitted to take one blanket sent by you for issue. 
All U. S. blankets issued "are taken away & reissued to needy 
prisoners." L. S. B r 7-6. 

1865, Mch. 29, Camp Douglas, 111. M. D. Baber, Col., W. C. 
Clifton, [Lt.-]Col., A. L. McAfee, Maj., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. 
R. Beall. 

Enclose report clothing "mostly needed" in this prison. 
Are 7230 prisoners here. Your shipment of the I5th not re 
ceived. L. S. B r 7-7a. 

Estimate appended : 

Socks, 2515; shirts 1848; drawers, 2386; shoes, 1222; 
pants, 1738; jackets, 1398; blankets, 1129; hats, 2181. 

D. S. B r 7-7b. 

1865, Apr. 6, Camp Douglas, 111. M. D. Baber, Col., W. C. 
Clifton, [Lt.-]Col., A. S. McAfee, Maj., to Brig.-Genl. [W. N. 
R.] Beall, etc. 

We have received these supplies: 500 jackets; 500 pants; 
900 shirts ; 300 prs. drawers ; 200 prs. socks ; 1010 prs. shoes ; 
"5 Pckges Sundries from the South." L. S. B r 7-8. 

1865, Apr. 14, Camp Douglas, 111. M. D. Baber, Col., W. C. 


Clifton, Lt.-Col., A. F. McAfee, Maj., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. 

Enclose duplicate receipts of articles received and dis 
tributed 25 will forward rolls by express showing name, rank 
of each prisoner and the clothing each has received. 

L. S. Bi-7-g. 
Camp Morton, Ind. 

1865, Mch. 6, Camp Morton, In[dianapolis, Ind.] U. S. Mili 
tary Prison. Thomas M. Atkins, Lt.-Col. 49th Tenn., V. G. 
Wynne, Lt.-Col. 47th Tenn., M. L. Brittain, Maj. 47th N. C. 
Batn., Committee Supplies, to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Prior to our arrival and assumption of duties, two detach 
ments of 500 prisoners had been sent South the third about 
to leave, but furnished with all desired clothing except blan 
kets "by the kindness and assistance of the commandant 
of the Post." In view of blankets furnished for prisoners, 
and as those hereafter issued are to be retained here will not 
distribute blankets until hear from you. What shall be done 
with undistributed clothing what with blankets ? 

L. S. BJ-II-I. 

Reverse: Acknowledge new invoices. The Post com 
mandant, Col. Stevens, has loaned shoes for issue to be re 
placed by those furnished by you. Sig: Thos. M. Atkins. 

A. S. 

1865, Mch. n, Camp Morton, near Indianapolis, Ind. Thomas 
M. Atkins, Lt.-Col., etc, to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Acknowledge shipments received, except packages to 
Prisoners of War Blankets still unopened I think there will 
be a surplus after all are supplied Col. Stevens, comdt. of 
Post, has furnished several hundred prs. of shoes to be re 
placed by us most of shoes received too small We need gs 
and los. 

Red. N. Y. Mar 65. A. L. S. 6,11-2. 

1865, Mch. 16, Camp Morton, [Indianapolis, Ind.] Thomas 
M. Atkins, Lt.-Col., etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

25 See receipt, Apr. 6, 1865, supra. 


Acknowledge further shipments prisoners boxes not re 
ceived nearly through with distribution to prisoners could 
have used few more jackets and pants trouble with sizes of 
shoes squad of 500 left for exchange yesterday issued 
blankets to 104 invalids of these what is to be done with 
surplus? and when will our mission be fulfilled? Will send 

Red N. Y. 23d Mar. 65. A. L. S. B.-II-S. 

1865, Mch. , Camp Morton, Ind. Thomas M. Atkins, Lt- 
Col., V. G. Wynne, Lt.-CoL, M. L. Brittain, Maj., to Brig.- 
Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

Yours of 23rd received are 1,433 prisoners here the com 
mandant expects more 2,000 have been forwarded for ex 
change, 500 more enrolled and awaiting orders Send dupli 
cate certificates surplus supplies packed and awaiting your 
orders valuable assistance of commandant of Post distribu 
tion of sundries all given out except those sent to men 
already forwarded for exchange these given to needy men 
two to whom boxes were sent, have died hopes for early ex 
change. L. S. Bj-n-4. 

1865, Mch. 30, Camp Morton, Ind. Thomas M. Atkins, Lt.- 
Col., V. G. Wynne, Lt.-CoL, M. L. Brittain to Brig.-Genl. W. 
N. R. Beall. 

Certify that we have issued: 104 blankets; 1580 jackets; 
1585 prs. pants; 1653 shirts; 1585 prs. drawers; 1720 prs. 
socks; 1329 prs. shoes. The rolls will show this fully. We 
have on hand 1396 blankets, 71 flannel shirts, 491 prs. shoes, 
awaiting whatever disposal the agreement in the premises 
may direct. L. S. B.-II-S. 

1865, Apr 5, Camp Morton, Ind. Thomas M. Atkins, Lt.-CoL, 
V. G. Wynne, Lt.-CoL, M. L. Brittain, Maj., to Brig.-Genl. 
W. N. R. Beall. 

Enclose full rolls of issue certain goods slightly short in 
count no prisoners have arrived since statement was for 
warded. As we know nothing of wants of such as may ar- 


rive, request we may be forwarded for exchange, or returned 
to Johnson s Island. 

Red N. Y. 10 Apr. 765. L. S. 26 B r ii-6. 

Elmira, N. Y. 

1864, Dec. 15, Elmira, N. Y. Arthur H. Edey, Co. A, 5th 
Texas ; Wm. Key Howard, Co. E, 4th Va. Cav., Jos. A. Bris- 
tow, Co. C, 24th Va. Cav., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

Undersigned appointed at a meeting yesterday write re 
garding your circular of the Qth there are no commissioned 
officers here who shall be selected we believe competent 
agents may be found among the enlisted men in the camp 

A. L. S. B -15-1. 

1865, Feb. 12, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

I beg to acknowledge, for the Comm. of officers sent to dis 
tribute supplies, the receipt of three boxes with clothing for 
prisoners recovering from small-pox will be distributed 
your boxes of the 3rd have arrived but have not been received 
by us enclose proposition of J. Gladke to supply clothing 
he had made it up when permission was refused he has 
now raised his prices but the quality is good 

Reed. N. Y. 18 Feb. 65. A. L. 8.6^15-2. 

1865, Feb. 12, Elmira, [N. Y.] Henry I. Price, Lt. Col., and 
Danl. S. Printuss, Maj. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for supplies, as fol 
lows : 984 gray blankets, 1,000 prs. gray socks. 

P. F. S. 6^15-3. 

1865, Feb. 15, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

I enclose our hotel bill at Elmira hope it will be honored 

we could make no other arrangement as intercourse with 

the prisoners was positively declined the Post Commandant 

will now give us closer quarters, where the costs will be 


Reed N. Y. 18 Feb. 65. A. L. S. 6^15-4. 

26 Autograph of Thos. M. Atkins. 


1865, Feb. 28, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, as fol 
lows : 995 jackets; 1,530 prs. pants; 550 shirts; 780 prs. draw 
ers; 1,000 prs. socks; 1,040 prs. shoes. 

P. F. S. Bi-is-5- 

1865, Mch. 6, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies as fol 
lows: 464 blankets; 980 jackets; 900 prs. pants; 950 shirts; 
1,200 prs. drawers; 500 prs. socks; 1,020 prs. shoes; "196 
packages of Tobacco for Prisoners of war." 

P. F. S. B r i5-6. 

1865, Mch. 7, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

I enclose accounts and list of small-pox convalescents who 
received the first 150 suits of clothing 120 prs. shoes charged, 
furnished by the Federal authorities shipment of the I5th 
arrived yesterday will forward lists as made out from time 
to time. A. L. S. 6^15-7. 

1865, Mch. 7, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc. ,to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

We wish extension of our parole we have to get special 
permission for any matter of business as we are forced to 
visit various parts of the city daily, is inconvenient to us and 
troublesome to the comdg. officer we notice Federal officers 
in the south are allowed the limits of the city 

A. L. S. B.-is-S. 

1865, Mch. 12, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

Yours of 9th and loth received instructions will be 
obeyed thanks for attending to a request have distributed 
nearly all the clothing have no more shirts underclothing 
and shoes are most needed clothing distributed immediately 
upon its receipt I enclose receipts for shipments of the 
I5th. 27 A. L. S. B r i5-9. 

27 Probably dated Feb. 28 or Mch. 6, 1865, see supra. 


1865, Mch. 25, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies as fol 
lows : 500 blankets; 450 jackets; no prs. pants; 600 shirts; 
300 prs. drawers ; 100 prs. socks ; 200 prs. shoes. 

P. F. S. BJ-IS-IO. 

1865, Mch. 25, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

I enclose receipts for shipment of March n, Have on 
hand [specified] clothing, including 1225 blankets all ship 
ments agreed with invoice have kept the supplies to give to 
those from the hospitals and those overlooked demand still 
much greater than the supply have tried to carry out in 
structions private boxes distributed have not reported be 
fore because of severe illness. 

A. L. S. Bj-is-ii. 

1865, Mch. 27, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Gen l. W. N. R. Beall. 

Yours of 23 received the information sought was sent in 
a letter of two days ago except as to the number of prison 
ers there are here 5,133 prisoners have not written sooner 
because of ill-health need underclothing, pants, and shoes 
have enough blankets. A. L. S. 6^-15-12. 

1865, Mch. 30, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

Yours of 28th received I am surprised Col. Price did not 
send receipt for the money sent urged him to do so at once ; 
according to his usual method, he made no receipt thought 
his endorsement was enough enclose duplicates 

Reed N. Y. I Apr. A. L. S. B r i5-i3- 

1865, Mch. n. d, Elmira, N. Y. [Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall.] 

"List of Articles Issued to Patients discharged from Small 
Pox Hospital Elmira Prison Camp by Confederate Commit 
tee for distributing supplies to Prisoners of War/ 150 names, 
with command, rank, and articles distributed to each man a 
jacket, pr. pants, sEirt, pr. drawers, pr. socks, pr. shoes and 
blanket. D. n. S. B^is-iS. 


1865, Apr. 8, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Enclose duplicate receipts for clothing sent do you de 
sire the rolls of men receiving clothing can be shortly sent 
we need shoes and pants more than anything else about 
5000 prisoners here now. A. L. S. 6^15-14. 

1*865, A P r - 8, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for supplies, as fol 
lows: 190 prs. pants; 744 shirts; 400 prs. drawers; 1080 prs. 
socks ; 60 prs. shoes. P. F. S. 6^15-15. 

1865, Apr. 14, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

I enclose receipts for funds sent for the comm. clothing 
all distributed except a few suits for small-pox convalescents 
pants and shoes are much needed if more supplies are to 
be sent, send as many of these as possible about 5,000 prison 
ers still here. A. L. S. B r i5-i6. 

1865, May 16, Elmira, N. Y. Danl. S. Printuss, Maj., etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

I regret not having sent requested receipts I thought they 
had been sent I have distributed all the clothing and the 
blankets for which there was no use thousands of these will 
be left I am converting them into other needed articles, with 
consent of Post commandant hope soon to see you. 

A. L. S. B r i5-i7. 

Fort Columbus, N. Y. 

1865, Feb. 20, Fort Columbus, N. Y. James H. Hill, Maj., etc. 
Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for supplies, in 
voiced Feb. 17, as follows: 25 coats; 120 shirts; 90 prs. draw 
ers; 20 prs. pants; in prs. socks; 50 blankets; 60 prs. shoes. 

P. F. S. B r i- 4 . 

1865, Feb. 21, Fort Columbus, N. Y. Harbor. James H. Hill, 
Maj : P. A. C. S., Prisoner of War, to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. 


Have received the clothing sent small surplus stored 
what shall be done with it invoices returned acted by direc 
tion of comdg. officer of Post shall account be made in any 
other form? Inform me "also as to the price, & how to be 
paid for." 

Rc d N. Y. 23 Feb : 65. A. L. S. B r i-i. 

1864, Feb. 24, Fort Columbus, N. Y. Harbor. James H. Hill, 
Maj., etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Have received your letter and invoices of tobacco goods 
received and distributed to the prisoners. 

Rc d N. Y. 27th Feb : 65. A. L. S. B^i-2. 

1865, Feb. 26, Fort Columbus, N. Y. Harbor. James H. Hill, 
Maj., etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Have issued clothing to "some Texas pris s" a small 
amount a surplus still on hand will send it to you. 

Rc d N. Y. Feb : 28. A. L. S. 6^1-3. 

Fort Delaware, Del. 

1865, Feb. 17, Fort Delaware, Del. John M. Maury, Lt.-Col. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for supplies, in 
voiced [blank], as follows: 984 blankets, 840 prs. socks, 309 
prs. pants. P. F. S. Bj-8-i. 

1865, Feb. 18, Fort Delaware, [Del.,] Prisoners Barracks. 
Jno. M. Maury, Lt.-Col., Prisoner of War, etc., to Brig.-Genl. 
W. N. R. Beall. 

Acknowledge invoices and letters mistake in invoice of 
Feb. 8 will examine other accounts I have not yet received 
packages for particular soldiers. A. L. S. BjiS-2. 

1865, Feb. 20, Fort Delaware, [Del.,] Prisoners Barracks. 
Jno. M. Maury, Lt.-Col., etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

I enclose receipts for articles shipped 8th inst. have cor 
rected error in the account part of articles shipped I4th has 
arrived will be immediately issued. 

Rc d N. Y. 23d Feby., 65. A. L. S. Bj-8-3. 


1865, Mch. n, Fort Delaware, Del. R. C. Morgan, Col., etc., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. R. N. [sic] Beall. 

Acknowledge yours of the 7th with invoices for 88 pack 
ages of sundries for [individual] prisoners clothing has been 
issued will finish issuing blankets by the I3th receded 
tobacco, etc., from the South all disposed of except 6 boxes 
for prisoners at Elmira and Camp Chase nearly all prison 
ers have left former place shall I return these boxes to those 
for whom they were intended or distribute to most needy 
here? will report as soon as possible. 

Rc d N. Y. 14 March 65. A. L. S. 6^8-4. 

1865, Mch. 13, Fort Delaware, Del. R. C. Morgan, [Col., etc.] 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Yours of pth is received I will comply with instructions 
have completed issue of supplies sent prior to the 7th the 
latter have not yet arrived will report tomorrow I think 
all have at least one blanket greatest suffering is for want of 
shirts, drawers and socks beg to suggest issue of about 2,000 
of each of these "about 2,000 prisoners arrived here on yes 
terday; those captured in the Valley of Va." also about 600 
confined at Hilton Head since August 28 "the latter in quite 
a destitute condition." 

RcM N. Y. 16 March, 65. L. S. B r 8-s. 

1865, Mch 18, Fort Delaware, [Del.] R. C. Morgan, Col., 
etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beal [sic] 

Yours with invoice of the I5th to hand enclose duplicate 
certificates of issues excess in issues of all articles except 
socks, which are short 21 prs. one invoice must have been 
lost in mails I have all papers turned over by officer who 
first distributed can make no correct statement of blankets 
issued the ones taken from those leaving were reissued 
This was done by order Genl. Grant, but Genl. Scharf assures 
me it will not be done hereafter will charge each individual 
with articles given and send books to you or to Qr. Master at 
Richmond, if they are to be placed upon clothing acct. or paid 

28 These were probably the survivors of the "Immortal Six Hundred" 
who suffered such severe hardships at Hilton Head, South Carolina. 


for Both shipments of tobacco issued Will send receipts 
for invoice of I5th when issued. 

Red N. Y. 22 Mar. 65. L. S. 6^8-7. 

1865, Mch. 21, Fort Delaware, [Del.] R. C. Morgan, Col., 
etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Invoice of the i5th has arrived will be issued us tomor 
row invoice of I7th received, but supplies have not arrived 
have enough shoes and blankets greatest want is for 500 
jackets and 500 prs. pants drawers, shirts and socks here 
and en route will make all comfortable constant calls for 
hats. L. S. B r 8-8. 

1865, Mch. 27, Fort Delaware, [Del.,] R. C. Morgan, Col., etc., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Circular of 23rd received commissary of post informs me 
there are now 1,807 officers and 5,910 privates here Will 
notify you of changes no blankets or clothing on hand will 
send certificates for invoices to make all comfortable need 
at least 1,000 jackets and same number of pants if practicable 
send at least 2,000 prs. drawers, 1,000 prs. socks and 1,000 
shirts if hats are furnished, "a very great many stand sadly 
in need of them." 

Red N. Y. 29 Mar 65. L. S. B r 8-9. 

[1865, Mch. n. d., Fort Delaware, Del. R. C. Morgan, Col., 
etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall.] 

Report of distribution of supplies invoiced Mch. 15 and 
17, as follows: blankets, 1,000; jackets, 788; pants, 1,005 P rs > 
drawers, 800 prs; shirts, 920; socks, 1,200 prs; shoes, 830. 

Red. N. Y. 8th Apl. 765. D. S. B r 8-6. 

[1865, Mch.] n. d., Fort Delaware [Del] R C. Morgan, Col., 
etc., [to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall.] 

"Consolidated Report of Issue of Blankets & Clothing to 
Prisoners of War" specified for officers, privates and hospi 
tal patients: blankets, 2,017; jackets, 1,081 ; pants, 1,700; 
drawers, 1,344; socks, 1,479; shoes, 1,459. 

D. S. B r 8-n. 


1865, May 13, Fort Delaware, [Del.] R. C. Morgan, Col., etc., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Lt.-Col. Maury will make returns called for I have sent 
all certificates except those of last invoice that was lost 
when we were moving to barracks, Apr. 15, "at which time 
our paroles were taken from us" please send copy. 

Reed May ifih /6$. A. L. S. B r 8-io. 

Fort Lafayette, N. Y. 

1864, Dec. 12, Fort Lafayette, 29 [N. Y.] R. T. Thorn, Capt. 
and A. I. Genl., Prisoner of War, [to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. 

In sending list, is my duty to represent certain wants not 
contemplated in your commission. Under existing regula 
tions, we are furnished "only a ration of bread, meat & soup." 
This does not suffice for necessities for preservation of 
health, we require "at least an occasional contribution of 
sugar, coffee, tobacco, onions, potatoes, vinegar, pepper and 
molasses." Beg to suggest if Confederate government could 
procure permission for us to receive donations and purchase 
supplies in North, "such a remission of the rigor of existing 
rules, would contribute incalculably to our comfort" be 
lieve this would be accorded us if allowed Federal prisoners 
in the South please communicate to Confederate govern 
ment. L. S. BJ-Q-I. 

1865, Feb. 8, Fort Lafayette, [N. Y.] R. T. Thorn, Capt., etc., 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Am in need of a pair of trousers personal matters hope 
soon for a parole error in clothing statement. 

A. L. S. B r g-5. 

1865, Mch. 6, Fort La fayette [,N. Y.] R. T. Thorn, Capt., 
etc., to [Brig.-] Genl. [W. N. R.] Beall. 

Request a suit for Lieut. Warren. L .S. 3 Bj-g-6. 

29 The name is written La Fayette in some communications and 
Lafayette in others. 

30 The handwriting is not the same as that in other letters over the 
same signature. 


1864, Dec. 17, Fort Lafayette, [N. Y. Harbor] to Brig.- 

Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

"List of Articles needed by Prisoners of War about to be 
removed to Fort Warren from Fort La Fayette" 20 officers 
including "D. D. Carter, Surg. Morgan s comd." are also 
four officers of Fla. Militia who need about the same pro 
visions needed. We wish to be allowed to purchase for our 
selves could thus support ourselves "and let the funds 
go to the absolutely destitute." 

A. D. n. S. B r g-4. 

1864, Dec. 19, Fort Lafayette, N. Y. Harbor. Clifton H. 
Smith, Capt., etc., to [Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall.] 

"List of Articles needed by [13] Prisoners of War trans 
ferred from Fort La Fayette to Ft. Warren Dec. 17, 1864"- 
table minor wants "These officers desire also an allow 
ance of Tobacco, Sugar Coffee potatoes &c &c." 

A. D. S. B r g-3. 

1865, Mch. n. d.] Fort Lafayette, [N. Y.] R. T. Thorn, Capt., 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, by in 
voices of Feb. 25, Mch. 7 and 15, as follows: 33 jackets; 27 
[prs.] pants; 30 shirts; 46 [prs.] drawers; 50 [prs.] socks; 
22 [prs.] shoes ; 20 blankets. A. D. S. B^g-y. 

Fort Me Henry, Md. 

1865, Jany. 3, Fort McHenry, Md., Office of Commissary of 
Prisoners. George Atcheson, Lieut. 4th U. S. Infantry and 
Com. Pris., to Capt. T.~G. Ramsey, A. A. G., etc. 

Suggest that Brig.-Genl. Payne, U. S. V., agent to sup 
ply prisoners of war, be informed that 16 officers have been 
transferred to Fort Deleware and 117 privates to Point Look 
out requisitions to supply most of these were sent Genl. 
Payne on Dec. 24. A. L. S. BJ-IS-I. 

1865, Feb. 14, Fort McHenry, Md. J. W. Anderson, Capt. 
Co. A, I2th Ga. Ball., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

As committee beg to report receiving through Hopkins, 


Hall & Co. of Baltimore, 50 prs. pants ; 20 coats ; 50 prs. draw 
ers ; 60 prs. socks ; 50 prs. shoes ; 50 blankets. I have issued 
them and return vouchers. As this is not a regular prison 
but a depot for receiving and forwarding, I suggest 200 or 300 
suits of clothing, etc., be sent for passing prisoners. 

Red N. Y. 16 Feb. 65. A. L. S. B r i 3 -4. 

1865, May 10, New York. W. N. R. Beall, Brig.-Genl., etc., 
to Committee to Distribute Supplies to Prisoners of War at 
Fort McHenry, Baltimore. 

As I desire to close my account, ask receipts for shipments 
March 23, viz: 97 jackets; 164 blankets, 210 prs. pants, 300 
prs. drawers, 300 prs. "stockings"; 120 prs. "Bootees" ; 12 
boxes for the South. A. L. S. 6^13-5. 

Endsd: Forwarded from New York to Fort McHenry 
and returned. 

Rd N. Y. iQth May 65. 

[Bj-13-6] The receipt, as of Mch. 23, 1865, for the above. 
Sig: Junis C. Brower, ist Lt. N. Y. V. Arty & A. A. Q. M. 

Fort Warren, Mass. 

1864, Dec. 12, Fort Warren, Boston Harbor. Geo. V. Moody, 
Capt. and of Comm. etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

In accordance with yours of Dec. Qth, I report the follow 
ing needed by privates and citizens : 64 prs. shoes ; 50 flannel 
shirts; 29 prs. drawers; 65 prs. socks; 6 hats; 16 jackets, 43 
prs. pants ; 5 prs. blankets. Privates and citizen prisoners 
now have U. S. blankets will not need others If you have 
surplus after supplying other prisons, we shall be glad to re 
ceive them If funds are sufficient, desire tea, coffee, sugar 
and tobacco. The following prisoners of war are here : 12 
army officers ; 14 naval officers ; 76 privates ; 47 seamen : 29 
Citizens; 39 Citizens captured at sea, exclusive of 23 foreign 
blockade runners. L. S. B 1 -io-i. 

Endsd: [Same place, same date:] Forwarded to Brig.- 
Genl. H. E. Paine, U. S. Vols This requisition made with 
due consideration that many can be supplied by friends, and 
that the funds may be expended for the more needy. A. A. 
Gibson, Maj. 3 U. S. Art. comdg. A. S. 

Reed 21 Dec. 64. 


1865, Jany. 2, Fort Warren, Boston Harbor. Geo. V. Moody, 
Capt., etc., to [Brig.-]Genl. [W. N. R.] Beall. 

Since my last report 75 prisoners have arrived, who need: 
37 pairs shoes, 40 prs. drawers, 32 prs. pants, 40 prs. socks, 
42 undershirts, 30 overshirts, 3 overcoats, 9 coats, 10 hats. 
Of these prisoners, 49 are officers, 26 citizens. 

A. L. S. B^io-2. 

Reed 3 Jan. 65. 

1865, Feb. 25, Fort Warren, [Boston Harbor, Mass.] A. Jack 
son, Jr., 31 Col., etc., G. V. Moody, Capt., J. M. Gary, Capt. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, as 
follows: 50 blankets; 100 prs. pants; 200 shirts; 50 jackets; 
100 prs. drawers; 150 prs. socks; 160 prs. shoes; "7 boxes 
tobacco etc for Prisoners of War." 

"Received all above articles except the tobacco which was 
not delivered to us." 32 P. F. S. B r io-3. 

1865, Mch. 25, Fort Warren, Boston Harbor [Mass.] A. 

Jackson, Jr., Col., J. M. Gary, Capt., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. 

In compliance with yours of Mch. 23, beg to state the 
number of prisoners here is 300 ; no articles of clothing neces 
sary none on hand or stored. L. S. Bj-io-4. 

Rc d N. Y. 27 Mar 65. 

1865, Mch. 27, Fort Warren, Boston Harbor. A. Jackson, Jr., 
Col., J. M. Gary, Capt., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

ii prisoners arrived here Mch. 25 their wants tobacco 
"would be very acceptable" to prisoners unable to buy it. 
Red N. Y. 28 Mar 65. L. S. B r io-5. 

1865, Mch. 28, Fort Warren, [Boston Harbor,] Mass. A. 
Jackson, Jr., Col., J. M. Gary, Capt. 

31 This was Col. Andrew Jackson, Jr., a descendant of Andrew Jack 
son, the adopted son of "Old Hickory." He was colonel of the ist 
Tenn. Regt. 

32 The words "except the tobacco," etc., have been stricken out of the 
original. The ink used in the erasure is similar to that used by A. A. 
Gibson. Maj. 3rd U. S. Arty., comdg. Post, and unlike that used by the 


Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for minor supplies 
requested [in B r io-5.] P. F. S. Bj-io-6. 

1865, Apr. i, Fort Warren, [Boston Harbor, Mass.] A. Jack 
son, Jr., Col., J. M/Cary, Capt., to Brig.-Genl. [W. N. R.] 

Enclose invoice and roll of issue for the specified requi 
sition for 28 new prisoners also small further requisition for 
those already here think this should be granted "seeking 
at the same time to avoid wholesale demands upon the 

Red N. Y. 3d Apl 765. L. S. B^g-8. 

Johnson s Island, O. 

1864, Dec. 19, Johnson s Island, U. S. Military Prison. John 
A. Fite, Col., James W. Bowles, Lt.-Col., to Brig.-Genl. W. 
N. R. Beall. 

We have been elected to conduct the distribution have 
examined the wants of every prisoner on the island under 
stand you have only the proceeds of 1,000 bales of cotton 
the part oT each man is then very small nine-tenths of the 
men would prefer it be spent in provisions authorities still 
issue some clothing can still write for clothing; for pro 
visions only when have surgeon s certificate the average 
wants of each man need 162 blankets, 65 coats, 178 prs. 
pants, 324 prs. drawers, 236 shirts, 463 prs. socks, 121 prs. 
shoes this do not include those with soldiers jackets only, 
or jackets partly worn even some of these prefer "something 
to eat" are 2,677 officers here, 136 privates, 48 citizens, 2 
servants provisions desired I 1-2 Ibs. flour and I Ib. of 
bacon per week per man will make enough with the issue 
money deposited here for the use of prisoners in the Hospital 
would save much suffering and some lives hope we may 
come to New York and report L. S. BJ-S-I. 

1864, Dec. 28, Johnson s Island, O. John A. Fite, Col., J. W. 
Bowles, Lt.-Col., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Repeat former requisition [B^-i]. 336 new prisoners 
have come, their wants greater than those of men now in 


prison boxes from the South are not delivered said to be 
because they are not prepaid ask investigation tobacco ad 
dressed to Col. Clay & Maj. Holliday not received was sent 
for the Kentuckians here by E. M. Bruce, from Richmond 
hopes for parole a few hundred Ibs. of sole-leather would 
help us. A. L. S. Bj-5-2. 

1865, Jany. i, Johnson s Island, Prison Hospital. J. G. W. 
Steadman, M. D., Col. ist Ala. Vols., Actg. Surg. in charge 
Prison Hospital, to Col. [A. W.] Harman, Chairman Sani 
tary Commission. 

In consequence of great need of hospital supplies, I sug 
gest Gen. Beall be requested to furnish specified provisions, 
flour, hams, lard, crackers, sugar, coffee, tea, molasses, con 
densed milk, dried fruit, butter, brandy small amounts 
vegetables and poultry bought at Sandusky would help 
greatly I suggest $500 be deposited for that purpose 
money spent in the prison hospital will be more beneficial 
than if spent in the prison at large Dr. Everman, Surg. in 
charge, will do every thing to further this has been con 
sulted A. L. S. B r 5-4. 

1865, Jany. 3, Johnson s Island, [O.] A. W. Harman, Col. 
etc., Chairman Sanitary Comm., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 
I enclose letter from Col. Steadman, C. S. officer in charge 
of the Prison Hospital. Steadman estimates it to be a 
month s supply I hope it can be allowed from experience 
in the Hospital and a knowledge of present conditions, I 
know it is necessary and approved it would take little from 
the general fund prisoners in hospital receive only a little 
sugar and coffee in addition to regular rations more prison 
ers than ever before sickness greater seems to have pros 
pect of increasing A. L. S. 6^5-3. 

1865, Feb. 8, Johnson s Island, O., Hd.-Qrs. U. S. Forces, 
Johnson s Island and Sandusky. Chas. W. Hill, Col. comdg. 
Post, to Brig.-Genl. W. N .R. Beall. 

I acknowledge letter of the 3rd enclose duplicate receipt 
for $200, payable to Col. Jno. H. Fite. 

L. S. Bs-5- 


1865, Feb. 9, Johnson s Island, U. S. Military Prison. Jno. A. 
Fite, Col. etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Acknowledge receipt of $200 sent had interview with 
Col. Hill he had no power to parole us for outside pur 
chase he telegraphed for orders said you were to be in 
formed to get the orders forwarded if only one is to be 
paroled, I hope that may be myself transactions proposed 
with Rosenthall & Co. news of your mess they have 
moved. A. L. S. Bj-5-6. 

Lincoln Hospital, D. C. 

1865, Feb. 26, Washington, D. C., Lincoln U. S. General Hos 
pital. M. V. Lindsby, Asst.-Surg. in charge [pro tern.] to 
Brig.-Genl. W. [N.] R. Beall. 

In compliance with your request of 22nd, I forward list 
of prisoners of war here, 33 with their needs directions for 
sending cannot estimate possible number of prisoners larg 
est was 170. L. S. B,-S-I. 

Appended : List 19 prisoners. D. S. Bj-3-ib. 

1865, Mch. 13, Washington, D. C., Lincoln U. S. General Hos 
pital. J. C. McKee, Surgeon in charge, to [Brig.-Genl.] W. N. 
R. Beall. 

Acknowledge yours of 3rd The clothing 34 you forwarded 
was distributed as desired. L. S. Bj-3-2. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

1865, May 24, Nashville, Tenn., Hd.-Ors. Department of the 
Cumberland. J. G. Parkhurst, Col., and Pfrovost] M[arshal] 
G[eneral] to Brig.-Genl. Wm. N. R. Beall, etc. 

The clothing you forwarded here Mch. 16, 1865, and men 
tioned in your letter of the loth inst, addressed to "Comm. to 
Distribute Supplies to Prisoners of War," is in store here, 
not yet issued. Inform me what disposition to make of it. 

A. L. S. B r 2-i. 

[1865], July 7, Nashville, [Tenn.] Hd.-Qrs. Mil. Divn. of the 

33 List appended to the original. 

34 List of the clothing appended to the original. 


Tennessee. J. G. Parkhurst, Bvt. Brig.-Genl. and P. M. G., to 
Brig.-Genl. Wm. N. R. Beall, etc. 

The 24 boxes of Quartermaster Stores sent here "for dis 
tribution to rebel prisoners of war" have been turned over to 
Q.-M. of Military Prison part of clothing has been issued. 

A. L. S. Bj-2-2. 
Point Lookout, Md. 

1865, Jany. 28, Point Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, pvt. Indpt. 
Sig. Corps, Wm. H. Laird, pvt. Co. A, 2nd Mo. Infy., Thos. 
Crymes, Co. B, I5th Ga. Regt., H. J. Carter, Engr. Serv. ist 
Cav. Brig., Pres. of Christian Association, Geo. Russell, Co. 
H, 3rd Ga. Regt., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

In compliance with your circular of Dec. Qth, we are to act 
as your agents in distribution of supplies we need: 11,000 
blankets; 11,000 prs. drawers; 8,000 prs. pants; 8,000 prs. 
shoes; 11,000 prs. socks; 5,000 coats; 11,000 shirts; 2,000 hats 
recommend articles of diet for the 1,200 men under medical 
treatment, not in the hospital "It is also the opinion of our 
Surgeons that the health of the prisoners generally, would be 
greatly promoted by a moderate supply of vegetables" are 
not at liberty to state the number and classification of prison 
ers if you approve our action, please send blank-books for 
our accounts enclose note of explanation. 35 

L. S. B r 4-i. 

Endsd: I. Comm. from most intelligent prisoners articles 
and qualities "requisite and necessary." A. G. Bradey, 
Maj. and Pro.-Mar. A. S. 

2. Approved and forwarded. J. Barnes, Brig.-Genl. comdg. 

A. S. 

1865, Feb. 16, Point Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, Geo. Russell, 
H. J. Carter, Thos. Crymes. 36 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. BealT for supplies in 
voiced Feb. 4, as follows: 1,900 gray blankets, 1,000 prs. gray 
socks. P. F. S. Bj-4-2. 

35 Not found. 

s "Wm. H. Laird has gone South for exchange. A. Morgan" note 
added to the original. 


1865, Feb. 18, Pt. Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, Chairman, to 
Brig.-Genl. [W. N. R.] Beale [sic.] 

Report enough blankets have been sent "to supply such 
beds with sufficient covering to allow two blankets to cover 
two men[,] and three blankets to cover three men, with a 
blanket or its equivalent to lie upon" we are engaged in the 

Rc d N. Y. 2d March, 65. A. L. S. B r 4-s. 

1865, Mch. i, Pt. Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, Geo. Russell, 
H. J. Carter. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for supplies, as fol 
lows : 188 blankets; 1,050 jackets; 995 prs. pants; 900 shirts; 
600 prs. drawers, 988 prs. socks; 1980 prs. shoes. 

P. F. S. 37 B r 4-4. 

1865, Mch. 14, Pt. Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, Geo. Russell, 
H. J. Carter to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Yours of 9th received enclosed certificate 38 shows we 
have distributed all of two first invoices except 588 blankets 
and 460 prs. shoes many carried south for exchange before 
blankets arrived this and change in weather makes it un 
necessary to issue more to prisoners in camp daily demands 
for blankets by new prisoners are distributing shoes etc., 
only taking time to discriminate between needy and im- 
posters take name, rank, co. and regt. of all to whom we 
issue have vouchers for all. "No man has left this prison 
without all he was entitled to, of the articles we had on hand, 
at the time of his departure." Third invoice has arrived are 
distributing it enclose receipt. 39 

Endsd : Forwarded. 

Red. N. Y. 17 March 765. L. S. B r4 -5. 

1865, Mch. 14, Point Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, Geo. Rus 
sell, H. J. Carter to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Certify that we have distributed "to the most destitute 

37 Autograph of A. Morgan. 

38 See B l -4-6, infra. 
89 See B r 4-8, infra. 


prisoners of war at this point," the following 11,560 blankets; 
1,050 jackets; 995 prs. pants; 900 shirts; 600 prs. drawers; 
1,988 prs. socks; 1,520 prs. shoes. 

Signed in duplicate. D. S. B r 4-6. 

[1865, Mch. 14,] Point Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, Geo. Rus 
sell, H. J. Carter. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall for supplies, invoiced 
Feb. 25, 1865, as follows: 1,418 shirts, 500 blankets; 1,545 
jackets; 1,555 prs. pants; 300 prs. socks; 1,000 prs. shoes. 

D. S. B r4 -8. 

1865, Mch. 27, Pt. Lookout, Md. Alonzo Morgan, H. J. 
Carter, Geo. Russell, comm. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, in 
voiced Mch. 15, 1865, as follows: 542 jackets; 537 prs. pants; 
900 shirts ; 300 prs. drawers ; 200 prs. socks ; 950 prs. shoes. 

P. F. S. B r 4-7. 

1865, Mch. 28, Point Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, pvt. Indpt. 
Sig. Corps ; Geo. Russell, pvt. Co. H, 3rd Ga. ; H. J. Carter, 
pvt. Co. A, 3rd Ala., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

"We have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your 
circular of the 23rd inst, and beg leave to submit the follow 
ing report, 

There are Six thousand (6000) prisoners confined at this 
place, about Seventy five (75) per cent of whom are bona 
fide prisoners of war 40 waiting exchange. New prisoners are 
arriving about as fast as the old are removed. You will per 
ceive from our certificates of the I4th inst. and of the present 
date, that we have distributed all the articles on your first 
three invoices (Feb. 4th, I7th & 25th) except Six hundred and 
ninety Six (696) Blankets and two hundred (200) prs. shoes. 
The shoes left on hand are fives & sixes ; 300 prs. 8s gs los & 
us will restore the just proportion. Yesterday evening we 
received all the articles invoiced on the nth & I5th of March, 
with the exception of one case (100 prs.) Shoes; we enclose 

40 The probable meaning is that seventy-five per cent, were military and 
naval prisoners, and not citizen prisoners. 


receipts for the invoice of the nth inst. and only wait the 
arrival of the missing case of shoes to forward those of the 
1 5th. We have not yet received the one hundred & seventy 
one (171) packages Sundries from the South, the invoice of 
which reached us about ten days since. We have the use of 
a house near our quarters in which to store all goods untill 
issued. This house is guarded by a U. S. Sentinel assisted 
by several trusty men of our own number. We have made 
every effort to supply the most destitute in camp with the 
supplies received. Pants and under clothing are in great de 
mand, very few prisoners having a change of the latter. 

We have been prisoners from sixteen to twenty months, 
and have the promise of exchange as soon as our work is 
done; we are willing to serve you in this capacity, as long as 
you think our services will be necessary, but would like to 
have from you an expression of opinion as to the time of our 
release." L. S. 6^4-9. 

1865, Mch. 28, Pt. Lookout. A. Morgan, Geo. Russell, H. J. 
Carter [to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall.] 

Certify that we have distributed since last report, Mch. 
14, 1865, the following supplies: 400 blankets; 1,545 jackets; 
1,555 P rs - pants; 1,418 shirts; 300 prs. socks; 1,260 prs. shoes. 

D. S. Bj-4-io. 

1865, Mch. 28, Pt. Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, Geo. Russell, 
H. J. Carter. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, as fol 
lows : 500 blankets ; 500 jackets ; 500 prs. pants ; 600 shirts ; 
600 prs. drawers ; 200 prs. socks ; 350 prs. shoes. 

P. F. S. Bj-4-u. 

[1865, Mch.] Pt. Lookout, Md. A. Morgan, Geo. Russell, 
H. J. Carter. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, in 
voiced Feb. 25, 1865, as follows: 500 blankets; 1,545 jackets; 
1,555 prs. pants; 1,418 shirts; 300 prs. socks; 1,000 prs. shoes. 

P. F. S. B r4 -8. 

1865, May 17, Pt. Lookout, Md. Alonzo Morgan, H. J. Carter 
and Geo. Russell to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 


Report in reply yours of the loth : goods shipped Mch. 
15 arrived 27th, except 100 shoes delayed forwarding receipt 
for their recovery not arriving by Apr. 17, we corrected re 
ceipt and forwarded with certificate of distribution enclose 
receipts, with certificate of distribution of 100 prs. No. 5 
shoes 41 This, with certificate of Mch. 14, 18, and Apr. 17, 
includes all received to date. 6^4-12. 

Endsd: Forwarded. 

Red N. Y. 20 May. 

1865, May 17, Pt. Lookout, Md. Alonzp Morgan, H. J. Carter, 
Geo. Russell [to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R/Beall.] 

Certify that we have distributed since statement of Apr. 
19, 1865, 100 prs. shoes. D. S. 1^-4-13. 

Rock Island, 111. 

1864, Dec. 19, Rock Island, 111., U. S. Military Prison. W. H. 
Middleton, Dept. Q.-M. ; W. J. Ferryman, ist sergt. 4th La. 
Batln. ; Thos. A. Cocke, ist sergt. Co. B, 2Qth Miss., to Brig.- 
Genl. W. N. R. Beall, etc. 

"General : We, the undersigned, Confederate Prisoners 
of War, having been duly elected by our comrades to "re 
ceive and issue supplies on their arrival," (as per your circu 
lar dated New York City, December 9th, 1864, having 
thoroughly inspected the prison, beg leave to make the fol 
lowing report: Number of prisoners in Barracks, Dec. I4th, 
6106. Number of prisoners in Hospital, Dec. I4th, 629. Total, 
6735. Of this number, there are, reporting themselves citi 
zens, 350. Leaving the whole number of enlisted men, 6385. 

Clothing and Blankets Needed. 

"Shoes, 2585 pairs ; Pants, 3490 pairs ; Socks, 6402 pairs ; 
shirts, 5235 pairs; Drawers, 5093 pairs; Jackets, 2407; Hats, 
1853 ; Blankets, 2130 pairs. 

"In this examination we have complied strictly with your 
instructions, so that, after the above named articles have been 
distributed, 42 each man will have only one whole suit of outer 

41 Cf. Atkins to Beall, Mch. n, 1865, supra, p. 97. 

42 The words "After . . . distributed" underlined in the original. 


garments, a change of under clothing, and, with few excep 
tions, only two blankets. A" majority of us have been prison 
ers since November, 1863, and many even for a longer period; 
a greater portion of us are from the extreme South, and en 
tirely cut off from all home supplies hence, the great demand 
for clothing; but, great as it is, we are forced to suggest a 
change of over shirts in addition. We assure you that, in 
making the above estimates, we have not been unmindful of 
the expense and inconvenience our Government is subjected 
to in carrying out their arrangements, and have made them as 
low as, in our opinion, the necessities of the men will admit. 


"The diet now issued to the prisoners is composed of the 
following articles and quantities, viz : Fresh or Salt Beef, in 
cluding tongues, livers, hearts and bones, 14 ounces per day, 
which, when cooked and issued, will not average more than 
six ounces to the man; Soft Wheaten Bread, when weighed 
fresh from the bakery, 16 ounces per day; Corn Bread, (infe 
rior quality.) when fresh, 18 ounces per day; Hominy, 2 
ounces per day; also, a small quantity of Vinegar and Salt. 
No Bacon or Pork has been issued to us since July last. The 
foregoing list comprises everything that is issued to us with 
the exception of Soap, of which we receive a sufficient quan 

"You see, from the above, that the quality and quantity are 
deficient. Especially is the list deficient in vegetables: so 
much so, that a large per cent, of the prisoners are suffering 
from scurvy. You see, also, that no fat is issued, except the 
small amount that is attached to our beef. This subjected 
us to no inconvenience during the summer months ; but now, 
during the extreme cold of this climate in winter, we feel 
much the need, and suffer for the stimulating and warming 
properties of meat containing fat. Our diet, confined as it 
is to so few articles, and such small amount of each, is pro 
ducing, in many instances, torpidity of the hepatic system, and 
consequently torpidity of the bowels, with the long catalogue 
of symptoms attending that departure from the law of nature. 
This could be entirely remedied by issuing vegetables pos- 


sessed of anti-scorbutic properties, which, while relieving us 
from the dreadful scourge of scurvy, would at the same time 
effectually counteract any tendency that salted pork or bacon 
would have to keep alive in our systems the germs of disease 
already there ; Vegetables would not only counteract this ten 
dency, but a sufficient amount would free us entirely from its 
ravages. We would respectfully, but especially, call your 
attention to this fact, as we have suffered much from scurvy, 
and many of our number have fallen victims to iu It is true 
that we have been permitted, within the last month, to pur 
chase vegetables from the prison sutler; but prices are so high, 
and so few prisoners have money, that comparatively little 
benefit is derived from the privilege. Our condition and com 
fort would also be enhanced to a great degree by the addition 
of Sugar and Coffee. In fact, we need the stimulating proper 
ties of Coffee or Tea, to support us against the rigors of a 
climate so much colder than the one to which we have been 

In addition to the quantity of food we are already receiv 
ing, we think that the health and comfort of the prisoners de 
mand the following: 

"Rations of Coffee and Sugar ; 4 ounces Bacon or Pork per 
day ; 4 ounces Flour ; Rations of Navy Beans. 

"This additional quantity, together with a few vegetables, 
would restore to the men the health and vigor they possessed 
last winter when abundant rations of the articles named were 
issued to them by the United States Government. 


"If not incompatible with the arrangement that has been 
entered into by the two Governments, we would call your 
attention to the fact that a small supply of medicines is much 
needed in the prison. There are many articles of medicine 
needed by prisoners when in the incipient stage of disease, 
which they are, under the present arrangement, entirely cut 
off from. Owing, often, to the crowded condition of the hos 
pital, and to the fact that the prison is visited only once a 
day by the Surgeons, and to other causes, men are debarred 
the advantages of early treatment, when a little judicious 


attention, and a small amount of medicine properly admin 
istered, would save the prisoner much suffering, and often 
life itself. We think the health and comfort of the prison 
would be enhanced by depositing a small lot of drugs inside, 
placed at the disposal of Confederate physicians, of whom we 
have some, judged competent to prescribe and dispense. 
Should this suggestion meet. with your approval, and that of 
the Federal authorities, we will forward to you a list of such 
medicines as are believed to be necessary. 


"The comfort of the prison would be much improved by 
the addition of Tobacco, as it is out of the power of many, 
who are inveterate chewers and smokers, to procure it. 

"In the foregoing, we have given you a statement of what 
we consider our actual necessities. We need not assure you, 
General, that we experienced much satisfaction, mingled with 
emotions of gratitude to our Government, when we learned 
that those wants were likely to be supplied. Hoping that 
the articles needed will soon arrive, with all the necessary in 
structions from yourself." 

Endsd: L. S. B.-I^I. 

"Respectfully forwarded with the following remarks. The 
ration issued to Prisoners of War is as follows 10 oz Pork 
or Bacon; 14 oz. Fresh Beef; 16 oz Flour or soft Bread; 14 oz 
Hard Bread (in lieu of Flour) ; 16 oz Corn Meal (in lieu of 
Flour) ; 12^ Ibs Beans or Peas; 8 Ibs Rice or Hominy; 4 Ibs 
of Soap ; 3 qts Vinegar ; 3! Ibs Salt, to 100 rations. Sugar 
and Coffee or Tea will be issued to the sick &c. The quality 
of the ration is exactly the same as issued to the troops of 
the Garrison, no distinction being made at all. The increase 
of 4 oz on Bacon and Flour as recommended in the within 
statement would increase the ration to two oz more than is 
issued to the troops of this Garrison. The scurvy patients 
have been always separated, and put in a Barrack by them 
selves, and vegetables issued to them, and allowed to be sold 
to them by the Prison Sutler on the Recommendation of the 
Surgeon in Charge, this system has been in force many 


months. The question of Medicines being issued to them in 
Barracks has been tried and found a failure, as it only tends 
to waste, and if a patient found sick in Barracks is allowed 
to Doctor himself, instead of being immediately taken to the 
hospital, the spread of disease would soon take place. The 
call of a Surgeon once per day has reference to those sick in 
Quarters. The charge of crowded accommodations in the 
Hospital cannot be sustained, as there are accommodations 
here for 900 sick; and the sick Report only shows 629, and 
most of those are the late arrivals from Price s Army. The 
Corps of Surgeons here comprises One Surgeon and Eleven 
Assistants, there is neither a lack of Medicine or Attendance 
and the Hospitals Dep t has attained a celebrity for the splen 
did manner in which it is conducted. The Prisoner s Hos 
pital especially challenges admiration from all." 

A. J. Johnson, Col., comdg., Dec. 23, 1864. 

L. S. B r i4-2. 

1865, Feb. 27, Rock Island, 111. W. F. Siemens, Col. etc., to 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Reached here on 2Oth to distribute supplies Col. George 
& Maj. Messick with me cost $30 to reach here are paroled 
"without a dollar" please send us $200 or authority to draw 
for current expenses. There are 3,500 men to be supplied 
here 1,000 left last week more have followed about 4,000 
have taken the oath, been released, or joined the Federal army 
this leaves 3,500 500 to 1,000 will be released weekly 
renew request for remittance I was commanding brigade in 
Dagan s Division, when captured near Fort Scott, Kansas, in 
October. 43 A .L. S. 6^14-3. 

1865, Feb. 28, Rock Island, [111.] W. F. Siemens, Col. etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies in 
voiced Feb. n, as follows: 1,000 blankets; 600 prs. drawers; 
1,200 prs. socks; 565 prs. pantaloons; 550 jackets; 770 gray 

43 Siemens commanded a brigade, with rank of colonel, as early as 
Dec. 1862. See O. R., s. 25, p. 717. For further reference to him, see 
O. R., s. u, p. 577; s 25, p. 902; s. 38, pp. 844, 885, 898, 905, 906, 912, 916, 
934, 1024, 1032 1046. 


flannel shirts ; 22 boxes sundries for prisoners ; "except one 
box of jackets." P. F. S. 6^14-4. 

Re. N. Y. 26 Mar. 

1865, Mch. 5, Rock Island, 111. W. F. Siemens, Col. etc. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, in 
voiced Feb. 22, 1865, as follows: 480 blankets; 1,000 jackets; 
i, 080 prs. pants ; 1,990 shirts ; 500 prs. drawers ; 200 prs. socks ; 
10 boxes tobacco "except one box drawers, 200 prs. not 
found." p. F. S. Bi-14-5. 

[1865,] Mch. 15, Rock Island, 111. W. F. Siemens, Col. etc., 
to [Brig.-]Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Yours of 7th received distribution progresses one box 
missing have had difficulty because applicants for release 
under the oath refuse to be exchanged these are not sup 
plied have no intimation of what is to be sent. 

Rec N. Y. 26 Mar. 65. A. L. S. B r i4-6. 

[1865,] Mch. 16, Rock Island, 111. W. F. Siemens [,Col.] to 
[Brig.-JGenL [W. N. R. Beall.] 

Complain that no allowance was made us for expenses 
here ask $50 for former and preliminary expenses. 
Re N. Y. 26 Mar. A. L. S. 6 

1865, Mch. 15, Rock Island, 111. W. F. Siemens [,Col.] 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for supplies, in 

voiced Feb. 28, as follows: 200 jackets; 240 prs. pants; 300 

prs. drawers; 300 prs. socks; 1,100 prs. shoes. 

Re N. Y. 27 Mar. P. F. S. 6^14-7. 

1865, Mch. 30, Rock Island B[arrac]ks, 111. W. F. Siemens, 
Col., etc., to [Brig.-]Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Yours of 23rd received all supplies distributed are 
about 1500 prisoners here none have arrived for some 
months no prisoners sent forward for exchange since i8th 
commandant has no orders to do so require for prisoners 
already here 200 jackets, 200 prs. pants, 200 prs. drawers and 
175 prs. shoes forward returns tomorrow. 

Rec d N. Y. 30 Apr. 65. L. S. B r i4-io. 


1865, Apr. 2, Rock Island B[arrac]ks, 111. W. F. Siemens, 
Col., etc., to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Yours of 27th with check for $75 received enclose dupli 
cate receipts forwarded full returns to 3Oth ulto. on that 
date are glad you intend to make effort to get our exchange 
Col. George and Maj. Messeck have already written you 
on that subject Maj. [Messick] and I wish exchange to 
Trans-Miss. Dept. our commands are there. 

R cd. N. Y. 1 7th Apl. 65- L. S. B^H-II. 

[1865,] Apr. 5, Rock Island, 111. W. F. Siemens, [Col., etc.] 
to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Your shipment of nth ulto., 13 boxes from South, is re 
ceived our work is done, everything is issued. 

Rc d N. Y. to Apl. 765. A. L. S. 6^14-12. 


1864, Dec. 19-1865, Feb. 14, [New York.] W. N. R. Beall, 

Brig.-Genl., etc. 

Memoranda of telegrams sent, relating chiefly to pur 
chases of supplies. A. C. B t -37. 

1865, Jany. 4-Apr. 26, [New York.] Abstract of Clothing and 
Supplies purchased by Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Entries between these dates for purchases of supplies from 
various dealers. The largest single account is that of M. N. 
Rogers, voucher 42, for $118,640.24. Excluding minor items 
for office furniture ,etc., the total purchases are : 17,759 
blankets; 248 coats; 18,505 jackets; 21,790 prs. pants; 26,531 
shirts; 16,638 prs. drawers; 25,317 prs. socks; 21,840 prs. 
shoes. Total expenditure, $362,751.29. 

D. n. S. B r 22-i. 

Vouchers attached [Nos. i-48 44 ] for all accounts listed. 

[1865, Jany. 5-May 26, New York.] "Abstract of Disburse 
ments on account of Quarter Mr s Deptm t by Brig.-Gen. W. 
N. R. Beall, P. C. S. A., Agent to Supply Prisoners of War." 

44 No. 32 missing, No. 41 in duplicate. 


Entries between these dates for contingent expenses, in 
cluding rent, insurance, clerk s hire, mileage, etc., with the 
expenses of his assistant Brig.-Genl. R. B. Vance, and the ex 
penses of various distributing committees at the camps. 25 
vouchers, 2 statements and 2 insurance policies covering the 
same. D. 6^34. 

1865, Jany.-Feb., [New York.] List of the Contracts made by 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall, for clothing supplies. 

Awarded on sample to various northern firms: 6,000 
jackets @ $5.10; 6000 prs. grey mixed pants, @ $3.40; 3,000 
prs. brown mixed pants @ $3.60; 10,000 prs. grey pants 
@ $3-875; 10,000 grey infantry jackets @ $5.375; 400 prs. 
shoes @ $2.025; 4,000 shirts @ $2.166; 4,000 prs. drawers 
@ $1.175 ; 2000 jackets @. . . . ; 2,000 prs. pants @ $8.50; 4,000 
prs. shoes @ $1.975. A. D. n. S. 6^27-1. 

1865, Feb. i-Mch. i, Baltimore, Md. Hopkins, Hull & Atkin 
son to Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

10 letters relative to purchases in Baltimore and else 
where the advisibility of purchasing shoes from George 
Johnson of Boston proposed expenditures by women of Bal 
timore unimportant. A. L. S. B^SI. 

[1865, Feb.-May, New York.] Entry-book of Shipments to 
prisoners of war, by Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Arranged by places, and by dates, agreeing with detailed 
summary Bj-21-3, an d general summary, Bj-2i-2. Page I, 
Index. Bi-21-i. 

[1865, Apr. 24-May 2, New York.] List of Sales of stock of 
Brig.-Genl. W. N. R. Beall. 

Evidently his surplus-stock includes furniture, clothing, 
etc. Total sales, $3,442.90. A. n. S. 6^-35. 

1865, May 24, New York. Duncan, Sherman & Co. to "W. N. 
R. Beall, Esq." 

Enclose your account, showing debit balance of $53.70. 

P. F. S. B 


The account shows credit by net proceeds of sale of 828 
bales of cotton, per Atlanta, Feb. 15, 1865, $331,789.66; and 
net proceeds of sale of 170 bales of cotton per Empire City, 
$23,944.76. Credit account, with interest, $355.788.12. 

D. S. Bj-36-2. 

Endsd : "$53.70 due (settled about 26th May 765." 

1865, Feb. 4 Apr. 25, [New York.] "Abstract of Clothing 
& Supplies furnished Confederate Prisoners of War from 
February 4th, 1865, to Apr. 25, 1865, by B g Genl. W. N. R. 
Beall, P. C. S. A. Prld. Pris. & Agt. to Supply Prisoners of 

Gives complete list of shipments. 

Printed, see O. R., S. 121, 750. 

A. n. S. B-21-2. 



This volume contains the daily journal of Chas. E. Lining, 
Past Asst. Surg., C. S. N., kept during the entire cruise of 
the Shenandoah. It adds little to the present information re 
garding the chief events of the long voyage of the cruiser, 
but gives many interesting side-lights on the conditions un 
der which the cruise was made, the character of the crew, 
the personalities of the officers in a word, it gives a care 
ful and graphic picture of daily life. The statements regard 
ing the discussion as to the disposition of the ship are of 
especial interest, as are the comments on the threatening in 
terning of the "Shenandoah" at Melbourne. 

It has been thought expedient to make daily entries from 
this record, even when there is "no news," in order to show 
the exact position of the ship day by day during what was 
one of the most memorable cruises of the war. 

Lining was a native of South Carolina, and served in the 
United States navy on the "Cyane," until 1860. Returning 
then to America, he resigned and joined the Confederate 
navy, with commission as Asst.-Surgeon. From his "Cyane" 
journal, his movements can be accurately followed until 
1862. No record has been found however, in which he is 
mentioned, until he is listed in the prospective crew of the 
"Shenandoah." A few hints in his journal seem to indi 
cate that he was in England a portion of this time. 1 

MS. pp. 173. 25. 

Oct. 18, 1864. 

Arrived in the "Laurel" off Funchal, Island of Madeira, 
on night of the I4th signalled the "Sea King" on the night 
of the i/th clearance issued the next morning for the 

1 The Official Records , Naval, (s. I, v. 3, pp. 749-836), contain a partial 
abstract of the log of the Shenandoah, with a narrative of Commander 
J. I. Waddell, and some miscellaneous material. Scharf s account of the 
Shenandoah (History Confederate Navy, N. Y., 1887, p. 809 ff.) is unsat- 


the "Laurel" joined the "Sea King" off the Pugio trans 
ferred cargo off that island officers working with crew 
the "Sea King" a fine vessel accommodations for officers 

Oct. 19, 1864. 

The officers worked till last midnight the crew until I 
A. M. everything transferred by 2 o clock difficulty in pro 
curing a crew only 20 men shipped these for a vessel of 
1160 tons and 8 guns disappointment among the officers 
difficulty in loading ship strange sail in sight the "Laurel" 
intercepts it two more men and a carpenter ship from the 
"Laurel" the Confederate flag run up "Laurel" salutes and 
sails the ship in commission get up steam and leave "our 
only trust being in a just God, and in our cause." 

Oct. 20, 1864. Lat. 31-iy-oN. Long. ly-s 

Steam only by day only three firemen I am made ca 
terer of the ward-room every one at work ship beginning 
to shape up passed many sail did not speak any of them. 

Oct. 21, 1864. Lt. 2Q-52-oN. Long. 17-55-oW. 

Mounted five guns today Palmas in sight 

Oct. 22, 1864. Lat. 2Q-22N. Long. ig-o-oW. 

Guns mounted they point towards cabins no ports 
made one carpenter aboard battery of 5 8-inch shell guns, 
2 whitworth rifle 32-pounders, 2 12-pounder Howitzers 

October 23, 1864. Lat. 27-54-0^ Long. ig-52-oW. 

Engine run most of day am making out ration sheet 

Oct. 24, 1864. Lat. 26-4QN. Long. ig-52W. 

Working in getting ship in order squall at night. 

Oct. 25, 1864. Lat. 24-iyN. Long. 23-16 [W.] 

Summary of the week s work much done much yet to 
be done 

Oct. 26, 1864. Lat. 22-33N. Long. 24-34W. 

Get my cabin in shape sighted a vessel looked like a 
Yankee she outsailed us. 


Oct. 27. [Lat.] 21-osN. Long. 25-43 W. 

First regular chase ship proves to be "Mogul" of Lon 
don English owned show our colors. 
Oct. 28, 1864. Lat. 18-58-soN. Long. 26-io-soW. 

Magazine stored suspicious ships sighted lost at dark 

Oct. 29, 1864. Lat. i6-47N. Long. 26-43W. 

Overhauled the barque "Alina" of Searsport, Maine her 
cargo many valuable fittings taken off scuttled and sank 
her some of her crew ship her captain a rascal 

Oct. 30, 1864. Lat. I5-25N. Long. 26-44W. 

Seven of the "Alina s" crew have shipped a great help 

Oct. 31, 11864. Lat. I3-34-20N. Long. 27-i8-soW. 

Rain during the night ship sighted shows English flag 
leave her. 

Nov. i, 1864. Lat. I2-22N. Long. 27-5iW. 

Nov. 2, 1864. Lat. (DR)io-36N. Long. (DR)27-57W. 

Squally rains officers do their washing. 

Nov. 3, 1864. Lat. (DR)g-5oN. Long. (DR)28-2o[W]. 

Rain no wind under steam. 

Nov. 4, 1864. Lat. 8-23N. Long. 27-54W. 

Under sail cleaning ship O Shea the carpenter feigns 
sickness clothes-drying sail in sight suspicious. 

Nov. 5, 1864. Lat. (DR)7-38N. Long. (DR) 27-49 W. 

At 7 A. M., overhauled the "Charter Oak" of San Fran 
cisco thirty days out from Boston cargo furniture par 
ticularly needed from her cargo the captain s family aboard 
transfer of cargo effort to save preserved fruit ice aboard 
deceptive all had melted vessel burned. 

Nov. 6, 1864. Lat. 7-27-isN. Long. 27-I3W. 

General muster articles of war read lady prisoners very 
well satisfied 


Nov. 7, 1864. Lat. 6-28-asN. Long. (DR>27-6-W. 

Overhaul the barque "D. Godfrey," Boston to Valparaiso 
valuable cargo mess beef could not be reached fired 
nearly all of her crew shipped 

Nov. 8, 1864. Lat. 4-42N. Long. 28-24W. 

One month ago boarded the "Laurel" one Hindu from 
the "Alina" signs and becomes steward the messes arranged 
ward-room cleared up sail in sight 

Nov. 9, 1864. Lat. 4-43N. Long 26-52W. 

Sighted and overhauled the Danish brig "Anna Jane" 
bound for Rio she accepted eight of the prisoners impolicy 
of shipping them so soon will probably inform the enemy 
overhaul but did not board the "Royal Saxon" of New Sid 
ney guns run out, but no ports yet made 

Nov. 10, 1864. Lat. 4-20-30 [N]. Long. 2g-36W. 

Overhauled under sail the brig "Susan" of New York 
bound from Cardiff to Rio Grande del Sul cargo of coal 
little taken off a smart vessel dogs taken off her one kept 
as pet one or two sail in sight 

Nov. n, 1864. Lat. 3-n8N. Long. 27-35~3oW. 
Good breeze little happening. 

Nov. 12, 1864. Lat. I-45N. Long. 2Q-22W. 

Overhauled "Kate Prince," of Portsmouth, N. H., Cardiff 
to Bahia, loaded with coals cargo neutal bonded for $40,000 
prisoners transferred her captain sends two barrels of 
potatoes overhaul the "Adelaide" condemned, cargo trans 
ferred mistake found, and released cargo owned by South 
ern sympathiser bonded for form the vessel evidently neu 
tral will cause complications 

Nov. 13, 1864. Lat. i-4oN. Long. 28-24W. 

First muster in uniform overhaul schooner "Lizzie M. 
Stacy," Boston to Honolulu miscellaneous cargo transferred 
and ship burned danger of fouling the "Shenandoah" 

Nov. 14, 1864. Lat. i-3Q-2oN. Long. 28-oiW. 

Fair good breeze 


Nov. 15, Lat. 0-2-308. Long. 2g~3iW. 

Crossing the Line "Neptune" comes aboard the officers 
who had not crossed ducked and shaved relieves monotony 

Nov. 16, 1864. Lat. 2-468. Long. 30-oyW. 

In the trades have a talk with Whittle about "the skip- 

Nov. 17, 1864. Lat. 5-398. Long. 3o-so-3oW. 

Orders issued for officers not to leave ward-room without 
uniform gray jackets and caps 

Nov. 18, 1864. Lat. 8-36-308. Long. zi-i^W. 
Fine breeze. 

Nov. 19, 1864. Lat. 11-458. Long. 3I-23W. 

A month aboard sail sighted 

Nov. 20, 1864. Lat. 14-508. Long. 3I-33W. 

Sunday muster overhaul an English vessel another sail 
in sight 

Nov. 21, 1864. Lat. 16-368. Long. 3i-s8W. 

The sail proves a Dutch barque four sail in sight no 
prize among them 

Nov. 22, 1864. Lat. 18-368. Long. 3i-5iW. 

Sight the English ship "Harwhich" passed her north of 
the line 

Nov. 23, 1864. Lat. 21-25-308. Long. 32-O2W. 
"Harwhich" again fine breeze. 

Nov. 24, 11864. Lat. 24-418. Long. 3I-28W. 

Overhaul Norwegian ship "Rubens" sight another 

Nov. 25, 1864. Lat. 27-38-268. Long. 3O-I2W. 

Sight English barque name not given have lost trade- 

Nov. 26, 1864. Lat. 28-548. Long. 28-48 W. 

Changing weather. 


Nov. 27, 1864. Lat. 29-038. Long. 26-36W. 

Inspection no muster. 

Nov. 28, 1864. Lat. 30-43-558. Long. 26-40 W. 

Sharp blow. 

Nov. 29, 1864. Lat. 32-34-3o[S]. Long. 25-11 [W.] 
Squalls rain 

Nov. 30, 1864. Lat. 34-21-308. Long. 23-43-45 W. 

No news 

Dec. i, 1864. Lat. 35-53-308. Long. 2i-5oW. 

In whaling grounds. 

Dec. 2, 1864. Lat. 37-22-408. Long. ig-33W. 

Fair wind no sail. 

Dec. 3, 1864. Lat. 38-7-108. Long. i5-2gW. 

Only 160 miles from Island of Tristan de Cunha we per 
suade the Captain to go there 

Dec. 4, 1864. Lat. 27-478. Long. I2-3O-3OW. 

Sight and overhaul the Italian ship "Dea del Mare," Genoa 
to Rangoon sight a suspicious craft dispute as to its na 
ture thought to be a gunboat steer off overhaul and take 
the whaling barque "Edward" of New Bedford much valu 
able provisions aboard prize crew left 

Dec. 5, 1864. Lat. (DR.) 37-55-408. Long. (DR.)io-44-3oW. 

Engaged in transferring the "Edward s" cargo much 
needed delicacies 

Dec. 6, 1864. Lat. 37-45-128. Long. io-53~45W. 

Finish transferring cargo chase of an English vessel 
the "Edward s" whale boats sail for Tristan d Cunha to 
land prisoners 

Dec. 7, 1864. Lat - 37-47S. Long. 1 2-30-30 W. 

Tristan d Cunha landing prisoners description of the 
island trade with the Islanders provisions left behind for 
the prisoners their gratitude 


Dec. 8, 1864. Lat. 37-05-408. Long. io-o2-3oW. 

Out of sight of Tristan trouble with the coupler-band of 
the propeller shaft repairs. 

Dec. 9, 1864. Lat. 37-29-308. Long. (DR)7~i4-3oW. 

Work on coupler-band had been cracked before pro 
peller house repaired 

Dec. 10, 1864. Lat. 37-35-468. Long. 5-38-isW. 

Propeller house repaired no damage the geese refuse to 

Dec. n, 1864. Lat. 38-34-408. Long. 2-38W. 

Thoughts of home good-feeling among the officers 
Smith the life of all- 
Dec. 12, 1864. Lat. 39-208. Long. o-i5~3oE. 

Rolling cross opposite Greenwich line 

Dec. 13, 1864. Lat 40-178. Long. 3-37-isE. 
Heavy sea accidents to Chew. 2 

Dec. 14, 1864. Lat. 40-55-308. Long. 7-47-30E. 
Heavy sea rolling. 

Dec. 15, 1864. Lat 41-358. Long. I2-26-3OE. 

Making 10 knots 

Dec. 16, 1864. Lat. 41-358. Long. I7-O9E. 

Passing Long, of the Cape today fearful rolling. 

Dec. 17, 1864. Lat 41-39-208. Long. 22-34-3oE. 

Misunderstanding between Chew and the Captain it is 
arranged peace restored 

Dec. 18, 1864. Lat 42-00-008. Long. 25-53-30 [E.] 
Better sea. 

Dec. 19, 1864. Lat 42-128. Long. 3O-O2E. 

Signs of squall no news. 

2 Francis T. Chew, Lieutenant, C. S. N. See O. R., Naval, s. i, v. 3, 
P- 757- 


Dec. 20, 1864. Lat. 42-108. Long. 34-44E. 

Fine day run to noon the longest yet made. 

Dec. 21, 11864. Lat. 42-5-308. Long. 38-i8~3oE. 

Delightful day the mess is chess mad 

Dec. 22, 1864. Lat. 42-00-008. Long. 4I-34E. 

Very cold 

Dec. 23, 1864. Lat. 42-268. Long. 44-O4E. 

No news. 

Dec. 24, 1864. Lat 43-27-308. Long. 47~3iE. 

Running before a gale 

Dec. 25, 1864. Lat. 42-578. Long. 53-25E. 

Heavy sea floods the ward-room everyone in good humor 
fine dinner thoughts of England and of home "What an 
awful thing this war is, and how terribly those at home have 
suffered may it soon cease !" 

Dec. 26, 1864. Lat. (DR)4i-55S. Long. (DR)59-osE. 

Much warmer water 9 warmer sight a brig outrun 

Dec. 27, 1864. Lat. 41-41-208. Long. 6o-47E. 

Pleasant day regulation of meal-hours 

Dec. 28, 1864. Lat. (DR)4i-3oS. Long. (DR.)65-soE. 


Dec. 29, 1864. Lat. 39-138. Long. 68-33E. 

Overhaul and take the barque "Delphine" of Bangor, 
Maine, from London to Akyab almost empty her Captain 
tries to prevent burning ship because of a sick wife the wife 
brought aboard not sick ship burned crew late in return 

Dec. 30, 1864. Lat. 38-41-408. Long. 70-igE. 

Items about the prisoners a boy aboard from the prize 

Dec. 31, 1864. Lat. (DR.)38-39[?]S. Long. (DR)72-5oE. 

Thoughts of the year. 


Jany. i, 1865. Lat. 38-24-078. Long. 75-O2E. 

Fair day the captured Capt. Nicholds [Nichols ] premo 
nitions of trouble 

Jany. 2, 1865. Lat. 38-398. Long. 77-33^. 

Island of St. Paul captain gives permission for officers to 
go ashore land in whale boat French fishing settlement 
purchase and barter fishing off the island. 

Jany. 3, 1865. Lat. 38-52-138. Long. 8o-o6-4sE. 

Good breeze Mrs. Nichols agreeable whist-party. 

Jany. 4, 1865. Lat. (DR.) 39-00-008. Long. (DR.)8s-i3E. 

Fine run the Quartermaster in a fight 

Jany. 5, 1865. Lat. 38-58-358. Long. 88-i9-isE. 

Chew made Prize-Master to keep him off watch quarrel 
for precedence 

Jany. 6, 1865. Lat. 38-21-058. Long. S 

Flirtations with Mrs. Nichols her husband jealous my 

Jany. 7. Lat. 39-08-208. Long. 93-25-45E. 

Fine day Chew made ordnance officer Whittle protests 

with the Captain against telling where he is bound fears 
trouble aboard yet. 

Jany. 8, 1865. Lat. 39-48-208. Long. 98-I2E. 

Steward sick 

Jany. 9, 1865. Lat. (DR) 39-488. Long. (DR.)io2-siE. 

No news 

Jany. 10, 1865. Lat. 39-548. Long. io4-5oE. 

Lieut. Bulloch s eyes affected changes in the watch 
Chew takes his place 

Jany. n, 1865. Lat. 40-10-128. Long. 107-1 i-3oE. 

Approaching Australia trying to persuade the Captain to 
coast chess mania still on 


Jany. 12, 1865. Lat. 39-58-398. Long. 

Wiriting letters curious sky beautiful sunset playing 

Jany. 13, 1865. Lat. 38-58-468. Long. H3-38E. 

Cleaning ship Captain insists on making port 

Jany. 14, 1865. Lat. 38-11-118. Long. ii4-3iE. 

Beautiful day efforts to pull the mate s tooth fencing 

Jany. 15, 1865. Lat. 39-348. Long. 
Rainy no quarters no inspection 

Jany. 16, 1/865. Lat. 39-56-598. Long. 

Under steam towards land useless expenditure falling 
block injures a prisoner 

Jany. 17, 1865. Lat. 39-32-148. Long. i22-i6-52E. 

Overhauled and examined the "Nimrod," of London, 
formerly the "Sancho Panze" of Maine her transfer valid 
her captain sends brandy trouble with the engines 

Jany. 18, 1865. Lat. 39-24-168. Long. i24-5i-isE. 

Under sail propeller gives way on former injury mak 
ing preparations to repair small gale blowing 

Jany. 19, 1865. Lat. 38-22-328. Long. I25-43-3OE. 

Weather Capt. Nichols opinion of Capt. Waddell 
tender remembrances of "Miss Mary S." one year ago 

Jany. 20, 1865. Lat. 36-34-278. Long. I26-37-45E. 

Clearing ship shifting magazines whist 

Jany. 21, 1865. Lat. 36-22-538. Long. I28-O9-45E. 

Making ten knots painting ship appearance of a comet 

Jany. 22, 1865. Lat. 37-06-338. Long. 131-03-45 [E]. 

Three sail in sight captain passed one one proves a 
Swede, the other English remarked the mail date at Mel 
bourne the captain resolves to make it thinks it unwise as 
burning coal uselessly would also spread our whereabouts 


Jany. 23, 1865. Lat. 37-58-188. Long. I35-34-45E. 

Ship sighted no chase captain wishes to make the mail 
station form of parole changed prisoners not only pledge 
not to serve against the Confederacy, but also not to give any 
information leading to the detriment of the ship Capt. 
Nichols signs his wife speaks her mind 

Jany. 24, 1865. Lat. 38-30-398. Long. I4O-I7E. 
Fine run. 

Jany. 25, 1865. "Running in for Melbourne." 

Making the bay clear quarantine bill appearance of 
Hobson s Bay came to anchor about 6:30 sensation among 
the shipping curious visitors custom-house boat wishes to 
treat us as merchantmen Captain permits a step in that 
direction Grimball sent ashore with a communication for the 
Governor did not see him 

Jany. 26, 1865. Hobson s Bay, off Melbourne. 

Besieged by visitors refuse them admission until two 
o clock then all admitted their curiosity and interest 
went everywhere Governor sends permission to repair asks 
the nature of the repairs 3 

Jany. 27, 1865. Same station. 

Visit to the Melbourne Club official call on the Gover 
nor, Sir Charles Darling, by the captain and chief officers 
he did not fulfill his engagement visits in the city celebra 
tions dining out night ashore 

Jany. 28, 1865. Same station. 

Return early to the ship visitors aboard all day 

Jany. 29, 1865. Same station. 

Church ashore unpleasant afternoon return on sun 
down boat immense crowds aboard the rail-road brought 
down 7,000 said to have been so numerous that the decks 
were full two steamboat loads could not get aboard 

3 See the correspondence regarding repairs in O. R., loc. cit, pp. 761- 


Jany. 30, 1865. Same station. 

Visit ashore unimportant 

Jany 3ist, 1865. Same station. 

Visitors again the officers dined at the Melbourne Club 
successful affair no responses to toasts night on shore. 

Feb. i, 1865. Same station. 

Feb. 2, 1865. Same station. 

Ship under sailing orders went ashore for dinner with Dr. 
Rowe a real sympathiser with the South. 

Feb. 3, 1865. Same station. 

Gunner Guy came aboard after deserting was kicked into 
his boat. 

Feb. 4, 1865. Same station. 

Ship goes over to Williamston stores to be discharged 
into lighters visits to medical friends a night on shore. 

Feb. 5, 1865. Same station. 

Return to the ship visitors. 

Feb. 6, 1865. Same station 

Begin to discharge stores gale comes up danger to the 

Feb. 7, 1865. Same station. 

Ship moved into the bay dull day ashore 

Feb. 8, 1865. Same station. 

Efforts to get the ship into the slip ashore for visits 

Feb. 9, 1865. Same station. 

Visit to Ballarat return evening of the nth. 

Feb. 12, 1865. "On slip at Williamston." 

Ship in the slip rushing repairs 

Feb. 13, 1865. Same station. 

Visits ashore 


Feb. 14, 1865. Same station. 

Visit ashore find ship in great commotion on my return 
officer came down yesterday with a warrant for one Charlie, 
claiming he had shipped on the Shenandoah GrimbalT showed 
shipping articles, but refused to allow search officer re 
turned today Captain met him also refused to allow search, 
but denied the man was aboard said no one had shipped, 
no one would be allowed to ship here about 5 :3O a body of 
200 police with royal artillery took possession of the slip 
the council ordered all work stopped on the ship great hu 
miliation aboard In the afternoon, Jas. G. Francis, Commis 
sioner of Trade and Customs, sent a letter stating that because 
of Waddell s refusal to allow the proper service of the warrant 
all facilities afforded would be suspended, and urging with 
drawal of the refusal Wacldell called council decided to re 
ply that no such man was aboard, and again to refuse search 
I suggested the ship be searched by an officer done, no one 
found aboard wrote the letter myself Bullock later reported 
storeaways still aboard reported to Whittle the men found 
and sent ashore 4 

Feb. 15, 1865. Same station. 

Police still around the ship newspapers state that one of 
the men sent ashore was Charlie the ship ready to move 
the Chief of the slip refused to move her, claiming the ship 
was in the possession of the government a letter sent to 
Francis 5 he replies releasing the ship 6 trip ashore unim 
portant am glad the difficulty is over; anticipated at one time 
that ship would have to be given up 

Feb. 1 6, 1865. Hobson s Bay- 
Ship busy in taking coal from the "John Fraser" 

Feb. 17, 1865. Same station 

Finished coaling the "Great Britain" arrives from Liver- 

4 See correspondence in O. R., loc. cit., pp. 761-766. 

5 See ibid., p. 771. 
See ibid., p. 772. 


pool letters expected efforts made to trap the "Shenan- 
doah" into shipping men contrary to law all offers refused 

Feb. 18, 1865. "Steaming out of Hobson s Bay." 

Steam up at daylight safely out of the bay soon after 
the pilot was discharged, 42 stowaways come above decks 
all gladly shipped useful men among them 

Feb. 19, 1865. Lat. (DR.) 38-538. Long. 14 

Pass Bass strait under sail ships in sight 

Feb. 20, 1865. Lat. 38-158. Long. I4Q-37E. 

Trying to make Cape Howe use a new galley 

Feb. 21, 11865. Lat. 38-068. Long. I5O-23E. 

Out of sight of land by night one sail in sight not a 

Feb. 22, 1865. Lat. 38-32-188. Long. i52-is-3oE. 

Drank the fourth anniversary of the inauguration of the 

Feb. 23, 1865. Lat. 38-14-188. Long. i55-4g-i5E. 

No news. 

Feb. 24, 1865. Lat. 36-50-598. Long. i6o-i7E. 
No news. 

Feb. 25, 1865. Lat. 35-198. Long. i64~54E. 
No entry. 

Feb. 26, 1865. Lat. 34-238. Long. i67-i5-isE. 
Read articles of war to the new crew 

Feb. 27, 1/865. Lat. 34-0-08. Long. i67-s8E. 
No wind. 

Feb. 28, 1865. Lat. 32-218. Long. i69-i7~3oE. 

No sail since leaving Cape Howe thought we were bound 
for New Zealand complaint at vascillation of the Captain 

Mch. i, 1865. Lat. 30-31-498. Long. I7O-49-45E. 

Caulking fired loaded guns for the first time 


Mch. 2, 1865. Lat. 28-12-568. Long. i7i-c>4-i5E. 

Some men went through the propeller tunnel and tapped 
a barrel of rum more than 50 gallons gone two men found 

Mch. 3, 1865. Lat. 25-50-148. Long. I7I-I2E. 
No news. 

Mch. 4, 1865. Lat. 23-07-438. Long. I70-42-33E. 

Began to steam is blowing hard steam stopped 

Mch. 5, 1865. Lat. (DR)24-io-25S. Long. i7i-ig-33E. 

Heaviest gale yet experienced 

Mch. 6, 1865. Lat. 25-29-518. Long. i7i-37~45E. 
Moderating somewhat. 

Mch. 7, 1865. Lat. 26-43-178. Long. I72-32E. 
Weather better. 

Mch. 8, 1865. Lat. 27-05-78. Long. I72-36E. 

Gale broken have worn considerably to the South 

Mch. 9, 1865. Lat. 26-258. Long. I73-46E. 

Bullock back on duty will relieve Chew pity for the 

Mch. 10, 1865. Lat. 25-238. Long. I74-34E. 
Under steam. 

Mch. n, 1865. Lat. 23-14-458. Long. I73-43E. 

Stop steam. 

Mch. 12, 1865. Lat. 21-238. Long. i73-o8E. 

Articles of war read sick 

Mch. 13, 1865. Lat 118-568. Long. I73-3O-3OE. 
Filling shells I hope they never will be used 

Mch. 14, 1865. Lat. 15-32-458. Long. I74-O7E. 
Sick no news 


Mch. 15, 1865. Lat. 13-378. Long. i75-o6E. 

Rain light and contrary winds 

Mch. 16, 1865. Lat. 12-538. Long. 173-syE. 

Not even a bird in sight 

Mch. 17, 1865. Lat. 12-408. Long. I74-27E. 
No news. 

Mch. 18, 1865. Lat. 11-188. Long. I73-36E. 

No entry. 

Mch. 19, 1865. Lat. 11-058. Long. I72-28E. 

Little rain first time it did not pour for months 

Mch. 20, 1865. Lat. 10-268. Long. I7I-58E. 

Captain disgusted we get up steam heading for Drum- 
mond s Island 

Mch. 21, 1865. Lat. 8-35-308. Long. I72-57E. 

Very hot 

Mch. 22, 1865. Lat. 5-438. Long. i73-4oE. 

Still under steam. 

Mch. 23, 1865. Lat. 2-30-208. Long. I73-O2E. 

Near Drummond s island Captain expects to catch seven 

Mch. 24, 1865. Lat. 1-218. Long. I74-22E. 

In sight of Drummond s island three naked natives ap 
proach the ship state no whalers have been there for a long 
time Captain disgusted again 

Mch. 25, 11865. Lat. 0-238. Long. 173-osE. 

No captures yet believe it due to bad management 

Mch. 26, 1865. Lat. o-g-3oN. Long. I7O-55E. 

Cross the line my fourth time only want to finish cruise 
and get out of the ship 

Mch. 27, 1865. Lat. i-i8N. Long. I7O-57E. 

Blowing hard many thought they saw a sail 


Mch. 28, 1865. Lat. 2-36-45N. Long. i68-5Q-3oE. 
No news. 

Mch. 29, 1865. Lat. (DR.) 3-43N. Long. (DR.) i66-ssE. 

Sight and overhaul an Hawaiian schooner can give no 
news says no ships are at Strong s Island 

Mch. 30, 1865. Lat. 5-0-45N. Long. i63~4 

Sight and coast Strong s or Oualan Island no sail make 
for Ascension 

Mch. 31, 1865. Lat. 6-6-i6N. Long. 

Sight and pass McKeskell s island Ascension in sight 
no news 

April i, 1865. Ponassi Island, (Ascension.) 

Pilot comes off make the middle harbor four vessels there 
take possession of and condemn all one claims to be Ha 
waiian think myself the transfer is valid, but she was con 
demned description of the islands the captains put in irons 
on the ship cargoes and supplies transferred ships left to 
their crews 

April 2, 1865. Same station. 

A visit from the king a visit in return descriptions of 
the natives 

April 3, 1865. Same station. 

Two of the prizes visited had been looted by their crews 
further cargo shipped one set afire 

April 4, 1865. Same station. 

Two of the vessels burned 

April 5, 1865. Same station. 

Shooting-party ashore rain 

April 6, 1865. Same station. 
Fishing-trip no news 

April 7, 1865. Same station. 
No news. 


April 8, 1865. Same station. 

Visit to "the celebrated ruins." 

April g, 1865. Same station. 
Visit to the king 

April 10, 1865. Same station. 

Last prize brought alongside her supplies shifted ves 
sel then burned a fishing trip 

April ii, 1865. Same station. 

Preparations for departure. 

April 12, 1865. Same station. 

Departure postponed visit to "Susannah Banana" the 
King s sister. 

April 13, 1865. Lat. 7-04 [N.] Long. 158-30 [E.] 

Cleared harbor I suppose Guam is prospective point 

April 14, 1865. Lat. Q-35-35N. Long. 156-03^. 

Fine wind. 

April 15, 1865. Lat. 12-15-45^ Long. i54-i5~3oE. 

Not going to Guam course straight north 

April 16, 1865. Lat. 14-45-12^ Long. I52-23E. 


April 17, 1865. Lat. 17-35^ Long. i5o-27-isE. 

On the lookout for ships from California to China this 
their track. 

April 18, 1865. Lat. ig-4iN. Long. 

Really cruising have run across other vessels 

April 19, 1865. Lat. 19-45-56!^. Long. iso-ioE. 
No news. 

April 20, 1865. Lat. 19-30-30^ Long. i5o-2g-3oE. 

"Same old thing." 


April 21, 1865. Lat. 2o-2iN. Long. 
No news. 

April 22, 1865. Lat. 2o-n-2oN. Long. 
No entry. 

April 23, 1.865. Lat - i8-43-3oN. Long. 
No sail in sight. 

April 24, 1865. Lat. (DR)2O-O2N. Long. I5O-44E. 
Cloudy captain says he will course northwards. 

April 25, 1865. Lat. 22-09 [N.] Long. i5o-i6-isE. 

Thoughts of a year ago still going northward. 

April 26, 1865. Lat. 23-s6-3oN. Long. 150-1 lE. 
No news. 

April 27, 1865. Lat. 25-15-45!^. Long. i5o-i8-isE. 

No news. 

April 28, 1865. Lat. 26-45-15]^. Long. iso-i4E. 
Good wind. 

April 29, 1865. Lat. 29-57-30^ Long. iso-ig-soE. 
Variable winds. 

April 30, 1865. Lat. 3I-35N. Long. i5o-26-isE. 

No news. 

May i, 1865. Lat. 33-oi-2oN. Long. I5O-48-I5E. 

Gale in clear weather choosing a caterer a dance at 

May 2, 1865. Lat. 33-29-27]^. Long. iso-52-3oE. 

Smith Lee s jokes 

May 3, 1865. Lat. (DR>35-47N. Long. iso-osE. 

No news talks of home 

May 4, 1865. Lat. 37-7-48 [N.] Long. I49-I7E. 
Rolling prospects of a gale 


May 5, 1865. Lat. sg-o6N. Long. i49-3 
Barometer down. 

May 6, 1865. Lat. 3Q-28N. Long. I49-47E. 

No news reading Thiers. 

May 7, 1865. Lat. 39-27-50!^. Long. I49-53-45E. 
No news. 

May 8, 1865. Lat. 39-44!^. Long. I49-32E. 

Fight among the crew 

May 9, 1865. Lat. 39-45-26^ Long. i4g-5iE. 

No news reading and playing games 

May 10, 1865. Lat. (DR.)4O-i7N. Long. I5O-23E. 

Heavy blow. 

May n, 1865. Lat. 39-53~52N. Long. i5i-55-3oE. 

Gale during the day 

May 12, 1865. Lat. (DR)4O-38N. Long. (DR)i52-2sE. 
Heavy rains. 

May 13, 1865. Lat. (DR)42-o8N. Long. (DR)i53-2iE. 

Heavy blow lose a top-sail 

May 14, 1865. Lat. 41-28-45!^. Long. 153-21-isE. 
No general quarters or inspection too wet. 

May 15, 1865. Lat. 42-3iN. Long. I54-25-3OE. 

No news. 

May 16, 1865. Lat. 43-29!^. Long. I55-46E. 

Fine day no news. 

May 17, 1865. Lat. (DR)45-36N. Long. (DR)i55-52E. 

Very cold. 

May 18, 1865. Lat. (DR>46-29N. Long. (DR)i55-52E. 

Colder still. 

May 19, 1865. Lat. 47-32!^. Long. 156-ogE. 

No news. 


May 20, 1865. Lat. 49-04!^. Long. I55-4OE. 

Sight island of Onekotan try to make the entrance to the 
Okhotsk s [sic] sea 

May 21, 1865. Lat. 49-49-30!^. Long. 155-ogE. 

Sight the strait of Amphitrite pass between islands 

May 22, 1865. Lat. 51-36-30!^. Long. I52-53-3OE. 

Too far from the shore to catch whalers. 

May 23, 1865. Lat. (DR)53-23N. Long. 153-isE. 
No news. 

May 24, 1865. Lat. (D)54-osN. Long. (DR)i53-22E. 

Barometer very low Scales sick. 

May 25, 1865. Lat. 54-55-40^ Long. 153-oiE. 

Waddell on watch with two lieutenants without 

May 26, 1865. Lat. (DR)56-3oN. Long. I52-29E. 
No news. 

May 27, 1865. Lat. 27-oyN [57-07!^!.] Long. 153-osE. 

Floe ice sight and capture the "Abigail" of New Bed 
ford, whaler she had sent the greater part of her cargo home 
prize crew put aboard contains many interesting Japanese 
curios officers appropriate them liquor aboard the crew 
gets drunk great disorder 

May 28, 1865. Lat. (DR^y-iyN. Long. (DR)i52-47E. 

Transferring the "Abigail s" cargo her provisions much 
needed set her afire much drunkenness aboard the ship 

May 29, 1865. Lat. (DR)57-27N. Long. (DR)i52-3iE. 

Many of crew and several officers drunk Scales suspended 
for bringing liquor aboard 

May 30, 1865. Lat. 57-48-16^ Long. 152-24-isE. 

Disorder aboard Blacker sent to the sterrage false 
charges made by him against the Captain no more smoking 
in the engine-room 


May 31, 1865. Lat. sy-oSN. Long. I52-5Q-45E. 

Scales back on duty reading newspapers 

June i, 1865. Lat. 58-oo-3oN. Long. 15 

In sight of the coast of Siberia a mirage stories of the 
Captain of the "Abigail" fine day 

June 2, 1865. Lat. s8-a8N. Long. i5i-2iE. 

No news. 

June 3, 1865. Lat. (DR)s8-o-oN. Long. (DR)i5o-45E. 

No news cold. 

June 4, 1865. Lat. 57~5iN. Long. i5O-i8E. 

Portrait of Scales on watch in the midst of ice-floe the 
ship weathers it well. 

June 5, 1865. Lat. (DR)58-osN. Long. I5O-27E. 

Still in the ice a council decides against going to St. 
Jonas Island 

June 6, 1865. Lat. 58-28-48]^. Long. i5o-4Q-i5E. 
Fine day 

June 7, 1865. Lat. 58-i5-2oN. Long. 152-ig-ooE. 

No news. 

June 8, 1865. Lat. 56-55-ioN. Long. 153-36 [E.] 

Think now we are bound for the Arctic decided again 
against going to St. Jonas 

June 9, 1865. Lat. (DR) 55-ogN. Long. I53-58E. 

Speculations as to the course 

June 10, 1865. Lat. 54-i8N. Long. I53-47E. 

Whales in sight still going south second mate Manning 
of the "Abigail" ships- 

June n, 1865. Lat. 53-27N. Long. 154-ioE. 

General muster 

June 12, 1865. Lat. 5i-o8N. Long. (DR) 154-ioE. 
No news. 


June 13, 1865. Lat. 49-50-45!^. Long. i55-53-3oE. 

Out of the Okhotsk twenty-two days there and no re 

June 14, 1865. Lat. 50-47 [N.] Long. (DR.) is8-28[E.] 
No news. 

June 15, 1865. Lat. (DR.) si-sgN. Long. (DR.) i63-o6E. 

Fine wind gymnastic exercises take the place of chess. 

June 16, 1865. Lat. (DR)53-55[N.] Obs. 54-3o[N.] Long. 
(Dr.) 167-55 [E.] Obs. i6o-o-o[E.] 
Fine speed land in sight theft of dispensary wine. 

June 17, 1865. Lat. 54-23!^. Long. 170-08 [E.] 
No news. 

June 18, 1865. Lat. 55-47!^. Long. (DR) I7I-28E. 
No news. 

June 19, 1865. Lat. 57-igN. Long. i75~o6E. 
Fine wind. 

June 20, 1865. Lat. 60-04 [N.] Long. i78-i6E. 
Heavy rain higher north than ever before. 

June 21, 1865. Lat. (DR.) 62-nN. Long. (DR.) I7Q-57E. 

Sight Cape Naverin appearance of shore Captain gives 
a feast. 

June 22, 1865. Lat. 62-23N. Long. i7Q-46-3oE. 

Sight and capture the ships "William Thompson" and 
"Euphrates" fine appearance of the former "Heard through 
papers which were on board a batch of bad news, which if it 
proves true will be terrible First that Charleston was cap 
tured. This, I was expecting, as I did not think we could 
hold it against Sherman s army. Next that Richmond & 
Petersburg were taken. I was looking for their evacuation, 
so it did not surprise me much. But, when I heard that Gen. 
Lee had surrendered with the whole of the Army of Northern 
Virginia, I was knocked flat aback can I believe it? And 
after the official letters which are published as being written 


by Grant & Lee can I help believing it? It is either true, or 
the Yankees are again publishing official lies. God grant it 
may not be true!" I remained on the "Thompson" efforts 
to keep the men ?rom the liquor 

June 22, 1865. Lat. 62-4O-48N. Long. 

Sight six ships capture of the bark "Milo" the "Sophia 
Thornton" takes to the ice but returns capture the "Jireh 
Swift" burn her at once the "Milo" bonded for $48,000 to 
carry the prisoners ashore 

June 23, 1865. Lat. (DR) 62-48[N.] Long. (DR) 

Capture the Brig "Susan Abigail" from San Francisco 
engaged in trading and whaling immense cargo of liquor, 
gunpowder, guns, etc., to trade for furs and ivory Captain 
does not wish ship to be burned other sail reported in sight 

June 24, 1865. Lat. (DR) 63-26N. Long. (DR) I76-I6W. 
Heavy fog horn brought out and blown no .answer 

June 25, 1865. Lat. 63-soN. [Long.] I72-58W. 

Sight two sail one hoists Hawaiian flag pass her 
other appears to be a Frenchman did not follow her come 
up with and capture the ship "Genl. Williams" burn her in 
three hours Esquimaux alongside Manning navigating 
through the ice 

June 26, 1865. Lat. (DR.) 64-21 [N.] Long. (DR.) I72-2OW. 

Manning s : fine navigation capture barks *> "Njimrod," 
"W. C. Nye," and "Catherine," all of New Bedford took off 
what was wanted and fired all capture barks "Genl. Pike," 
"Isabella," and ^Gypsy" - bonded the "Pike" and transferred 
prisoners repairs to engine fire the prizes . 

June 27, 1865. Lat 65-igN. Long. i7o-3gW. 
Ten sail in sight no prizes 

June 28, 1865. Lat. 6s-3gN. Long. i7o-o8W. 

Capture the bark "Waverly" burn her capture eight 
barks names not given peculiar courage of the "Favorite s" 
captain two bonded to carry prisoners others burned 


June 29, 1865. Lat. 66-I4N. Long. i6g-o6W. 

Ice thick turn southward again sight and chase a ship 
proves to be French strike the ice. 

June 30, 11865. Lat. 64-24^ Long. 17 1-04-07 W. 
No news. 

July i, 1865. Lat. (DR) 63-ogN. Long. I73-56W. 

Great danger from floating ice the rudder-chain shackel 
[sic] broken under steam. 

July 2, 1865. Lat. 6o-i3[N.] Long. i74-o8[W.] 
Articles of war read. 

July 3, 1865. Lat (DR.) 56-56!*. Long. (DR.) xya-igW. 

Stop steaming. 

July 4, 1865. Lat. 53*52 [N.] Long. 173-00-00 [W.] 

Speculations as to our destination difficulty in reaching 

July 5, 1865. Lat. 52-02 [N.] Long. 171-12 [W.] 
Land in sight an active volcano. 

July 6, 1865. Lat. 5I-37N. Long. I7O-56W. 

Preparations in case of a fight making shot-plugs I hope 
they will not be used. 

July 7, 1865. Lat. (DR.) 49-33!*. Long. (DR.) i72-o6W. 
No news. 

July 8, 1865. Lat. 47-49^ Long. i7o-oo-ooW. 
Left Liverpool nine months ago. 

July 9, 1865. Lat. 46-43!^. Long. 1 68-03 W. 

Melancholy reading the "Deerslayer." 

July 10, 1865. Lat. (DR.) 45-37 [N.] Long. i66-32-3o[W.] 
Learning navigation. 

July n, 1865. Lat. 44-37N. Long. 165-33 [?]-3oW. 

No news. 


July 12, 1865. Lat. 44-io-3oN. Long. i62-3Q-3oW. 

Painting ship. 

July 13, 1865. Lat. (DR) 42-iyN. Long. i68-38W. 

Waddell s birthday he is 41 celebration in honor of it 
a gale blowing. 

July 14, 1865. Lat. 4I-2I-35N. Long. i55~3oW. 

Accident to one of the crew Grimball sick 

July 15, 1865. Lat. 39-39N. Long. I53-38W. 

Fine day home sick. 

July 16, 1865. Lat. (DR) 38-33!*. Long. (DR.) i5i-i4W. 

No news. 

July 17, 1865. Lat. 37-i6N. Long. I47-38W. 

No news. 

July 18, 1865. Lat. 36-03-48^ Long. i44-3i-3oW. 

No news. 

July 19, 1865. Lat. 35-i6-45N. Long. I42-05-3OW. 

Exercise at general quarters two rounds fired from star 
board battery. 

July 20, 1865. Lat. 34-39 3oN. Long. I39-32W. 

General quarters no firing discover leg -ulcer on the 
cook he is deposed. 

July 21, 1865. Lat. 34-I2N. Long. I38-24W. 

Broke out and restowed the after hold whiskey served out 
again melancholy. 

July 22, 1865. Lat. 32-55-30N. Long. i35~4iW. 

Swift sailing. 

July 23, 1865. Lat. 30-I4N. Long. I33-O7W. 

Ship made 13 knots for four consecutive hours 

July 24, 1865. Lat. (DR) 27-I2N. Long. (DR) i2g-$6W. 
No news. 


July 25, 1865. Lat. 25-25-25N. Long. I28-O4W. 

Dreamed I was married to "Miss Mary S." lost the fine 

July 26, 1865. Lat. 24-40N. Long. i2y-i6W. 

Reading Maury s Physical Geography I determinel to 
keep thermometer and hydrometer for him as I have not the 
latter, will use urinometer Maury can change it 

July 27, 11865. Lat. 23-22-2ON. Long. 1 25-56 W. 
Fine breeze. 

July 28, 1865. Lat. 21-igN. Long. i23-oi-3oW. 
Heavy wind ship pitching 

July 29, 1865. Lat ig-iyN. Long. 122-oo-ooW. 
No news. 

July 30, 1865. Lat. I7-4QN. Long. 122-oo-ooW. 
Caught a small shark. 

July 31, 1865. Lat. I7-52N. Long. I22-33-3OW. 

Aug. i, 1865. Lat. 17-ioN. Long. i2i-58-3oW. 
No news. 

Aug. 2, 1865. Lat. i6-2O-ioN. Long. 121-1 i-i6W. 

"This is doomed to be one of the blackest of all the black 
days of my life, for from to-day I must look forward to be 
gin life over again, starting where I cannot tell, how I can 
not say but I have learned for a certainty that I have no 
country. About I P. M. we made out a sail on our lee [sic] 
beam, & as the wind was light, & there was every probability 
of her being a prize, got up steam & started for her Came 
up to her about 5 P. M. when she hoisted English Colours. 
Hailed her, asked her name, & sent aboat on board to get some 
news from her. She proved to be the Eng. Bark Bara- 
conta [ ?] of Liverpool, thirteen days out from San Fran 
cisco. Bullock boarded her and brought off the news that 
the Southern Confederacy was a thing of the past, all her 


Armies having surrendered, Mr. Davis & Mr. Stephens pris 
oners, which was also the case with most of the prominent 
men. I now see no reason to doubt it & it remained for us to 
see what we ought to do. It is the opinion of the Majority of 
the Officers that we ought to take her to Australia, turn 
her over to the Government & we ourselves leave for England. 
Waddell, at last, came round to this opinion & the Ship s 
Course was changed for Sidney much to the delight of every 
body or nearly every body, for some still think we ought to 
go to England with her Thus ends our dream ! But I am too 
sad to think of it." 

Aug. 3, 1865. Lat. I5-52N. Long. I2I-44W. 

Sadness is deeper with further appreciation of it general 
grief Waddell changes course is steaming for Liverpool 
says would be foolish to land crew penniless in Australia 
Lee and Bulloch urge him to go to Australia he is stubborn 
even thinks he ought to run into a "Yankee" port and sur 
render the ship, or run into an English port and surrender it 
to the consul think myself ship should be turned over to the 
English government until the home government is heard from 
"Put all our guns etc. down in the hold so now we are de 

Aug. 4, 1865. Lat 14-1 iN. Long. i26-2gW. 

The crew much disturbed over the news present a peti 
tion 7 to the captain he calls all hands aft makes a speech 
telling them the south had been conquered they were in a 
position such as no ship had ever occupied their cruise would 
go down in history he would run the ship into the first 
English port promised them "he would stick by them & only 
ask them to stand by him" seems the petition asked to be 
carried to the first English port, but if he thought otherwise, 
they would stand with him. 

Aug. 5, 1865. Lat. I2-43-45N. Long. i2j-os-3oW. 

Under steam to run out of the calm bid adieu to the Eng- 

1 The petition is probably that printed in O. R., Naval, s. I, v. 3, pp. 


lish bark which brought the bad news are glad we got it, 

Aug. 6, 1865. Lat. lO-oyN. Long. ng-i^W. 

Stopped steaming under sail. 

Aug. 7, 1865. Lat. g-i4-3oN. Long. n6-2g-3oW. 
No news. 

Aug. 8, 1865. Lat. 8-4i-4oN. Long. U3-22W. 

Captain still talking of giving the ship to the U. S. author 
ities says he will go to U. S. as soon as they land I will 

Aug. 9, 1865. Lat. 8-ojN. Long. i 

Ill luck continues going far to the east 

Aug. n, 1865. Lat. (DR.) 6-igN. Long. io7-45-soW. 

I believe we are bound for the Cape, or some place short 
of England 

Aug. n, 1865. Lat. (DR) 6-igN. Long. io7-45-3oW. 

Rain are "catching it." 

Aug. 12, 1865. Lat. 5-57N. Long. io8-i3W. 

Wind changing going on right course but wind draws 
us too iar South. 

Aug. 13, 1865. Lat. 5-5?N. Long. io8-i3W. 

Adverse wind still. 

Aug. 14, 1865. Lat. 5-2oN. Long. ii2-igW. 

Ill-luck still repair and get under steam 

Aug. 15, 1865. Lat. 3-og-3oN. Long. H3-27W. 

Steam until the right wind is caught hope we can keep 

Aug. 16, 1865. Lat. i-ioN. Long. ii5-2gW. 

Good wind ought to cross the line about ten o clock 
following usual routine 


Aug. 17, 1865. Lat. 0-488. Long. n6-56W. 

We crossed the line for the fifth time McNulty 8 drunk 
the liquor of the sterrage officers stopped as McNulty got it 
from them. 

Aug. 18, 1865. Lat. 3-058. Long. n8-46-soW. 

Wind favorable and strong. 

Aug. 19, 1865. Lat. 6-1 18. Long. i2o-52-soW. 

Reduce sail. 

Aug. 20, 1865. Lat. 9-088. Long. I2I-54W. 

Captain wishes to know if I can dispense with McNulty s 
services the latter is drunk on every occasion I said yes 

Aug. 21, 1865. Lat 12-20-208. Long. 123-oyW. 
No news wind strong 

Aug. 22, 1865. Lat. 15-30-358. Long. i2 

Good luck is still with us officers making bags to carry 
their beds ashore 

Aug. 23, 1/865. Lat. 19-028. Long. I26-I2W. 

Discussion of the reason why the Captain does not carry 
heavier sail 

Aug. 24, 1865. Lat. 22-268. Long. I27-I5-3OW. 

Trouble aboard Scales oversleeps himself the Captain 
says that as he is now only master of the ship, he could not 
punish him relieves him from duty Blacker to take the 
watch various troubles 

Aug. 25, 1865. Lat. 25-06-308. Long. iz 

More trouble between Scales and Capt. Waddell 

Aug. 26, 1865. Lat. 27-288. Long. I27-2OW. 
Fine wind. 

Aug. 27, 1865. Lat. 30-068. Long. 124-soW. 
No news. 

8 Acting Assistant Surgeon. See list in O. R., Naval, s- I, v. 3, p. 785. 


Aug. 28, 1865. Lat. 31-05-308. Long. I23-52W. 

No wind. 

Aug. 29, 1865. Lat. 33-058. Long. I23-36W. 

Scales restored to duty rumor among the men that only 
is on the pound is to be paid them Hunt responsible for it 
confine him to his quarters 

Aug. 30, 1865. Lat. 36-44-358. Long. 1 23-01 W. 

Making my bed-bag comparing the trip of the "Sovereign 
of the Seas" with our voyage 

Aug. 31, 1865. Lat. 39-18-158. Long. I2O-O4W. 

Lee caught smoking on his watch Captain tries to get 
him to promise not to do so Lee refuses and is relieved of 

Sept. i, 1865. Lat. 42-01-408. Long. ny-oSW. 

The captain has further trouble Grimball and Scales side 
with Lee, who is restored to duty 

Sept. 2, 1965. Lat. 43-078. Long. 1 16-39 W. 

Wind dead ahead my reading 

Sept. 3, 1865. Lat. 43-8-258. Long. n6-46W. 


Sept 4, 1865. Lat. 43-158. Long. n6-4oW. 
Break out and restow the store-room 

Sept. 5, 11865. Lat. 43-41-408. Long. H4-38W. 

Still at work on the store-room lost boxes found 

Sept. 6, 1865. Lat. 45-438. Long. ui-i4W. 
Making a chart of South America 

Sept. 7, 1865. Lat. (DR) 47-168. Long. (DR) IO8-4&W. 

Captain sick 

Sept. 8, 1865. Lat. 49-428. Long. io5-4iW. 
A record sail. 


Sept. 9, 1865. Lat. 51-508. Long. g 

Kept sail on all night have made the best [daily] run 
yet, 260 miles 

Sept. 10, 1865. Lat. (DR) 52-498. Long. 94-2oW. 
Very calm sea. 

Sept. n, 1865. Lat. 53-468. Long. 89-24W. 

Trouble between Scales and Waddell about a hammock 
hung by the former in the ward-room I would not submit 
if the navy still existed hope soon to be out of the ship 

Sept. 12, 1865. Lat. 54-368. Long. 84-52W. 
No news. 

Sept. 13, 1865. Lat. 55-468. Long. 78-3iW. 

A passing ship outsails us two other sail sighted 

Sept. 14, 1865. Lat. 56-508. Long. j 

Chagrin at being outsailed pass another ship 

Sept. 15, 1865. Lat. 57-248. Long. 65-3 iW. 
Heavy blow pass line of Cape Horn 

Sept. 16, 1865. Lat. (DR) 57-228. Long. (DR) 62-O9W. 

Going too far south if continue, must look out for ice 

Sept. 17, 1865. Lat. 56-26-508. Long. 55-22W. 

No news. 

Sept. 18, 1865. Lat. (DR) 54-178. Long. (DR) 49-3gW. 

Rain sight "Shag Rocks" 9 

Sept. 19, 1865. Lat. (DR) 52-468. Long. (DR) 46-isW. 

Storm abating reading Saint-Simon. 

Sept. 20, 1865. Lat. 51-15-428. Long. 4I-39W. 
Ice in sight 

9 Shag Rocks are situated about 100 miles west of the British islands 
of South Georgia. 


Sept. 21, 1865. Lat. 50-48-508. Long. s8-s6W. 

More ice 

Sept. 22, 1865. Lat. 49-1 iS. Long. s6-ooW. 

Out of the ice. 

Sept. 23, 1865. Lat. 47-588. Long. 32-I7W. 
Everyone sewing. 

Sept. 24, 1865. Lat. (DR) 46-548. Long. (DR) 2Q-55W. 

Stiff blow- 

Sept. 25, 1865. Lat. 44-498. Long. 28-23 W. 

Discussion as to destination some say Cape Town 
others, some European port 10 

Sept 26, 1865. Lat. 43-41-308. Long. 25-2oW. 

Still discussing our destination the views of Grimball, 
O Brien and Scales 

Sept. 27, 1865. Lat. 41-148. Long. 2 

Opinion now that we are not bound for Cape Town 
Bulloch wants me to sign a petition asking the Captain to 
make Cape Town I do not think it will be of any use the 
Captain wants to have the record of steering the only Con 
federate ship that made the trip around the world finally 
consented to sign 

Sept. 28, 1865. Lat. 38-258. Long. 24-38W. 

Signed the address 11 the sterrage and forward officers also 
present one 12 secret and stormy meeting of Whittle, Grim- 
ball, Lee, Chew and Scales their decision not known ship 
continues on its course regret signing the petition it will 
do no good 

Sept. 29, 1865. Lat. 34-25-408. Long. 24-3oW. 

No doubt as to destination the course shows that party 

10 It will be observed that in the position of the vessel at this point, 
it might have been making for either of these places without a noticeable 
change of course. 

11 See the address, O. R., Naval, s. I, v. 3, pp. 789-80. 

12 Ibid., pp. 781-82. 


feeling is very high some of the officers present another peti 
tion 13 the captain sends the mess a bottle of champagne to 
drink to the passage of the ship around the world some of 
the officers leave the table I think they might have strained 
a point the Captain s action was kind and polite 

Sept. 30, 1865. Lat. 32-238. Long. 24-27-30"^ 

Coolness in the mess it is dividing into cliques Grimball 
particularly partisan 

Oct. i, 1865. Lat. 30-378. Long. 24-32W. 

Coolness continues 

Oct. 2, 1865. Lat. 28-46-308. Long. 24-34 W. 

Better feeling prevailing water cut down 99 gallons 
[daily?] to the 134 aboard scandal on Hunt it proves utterly 
unfounded learn from Chew the nature of the meeting of the 
watch officers on Sept. 28 the Captain announces he had in 
tended to go to Cape Town but had thought later of going 
to a European port had also received petition on the sub 
ject would abide by their advice majority of three to two 
favored Liverpool very clever work of the Captain in choos 
ing the council he knew the result in advance had pre 
viously included Bullock and myself in the council 

Oct. 3, 1865. Lat. 26-018. Long. 24-43 W. 

Better feeling puzzles in order 

Oct. 4, 1865. Lat. 23-518. Long. 24-27 W. 

Light winds partial eclipse of the moon 

Oct. 5, 1865. Lat. 22-228. Long. 24-2oW. 

No news 

Oct. 6, 1865. Lat. 19-018. Long. 24-28W. 

Talk with Whittle about plans on reaching England the 
pitiable circumstances of that officer, burdened with a family 

Oct. 7, 1865. Lat. 15-268. Long. 24-35W. 

Sight a ship do not speak her 

13 O. R-, Naval, s. i, v. 3, p. 782. This was signed by five officers and 
expressed entire approval of Waddell s course. 


Oct. 8, 1865. Lat. 11-148. Long. 24-48W. 

Fine run fear scurvy aboard 

Oct. 9, 1865. Lat. 7-00-008. Long. 25-oo-ooW. 

Left England on the "Laurel" one year ago the changes 
in that time 

Oct. 10, 1865. Lat. 3-278. Long. 25-o8W. 

Quarrel between McNulty and Blacker Whittle takes a 
pistol from the former 

Oct. u, 1865. Lat. 0-5-308. Long. 25-o6W. 

Cross the line again pass an English bark do not speak 
her difficulty between Whittle and McNulty probability of 
a duel between them 

Oct. 12, 1865. Lat. 2-42N. Long. 25-24W. 

McNulty challenges Whittle difficulty in avoiding a duel 
aboard agreed to settle the matter when we reach port 

Oct. 13, 1865. Lat. 4-38N. Long. 24-45W. 

Rain enough water for the time being 

Oct. 14, 1865. Lat. G-oyN. Long. 24-36W. 

Still raining changeable weather squall, lose our first 

Oct. 15, 1865. Lat. 7-5QN. Long. 24-2iW. 

No news 

Oct. 16, 1865. Lat. Q-23N. Long. 24-32W. 

The Captain in bad humor no news discovery of "bed 


Oct. 17, 1865. Lat. io-22N. Long. 24-42W. 

War on the "bugs" painting ship 

Oct. 18, 1865. Lat. n-2iN. Long. 

Transferred cargo and guns to this ship a year ago today 

Oct. 19, 1865. Lat. (DR) I3-37N. Long. 27-29^. 

Hoisted the flag a year ago sad changes in that time 
more quarrels total eclipse of the sun 


Oct. 20, 1865. Lat. i6-3oN. Long. 2g-3oW. 

Rain outsail a passing ship further quarrels 

Oct. 21, 11865. Lat. IQ-23N. Long. 3i-2iW. 

Speak an English ship a dance aboard 

Oct. 22, 1865. Lat. 22-ioN. Long. 32-56W. 
No news 

Oct. 23, 1865. Lat. 25-3oN. Long. 34-i6W. 

Two men very ill 

Oct. 24, 1865. Lat. 2Q-i6N. Long. 35-o6W. 

The sick seem better. 

Oct. 25, 1865. Lat. 3i-4oN. Long. 35-24W. 

Sight a suspicious craft put on steam to avoid her 

Oct. 26, 1865. Lat. 33-54N. Long. 35-oo-ooW. 

William Bell, a seaman, dies cause probably constitu 
tional syphilis the first of the ship s crew to die 

Oct. 27, 1865. Lat. 36-4QN. Long. 34-48 W. 

Under sail sight another suspicious craft Bell buried 

Oct. 28, 1865. Lat. 40-2oN. Long. 33-oyW. 

Squalls fight in the sterrage 

Oct. 29, 1865. Lat. 42-36N. Long. 3O-22W. 

Still squally McNulty and others drunk 

Oct. 30, 1865. Lat. 43-47^ Long. 26-46W. 

Sgt. Canning dies cause phthisis, superinduced by an old 
gun-shot wound his strange history said to have served on 
Folk s staff at Shiloh, where he was wounded 

Oct. 31, 1865. Lat. 44-36N. Long. 24-25W. 

Canning buried with Catholic service Inventory medi 
cines and settle accounts 

Nov. i, 1865. Lat. (DR) 46-i6N. Long. (DR) 22-O4W. 

Prospects of a blow sight and avoid another brig 


Nov. 2, 1865. Lat. 46-43N. Long. iS-isW. 
Pass two sail in fine order 

Nov. 3, 1865. Lat. 48-oiN. Long. I4-43W. 

Restless paid off today I received $77.06 of $547.19 

Nov. 4, 1865. Lat. 50-17. Long. io-44W. 

Am packing up fine run 

Nov. 5, 1865. Lat. 52-25N. "Going up the Irish Channel." 

Land in sight at daylight chronometers right to almost a 
minute pass numerous sail pay off the men only a few dis 
satisfied later rumor that they intend to demand more 
"bosh" they know the officers too well difficult sailing 
lights misleading 

Nov. 6, 1865. "Running up the Mersey & anchored off Liver 

Pilot came aboard about midnight gave him a false name 
to prevent being reported the pilot knew little said the war 
was over and the South doing better than had been expected 
efforts to cross the bar result in grounding get off about 
seven o clock anchor about 9 o clock near Rock Ferry and 
the guard ship "Donegal" no one goes ashore a Lieuten 
ant from the "Donegal" boards has a conference with Wad- 
dell customs authorities later take possession of the ship 
no one can leave till the government is heard from a detach 
ment of marines come aboard to render assistance all hands 
relieved of duty officers send ashore and have a feast on 
fresh provisions customs officers made drunk Capt. White- 
head, an old man, sends off fine provisions blessings on him 
all hands feast. 

Nov. 7, 1865. "Lying off Liverpool." 

More supplies from Capt. Whitehead steamers loaded 
with people come out to view the ship Capt. Paynter of the 
"Donegal" has wired for our release the gun-boat "Goshalk" 
makes fast to prevent our going to sea. The customs officers 
drunk again Waddell and [British] Lieut. Cheek dine with 
the ward-room mess celebrations 


Nov. 8, 1865. "Off Liverpool." 

No news in morning various officers leave the ship with 
out their baggage guard doubled at night a steamer comes 
alongside while we are at supper a shout raised Capt. 
Paynter reads the order for the release of all who were not 
British subjects general muster all swear they are South 
erners 14 baggage examined by the customs officers pass to 
the steamer adieu to the "Shenandoah" I think the govern 
ment acted very liberally chagrin at being detained by 
customs officers, but the latter acted most courteously. "It is 
all over & I thank God for it. We were the last thing that 
flew the Confederate flag, & that is something to be proud of." 
Landing hotel accommodations visit the theatre hear 
news. "So ends my Shenandoah Journal." 15 

[Blank to p. 180. Contemporary entry.] List of vessels cap 
tured; entered by date, with name, name of captain, ton 
nage, and value. 16 . Total valuation, $1,294,081.30. 

[p. 183. Later entry.] "Officers remembered as being on 
"Shenandoah." 17 

14 Cf. Feb. 1 8, 1865, supra. 

15 For Waddell s letter of surrender to Earl Russell, see O. R., Naval, 
s. I, v. 3, pp. 783-84. When the officers left the Shenandoah, the family of 
Com. Matthew F. Maury was living in retirement at Birkenhead, near 
Liverpool. The officers visited them there, and presented many interesting 
souvenirs to the daughters of the great navigator. Among them Lieut. D. 
M. Scales gave Miss Eliza H. Maury the flag of the ship, which he had 
himself taken from the halliard when the crew had learned of the over 
throw of the Confederacy. For some years it was not deemed safe to en 
trust the flag to the vicissitudes of custom s inspection, but it was finally 
brought to America and has been quite recently presented to the Confed 
erate Museum. Note of Mrs. fas. R. Werth to the Editor. 

16 The printed list, O. R., Naval, s. i, v. 3, p. 792, does not include the 
names of the captains of captured vessels or the tonnage of the prizes. 
These are given in Lining s list. He omits, however, the Adelaide, cap 
tured and bonded Nov. 12, 1864, though he mentions its capture in the 
Journal. The official valuation is $1,172,223. 

17 Incomplete, ranking the lieutenants as first, second, etc., as the names 
are arranged in the printed list, O. R., Naval, s. I, v. 3, p. 785. Lining 
also gives the native states of the officers, as follows : Waddell, N. C. ; 
Whittle, Va. ; Grimball and Lining, S. C. ; Lee, Va. ; Scales, Miss. ; Chew, 
Mo.; Bullock, Ga. ; O Brien, Miss.; Smith, La.; Mason and Browne, Va. 
McNulty s state is not given. 



In this section are included all manuscripts in the archives of 
the Museum, which are not of sufficient extent to be classed by 
themselves or which have no connection with other papers listed. 
These manuscripts have been derived from many sources, but four 
particular collections should be mentioned. The Taliaferro papers 
represent practically all the papers and documents preserved by 
Major-General William B. Taliaferro, of Virginia, in his career 
as Colonel, as Brigadier-General in Jackson s Division, as District 
Commander in South Carolina and Florida, and as Commander 
at Charleston. Many interesting facts are disclosed in them 
regarding army conditions and movements in which General 
Taliaferro participated. The Stuart collection belonged to 
Brigadier-General George H. Stuart, of Maryland, and also 
contains many valuable papers. The large mass of manuscripts left 
by Colonel J. Thompson Brown is of importance for the move 
ments of the artillery in the Army of Northern Virginia ; while, 
finally, the De Renne collection includes many original letters 
of prominent Confederate leaders. Many letters from private 
soldiers are calendared at length, among which should be men 
tioned the Routt and Banghman collections. The former of these, 
from a private of Longstreet s corps, are truly remarkable speci- 
ments of unconscious literary instinct. Baughman s letters are of 
value for movements in the Valley of Virginia and for events 
during the Petersburg Campaign. The circumscriptions of space 
have compelled brief reference to many papers which will, at 
a future time, be printed in their entirety. 


1862, June 19, Hd.-Qrs. E. P. Alexander, 1 Maj. Arty., Chf. 
Ord. A. N. V., to Col. J. T[hompson] Brown, 2 Chf. Arty. 
Longstreet s Div. 

Yours received, and forwarded to Genl. Lee with this en- 
dorsation : Letter of 7th from Col. Brown just received 
written before application of Capts. Dearing, Carter and Strib- 
ling for guns reached me. It is an appeal from my distribu 
tion, made when I did not think any of the batteries engaged 
wanted any of the guns. Its statements are not now correct 
guns applied for assigned at once to Dearing and Carter ex 
changed two with Stribling. "I have always given captured 
guns to the Batteries engaged except where it would produce 
an injurious mixture of Calibres and weights of metal." 

Hope this is information, if new, will be satisfactory. 

A. L. S. B-34-2I. 

1865, May 4, [Washington, Ga.?] Edward P. Alexander, 3 
Capt. Engineers. 

Receipt for one month s pay and bounty, $149. Paid by 
Maj.-Genl. J. F. Gilmer. 4 A. S. Ga.-gm-42. 

1863, Oct. 7,-n8t>5, Feb. 7, [Richmond, Va.] Office of Commis 
sioner of Taxes, Va. Thompson Allan, Commer., to Chas. J. 
Sinton, Collector 10 Va. District. 

8 acknowledgements of tax collection statements, with 
amounts. A. S. 8-51-1-8. 

1861, Oct. 7, Fairfax, [Va.] J. W. Allan, Col. comdg. 

Special requisition Tor 5,000 percussion caps for 2nd Va. 

1 Later Brigadier-General and Chief of Artillery, Longstreet s Corps, 
A. N. Va. He was properly at this time a Lieutenant-Colonel. For a brief 
sketch of his life, see C. M. H., v. 6, pp. 389-91. Genl. Alexander has 
recently published a critical volume on the campaigns in which he par 
ticipated : Military Memoirs of a Confederate, (N. Y., 1907). 

2 For Col. Brown, see infra, p. 203. 

3 Not to be confused with the Alexander referred to in note I, supra. 
General Alexander sometimes signed himself "E. Porter Alexander." 

4 Jeremy Francis Gilmer, Major-General and Chief Engineer, C. S. A. 
See C. M. H., v. 4, p. 309 ff. 


Approved, T. J. Jackson, 5 Brig.-Genl. P. A. C. S., comdg. 
Brig. Receipt for the above. Sig: Robt. W. Hunter, Adjt. 
1865, July 24, Elmira, N. Y. John Amot, Mayor of Elmira. 
Receipt for $600 paid by U. S. Government for two half- 
acre lots in Woodlawn cemetery for "burying ground for de 
ceased prisoners of war." Copy. 2y-i-d. 

1861, Nov. 13, Hd.-Qrs. 2nd Brigade. J. Patton Anderson, 7 
Col. comdg 2nd Brig., to Maj. Geo. G. Garner, A. A. G., Army, 

Details of desertion of 3 Louisiana soldiers. 

A. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-2i-22. 

1865, Jany. 15, Hd.-Qrs. Anderson s Brigade, near Robertville, 
S. C. R. H. Anderson, 8 Brig.-Genl., to Col. Grigsby, Chief of 
Staff, Wheeler s Com. 

Forward charges against certain officers previously with 
held by order of Genl. Wheeler. 

A. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-s6. 

1861, Oct. 7, Howitzer Camp, S. O. No. . Sig: Wm. M. 
Archer, comdg. 2nd Co. How. Batln. 9 

Private Patteson, reported asleep on his post on the night 
of Oct. 6, is ordered on Guard three times a week for two 

5 Jackson was commissioned a Major-General this day. See Jones, 
Roster of General Officers, etc. (Richmond, 1876), p. 51. 

6 This document was found with the rolls of the Confederate prisoners 
buried at Elmira. See infra, p. 241. 

7 James Patton Anderson, of Tennessee, later Major-General. He saw 
service in the Tennessee and Atlanta campaigns, having been commissioned 
as Brigadier-General on Feb. 10, 1862. See C. M. H., v. n (Florida), 
PP. 195-97- Cf. Jones, op. cit., pp. 20, 26. 

8 This was Robert H. Anderson of Georgia, commissioned Brig.-Genl. 
Jul> 26, 1864. See Jones, op. cit., 26; C. M. H., v. 6, pp. 392-94- He is 
not to be confused with Richard H. Anderson of South Carolina, commis 
sioned Lt-Genl. June I, 1864. 

9 For Archer, see Contributions to a History of the Howitzers Bat 
talion (4 pamphs., Richmond, 1883-86). See also [F. S. Daniel:] Rich 
mond Howitzers in the War, (Richmond, 1891). 



[Appended.] Special Order Sig: as above, calls atten 
tion to order commanding sergeants to report all cases of 
guards not walking posts, according to guard regulations. 

A. L. S. 6-31-23. 

1862, Feb. 16, Harwood s Mill, [Va.] Wm. M. Archer, ist 
Lieut. 2nd Co. Howitzers, to Capt. [H.] Hudnall. 10 

Report on a battery horse injured by a fall. Certified by 
Wm. L. Sheppard, ist Lieut. 2d Co. Howitzers; 11 Lewis 
Booker, 2nd Lieut. 2nd Co. Howitzers. 

A. L. S. B-34-9. 

1862, Aug., Camp 2nd La. Brig. Jas. E. Armour, ist Lieut., 
Co. C, ist La. Vols., to G. W. Randolph, 12 Sec. of War. 

Hereby resign my command because of ill health as stated 
in surgeon s certificate. 

[Appended:] Surgeon s certificate. Sig: J. W. Covert, 
Surg. ist La. Armour disabled because of Varicocele. 13 

A. S. 0^6-4. 

1864, Nov. 28, Savannah, [Ga.], C. S. Engineer Dept, Office 
Enrolment of Slaves. Chas. V. Armstrong, Capt. and A. 
O. M. 

Certificate of impressment of four slaves for work on mili 
tary defences 14 property of John Williamson, Chatham Co. 
Valuation. D. S. Ga.-ga-4-5. 

[i8]64, Feb. 29, LaGrange, Ga. F. C. Armstrong to Maj.- 
Genl. [Jos.] Wheeler, comdg. Cav. 

10 Hudnall wrote an interesting article on the Organization of the 
Howitzers, in Contributions, I, supra, note 9. 

11 Later an artist of note. See his illustrations in McCarthy: Detailed 
Minutiae of Soldier Life in the Army of Northern Virginia. (R ich-, 1882.) 

12 A grandson of Thos. Jefferson, and prominent in Virginia politics 
before the war. He was a member of the Virginia Convention of 1861, 
held rank of Brig.-Genl. in the Confederate army, and served as Secretary 
of War from Mch. 24 to Nov. 17, 1862. See Journal Va. Convention, 1861, 
and C. M. H., v. i, p. 607 

13 This complaint is at present cause for disability in the United States 

14 See index, Slaves and Free Negroes. 


Asking information of proposed movements and the dispo 
sition of my command. A. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-37. 

1863, Dec. 23, near Frederick s Hall, Va. Wm. J. Armstrong, 
Capt. and A. C. S., to Maj. W. J. Hanks, Chf. C. S. 2nd 
Corps, A. N. V. 

Report difficulties with Maj. Kearsley about procuring 
subsistence stores. 15 A. L. S. 6-30-11. 

Endsd. R. G. Cole, Lt.-CoL, etc. : Capt. A. must not forget 
other troops beside his own must be fed Major K. will issue 
as he has supplies. A. S. 

1863, Dec. 29-1864, Jany. 4. Wm. J. Armstrong, Capt. and 
A. C. S., to Col. H. P. Jones, comdg. Arty. 2nd Corps. 

Reports on subsistence stores issued details of difficulties 
in procuring transportation for meat, etc. troubles with 
Maj. Kearsley. A. L. S. 6-30-7-10. 

1864, Jany. 6-14, [Frederick s Hall, Va.] Wm. J. Armstrong, 
Capt. and A. C. S., to Col. J. Thompson Brown, comdg. Arty. 
[2nd Corps], A. N. V. 

Reports on subsistence supplies issued. 

A. L. S. 6-30-7-10. 

1862, Feb. 25, Pughtown. Turner Ashby 16 [illegible] 

Detail of Holmes Conrad 17 to recruit at Winchester for 

Co. A. A. S. Ga.-ga-i-i4. 

Endsd : Transportation furnished to Staunton. D. H. 

W , Capt. A. S. 

1861, Apr. 18, Wilmington, [N. C.] W. S. Ashe to Gov. [J. 
W.] Ellis. 

15 See infra, Armstrong to Jones. 

16 Ashby was at this time a Colonel of Cavalry. He was made Brig.- 
Genl., May 23, 1862, and killed June 6, following. See C. M. H-, v. 3, 
pp. 577-79 ; Jones, op. cit., p. 28 ; J. B. Averett : Memoirs of General Turner 
Ashby and his Compeers; (Balto., 1867.) Clarence Turner: General Turner 
Ashby .... (Winchester, 1907.) 

1T Later U. S. Solicitor-General under Cleveland. A son of Robt. Y- 
Conrad, one of the most distinguished "old" Whigs of Virginia. See 
C. M. H., v. 3, 810. 


I send by mail report of committee which examined the 
defences of forts report generally approved for God s sake 
send a good and reliable engineer or leave recommendation 
to comm. have heard Va. is out 18 "I hope no sensible man 
will think we are in." 19 Tel. N. .-153. 

1861, Apr. 24, Branchville, [N. C] W. S. Ashe to Gov. [J. 
W.] Ellis. 

It would be gratifying to North Carolinians to have the 
state well represented in redeeming the Mecca, Washing 
ton, "from the Goths and Vandals." have them go by com 
panies and regiments. Boys are "eager for the foray." 

Tel. N. C.-I53- 

1863, June i, [n. p.] Benjn. Ayer, M. D., to the "Officer com 
manding the 32 Regt. Geo. Vols." 

I certify illness in Capt. Phillip s family, which necessi 
tated his presence at home. A. S. P-36-2. 

1864, Apr. 20, Richmond, Va. P. H. Aylett, Dis. Atty., E. 
Dis. Va. 

Statement of fees due $404.00. D. S. 8-44-11. 

Endsd : Ordered paid out of sequestration funds. 20 Apr. 
20, 1864. n. s. 

1864, Jany. 19, Darlington, Dis., S. C. R. B. Bacot, Jr., and 
Mary Bacot. 

Deed of land to J. B. Douglas. D. S. S. C.-86. 

1861, June 16, Yorktown, Va. T. R. Baker. 21 

Receipts to; for cooking utensils. Sig: chiefs of messes 

1S The Virginia Convention passed an ordinance of secession at 4-15 
p. M., Apr. 17, which fact was announced the next morning. Journal Vir 
ginia Convention, 1861, (Journal Secret Sessions). 

19 The close relations of Virginia and North Carolina were as 
marked at this time as in 1788, when North Carolina deferred action 
on the Constitution until Virginia s course was known. See H. M. Wag- 
staff: State Rights and Political Parties in North Carolina. (Balto., 
1906: J. H. U. Studies, XXIV, 7-8.) 

20 That is, funds procured from the act for the sequestration of the 
property of alien enemies. See index, Sequestration. 

21 Later a pharmacist of Richmond, Va. 


i-5, 22 as follows : Sam J. Jones, Lewis Booker, S. H. Pendle- 
ton, H. M. Burnley, S. W. Timberlake, largest list: I tin 
bucket; I kitchen knife; I coffee mill; 2. large spoons; 13 
tin spoons ; I oven ; I spider ; i frying pan ; I coffee pot ; 2. 
iron boilers; 12 tin cups and tea spoons; 2. sheet iron dishes. 

D. S. 

1865, Apr. 13, "On the march near Charlotte, N. C." B. S. 

Receipt for $3,300 from J. F. Gilrner 23 for purchase of 
horses and mules to haul pontoons from Broad River to 
Nation Ford on Catawba River. A. S. Ga.-gm-3o. 

1863, July i, n. p., Sub-Dept. Johnson s Div. Thos. E. Bal- 
lard, Maj. and C. S., to Maj. W. B. Stanard, St[e]uart s Bri 
gade. 2 * 

"Until further orders the ration of Fresh Beef will be one 
and one quarter (ij) pounds." A. S. 8-24-1. 

1863, Dec. 25, n. p., Sub.-Dept. Johnson s Div. Thos. E. Bal- 
lard, Maj. and C. S., to Maj. W. B. Stanard, Steuart s Bri 

Until further orders the ration of coffee will be 3 pounds 
to 100 rations.* 5 A. S. 8-24-2. 

1.863, Jany 27, Richmond, [Va.] Thos. E. P. Ballard to Brig.- 
Genl. W. B. Taliaferro, [Guinea Station, Va.] 

My condition is more serious than was at first thought 
condition of injured shoulder will rejoin as soon as I con 
veniently can. A. L. S. 

1862, Aug. 13, Barboursville, [Va.] B. J. B [arbour] 26 to 
[Brig.-Genl. W. B. Taliaferro.] 

22 Probably the messes of the Howitzer Co. 

23 See note 4, supra, p. 165. 

24 For Steuart, see infra, p. 402. 

25 Coffee was by this time becoming scarce in the Confederacy. See 
incle . Coffee. 

26 One of the distinguished Virginia family of that name; a Whig, and 
elected a delegate to the Nashville Convention of 1850. See Scott, History 
of Orange County, Virginia, p. 181. 


Send some books come and "take the range" of the 
whole library am kept at home by the number of soldiers 
would be imprudent to leave Mrs. Barbour sends a "mess" 
of tomatoes. A. L. S. T-SO-I. 

1864, Sept. 5, Augusta, Ga. H. C. Barrow 27 to [John F.] 
Myer, 28 [Richmond, Va.] 

Please send the list of Confederate generals I left with 
you tell the gentleman in your office to make out the 
monthly report for our magazine and forward it at once I 
have perfected plans to publish the magazine 29 here the first 
number will soon be out. A. L. S. M-38-i. 

1861, May 4, Montgomery, [Ala.] F. S. Bartow 30 to [Brig.-] 
Genl. [A. R.] Lawton. 81 

You have been appointed to command the Ga. coast de 
fences no apprehensions of attack probable forces needed 
am at work on a uniform for the army. 32 

A. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-33-34. 

1863, June 6, Savannah, [Ga.] Hd-Qrs. i8th Ga. Battln. Wm. 
S. Basinger, Maj. comdg., to Capt. W. T. Taliaferro, [A. 
A. G.] 

In accordance with General s 33 permission, by yours of 
2nd inst., I broke camp today on Isle of Hope, 34 and removed 

27 A publisher, who later issued Smith and Barrow s Magazine. The 
letter has reference to this venture. 

28 The name is correctly, 7. F. Mayer, of the Adjt.-GenTs Dept. 

29 It was, however, finally published in Richmond. 

30 Francis S. Bartow of Savannah. He was a member of the Confed 
erate Congress, and Captain of the Oglethorpe Infantry of Savannah. This 
command is said to have been the first to offer its services to the Con 
federacy for war. I go to illustrate Georgia," wrote Bartow to Governor 
Brown, when his company had gone to Virginia. He was killed at First 
Manassas. See C. M. H., v. 6, p. 394-95. 

31 Later Quartermaster-General, C. S. A. See C. H. M., v. i, p. 618-9. 

32 Bartow is said to have been the first to suggest the "Confederate 
gray" uniform. 

33 Brig.-Genl. Wm. B. Taliaferro. 

34 A stretch of land partially surrounded by the Skiddaway and Herb 
Rivers, six miles southeast of Savannah, Ga. 


here, near City Hospital lack of transportation forced me to 
leave my medical stores and some of my sick will bring 
them on in a few days. A. L. S. 63-47-1. 

1865, June 7, [Savannah, Ga.] Camp Taliaferro, Hd.-Qrs. 
1 8th Ga. Battln. Wm. S. Basinger, Maj. comdg, to Capt. W. 
T. Taliaferro, A. A. G. 

March yesterday prevented my report now forward it 35 
send blanks may be forwarded through Capt. Mercer. 

A. L. S. B 2 - 47 -2. 

1863, Apr. 26, [n. p.] Joseph W. Bates, Co. D ist Va. 

Receipt signed by; for clerical service in office of Genl. 
R. E. Lee certified by W. H. Taylor, A. A. G. ; paid by W. 
O. Harvie, Capt., and A. C. S. 70 cents per day. 

D. S. B-26. 

1861, May 31, Camp Game Point, near Acquia Creek, [Va.] 
C. C. Baughman 36 to [Greer H. Baughman.] 

Letters received brush yesterday with a steamer said 
to be the "Pawnee" no fatalities need tobacco. 

A. L. S. B 3 -i. 

i8f>i, Aug. 7, Camp on Valley Mountain, Randolph Ca., Va. 
C. [C. Baughman] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

We are near the enemy their Hd.-Qrs. are within twenty- 
four miles arrived yesterday march of 17 miles .on the 
5th our strategic position expect a fight daily reinforce 
ments arriving scarcity of tobacco no supplies besides ra 
tions family matters. A. L. S. B 3 -2. 

1861, Oct. 22, Warm Springs, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

I am back here sickness we will winter here hope 

35 B 2 -47-i, supra. 

36 Charles C. Baughman, whose letters follow, was a member of the 
Otey Battery, of Richmond. His father was George Baughman, Sr., a man 
ufacturing stationer of Richmond. Mr. Baughman had four sons in Con 
federate service, George, Greer H., Charles C., and Emilius A. The family 
was distinguished for its devotion to the Southern cause. 


you may "come up" Col. Gatewood shot in a personal affair 
family news. A. L. S. 63-3. 

1862, May 9, Shannon s Gap, Pulaski Co., Va. C. [C. Baugh- 
manj to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Letters received I advise Emilius not to enlist in this 
company Genl. Heth assumes command his qualities 
opinion of Col. Jennifer we hear it is reported we were 
engaged and were captured no foundation for the story. 

A. L. S. B 3 - 4 . 

[On back of envelope:] "We have whipped the Yankees. 

Nobody hurt. " A. S. 


1862, May 15, Camp Success, [Giles Co., Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Geo. Baugfiman, Sr.] 

We had a fight last Saturday at Giles C.-H. defeated the 
enemy drove them six miles to this place marched two 
nights before the fight our gun opened and closed the en 
gagement enemy said to have lost 150 our loss "very 
small" orders issued to cook three days rations expect an 
advance. A. L. S. B 3 -5. 

1862, May 19, Camp Sucess, Giles Co., [Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

The position of the camp its strength and strategic im 
portance the "Narrows" movements of our section details 
of the engagement of the Qth capture of the enemy s camp 
pursued to within two miles of Princeton we then withdrew 
ordered to move now do not know the direction. 

A. L. S. B. 3 -6. 

1862, May 31, Salt Sulphur Springs. C. [C. Baughman] to 
Emfilius] Baughman. 

Reason for not writing our defeat at Lewisburg on the 
23rd advance from the Narrows to Greenbrier Bridge at 
tack on Lewisburg the charge the infantry left us unsup 
ported only five of us to limber up the gun my narrow es 
cape had eleven pieces in the engagement, and lost four 
we lost but one of these. A. L. S. B 3 -y. 


1862, June 26, Camp McCausland. C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Have changed the name of Camp Heth the enemy re 
ported advancing on Sunday all expected an engagement 
and hoped to recapture our gun to our surprise, we retreated 
this left almost all of Monroe county open to the Yankees 
we stopped, 2,500 ot us, and let 1,800 Yankees drive 800 
or 900 head of cattle by us Loring arrives his opinion of 
the action reported Col. McCausland is placed in com 

1862, July 30, Camp McCausland. C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Letters received personal matters foraging had to go 
fifteen miles to procure anything our cavalry capture 72 
Yankees at Somerville, Nicholas Co. We expect to advance 
shortly. A. L. S. B. 3 -g. 

1862, Aug. n, Camp McCausland. C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

All is quiet in camp letters received family matters 
supplies needed hope for an early advance we are tired of 
"staying in camp without anything to do except drill and 
stand guard." A. L. S. B 3 -io. 

1862, Aug. 20, Camp Caperton. C. [C. Baughman] to [Geo. 
Baughman, Sr.] 

Glad to hear Greer was not hurt sorry [Co.] "F" suf 
fered so heavily they went in with 112 men, and now have 
seven for duty Yankees have left Meadow Bluff supposed 
they intend to reinforce Pope think we will advance down 
the Kafnawha] Valley part of our troops have been sent 
after the enemy we are receiving reinforcements personal 
matters. A. L. S. B 3 -ii. 

1862, Nov. 19, Camp Narrows. C. [C. Baughman] to [Mrs. 
Geo. Baughman.] 

Back here, nearer the rail-road letters received are ar 
ranging winter-quarters, but may be moved nearer Dublin 


hope so, as it will enable us to hear from home more fre 
quently no hopes of a furlough we have 43 men absent, 
most of them on sick-leave personal matters. 

A. L. S. B 3 -i2. 

1862, Nov. 24, Camp Cloyd, near Dublin, [Va.] C. [C. Baugh- 
man] to Geo. [Baughman.J 

Letters written and received hopes for promotion our 
guns and horses in bad condition we now have good cap 
tured tents and can keep comfortable wish you would visit 
me. A. L. S. 63-13. 

1862, Nov. 24, Camp Cloyd, near Dublin, [Va.] C. [C. 
Baughman] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Letters received our hard march back here upon ar 
rival we heard a train blow for the first time in six months 
the boys "yelled worse than a party of Indians" hard fare 
have to cook myself very comfortable in our captured tents 
wish "we had the men they were intended for too" 
chances of promotion personal needs am sorry Pa s stock 
of paper is exhausted please send me the Southern Illus 
trated News. A. L. S. 63-14. 

1863, Apr. 25, Camp near Abingdon. C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Directions for sending a box no news from home very 
dull here personal matters. A. L. S. 63-15. 

, June 6, Shady Spring, Raleigh Co., Va. C. C. Baugh 
man to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Box received have moved again expect our pieces, the 
4th and 5th detachments will be joined to McCausland s bri 
gade and be sent to the mouth of Cool River, 15 miles from 
Charleston will not apply for a transfer until I see "what 
we are going to do out here." A. L. S. B 3 -i6. 

1863, June 21, Camp Shady Spring, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] 
to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Request a felt hat be sent at once. A. L. S. 63-17. 


1863, Aug. 10, Camp near Liberty Mills, Orange Co., Va. 
C. [C. BaughmanJ to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Arrived here yesterday are unattached as yet address 
Otey Battery, Wharton s Brigade, Ewell s Corps am happy 
to say "that at last we are Lee s Miserables " location of 
camp have not seen Greer or Em[ilius] yet saw some old 
friends of the 2ist Va. personal matters weather very 
warm. A. L. S. B 3 -i8. 

1863, Au g- *4 Camp near Liberty Mills, Orange Co., Va. 
C. [C. BaughmanJ to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Letter received many deserters coming in we have re 
ceived several recruits now number no men we are hop 
ing for new guns we want 6 lo-pdr. parrots our guns are 
of too short range we will borrow guns if ordered into 
action men in fine health and spirits are having good fare 
personal matters. A. L. S. B 3 -ig. 

1863, Aug. 20, Camp near Liberty Mills, [Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Letters received personal matters do not let disasters 
affect you the joy of reunion will only be the greater, even 
if the war lasts two or three years longer had a draw for 
a furlough, but missed it were two furloughs to a hundred 
men have divided our mess please send 4 pounds of coffee 
and 8 pounds of sugar will remit for them. 

A. L. S. B 3 -20. 

1863, Aug. 25, Camp near Liberty Mills, Va. C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Personal matters is reported we are ordered back to 
West Virginia regrets private affairs. 

A. L. S. B 3 -2i. 

1863, Sept. 14, Wytheville, Va. C. [C. Baughman] to [Geo. 
Baughman, Sr.] 

Reasons for not writing our battery and the home-guard 
are the only troops here act as infantry, artillery and cav 
alry courtesy of the people expect orders to go to Jones- 
boro, Tenn. purchase of a horse family matters. 

A. L. S. B,-22. 


1863, Sept. 17, Camp near Saltville, Va. C. [C. Baughman] 
to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.J 

No orders for Term, yet hope to receive them this place 
the dullest in West Virginia the horse is better than I 
thought we hear that part of Pickett s Div. is on the way 
to Tenn., Corse s Brig, is at Glade Spring personal mat 
ters accident to Clifford Bridges. A. L. S. B 3 -23. 

1863, Oct. 17, on "Thunder Hill," near Abingdon, Va. C. [C. 
BaugfimanJ to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Letter received have had a disagreeable time order on 
Monday to Glade Springs [sic] loaded guns and horses on 
the care left there the I2th (Tuesday) about noon reached 
Zollicoffer at dark unloaded and took position a strongly 
tortified place the Yankees flanked Genl. Williams Wed 
nesday we withdrew passed through Bristol reached here 
Thursday threw up breast-works the Yankees withdrew 
personal matters. A. L. S. 63-24. 

1863, Oct. 26, Camp near Abingdon, Va. C. [C. Baughman] 
to I Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Under orders to march do not know our destination 
think it either Cumberland Gap or Knoxville most of the 
men are bare-footed unable to use my horse whereabouts 
of the horse "in case of accident" we have not been paid 
off for four months do not expect it for two months yet. 

A. L. S. 63-25. 

1863, Nov. 6, Camp in Sullivan Co., Tenn. C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Letters received you misunderstood I do not believe I 
sball be wounded or killed do not be disturbed have been 
here two days no idea how long we shall stay here short 
marches do not believe we are to go to Knoxville or Cum 
berland Gap personal matters. A. L. S. B 3 -26. 

1864, Apr. 23, Camp near Abingdon. C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Arrived here last evening, because of reported advance 
against the Salt Works cannot say where we are going 


"pretty certain 77 we will not go to Lee as we expected wish 
we could have joined Longstreet and be in the battle of the 
war which I think will come off near Richmond "in a very 
short time" fear we shall be "running up and down" be 
tween Here and Greenville, Tenn. all the campaign horses 
in bad condition. A. L. S. 63-27. 

1864, May 2, Camp near Abingdon, [Va.] C. [C. Baugh- 
man] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

No letters for nearly three weeks disagreeable march to 
ward Zollicoffer return without result scarcity of pro 
visions rations from three-fourths to one pound of meal, 
and one-third of a pound of bacon cold weather. 

A. L. S. B 3 - 2 8. 

1864, May 19, Camp "10 miles of Christiansburg," [Va.] C. 
[C. Baughman] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Personal matters We had hoped to join Lee or Beaure- 
gard, but on the day we expected orders, were sent off to 
Saltville, to meet a raid it was only a feint by Averill the 
real attack was on Dublin this was captured our troops 
arriving too late the bridge over the New River burned 
we burned the bridge on the macadamized road Morgan 
captures some Yankees near Wytheville the enemy burned 
the warehouses and left Dublin their killed and wounded 
fell into our hands we go to Lynchburg this evening or to- 
morrow-^clo not know our destination from that point. 

A. L. S. 63-29. 

1864, Sept. 8, "In the Trenches" [in front of Petersburg, Va.] 
C. [C. Baughman] to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Arrived safely little firing our gun now on the left of 
the battery position very strong no danger of our being 
mined the engineers have sunk wells and joined them with 
connecting tunnels personal matters address I3th Batln. 
Va. Arty., 1st Arty. Corps. A. L. S. 63-30. 

1864, Sept. 9, "Trenches," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to Greer [Baughman.] 

Personal matters all goes finely in the trenches only 
one man hurt near our gun private affairs. 

A. L. S. B 3 - 3 i. 


1864, Sept n, "Trenches," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh- 
man] to Greer [Baughman.] 

Security of our position we live well impress on Ma 
that there is no danger personal matters . . . [ends abruptly, 
part missing.] A. L. n. S. B 3 -32. 

1864, Sept. 14, In Camp, [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Geo. Baughman, St.] 

The Yankees shelled Petersburg this morning several 
houses struck, no fatalities reported please send some sweet 
potatoes they cost two dollars a quart here, "but they are 
miserable little things 7 personal matters. 

A. L. S. B 3 - 33 . 

1864, Sept. 18, "In the Trenches," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. 
Baughman J to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Personal matters Hampton is said to have capture pris 
oners and cattle hope he did our beef has just given out 
we were issued one day s beef and two day s bacon bacon 
-every day now. A. L. S. 63-34. 

1864, Sept. 23, "Trenches" "[Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Letters received you ask how we live "hugely" up at 
half-past five, we draw straws for who shall bring the water, 
wash and have breakfast our cooking utensils then kill 
time until dinner, about four o clock at dark the working 
parties go out, returning about twelve o clock our chief 
diversion is to watch the shelling the evening the Yankees 
heard of Early s defeat, they cheered along the whole line 
the next morning they opened on our front line for an hour 
Charlie Spencer was badly wounded personal matters. 

A. L. S. 63-35. 

11864, Sept. 28-29, "Trenches," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. 
Baughman] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Do not let Early s defeat dishearten you we will make up 
for it good fare on Hampton s beef personal matters. 

A. L. S. B 3 - 3 6. 


1864, Sept. 30, "In Camp," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh- 
man] to [Miss Minnie A. Baughman.] 

Letters received threatened assault yesterday personal 
matters. A. L. S. 63-37. 

1864, Oct. i, "Trenches," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Heavy firing for two days casualties at our gun slight 
reported successes on the right personal matters. 

A. L. S. B 3 -38. 

1864, Oct. 1-3, [Trenches in front of Petersburg, Va.] [C. C. 

Notes on daily events bad weather news from the right 
no news from home. A. N. S. 63-39. 

1864, Oct. 4, "Trenches near Petersburg, Va." C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

It is reported that Wheeler has driven Sherman from 
Atlanta also said we have regained our lines on the right 
all is quiet here we are "getting along" very well personal 
matters. A. L. S. 63-40. 

1864, Oct. 9, "Trenches near Petersburg," [Va.] C. [C. 
Baughman] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

No letters received personal matters a sharp picket 
skirmish Thursday night a truce today I am so used to 
stooping as I pass the embrasures "I expect that when I get 
home every time I pass in front of the window I will go on 
my hands and knees" private affairs. 

A. L. S. 63-41. 

1864, Oct. 13, "Trenches," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. 6augh- 
man] to [Geo. 6aughman, Sr.] 

Little news personal matters. A. L. S. 63-42. 

1864, Oct. 14, "Trenches," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. 6augh- 
man] to [Mrs. Geo. 6aughman.] 

Private matters picket firing keeps up all quiet other 
wise. A. L. S. 63-43. 


1864, Oct. 15, Trenches/ [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh- 
man] to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.J 

Personal matters all quiet in the trenches we heard ex 
plosions from the direction of the James deserters say Butler 
has struck rock in his canal I think with you we shall have 
stirring times in the spring when the canal is finished they 
will attack our right Genl. Lee, I think, expects it, has moved 
his Hd.-Qrs. north of the James. The battle will be fierce, 
and will end the war "I feel very confident [sic] that by 
next spring we will be again enjoying the blessing of peace." 

A. L. S. 63-44. 

1864, Oct. 20, Trenches, [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Private affairs passes limited all supernumeraries and 
half the drivers in the trenches. A. L. S. 63-45. 

1864, Oct. 23, Trenches, [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Personal matters I disagree with you about arming the 
negroes the men are unanimous against it half, or more 
than half, would lay down their arms I have heard men say 
they would desert sooner than serve with negroes I hope 
Congress will take no action private affairs. 

A. L. S. B 3 - 4 6. 

1864, Oct. 25, "Trenches," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Personal matters all is quiet we expected an attack it 
did not materialize I do not see where the Presidential elec 
tion "in Yankeedom" will make any difference we will have 
peace next summer anyway private affairs. 

A. L. S. 63-47. 

1864, Oct. 29, "Trenches," [Petersburg, Va.] C. [C. Baugh 
man] to [Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Account of the night assault of the 2/th the mistake in 
recognizing the enemy the surprise retaking the line 
prisoners private affairs. A. L. S. B ,48. 


1864, Nov. i, "Trenches," Petersburg, Va. C. [C. Baughman] 
to [Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

An alarm Sunday night we are finishing our bomb-proof 
heavy firing yesterday I hope you have reconsidered the 
plan of drafting negroes it is the "worse thing for our cause 
that could possibly be done" approaching election I fear 
Lincoln has the "Yankee nation" so much under his power 
that he will force them to elect him personal matters. 

A. L. S. 63-49. 

1864, Nov. 10, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Have moved here and built very comfortable quarters 

hope we shall stay here get along very well think cam 
paign about over for the year. A. L. S. 63-50. 

1864, Nov. 13, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Miss] Minnie [A. Baughman.] 

We are busy arranging our quarters are glad to get out 
of the trenches details of house-building. 

A. L. S. B 3 -5i. 

1864, Nov. 16, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Geo. Baughman, Sr.J 

Reasons for not writing details of camp-building pri 
vate affairs. A. L. S. 63-52. 

1/864, Nov. 21, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Personal matters the extra horses of the battalion sent to 
Lynchburg th~e detail hope for a visit from you, Ma and 
Minnie. A. L. S. 63-53. 

1864, Dec. 4, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman. J 

Pleasant visit from Pa personal matters you have heard 
of Genl. Grade s death "he was considered one of the best 
Brigadiers in the army." A. L. S. 63-54. 

1864, Dec. 7, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 


Details of movement to Bellefield to meet a raid hard 
marching cold weather. A. L. S. B 3 -55. 

1864, Dec. 20, "Camp H. A." C. [C. Baughman] to [Mrs. 
Geo. Baughman. J 

On a visit to Greer personal matters. 

A. L. S. B 3 -56. 

1865, Jany. 7, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman. J 

Personal matters. A. L. S. 63-57. 

1865, J an 7- J 9 Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Personal affairs our rations "are as good as we could 
wish" flour, pickled beef, sugar, rice and salt and yester 
day, fresh pork, corn meal, and salt all is quiet 
rumors from Richmond regarding peace are anything but 
pleasant "we have no idea of submitting after having en 
dured all these hardships" private affairs. 

A. L. S. B 3 -s8. 

1865, Jany 25, Camp Walker, Va. C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Geo. Baughman, St.] 

Your letter received I agree with you that if we are true 
to ourselves, we will gain our independence despite present 
gloomy prospects the third Corps has moved to the right- 
took no artillery some say it means the evacuation of Vir 
ginia I do not think so the men left most of their tents 
standing is rumored Drewry s Bluff is captured disbelieved 
if it were we should be compelled to evacuate Virginia, 
"which I should dislike very much" should it happen, the 
family had best stay in Richmond personal affairs. 

A. L. S. 6.3-59. 

1865, Feb. i, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman. J 

Why have none of you written personal matters. 

A. L. S. B 3 -6o. 


1865, Feb. 6, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

Letter received visit to Greer the battery moved during 
my absence but returned we see the Peace Commissioners 
accomplished nothing am not disappointed, did not expect 
any result you are correct in your conjecture that the "army 
is all right on the Peace question. It is true that some of the 
men are discouraged and ready to give up but that feeling is 
not so widely spread as some persons think. The great ma 
jority of us [are] determined never to submit" private af- 
iairs. A. L. S. B 3 -6i. 

1865, Feb. 9, Camp Walker, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Mrs. Geo. Baughman.] 

We moved to the right on Monday were slightly engaged 
gallant conduct of Crenshaw s Battery and Finegan s Bri 
gade returned on Wednesday. A. L. S. B 3 -62. 
1865, Mch. 5, Camp Pegram, [Va.] C. [C. Baughman] to 
[Geo. Baughman, Sr.] 

Private affairs. A. L. S. 63-63. 

1863, Sept. i, Richmond, [Va.] [Geo. Baughman] to Charley 
[C. Baughman.] 37 

[Fragment.] I sent your bundle today direction pur 
chase of a horse for you . . . [ends abruptly] 

[Reverse of B 3 -24.] B 3 -24b. 

1863, Sept. 13, Richmond, [Va.] Geo. Baughman to Charley 
[C. Baughman. J 

No news from you I heard you got the horse from Lynch- 
burg, in person or by proxy do not know your whereabouts 
Greer and Emfilius] 38 have been with us we were advised 
that Pickett s Div. is ordered to Tennessee [page missing] 
our health we have secured about 600 reams of envelope 

37 Scarcity of paper compelled C. C. Baughman to use the reverse of 
this letter and the one following for his letter of Oct. 17, 1863, supra, p. 177. 

3tJ Mr. Baughman s other sons. See supra, note 36, p. 172. 


paper will make about "5 mill n" [envelopes] 39 will last 
from nine months to a year, unless we sell some, which we 
probably will" business is good thank God for this and 
other blessings personal matters. 

[Reverse of B 3 -24.] 63-240. 

1864, Dec. i, [Richmond, Va.] G[eorge] Baughman. 

Bill to ; for three months gas, $105.00 less $5.25 for pay 
ment in five days paid. 

P. F. S. Va.-F-i2. 

[i8]6i, Apr. 14, Richmond, [Va.] G. H. Baughman to [Geo. 

Regret my silence caused alarm was very busy thought 
1 would go "down there" when news of intended attack on 
Sumter was received glad I did not could not have been of 
use can await war in Virginia "when the news of the sur 
render of Fort Sumter arrived here yesterday evening the 
people seemed to be perfectly frantic with delight, I never in 
all my life witnessed such excitement, and never expect to 
again, the people met in procession, marched to the Capitol 
and the Fayette Artillery 40 fired 100 Guns in honor of the 
victory. After firing the procession marched to the Gover 
nor s house and Letcher made a few remarks, 41 which the peo 
ple did not consider quite strong enough secession, and he 
was hissed and groaned [.] After leaving the Governor s the 
procession went to the Capitol when it was proposed that the 
Confederate flag be raised in place of the flag of the 
Federal government and for about 3 hours the Southern flag 

39 An examination of the envelopes in use at the time will best illus 
trate the quality and scarcity of paper in the South. Regimental returns, 
muster-rolls, descriptive-lists and the like had to be made out on paper of 
a dark gray-brown hue, of very rough texture. Cf. Routt to his wife, 
infra, p. 388; Geo. L. Bidgood, infra, p. 192. 

40 A Richmond volunteer command. 

41 In these remarks, the Governor, John Letcher, expressed his thanks 
for the honor done him by the serenaders, but saw no cause for rejoicing 
in the events which so moved them. When Virginia was assailed, he said, 
he would not be found wanting. Richmond Dispatch, Apr. 15, 1861. 


was left floating in the breeze [.] 42 After leaving the Square 
the procession branched off into 3 parties and went all over 
town, making bonfires and firing rockets. The Enquirer, 
Examiner and Dispatch 43 offices were illuminated, business 
was almost entirely suspended yesterday evening, everybody 
is in favor of secession, that is all Richmond is, with a very 
few exceptions. 

Tomorrow night nearly the whole town will be illumi 
nated, and there will be a torch light procession. The people 
firmly expect war, and are preparing for it, they only await 
Prest. Davis march to Washington when they will join him" 
will postpone my visit to New York personal matters 
will advise Charley when our volunteers are called out pri 
vate affairs. A. L. S. 63-64. 

1865, Feb. 24, Fort Lafayette, N. Y. John Yates Beall, Master, 
C. S. N. 

Trial and execution of. 44 Various papers abstract of de 
fence evidence correspondence 60-44. 

1862, May 25, Hd-Qrs. Cav. W. D., Corinth, Miss. Wm. N. 
R. Beall, 45 Brig.-Genl. comdg Cav. W. D., to [Maj.-]Genl. 
[L.] Polk, comdg ist A Corps. 

Three companies are on the march to relieve three others 
on Bridge s Road. A. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-3O. 

1861, June i, [n. p.] [G. T.] Beauregard, [Genl.] by A. R. 
Chisolm, A. D. C. 

"The conductor of the train from Winchester to Harper s 

42 It was hauled down by Gov. Letcher s orders. 

43 These were the three Democratic papers of the city. All were 
clamorous for secession. 

44 See J. H. McNeilly: John Yates Beall, (Confederate Veteran, 1899) ; 
see also Trial of John Y, Beall, as a Spy and Guerrillcro, by Military Com 
mission, (N. Y., 1865) ; Memoir of John Yates Beall: his Life; Trial; Cor 
respondence; Diary; and Private Manuscript found among his Papers, 
including his own Private Account of the Raid on Lake Erie, (Montreal, 

45 See supra, p. 73. 


Ferry will detain train one hour or more for arms in charge 
of Mrs. Beverly [sic] Johnson." 46 A. S. Md-8g. 

1861, Sept. 5, Manassa[s, Va.] G. T. Beauregard to J. E. 
Johnston. [ Personal. ] 

Proposed changes in the flag a war and peace flag the 
Southern cross 47 military squabbles letter to Genl. Cooper 
cause of the report. A. L. S. La-6. 

1862, Jany. 9, Centreville, Va. G. T. Beauregard, [Genl.] to 
Capt. J. D. Wright, A. Q.-Mr. 5th S. C. 

Thanks for the scarf sent through you by an "aged South 
Carolina lady." A. L. S. S. C.-n6. 

1864, Jany. 20, Charleston, S. C., Hd.-Qrs. Dept. S. C., etc. 
G. T. Beauregard, [Genl.] to Maj.-Genl. [J. F.] Gilmer, Pres 

Please decipher enclosed despatch from Secretary of War 
have not the key with me suppose it is same as that of 
signal corps personal matters A. L. S. Ga.-gm-25. 

1864, Feb. 3, Charleston, S. C., Hd.-Qrs. Dept. S. C., etc. G. 
O. 15. Sig: Thos. Jordan, Chf. of Staff, by order Genl. [G. 
T.] Beauregard. 

Transportation allowed each command disposition of ex 
cess wagons reserve wagons markings. 

P. D. T-30-I4. 

1864, Feb. 20, Charleston, S. C., Hd.-Qrs. Dept. S. C., etc. 
S. O. 49, IV. Sig: Jno. M. Otey, A. A. G., by order Genl. 
[G. T.] Beauregard. 

Brig.-Genl. W. B. Taliaferro is relieved from duty in 7th 
district will receive instructions from these Hd.-Qrs. 48 will 
take his staff with him Brig.-Genl. Hagood will assume com 
mand of 7th district. D. S. T r 43-3. 

46 Cf, infra, pp. 222, 312. 

47 It was at this time that the flag was being designed. General Beau- 
regard is generally given credit for originating the battle-flag known as 
the "Southern Cross." 

48 See T 1 -43-4, infra. 


1864, Feb. 20, Charleston, S. C, Hd.-Qrs. Dept. S. C., Ga. and 
Fla. S. O. 49, V-VI. Sig. Jno. M. Otey, by command of 
Genl. [G. T.] Beauregard. 

Brig.-Genl. Taliaferro will proceed to district of East Flor 
ida, assume command of all Confederate troops there, and 
organise them for the present as follows: I. Brig.-Gen. A. H. 
Colquitt to command his brigade as now organised. 2. Brig. 
Gen. Jos. Finegan to command a brigade to be formed of in- 
lantry of East and West Florida Districts now under him, 
with troops to be sent from Ga. 3. Col. Geo. P. Harrison will 
command an infantry brigade transferred from S. C. 4. Light 
Arty, will be under Lieut-Col. C. C. Jones, siege batteries un 
der Maj. Geo. H. Buist. 5. Cavalry will be under Col. R. H. 
Anderson. VI. . . . "Every effort must be made to have the 
force organized for immediate offensive movements against 
the enemy, whose operations are deemed favorable to that 
end." 49 A. D. S. ^-43-4. 

1864, Dec. 10, Charleston, [S. C.] G. T. Beauregard, Genl., to 
Maj.-Genl. Sam Jones, Pocataligo. 

Notify me when plans for attack are complete will send 
500 more troops. 50 A. S. Ga.-ga-i-s6. 

i86[s], Apr. 17, Greensboro, [N. C.] G. T. Beauregard, 
[Genl.] to Genl. Jos. E. Johnston. 

Genl. B. 51 leaves as soon as practicable he hopes to ar 
rive at ii P. M. Tel. S. C. 113. 

1862, Nov. 29, Staunton, Va., Q.-M. Office. H. M. Bell, Maj. 
and Post Q.-M. 

Certificate of delivery by Lieut. Salyards of 4 men detailed 
as shoemakers. A. S. Tj-47-io. 

1864, May 18, Staunton, Va. H. M. Bell, Maj. etc., to Brig.- 
Gen. A. R. Lawton, Q.-M. Genl. 

49 See an account of conditions and movements in Florida at this time 
in C. M. H., v. ii (Florida), c. v., p. 82 ff. 
so Printed, O. R., s. 92, p. 947. 
51 Genl. John C. Breckinridge. See Breckinridge to Johnston, Apr. 17, 

1865, infra, p. 198. 


Upon request I beg to report condition of Major T. L. 
Broun, Q. M. he was reported killed in fight at Dublin 
Depot, but was shot "through the bowels" and taken pris 
oner, but left by enemy, too badly wounded to be carried off. 
Surgeon now says he may recover. 52 

A. L. S. B-i8-i. 

Endsd: Refferred to Col. [W. L.] Broun, Ordnance De 
partment: W. K Alexander Major & Asst. to Q.-M. G. O. 

A. S. 

1861, Oct. 28, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. J. P. Benjamin, 53 
Actg. Sec. War, to Maj.-Genl. Braxton Bragg, Pensacola, 

I have received letter from Gov. J. E. Brown of Georgia, 
stating he needs services of Dr. Jas. T. Knott, Pvt. Co. D, 
ist Ga. Batn. cannot well refuse 54 order his discharge. 

L. S. Ga.-ga-i-is. 

Endsd : "Order to be discharged and to report to Gov. 
Brown, B. B." A. S. 

1861, Dec. 27, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. J. P. Benjamin, 
Sec. War, to Genl. Jos. E. Johnston, comdg. Dept. N. Va. 

The Adjt.-Genl. has laid Genl. W. H. Whiting s letter be 
fore the President I am instructed to reply the President 
reads with displeasure Whiting s "very insubordinate" re 
marks he does not wish to force command on Whiting you 
will relieve him of command of the Miss, brigade as their is 
no other without commander, will not need his services 
order Maj. [sic] W. H. Whiting of the Engineer Corps to re 
port to Genl. Jackson, Valley District, for duty his service 
will be usefuT there 55 the President requests you decline to 

52 See Wm. L. Broun to Thos. L. Broun, May, 1864, infra, p. 200. 

53 Benjamin served as Secretary of War from Sept., 1861, to Mch. 18, 

1862, when he became Secretary of State. For his life, see Max James 
Kohler: Judah P. Benjamin: Statesman and Jurist, (Balto., 1905; re 
printed from Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, No- 
12); also Pierce Butler: Judah P. Benjamin, (Phila., 1907). 

54 As is well known, relations between Gov. Brown and Pres. Davis 
were often strained. 

cn Printed, O. R., s. v., pp. 1011-12. 


forward communications of subordinates tending to cause a 
"mutinous and disorganising spirit in the army." 

L. S. La.-6. 

[i8]64, Mch. 25, Richmond, [Va.J J. P. Benjamin, [Sec. 
State] to Hon. X".* H. H. Stewart [Stuart,] 56 Staunton, Va. 

Request you come to Richmond for conference on a mat 
ter too delicate to be trusted to mail do not mention your 
coming. A. L. S. Va.-C-ss. 

1865, Mch. 2, Richmond, Va., Dept. of State. J. P. Benjamin 
to Hon. J. Thompson. 

"Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your 
several despatches of 4th, 8th and 22d January, as well as of 
your full report from hands of Col. Dawson. The President 
instructs me to forward to you the following directions on 
the various points embraced in your correspondence 

ist. In regard to our escaped prisoners. Place in the hands 
of some person in whom you have confidence such sum of 
money, not exceeding ten thousand dollars, as you may deem 
necessary, to be applied solely to the purpose of assisting such 
of our soldiers as may need aid to return to the Confederacy. 
No money is to be supplied to any that do not wish to return 

II. In regard to Dr. S. The President does not wish 

any more money advanced to him, nor does he desire that any 
enterprise of any kind be undertaken by the Doctor. We are 
determined not to permit any just complaint to be made of 
breach of neutral rights by our authority or sanction. 

III. Pay over to the gentleman referred to in my despatch 
of 3Oth December last, twenty thousand dollars to be used by 
him at his discretion in our service, and to be accounted for 
by him. Should he hereafter need more money, inform him 
that I will send it to him on being notified of his wants. 

IV. Reserve in your hands such sum as you may need to 
pay your expenses home. 

56 Alexander H. H. Stuart was a leader of the old Whig party in Vir 
ginia, was in Fillmore s cabinet, and a member of the Virginia Convention 
of 1861. See his "Recent Revolution ..." (Rich., 1866). 


V. Remit the entire remainder in your hands to Mess. 
Fraser, Trenholm & Co. of Liverpool, to be placed to my 
credit, in a separate account to be called "Secret Service Ac 
count." Make tllis remittance as soon as possible and let me 
know the amount of it, as we are in pressing need of these 
funds abroad for important service there. 

VI. Procure for us a complete record of Burley s case that 
we may make it the 5asis of official action (from its begin 
ning to the final judgment in Appellate Court.) 

VII. Return to Confederacy as soon as you can. Your 
own discretion must be exercised as to the best mode I 
would however suggest Havana, thence to Matamoros by 
neutral vessel, thence through Texas. This route is long, but 
is the only one that can be considered entirely safe. 

I believe this covers all points. I am necessarily brief in 
order to conceal this despatch more securely As soon as you 
receive this, publish in N. Y. Herald an advertisement for one 
week, as follows : 

For sale : 57 acres of Illinois prairie lands. For descrip 
tion, price and terms, apply by letter to 


Chicago, 111. 

Fill up the blank before the word "acres" with the num 
ber of pounds sterling that you remit to Fraser, Trenholm 

I am, Sir, very respectfully, 

Your obedient servant," 

L. S. s m-2. r>8 

57 A search of the files of the daily Herald from March 6 to April 30, 
1865, does not disclose this advertisement, though hundreds of similar ones 
appear daily. 

58 This letter was found among the Shea papers, and was evidently one 
of the exhibits prepared by Judge Shea for the defence of President Davis- 
Jacob Thompson was a secret agent of the Confederacy, with headquar 
ters in Canada. For an account of his operations, see : A Leaf from His 
tory. Report of J. Thompson, agent for the late Confederate Govern 
ment. (Wash., 1868.) "Dr. S." is mentioned by Thompson (op. cit.) 
as "Dr. K. I. Stewart of Virginia." There was, however, a Dr. C. L. 
Stuart and the two may have been confused. See infra, p. 455 and note. 552. 


1865, Jany. 9, Hd.-Qrs. City of Charleston. T. D. Bertody, 
Maj. and A. A. I. GenL, to Lieut. J. Hunter, A. A. A. G. [to 
Col. E. C. Anderson.] 

Report to the Col. comdg. the condition of the guns, am 
munitions, garrisons, etc., in the following batteries : Ramsey ; 
Blakely Gun-Battery (Frazier s Wharf on Cooper River) ; 
Laurens St. (on Cooper River) ; Calhoun St. (foot Calhoun 
St. on Cooper River) ; Half-Moon (cor. Columbus and Drake 
Sts.) ; Waring (foot of Tradd St. on Ashley River) full de 
tails for each battery. 9 p. 

Endsd: Jany. 13, [s. p.] Forwarded to Brig.-Genl. Talia- 
ferro. Edwd. C. Anderson, Col. comdg. L. S. B 2 -4Q. 

1864, May 31, [Richmond, Va.] Geo. L. Bidgood. 59 

Receipt signed by ; for stationery furnished the Confederate 
States Senate e. g. 1,000 envelopes, $150; one bottle of ink, 
$5 ; 3 reams tools-cap paper $175 per ream. 

Approved: W. E. Simms[?] Ck. D. S. 8-39. 

1862, Dec. 21 [ ?J, Hd.-Qrs. 2nd Army Corps. G. H. Bier, Mas. 
Art. and Chf. Ord. 2nd Corps, A. N. V., to Brig.-Genl. [W. 
B.] Taliaferro, comdg. ist Div. 

Your weekly ordnance report due yesterday and the spe 
cial report called for yesterday by order Lt.-Genl. Jackson 
have not been received are needed immediately to report to 
the Chief of Ord. A. L. S. 60-51-1. 

1862, Dec. 22, Hd.-Qrs. 2nd Army Corps. G. H. Bier, C. S. 

N., Mas. Art and Chf. Ord. 2d Army Corps [A. N. V.], to 
[Brig.-] General [W. B. Taliaferro. J 

Capt. H. H. Lee s report of arms in your division has not 
been received the others were received promptly my report 
is thereby delayed Capt. Lee must be reflected upon in the 
report, if it is incomplete the courier will wait. 

A. L. S. B 2 -si-2. 

Endsd : Forward to Capt. Lee for explanation and for im 
mediate attention. W. B. Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. A. S. 

59 A Richmond stationer and publisher. His advertisements are fre 
quently met with in the Richmond papers of this period. 


1861, Aug. 4-1864, June 21, Pinopolis, S. C. Black Oak Sol 
diers Relief Association. 

Records between these dates a women s organization for 
collecting clothing and supplies for the army minutes, list 
of donations, etc., 73 pages. S. -397. 

^865, Jany. 20, James Island, [S. C.] Jno. L. Black, Col. 
[comdg.J to Capt. P. N. Page, A. A. G. 

Firing 60 is at a wreck of a steamer of ours grounded near 
Sumter a gunboat and monitor also firing on John s Island 
towards Legareville have no official report best ask Genl. 
Elliott. Tel? 61 TV44-6. 

1864, Nov. 21, Petersburg, Va., Camp 1st Engineer Regt. Wm. 
W. Blackford, [Lt.-CoL] to T. W. Colley, Esq., Cedarsville, 

Impracticable now to take up architecture you might enter 
the Univ. of Va. an arrangement has been made by the gov 
ernment with the Univ. whereby disabled soldiers can attend 
without any charge clothing and rations given advice on 
the subject. P. S. Wooden legs can be obtained almost free 
from the Y. M. C. A. Write to the Richmond committee. 

A. L. S. C r4 6. 

1863, May 7, Washington D. C. C. C. Blacknall to Mrs. V. 

I was captured at Chancellorsville am confined in the 
Old Capitol have no concern for me. 

A. L. S. N. 0-178-24. 

1864, Aug. 18, Washington, D. C., Office of Commissary Gen 
eral of Prisoners. G. Blagden, Maj., etc., to Miss Mary M. 
Came, Alexandria, Va. 

Permission to furnish prisoners with provisions is given 

60 See W. B. Taliaferro to J. L. Black, Jany. 20, 1865, infra, p. 415. 

61 These messages could be sent either by signals or by telegraph, as 
both lines were in use around Charleston. Those from Sumter came by 
signal ; but it is often difficult to decide the exact mode of transmission 
from other points. Sometimes signal messages were forwarded part of 
the way by telegraph. 


near relatives when prisoners are ill ; with clothing, when des 
titute. L. S. Va.-E-25. 

1862, Aug. 19, Culpeper Co., 20 miles N. E. Gordonsville, 
Longstreet s Div., Pryor s Brigade. J[oel] C. B[lake] to 
Laura [ Blake j, his wife. 

Continual marching I know little news reported narrow 
escape of Gen. Stuart other items family affairs. 

A. L. S. Fla.-ga-8. 

i86[s,] 62 Apr. 30, Thursday, Fitzgerrold [Fitzgerald] House, 
near Fredericksburg, Va. [J. C. Blake to [his wife?] 

Details of the Fitzgerald house the surrounding coun 
try. A. L. n. S. Fla.-ga-g. 

1861, Aug. i, Camp Greg., Hd.-Qrs. ist Brigade, ist Corps, 
Army of the Potomac. M. L. Bonham, Brig.-Genl. comdg. ist 
Brig, ist C., A. P., to Brig.-Genl. G. T. Beauregard, comdg. 
ist Corps A. P. on i8th and 2ist July, 1861. 9 p. 

Report of operations of Bonham s Brigade at Manassas. 

Printed: O. R., S. I, v. 2, pp. 518-21. 

D. S. Ga-2-2o. 

18647 June 8, New Orleans, Hd.-Qrs. Provost Marshal Genl. 

Dept. Gulf. [James] Bowen, Brig.-Genl., etc., by C. . 

Willborn, Col. and Actg. C. S. D., Dept. Gulf, to Mrs. De Bar, 
alias Hattie Vallee. 

By direction of Maj.-Genl. comdg. you are requested to 
leave the department "as soon as you can conveniently make 
preparations lor that purpose." L. S. Mo-i. 

1864, June 8, New Orleans, Hd.-Qrs. Provost Marshal Gen. 
Dept. of the Gulf. [James] Bowen, Brig.-Genl., etc., by 

C. Willborn, Col. & C. S. D. Dept. Gulf, to Managers St. 

Chas. Theatre. 

By direction of Maj.-Genl. comdg. you are notified that 
Mrs. De Bar, acting at your theatre under the name of Hattie 

62 Evidently 1863, since April 30 fell on Thursday only once during the 
war. Blake belonged to Company K, 5th Florida Regt. He was killed 
July 2, 1863. 


Vallee, will not be admitted to the theatre under forfeiture of 
your license. L. S. Mo-i. 

1863, Apr. 15, Grand Gulf, Miss., Hd.-Qrs. ist Brig., 2nd Div. 

A. M. Jno. S. Bowen, Brig.-Genl. comdg., to Maj. R. W. 
Memminger, A. A. G. Dept. M. & E. La. 

Please send me printed copies of the Confederate Cipher. 

L. S. Ga.-ga-i-27. 

1864, Apr. 19, [n. p.] T. M. Bowyer, Maj. and Chf. Ord. 
Officer, A. N. V. 

Agreement between ; and Jas. B. Smith, Pulaski, Va. the 
latter to furnish 5000 horse-shoes and 500 Ibs. horse-shoe 
nails. D. S. Ga.-ga-i-ig. 

1862, Feb. 7, Mobile, Ala., Hd.-Qrs. Dept. Ala., etc. S. O. 46. 
Sig: Geo. G. Garner, by order Maj.-Genl. [Braxton] Bragg. 

Honorable discharge of Capt. Vans Randall, 63 ist, Fla. 
Vols., whose command has been reduced by re-enlistments 
for the war. D. S. Fla.-23. 

1862, Feb. 12, [n. p.] Hd.-Qrs. Dept. Ala., etc. Braxton Bragg, 
Maj.-Genl., to [Maj.-JGenl. Sam Jones, comdg. Army of Pen- 
sacola. A. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-23~4. 

Printed O. R., S. I, v. 6, p. 824-25. 

1863, Jany. 14, Tullahoma, [Tenn.] Braxton Bragg to Col. 

B. S. Ewell, Chattanooga. [Personal.] 

Your Rind letter received I did not answer fully by tele 
graph the idea that I was to resign was based on a letter 
written to some of my generals asking if they sanctioned the 
repeated statements by their friends that my movements from 
Murfreesboro were disapproved by them, and that the enemy 
was in full retreat at the time said in that if I was deceived 
in them, would retire without a regret some of these gene 
rals did not meet my expectations indebted to them for fail 
ures of Wednesday and Friday evenings on the enemy s left 
flank they find themselves responsible for various failures 
and wish to saddle me with the responsibility for these before 

63 See infra, p. 368. 


the official reports set the matter right among them are men 
who possessed my confidence and owe me all in life if this 
goes so far as to impair the confidence of the army or my con 
trol of these generals, the cause will suffer irreparably, and 
I had better retire, at least for a time I must say there is no 
man here to command an army the one who aspires to it 64 
"is a good drill master but no more except that he is gallant. 
He has no ability to organise and supply an army, and no con 
fidence in himself when approached by an enemy" personal 
good wishes cavalry is behind the enemy I hope to hear 
good reports from them soon. 3 p. 

A. L, S. Fla.-25. 

1863, Apr. 8, Tullahoma, Tenn., Hd.-Qrs. Army Tenn. Brax- 
ton Bragg, Genl., to Lt.-Genl. L. Polk, comdg. Corps. 

I plan to commemorate the names of the gallant men who 
fell in recent engagements, by engraving their names on the 
guns they captured send me the names of 4 gallant Tennes- 
seeans who fell at Murfreesboro and Perryville, for this pur 
pose. 65 L. S. Ga.-ga-i-32. 

1864, May 4, Hd.-Qrs. Batln. Carter M. Braxton, Lt.-Col. 
comdg., to Col. [J. Thompson] Brown. 

Have received orders from Genl. Long 66 to move what 
shall I do with Carpenter s guns 67 A. L. S. Va.-E-i8. 

1864, May 4, Hd.-Qrs. Arty. Bat[l]n., ist Div. Arty. Carter 
M. Braxton, Lt.-Col. comdg. Batln., to Col. J. T. Brown, 
comdg. ist Div. Arty., 2nd Corps. 

Certify that my command from Dec. 19, 1863, to Apr. 18, 

64 Bragg very carefully omits the name. 

65 See Polk to Mackall, April 20, 1863, infra, p. 366. 

66 Brig.-Genl. A. L. Long, Chief of Artillery, Swell s Corps. See 
C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 630-31. Long wrote numerous articles on the war. 
See his General Early s Valley Campaign, (Southern His. Soc. Papers, 
1877, v. 3. pp. 112-122) ; Memoirs of General John Bankhead Magruder, 
(ibid., 1884, v. 12, pp. 105-110). He also wrote the well-known Memoirs 
of Gen. R. E. Lee, (New York, 1886). 

67 John C. Carpenter s Battery. 


1864, encamped on lands of Dr. J. B. Gardner, Reynolds, 
Goodman, and Claibrooke, near Frederick s Hall, Louisa 
Co., ,Va. damages allowed, but not reported certificates 
given the land holders will be paid when funds are received 
rails destroyed were replaced before morning. 

A. L. S. 6-36-6. 

1862, Apr. i, [Richmond, Va.] Commonwealth of Va. James 

Commission as 1st Lieut, of Arty., Prov. Army of Va. 
rank from Mch. 23, 1862 Sig: John Letcher, [Governor.] 

P. F. S. Md. 

1863, Sept. 25, Camp near Orange C. H. James Breathed, 
Capt., to Hon. Jas. A. Seddon, Sec. of War. 

Tender my resignation as Capt. of Stuart Horse Arty, to 
take effect Oct. i, 1863 am tired of this arm of service can 
do better in another. A. L. S. Md-57. 

Endsd: i. Forwarded disapproved. Breathed is the best man 
for managing a battery of horse arty, that I have 
ever known. W. C . Wickham, Brig.-Genl. 
comdg. A. S. 

2. Disapproved. Breathed is an excellent officer. 

Can do no better service in another arm. Fitz 
Lee, Brig.-Genl. comdg. A. S. 

3. Disapproved. Will never consent for Breathed to 

quit horse arty., in which he has earned such 
distinction, except for certain promotion, which 
is well earned. J. E. B. Stuart, Maj.-Genl. 
comdg. A. S. 

4. Forwarded not approved. For Genl. R. E. Lee, 

R. H. Chilton, A. A. A. G. A. S. 

5. Disapproved by command of Sec. of War. Jno. 

Withers, A. A. G. A. S. 

1864, Apr. 22, Richmond, [Va.] War Dept. James Breathed. 

Commission as Major of Arty. rank from Feb. 27, 1864 
report to Genl. R. E. Lee. Sig: Jas. A. Seddon, Sec. of War. 

P. F. S. Md. 


1862, Dec. 13, Hd.-Qrs. Breckinridge s Div. John C. Breck 
inridge, Maj.-Genl., to Maj. Thos. M. Jack, A. A. G., ist 
Corps. Afrmy] T[enn.] 

Report of preperations made to transfer this division to 
Hardee s Corps. A. S. Ga.-ga-i-32. 

1865, Apr. 15, Greensboro, N. C., C. S. A. War Dept. John 
C. Breckinridge, 68 Sec. War, to J. J. Dickinson. 

You are appointed by the President as Col. Cavalry, P. A. 
C. S., subject to approval of the senate report to Maj.-Genl. 
Sam. Jones, comdg. Dist. Florida. L. S. Fla.-27. 

11865, Apr. 17, Greensboro, [N. C.] John C. Breckinridge, Sec. 
War, to Genl. Jos. E. Johnston. 

Your telegram received 69 I leave in an hour for Hamp 
ton s Hd.-Qrs. Tel. S. .-114. 

1865, May 4, [Washington, Ga.] War Dept. C. S. A. John C. 
Breckinridge, Sec. War. 

Permission is given to the chiefs of Bureaux of the War 
Dept. to leave the department and remain where their duties 
can be discharged until further orders, or until their services 
are needed. Those having control of public property will 
make disposition for the best possible interests of the govern 
ment. 70 D. S. Ga.-gm.s6. 

1864, Aug. 8, Legare s Point, Hd.-Qrs. 2nd Arty. Section. 
W. N. Bridges, Capt. comdg., to Lieut. J. W. Marshall, A. 
A. A. G. 

Ask an 8-inch siege-howitzer for use between Batteries 
Tatum and Haskell location importance. 

L. S. B 2 -so. 

Approved and forwarded: S.[?] I. Johnson, Capt. comdg.; 
T. D. Twiggs, Lt.-Col. comdg. A. S. 

68 Major-General Breckinridge became Secretary of War on Feb. 4, 

1865, succeeding James A. Seddon of Virginia. Sec C. M. H., v. I, pp. 

69 See Beauregard to Johnston, Apr. 17, 1865, supra, p. 188. 

70 This is one of the last official documents of the Confederate War 
Department. The various officials separated that day. 


1864, Dec. 16, Camp Butler s Brigade, [Columbia, S. C. ?] J. 
L. Brisborne to Maj. W. B. Stanard. 

I have received your report 71 it is satisfactory purchase 
of a horse. A. L. S. 8-42-1. 

1863, Aug. 7, Richmond, Va., Navy Dept. Office of Ordnance 
and Hydrography. John M. Brooke, commander in charge, 
to J. R. Anderson and Co., 72 Tredegar Iron Works, Present. 
When will the lo-inch pattern sent you be completed? It 
is much wanted. L. S. Ga.-ga-3-n. 

1863, Nov. 30, Richmond, Va., Navy Department, Office of 
Ordnance and Hydrography. John M. Brooke, commander in 
charge, to Hon. J. L. M. Curry. 

Invitation to attend examination of acting midshipmen 
on C. S. S. "Patrick Henry," at Drewry s Bluff, Dec. I. 73 


1865, Mch. 2 1 -May 17. William G. Brooks, ist Asst. Actg. 
Chf. Engr., C. S. N. 

Engineer s log of the C. S. Ram "Stonewall" between 
these dates coaling, etc. 74 . Later entries of the Spanish 
steamer "Carmel" Spanish form, entries in English. 


1 86 1, Apr. 24, Kanawha, [Va.] Thos. L. Broun 75 to Annie 

Have joined Kanawha Rifles, which has unanimously ten 
dered its service to the State to go wherever ordered com- 

71 For further papers of Major Stanard, see Index. 

72 The senior member of this firm was Joseph R. Anderson, Brig.- 
Genl., C. S. A. The works were usually called simply the "Tredegar." 
A great portion of the ammunition and ordnance used in the army of 
Northern Virginia was made here. The works are still in successful 

73 A list of other invited guests is appended to the invitation. Mr. 
Curry was then a member of the Confederate Congress from Alabama. 

74 For the Stonewall, see correspondence and reports in O. R., Naval, 
s. i, v. 3, index Stonewall, 

75 Cf, H. M. Bell to General A. R. Lawton, May 18, 1864, supra, p. 188. 


pany was formed during John Brown s Raid all have hand 
some uniforms, have Seen drilling for more than a year. "We 
are all ready, awaiting orders to go wherever the State calls 
us. Some 10 or 12 lawyers belong to the company, in fact, 
all my friends and intimate acquaintances." 

"We are all full of the war spirit, and are determined to do 
our duty in defence of the glorious old commonwealth. 76 I 
most heartily rejoice at the Secession of Virginia. A united 
South is all we want to make us a great, happy, and power 
ful people. If war is necessary to accomplish this result, then 
let is come. Our liberty is dearer to us than life. But it is 
my belief that the Republicans will soon terminate the war, 
after the whole South is united and presents a bold front to 
our enemies the Black republicans." Copy. B-i8-n. 

1864, May [n. d.] [Richmond, Va.] W. Leroy Broun 77 to 
Major Thomas L. Broun, [Dublin Depot?] 

Forward letter of Major Bell 78 as evidence of the circumlo 
cution of official documents. I have just received official no 
tice of your recovery, though have heard it many times. Invi 
tation to visit Good wishes of "Miss Mollie F." "We are 
here now in the midst of a grand battle, the deep thud, thud, 
of the hostile cannon is now constantly heard, yet the regular 
work goes on, all are confident & full of hope." 

Copy. B-i8-2. 

1863, Aug. 26, Richmond, [Va.,] C. S. Arsenal. W. LeRoy 
Broun, Lt.-Col. comdg., to J. R. Anderson & Co. 

Can you forge a breech for a Whitworth gun ? We cannot. 

L. S. Ga.-ga-i-s8. 

76 Kanawha, it will be recalled, is situated in a district where loyalty 
to Virginia was not altogether general. Virginia had seceded April 17, 
1861 ; the ordinance had to be referred to the people, and was approved 
May 23, 1861. 

77 Colonel Broun was in charge of the experimental work of the 
Confederate Bureau of Ordnance. He was an able chemist and his results 
have received praise at the hands of able critics. For some account of 
his work, see his article on Confederate Ordnance during the Civil War, 
(Journal U. S. Artillery, Jany.-Feb., 1898 ; reprinted in Southern His. Soc. 
Papers, v. 24, p. 365 ff; Richmond Dispatch, April 10, 1898). 

78 Cf, H. M. Bell to Genl. A. R. Lawton, supra, p. 188. 


[1863, Nov. 30] [Richmond, Va., C. S. Arsenal.] Wm. 
Broun, Lt.-Col. comdg., to Capt. W. N. Smith. 
Specifying future charges for 12-pdr. Napoleons. 

Copy. 79 0-10-50. 

1864, Apr. 13, Richmond, Va., C. S. Arsenal. Wm. Leroy 
Broun, [Col., etc.] to Col. J. Thompson Brown, Adjt. of 
Arty., ist Div., Frederick Hall, Va. 
"Dear Col. 

I have ordered the fuzes to be made and hope they will be 
ready in time to give them a fair trial at the Yankees and 
will also have them worked into seconds. 

With regard to the fuze igniter I proposed, so as to give 
both the advantage of the flame of the igniter, no matter how 
well it would act, it is clearly impossible to have them made 
for use, & hence I have paid little attention to it. 

1 have now enough brass plugs to last a year, & they can 
not be altered, & the shells are made of such hard iron as to 
prevent drilling. 

The tumbling of the new 3-in. is obviously [due] to want 
of centering the case It is heavier on one side than another. 
By having the band sawn in four places, & reducing the 
length it will be practically far better than the present one. 
The drawing I still think is all right, but the half-skilled me 
chanics destroy the whole design. 

All our improvements have to be adapted to our inferior 
material & to unskilled workmen I am yet confident, I can 
adapt the concussion luze to Round shell. My expts. here 
were very satisfactory. 

Yours &c." 6-36-2. 

1864, Apr. 30, Richmond, Va., C. S. Arsenal. W. Leroy 

Broun, [Col., etc.] to Col. J. Thompson Brown, etc. 

a Col. 

In summing up the experiments made here & in the army I 
find the count stands thus [ :] 

79 These copies were pasted on heavy paper, and were evidently in 
tended for field use. See W. N. Smith, infra, p. 398. 


With B s Concus. Fuze 3 inch Rifle, Copper cup shells. 

i Premature explosion (from an enlarged condemned gun) 

8 Failed (four struck in water) 
61 Exploded on striking. 
70 Total fired. 

With Parrott guns (Iron cup shell) 
14 Premature explosions. 

6 Failed. 

26 Exploded on striking. 
46 Total fired. 

You thus see the Fuzes are well adapted for 3 Inch Rifle 
with copper cup shell, with the Iron cup the escape of gas so 
disturbs the leaden discharges as to cause frequent premature 
explosions. I hope to obviate this with Iron cups by reduc 
ing the weight of the discharges, as I have done from 250 grs. 
to 150 grs. It acts as well with the Napoleon as with the Par 
rott. Let them be used with 3 Inch & copper cup, if prema 
ture explosion occurs in Parrott guns. By pressing with the 
thumb on the lead [load?] it is easily seen whether there is 
any danger in using an equivalent amount of pressure in 
inserting the fuze in the shell. You may stand on the fuze 
pressing in -the direction of the axis and fail to explode, & 
yet explode it by throwing it on hard ground. Let me know 
of the detects & I think I can overcome them. 

Yours respectfully" 6-36-3. 

[P. S.] I sent you 400 & have ordered more to Gen. Long 
for distribution." 

1864, May 22, Richmond, Va. W. Leroy Broun, [Col.] to 
Maj. Thos. L. Broun. [Dublin Depot.] 

Gratification at your safety and hopes for recovery 80 news 
from friends "Today we received the sad news of the death 

80 Maj. Broun had been seriously wounded at Dublin Depot. Col. 
Broun was evidently replying to some more recent letter than that of 
Maj. Bell. 


of Gen. Jenkins. 81 How full of sorrow has our land become." 
First news of your wound I hope to visit you prayers for 
your recovery. "Our city now has many thousands wounded. 
You are so much more fortunate than one of the hundred 
officers here, where individuality is lost in the thousand cares 
each of which calls for sympathy" visit of the enemy to 
Capt. Minor s home "We just have reed, news of the change 
of the line of Gen. Lee which produces talk, but yet all are 
confident, hopeful. God will aid us & all will be well in the 
end." Copy. 6-18-3. 

1864, Feb. 18, H.-Qrs. ist N. C. T[roops.] H. A. Brown, Col., 
to Brig.-Genl. G. H. Steuart. 

I request that Dr. Cromwell be relieved from further duty 
in the regiment Prefer no charge, but it is necessary perfect 
harmony should prevail among the officers wish to accom 
modate myself to circumstances, and submit to all becoming 
a gentleman and soldier, "yet the insolent conduct of this man 
is intolerable." I have no objection to any other surgeon of 
the Brigade or Division. Earnestly ask compliance, so as to 
remove all temptation to violate the Articles of War in a per 
sonal encounter. A. L. S. B-io. 

1864, Apr. 12, Hd.-Qrs. ist N. C. Troops. H. A. Brown, Coi., 
to Maj. R. W. Hunter, A. A. G., Johnson s Division. 

I request the detail of Pvt. David Cockerham, Co. B, ist 
N. C., now acting herder, as teamster in Ordnance Train, in 
place of Pvt. Henderson George, Co. F, ist N. C., an able- 
bodied man Cockerham has been ambulance driver. 

L. S. C-38-i. 

1861, May 22-Nov. 29 [n. p.] J. Thompson Brown, 82 Capt, 
ist Va. Arty. 

81 Brig.-Genl. Micah Jenkins, mortally wounded in the second day s 
fight at the Wilderness, May 6, 1864. See C M. H., v. 5, pp. 405-06. Long- 
street was wounded at the same time. See his account of the incident and 
his tribute to Jenkins, in Manassas to Appomattox, pp. 563-66. 

82 J. Thompson Brown was a young lawyer of wealth and ability. He 
went out as Captain of the second company of Richmond Howitzers, and, 
rapidly promoted, he became Colonel of the ist Va. Arty., and Acting 
Chief of Artillery of Longstreets Corps. He was killed at Spottsylvania 
Cot-rt-House. For bibliography, see supra, p. 166, note 9. 


6 receipts for Q.-M. stores delivered. 

P. F. S. Q-6-2. 

1861, July 1-1864, Apr. J. Thompson Brown, Capt., etc. 

18 receipts given to; for Q.-M. supplies, rolls and ordnance 
stores, signed as follows : 

David Watson, Capt. 2nd Co. Richmond Howitzers ; John 
W. Pugh, Lieut, comdg. Brooke s Battery; Thomas A. Bulk- 
ley and Co., Alex H. Hawkins, Capt. Arty.; James H. Hug- 
gins, Capt. Co. B, 23 Regt. G. V. [duplicates] ; H. Hudnall, 
Capt. 2nd Co. Howitzers [duplicates] ; Jas. Emdley[?], Jr., for 
Capt. Dickinson; J. S. Miller; William T. Tuck; C. L. Smith, 
Capt. Co. A, ist Va. Arty. ; W. H. Southall, Capt. Albemarle 
Artillery; R. L. Christian, Capt. and A. Q.-M. ist Arty, [dupli 
cates] ; J. W. Wyatt, Capt. Albemarle Arty.; H. E. Blair, Lt. ? 
comdg. Hupp s Battery ; W. J. Dance, Capt. Powhatan Arty. ; 
W. J. Armstrong, Capt. and A. C. S. B 2 -37-i-i8. 

1861, July i8-Nov. u, King s Mill Wharf, etc. J. Thompson 
Brown, Capt v etc. 

5 Receipts to; for Q.-M. and ordnance supplies in com 
mand of. Sig: Alex. H. Hankins, Capt. Jas. City Arty.; W. R. 
Garrett, Capt. W msburg-Lee Arty.; L. F. Jones; David Wat 
son, Lieut, comdg. section Albemarle Arty. ; H. J. Miller ; A. 
Adler, Q-M. of W. Arty, [sic] 83 D. S. B 2 -i 4 -i-i5. 

1861, July 18, King s Mill, Va. J. Thompson Brown, Capt., 
etc., to Capt. [W. R.[ Garrett. 

A detail will be ordered from your company to assist in 
finishing magazine and breast works the men will proceed to 
Williamsburg. Copy. 6-31-16. 

1861, July 18, King s Mill, Va. J. Thompson Brown, Capt. 

[Special] Order [No. .] 

For same detail. C. C. 6-31-17. 

83 Doubtful what battery is meant by the "W. Arty." Woolfolk s 
Ashland battery was with this command in 1862 and may be here intended. 
Batteries were frequently called after the names of their commanding 


1861, Aug. 13-1864, Apr. i. J. Thompson Brown, Capt., etc. 
29 receipts for ordnance and ordnance stores delivered. 


[1861,] Sept. 5, [Yorktown, Va.?] J. Thompson Brown, Capt., 

Appointment of non-commissioned officers one sergeant, 
four corporals. A. D. S. Va.-E-i5. 

1861, Oct.-i862, June. J. Thompson Brown, Maj., etc. 

15 special requisitions for supplies, ammunition, clothing, 
etc., for command. D. S. B 2 -3Q-i-i6. 84 

1861, Oct. 4, [Yorktown, Va.?] J. Thompson Brown, Capt. 
An election will be held by the 2nd Co. of Howitzers 85 to 
supply vacancy caused by the election of the late junior Lieu 
tenant to be Captain and to supply any other vacancies 
among Lieutenants. D. S. H-28-2. 

11861, Oct. 6, [Yorktown, Va.?] [J. Thompson Brown, Capt., 

Appointment and rank of non-commissioned officers. 

D.n. S. Va.-E.-i4. 

1861, Nov., [n. p.] J. Thompson Brown, Maj., etc., to [Maj.- 
Genl. J. Bankhead Magruder.] 

I ask permission to remove two deserted children from the 
almshouse and carry them to Richmond, where I will enter 
them in the Episcopal home and provide for their expenses 
personally Their mother is in the North ; their father worth 
less and suspected of treason. A. L. S. 6-33-4. 

Endsd : Approved by Genl. Magruder. 88 

1861, Dec. 28-31, Yorktown, Va. [J. Thompson Brown, Maj., 

84 Except B 2 -39-i4. 

85 Richmond Howitzers, Brown s own company. 

86 See Magruder to Brown, Nov. 17, 1861, infra, p. 341. 


3 morning reports to ; of non-commissioned officers and pri 
vates of 2nd and 3rd Cos. Howitzers here 14 to 17 men 5 
to 6 sick. Dn. S. 6-32-24. 

1862, Jany, 31, Yorktown, Va. J. Thompson Brown, Maj. 

Return of command : Capt. Chas. L. Smith, Co. A. ; Capt. 
L. W. Richardson, Co. B, Ship Point; Capt. W. H. Southall, 
Co. G, Fort Grafton; Capt. Henry Hudnall, Co. H, Harwood s 
Mill total enlisted men, 359 17 field pieces 199 horses. 

D. S. B 2 -42-i. 

[1862, Feb. 28, Yorktown, Va. J. Thompson Brown, Maj. 

Return of command: Same as B 2 -42-i, with exception Co. 
H, unreported total enlisted men, 353 17 field pieces 152 
horses. Dn. S. B 2 ~42-2. 

[1862, Mch. 31, Yorktown, Va. J. Thompson Brown, Lt.-Col. 
comdg. ist Va. Arty.] 

Return of command : Capt. Chas. L. Smith, Co. A, York- 
town; Capt. Wm. H. Southall, Co. G, Redoubt No. 4; Capt. 
Henry Hudnall, Co. H, Wynne s Mill total enlisted men, 308 
14 field pieces 189 horses. D. S. 62-42-3. 

1862, Apr. 13, [Yorktown, Va. J. Thompson Brown, Lt.-Col., 

Report to ; of number and condition of artillery horses and 
mules at Redoubts 4 and 5, Wynne s Mill, Wynne s Mill 
Dam 87 commands listed : Southall s, Maurin s, Nelson s, 
Richardson s, Page s, Hudnall s, Macon s and Troop Arty. 
condition of horses. D.n. S. 60-43-8. 

[1862,] Apr. 18, [Yorktown, Va. J. Thompson Brown, Lt.- 
Col., etc.J 

Consolidated daily report to, of condition of batteries : 2nd, 
4th and 7th detachments, 2nd Co. Howitzers; ist-6th detach - 

87 These posts are all marked on the Federal map of Apr. 21, 1862. 
See O. R-, Atlas, plate XV, 4. 


ments, Fayette Arty. ; I detachment, Southall s ; I detach 
ment, Troop; I detachment, Bedford No. horses, men, guns, 
amount of ammunition. D.n. S. B. 2 -43-g. 

1862, Apr. 22, Redoubt No. 5, [near Yorktown, Va.] [J. 
Thompson Brown, 88 Lt.-Col.?] to Maj.-Genl. [D. H.] Hill, 

Report on weakness of Redoubts 4 and 5 little progress 
made by Engineer as the negroes are weakened by sickness 
and drafts for other work lack sufficient Arty, for proper de 
fence of lives need four more smooth-bore no platform to 
lelt and rear of No. 4 Genl. Rodes says infantry "are com 
pletely broken down" think with him a negro force should 
be ordered to complete the works two more platforms should 
be made to the right of No. 4 ask your written wishes. 

O. C. B-34-iS. 

1862, Apr. 27, [Near Yorktown, Va.] Redoubt No. 5. J. 
Thompson Brown, Lt.-Col., etc., to Maj.-Genl. [D. H.] Hill, 

Request for official information as to my authority and 
duty with reterence to the Artillery between and in Redoubts 
4 and 5. A. L. S. 6-32-1. 

1862, Sept. 19, near Falling Waters. J. Thompson Brown, 
Col. comdg., to Capt. R. T. Colston. 

Have the infantry join me tomorrow by ten precede them 
for conference about the roads I have intelligence of enemy s 
strength. A. S. Va.-E-i6. 

1862, Sept. 27, Camp D. H. Hill s Division." J. Thompson 
Brown, Col. ist Va. Arty., to Maj.-Genl. D. H. Hill. 

I beg to call your attention to the rude manner in which 
Genl. Jackson s Inspector-General ordered me to vacate the 
camp assigned me by you. I hope staff officers may be re 
quested to deliver orders in a less disagreeable manner. 

A. L. S. 6-34-23. 

88 Brown was probably in general command of these defences, but as 
the letter is unsigned and not in his autograph, it cannot positively be 
assigned to him. See D. H. Hill to Brown, Apr. 8, 1862, infra, p. 274. 


1/862, Oct. 31, Hd.-Qrs. Arty. Reserve. J. Thompson Brown, 
Col. comdg., to Maj. E. F. Paxton, 89 A. A. G. 

Report of Engle s 90 information course I propose to pur 
sue. A. S. 6-34-27. 

1863, Mch. 10, Bowling Green, [Va.,] Hd.-Qrs. 1st Regt. Va. 
Arty. J. Thompson Brown, Col., to Hon. J. A. Seddon, Sec. 
of War. 

I apply for transfer to my regiment of Henry B. Robin 
son, Co. E, 12 Va. Regt., that he may be made sergeant- 
major Robinson has been in the war since its commence 
ment believe him a faithful soldier his commanders object 
because of the smallness of his Co. believe it the policy of 
the government to encourage deserving officers. 

A. L. S. B-35-io. 
Endsd: I "Resp. refd to Genl. Lee." 

2. Mch. 21, 1863, "Co. commander will prefer 
charges against Robinson for violating army regu 
lations and G. O. No. 3 A. & I. G. O. Cur. Series." 
By order Genl. Lee. 

[1863?] Apr. 13, Hd.-Qrs. ist Va. Arty. J. Thompson Brown, 
Col., to Col. S. Crutchfield, Chf. Arty. 2nd Corps. 

I return the paper from Gen. Chilton am informed Chil- 
ton s manner and language to Capt. Christian were very offen 
sive, doubting the accuracy of the latter s requisition if 
Christian verifies this, I will take further action I do not 
wish my endorsation to commit me to acquiescence. 

A. L. S. B-35-7. 

1863, June 5, Hd.-Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps. J. Thompson Brown, 
Col. and Actg. Chf. Arty. 2nd Corps, to Brig.-Genl. [W. N.] 
Pendleton, 91 Chf. Arty. A N. V. 

89 Paxton was at this time A. A. G. and Chief cf Staff to General Jack 
son. The latter had recommended Paxton s appointment as Brigadier- 
General on Sept. 27, and he was so commissioned Nov. I, 1862. See C. M. 
H., v. 3, p. 644; Jones, Roster, etc., p. 60. 

&0 See Engle to Brown Oct. 31, 1862, infra, p. 241. 

91 For Pendleton, see infra, p. 3626%, 383. 


In accordance with your order, I designate Brooke s bat 
tery to be assigned to 3rd Corps I wish it might be left with 
me new battalion has Wyatt s Battery from my regiment 
this makes the second Brooke s battery has 3 Napoleons 
this leaves me only two I can send no other Graham s has 
the only two "very long" range guns in the corps other four 
always belonged to my Regiment If necessary to send this, 
send word where it shall report. Answer by courier. 

A. L. S. 6-35-14. 

Endsd: Col. Walker appointed Chief Arty. 3rd Corps let 
Battery report to him "where he was when he started to 
Chancellorsville where his Hd.-Qrs. are." D. D. Pendleton, 
Capt. and A. A. G., by command Brig.-Genl. W. N. Pendle 
ton. A. S. 

1863, Sept. 18, 12 M., Morton s Ford, [Va.] J. Thompson 
Brown, Col., etc., to Genl. [R. S. Ewell.] 

I request further artillery at this point have only one 
battalion here commands to be sent. 

A. L. S. Va.-E- 3 . 
Endsd: i. Referred to Col. Pendleton. R. S. E. A. S. 

2. Movements ordered as requested. A. S. Pendleton, 
Lt.-Col. and A. A. G. A. S. 

1863, Nov. 19, Near Raccoon Ford, [Va.] J. Thompson 
Brown, [Col. comdg. Reserve Arty. 2nd Corps, A. N. V.] 

Field return of command Hardaway s Battalion of 20 
guns : Capt. Dance, Capt. Watson, Capt. Smith, Capt. Gra 
ham, Capt. Griffin ; total present, 7 officers, 390 men ; total 
absent, 10 officers, 167 men. Nelson s Battalion of 13 guns : 
Capt. Kirkpatrick, Capt. Milledge, Capt. Massie; total pres 
ent, 37 officers, 730 men ; total absent, 14 officers, 225 men 
Sig: S. V. Pendleton, Adjt. D. S. B 2 -42-6. 

[1863?] Nov. 2y-Dec. i, [n. p.] [J. Thompson Brown.] 
Memoranda of movements of command. 

A. n. S. Va.-E-i8. 

1864, Jany. 4, Frederick s Hall, Va., etc. J. Thompson Brown, 
Col. and Actg. Chf. Arty. 2nd Corps. 


6 reports to; of time batteries of this command failed to 
received rations of meat and flour, Dec. 20-28 to Jany. 31. 
Andrew s Arty. Batln : No flour, one day hard bread issued ; 
no meat, nine days procured fresh pork from citizens two 
days of this time. Jones Arty. Batln : flour every day ; no 
meat, 4 days procured in the country. ist Regt. Arty.: 
flour or hard bread every day; no meat, three days; short 
rations, two days, of "stock" meat and meat procured in the 
country. Carter s Batln : flour every day ; no meat six and 
one-half days; procured meat from country, one other day. 

D. S. B-30-I-6. 
n. d., n. p. [J. Thompson Brown.] 

Draft of announcement of death of Lt.-Col. Coleman. 

A. n. S. Va.-E-i8. 

1864, Mch. 22, Near Richmond, [Va.] Saml. G. Browne, 
Hospital Steward, 38th Va. Infy. 

Descriptive list of; sig: John G. Trevilian, Surg., etc. 

P. F. S. B. 2 

Endsd : I. G. Graham, Capt. and A. Q.-M., with clothing, 
etc., issued. 

1863, May 9, Savannah, Ga. Henry Bryan, Maj, and A. I. 
G., to Col. H. D. Capers, comdg. I2th Ga. Batln. 

I notice great improvement in your command since last 
report improve manoeuvres by careful squad-drills I no 
tice a familiarity between some officers and men, especially 
in Co. A to be avoided rifles of Co. D are well-kept I will 
pay particular attention at next inspection to skirmish drill 
all of the Co. officers must be prepared to act as field-officer 
and drill the Battalion. A. L. S. T-25-i. 

1863, May 9, Savannah, Ga. Henry Bryan, Maj. and A. I. G., 
to Lt.-Col. G. R. Black, comdg. [63rd Ga.], Thunderbolt, 

Compliments on improvement of I3th Ga. Batln is an 
effective regiment drill is satisfactory under the circum 
stances have careful squad-drills take great pains over mili 
tary appearance Co. D a model in this respect minor de- 


tails of drill improvement your Q-M. should construct a 
prison Artillery drill should be perfected your hospital in 
remarkably good condition I hope skirmish drill will be be 
gun. A. L. S. 1-25-2. 

1863, June i, Savannah, [Ga.] Henry Bryan, Maj. and A. 
I. G., to Brig.-Genl. Thomas Jordan, Chf. of Staff, Charles 
ton, S. C. 

Forward enclosed reports 92 for approval. 

A. L. S. T-47-8. 

Endsd : Forwarded and returned through regular chan 

1864, Aug. 8, Hd.-Ors. N. C. and Southern Va. Henry Bryan, 
Maj. and A. A. G. insp.[sicj to Col. G. W. Brent, A. A. G. 

Valuation of horse for Capt. A. J. Toutant application 
for board of appraisers. A. S. Ga.-ga-i-2O. 

Appended: S. O. 65, II. Sig: Jno. M. Otey, by command 
of Genl. Beauregard, appointing the board. D. S. 

1864, Apr. 20, Mobile, Ala., Naval Commandant s Office. 
Frank [li]n Buchanan, 03 Admiral, etc., to Midshipman P. B. 
Moore, 94 C. S. S. "Gaines," Mobile. 

Report to office ot Orders and Details, through this office, 
the name of the State and number of the Congressional Dis 
trict where you resided when appointed Midshipman. 

L. S. Tex.-i34. 

1863, Feb. 13, Camp 55th Va. Vols .... to Sydney S. Buck, 
Asst. Pro. Marshal s Office, Richmond, Va. 

Statement as to mailing of a "descriptive roll" which does 
not appear to have reached you. L. N. S. B 2 . 

1863, Apr. 8, Hd.-Qrs. Mobile, [Ala.] S. B. Buckner, Maj.- 
Genl., to Lt.-Genl. J. C. Pemberton, Jackson, Miss. 

Introducing Mrs. Bassett, who wishes to return to Mem 
phis I ask a pass for her. A. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-23. 

92 Not found. 

93 For Buchanan, see C. M. H., v. i, pp. 711-13. 
* Ci, infra, pp. 328, 355- 


1863, Jany. 29, Hd.-Qrs. Buford s Cav. Brig. A. Buford, 95 
Brig.-Genl., to Maj.-Genl. [Jos.] Wheeler, Chief of Cav., Army 
of Tenn. 

I send copy of G. O. No. 8 beg your cooperation hope 
my command will be strengthened felicitations hope for 
service in Tenn. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-s6. 

1861, Aug. 19, Coffee Co., Ala. Simeon Buford; B. O. Mus- 

Call to ladies of Beat No. 4 to organize societies for making 
clothing for the soldiers under proclamation of Governor. 

A. S. Ala.-2 9 . 

1863, July 3, Savannah, Ga. T. A. Burbe, Actg. Brigade 
O.-M., to Lieut. H. C. Cunningham, 90 Thunderbolt, [Ga.] 

No tents can be issued without order from the Genl. 
comdg. course to be followed purchase of a horse. 

A. L. S. T-27-2. 

1864, Mch. 2, n. p. T. A. Burbe, Maj. and Q.-M. 

"Report of the Means of Transportation in Taliaferro s 
Division, Army of East Florida." By commands : 21 4-horse 
wagons, 10 2-horse wagons, etc. Genl. Taliaferro and staff, 
4 4-horse wagons ; iQth Ga. Regt. i 2-horse wagon. Com 
mands listed: 6th, iQth, 23rd, 27th, 28th, 32nd Ga. ; nth and 
1 9th S. C. ; 59th Va. Regts. 

1862, June 8, Rockingham [Co., Va.] Wm. B. Burruss to his 

"I received your kind and welcome letter by Lieut. 
Vaughan and was truly glad hear from you all at home and to 
hear that you and the children were well (I reckon the chil 
dren are well as you did not name them,) but I was sorry to 
hear that Nance had been sick it appears that it is hard for 
us to get rid of sickness. Well Mary we have had some very 
hard marching and fighting for the last fortnight, we com- 

95 Abram Buford of Kentucky, commissioned Sept. 3, 1862. See C. M. 
H., v. 9 (Kertucky), pp. 228-30. 

96 Cunningham apparently was doing Quarter-Master duty. 


menced fighting on friday the 23rd of May about 4 o clock in 
the evening at Front Royal and kept it up as long as we could 
see to run after the Yankees an fire a gun for the Yankees 
commenced running soon after our guns opened fire upon 
them. We ran them about five miles and then came back and 
camped for the night. We made an early start the next morn 
ing Saturday the 24th, and overtook them at a little place 
called Newtown and from there they went on by Strausburg 
in full tilt leaving their arms and dead behind them , they were 
scattered all along the road and in the wheatfields laying some 
three and for four in a pile together dead they continued their 
retreat until they got to Winchester where they made a stand 
and there our infantry was fighting with them all night Sat 
urday night and Sunday morning, about a half an hour after 
sunrise. Our canon opened fire upon them and continued to 
fire upon them for about four hours. I hear heavy firing of 
canon close by and must stop writing, for we are ordered to 
hitch up. 

June I3th. I will try and finish my letter, after fighting 
two more hard battles ; as I was telling you about the fight 
at Winchester our canon fireing upon the enemy for four 
hours they then commenced running again and our canon 
after them, we ran them as far as Martinsburg where we 
stoped in the fight at Front Royal, Newtown and Winches 
ter We captured between 3000 and four thousand prisoners 
besides what we killed and I do not know how many we did 
kill as they took off the most of their killed with them. I 
suppose though that we killed some 250 or 300 and a good 
many of our own but how many I do not know the was but 
one of our men wounded and he very slightly, his name was 
Counce ; well now for the fight last Sunday and Monday ; the 
alarm roll commenced beating Sunday morning about nine 
o clock and we were ordered to hitch up our horses imme 
diately which we done and went back about two miles to meet 
the Yankees and commenced fireing upon them about half 
past eleven o clock and continued to fire for five hours and a 
half as fast as we could load and fire. We had four men 
killed and four wounded and ten or twelve horses killed. Jno. 
Duke and Tom Goldin were killed. Jno. Duke was killed in- 


stantly, Tom Goldin li ved a few hours; Giles Courtney was 
wounded slightly in the hand, and Sam Conway wounded in 
the side severely, thus ended the Sunday s fight. I cant tell 
you about the Monday s fight as I was some 25 miles off car 
rying off the men that was wounded on Sunday but I am 
told by those that were in it, that the struggle was more des 
perate than it was on Sunday. All of our boys was in it but 
those that were sick and myself, our loss was heavy, some four 
or five hundred killed and wounded, but the Yankees much 
heavier than ours, theirs was five times as heavy as ours, we 
have whipped them bad five times since the 22nd of May. 97 I 
could tell you a good deal more about the fights but I have 
marched until I am nearly broke down therefore I will close 
my letter by sending my best love to you and the children. 

Your affectionate husband." A. L. S. 6-13. 

1861, June 4, [Bangor, Me.] Edwin Burt. 

Commission 98 as Adjutant 3rd Regt., ist Brig., 2nd Div. 
Volunteer Militia. Sig: Israel Washburn, Jr. [Gov.], John 
Hodsdenf?], AHjt.-Genl., Jos. P. Hall, Sec. of State. 

P. F. S. Ga.-ga-4-i. 

[1865, Jany. 10, Sullivan s Island, S. C. Wm. Butler, Col. 

comdg., to Maj.-Genl." Wm. B. Taliaferro, comdg.] 

"Consolidated Reports of events which have transpired on 

Sullivan s Island for tHe past ten days commencing ist Jany. 

and ending on the loth Jany., 1865. 

Jany. ist. Nothing unusual occurred during the past twenty 
four hours. The enemy fired 4 shots from Morris 
Island to the city and one to Ft. Sumter. Seven (7) 
monitors and (9) nine other vessels inside: five vessels 
outside the bar. 

97 For a critical account of this campaign, see G. F. R. Henderson : 
Stonewall Jackson . . . (Lond. and N. Y., 1900) v. i, pp. 308-445. 

98 This commission was picked up on the battle-field. 

99 Taliaferro was made Major-General on Jany. i, 1865, but was not 
generally so addressed in official communications. Where his former title 
of Brigadier-General does not occur in documents here quoted, his correct 
title is given. 


Ja.ny.2d. The enemy fired (10) ten shots last night at Ft. 
Sumter and (24) twenty four at some object near Ft. 
Johnson. They are (37) Thirty Seven vessels off the 

Jany. 3d. The enemy fired during the night (10) shots at Ft. 
Sumter (id) in the direction of Ft. Johnson Wharf (15) 
in the direction of Castle Pinckney (5) out at Sea, (7) 
seven monitors (2) Tugs I Tern & 3 Schooners inside 
and (5) Gun boats & (3) sailling vessels outside the bar. 

Jany. 4th. The Enemy opened fire on Sumter with Monitors 
and Guns between one & two o clock last night, firing 
33 Shells, inside the bar (7) Monitors, (4) Tugs, and 
(6) Sailing vessels. Outside the Bar (5) Blockaders. 

Jany. 5th. The Enemy fired from Morris Island (24) shots at 
Fort Johnson (9) at Ft. Sumter (i) at Lutt s Island 
(32) Vessels off the Bar including (7) monitors. About 
7 P. M. two men from Baty. Beauregard one a member 
of the guard & the other a prisoner deserted. 

Jany. 6th. The Enemy fired (25) shots from Morris Island at 
Ft. Sumter. At 5^ A. M. this morning a steamer safely 
ran the blockade. No report of fleet owing to the mist. 

Jany. 7th. Nothing of importance to report for past (24) 
hours. Twenty nine (29) Vessels including, six (6) 
Monitors in sight. 

Jany. 8th. The Enemy fired from Morris Island (9) shots at 
Ft. Sumter and I at James Island. The report of fleet 
as follows (6) Monitors, (3) Tugs and (15) Wooden 

Jany. 9th. Nothing of importance to report for past (24) hours. 
Twenty Seven (27) Vessels in sight, including (6) 

Jany. loth. Nothing of importance to report for past 24 hours. 
Too foggy to count the enemy s vessels." 

D. S. B 2 -48. 

1865, Mch. 30, Hd.-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. [Wm?] Butler, 
Col., [by R. W. Meminger, A. A. G.] Circular to Lt.-Col. 
Brown and Lt.-Col. Yates. 


No unauthorized firing by the men of the command will 
be allowed when necessary to discharge the guns, make ap 
plication to corps Hd.-Qrs., through these Hd.-Qrs. Brigade 
commanders will arrest and punish those who violate this 
order. 100 A. S. T-i8-is. 

1863, Mch. 22, Glade Springs, Va. Wm. B. Bydil to Mrs. 


I have no news of Colley he would have telegraphed, but 
the wires are down hope he is still alive if he fell, he died 
defending his country. A. L. S. Cj-45-8. 

1862, July 4, Camp Morton. B. E. C to William C 

The Yankees celebrate the 4th with a bombardment hope 
news from Richmond hastens peace personal affairs condi 
tion of horses family matters. A. L. S. S. C. 77. 

1862, Apr. 15, Lee s Farm, [Va.] Hd.-Qrs. Army of the 
Pen[insula.] S. O. By order of Henry Coalter Cabell, Col. 
and Chief of Arty. 

Lt.-Col. Brown will report the calibre, number, etc., of his 
pieces also of those in Redoubts 4 and 5 if he knows, report 
same as to the Mathews Artillery at Gloucester Point. 

Dn. S. 6-31-33. 

1862, Apr. 15, Lee s Farm, [Va.,] Hd.-Qrs. Arty. S. O. Sig: 
W. B. Jones, Adjt, by order H. Coalter Cabell, Col. and Chf. 
of Arty. 

Ordering report on condition and location of certain bat 
teries. A. S. Va.-E-i7. 

1863, Oct. 5, Charlottesville, Va., Genl. Hospital. J. L. Cabell, 
Surgeon, P. A. C. S. 

Discharge from hospital of Lt.-Col. J. W. Lee [Lea,] 101 
5th, N. C. he will report immediately for duty. 

P. F. S. N. 0-178-5. 

100 For further order of this command during the winter of 1864-65, see 
infra, p. 4i6ff. 

= o* Cf, infra, p. 313- 


1861, June ig-Aug. 26, Manassas Junction, Va., Camp Pickens. 
W. L. Cabell, Maj. and Q.-M. 

"List of Hired Wagons & Teams Transferred" arranged 
by date, owner, no. and value of wagon, amount and value 
of harness, value of horses, name of driver and value, if slave, 
with name of person to whom transferred. MS. Bound. Pages 
41 written. H-I5-I. 

1861, June 22, Manassas Junction, Va., Camp Picker.s. W. L. 
Cabell, Maj. and Q.-M. 

"Inventory of hired teams transferred Geo. T. Jones, A. 
Q. M. iQth Regt. Va. Vols., commanded by Col. A. B. Strange 

" 13 teams specifications as in H-I5-I drivers not 

valued. A. S. H-is-2. 

1865, Jany. 5, Hd.-Qrs. Sub-Dist. Mount Pleasant, S. C. J. 
Calhoun Cain, Lieut, comdg. Post, to Capt. W. T. Nance, A. 
A. Genl., 2nd and 3rd Sub-Dist., etc. 

Report on the course of roads in the district around Char 
leston, on the Wando and Cooper. L. S. T-2O-4- 

1865, Jany. 5, Hd.-Qrs. Sub-Dist. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. [J. Cal 
houn Cain, Capt. comdg. Post, to Capt. W. T. Nance, A. A. 
G., 2nd and 3rd Sub-Dist.] 

Report on the garrisons and guns at Mt. Pleasant, Dewey 
Inlet, Battery Warden and Palmetto Battery minor posts 
garrisons all small. Ln. S. T-2O-5. 


1864, n. d., Washington County, Va. D. A. P. Campbell. 

Receipt for county levy on property of Thos Colley $0% 
on personal property capitation tax, salary, interest, etc., on 
State taxes for 1863, $3.75; i white and no black tithables 
@ $2.00. P. F. S. C r 45-io. 

1863, May 13, Chancellorsville, [Va.] John P. Campbell. 

Bill and receipt for "making and putting in Wagon 
Tongue," $3.00 paid by Capt. C. White, Q.-Mr. Form 22. 

P. F. S. Q-7-6. 


186-, n. d., Mch 17, Camp Near Smithfield, [Va.] J. Cane- 
field to Maj. [W. B. Stanard.] 102 

Transfer of provision accounts I will forward them when 
completed difficulty of getting supplies can procure barely 
enough to keep the men from starving hope to be relieved 
severe fight by the Division yesterday difficulties of the 
wagon train. A. L. S. 8-24-7. 

1863, Aug. 13, Hd.-Qrs. Carpenter s Battery. John C. Carpen 
ter, Capt. comdg. Battery, to Adjt. [S. V.] Southall, Arty 2nd 

Report on men absent without leave. Marion Alford re 
ported clerking at Norvel Hotel, Lynchburg badly wounded 
at first Manassas 1 do not know to what hospital he was 
sent received no surgeon s report I heard of him only from 
other men. F. C. Scott first deserted before April, 1862 next 
heard from in cavalry arrested by Capt. Jos. Carpenter about 
the time of the Battle of Port Republic deserted again after 
Sharpsburg applied for work in shoe-shop at Staunton be 
cause of disability disapproved recommended as Hospital 
nurse then disappeared altogether neither of these men 

Is not 5 men more than my proportion to ordnance train 
what action should be taken I need good drivers for my 
pieces as well as Capt. Hardy does for his train. 

A. L. S. 6-35-17. 

Endsd : Request the return of two privates, L. F. Terrell, 
Maj., "Col. Andrew s Battln." A. S. 

1864, Mch. 30, Camp i8th Va. Infy. Robt. F. Carter, ist Lieut, 
comdg. Co. L, loth Va., to Col. R. H. Chiton, 103 Chief of Staff, 
A. N. V. 

1 report that prisoner J. C. Jenkins, this Co., has left with- 

102 Cf, supra, p. 199. 

103 Chilton was General R. E. Lee s Chief of Staff. He had been ap 
pointed Brigadier-General Oct. 20, 1862, but the Senate refused to confirm 
the nomination. He was again appointed Feb. 16, 1864, and . t once con 
firmed, to rank from Dec. 21, 1863, but he resigned Apr. i, 1864. See 
Jones, op. cit.j p. 33. 


out leave was released on honor Surgeon advised he be 
taken from the guard house, as his health was bad 

A. S. (V43. 
Endsd: I. E. T. H. Warren, Col. loth Va. : Prisoner released 

on surgeon s certificate. A. S. 

2. Geo. H. Steuart, Brig.-Genl. : Suggest a hospital for 
reception of sick prisoners, where they could be 
guarded and returned to their commands under 
guard when well. At present, often leave when 
sent to hospitals. Sometimes they return, and 
the commanding officers are not informed of the 
fact. A. S. 

3. Ed. Johnson, Maj.-Genl. : Approve Steuart s re 

marks. A. S. 

4. R. S. Ewell, Lt.-Genl. : Forwarded. A. S. 

5. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G. : Forward to Medical Direc 

tor, A. N. V. Is there not such a hospital at 
Orange? A. S. 

6. L. Guild, Med. Dir. A. N. Va. : Is no such hospital 

I see no need of it when prisoners are gravely 
sick, they are sent to the Hospital like others 
the Hospital at Orange must receive them. 

A. S. 

7. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., By order, etc. The en 
dorsement of the Med. Dir. is approved. 

A. S. 

1864, Apr. 6, Hd.-Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps. Wm. P. Carter, 
Capt., etc., to Lieut. [S. V.] Southall, A. A. G. 

Report on artillery practice, 2nd corps used Broun shell 
and concussion fuze; Broun shell without fuze; "new" shell 
and Girardy fuze; "new" shell without fuze recapitulation 
of results. A. L. S. 

1863, Mch. 18, Hd.-Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps. Wm. W. Chamber- 
lame, Lieut, and Adjt., to Col. J. T. Brown. 

Col. Crutchfield directs you call in batteries send them to 
their camps tomorrow morning. A. L. S. 6-35-11. 


1864, n. d., 3 150 P. M., Grahamville. Jas. Chestnut, Jr., Brig.- 
Genl., to Maj.-Genl. [Sam] Jones. 

I have about 500 men at depot almost ready to start for 
Coosawhatchee do you need them what of the enemy? 

Tel. Ga.-ga-4-6. 

1864, n. d., Richmond, [Va.] Chiles and Cheneny. 

Bill and receipt of; for goods sold Dr. W. P. Palmer, Jany. 
i, 1863 i g [?] Silica, $3.00, 13-8 yds cloth @ $75.00, 
$103.14. D. S. P-35-6. 

1861-1862, n. p. Charles D. Clarke, Capt. and A. Q.-Mr. 

9 letters and telegrams to; unimportant. Sig: C. Mc- 
Govern, Capt. and A. Q.-Mr. ; Dr. Pollard ; Lee O. Dunham ; 
A. M. Lean; James Close; Philip M. Tabbyson; Geo. R. 
Cooke; H. C. Dallum ; Thos. J. Dunstun[?] ^-49. 

1861, Aug. 28-1,862, Mch. 30. C. D. Clarke, Capt. etc. 

48 letters and receipts, regarding team hire, etc. unim 
portant. Q-2. 

1864, Nov. 15, Charleston, [S. C.] Jno. J. Clarke to Maj.- 
Genl. J. F. Gilmer. 

I send you a pair of spurs made from sabots of Federal 
shells thrown into Fort Sumter thought they might be a 
pleasing souvenir had pairs made for Beauregard and Col. 
Harris Harris died before they could be sent I propose to 
send them to his widow they were made in the Savannah 
shops. 10 * A. L. S. Ga.-ga-2y. 

1865, May 5, Washington, Ga. Jno. J. Clarke, Col. and Chf. 
Engr. 105 

Receipts [duplicates] for $800 specie 106 paid by Maj.-Genl. 
J. F. Gilmer for engineer services accountable for it. 

A. S. Ga.-gm-37. 

1861, May 16, Montgomery, Ala. T. L. Clingman to Gov. 
[J. W.] Ellis. 

104 This pair of spurs is now in the Confederate Museum. 

105 "Chf. Engr." is omitted in the duplicate. 

106 opecie" is omitted in the duplicate. 


I am commissioned in Confederate army will probably 
be ordered to Texas unless you need me. Tel. N. -153. 

1861, Apr. 18, Charleston, [S. C] T. L. Clingman to [Gov.] 
J. W. Ellis. 

Take Fayetteville arsenal at once. Also [assist] Gov. 
Letcher in taking Norfolk. 107 Tel. N. C-iss. 

1861, May 16, Montgomery, Ala. T. J. Clingman to Gov. 
[J. W.J Ellis. 

Act has passed admitting N. C. on her adoption of the pro 
visional constitution 108 have you received ordinances sent? 

Tel. N. C-I53- 

1864, June 29, Macon, [Ga.] Howell Cobb to Miss Katherine 
C. Stiles, Clarksville, Ga. 

Your letter received 109 officers were instructed to seize 
arms belonging to the army upon proper proof, private arms 
will be returned personal regrets in this case. 

A. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-2o. 

1865, Jany. 31, Macon, Ga., Hd.-Qrs. Ga. Reserve and Mil. 
Dist. of Ga. Howell Cobb, Maj.-Genl., to Maj. Norman W. 
Smith, Augusta, Ga. 

I wish to inquire about boxes for Capt. Chisolm and my 
self new company on courier line couriers to report to you. 

A. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-2i. 

1862, Oct. i, n. p. N. Cobb, Maj. comdg. Regt. to 

Requisition for unspecified forage "for two private horses" 

from this date to Oct. 31. P. F. S. Q-j-S. 

Oct. 31. P. F. S. Q-7-8. 

1861, June 3, Harper s Ferry, [Va.] G. M. Cochran, Master 
Ord. Dept. 

107 The attack here referred to was directed chiefly against the Gosport 
Navy Yard. This was taken and many valuable munitions were secured. 

108 That is, the provisional constitution of the Confederate States. 

109 Miss Stiles had written to General Cobb protesting against the 
seizure of a certain private arm belonging to her brother. 


Receipt for 500 rifles, 10,000 cartridges and 3,500 caps from 
Mrs. J. C. Johnson. 110 A. D. S. Md-8g. 

1863, Jany. 15, Camp, Caroline Co., Va. Benj. K. Cocke, ist 
Sergt. Co. B, 44th Va., to Capt. John F. Lay. 

Requesting 20 days leave of absence to visit Bedford Co., 
Va. L. S. C r 

Endsd: i. Approved Cocke re-enlisted in Mch., 1862, have 
never been absent without leave or had a fur 
lough. I have twenty-nine men present for duty 
none on leave of absence company numbers 
thirty-seven available tor duty. J. F. Lay, Capt. 

A. S. 

2. Approved. T. R. Buckner, Capt. comdg. Regt. 

A. S. 

3. Approved. J. R. Jones, Brig.-Genl. 

4. Approved. I. R. Trimble, Maj.-Genl. A. S. 

5. Approved 20 days, T. J. Jackson, M[aj.-]G[enl.] 

[sic.] Feb. 9, 1863. A. S. 

1864, Apr. 22, Camp ist Regt. N. C. Infy. David Cockerham, 
[pvt. Co. B.] 

Application for discharge because of wound received at 
Cold Harbor, July 27, 1862. Signed by mark, 

C r 38-2. 

Endsd: I. Approved, upon physical examination. Lucius C. 
Coke, Asst.-Surg. A. S. 

2. Forwarded. L. J. Curtis, ist Lieut, comdg. Co. 

A. S. 

3. Forwarded. I think Cockerham can do light work. 

H. A. Brown, Col. [comdg.] A. S. 

1863, Jany. 29, Camp Pioneer Corps. D. H. Cockrill, Lieut, 
comdg., to Lieut. Oscar Hinricks, Chf. Engineer, ist Div., 
A. N. V. 

Enclose list of ist brigade detail, which left work without 
permission and contrary to orders. O. C. T-3O-6a. 

110 Cf, Beauregard s order of June i, 1861, supra, p. 187. 


Appended: List of 15 men, of 4th, 5th, 27th and 33rd 
[Va?] Regts. A. n. S. 

1862, Aug. 20, Arty. Camp. Jno. A. Coke, Capt. W[illia]ms- 
burg Arty. 

Receipt for 16 rounds lopdr. Parrot ammunition, from Col. 
J. Thompson Brown. A. S. 6-34-2. 

1862, Apr. 16, Camp near New Market, [Va.] Jas. L. Cole, 

Capt. and Q-M., 37th Va. 

Report on means ot transportation necessary for this com 
mand : for officers baggage, cooking utensils, and entrenching 
implements, 6 four-horse wagons. A. S. C 1 ~53-i. 

1862, Apr. 16, Camp near New Market, [Va.] Jas. L. Cole, 
Capt. and Q.-M. 3rd Brigade Va. Vols. 

Report on means of transportation necessary for the 3rd 
Brigade : for entrenching implements, cooking utensils, tents 
and officers baggage, for 23rd Va., 5 four-horse wagons ; for 
37th Va., 7 four-horse wagons; for Danville Arty., 2 two- 
horse wagons. A. S. C 1 -53-2. 

1865, Jany. 17, Elmira, N. Y., Clerks Office of Surgeon in 
Charge of Prisoners Hospitals. Samuel F. Coleman, Harry 
Adams, B. T. Timberlake, Geo. W. Miley, 111 C. Horace Gal- 
laher, Clerks, to Maj. A. E. Stocker, M. D., Surgeons, U. S. V. 
in charge. 

We have seen order requiring all future details of trust to 
be given to prisoners willing to take the oath of allegiance to 
the United States would you prefer persons of that class in 
our places if so, while glad to remain and discharge our 
duties, consideration for your wishes and regard for our own 
feelings demand we should not remain in our places if by so 
doing we would be disagreeable to you or compromise our 
selves as gentlemen and soldiers. 112 Copy. 27-1-6. 

1863, Dec. 6, Camp near Orange, C. H. Thomas W. Colley, 
[pvt. Co. D, ist Va. Cav.] 

111 The son of this gentleman thinks the Elmira Register, (infra, p. 
241) is written partly in his father s autograph. 

112 See Stacker s reply, infra, p. 407. 


"Descriptive list" of; Sig: Rus B. Edmonson, Lieut, 
comdg. P. F. S. Ci-45-n. 

1864, Nov. i, Camp near Forestville, Va. Thomas W. Colley, 
pvt., etc. 

"Descriptive list" of; sig. : C. T. Litchfield, Capt. comdg, 
Co. D, ist Va. Cav. 

1861-1865. n. p. Thomas W. Colley, pvt., etc. 

66 papers relating to war record unimportant. -45. 

1863, Dec. 10, [James Island, S. C.] A. H. Colquitt, 113 Brig.- 
Genl., by Geo. E. Grattan, A. A. G. 

Report of "Effective Strength of Troops of West Lines, 
James Island" following commands : 4th Ga. Infy., 422 
officers and men ; I4th Ga. Infy., 377 ; 23rd Ga. Infy., 432 ; 27th 
Ga. Infy., 402; 28th Ga. Infy., 347; Lucas Battery Arty., 245; 
"new lines, Col. Frederick," 371 ; S. C. Siege train, 401 ; grand 
total, 2997. D. S. J-i8-3. 

1862, Sept. 18, "Office of Provost Marshal." R. T. Colston, 
Capt. comdg. Post, to Col. J. T. Brown, ist Va. Arty. 

Yours received. 114 I can send 400 additional men cannot 
cook rations before morning, as I have to send to country for 
beef will send around to the nth Ga. and a portion of Genl. 
Walker s command here, to satisfy your needs must keep 
the 2nd here. I will come down to see you in the morning. 

A. L. S. B-34-22. 

1864, Apr. 29, n. p. John M. Combs, Wm. C. Combs, pvts. 
Co. G, 37th Va. 

Charges of desertion against left command near Pisgah 
Church, Apr. 24th, arrested in Charlottesville, Apr. 28th 
charges preferred by L. M. Wilson, Lieut, comdg. Co. 

D. S. W-i6-i-2. 

Endsd: [W-i6-i] "This is the second desertion by this 
man." Jno. F. Terry, Lt.-Col. comdg. 

113 For Colquitt, see C. M. H., v. 6, pp. 405-06. 

114 Not found, but see Brown to Colston, S : ept. 19, 1862, supra, p. 207. 


[1863, Dec.] [Richmond, Va.] Confederate Congress. 

Address to the people of the Confederate States original 
autographs of members. 24 pages. Printed. Ala-Curry. 

1864, Feb. 6, [Richmond, Va.] Confederate Congress. 

Vote of thanks to the 2nd Florida Regiment for re-enlisting 
for the war. Sig: Thos. S. Bocock, Speaker, etc.; R. M. T. 
Hunter, Pres. pro tern of the Senate ; Approved, Jefferson 
Davis. D. S. Fla-ga-g. 

1865, Mch. 4, [Richmond, Va.] Confederate Congress. 

"An Act to provide for returned prisoners of war." Sig : 
Thos. S. Bocock, Speaker, etc. ; R. M. T. Hunter, Pres. pro tern 
of the Senate ; approved, Jefferson Davis. 

D. S. NC-I38. 
Cooper, Genl. Samuel. 

[Adjutant and Inspector General s Office. 115 ] 

11861, Sept. n, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 
275, XV. Sig : G. W. Deas, by order, etc. 

Transfer of private W. L. Harvey from Shield s to Brown s 
company of [Richmond] Howitzers. D. S. H-32. 

1861, Dec. 28, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 
277, III. Sig: Jno. Withers, A. A. G., by command of Sec. 

Detail of Thos. E. Morton, Brown s Co., Randolph s 
Howitzers, as Hospital Stewart at Amelia C. H. Hospital ; to 
report at once. D. S. M-39-2. 

1862, Apr. 7, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 79, 
XI. Sig : Jno. Withers, A. A. G., etc. 

115 Under this name have been entered all orders and communications 
from the Adjutant General s Office. Properly speaking, these should be 
entered under the name of the Secretary of War, and all are indeed 
signed "by order of the Secretary of War" ; but in practice, the Secretary 
either gives his orders to the Adjutant-General, or, in routine matters, 
left orders entirely to the latter s discretion. All orders from the Office, 
except General Orders, were signed by an Assistant Adjutant-General- 
The usage here followed was adopted by the editors of the Official 
Records and is generally accepted. 


Pvt. Marcellus French, Palmer s [ist] Co. Richmond 
Howitzers is discharged from the service. 

D. S. P-35-2. 

1862, May 17, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. G. O. 36, 
II. Sig: S. Cooper, etc. 

Printed, O. R., s. 127, pp. 1122-23. O- C. C^so. 

1862, June 5, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 129, 
XXIX. Sig: Jno. Withers, A. A. G., etc. 

Transfer of Pvt. Jno. S. Garthright, Co. F, 23rd Va. Vols., 
to the Goochland Cavalry, his officers consenting. 

D. S. 0-24. 

1862, July 15, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 163. 
Sig : Jno. Withers, A. A. G., etc. 

Acceptance of resignations of following officers, to take 
effect this day: 2nd Lieut. B. W. Hinds, Co. F, 48 Ala. Vols.; 
Capt. A. J. Alldridge, Co. A, 48th Ala. Vols. 116 

P. F. S. 8-47-13. 

1862, July 17, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 165. 
Sig: Jno. Withers, A. A. G., etc. 

Acceptance of resignations of the following officers to take 
effect this day: 2nd Lieut. T. L. Moon, Co. B, 48 Ala. Vols.; 
Capt. T. J. Burgess, Co. B, 48 Ala. Vols. 

P. F. S. 8-47-4-6. 

1862, Aug. i, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 178. 
Sig: Jno. Withers, A. A. G., etc. 

Acceptance of resignation of 2nd Lieut. David Nation, Co. 
A, 48th Ala. Vols. to take effect this day. Triplicates. 

P. F. S. 8-47-7-9. 

1862, Oct. 3, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 231, 
XVIII. Sig: Jno. Withers, A. A. G., etc. 

Appointment of Corporal Jefferson Taylor, 117 Wyatt s Bat 
tery, ist Va. Arty., as Ordnance Sergeant to report to the 
Col. of the regiment. D. S. T-IJ. 

116 These resignations were doubt 1 ess offered in consequence of the 
re-organization of the Army in the spring of 1862. 

117 See, infra, p. 420. 


11862, Dec. 19, Richmond, [Va.,] A. & I. Genl s Office. S. 
Cooper., etc., to Lt.-Genl. J. C. Pemberton, comdg., Jackson, 

You are authorized to furnish escort for couriers carrying 
funds upon proper certification. L. S. Ga.-ga-i-26. 

1863, Feb. 20, Richmond, [Va.,] A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 
43. XXIII. 118 Sig : Jno. Withers, A. A. G., etc. 

Brig.-Genl. W. B. Taliaferro will proceed without delay 
to Charleston, S. C., and report to Genl. G. T. Beauregard for 
assignment. 119 D. S. ^-43-1. 

1863, May 22, Richmond, [Va.] A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 
122, XX. Sig: Jno. Withers, A. A. G., etc. 

Brig.-Genl. G[eo.J H. Stewart [Steuart] will report at 
once to Genl. R. E. Lee, Fredericksburg, Va., for assignment 
to duty. 120 D. S. S-22-i. 

1863, May 23, Richmond, [Va.] War Dept. C. S. A. Samuel 
W. Melton, Maj. and A. A. G., to Brig.-Genl. [H. W.] Mercer. 
Communications of Col. Way, 54th Ga. and Col. Harrison, 
.32nd Ga. considered I am directed by Sec. War to say that 
the rule is that officers take rank from muster or entry in Con 
federate service state commissions determine only when 
mustered in on same day records of these regiments do not 
show prior existence of either date of mustering in of com 
panies it is decided Col. Way is senior. 

A. L. S. M- 4 8. 

1863, June 22, Richmond, [Va.] A. & I. Genl s Office. Saml. 
W. Melton, Maj. and A. A. G., etc., to Col. Bradley T. John 

Authorization to recruit from Marylanders companies, 
regiments and battalions to serve for the war as a part of the 
Maryland Line. 121 D. S. Md-77- 

118 Numbered S. O. 180, XXII in the duplicate. 

119 See Nichols, et al. to Taliaferro, Jany. 16, 1863, infra, p. 356. 

120 Cf, pp. 300, 322. 

121 Cf, infra, p. 300. 


1863, July 30, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 180, 
XXI. Sig : Jno. Withers, A. A. G., etc. 

Appointment of 1st Lieut. Robert Aunspaugh, Co. B, ioth 
Batln. Va. Arty., as Asst. Q-M. of that Batln. 

D. V. Va.-E-2 3 . 

1863, Oct. 15, Richmond, Va., A. & I. Genl s Office. Ed. A. 
Palfrey, Lt.-Col. and A. A. G., etc., to Brig.-Genl Geo. H. 

Your request 122 for the appointment of Maj. Geo. William 
son as your A. A. G. received also request for Lieut. Mc- 
Henry Howard as Inspr. Genl. the former approved your 
brigade is not entitled to an Inspector must await regular ap 
pointments as Williamson is with you, no order is consid 
ered necessary. L. S. 8-20. 

1865, Apr. 26, Charlotte, N. C, A. & I. Genl s Office. S. O. 

. Sig : John W. Riely, Lt.-Col. and A. A. G., by command 

Sec. War. 

Unassigned officers and those who have lost their com 
mands, together with bureau officials not required by their 
chiefs, are authorised to go to their respective states and re 
port to senior officers there or to the Governors, if they prefer 
this to going Southward. Soldiers from Maryland whose 
time has expired are honorably discharged officers without 
command on duty from that state can offer their service to 
the governors of any state they choose, or can resign. 

A. S. Ga-gm-32. 

1862, Dec. 8, "Office of Chf. Q.-M., Army of N. Va." Jas. L. 
Corley, Lt.-Col. and to 

Report on number of wagons turned over from these the 
2nd corps must be supplied. A. L. S. 1-30-2. 

Reverse: Fragments of report on transportation ioth and 
I4th La. Regts. mentioned. An. S. 

1862, Jany. 5, "Camp in the Field." Chas. E. Cormier, Capt. 
comdg. ist La. Regt. 

122 Cf, infra, p. 323. 


I certify that Dr. [J. M.] Covert did not inform me Maj. 
J. Nelligan refused to show his wound and have it dressed. 123 

A. S. Ci-52. 

1861, Apr. 15, Wilmington, [N. C.] R. H. Cowan to Gov. 
t J. W.T Ellis. 

No answer to dispatch can I get Battery if I send to 
Richmond for it "Lincoln s proclamation settles the matter 
with us." 124 Tel. N. .-153. 

1864, Apr. 23, n. p. W. E. Cowan, et al., Musicians, Steuart s 
Brigade, to Brig.-Genl. G. H. Steuart. 

We request the removal of the negro Bartly from the drum 
corps unpleasant to appear in the ranks with him a full 
negro drum corps would do very well but we think we could 
do without this one hope for favorable consideration. 

L. S. 8-17-1. 

1862, Jany. 5, "Camp in the Field." J. M. Covert, Surgeon 
ist La. Regt. 

I certify I did not report Major [J.] Nelligan as refusing 
to have his wound dressed never saw him during the en 
gagement of Dec. 13, i862. 125 A. S. C r 52. 

1865, Feb. 17, Thomasville, Ga. Benj. E. Crane, Maj. and 

Invoice of quartermaster s stores this day delivered to 
Capt. W. P. Webb, A. Q-M. A. F. S. (3-4-28. 

1865, Feb. 17, [Thomasville, Ga.] Benj. E. Crane, Maj. and 

Receipt for quartermaster s stores forage this day de 
livered by W. P. Webb, Capt., etc. P. F. S. (3-4-27. 

1863, Aug. 22, Hd.-Qrs. ist Md. Batln. J. Parran Crane, 
Capt. comdg. Batln., to [Brig.-] Genl. Geo. H. Steuart. 

123 See certificate of J. M. Covert, Jany. 5, 1862, infra- 

124 The reference is to President Lincoln s proclamation of April 15, 
1861, calling for 75,000 troops. 

125 Cf. certificate of Chas. E. Cormier, Jany. 5, 1862, supra. 


The officers of this Batln. hold a meeting tonight to express 
condolence to relatives, etc., of Capt. Wm. H. Murray, comdg. 
Co. A, of this Batln., who was killed at Gettysburg you and 
your staff are invited. A. L. S. M-35-i. 

1863, May 25, Prospect Depot, Va. James D. Crawley. 

Bill of and receipt signed by for bacon sold Richard Irby, 
Capt. and A. A. C. S., C. S. A., $1.25 per Ib. Form 19. 

P. F. S. Q-7-7- 

1862, June n, Camp near Richmond, [Va.] N. W. Crisler, 
Q.-Mr. ist Brig. 

Certificate of delivery of 6 "new tent flies" to Col. [J. 
Thompson] Brown. D. S. B 2 -^i-g. 

1863, Oct. 31, n. p. R. L. Christian, Capt. and A. Q.-Mr. ist 
Va. Arty. 

"Statement of forage issued to the horses of the First Vir 
ginia Arty, each day during the week ending Octr. 3Oth, 
1863." Specified for each day total: Corn, 24880 Ibs ; green 
corn 1680 Ibs; long forage, 330 Ibs. A. D. S. B 2 -43-io. 

1863, Oct. 31, Pisgah Church, Va. R. L. Christian, Capt., etc. 
Statement [as 63-43-10] for week ending Nov. 7, 1863; 418 
horses total, 9306 [Ibs?] oats; 3344 green corn; 2508 oats 
and ship-stuff; 1116 fodder. A. D. S. 6-35-19. 

1863, May i, [Louisa Co., Va. ?] Camp ist Va. Arty. R. L. 
Christian, Capt., etc. 

Statement of wood burned and damages done, Feb. 28- 
Apr. 18, 1864, on lands of Dr. W. J. Pendleton, W. F. Coates 
and William Thompson. A. D. S. 6-36-5. 

1864, June 8, n. p. Ro. T. Crouch, Capt. and A. Q. M., 23rd 
Va. ; Jno. A. Preston, Capt. Co. K, same ; Thos. T. Taliaferro, 
Capt., etc. 

Certificate of survey of 30 pounds of bacon received by 
Maj. W. B. Stanard, C. S., from Maj. Thos. E. Ballard, C. S. 
find it "totally spoiled and unfit for use." D. S. 8-24-6. 


1862, Dec. 17, Hd.-Qrs. 2nd Corps, A. N. V. S. Crutchfield, 
Col. and Adjt., to Col. [J. Thompson Brown.] 

Location of Maj.-Genl. D. H. Hill s Hd.-Qrs. Genl. Jack 
son directs you camp near by and report he feared you might 
go on to Port Royal "the Yankees have disappeared" "no 
one knows where." 126 A. S. Va-E-ig. 

1862, Dec. 25, Kd.-Qrs. 2nd Corps, A. N. V. S. Crutchfield, 
Col. and Chf. Arty. 2nd Corps, to [Col. J. Thompson Brown?] 

Send from Guiney s [sic] all the brass six-pounders and all 
but two of the twelve-pounder howitzers they will be recast 
in Richmond into twelve-pounder Napoleons. 

A. L. S. 6-34-38. 

1863, Jany. 29, Hd.-Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps. S. Crutchfield, Col., 
etc., to Col. J. T[hompson] Brown. 

Proposed protest on difficulty of procuring forage action 
of Col. Corley 127 I understood we could get hay at Hanover 
Junction at ra te of 90,000 Ibs .per diem Major Harman has 
seen Corley no answer yet I send Captain K. A. Gill to see 
him tomorrow "I am satisfied we cannot keep the horses 
alive here." Made fruitless requisition for salt I proposed 
to Gen. Jackson to get it by cutting down corp s salt ration 
for day or two he objected. A. L. S. 6-35-8. 

[1863, Feb.?] n. p. S. Crutchfield, Col., etc., to Col. J. Thomp 
son Brown. 

Choice of camp left you inform me of your decision 
send to Guiney s and get your 3 12-pdr. Howitzers sent to 
Richmond I have information that the Governor and Genl. 
Richardson are not to withdraw your guns such a step 
would be detrimental to public service 128 you are authorised 
to "hold on to them" glad you are out of this trouble. 

A. L. S. 6-34-29. 

126 This was, it will be recalled, four days after the battle of Fred- 

127 Chief Quarter-Master, A. N. Va. 

128 See Richardson to Gorgas, Jany. 3, 1863, infra, p. 375; Randolph 
to Brown, Jany. 14, 1863, infra, p. 370. 


1865, Jany.-Feb., Talladega, Ala. J. L. M. Curry. 
Appraisement of tax in kind on crops of. 

P. F. S. Ala.-Cur. 

1861-1865, n. p. J. L. M. Curry. 

5 miscellaneous papers of ; unimportant. Ala.-Cur. 

1864, Sept. 8, Near Strong Creek Station. Wm. A. Curtis, 
pvt. Co. A, 2nd N. C. Cav. 

Descriptive list of; Sig: J. V. B. Rogers, Capt. 

P. F. S. N. C.-I78-26. 

1863, Mch. 18, Camp gth Va. Cav. H. W. Daingerfield. 

Bill of and receipt signed by ; for hire of wagon, team and 
driver $4.00 per day. D. S. F-I5- 

1865, Feb. 14, n. p. R. F. Dallas, [pvt. Co. I, 2ist Va. Infy.] 
"Descriptive list" of; Sig: S. F. Swanson, Capt. comdg. 

last payment Oct. 1864. Signed by mark. 

P. F. S. D-iy. 

1864, Dec. 31, James Island, Hd.-Qrs. 3rd Sub-Dist., S. C. 
E. Keith Dargan, A. A. A. G. 

"Report of deficiencies in arms, ammunition, accoutrements, 
clothing, &c." in this sub-district 1500 rounds ammunition; 
1004 prs. shoes ; 1546 shirts, etc. D. S. T-25-y. 

[1864,] May 18, [Charlottesville, Va?] E. G. Davis to Mrs. G. 
P. Foute. 

Details of illness of Wm. O. Newman. 129 

A. L. S. Ala-6o. 

1861, Apr. 19, Montgomery, [Ala.] Jeffn. Davis to Gov. [J. 
W.] Ellis. 

I have ordered a distinguished engineer and two Arty, offi 
cers to report to you. Tel. NC-I53- 
1861, May 29, Richmond, [Va.] Jeffn. Davis to Gov. [J. W.] 

129 See J. S. Davis to Mrs. G. P. Foote, May 15, 1864, infra, p. 234. 


I request your regiments be hastened forward with all 
speed, armed and equipped. Can you furnish percussion caps?. 

Tel. NC-I53- 

1861, July 10, Richmond, Va. Jeffn. Davis to Hon. Warren 
Winslow, Raleigh, N. C. 

I would express my regret at death of Gov. John W. 
Ellis. 130 "In this hour of struggle and peril the loss of this 
true man must be felt by the whole country." 

A. L. S. NC-95. 

1862, Mch. 22, Fredericksburg, Va. Jeffn. Davis to Genl. J. 
E. Johnston, comdg. Dept. W. Va. 

I. Relieve Maj. Genl. Holmes 131 of his command direct 
him to report in Richmond for further orders II. Detach two 
brigades of infantry and two companies of Arty to report to 
Genl. Holmes at his Hd-Qrs. in the field. III. When the 
troops pass through Richmond they will report to the Adjt. 
Genl. for instructions. A. L. S. Va-D-2Q. 

1863, Jan. 25, Richmond, Va. Jeffn. Davis to Jno. Handy, 

[Canton, Miss.] 

Instructions for annuling a farming contract. 

A. L. S. Davis-273. 

1863, July 23, Richmond, Va. Jeffn. Davis to Mrs. J. Nelson. 
Thanks for a hat and good wishes sent. 

A. L. S. Va-23. 

1864, Feb. 29, Richmond, [Va.] Executive Office. Jeffn. Davis, 
Pres., etc. 

Warrant on the Secretary of the Treasury for $290, payable 
to J. P. Benjamin, from appropriation for "Necessities and 
Exigencies." D. S. Ga-ga-i-i2. 

130 Ellis had been elected Governor in 1858 and was re-elected in 1860. 
He was succeeded by Henry T. Clarke, who was in office until Jany. I, 
1863, when Z. B. Vance took oath. 

131 Theophilus H. Holmes of North Carolina, later Lt-Genl. See C. M. 
H., v. i, pp. 673-74. 


1864, Dec. 30, Richmond, Va. Jeffn. Davis to [Brig.-] Genl. 
G. W. C. Lee, "comdg. local brigade in the field." 

Y^ur letter received I regret the proposed change from 
duty on my staff to active command you are qualified for a 
higher position any decision you may make will be accept 
able to me. Copy. Davis-iO4-4. 

1865, Apr. 2, [Richmond, Va.] Jeffn. Davis to Mrs. Mary 
Amelia [?] 

It would be well to pack and store the furniture in the 
Executive Mansion 132 this is your warrant for doing so the 
Mayor will furnish aid and protection. 133 

A. L. S. Va-C-53- 

1865, Apr. 2, [Richmond, Va.] Jeffn. Davis to Mayor [Joseph 
Mayo, Richmond, Va.] 

I commend my housekeeper to your protection and kind 
ness. A. L. S. Va-C-53. 

1865, May 4, Washington, Ga. Jeffn. Davis. 

Appointment of Robt. H. Clarke as acting Treasurer of 
the Confederate States, to act as such during the absence of 
the Treasurer. D. S. 134 Va-C-53. 

[i8]64, May 15, Univ. of Va. John Staige Davis to Mrs. G. P. 

Information of the wounding of Wm. O. Newman his 
chances of recovery. 135 A. L. S. Ala-6o. 

1863, Feby. 21, Hd-Qrs. 6th Va. Cavalry, near Mount Jackson, 
Shenandoah Co., Va. Richard T. Davis, Chaplain 6th Va. 
Cavalry, to President Jefferson Davis. 

I ask that a day of fasting and prayer be appointed. Whilst 

132 The Executive Mansion was Federal headquarters after the evacu 
ation of Richmond. It is now the Confederate Museum. 

133 See Davis to Mayor [Mayo] infra. 

134 This was one of the last Executive appointments made by Pres. 

135 See E. G. Davis to Mrs. G. P. Foote, supra, p. 232. 


our national prospects are bright indeed compared with what 
they have been and gleams of light are seen in various quarters, 
it cannot be said that our success in the contest is sure, or will 
be of necessity speedy, seeing that the turns of events both 
in political and military affairs are often very sudden and sur 
prising ; and I know that painful apprehensions regarding our 
future have found a place in the hearts of some, perhaps I 
might say many, pious persons, when they perceive that just 
as our imminent danger lessens, so does the sentiment of de 
pendence upon the God of our fathers decline in the hearts 
of many, and a presumptuous self-reliance take its place a day 
of prayer might check this prayers for your welfare. 

A. L. S. Davis-4i4. 

Endsd : "Secty of Treasy. J. D." 

[1865, May,] "9 O clock Monday Morning," Washington, Ga. 
[Mrs. Varina Davis to Jefferson Davis.] 

The gentleman carrying this goes by Abbeville grief at 
"the treacherous surrender of this department" prayers for 
your safety I think we are safer without cavalry movements 
I await the return of the courier "I have given up hope of 
seeing you but it is not for long" Harrison proposes we go 
in a line between Macon and Augusta will avoid Yankees by 
sending some of the paroled escort ahead will move towards 
Pensacola and take ship have a gentlemanly escort Capt. 
Moody will see us through am short of funds why were 
the trains of specie given up to the Yankees family news. 

A. L. S. 136 Davis-724. 

1861, Oct. 6, [Richmond, Va.] F. H. Deane, M.D. 137 

Certificate of the illness of Frank Deane Hill and his un- 
fitness for duty. I recommend ten days extension of his leave 
of absence. A. S. H-2y. 

1863, Aug. 2, Chatanooga, Tenn., Hd-Qrs. Wither s Div. T. C. 
Deas, Brig.-Genl. comdg. Dis. to Maj. Thos. M. Jack, A. A. G. 

136 Signed with Mrs. Davis familiar name. The handwriting is cer 
tainly Mrs. Davis . 

137 One of the most distinguished Richmond physicians of his time. 


In reply to yours of the 3Oth ulto., 138 there are no super 
numerary officers unassigned in this command. 

L. S. Ga-ga-i-32. 

1864, A P r - l6 Hd-Qrs. ist Md. Battery. Wm. F. Dement, 
Capt. comdg. to Lt-Col. [C. M.] Braxton, comdg. Battln. 

In reply to yours whether I obeyed circular order of Apr. 
5, 1864, from Hd Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps, while commanding" 
battalion I know nothing of movements of battalion it was 
then under Lt.-Col. Andrews, Capt. Rains was senior captain 
my attention was devoted to my own command made mem 
orandum of movements from reports of company officers left 
it with adjutant being on court martial, while in command, 
I could not find time for report called for. Copy. D-i6. 

1862, June i, Camp near Shannon s Gap, Giles Co., Va. C. 
Derrick, Lt.-Col. comdg. [ist] Batln. to Genl. S. Cooper. 

Having appointed James Harden as Adjutant of this Batln. 
1 request his regular appointment by the Department he is a 
graduate of the V. M. L, has been Adjutant of 36th Va. Vols., 
and is eminently qualified. A. C. S. D- 

Endsd : Approved and forwarded seven companies to the 
Batln, others expected. G. W. Wharton, Col. comdg. 

A. S. 

1862, July 30, Camp, Narrows of New River, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. 
Derrick s Batln. C. Derrick, Lt.-Col. Comdg. to Genl. S. 

Recommending Jas. H. Harden for commission as ist or 
2nd Lieut. his ability and services. C. C. D- 

Endsd: I. Most cordially recommend Harden for commis 
sion has been acting as Adjt., but as the com 
mand is not entitled to a commissioned Adjt., I 
recommend his regular commission and assign 
ment to Derrick s Batln. G. C. Wharton, Col. 
comdg. Brig. C. C. 

138 Not found. Maj. Jack was Genl. Folk s A. A. G. 


2. I have observed Harden s energy and ability I 

recommend his commission. Aug. Forsberg, 
Lt.-Col. comdg. 5ist Va. Regt. Aug. 14, 1862. 

C. C. 

3. Approved and forwarded. W. W. Loring, Maj.- 

Genl. comdg. C. C. 

1862, Nov. 9, camp, Narrows of New River, [Va.] Hd.-Qrs. 
Derrick s Batln. G. Derrick, Lt.-Col. comdg. to Genl. S. 

Recommend the appointment of Jas. H. Harden as Adju 
tant of this Batln. his services. C. C. D- 

1865, Jany. n. d., Royals. L. D. De Sausseur 139 [ ?] to Col. P. 
N. Page, A. A. G. 

Received report from Col. Black 140 as to the number of 
monitors Col. Yates reports only seven seen this morning 
expect a tug was previously taken for a monitor. 

Tel. T r4 4-io. 

1861, May 25, Richmond, Va., Va. State Armory. C. Dim- 
mock, Col. Ord. 

Invoice of ordnance and ordnance stores turned over this 
date to Major Ficklen, for transportation to Capt. J. T[homp- 
son] Brown, Howitzer Battery, Richmond. 141 

D. S. B 2 -4<>-i. 

1862, Oct. 3, near Bardstown, Ky. D. S. Donelson, 142 Brig.- 

Weekly return of command, 3 brigades of infantry, 4 
batteries of artillery. D. S-Ga-ga-2-37. 

1865, Jany. 25, Richmond, [Va.] Treasury of C. S. Wm. S. 

9 The reading is doubtful. The name is sometimes spelt De Saussure 
or De Sausseure. 

140 Cf, Black to Page, Jany. 20, 1865, supra, p. 193. 

141 This was before the Battalion had left for the field. 

142 Daniel S. Donelson of Tennessee, later Major-General. See C. M. 
H., v. 8, pp. 307-08. 


Certificate of deposit by; $1000 on loan acknowledged, 
John N. Herndon, Treasurer, C. S. 

P. F. S. Ga-ga-i-iy. 

1864, Feb. n, Duncansville, Ga. R. P. Doss, Capt. and A. 

Receipt for 10 mules delivered by Capt. Wm. B. Webb, 
A. Q-M. A. F. S. Q-4-26. 

1865, Mch. 29, Hd-Qrs., Early s Div. H. K. Douglas, A. A. 
G, to Col 

Genl. Walker 143 directs you move your brigade from its 
present position after dark have it cross the Appomattox and 
relieve Cox [s] Brigade look over the new position before 
night leave pickets in present position do not withdraw 
them till morning. A. S. NC-iyS-o. 

1861, Dec. 6, Richmond, Va. Pay Master Genl s Office. Wm. 
G. Dunbar, Capt and Paymaster, to L. B. Conway, Esq. 

Giving notice of transfer to a bank of certain funds of 
Pittsylvania Bank, for which check is to be sent. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-i4. 

1864, Aug. 22, Richmond, Va., C. S. War Dept. John 

Commission as Brig.-Genl. with temporary rank under 
Act of May 31, i864 144 rank from Aug. 22, 1864 will report 
to Genl. [R. E.] Lee. Sig: James A. Seddon, Sec. etc. 

P. F. S. SC-2-54. 

1864, Apr. 30, Richmond, Va. C. S. War Dept. Wm. Dun 

Commission as Capt. Co. C, i;th S. C. Regt rank from 
Apr. 29. 1864 report to Col. McMaster. Sig: James A. Sed 
don, Sec. etc. P. F. S. 80-2-54. 

1864, Oct. 19, Fisher s Hill, [Va.] J. A. Early to Col. A. R. 
Boteler. [Personal.] 

143 Brig.-Genl. Jas. A. Walker. See C. M. H, v. 3, pp. 676-80. 

144 For similar commissions, see index, Rank, Temporary. 


Send an article for the Enquirer decide whether it should 
be published I deny the charge of intoxication the odds 
against me are responsible for reverses Sheridan exagger 
ates my losses Sheridan lost 8000, killed and wounded, be 
sides 300 prisoners 5800 wounded sent to Winchester after 
battles there meet enemy to-morrow at Cedar Run "God 
grant a victory." 145 A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-2i. 

1863, Feb. 2, Little Rock, [Ark.] Louis Eberhard c. 

Receipt to Brig.-Genl. D. McRae for $300 to purchase 
musical instruments for McRae s Brigade. A. S. Ark-4. 

1862, Aug. 15, Hd-Ors. ist Brig., Army S-W. Va. Jno. Echols, 
[Brig.-Genl.] to Hon. Geo. W. Randolph, Sec. War. 

Beg to call your attention to application made in favor of 
Jas. A. Harden for commission am impressed with his "sol 
dierly bearing" has been acting as Adjutant of Derrick s 
Batln. without compensation. Copy. E- 

1862, Aug. 15, Hd-Qrs. ist Brig., Army S-W. Va. Jno. Echols, 
[Brig.-Genl.] to Hon. Wm. B. Preston, C. S. Senate. 

Request your influence in favor of Jas. A. Harden, who 
lacks influential friends and consequently has not been com 
missioned his services. Copy. E- 

1863, June 13, Richmond, Va. R. W. B. Elliott, Lieut, and A. 
D. C, to Genl. S. Cooper, A. and I Genl. 

As Genl. A. R. Lawton has been assigned to duty not re 
quiring me, 146 I request active appointment with Genl. EwelL 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-iy. 
Approved by A. R. Lawton, Brig.-Genl. A. S. 

1863, Nov. 26, Fort Sumter, [S. C.] S. Elliott, Jr. 147 to Lelia 

Account of conditions around Sumter. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-sg. 

145 This letter was written, as the date shows, in the midst of Genl. 
Early s disastrous Valley campaign. The enclosure was not found. 

146 Genl. Lawton had been made Quartermaster-General. 

147 Stephen Elliott, Jr., of South Carolina, who was later very seri 
ously wounded at the battle of the Crater. See C. M. H., v. 5, pp. 390-91. 


1864, Dec. 29, James Island, [S. C] Hd-Qrs. 3rd Sub-Dist. 
S. C. S. Elliott, Jr., Brig.-Genl. comdg., to Capt. W. F. Nance, 

A. A. G. 

Forward list of heavy artillery of my command names of 
comdg. officers, dates of appointment, effective strength of 
following: Cos. E, G and K, ist S. C. Arty. ; Cos. A, B, E, F, H, 
G, I and K, 2nd S. C. Arty. ; Mercer Arty. ; Echol s Arty. ; Cos. 

B, C and D, S. C. Siege Train ; Cos. A, B and C, Lucas Batln. 
Arty. ; Co. E, Palmetto Batln. Light Arty. 

D. S. E-ii-2. 

1864, Dec. 29, Royals, [S. C.] S. Elliott, Jr., Brig.-Genl., etc., 
to Capt. [W. F.] Nance, A. A. G. 

In to-day s return, I omitted to say that Capt. W. E. Tom- 
mersnan s Co C, Siege Train, formerly Pee-Dee Arty, had 
served two years in A. N. V. sent here because of reduced 
numbers please append. Tel. E-II-I. 

1865, Jany. 4, James Island, S. C., Hd-Qrs. Qrd Sub-Dist. S. C. 
S. Elliott, Jr., Brig.-Genl., etc. to Capt. W. F. Nance, A. A. G. 

In accordance with circular orders of ist, I send list of 
Arty, of my command arranged by posts armament com 
mand commanders. Posts listed : Fort Johnson and depend 
encies, Legare s Point, Secessionville, "New Lines consisting 
Batteries No. I, 2, 3, 4 and 5," Stono Batteries. "Guns in posi 
tion in western extremity 3rd Sub. Dist. St. Andrews" ar 
ranged by batteries and commanders, with armament. 

D. S. E-II-S. 

1865, Jany. 28, [James Island, S. C.,] Hd-Qrs. 3rd Sub-Dist. 

S. C. S. Elliott, Jr., Brig.-Genl. etc. by Louis D. De Saus- 

seur [?], A. A. G. 

"Tabular Statement" of this sub-district total effective, 

2 9i9; aggregate, 3065. D. S. -11-3. 

Reverse: "Trimonthly Return" of same sub-district total 
effective, 2034, aggregate, 3295; present and absent, ag 
gregate, 4402. D.n.S. E-n-4. 

Genl. Elliott is not to be confused with Stephen Elliott, his father, who 
was bishop of Georgia, and senior bishop of the Episcopal Church in the 


[186365,] Elmira, N. Y. Elmira Prison Register of Deaths. 
Rolls of Confederate prisoners of war dying and buried 
at Elmira Prison alphabetically arranged commands, places 
of capture, dates and causes of death "personal effects"- -"J- 
S. Otwell, Co. H, ist N. C. . . . effects, i knapsack and i 
jacket"; "Geo. W. Reutz, sergt., Co. K, nth S. C. . . . ef 
fects, 10 cts. U. S. and $i C. S. funds"; "T. Smith, corp., Co. 
B, 42nd Va. . . . effects, none." [Vol. 3] List of "applica 
tions forwarded." 148 3v. 27. 

1863, Dec. 28, Hd-Qrs. Dept. Richmond. S. O. 357 VI - Si S : 
T. O. Chesney, by command of Maj.-Genl. A. Elzey. 

Promotion of 2nd Lieut. R. T. Aunspaugh, Co. B, loth Va. 
Batln. to ist Lieut. rank from Jany. 23, 1863. 

D. S. Va-E-23. 

1862, Oct. 31, n. p. . . Engle, Lieut., Co. A, I2th Va. Cav. 
to Col. [J. Thompson] Brown. 

Your servant is riding a mare belonging to a man of my 
company no question as to ownership. 149 

A. L. S. B-34-26. 

1864, Mch - 18, Savannah, [Ga.] "Enlisted for the War" to 
Miss Eloise Campbell, Treasurer of Wayside Home. 150 

Enclose $20 for the Home, the proceeds of my first and last 
game of poker. A. L. S. Ga-ga-4-i. 

1 86 1, Feb. i. Essex and Middlesex Convention, Va. 

Minutes of meeting this day to choose and instruct a dele 
gate to the Convention of Va. The "Miller" Resolutions. 151 
Sig: Wm. B. Davis, Pres., Thos. W. Lewis, Sec. 

D. S. Va-E-i 3 . 

148 Applications for exchange. This Register is very valuable for list 
ing the prisoners at Elmira. The returns of "personal effects" in these 
volumes are a most pathetic evidence of the poverty of the prisoners, 
probably eighty per cent, of whom are recorded as having no effects. 

149 See Brown to Paxton, Oct. 31, 1862, supra, p. 208. 

150 See infra, p. 248. 

151 Resolutions on Federal Relations, presented to the Virginia Con 
vention of 1861. 


1864, A Pr. 2 o, Post Office, A. N. V. Jno. L. Eubank, 152 P. 
M., A. N. V. to Jas. A. Seddon, Sec. War. 

The army moves soon I shall not be able to buy provisions 
request that I may buy from the commissary the same pro 
visions as an officer. A. L. S. SC-26. 
Endsd: i. Sec. of War will realize difficulties P. M. has to 
buy in an exhausted country recommend favor 
able consideration. John H. Reagan, P. M. 
General. A. S. 

2. Seems a necessity of service, if Post Office is to be 

continued order it. J. A. S[eddon.] 4 May, 64. 

A. S. 

3. Returned to P. M. Eubauk he will be allowed to 

purchase one ration daily. By order A. & I. 
Genl., Jno. Withers, A. A. G. et. May 5 [?], 
1864. A. S. 

1863, Mch. 18, Camp near Dunnsville, Va. R. S. Eubank and 
C. W. Parish. 

2 bills and receipts for forage furnished certified by S. A. 
Swann, Capt. Co. B, gth Va. Cav. paid by Jas. F. Forbes, 
Capt. and A. Q-M. wheat stacks, $115, $150 corn, $1.75 per 
bushel ; fodder, $1.95 [per ?] P. F. S. 8-38. 

186-, n. d. Upper St. John s, S. C. "Eutawville Aid Asso." 
to Capt. Tarrh, 3ist S. C. Regt., Morris Island. 

Send specified clothing for needy men of your command. 

A. N. S. SC-93. 

1863, Oct. 27, La Grange, Ga., Hd-Qrs. Post. G. H. Evans [?] 
Incapacity furlough for 50 days to W. B. Kirkpatrick, pvt. 
Co. A, ist Fla. Regt. P. F. S. Fla-ga-4. 

1862, Jany. 19, Williamsburg, Va., Hd-Qrs. Benj. S. Ewell, 
Col. comdg. to Maj. J. Thompson Brown. 

152 John L. Eu bank had been Secretary of the Virginia Convention of 
1861, and Captain of Eubank s Battery, of Alexander s Arty. Batln., Long- 
street s Corps, A. N- Va. Col. Eubank resided for many years after the 
war at the "VWarm Springs, Va. 


Will send carpenters requested I wish one to remain here. 

L. S. B-34-3- 

1861, July 18, Camp Page, Va. Benj. S. Ewell, Col. comdg. 
Regt. to Capt. [J. Thompson] Brown, comdg Arty. 

Reasons for giving the brass field-pieces to Capt. Hawkins 
Company. A. S. Va-E-is. 

1862 [?], Aug. 15, Hd-Qrs. 3rd Corps. R. S. Ewell, Maj.-Genl. 
to Hon. G. W. Randolph, Sec. War. 

Recommending Col. Bradley T. Johnson for promotion. 

Copy. Md-68. 

1863, Sept. n, 6 P. M., n. p. A. S. Pendleton, 153 A. A. Genl., 
[by command Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to Col. [J. Thompson] 

Lt.-Genl. Ewell directs you be careful of your horses feed 
them now 154 Report to Genl. Early artillery will remain in 
position until the enemy retires. A. L. S. Va-E-ig. 

1863, Sept. 13, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Army Corps. Thos. T. Turner, 
A. D. C, by order Lt.-Genl. [R. S.] Ewell to Col. J. T. Brown. 
The enemy s cavalry is reported crossing the Rappahan- 
nock by several fords Genl. Lee writes you to be 
ready to meet them if necessary at present see that all 
officers and men are at their posts and the wagon trains in 
camp. [P. S.] Genl. Ewell directs that all artillery beyond 
the Rapidan be recalled to this side. A. L. S. Va-E-ig. 

1863, Sept. 13, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Corps. A. S. Pendleton, A. A. G., 
by command Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell, to Col. J. T. Brown, Chf. 
Arty. &c. 

Lt.-Genl. comdg. directs a battalion of artillery be sent 
each division in case of need tell the commanders to move 

153 Pendleton served successively as A. A. G. to Early (e. g., O. R., 
s. 48, p. 963), and to Ewell (ibid-, s. 49, p. 271) ; and as Aide-de-Camp to 
Jackson (ibid., s. 18). 

154 This was just before the Federal advance from the Rappahannock 
to the Rapidan. Ewell was reported to be at Orange. See O. R., s. 48, 
P- 133- 


slowly and rest their horses to keep them fresh move reserve 
battalion back two or three miles to Gordonsville. 

A. L. S. Va-E-ig. 

1863, Sept. 13, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Corps. G. Campbell Brown, A. 
A. G. [by command Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to Col. J. T. Brown. 
The Lt.-Genl. directs you move in this direction, as the 
enemy is reported in large force between Culpeper C.-H. and 
Brandy Look out for safety of your pieces send mounted 
men in advance to give notice of approach. 

A. L. S. Va-E-ig. 

1863, Sept. 13, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Army Corps. G. Campbell 
Brown, A. A. G. [by order of Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to Brig.- 
Genl. G. H. Steuart, comdg. etc. 

The Lt.-Genl. comdg. directs you send two regiments of 
the brigade nearest Liberty Mills to that point to watch the 
ford and guard against any approaching enemy. 

L. S. B-s-i. 

1863, Sept. 13, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Army Corps. Thos. T. Turner, 
by order of Lt. Genl. [R. S.] Ewell, to Brig.-Genl. [Geo. H.] 

The enemy s cavalry is reported crossing several fords of 
the Rappahannock in force Gen. Lee wishes you to be in 
readiness to meet them if necessary only necessary now to 
see that officers and men are at their posts, and Q-Mr. and 
commissary wagon-trains in camp. A. L. S. T-n. 

1863, Sept. 13, 4:30 P. M., Hd-Qrs. 2nd [Army] Corps. A. S. 
Pendleton, A. A. G., by order Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell, to Brig.- 
Genl. [Geo. H.] Steuart, comdg. Div. 

The Lt.-Genl. comdg. directs you post a regiment of Infy. 
and a section of Arty, on the road from Barnett s Ford on 
the Rapidan, or on the river as circumstances require Lt.-Col. 
Andrews will report with his Batln. of Arty. call on him for 
the section. A. L, S. P-2-i. 

1863, Sept. 13, 9:30 P. M., Hd-Qrs. 2nd [Army] Corps. A. S. 
Pendleton, A. A. G. [by order Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to 
Brig.-Genl. Geo. H. Steuart, comdg. Div. 


The Lt.-Genl. comdg. directs you have your command 
ready to move against the enemy in the morning, if necessary 
have at least one day s cooked rations. A. L. S. P-2-2. 

1863, Sept. 13, 9:30 P. M., Hd-Qrs. 2nd [Army] Corps. A. S. 
Pendleton, A. A. G. [by order Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to 
[Brig.-] Genl. [Geo. H.] Steuart. 

The Lt.-Genl. directs you move at daylight down the 
plank road to the vicinity of corps review grounds. Inform 
Col. Brown of the Arty, when you withdraw your infantry 
from Liberty Mills. A. L. S. P-2-3. 

1863, Sept. 13, 9:30 P. M., Hd-Qrs. 2nd [Army] Corps. A. S. 
Pendleton, A. A. G., [by order Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to Col. 
[J. Thompson] Brown. 

Send the battalions at daylight Carter s and Jones moving 
to Early s camp Rhodes and Andrews to Genl. Steuart, 
comdg. Johnson s Div. near Orange move others to neigh 
borhood of Orange. A. L. S. Va-E-ig. 
Endsd: "Reed 12 M." 

1863, Sept. 14, Hd-Qrs. 2nd [Army] Corps. A. S. Pendleton, 
A. A. G., [by order Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to [Brig.-]Genl. 
[Geo. H.] Steuart. 

Lt.-Genl. Ewell directs you halt your command in the 
wood "just this side of where the road forks going by your 
camp from the plank road" about one and one-half miles from 
Orange C. H. Get your men well sheltered in the wood. 

A. L. S. P-2-4. 

1863, Sept. 15, Hd-Qrs. 2nd A[rmy] Corps. A. S. Pendleton, 
A. A. G., [by order Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to Brig.-Genl. 
[Geo. H.] Steuart. 

The Lt.-Genl. comdg. directs you move into woods near 
your present position men are to make themselves comfort 
able if they destroyed fencing to-day, have it repaired before 
moving he thinks you had better move into woods beyond 
you on old turnpike, or those on plank road nearest Orange 
C. H., on west side in direction your former camp. 

A. L. S. P-2-5. 


1863, Sept. 18, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Corps, A. N. V. G. Campbell 
Brown, A. A. G., [by order Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to Brig.- 
Genl. G. H. Steuart, comdg. Johnson s Div. 

In consequence of news of last night, the Lt.-Genl. comdg. 
directs your division to be in readiness to move nearer the 
Rapidan River as soon as weather permits. You will receive 
further orders. O. C. 6-5-2. 

1863, Oct. 23, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Corps, A. N. V. G. Campbell 
Brown, A. A. G., [by order Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to Col. J. 
Thompson Brown, comdg. ist Va. Arty,. 2nd Corps. 

Asking information as to number of guns captured by 
Early at Winchester. A. L. S. Va-E-ig. 

1863, Nov. 7, 2 P. M., Hd-Qrs. 2nd [Army] Corps. A. S. 
Pendleton, A. A. G., [by order Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell,] to Col. 
[J. Thompson] Brown. 

Lt.-Genl. Ewell directs you move forward the artillery 
the enemy are in heavy force at Kelly s Ford. 

A. L. S. Va-E-ig. 

1863, Nov. 27, Charlottesville, [Va.] R. S. Ewell to Rev. 
Moses D. Hoge, D.D. 

Thanks for Bible sent personal and family matters. 

A. L. S. SS-C-27. 

1862, Mch. 19, n. p. Geo. H. Eyster, cadet 44th Va. 

Pay voucher, with vouchers of the following officers: T. 
S. Gepson, 2nd Lieut. Co. G, 44th Va., Apr. 30, 1862 ; John 
Regan, 2nd Lieut. Co. C, 44th Va., May i, 1862; John S. Hix, 
2nd Lieut. Co. B, 44th Va, Aug. 19, 1862; Thos. S. Boatwright, 
2nd Lieut. Co. C, 44th Va., Sept. 26, 1862; Robt. J. Shelton, ist 
Lieut, Co. D, 44th Va., July 31, 1862; John T. Graves, A. C. S., 
44th Va., March 31, 1863; H. G. Richardson, Capt. Co. G, 44th 
Va., Dec. 4, 1863; John T. Martin, Capt, Co. F, 44th Va., Jany. 
30, 1864; J- L. Cannon, Asst. Surg., 23rd Va., Feby. 3, 1865; 
J. M. Brown, ist Lieut. Co. F, 5th Va., Feby. n, 1865; David 
Howell, 2nd Lieut. Co. G, 2nd Va., Feb. 25-1865. 

P. F. S. V- 3 . 


1862, Aug. 8, New Orizaba, Hd-Qrs. Falkner s Batln., "Parti- 
zan Rangers." W. C. Falkner, comdg. to Col. Thos. L. Snead. 

Request supplies and funds for 200 men organized by me 
for service. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-26. 

1865, Jany. 21, Camp Stafford. Thomas Fanning, pvt. Co. H, 
loth. La. 

Certificate of and receipt for pay due; enlisted July 22, 
1861 entitled to discharge on account of old age and debility 

age 58 years signed by mark. D. S. F-is. 

1863, Aug. Richmond, Va. Americus Featherman. 155 

"The Belle of New Orleans, A Romance of the War writ 
ten at the request of Miss Minnie Baughman to whom it is 
respectfully dedicated by her friend ..." F-S. 

1865, Feb. 7, Laurens City, Ga. Hd-Qrs. Cav. Brig. L. W. 
Ferguson, Brig.-Genl. comdg. to ist Lieut. M. G. Hudson, 

A. D. C. 
Despatches received. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-36. 
1861, May 5, [Richmond, Va.] Commonwealth of Virginia. 

B. F. Ficklin. 

Commission as Major, Va. Vols. rank from Apr. 25, 1861 

Sig: John Letcher, [Gov.] P. F. S. Va-F-g. 

, Jany. 20, Camp near Fredericksburg, Va. E. M. Field, 
Maj. comdg. I2th Va. 

Certificate of unanimous election of Jas. E. Tyler as Junior 
2nd Lieut, of Co. D, vacancy created by resignation of 
Junior 2nd Lieut. W. L. Penn. D. S. Va-E-2O. 

1863, Nov. 19, Milledgeville, Ga. Herbert Fielder, A. D. C., to 
President Jefferson Davis. 

By direction of the Governor I enclose letter from Jos. S. 
Garner, a respectable old man such letters as these are daily 
received add to appeal made by the governor in forwarding 
the letter from citizens of Rome. 156 A. L. S. Davis-32|8-i. 

155 Featherman was from Louisiana, and was Assistant Examiner of 
Applications for Patents, C. S. Patent Office. See infra, p. 272. 

156 See Garner to Brown, Nov. 13, 1863, infra, p. 256-57. 


1863, Apr. 7, Lake City, Fla. Hd-Qrs. Dist. E. Fla. S. O. 
124. Sig: R. B. Thomas, by order Brig.-Genl. [Jos.] Finegan. 
Asst.-Surg. J. C. L Engle, reporting for duty, is hereby as 
signed to General Hospital, Lake City will report to Surg. 
A. S. Baldwin, Senr. Surg. in charge. D. S. Fla-ga-i4. 

1863, Apr. 9, Lake City, Fla. Hd-Qrs. Dist. E. Fla. S. O. 224. 
Sig: R. B. Thomas by order Brig.-Genl. [Jos.] Finegan. 

Asst.-Surg. J. C. L Engle is appointed a member of the 
board of examination organized here under G. O. 72, A. & I. 
Genl. series 1862. D. S. Fla-ga-i4. 

1864, Apr. 29, n. p. Chas. M. Finney, pvt. Co. C, 37th Va. 
Charges against, of desertion Apr. 24, when under sentence 

of Court-Martial arrested in Charlottesville, Apr. 28 
charges preferred by Jno. M. Fickle. Capt. comdg. Co. 

D. S. F-3. 
Forwarded approved. Jno. F. Terry, Lt.-Col. comdg. A. S. 

!86 , n. d., n. p. E. W. Finney to Sec. War, C. S. A. 

Asking transfer from Fenner s Arty, to ist Co. Richmond 
Howitzers. A. L. S. F-2O-I. 

1863 [?] Au g- i4> Thomasville, [Ga.] [Mrs.] J. M. Fisher to 
Mrs. [Eloise] Campbell. 157 

We are cooking supplies for Fort Wagner funds collected 
our accounts. A. L. S. Ga-ga-4-i. 

1863, Aug. 28, Thomasville, [Ga.] [Mrs.] J. M. Fisher to 
Mrs. [Eloise] Campbell. 

Notice of supplies sent for soldiers. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-4-i. 

1863, Dec. 5, n. p. J. P. Fitzgerald, Maj. comdg. 

Report of action of 23rd Va. Infy. in battle of Payne s 
Farm, Nov. 27, 1863. A. S. 6-14-5. 

Printed: O. R., S. 48, 868-69. 

is? Treasurer of the Wayside Hospital, Savannah, Ga. See supra, p. 241. 


1864, Feb. 14, Hd-Qrs. 2 3 rd Va. Infy. J. P. Fitzgerald, Maj. 
comdg., to Capt. Geo. Williamson, A. A. G. 

Hawkins of Co. G reported of his own accord today says 
he would have reported sooner but for an attack of measles- 
says he escaped from the guard-house, under the impression 
that he was to be shot as he has been acquitted on the charge 
for which he was confined, I wish to restore him to duty, and 
not confine him for escaping. Hawkins wishes to make a state 
ment to Genl. Steuart. A. L. S. W-is-2. 

1863, Oct. 31, n. p. Robert Fladigant, Lieut, and A. A. Q-M. 

"Statement of forage issued to horses of Lt.-Col. Nelson s 
Batl. of Arty," for week ending this day. 

Approved, Robt. K. Jones, Adjt., by order Wm. Nelson, 
Lt.-Col. A. S. B -43-11- 

1863, Nov. 24, [Tallahasse, Fla.] Legislature of Florida. 

Resolution thanking Genl. William Bailey, Dr. Henry 
Bacon and the Augusta Manufacturing Company for their de 
votion to the Southern cause, their gifts, etc. Sig: T. J. 
Eppes, Speaker House ; E. J. Vann, Presdt. Senate ; Approved 
this date, John Milton, Gov. Cert, copy B. F. Allen, Sec. of 
State. O. C. Fla-26. 

1865, Apr. 30, Richmond, Va. Mrs. Mary A. Fontaine 158 to 
Mrs. Marie Burrows Sayre. 

"My Dear Cousin, 

You see I retain a lingering fondness for the Confederate 
way of doing things, in taking a half sheet of paper to write 
on. I have not replenished my desk as yet, and this is my 
last half sheet. I received your letter a few days ago, after 
Mrs. Hurdle left. Has she arrived safely? Did you receive 

158 This lady was a daughter of Dr. J. L. Burrows, a leading Baptist 
divine of Richmond. No apology need be made for printing this letter 
at length. It is correct as to facts and a remarkably graphic description. 
Dr. Burrows residence was close to the Capitol Square, the City Hall, 
and other public buildings. Hence the intimate account of events at these 
places. Compare Baughman s description of the night of April 13, 1861, 
supra, p. 185. 


no letters from me before you left Gordonsville? I wrote two 
or three, and once enclosed a big letter from Mr. S. In pass 
ing, I might as well say that I have lost sight of Mr. S. I can 
tell you nothing of him, thereby relieving your mind and get 
ting rid of him at once. If you hear from him, tell me all 
about him, yourself and affairs generally. We R. people have 
grown calm somewhat. The young ladies keep themselves 
quietly at home, doing nothing to expose themselves to insult ; 
and in all cases declining controversy with the U. S. Officers, 
which I heartily approve. The question is closed for the 
present, and no lady ought to permit a discussion at all, be 
cause they have the advantage of success and law, and it is 
not a fair contest. For my own part, I tread my own path, 
utterly ignoring them. I do not seem to see them, careful 
only not to expose myself to insult. I hardly dare venture 
a description of the first few days of April, but will attempt 
to give you an idea. Sunday, the 2nd, was one of those un 
usually lovely days that the Spring sometimes brings, when 
delicate silks that look too fine at other times seem just to suit ; 
when invalids and convalescents venture out in the sunshine ; 
when the churches are crowded as never before. So it was 
on this Sunday. 1 have never seen a calmer or more peaceful 
Sabbath morning, and alas ! never a more confused evening. 
During service messengers tiptoed into the churches after 
prominent military and civil officers, and when the congrega 
tion were dismissed, everybody asked, What is it? but no 
one could tell. 

Presently there were rumors that Gen. Lee s line was 
broken, and the enemy had reached the R. R., and Richmond 
must fall, etc., etc. We ladies w r ere not contented except in 
the yard, and all were in the street with troubled faces. Major 
Williamson came to prepare to leave ; then, one by one, the 
gentlemen hurried up with orders to leave that night. Then 
Mr. Davis, oh, so bowed and anxious, came, and when he 
told us he feared Richmond must be evacuated by midnight, 
the truth was forced upon us. We turned to our rooms to 
prepare those who were to leave. Mrs. Williamson gave 
herself to a grief which was terrible. All through that long, 


long night we worked and wept and bade farewells, never 
thinking of sleep ; in the distance we heard the shouts of the 
soldiers and mob as they ransacked stores ; the rumbling of 
wagons, and beating of drums, all mixed in a confused medley. 
Just before dawn explosions of gunboats and magazines shook 
the city, and glass was shattered, and new houses crumbled 
beneath the shocks. Involuntarily I closed the shutters, and 
then everything had become still as death, while immense fires 
stretched their arms on high all around me. I shuddered at 
the dreadful silence. Richmond burning and no alarm. It 
was terrible. I cannot describe my feelings as I stood at a 
window overlooking the city in that dim dawn. I watched 
those silent, awful fires, I felt that there was no effort to stop 
them, but all like myself were watching them, paralyzed and 
breathless. After a while the sun rose as you may have seen 
it, a great, red ball veiled in a mist. Again the streets were 
alive with hurrying men and women, and the [cry] of 
Yankees reached me. I did not move, I could not, but 
watched the blue horseman ride to the City Hall, enter, with 
his sword knocking the ground at every step, and throw the 
great doors open, and take possession of our beautiful city; 
watched two blue figures on the Capitol, white men, I saw 
them unfurl a tiny flag, and then I sank on my knees, and the 
bitter, bitter tears came in a torrent. 
May 7th 

A week has flown since I wrote the last page, and I have 
picked up another half sheet with the determination to finish 
my letter to-night. I was just trying to describe the scenes 
of the 3rd of April. About eight o clock, after some thirty 
Cavalrymen had taken possession of Richmond, hoisted their 
flag, etc., the Artillery came dashing up Broad street, posi 
tively the fat horses came trotting up that heavy hill, dragging 
the cannon as tho. they were light carriages, the trappings 
were gay, and I commenced to realize the fearful odds against 
which our gallant little army had contended. Then the Cav 
alry thundered at a furious gallop. We haven t been used to 
that, you know, and it startled us ; indeed I imagined that 
there never was such riding before, unless at Bull Run. Then 


the Infantry came playing The Girl I left behind me/ that 
dear old air that we heard our brave men so often play ; then 
the negro troops playing Dixie, and they certainly were the 
blackest creatures I ever saw. I am almost inclined to the be 
lief that they were a direct importation from Africa. Then 
our Richmond servants were completely crazed, they danced 
and shouted, men hugged each other, and women kissed, and 
such a scene of confusion you have never seen. Imagine the 
streets crowded with these wild people, and troops by the 
thousands, some loaded with plunder from the burning stores, 
whole rolls of cloth, bags of corn, etc., chairs, one old woman 
was rolling a great sofa ; dozens of bands trying to drown each 
other it seemed ; gorgeously dressed officers galloping furi 
ously about, men shouting and swearing as I never heard men 
do before ; the fire creeping steadily nearer to us, until houses 
next to us caught and we prepared to leave; and above all, 
inconceivably terrible, the 800,000 shells exploding at the labor 
atory. I say imagine, but you cannot; no one who was not 
here will ever fully appreciate the horrors of that day. I have 
heard persons say it was like their idea of the judgment day; 
perhaps it may be. So many shells exploding for five hours 
would be fearful at any time ; the heavens were black as 
with a thunder cloud, great pieces of shells flying about, oh ! 
it was too awful to remember, if it were possible to be erased, 
but that can not be. By night things quieted down ; there were 
brigade headquarters in the house ; so we were protected 
from stragglers ; and the oppressive stillness and darkness 
(there was no gas) was as fearful as the confusion had been. 
Pa and Ma have both been sick from the excitement. Ma is 
better, but weak. Pa continues feeble. 159 It seems so strange 
to say Pa is feeble, but he has lost 20 Ibs., walks slowly like an 
old man, and is completely broken down ; all his friends advise 
him to take a trip to the country, and I hope we shall get him 
off soon. He was always so hopeful, that the suddenness of 
the change prostrated him. Howard is here, paroled, and con 
nected with the two papers; Times and Bulletin. We had a 
number of sudden marriages last Sunday. An order being 

159 Dr. J. L. Burrows. See supra, note 158. 


issued Saturday, that after Monday, all persons marrying must 
take the oath before procuring licenses, there was consider 
able confusion created among certain Confederate officers, 
who were looking forward to marriage in the Spring: Such 
walking was done on Saturday to get licenses then, and such 
fixing up of old white dresses; Pa married Morton Wortham 
and Alice Thomas on Sunday night to two N. C. gentlemen, 
and two other couples since. There were said to have been 
20 marriages in town that day. But if you are as tired of 
reading as I of writing, you are glad to see the end of the 
sheet. Tell Carroll B. that we received his letter, and are 
greatly obliged for his kind invitation, but my coffers are 
dry ; I have not one cent, and no prospect of any unless I go to 
work. You all don t understand how poor we are here, not 
even a friend to borrow from, for all are alike. Give much love 
to Mrs. G. and thank her for her kindness to Mr. F. Love to 
Carrie B, Lizzie, Hattie, Armistead, your mother, Mrs. H, etc. 
Write soon to Cousin Mary. 

P. S. Don t let a Yankee see this. 

P. S. Mr. Fontaine is still in prison ; please write to him. 
I hope he will stop to see you as he comes home, but you 
must not keep him longer than just to look at him, because 
I have not seen him for a year." 

C. C. F-22. 

1861, Nov. 28, Gosport, Va., C. S. Dock Yard. J. Forrest, 
Commandant, to Com. S. S. Lee, Executive Officer, Navy 
Yard, Gosport, Va. 

Direct the stable-keepers to make a nitre-bed in the yard, 
under direction of an ordnance officer as soon as heaps are 
formed, cover with a suitable light roof to turn the rain will 
require special gang to form beds of old lime, mortar, street 
sweepings, blood and bones from slaughter houses, manure, 
etc. will need gang to work only at intervals thereafter to 
collect the nitre. 160 A. L. S. Va-E-is. 

160 This nitre, it is hardly necessary to add, was regularly collected for 
use in making gun-powder. 


i86[4] 161 Sept. 19, "12 O clk. at night," Tuscambia. N. B, 

Forrest, Maj.-Genl. to Genl 

I received two notes await you here cannot leave as 1 
must join my command to-morrow. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-so. 

[i8]64, July i, Hilton Head, S. C, Hd-Qrs. Dept. of the 
South. J. G. Foster, Maj.-Genl. [U. S. A.] comdg., to Maj.- 
Genl. Sam Jones, comdg., etc. 

I have forwarded letter sent enclose one to Brig.-Genl. 
Seymour, and a box of clothing for him presume there is no 
objection to its delivery. L. S. Ga-ga-3. 

1862, Dec. [Hd-Qrs. ist Va. Arty.] "Fredericksburg Suffer 

List of contributions for; taken in the ist Va. Arty., 2nd 
and 3rd Co. Richmond Howitzers total for the regiment, 
$1,010 signed by contributors. 162 . D. S. 1^-29-2-4. 

1863, Feb. 20, Sunny Side, Spot[tsylvani]a Co., [Va.] Eliza 
M. T. French to "The President of the Confederate States." 

Asking a day of fasting and prayer for "our nation in this 
great crisis." 
Endsd : "Secty. of Treasy. J. D." 

1862, Oct. 29, Hd-Qrs. Petersburg, Va. S. O. 237, IV.. Sig: 
Graham Daves, A. A. G., by order of Maj.-Genl. S. G. French. 
Capt. W. B. Ritter, ist Lieut. W. H. Robertson, ist Lieut. 
S. G. Crump, 2nd Lieut. W. B. Crump, relieved of duty in 
Maj. Moseley s Batln. of Light Arty, will report to Maj.-Genl. 
G. W. Smith, Richmond, Va. D. S. 8-53. 

1.86 1, Feb. 6, Baton Rouge, La. Geo. H. Frost. 

Commission as ist Lieut, of Arty., Louisiana Troops rank 
from this date. Sig: Tho. O. Moore, [Gov.], Pliny D. Hardy, 
Sec. State. P. F. S. La. 

16 Necessarily 1864, since Forrest was not made a Major-General until 
after Chickamauga, and did not receive his Lieutenant-General s commis 
sion until Feb. 1865. 

162 See T. J. Jackson s Circular of Dec. 27, 1862, infra, p. 297. 


Appended: Letter of transmission. Sig: S. M. Westmore, 
Col. and A. A. G. 

1861, Apr. 2, Montgomery, Ala., War Dept. Geo. H. Frost. 
Commission as 2nd Lieut. Arty. report at Fort Jackson, 
La. Sig : L. P. Walker, Sec. War. P. F. S. La. 

1863, May 16, Richmond, [Va.] War Dept. Geo. H. Frost. 

Commission as Capt. of Arty, temporary rank under Act 
155 report to Maj.-Genl. M. L. Smith. Sig: James A. Sed- 
don, Sec. of War. O. C. La. 

1863, July 4, Vicksburg, [Miss.] Geo. H. Frost, Lieut and 
A. D. C. to Maj.-Genl. M. L. Smith. 

Parole as prisoner of war sworn before L. Kent, Lt.-Col. 
29th 111. Vols. P. F. S. La. 

1865, Jany. 18, Augusta, Ga., Hd-Ors. B. O. Fry, Brig.-Genl. 
to Maj.-Genl. J. Wheeler, comdg. Cav. 

Request for information regarding a telegraph operator 
removed wish his return. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-36. 

1864, Apr. 2, Camp 37th Ya. Infy. Henry Fry to Brig.-Genl. 
Geo. H. Steuart. 

Enclose a pair of gloves sent with the compliments of 
ladies from the "backwoods of dear old Virginia. 163 

A. L. S. F-II-I. 

1862, Feb. 20, Winchester, [Va.] Sam. V. Fulkerson, [Col.] 
to Col. W. B. Taliaferro. 

Ask pay for the regiments due from 6 to 8 months the 
men need money badly ist Ga. and 3rd Ark. have been paid 
the old organization has been broken ist Ga. has been or 
dered to Tenn. I expect orders to march to Manassas bad 
news from Tenn. may send us there, but have no intimation 
no news here. A. L. S. F-14-i. 

1862, Apr. 21, Hd-Qrs. 37th Va. Sam. V. Fulkerson, Col. 
comdg. to Capt. W. B. Pendleton, A. A. A. G. 3rd Brig. 

163 See Steuart to Fry, Apr. 2, 1864; infra, p. 405. 


There is much sickness, especially measles, among recruits 
if sent upon a march, I could not carry them without throw 
ing away baggage call attention of the Brig.-Genl. comdg. 
to this. A. L. S. F-I4-4- 

1864, Dec. 28, Mount Pleasant, S. C, Hd-Qrs. Sub-Dist. C. 
Gaillard, Col. comdg. to Lieut. [W. T. Taliaf erro ?] 

By S. O. 7, II. from Hd-Qrs. 2nd Sub-Dist. I have estab 
lished post between Oaudaw [Wando?] Creek and the Santo 
troops there commissary s office is at M Clelanville the 
"other" post kept up guns moved will make requisition for 
small arms. A. L. S. T-2O-2. 

[1864] n. d., Coosawhatchi [sic]. L[ucius] J. Garbrell, 164 Brig- 
Genl. to [Maj.-]Genl. [Sam] Jones. 

Videttes report three boats coming up Tulapuing River. 

Tel. Ga-ga-4-6. 

1863, Jany. 21, Alt. Pleasant, [S. C.] Hd-Qrs. Le Gardeur s 
Battery. G. Le Gardeur, Capt. comdg. to Capt. H. W. Feilden, 
A. A. G. 

I have not received S. O. 6 (C. S.) VII. L. S. L-2i. 

1862, Apr. 30, York Co., Va. Saml. Garland, Jr. 165 Col. nth 

Certificate of election of officers of Co. K, ist Va. Arty (2nd 
Co. .Richmond Howitzers,) in the reorganization ordered. 
Election this day. A. S. Va-E-iy. 

1861, Aug. 13, Hd-Qrs. Troops (near) Pensacola, [Fla.] Geo. 
G. Garner, A. A. A. G. to Genl. Braxton Bragg, comdg. 

Application for 21 days leave to attend to private affairs 
in Louisiana. A. S. Ga-ga-i-2i. 

1863, Nov. 13, Tallapoosa, Ga. Joseph T. Garner to Gov. 
Jos. E. Brown. 

Knowing your character and kindness I ask aid for wrong 

164 Properly, Lucius J. Gartrell of Georgia, who distinguished himself 
at this time. See C. M. H., v. 6, pp. 418-20. 

165 Samuel Garland, Jr., of Virginia. See C. M. H., v. 3, 595-97. 


done me. There is a man here with a detail seizing our 
cattle when we are not able to spare them my relations are 
all in the army officer says if we do not let him have the 
cattle for about half of what they will bring in the market all 
the cattle will be taken and actually told me because I told 
him I could not spare any that he would take my cow & calf 
and work steers and if I resisted him he would take me to 
the army" am an old man all my sons and sons-in-law in 
the army am a loyal supporter of the Confederacy I ask 
your protection. A. L. S. Davis-32 8-2. 

Endsd: i. "Sect, of War for attention & report J. D. Nov. 
25. 1863" 

2. "To Com Genl For early report 26 Nov 63 J.A.S." 

3. [missing.] 

4. "Col. Johnston when leisure permits please prepare 

a guarded reply to the within complaint as in 
dicated by the endorsements J. D." 

1862, Dec. 7, "Camp near Guinea Station," [Va.] Thos. S. 
Garnett, Col. comdg. 2nd Brigade, Jno. A. Booker, A. A. A. G. 
"A List of Gunsmiths & Machinists in Jones (2nd) Bri 
gade" 2 gunsmiths in 48th Va. ; I moulder and I gunsmith in 
42nd Va. 160 D. S. 6-23-3. 

[1864?] Apr. 13, Richmond, [Va.] Walter W, Gasden to 
Brig.-Genl. Geo. H. Steuart. 

Request for a recommendation of character and conduct 
while in your brigade belonged to Md. Regt. hope to re 
join with improved health. A. L. S. G-g. 

1862, Mar. 17, n. p. Samuel Gassoway, pvt. Co. C, ist 
Md. Vols. 

Honorable discharge of; enlisted for one year descrip 
tion. Sig: Bradley T. Johnson, Col. comdg. 

D. S. Md-i6i. 

[1863] Nov., Richmond, Va. E. S. Gay, Lieut, comdg. Co. G, 
Henley s Batln. 

166 See infra, pp. 360, 361, 411. 


Requisition for quartermaster s Stores for this command 
frogs, cartridge boxes and belts I have received no frogs, 
belts and cartridge boxes needed for new members approved, 
jno. A. Henley, Maj. comdg. Form 40. D. S. 1-24-2. 

Endsd: As this command disbands in Dec. this requisition 
should not be granted if it continues in service, requisi 
tion will be granted. Garnett Andrews, by order Maj.- 
Genl. [A.] Elzey. Nov. 28, 1863. 

1863, Oct., Richmond, Va. Hd-Qrs. Co. G, 3rd B. L. D. E. 
S. Gay, Lieut, comdg. 

40 receipts to ; for muskets and accoutrements issued this 
command. 167 D. S. J-24-i. 

1862, Apr. 23, Camp near Elk Run Church. S. B. Gibbons, 
Col. loth Va. Vols., to Capt. W. B. Pendleton, A. A. A. G., 
3rd Brigade. 

List of the commissioned officers of this regiment who 
were not re-elected 16S 12 names given some of them desire 
to reenter the service in different capacities desire passes to 
return to the army. A. L. S. G-25. 

186-, n. d., n. p. Mrs. Sarah A. C. Gibson to Lieut. Sauntey [ ?J 
Dear Sir: 

I feel under obligations to you and Col. Richardson for 
sending my little boy to see [me] in the hour of trouble. I 
am glad to know that you simpathise with with me so deeaply. 
I have one requesst to ask of you, that is to watch over Charley 
& take good care of him & if he gets sick pleas send him to 
me pleas do not let him suffer for any thing I put my little 
boy under your kinde protection, I will will take [it] as a 
great favor for you to write to me when you can make it con 
venient to do so as he is small & cannot do as a grown per- 

167 With the same a letter of Ro. Gilliam to G. Watson James, giving 
some account of the command. It was composed of young school-boys, or 
ganized for temporary local defence. 

168 Cf. supra, note 116, p. 226. 


son 169 & if any of your men wounded let me know & I will 
send bandages for them Yours respectfully" 

A. L. S. G-2i. 

1864, Oct. 9, Charleston, S. C, Hd-Qrs. Dept. S. C, etc. R. C. 
Gilchrist[?] to Brig.-Genl. W. B. Taliaferro, James Island. 

Col. Harris has rallied somewhat is slight hope of his re- 
covery 17 Genl. Jones 171 and Maj. Lay 17 * are not sick. 

A. L. S. T-so-io. 

1862, Sept. 8, Baton Rouge, [La.] John W. Gill, corp., Walter 
S. Crawford, Thos. B. Bodley, to Sergt. E. W. Finney. 

On behalf of 4th detachment of this command, we deplore 
your leaving for Va. trust your worth will be appreciated 
there as here will remember your kindness commend you 
to all. 175 L. S. F-20-2. 

1865, Jany. 28, Richmond, [Va.] War Dept. W. A. Gilliam. 
Commission as Lt.-Col. 6oth Va. Infy. rank from May 9, 

1864. Sig: James A. Seddon, Sec. of War. O. C. Va-32. 

1861, Dec. 13, Richmond, [Va.] War Dept. Jeremy F. 
Gilmer. 174 

Commission as Lieut.-Col., Corps of Engineers rank from 
May 1 6, 1861. Sig: J. P. Benjamin, Sec. War. 

P. F. S. Ga-t-6. 

1861, Dec. 13. The same. O. C. Ga-gm-6. 

1862, Oct. 4, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. Jeremy F. Gilmer. 

169 Possibly her "little boy" was a drummer, but some enlisted men 
were young enough to deserve this appellation. 

170 Col. D. B. Harris, later Brigadier-General ; at this time engaged in 
the defence of Charleston. Harris is generally given the credit for the 
excellent system of fortifications around the city. 

171 Major-General Sam. Jones. 

172 Major John F. Lay. 

173 Cf, Robert Saunders to E. W. Penney, Mch. 20, 1862 ; infra, p. 391 J 
see also letter to Mrs. Selden, infra, p. 392. 

174 See supra, note 4, p. 165. 


Commission as Col., Corps of Engineers. Sig: Geo. W. 
Randolph, Sec. War. P. F. S. Ga-gm-y. 

1863, Aug. 25, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. J[eremy] F. 

Commission as Maj.-Genl. of Vols., temporary rank under 
Act of May 21, i86i 175 report to Genl. G. T. Beauregard, 
Charleston, S. C. Sig: James A. Seddon, Sec. War. 

P. F. S. Ga-gm-8. 

1863, Sept. 14, Charleston, S. C. J. F. Gilmer, Maj.-Genl. and 
Pres. of Board, A. J. Gonzales, Col. and Chf. of Arty., D. B. 
Harris, Lt.-Col. and Chf. of Engrs., to Genl. G. T. Beauregard, 

By S. O. 179, we report proposed armament of new lines 
on James Island 176 no new guns should be sent from old 
lines to new lines east of Battery Pringle, until these lines are 
ready for armament, or Genl. comdg. thinks it safe Ordnance 
and Q-Mr. should make preparations no more platforms at 
Fort Pemberton should be removed send list of present 
armament of Fort Lamar, East 177 and West. 178 

Copy. J-i8-i. 

1865, Apr. 26, n. p., Engineer Bureau. J. F. Gilmer, Maj.- 
Genl. and Chf. Engr. 

Requisition on the Secretary of War for $4,000 in gold to 
be placed to the credit of Maj. W. F. Foster, Corps En 
gineers he to be accountable The same for construction and 
repair of bridges and roads, transportation of tools, etc. 179 

Approved by John C. Breckinridge, Sec. of War. 

D. S. Ga-gm-3i. 

175 For other commissions under this and similar acts, see index, Rank, 

176 Not found, 
i" Not found. 

178 J-iS-3. 

179 General Gilmer was in Pres. Davis escort on the way to the South- 
The funds here requisitioned were for repairs to enable the train to go 


1865, Apr. 27, Catawba Bridge, N. C. [S.] O. Sig: J. F. 
Gilmer, Maj.-Genl. and Chf. Eng. Bur. 

Maj. J. W. Greer, Engineer Troops, will proceed on roads 
leading to Washington, Ga. by specified route making neces 
sary repairs to bridges and roads will carry pontoon train if 
transportation can be had. A[?] C. S. 180 Ga-ga-33- 

1865, Apr. 27, Catawba Bridge, N. C. [S.] O. Sig: J. F. 
Gilmer, A4aj.-Genl. and Chf. Eng. Bur. 

Capt. Geo. M. Helm to accompany the President and Sec 
retary of War on their march as engineer in charge. 

A. C. S. Ga-gm-33. 

1865, Apr. 27, Catawba Bridge, [N. C.] [S.] O. Sig: J. F. 
Gilmer, Major [Genl.] and Chf. of Eng. 

Relieving Maj. W. F. Porter of charge of the pontoon- 
bridge building turn over the work to Capt. H. N. Phan[?] 
Maj. Porter w r ill proceed to the army of Tenn. and report 
there. A. C. S. Ga-gm-34- 

1865, Apr. 27, Catawba Bridge, [N. C] [S.] O. Sig: J. F. 
Gilmer, [Maj.-Genl. etc.] 

Capt. W. A. Ramsey, Engineer Troops, will accompany 
troops with President and Sec. of War on their march, with 
the portion of his company here, with tools, etc. he will take 
full transportation. A. C. S. Ga-gm-34- 

1865, May 5, [Washington, Ga.] J. F. Gilmer, [Maj.-Genl. 

Bill of; for $3,300 specie, advanced for purchase of horses 
and mules, Apr. 13, 1865. Receipt for $3,201 on account of 
same.. 181 A. C. S. Ga-gm-38. 

Note, sig: J. F. Gilmer, Maj.-Genl, etc. The above funds 
were advanced because in the confusion of the march usual 
requisitions could not be made, and the animals were essen- 

180 If these copies are autograph, they were probably written some 
time after this date. The handwriting is somewhat different from Genl. 
Gilmer s other letters of this date. 

181 This was at the time of the division of the specie carried with Pres. 
Davis wagon-train. 


tial to haul bridge equipage cross was river. "Time was 
pressing." A. S. 

186-, Feb. i, n. p., Roberta Pollock [Mrs. Mattie Gilmour] 


Narrative of adventures to save Mosby s command. 182 

Copy. 6-27. 

1861, Jany. 7, [Charleston, S. C.] Hd-Qrs. J. R. Gist, Adjt.- 
Genl. to Capt. Brewer. 

Telegram received stating "The Star of the West" is ex 
pected with reinforcements keep "sharp lookout" for her. 183 

A. L. S. Ga-3-i6. 

1862, Nov. 15, Hd-Qrs. isth S. C. [Regt.] W. M. Gist, 
[Major] to his wife. 

Regret at not meeting you as expected personal matters 
movements of the command Jenkins attack. 

A.L.S. SC-I45- 

186-, n. d., Secessionville, S. C.[?] [A. J. Gonzales, Col. and 

Chf. Arty.] to 

Report on Arty, at James Island the bearing of the guns. 

D. n. S. J-i8-4. 

1863, Feb. 16, [Richmond, Va.,] Ho [use] of Representatives. 
John Goode, Jr. to President [Jeffn. Davis.] 

Enclose a letter from Rev. G. W. Leyburn, 184 a worthy and 
noble man I doubt not his suggestion would meet with 
hearty approval from the great body of the people. 

A. L. S. Davis-4io. 

Endsd : "Secty of Treasy J. D." 

182 This graphic narrative is fully authenticated, and will be printed 
in full at some future time. 

183 The Star of the West had been sent to Charleston harbor with 
200 troops and ammunition, etc., for the Federal garrison there. She ar 
rived Jany. 9, and was fired on by the South Carolina forces. See Rhodes, 
Hist. U. S., v. 3, p. 245 ff. Cf. L. T. Wigfall to Gov. Pickens, O. R., 
s. i, 253- 

184 See G. F. Leyburn to John Goode, infra, p. 331. 


1864, June 12, Louisa C. H., Va. D. H. Gordon, [Lieut.] to 
his wife. 

Have been captured with seven men of my command 
their names inform their families reassurances. 185 

A. L. S. SC. 

1863, June i, Savannah, [Ga.] Geo. A. Gordon to [Brig.-] 
Genl. W. B. Taliaferro. [Private.] 

G. O. 70 abolishes office of regimental commissary 
recommend Capt. G. W. Lamar for brigade commissary re 
view of his services. A. L. S. L-22. 

1864, Sept. i, Savannah, Ga. Mrs. Nellie K. Gordon to Pres. 
Jeffn. Davis. 

My two brothers were captured by Forrest cannot they 
be transferred to Savannah and be shown other clemency 
my husband, Inspector Genl. to Genl. Mercer, will ask no 
clemency personal matters. A. L. S. Davis-4i6. 

1861, Aug. 2, Richmond, [Va.,] Ordnance Office, War Dept. 
J. Gorgas, 186 Maj. and Chief of Ord. to Capt. J. Thompson 
Brown, comdg. Arty at Williamsburg. 

Your requisition of the 27th ulto. received, and will be 
attended to. P. F. S. 6-33-2. 

1863, Mch. 19, [Richmond, Va., Ord. Off., War Dept.] J. 
Gorgas, Col. etc. 

Statement of charges for 8 and lo-pdr. Columbiads. 

Copy. O-io-s-c. 187 

1863, May 12, [Richmond, Va., Ord. Off., War Dept.] J. 
Gorgas, Col. etc., by E. B. Smith, Capt. 

185 At the time of his capture, Lieut. Gordon hastily wrote this note, 
and confided it to a Federal sergeant, who generously placed it where it 
would be found by the advancing Confederates. 

186 J. Gorgas, Colonel and later Brigadier-General, Chief of Ordnance, 
said to have been one of the most efficient officers in Confederate service. 
See C. M. H., v. i, pp. 622-24; So. His. Soc. Papers, v. 13, 2i6ff. 

187 Cf, W. N. Smith, infra, p. 398; W. L. Broun to W. N. Smith, Nov. 
30, 1863, supra, p. 201. 


"Circular [Table of] Projecting Charges for Rifle Cannon" 
by calibre, with charge for shell, solid shot, "extra large 
charges and size grains powder. Copy. O-io-5-d. 188 

1861, June 12, Corinth, Miss. J.[?] Gottlieb to S. Abeles, 

Delight at getting your letter thought the mails suspended 
personal matters. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-is. 

1863, Nov. 18, n. p. A. Graham, Capt. R. A., to Col. J. T. 
Brown, comdg. Arty, 2nd Corps. 

Report the bravery of Pvt. W. H. Effinger, this Co., and 
of a pvt. of the I3th Regt they fired the Rappahannock bridge 
after most of the troops had been captured. 

A. L.S. Va-E-i8. 

1864, Feb. 24, Wytheville, Va. R. E. Grant to [Brig.-jGenl. 
W. B. Taliaferro. 

Review of my service in your command ask statement of 
same. A. L. S. 1-30-9. 

1864, Jany. 28, Savannah, Ga., Hd-Qrs. Dist of Ga. Robt. 
Grant, Capt. and A. A. & I. Genl., to Capt. G. A. Mercer, A. 
A. G. 

Report of satisfactory inspection of Fort McAllister. 

C. C. Ga-ga-i-34. 

1-86 1, May 27, Weldon, N. C. Jno. A. Graves, Capt. comdg. 
Post, to Gov. [J. W.] Ellis. 

Election of field officers for 3rd Regiment held Pender, 
Colonel; 189 S. D. Ramsour [sic] 190 Lt.-Col. ; D. H. Hamilton, 
Major. Tel. NC-I53. 

188 Cf. ibid. 

189 Wm. D. Pender, later Major-General. See C. M. H., v. 4, pp. 

190 Stephen D. Ramseur, later Major-General. See C. M. H., v. 4, 
pp. 341-43. 


1863, Nov. 17, Hd-Qrs. Army Corps, A. N. V. B. H. Green, 
[A.] A. [&] I. Genl. to Brig.-Genl. A. L. Long, comdg. Arty. 
2nd Corps. 

Send copy of instructions from Army Hd-Qrs., signed R. 
H. Chilton, A. A. & I. Genl., calling on the 2nd Corps for re 
port on regimental strength, to see if it is in accordance with 
G. O. 77 (C. S.) This must be known before allowance can 
be given. A. L. S. 6-35-20. 

1863, Apr. 21, near Fredericksburg, Va., Hd-Qrs. 6ist Va., 

Mahone s Brigade. V. D. Groner to John 

Your letter received regret Genl. C. was not "put through" 
compliments to Genl. C. inform me if anything happens 
regarding Mahone, or any Maj.-Genl. should be appointed 
find out what has become of the papers of Lieut. Benj. James 
who was court-martialed for being absent without leave and 
broken application was later made by the regimental officers 
and his company men for his reinstatement the papers were 
duly approved and forwarded to the War Department what 
has become of them what will be done in the case all are 
much interested in Longstreet s movements are afraid he is 
only after provisions. A. L. S. G-2O-I. 

1863, May 20, near Fredericksburg, Va., Camp 6ist Va., Ma- 
hone s Brigade. V. D. Groner to John 

The congressional election is approaching is important 
the District be represented by a man having the interests of 
Portsmouth and Norfolk in mind from that section there are 
three candidates, Mahone, Hume and Godwin ; from the up- 
district Parham and Whitfield would prefer Parham person 
ally, but cannot let such considerations enter if they do not 
unite on one of the first three, the district being in Yankee 
hands, an up-country man will be elected would be dis 
astrous Chambliss let the cotton loan pass, 191 without mak 
ing Norfolk a port of entry must unite on the strongest 
Hume will probably withdraw, Godwin will get but few votes 

191 See discussion of the Congressional legislation regarding cotton in 
Rhodes, Hist U. S., v. 4, p. 275 ff. 


Mahone is strongest if peace comes in the next congress, 
he will be needed to push Norfolk s commercial interests 
the matter is more important than it appears. 192 

A. L. S. G-20-2. 

1861, May 22, Norfolk, Va. Walter Gwyn to Gov. [J. W.] 

1 have received authority from Richmond to call on you 
for troops send the second regiment, field battery and as 
many more as you can enemy active. Tel. NC-I53. 

1864, Apr. 30, Camp ist N. C. Regt. John M. Gwyther, ist 
Lieut, comdg. Co. H, to Maj. R. W. Hunter. 

Request the return of pvt. Wagoner, detailed as teamster 
will substitute a wounded man. A. L. S. W-I3- 

Approved: H. A. Brown, Col. 

1864, Aug. 9, Battery Glover. F. M. Hall, Lieut. Engr. Corps, 
in charge, to Capt. P. N. Page, A. A. G 

Work on Stono River Bridge and at the pontoon bridge 
progresses work of negro laborers at Battery Zynes and 
Battery No. 3 no guard has yet reported to prevent their 
desertion carelessness of guard on bridge stolen pass of 
A. Kennedy is not to be recognized. A. L. S. B 2 -52. 

1864, Mch. 17, Powhatan, C. H. A. J. Hamilton. 

Certificate of impressment of one mule, property of Jacob 
Michaux, valued at $900, of which $400 was paid. Apprais- 
ment disapproved, valued in sum of original payment. Wit 
nessed by Jno. Spears and Ed. F. Baugh. P. F. S. A-33- 

1862, June 23, Camp [ist S. C. Vols.] near Richmond, [Va.] 
D. H. Hamilton, Col. comdg. 

Special requisition for 743 rations of whiskey for 743 men 
of this command. D. S. Ga-ga-i-i5. 

186-, [Prison Camps.] Emma Hammerdinger, Alexandria, 

192 Robert H. Whitfield was the member from this district in the 
second Congress. 


8 letters to ; requesting clothing, etc., from C. S. prisoners 
of war. Va-E-so. 

1862, Sept. 24, Hd-Qrs. Hampton s Brigade. Wade Hampton, 
Brig.-Genl., to Col. S. Bassett French, A. D. C. 193 

Thanks for a flag presented by ladies of Fredericksburg. 

L. S. Ga-ga-i-is- 

1864, Mch. 14, Milford, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Hampton s Div., Cav. 
Corps, A. N. V. Wade Hampton, Maj.-Genl., to Col. Bradley 
T. Johnson. 

Enclose you extract of my report showing my appreciation 
of your services during the late operations around Richmond 
have urged your promotion. 194 A. L. S. Md-8i. 

1864, May 16, Hd-Qrs. Hampton s Div., Cavalry Corps, A. 
N. V. G. O. 6. Sig: Wade Hampton, Maj.-Genl. 
Announcing the death of Maj.-Gen. J. E. B. Stuart. 

D. S. Fla-ga-i2. 

1864, Dec. 5, Hd-Qrs. Wade Hampton, Maj.-Genl., to Genl. 
R. E. Lee. 

A returned free negro reports the enemy talking of an 
attack on Hicks ford [sic] this may be done recommend 
moving force from Nottoway Bridge there put Hicks ford in 
a condition of defence if the cavalry moves in that direction, 
I will follow them. A. L. S. SC-35- 

1863, Jany. 9, Canton, Miss. John Handy to Pres. Jefferson 

Report progress on the farming matters entrusted to me. 

A. L. S. Davis-272. 

1863, May 25, Beaulieu Battery. C. R. Hanleiter, Capt., 
Thompson Battery, comdg. Battery, to Capt. Geo. A. Mercer, 
A. A. G., Savannah. 

193 Printed, So. Hist. Soc. Papers, v. 2, pp. 31-32, with French s letter 
to Hampton. 

194 For further letters to Johnson on the same subject, see index, 
Johnson, B. T. 


I returned to my command on the 24th am grateful for 
} eav e will forward monthly returns to-morrow. 

A. L. S. H-36. 

1864, Apr. 28, near Barboursville, Va. Robt. A. Hardaway, 

Lt.-Col. comdg. 

Monthly return of 1st Va. Arty. commands of Capts. 
Dance, Smith, Graham, Griffin and Jones aggregate present 
and absent, 662 i officer and 41 men prisoners 20 guns 
209 serviceable horses. D. S. B 2 -42-g. 

1864, Apr. 21, Dalton, Ga. Hd-Qrs. Hardee s Corps. T. B. 
Roy, A. A. G., by command of Lt.-Genl. [W. J.] Hardee. 195 

Battle flags of Corps, known as "Virginia battle flags" 196 
will be inscribed with No. of regiment in upper angle of cross 
and with name of State in lower angle. 

C. C. Ga-ga-i-34- 

1864, n. d., Savannah, [Ga.] W. J. Hardee, Lt.-Genl., to Maj.- 
Genl. [Sam] Jones. 

Return the N. C. troops to Genl. Whiting as soon as they 
can be safely spared. Tel. Ga-ga-4-6. 

1864, n. d., Savannah, [Ga.] W. J. Hardee, [Lt.-Genl.,] to 
[Maj.-Genl.] Sam Jones. 

Young s dismounted men are at Grahamville subject to 
your order Genl. Chestnut has not been ordered off is still 
under your command. Tel. Ga-ga-4-6. 

1862, Jany. 14, Richmond, [Va.,] War. Dept. Jas. A. Hardy 

Commission as ist Lieut, and Adjutant, 36th Va. Regt. 
rank from May 23, 1862 report to Lt.-Col. Derrick. Sig: 
J. P. Benjamin, Sec. War. O. C. H- 

195 Lt.-Genl. W. J. Hardee of Georgia, known to all soldiers as the 
author of Hardee s Tactics. See C. M. H., v. I, pp. 670-73. 
i6 This was the "Southern Cross." 


1862, Nov. 20, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. Jas. A. Harden. 

Commission as ist Lieut, and Adjutant, 23rd Va. Batln. 
rank from May 23, 1862 report to Lt.-Col. Derrick. Sig: 
James A. Seddon, Sec. War. 197 P. F. S. H- 

186-, n. p. James A. Harden, ist Lieut, and Adjt., 36th Va. 

Memorandum book, and miscellaneous unimportant papers. 


1862, Sept. 10, n. p. Jas. C. Hardy, pvt., Co. H., 2nd Va. Batln. 

Descriptive list of; Sig: Jno. S. Bowles, Capt. 

P. F. S. H-34- 

[1865, Jany. 13, St. Andrew s Parish. E. P. Harllee, Cadet and 
A. A. I. G.] 

"List of absent officers Conner s Brgd." 119 names in 2nd, 
3rd, 7th, 8th, I5th and 2Oth S. C. Regts., and 3rd S. C. Batln 
5 without leave. A. S. T-25-3. 

1863, June 7, Camp Sans...., Hd-Qrs. I2th Ga. Batln. G. 
M. Harny, Maj. comdg. to Capt. W. T. Taliaferro, A. A. Genl. 

I have no officer at Augusta able to arrest pvt. P. G. 
Laughly, suggest Sergt. E. F. Clayter be detailed. 

A. L. S. H-37-i. 

1865, Apr. 27, Abbeville, S. C. Burton N. Harrison, 198 Priv. 

Sec., to [Brig.-] Genl. [B. O.] Fry, comdg. Post, Augusta, Ga. 

Send two good ambulances to Washington, [Ga.] to be 

held by Post Q-M., subject to order by command President. 

Tel. Ga-t-S4-ig. 

Endsd: Hd-Qrs. Augusta, Apr. 29. B. O. Fry, Brig.-Genl: 
Maj. Norman Smith to take any ambulances to fill the 
above. A. S. 

187 Seddon succeeded G. W. Smith as Secretary of War c,n Nov. 21, 

IDS Private Secretary to President Davis. 


1865, Jany. 30, Charleston, [S. C.,] Signal Office. Geo. E. 
Harrison, Lieut, comdg. Sig. Corps, to Capt P. N. Page, 
A. A. G. 

Find on looking over my record that following message 
was sent you, Jany. 27, about 11:00 P. M. courier says he 
delivered it to your courier he was the only person there : 
[Message] "Two steamers passed out safely about 7:30 this 
evening Sig: H. Rhett, Col. comdg" I am glad to exonerate 
my line of signals. A. L. S. 1-21-5. 

1863, Mch. 27, Camp Taliaferro, Hd-Qrs. 32nd Ga. Regt. 
Geo. P. Harrison, Jr., Col., comdg., to Lieut. R. K. Meade, 
A. A. G. 

Beg to report removal of my command here 7 miles from 
Savannah, one-half mile from left of Isle of Hope defences 
like the change believe it will improve t;he health of my com 
mand. A. L. S. H-39. 

[i<8]65, Apr. u, Raleigh, [N. C.] Thos. Harrison to Miss 

The approach of the enemy drives me to departure before 
I can thank you for attentions thanks, etc. 

A. L. S. NC-I78-6. 

1864, Nov. 16, near New Market, Va., Hd-Qrs. Engineer 
Troops. William T. Hart to Genl. [A. L. Long?] 

Is my sad duty to inform you of the death of Lieut. M. M. 
Long, killed during Breckinridge s charge at Cedar Creek, 
Oct. iQth, while acting as aid to Brig.-Genl. Wharton loca 
tion of his wound Col. Smith went to his assistance, but was 
called away before the body could be removed when his 
friends again reached him, he was unconscious in our re 
treat, by order, I left him to be buried at Strasburg mark 
ings of the grave disposition of his effects his bravery and 
geniality. A. L. S. H- 


1864, [Oct.] 15, Saturday, 199 n. p. Lewis E. Harvie 200 to J. R. 

Enemy last night burned 3 depots on Southside road be 
tween the Junction and Petersburg may be moving on Dan 
ville road above Junction better judgment is they are moving 
towards Dinwiddie vitally important to guard bridges on 
Danville road, especially that over Staunton river get to 
gether all local forces on this road being kept open above 
Burksville [sic], existence of army and safety State depends. 

Copy. NC-I78-2. 

Appended: People on this side river are collecting to guard 
the Staunton bridge all in neighborhood of Barksdale 
called on to meet here by 6 o clock Monday morning i6th 
with fo.ur or five days provisions and such arms and am 
munition as they have, to go at first call. Every man who 
can procure a mount, bring it. Sig: Th. E. Barksdale, 
Littleton Edmunds, C. R. Barksdale, T. Wistar White, 
C. W. Barksdale, T. M. Niven and 5 others. 

1862, Apr. 16-1863, Sept. 6, n. p. W. O. Harvie, Capt. and 
A. C. S. 

5 invoices of subsistence stores delivered to, between these 
dates Apr. 16, 1862, bacon @ $.50 per Ib. ; Apr. 22, 1862, salt 
beef @ $.125 per Ib. [Forms 22 and 24.] 

P. F. S. Q-5-I-5- 

1863, [Mch. 31,] Gordonsville, Va. W. O. Harvie, Capt. and 
A. C. S. 

Abstracts of provisions furnished troops here, Mch. 1-31, 

1863 [partial] ; Mch. 12-24, [pages missing.] [Form 2.] 

P. F. S. Q-5-6. 
1863, June 30, n. p. W. O. Harvie, Capt. and A. C. S. 

Certificate of pay of persons employed by ; in C. S. service 

199 Necessarily October, since Saturday fell on the I5th in October 
only in 1864. See Taylor to Talcott, Aug. 22, 1864 supra, p. 68. 

200 Lewis E. Harvie of Amelia, a prominent Democrat before the war 
and leader of the secession party in the Virginia Convention of 1861. 
Harvie was at this time President of the Richmond and Danville Railroad. 
See O. R-, s. 26, p. 951. 


physician, $40 ; clerk, $75 ; slaves, $20 each. Examined, R. 
G. Cole, Lt.-Col. etc. [Form 21.] P. F. S. Q-5-8. 

1863, Nov. [30,] n. p. W. O. Harvie, Maj. and A. C. S. 

Certificate of pay of persons employed by ; in C. S. ser 
vice. [Form 20.] P. F. S. Q-5-y. 

1863, Mch. 13, [Richmond, Va.?] Mrs. Wm. H. Haxall to 
Col. [J. Thompson Brown?] 

I have received this application 201 from my nephew- 
please do not overlook it. A. L. S. 6-35-9. 

1864, June 29, Talladega, [Ala.] W. Y. Hendrick, Impressing 
Agent for Talladega County, to J. L. M. Curry. 

You are notified to have an able-bodied negro at Talla 
dega on July 15, with a good pair of shoes, sufficient clothing, 
bedding, and 7 days rations to go to Mobile and work on 
fortifications until Dec. 2O. 202 P. F. Ala-Cur. 

[1862, Feb. 12,] District Court, C. S. A., Eastern Dis. Va. 
John Henson, Fluvanna Co., Va. 

Indictment by grand jury for offering a bribe of $85 to 
Americus Featherman, Asst. Examr. of Applications for 
Patents, to influence an award for patent on a hay-press 3 
counts sig: P. H. Aylett, C. S. Dis. Atty true bill certified, 
John L. Tate, Foreman not guilty, C. [ ?] T. Winfree. 203 

D. S. 1-7-1. 

Appended : Bond for appearance, in sum $1000 bondsmen 

1863, n. p. James R. Herbert. 

Note-book and diary occasional entries to July 3rd. 


201 Not found, but see Brown to Seddon, Mch. 10, 1863, supra, p. 208. 
The nephew referred to in Mrs. Haxall s letter was probably the Robinson 
mentioned in Brown s communication. 

202 Such impressments were common at this time. 

203 p or Featherman, see supra, p. 247. 


1863, July 12, Hd-Qrs. Heth s Div. H. Heth, 204 Maj.-Genl. to 
Brig.-Genl. J. H. Lane. 205 


I find my line so weak on my right that I am compelled 
to move my command in that direction. The interval that 
will be thus left between my left and your right will be the 
length of a Brigade if not more." 2o6 

A. L. S. H-i. 

1861, May 16, Bolivar, [Va.] Hd-Qrs. 4th Va. Infy. Vols. 
Reg. [sic] [S.] O. 2. By order Col. A. P. Hill, comd?. 
Calling attention to drills ordered. D. n. S. Va-F-g. 

1863, May 29, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Army Corps. S. O. 59, I. Sig: A. 
S. Pendleton, A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. A. P. Hill. 

In accordance with G. ,O., Brig.-Genl. G. H. Stewart 
[Steuart] will report to Maj.-Genl. Ed. Johnson for assign 
ment to command Colston s brigade. 

D. S. 8-22-3. 

1864, Oct. 13, Petersburg, Va. Hd-Qrs. 3rd Corps. A. P. Hill, 
Lt.-Genl. [comdg.,] to Genl. R. E. Lee. 

I will make another effort to improve Wright s almost 
worthless brigade neither of the senior officers are suited 
for command recommend Lt.-Col. G. M. Sorrel. 

O. C. Ga-22. 

Endsd: i. Efforts to procure an officer recommend Col. 
Sorrel. R. E. Lee, Genl. Copy. 

2. Approved. S. Cooper, A. & I. Genl. Copy. 

3. Accept recommendation. J. A. Seddon, Sec. of 

War. Copy. 

4. Appoint to temporary rank "where is Genl. 

Wright?" J. D[avis.] 207 Copy. 

204 For Heth, see C. M. H., v. 3, p. 601. 

205 For Lane, see ibid., v. 4, pp. 323-26. 

206 Cf, infra, p. 434. 

20T See G. M. Sorrel, infra, p. 400. 


1861, Apr. 18, Charlotte, [N. C.] D. H. Hill to Gov. J. W. 

Capt. Reassur [Ramseur] a West-Pointer, late officer of 
Arty is here desires to serve you can you send him to 
the forts? Tel. NC-I53- 

1861, Sept. 21, Hd-Qrs., Camp Fayetteville. [S.] O. 6. Sig: 
J. W. Ratclirre, A. D. C., by order Genl. D. H. Hill. 

Special inspection of hospital and company tents and camp 
grounds will be held on the 22nd. A. D. S. 6-31-20. 

1861, Sept. 21, Hd-Ors., Camp Fayetteville. G. O. 6. Sig: 
J. W. Ratchford, A. A. A. G., by order Genl. D. H. Hill. 

Appointment of Lieut. R. E. Davis, 2nd La., as Q-Mr. of 
forces around Cocklestown. Hd-Ors. there. 

A. D. S. Va-E-u. 

1862, May 10, n. p. D. H. Hill, Maj.-Genl. 
Authorization for Col. Brown, appointed as Inspector of 

Longstreet s Div., to inspect this. A. S. Va-E-iy. 

1862, Apr. 8, Redoubt No. 5, Hd-Qrs. Left Wing Arty. [D. 
H. Hill, Maj.-Genl [?] to Col. J. Thompson Brown. 208 

Orders for regulation of Redoubts 4 and 5 : Keep commis 
sioned officers in the redoubts officers duties sentinels at 
each gun their duties seven officers to see to full supply of 
ammunition, etc. Leave-granting not less than 5 men at 
each gun they must remain at guns at night, "unless for 
very special reasons" and during the day senior officer to 
make daily consolidated report no gun to be fired except 
by order commissioned officer no general firing, or firing at 
enemy s batteries without order of commanding officers 
care that each shot is effective generally do not fire on any 
small body of troops orders to be enforced at once, and read 
to each Battery and Section. D. n S. 6-32-2. 

1865, Jany. 24, Hd-Qrs. Dist. Ga. S. O. Sig: D. H. Hill, 
Maj.-Genl. comdg. 

208 Cf, Brown [ ?] to Hill, April. 22, 1862, supra, p. 207. 


As military exigency requires, animals for artillery are 
to be impressed detail for purpose. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-36. 

1864, Jany. 4~Dec. 2, [2nd Dis. Ga.] R. K. Hines, Capt. and 
Dist. P. Q-Mr. 

6 lists of "tax in kind" turned over to Capt. Wm. P. 
Webb, 2o!> A. Q-M. corn, fodder, grain-stack, some hay. 

P. F. S. Q-4-I-6. 

1863, July 2, Townesville, Granville Co., N. C. Mrs. John 
Hipkins to Robert Ould, Esq. [Commr. of Exchange.] 210 

Have you secured exchange of my son, John Hipkins, 
Jr? he has been imprisoned longer than any other South 
erner either citizen or soldier." We have all suffered Very 
much from the vile Yankees" lost home and property in 
Norfolk second son disabled for life by wound at Manassas 
oldest son "debarred the light and air of Heaven and kept 
under Yankee rule for nearly a year and a half ; truly I have 
cause to hate them and I do." Request answer. 

A. L. S. H-26-2. 

[1863,] July 19, Townesville, Granville Co., N. C. Mrs. Jno. 
Hipkins to Judge [Robert] Ould, etc. 

Repeat my former request [H-26-2] as I have had no an 
swer something "remarkably strange" in Hipkins case ex 
changed prisoners say he has never been allowed to receive 
letters from me he cannot write "I fear he will feel himself 
deserted by his family and country." Request reply. 211 

A. L. S. H-26-3. 
Endsd : "Inform her that several applications have been made 

for the release of her son, without success. R. O." "Ansd. 

Aug. 4,763." A. S. 

1863, June 12, Savannah, [Ga.] Q-M s Office. Hermann Hirsch, 
Maj. and O. M., to Maj. B. F. McKinne, Chf. Q-M. Dist. Ga. 

209 For other papers of Captain Webb, see infra, p. 426. 

210 For Ould, see C. M. H., v. i, pp. 630-31. Hundreds of Judge Quid s 
letters will be found in O. R., s. 116-121. 

211 Cf, J. J. Limkins to John Letcher, infra, p. 331. Cf, O. R., s. 115, 
P- 343 f r one John Hipkins, Jr., who is perhaps the man here referred to. 


Complaint of conduct of Capt. Brockett, Act. Brig. Q-Mr. 
for Genl. Taliaferro his discourteous language in a dispute 
over cloth issue. A. L. S. H~4i. 

Endsd by McKinne, sustaining Hirsch s contention [il 
legible in part.] A. S. 

1864, Apr. i, Camp Milton, Fla., Office of Commissary of Har 
rison s Regt. E. L. Holcombe, Maj. and C. S., to Brig.-Genl. 
W. B. Taliaferro, James Island, [S. C.] 

I have reached Florida and assumed duties a very poor 
and uninteresting country would have preferred to remain 
with you ask return to your staff "There is nothing of in 
terest going on in this Army that I know of, everything dull 
and quiet" I suppose you are at your old command on James 
Island Respects to your staff. A. L. S.. H-4O. 

1864, Dec. 22-31, Pocotaligo, S. C. E. L. Holcombe, Maj. and 
C. S. 

Certificate of subsistence stores, provisions, delivered be 
tween these dates to Maj. W. B. Stanard, C. S. 212 Form 22. 

P. F. S. 8-42-2. 

1864, Dec. 29, n. p. Wm. A. Holland, Maj. comdg., Wm. 
Hassell, ist Lieut, and A. A. [sic.] 

Report of condition of 4Oth Batln. N. C. Troops total 
effective, 437. 

1862, Feb. 14, Richmond, Va. Moses D. Hoge, 213 Jno. R. 
Thompson, 214 William Brown, J. R. Tucker, 215 Chas. H. Win 
ston, 216 Alex. H. Sands and others, to Hon. J. L. M. Curry. 217 

212 Supra, pp. 199, 218. 

213 Moses D. Hoge, D. D., of the Second Presbyterian Church, Rich 
mond, Va. See index, Hoge, M. D. See also P. H. Hoge: Moses Drury 
Hoge, Life and Letters. (Rich., 1899.) 

214 A well-known Virginia editor and poet. 

215 A prominent lawyer and member of a distinguished Virginia family. 
Tucker was at one time Attorney- General of Virginia. 

216 A Richmond educator, then President of *he Richmond Baptist 
Female Seminary, now Professor in Richmond College, Va. 

217 For Curry, see E. A. Alderman, 7. L. M. Curry. (Brooklyn, 1903.) 
Curry was himself a prolific writer. See his Civil History of the Govern 
ment of the Confederate States. (Rich., 1901), etc. 


Requesting copy of your speech of the I3th for publication. 

A. S. Ala-Cur. 

1861, June 22, Richmond, [Va.,] C. S. Navy Dept. Geo. N. 

Commission as Captain, C. S. N. Sig: S. R. Mallory, 
Sec. of Navy. P. F. S. Md-i2y. 

1862, Oct. 23, Richmond, [Va.,] C. S. Navy Dept. Geo. N. 

Commission as Captain, C. S. N. rank from Mch. 26. 
1861. Sig: S. R. Mallory, Sec. of Navy. 

P. F. S. Md-i28. 

1861, Nov. 8-1862, Sept. 15, n. p. R. G. Holloway, Co. I, 4th 

Diary important for movements of this command. 


1861, Feb. 20, Savannah, Ga. C. M. Homer, Captain. 
Articles of agreement with crew of the Brig "Hallie Jack 
son" for three months cruise. [Old U. S. form.] 

P. F. S. Ga-ga-s-45. 
Appended : Clearance of same. 

1862, Dec. 30, Richmond, Va., Post Office Dept. Josephine 

Commission as Post-Mistress at Glen Allen, Va., having 
been appointed Nov. 8, 1862 bond executed Dec. 16, 1862. 
Sig: Jno. H. Reagan, Postmaster-General. 

P. F. S. Va-E-2i. 

1864, Apr. 6, Hd-Qrs. Steuart s Brig. McHenry Howard, 
A. A .[&] I. Genl., to Lieut. Col. [A. S.] Pendleton, A. A. & 
1. Genl., Ewell s Corps. 

Request for permission to purchase a captured horse. 

A. L. S. H- 3 . 

Endsd : Approved. Geo. H. Steuart, Brig.-Genl. A. S. 

1862, Feb. 8, Harwood s Mill, [Va.] H. Hudnall, Capt. 2nd 
Co. Howitzers, to Maj. J. Thompson Brown. 


If I am to establish a hospital at Tignor s, recommend as 
physician, Dr. Temple of my Co. Temple is a graduate of 
the Richmond Medical College 218 "and also of a college in 
Paris." Also recommended by A. B. Guigon, S. B. Hughes, 
Jno. Z.[?] Wharton. A. L. S. 6-34-7. 

[1862,] Feb. 28, n. p. H. Hudnall, Capt. [2nd] Co. Howitzers 
to Maj. [J. Thompson] Brown. 

Report on difficulty of procuring forage and of securing 
a sufficiently competent man for Quartermaster. "If there is 
a march below, you shall be spared the mortification of my 
battery being left behind. It shall go if I have to half pull it." 

A. L. S. B-34-io. 

[1862?] n. d., n. p. S. B. Hughes to [Col. J. Thompson 

Send the names of 12 new recruits who reported Mch. 

13-14. A. L. S. Va-E-i8. 

1865, Jany. 16, [Fort] Sumter. T. A. Huguenin, Capt. comdg. 
to Capt. P. N. Page, A. A. G. 

A monitor sunk about 800 yds. from the Fort, towards 
Moultrie. 219 Tel. 220 ^-44-2. 

1865, Jany. 16, [Fort] Sumter. T. A. Huguenin, Capt. comdg. 
to Capt. P. N. Page, A. A. G. 

Was mistaken only one monitor sunk. 221 

Tel. T.-44-4. 

218 The College was originally a branch of Hampden-Sydney College, 
but became later a separate foundation. The distinguished physiologist, 
Brown-Sequard, was for some years a member of its faculty. The Col 
lege received national celebrity by icceiving the medical students who 
"seceded" from the Philadelphia schools in December, 1859. Its corporate 
title is the Medical College of Virginia. 

219 For operations around Charleston during January, 1865, see O. R-, 
s. 47. 

220 See note 61, supra, p. 193. 

221 A subsequent report to T 1 -44-2 was evidently sent, but has not been 


1865, Jany. 16, [Fort] Sumter. T. A. Huguenin, Capt. comdg. 
to Lieut. [Perrin] Kemp, A. D. C. 

Nothing more known of monitor presume it was sunk by 
torpedo 222 enemy has not approached will send a boat at 
dark. Tel. 1^-44-5. 

1862, June 24, n. p. W. Q. Hullihen, pvt. 2nd Co. Howitzers, 
(Co. K, ist Va. Arty.) 

"Descriptive list" of no entries. Sig: David Watson, 
Capt. P. F. S. H-33- 

1862, Jany. 9, C. S. District Court, Eastern Dis. Va. Thomas 
Hunt, by John B. Morgan, agent. 

Petition of receiver, Wm. A. Maury, against ; as proprietor 
of "Orange Grove Mining Tracts" and "United States Gold 
Mining Tracts" under sequestration act 223 notice this date 
executed, Mch. 18, i862. 224 D. and A. S. 8-44-5-6. 

1862, Jany. 24, C. S. District Court, Eastern Dis. Va. Hunt, 
Thomas and Co. 

Sequestration proceedings against (Thos. L. Hunt, Saml. 
J. Thomas, L. S. Brickhouse) ; for sequestration of debts due 
alien enemies total, $2846.11 notice this date. Loftin N. 
Ellett, clerk ; Jas. D. Halyburton, Judge, etc. 225 

D. S. 8-44-7. 

1862, Aug. 18, [Staunton, Va?] "Camp." J. A. Hunter to 


Request to be detailed as clerk to Capt. Eskridge, commis 
sary I2th Va. Cav. I enclose surgeon s certificate of dis 
ability. A. L. S. Ci-56-6. 
Endsd : Approved. Thos. P. Eskridge, Capt. A. S. 
Appended: Surgeon s certificate Sig: Wm. S. McChesney, 
Surg. Post St[au]n[ton, Va.] disabled following attack 
of typhoid fever. D. S. 

222 For further uses of torpedoes, see index, Torpedoes. 

223 See index, Sequestration Act. This act was entitled "... for 
the Sequestration of the Estates, Property and Effects of Alien Enemies." 

224 The promptness with which execution followed the filing of the 
petition is notable. 

228 For other orders of Judge Halyburton, see index. 


1864, Aug. 25, Savannah, [Ga.] W. W. Hunter, Flag Officer. 
Midshipman Preston B. Moore 226 will report to Comdr. 
Jos. Price, P. N. C. S., at Savannah. A. S. Tex-i34. 

1864, Aug. 26, Savannah, [Ga.] W. W. Hunter, Flag Officer. 
Midshipman Preston B. Moore is detached from command 
of Comdr. Jos. Price will report on the "Savannah" to 
Comdr. Thos. W. Brent. A. S. Tex-i34. 

1862, Jany. 24, Pensacola, [Fla.] Osborne M. Ingalls, Kitch- 
am s Co. Arty., 5th Ala. 

30 day furlough to visit Nashville description a native 
of Maine. Sig: J. C. Yuille, ist Lieut, comdg. 

A. S. Ga-ga-i-23. 

1861, July 31, Richmond, Va., Bureau of Ordnance and Hydro 
graphy. D. V. Ingraham [sic] to Comdr. A. B. Fairfax, 
fnspr." Ord., Norfolk, Va. 

Plan to adopt night signals similar to Coston red, white 
and green signals a Mr. Thompson of your force is supposed 
to know the manufacture of these what materials will he 
want? can they be had at the Norfolk yard? forward 
answer. Copy. Va-E-i3. 

1862, Feb. 2, "Cantonment W. N. Edwards." Cad. J. Iredell, 
ist N. C. Cav., to Fanny 

Personal matters the battle of Bethel. 

A. L. S. NC-I78-6. 

1862, May 8, Camp near W[illia]msburg, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. 49th 
Regt. Pfenn.] V[ols.] William H. Irwin, Col. comdg. 

Statement of finding body of Lieut. Snow very near the 
Federal lines. 227 Copy. NC-iyS-s. 

1862, June 3, "In line of battle near Richmond," [Va.] J. D. 
Jackson to his "Father and Mother." 

Army gossip prospects of battle. A. L. S. Ga-3- 

226 Cf, Buchanan to Moore, supra, p. 211. 

227 Originally written on the back of Snow s commission by the Fed 
eral officer who found the body. The statement was forwarded to Snow s 


1862, Aug. 7, camp near Liberty Mills, [Va.] J. W. Jackson, 
Col. comdg. 47th Ala. Vols., to Brig.-Genl. Wm. B. Taliaferro. 
Send list of detail which is to bring on the men left in 
Alabama and along the road. A. L. S. 1^-45-2. 

1862, Dec. 3, near Fredericksburg, Va. J. W. Jackson, Col. 
comdg. 47th Ala., H. A. Garrett, Adjt. 

Morning report of this command total present, 343 ; sick, 
137; aggregate present and absent, 759. 228 

P. F. S. T-32- 4 . 

1861, Apr. so-May 23, [Hd-Qrs. Post, Harper s Ferry, Va.] 
T. J. Jackson, Col. comdg. 

Order-Book, with later entries of general and special 

orders of Genl. J. E. Johnston, May 27, i86i-Sept. 17, 

1861, and special orders of various commanders to Oct. 

nth, 1861. Jackson s orders date Apr. 30, i86i-May 23, 

i86i, 229 and are as follows: 

228 Very inaccurately made up. The totals do not agree. 

229 Several pages are missing after the entries of May 23, 1861. With 
May 27 begins a series of orders signed E. K. Smith, Lt.-Col. and A. A. G., 
by order of Brig.-Genl. [Jos. E.] Johnston. The Jackson literature is very 
considerable, and only the more important titles can be mentioned here. 
See M. Addey, Stonewall Jackson, (N. Y., 1863) ; Wm. Allan, History of 
the Campaign of Gen. T. J. Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, 
(Phila., 1880) ; Wm. C. Chase, Story of Stonewall Jackson, (Atlanta, 
1901) ; John Esten cooke, Stonewall Jackson, (N. Y., 1894, etc.) ; R. L. 
Dabney, Life and Campaign of Lt.-Genl. T. /. Jackson, (N. Y., 1866) ; 
J. W. Daniel, Character of Stonewall Jackson, (Lynchburg, iG68) ; J. G. 
Gittings, Personal Recollections of Stonewall Jackson . . . Cin., 1899) ; 
J. C. Gorman, Lee s last Campaign, with an accurate History of Stonewall 
Jackson s last Wound, (Ral., 1866) ; M. D. Hoge, Inauguration of the 
Jackson Statue, (Rich., 1875) ; C. C. Hopley, Stonewall Jackson, (Lond., 
1863); H. H. McGuire, Address [June, 1897], (Lynchbg., 1897); F. H. 
Smith, Discourse on the Life and Character of Lt.-Genl. Thos. J. Jackson, 
(Rich., 1863) ; J. P. Smith, The Religious Character of Stonewall Jackson, 
(Lynchbg., 1897). The important ^-orks ire Dabney, McGuire, F. H. 
Smith, J. P. Smith. G. F. R. Henderson, Stonewall Jackson and the Ameri 
can Civil War, (2 v., Lond. and N. Y., 1900, etc.), is the best authority. 
Mrs. Jackson s Life and Letters of Genl. T. J. Jackson, (N. Y., 1901) and 
her Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson, (L ville, 1895) give the personal and 
domestic character of Jackson. 


1861, Apr. 30, Hd-Qrs. Div. Harper s Ferry. G. O. 21. 
Sig: E. Cunningham, A. A. A. G., by order Col. Jackson. 

Letter, Apr. 27th, R. E. Lee to [T. J. Jackson?] to take 
command at Harper s Ferry and organise the troops 
there. 230 

1861, May 2, same place. Sig: Frank P. Jones, A. A. 
A. G. by order Col. Jackson. 
Order for morning reports. 

1861, May 2, same place. Sig: as above. 

Col. A. W. McDonald appointed aid to Col. Jackson. 

1861, May 2, same place. Sig: as above. 
Francis B. Jones to act as A. A. A. G. 

1861, May 2, same place. Sig: as above. 
Hours for calls. 

1861, May 2, same place. Sig: as above. 
Acting field officers and captains of companies will re 
port to Hd-Qrs. at 8 o clock. 

1861, May 2, same place. Sig: as above. 
Troops will lay on their arms to-night. 

1861, May 3, same place. Sig: S. Cunningham, A. A. 
A. G., by order Col. Jackson. 

Company musters and inspections to be held. 

1861, May 3, same place. Sig: as above. 
Promptness in duties of day, and in forming details. 

1861, May 3, same place. Sig: Francis B. Jones, by 
order Col. Jackson. 

Detail of officers for guard duty. 

1861, May 3, same place. Sig: J. W. Massie, Aid, by 
order of Col. Jackson. 

Adjt. to appoint detail for quartermaster duty. 

230 See Lee to Conrad, et al., Apr. 27, 1861, infra, p. 315. For a brilliant 
account of Jackson s work at this post, see G. F. H. Henderson, op. tit., v. 
i, pp. 103-126. 


1861, May 3, same place. Sig: E. Cunningham, A. A. 
A. G., by order of Col. Jackson. 

1861, May 4, same place. Sig: Francis B. Jones, by 
order of Col. Jackson. 

Announcement of appointment of Jas. W. Allen as Col. 
of Va. Vols. from Jefferson and contiguous counties. 

1861, May (4,) same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail for guard duty. 

May 4, 1861, same place. Sig: E. Cunningham [etc.,] 
by order Col. Jackson. 

1861, May 5, same place. Sig: Francis B. Jones, by 
order Col. Jackson. 

Detail of officers for guard duty. 

1861, May 4, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of Lieut. Cunningham to Engineering de 

1861, May 4, same place. Sig: as above. 
Appointment of Col. Angus McDonald as Inspector 

1861, May 5, same place. Sig: as above. 

1861, May 6, same place. Sig: as above. 
Parole and countersign. 

1861, May 6, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of Maj. J .L. Preston for special staff duty as 
military secretary. 

1861, May 6, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 


1861, May 7, same place. Sig : as above. 

Prohibition of any shopkeeper selling liquor to a sol 
dier. Upon proof of violation, the shop will be closed, 
and the stock of liquor turned over to the officer of the 

1861, May 7, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

1861, May 7, same place. Sig: as above. 
Location of guard mount in Bolivar. 

1861, May 8, same place. Sig: as above. 
Regimental commanders will have company officers 
report the trades of the men in their commands. 

1861, May 8, same place. Sig: as above. 
Regimental commanders will report at Hd-Qrs. at 6 
P. M. 

1861, May 8, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

1861, May 7, 231 same place. Sig: as above. 

1861, May 9, same place. Sig: as above. 
Col. Williams, 4th Infantry, will detail 15 men for com 
missary service. 

1861, May 7, same place. Sig: as above. 
Appointment of Jno. M. Lock as Actg. Q-M. and Actg. 
Commissary of ist Regt. 

1861, May 8, same place. Sig : as above. 
Guards are to be furnished with flint-lock muskets, 
which are to be turned over to new guard. 

1861, May 7, same place. Sig: as above. 
Announcement of appointment of Col. Kenton Harper 
as Col. of regiment from Augusta and vicinity. 

231 This order was entered out of its place. The book was evidently 
"written up" from time to time. 


1861, May 7, same place. Sig: as above. 
Announcement of appointment of Lt.-Col. Wm. H. 
Harman to same command. 

1861, May 8, same place. Sig: as above. 

Appointment of nine cadets from the V. M. I. as drill- 
masters names given. 

1861, May 8, same place. Sig: as above. 
Announcement of appointment of Capt. Frank Lack 
land as Capt. of Engineers. 

1861, May 8, same place. Sig: as above. 
Ordering quarter-guards at barracks of commands 
notification of regimental Hd-Qrs. to be duly returned. 

1861, May 8, same place. Sig: [as above?] 
Announcement of appointment of S. B. Gibbons as 

Major assigned to regiment from Shenandoah and Rock- 


1861, May 9, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of Lieut. Ross as asst. officer of the day. 

1861, May 9, same place. Sig: as above. 

Capt. Williams to send detail for guard-house duty. 

1861, May 9, same place. Sig: as above. 

Regimental commanders will order their music to re 
port to Lieut.-Col. Harman "for instruction in perform 
ing" at squad drills. 

1861, May 9, same place. Sig: as above. 
Details for engineers work to report by 8 o clock to 

1861, May 9, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

1861, May 9, same place. Sig: as above. 


1861, May 10, same place. Sig: as above. 
Announcement of appointment of Surgeons H. H. Mc- 
Guire 232 and H. G. Davidson to the command. 

1861, May 10, same place. Sig: as above. 

Regimental commanders will superintend drill in their 
regiments Captains to hold regular inspection before 
marching to dress-parade deficiencies in ammunition to 
be reported. 

1861, May 10, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

1861, May 10, same place. Sig: as above. 

1861, May n, same place. Sig: as above. 
Ordering detail of 25 men to report to master of trans 
portation for duty from I to 6 o clock. 

1861, May n, same place. Sig: as above. 
Adjutants to report promptly irregularities in guard 

1861, May n, same place. Sig: as above. 

Detail of Cadet Wright as adjutant of post at Bolivar 
to continue as drill-master. Capt. Patton relieved from 
duty as adjutant. 

1861, May n, same place. Sig: as abve. 
Assignment of regimental surgeons. 

1861, May n, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

232 Hunter Holmes McGuire, M. D. He led the "secession" of the 
medical students from Philadelphia in 1859, and after his appointment to 
Jackson s command, rose rapidly to the position of Medical Director of 
the Division and later of the Corps. He attended Jackson when the latter 
was wounded at Chancellorsville. After the war he attained prominence 
as a Surgeon, being elected President of the American Surgical and the 
American Medical Associations. He founded the University College of 
Medicine at Richmond. 


1861, May n, same place. Sig: as above. 

1861, May 12, same place. Sig: as above. 

Announcement of appointment of Col. Arthur C. Cum- 
mings will assume command of 2nd Regiment, com 
posed of companies from Shenandoah and Rockingham. 

1861, May 12, same place. Sig: as above. G. O. No. 37. 

"Lt.-Col. J. E. B. Stuart of the Provisional Army of Vir 
ginia is assigned to the 1st Cavalry Volunteers in this 
vicinity. He will be obeyed and respected accordingly." 

1861, May 12, same place. Sig: as above. 

Assignment of Capt. W. F. Lee, 233 Provisional Army 
of Va., to duty with 1st Arty. will report to comdg. 

1861, May 12, same place. Sig: as above. 

Assignment of Lieut. J. B. Washington, Provisional 
Army Va., to duty with 3rd Infantry will report to the 

1861, May 12, same place. Sig: as above. 

Cadet Holt, in addition to drill duty, will act as Ser 
geant-major at guard-mount in Harpers Ferry. Cadet 
Tayloe to have similar duties in Bolivar. 

1861, May 12, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

1861, May 12, same place. Sig: as above. 

1861, May 13, same place. Sig: as above. 234 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

233 Also written W. H. F. Lee. He was the second son of Gen. R. E. 
Lee. See C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 625-27. 

234 The handwriting changes with this entry. 


1861, May 13, same place. Sig: as above. 
Calling attention to Art. 1122, Army Regulations 
(Medical Department). 

1861, May 13, same place. Sig: as above. 
Commandants of battalions to make immediate ord 
nance requisition. 

1861, May 13, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of Dr. J. B. Deadman as post dentist. 

ii86i, May 14, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

i<86i, May 14, same place. Sig: as above. 

Regimental commanders to hold daily recitations on 
tactics for commissioned officers between 12 and I P. M. 
Arms of different calibres to be returned and standard 
ones issued in return. 

i86i, May 14, same place. Sig: as above. 
Announcement of assignment of Col. A. P. Hill to 
command of 4th Infy. 235 

1861, May 14, same place. Sig: as above. 
Surgeon and detail for 4th Infy. 

1.861, May 14, same place. Sig: as above. 

In absence of commanding officer, Col. Jas. D. Sellen, 
1st Infy., being oldest commissioned regimental officer, 
will assume entire command. 

11861, May 14, same place. Sig : as above. 

1861, May 15, same place. Sig: as above. 
Col. Hill will detail carpenters to report to head 

235 Later the i3th Virginia Volunteers. See C. M. H., v. 3, p. 679. 


1861, May 15, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

1861, May 15, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of Capt. Jas. B. Alexander, Lieuts. Robt. 
F. Beckham, J. Smith and Jno. L. Morgan to commands. 

1861, May 15, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of 2nd Lieut. J. W. Houck to 2nd Infy. 

1861, May 15, same place. Sig: as above. 
Relieving Q-Mr. Crane, 4th Regt., Col. Moore and all 
regimental commissaries from duty. 

1861, May 15, same place. Sig: as above. 

Regimental commanders will report at once companies 
completely equipped "as to uniform patent & calibre of 

1861, May 15, same place. Sig: as above. 
No one to be absent from quarters between Taps and 

1861, May 15, same place. Sig: as above. 

1861, May 16, same place. Sig : as above. 
Appointment of Capt. McAllister to 4th Infy. 

1861, May 16, same place. Sig: as above. 
Detail of officers for guard duty. 

1861, May 16, same place. Sig: as above. 
Relieving Lieut. Ross from special duties ; to report 
to Maj. Kent, 5th Infy. for orders. 

1861, May 16, same, place. Sig: as above. 
Col. Hill, 4th Infy. will detail a Lieut, and 6 men to 
patrol post to-night. 

1861, May 16, same place. Sig: as above. 


1861, May 17, same place. Sig: as above. 
Field officers for the detail. Attention of adjutants 
called to irregularities in appearance and arms of guard. 

1861, May 17, same place. Sig: as above. 

1861, May 18, same place. Sig: as above. 
Field officers for the day. 

1861, May 18, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of Col. W. W. Gordon to ist Arty. 

1861, May 18, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of Lt.-Col. Frank Lackland to ist Infy. 

1861, May 18, same place. Sig: as above. 
All regiments to be in order for inspection by Insptr. 
Genl. C. S. Army tomorrow. 

1861, May 18, same place. Sig: as above. 

1861, May 19, same place. Sig: as above. 
Surgeon Haller detailed as Surgeon of Kentucky and 
Baltimore Vols. 

1861, May 19, same place. Sig: as above. 
2nd Lieut. S. P. Turner assigned to 5th Infy. 

1861, May 19, same place. Sig: as above. 

Col. A. P. Hill will detail 10 carpenters to report at 
guard house, Harper s Ferry, with blankets and 2 days 

[1861,] May 21, same place. Sig: as above. 
Col. Hill will detail 7 carpenters to report at once to 

[1861,] May 21, same place. Sig: as above. 

Jas. Bruce appointed transportation agent for Q-M. s 



1861, May 19, same place. Sig: as above. 
Capt. Sherrard assigned to 4th Infy. 

1861, May 19, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of Capt. White to 4th Infy. 

1861, May 20, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of 2nd Lieut. A. S. Scott to 4th Infy. 

1861, May 21, same place. Sig: as above. 
Col. Hill will order Capt. McAllister to relieve Capt. 
Williams on the Va. Heights. 

[1861,] May 21, same place. Sig: as above. 
Col. Hill will hold Cos. A, B, C, D and F ready to be. 
mustered into service tomorrow assembly. 

1861, May 22, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of Surgeon Grymes to 4th Infy. 

1861, May 22, same place. Sig: as above. 
Q-M. is not to be interfered with in discharge of duties 
except by orders from these Hd-Qrs. 

1861, May 22, same place. Sig: as above. 
Col. Hill will detail 10 carpenters with blankets and I 
day s rations. 

1861, May 23, same place. Sig: as above. 
Assignment of Cols. Jeremy Morton 236 and H. A. Ed- 
monson to duty on the staff of the Col. comdg. 

1861, May 23, same place. Sig: as above. 

Commandants of regiments will report amount of am 
munitions care must be taken by the Captains in its 
issue to be issued only in case of alarms attention to 
orders prohibiting discharge of arms. 237 Va-J. 

236 Jeremy Morton of Orange, once a Whig member of Congress, but 
a member of the secession party in the Virginia Convention of 1861. See 
Scott, History of Orange County, Virginia, p. 192. 

237 See supra, p. 281, note 229. 


1861, Dec. 21, Winchester, Va., Hd-Qrs. Valley Div. T. J. 
Jackson, Maj.-Genl. comdg., to Maj. Thos. G. Rhett, A. A. G., 
Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. Va. 

Part of the army of Northwest has arrived more is ex 
pected [Brig.-JGenl. [W. W.] Loring expected Tuesday 
I request Loring be continued in command of forces he brings 
and his command be designated 1st Div. Army of Valley. I 
wish comdg. Genl s. decision. A. L. S. Va-D-2g. 

Endsd: Dec. 23, 1861. Hd-Qrs. Centreville. The desig 
nation of Loring s command will depend on its strength 
have General Jackson state this. J. E. J[ohnston.] 238 A. S. 

1862, Mar. 10, Hd-Qrs. V. D., A. S. Pendleton, A. A. A. G., [by 
order Maj.-Genl. T. J. Jackson] to Col. S. V. Fulkerson, 
comdg. Brig. A. N. V. 

Upon sending receipts, proper blanks for your command 
will be sent. L. S. F-I4-2. 

1862, Mar. n, Hd-Qrs. V. D. S. O. 171, III. Sig: A. S. 
Pendleton, A. A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] 

Capt. Shumaker s Battery of Light Arty, will report to 
Col. Fulkerson, comdg. brigade. D. S. F-I4-3. 

1862, Apr. 25, Swift Run Gap [Va.] T. J. Jackson, [Maj.- 
Genl.] to Brig.-Genl. E. Johnson. 239 

A brigade of the enemy is encamped three miles north of 
Harrisonburg. [P. S.] Condition of my command is such that 
I cannot keep a company between us and Staunton you will 
have to rely on your own resources will give further in 
formation. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-i3. 

1862, June 26, 9 A. M., Merry Oaks, [Va.] T. J. Jackson, 
Maj.-Genl., to Brig.-Genl. [L. O B.] Branch. 

"The head of my column is crossing the Central R. R." 

A. L. S. NC-I78-8. 

238 Printed, O. R., s. 5, p. 1003. 

239 Edward Johnson, later Major-General. See C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 


1862, Aug. 6, Hd-Qrs. V. D. S. O. 251, V. Sig: A. S. 
Pendleton, by order Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] Jackson. 

Transfer of Pvt. D. H. Henkel, Co. G, loth Va. to Rice s 
Battery, and Pvt. K. J. H. Loveday, Co. F, loth Va. to R. P. 
Chewe s Battery. D. S. 8-46. 

1862, Sept. 8, 24 3 P. M., n. p. T. J. Jackson, Maj.-Genl., to 
[Brig.-JGenl. [L. O B.] Branch. 

If enemy advances, throw forward Infy. and Arty, to 
strong position to repel them take position, if practicable, 
more than a mile from road "on which we are moving," or 
far enough to prevent enemy s Arty, from annoying train. 

A. L. S. NC-36. 

1862, Sept. 14, Hd-Qrs. Valley Dis. E. F. Paxton, A. A. A. 
G., [by order Maj.-Genl. T. J. Jackson] to Brig.-Genl. [J. 
R. ?] Jones, comdg. Div. 

You will receipt to Major Harman for arms and accoutre 
ments, for which you will send at once. A. L. S. J-iQ-i. 

1862, Sept. 16, Sharpsburg, Md. T. J. Jackson to Miss 

I have received the "nice breakfast" for which I am in 
debted to your kindness thanks for hospitality. 

A. L. S. Va-J. 

1862, Oct. i, Hd-Qrs. Valley Dis. S. O. 276, I. Sig: E. F. 
Paxton, A. A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] 

Appointment of Capt. A. M. Garber as Actg. Chf. Q-M. 

D. S. T-32-i. 

1862, Oct. 2, Hd-Qrs. V. Dis. E. F. Paxton, A. A. A. G., by 
command of [Maj.-]Genl. [T. J.] Jackson. Circular. 

Division commanders are to send in estimate of trenching 
tools required when received these are to be carried in am 
munition wagons tools now here for distribution. 

D. S. T-32-2. 

240 Possibly Sept. 5. 


1862, Oct. 8, Hd. Qrs. V. Dis. E. F. Paxton, A. A. A. G., [by 
order Maj.-Genl. T. J. Jackson] to Col. [J. Thompson Brown,] 
comdg. [ist Va.] Regt. Arty. 

The Maj.-Genl. comdg. directs, if you can, you cause the 
two pieces of Artillery designated in the enclosed, 2 * 1 to be 
removed at once from Winchester. The Genl. expects to at 
tach Poague s Battery to your Regt. A. L. S. 6-34-24. 

1862, Oct. 8, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] G. O. 105. Sig: E. F. 
Paxton, A. A. A. G., by command 242 of Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] 

Upon recommendation of his division commander, and in 
view of his gallant services at Cedar Run, Manasas, and 
Sharpsburg, the sentence of a General Court Martial on Capt. 
Geo. W. Huston is remitted. A. S. H-35. 

1862, Oct. 8, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] G. O. 103. Sig: E. F. Pax- 
ton, A. A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] Jackson. 

Proceedings of a court-martial convened at camp of 2nd 
Brigade, by S. O. 241 : Pvt. John L. Sculthrop, Co. C, 21 st 
Va., guilty of cowardice to forfeit all back pay and allow 
ances, to have his head shaved, to be confined at hard labor 
for 12 months with 12 pound ball and chain to his left leg. 

Sentence approved as to forfeiture of pay remainder re 
mitted. 243 D. S. J-IQ-S. 

1862, Oct. 8, Hd-Qrs. Army Valley District. G. O. 102. Sig: 
E. F. Paxton, A. A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. T. J. 

Proceedings of a court-martial convened at camp of ist 
Brigade, by G. O. 58. Col. A. Grigeby, 2/th Va., President- 
I. Pvt. Daniel Roderick, Co. F, 33rd Va., desertion no* 1 
guilty. II. Pvt. Litman Sandy, Co. B, 2nd Va., guilty of de- 

2 Not found. 

242 Paxton used "by order" and "by command" in the same sense. The 
particular wording in each case has been followed here. 

243 This is significant in view of the fact that Jackson is generally 
reputed to have been one of the severest disciplinarians of the army. 


sertion forfeit 2 months pay. III. Pvt. John Sandy, Co. B, 
2nd Va., guilty of desertion same penalty. IV. Priv. Thos 
G. Shaner, Co. F, 27th Va. guilty of desertion to receive 
30 lashes, have his head shaved, and be drummed out of the 
service. V. Priv. Laurence McNamara, Co. H, 27th Va., 
guilty of "positive and wilful disobedience of orders" not 
guilty of "highly insubordinate conduct" as prisoner has 
been discharged from arrest by competent authority, dis 
charge him. 

Findings in I. and V. approved. Sentence in II. and III. 
disapproved, "it being totally inadequate to the offience com 
mitted." In IV. sentence remitted, "it being the opinion of 
the Maj.-Genl comdg. that the execution of it would be detri 
mental to the service." 244 D. S. J-ig-2. 

1862, Oct. 9, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] A. S. Pendleton, A. A. G., 
[by order Maj.-Genl. T. J. Jackson,] to [Brig.-JGenl. J. R. 
Jones. 245 

"Genl. Jackson directs that you have your troops artil 
lery inclusive ready to move at any hour to-night or to 
morrow morning. You may be called on. Make no changes 
in your train. Do not keep your troops up to cook rations. 
If you have pickets in front double them at once." 

O. C. 1-19-4. 

1862, Oct. 10, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] E. F. Paxton, A. A. A. G., 
by command of Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] Jackson. Circular. 

Division commanders will send in as early as practicable 
reports of their commands in: i. Battle of Cedar Run. 2. 
The several battles near Manassas. 3. The capture of Harper s 
Ferry and the battles in Maryland. 

D. S. J-I9-5. 

1862, Oct. 10, Hd-Qrs. V. D.[is.] A. S. Pendleton, A. A. G., 

244 Cf. G. O. 103, supra. 

245 John R. Jones of Virginia. See C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 614-15. 


[by order Maj.- 246 Genl. T. J. Jackson,] to [Brig.-] Genl. J. 
R. Jones. 

Send a guard of 3 non-commissioned officers and 24 men 
to Hd-Qrs., and renew the detail daily. [P. S.] "Draw in the 
regiments put out last night, but leave a small picket." 

A. L. S. J-ig-6. 

1862, Oct. 13, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] S. O. 282. Sig: A. S. Pen- 
dleton, A. A. G., by order Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] Jackson. 

The 5th Va. Vols. is detailed for special duties it will 
prepare to march at once with its baggage and 3 days rations 
Maj. Williams [comdg.] will report for orders. 

O. C. J-iQ-7- 

1862, Oct. 14, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] S. O. 283, V. Sig: E. F. 
Paxton, A. A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. T. J. Jackson. 
Pvt. N. B. Logan, Co. I, 4th Va. is detailed for special 
duties report to Maj. Jno. A. Harman, Q-Mr. 

D. S. L-20. 

1862, Oct. 14, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] S. O. 283. Sig: E. F. Pax- 
ton, A. A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] Jackson. 
Brig.-Genl. J. R. Jones, comdg. Div., will place a guard of 
two men at Chapman s Mill to protect the property. 

D. S. 

1862, Oct. 16, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] Jas. P. Smith, A. D. C., by 
order Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] Jackson, to Brig.-Genl. J. R. Jones. 
Keep your troops in condition to march report the amount 
and condition of rations on hand. A. L. S. J-ig-g. 

1862, Oct. 16, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] G. O. no. Sig: E. F. Pax- 
ton, A. A. A. G., by command Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] Jackson. 

Surg. J. A. Strath, 2nd Va., and Asst.-Surg. J. H. Jones ap 
pointed medical board will pass on all applications for dis- 

246 Jackson was made Lt.-General on Oct. n 1862, to rank from Oct. 
10, 1862. Leonidas Polk, T. H. Holmes, W. J. Hardee and John C. Pem- 
berton were commissioned at the same time. Jas. Longstreet and E. Kirby 
Smith outranked them by one day. 


charge hours of examination when applicant is unfit for 
duty in the line, and can serve in Medical, Q.-M s., Commis 
sary or Ordnance Depts., so state, specifying duty. 

O. C. J-IQ-IO. 

[1862,] Nov. 4, 7 P. M., Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] E. F. Paxton, 
A. A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] Jackson, to 
Col. J. Thompson Brown, comdg. Reserve Arty. 

Remove all your artillery to vicinity of Early s camp 
except one section this will be relieved to-night or to 
morrow morning. A. S. Va-E-i6. 

[i8]62, Nov. 7, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] E. F. Paxton, A. A. A. G., 
by command of Maj. Genl. T. J. Jackson, to Col. [J. Thomp 
son Brown.] 

Detach two guns to report to Maj.- Genl. D. H. Hill, near 
Front Royal. A. S. Va-E-iy. 

1862, Nov. 7, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] G. O. 117. Sig: E. F. 
Paxton, A. A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. [T. J.] 

G. O. no is rescinded commanders of divisions and de 
tached brigades will appoint medical boards for their com 
mands, subject to all the regulations prescribed for the board 
now dissolved. D. S. J-IQ-II. 

1862, Nov. 10, Hd-Qrs. V. D[is.] Jas. P. Smith, [A. D. C.,] 
by order of Maj-Genl. T. J. Jackson, to Col. J. Thompson 

When you reach Winchester move on the Martinsville 
road to some suitable camping ground between there and 
Gen. J. R. Jones camp select a camping ground suitable for 
winter-quarters if the command remains. A. S. Va-E-i6. 

1862, Dec. 27, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Army Corps. A. S. Pendleton, A. 
A. G., by order Lt.-Genl. T. J. Jackson.] Circular. 

If any of your men wish to make contribution to the relief 
of the Fredericksburg sufferers, difficulties in sending funds 


may be obviated by directing to Capt. J. P. Smith, A. D. C., 
these Hd-Qrs., who will see to proper delivery. 247 

L. S. H-2Q-I. 

1862, Dec. 29, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Army Corps. A. S. Pendleton, 
A. A. G., [by order Lt.-Genl. T. J. Jackson,] to Brig.-Genl. 
Wm. B. Taliaferro. 

The Lt.-Genl. comdg. directs attention to his of the 23rd, 
asking report of officers detailed as Brig. Insprs. why has it 
not been seen ? enclose as soon as practicable. 

A. L. S. T-30-3. 

1863, Jany. 21, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Army Corps. A. S. Pendleton, 
Maj. and A. A. G., [by order Lt.-Genl. T. J. Jackson,] to 
Capt. [W. T.] Taliaferro, A. A. G. 

Impress on brigade commanders the importance of a 
prompt return of papers referred to company and regimental 
commanders all applications for leaves of absence and for 
furloughs for men in hospitals are sent to Hd-Qrs. and then 
referred should be no unnecessary delay in returning them 
delays may be fatal see that prompt action is taken. 

D. S. T-30-y. 

1863, Feb. 4, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Corps, A. N. V. T. J. Jackson, 
[Lt.-Genl.,] to Genl. [S. Cooper?] 

Recommending Col. Bradley T. Johnson for the command 
of Taliaferro s Brigade tribute to Johnson. 248 

L. S. Md-yo. 

1863, Feb. 4, Caroline Co., Va. T. J. Jackson, [Lt.-Genl.,] to 
Col. Bradley T. Johnson. 

Enclose copy of recommendation sent Sec. of War there 
will not soon be any more favorable opportunity for urging 
your promotion I hope your friends in Richmond will look 
to your interests 249 hope you will soon return to duty. 

A. L. S. Md-73. 

247 See Fredericksburg Sufferers, supra, p. 254. 

248 See Hampton to Johnson, supra, p. 267; and index, Johnson, B. T. 

249 Cf. Echols to Preston, supra, p. 239. 


1863, Feb. 7, Caroline Co., Va. T. J. Jackson, [Lt.-Genl.,] to 
Col. Bradley T. Johnson. 

Efforts to procure your promotion. 

A. L. S. Md-yi. 

1863, Apr. 20, near Fredericksburg, Va. T. J. Jackson, [Lt.- 
Genl.,] to Col. S. Bassett French. 250 

Opinion of Cols. Boteler and Holliday. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-i3. 

1863, Aug. 26, Canton, Miss., Hd-Qrs. Jackson s Cav. Div. 
G. O. 9. Sig: George Moorman, Capt. and A. A. G., by order 
Brig.-Genl. W. H. Jackson. 

Announcing important services of scouting parties of 
"Wirt Adams" Regt. Cav., ist Brig., and of 6th Texas Cav.. 
Ross Cav., in capturing wagon trains. Copy. Tex-i66. 

1865, Feb. 12, Wilmington N. C. Wm. H. James to Maj.-Genl. 
J. F. Gilmer. 

General Whiting told me upon leaving to tell you if he was 
killed or captured, that he went to Fort Fisher not upon order 
but because he knew there was going to be fighting there. 251 

A. L. S. Ga-gm-57. 

1864, Apr. 30, Columbia, S. C. S. G. Jamison, 252 Chf. of 
T[reasury] Nfote] Bureau. 

The Misses Logan 253 will make separate application in 
their own handwriting for positions in this bureau, with cer 
tificate of their ability, etc. L. S. SC-73- 

1861, Sept. 4, Richmond, [Va.] War Dept. Bradley T. 

250 French was aide to the Governor of Virginia. Cf. Hampton to 
French, supra, p. 267. 

251 The name is also spelt Jameson. See infra, p. 353. 

252 See infra, p. 353. 

253 For the attack on Fort Fisher, see Battles and Leaders, v. 4, pp. 


Commission as Lt.-Col. ist Md. Regt. rank from July 
21, 1861 Sig: L. P. Walker, Sec. of War. 

P. F. S. Md-g8. 

1862, Apr. 17, Richmond, [Va.] War Dept. Bradley T. 

Commission as Col. ist Md. Regt. rank from Mch. 18, 
i862 254 Sig: Geo. W. Randolph, Sec. of War. 

P. F. S. Md-gy. 

1863, Dec. 16, Richmond, [Va.] War Dept. Bradley T. 

Commission as Col. ist Regt. Md. Line rank from June 
21, 1863 report to Maj.-Genl. I. R. Trimble. Sig: James A. 
Seddon, Sec. of War. P. F. S. Md-gs- 

1862-63, n. p. Bradley T. Johnson, Col., etc. 

4 letters urging promotion of. L. n. S. Md-6g-74-75. 

[1864,] May i6, 255 Hd-Qrs. Md. Line. Bradley T. Johnson, 
[Col., etc.] to W. M. Sutton. 

Personal financial matters. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-i8. 

1863, May 2g, Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Division. S. O. 122. Sig: 
B. W. Leigh, A. A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. Edward 

Brig.-Genl. G. H. Stewart [Steuart] will take command 
of R. E. Colston s brigade. 256 A. S. 8-22-4. 

1863, June 4, Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Div. [H. K.?] Douglas, 
[A?] A. A. [G.], by order of Maj.-Genl. [Edward] Johnson, 
to Brig.-Genl. [Geo. H.] Stuart. 

"You will quietly prepare your Brigade for moving. Have 
at least two days hard bread prepared. See, as to your trans- 

254 See commission of Dec. 16, 1862, infra. 

255 Date missing, but evidently 1864, since Johnson s commission as 
Colonel in the Maryland line dated from Dec. 16, 1863. 

* 66 See also pp. 227, 322. 


portation, that all surplus articles (trunks, &c.) are imme 
diately disposed of. You will receive further orders in the 
course of the day." 257 A. L. S. J-3-i. 

1863, June n, Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Div. B. W. Leigh, A. A. A. 
G., [by order Maj.-Genl. Edward Johnson,] to Brig.-Genl. 
Geo. H. Steuart. 

The Maj.-Genl. comdg. directs the road to Winchester be 
picketed to-night with one company A. L. S. L-i6-i. 

1863, June 12, 6:50 A. M., Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Div. B. W. 
Leigh, A. A. A. G., [by order Maj.-Genl. Edward Johnson,] 
to Brig.-Genl. Geo. H. Steuart. 

An artillery reserve will accompany the Div. this morning 
send a regiment in its rear to support it. 

A. L. S. L-i6-2. 

1863, June 17, Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Div. B. W. Leigh, A. A. A. 
G., [by order Maj.-Genl. Edward Johnson,] to [Brig.-JGenl. 
[Geo. H. Steuart.] 

The Maj.-Genl. comdg. directs the roads to the right and 
rear of your camp be picketed place the men at commanding 
points about a mile from camp. A. L. S. L-i6~3. 

[1863, July 6? Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Div.] E[dward] Johnson, 
Maj.-Genl., to [Brig.-Genl. Geo. H. Steuart.] 

"You will go back to guard the road where we have sta 
tioned a guard and to assist Rodes who 1 hear is pressed by 
the enemy in rear. He is afraid they will give him some 
trouble by the road which I ordered you to guard. Therfor 
go back and strengthen that point and assist Rodes advance. 
When he joins you can come on." 258 A. L. S. 259 J-3-2. 

1863, July n, Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Div. R. W. Hunter, A. A. 
A. G., [by order Maj.-Genl. Edward Johnson,] to Brig.-Genl. 
[Geo. H.] Steuart. 

"Lt. Gen. A. P. Hill has moved a brigade front to the right. 

2 " Not found. 

258 See Rodes to Johnson, July 6, 1863, infra, p. 380. 

259 Written in great haste. 


The Major Genl. comdg. directs that you occupy the breast 
works vacated by Gen. Hill, detailing for the purpose one 
Regt. or more as you may find necessary. The Regt. or 
Regts. to be posted as skirmishers with appropriate intervals 
and connecting with Hill s left." 

1863, Sept. 4, Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Div. R. W. Hunter, [A. A. 
G., by order Maj.-Genl. Edward Johnson,] to Brig.-Genl. 
[Geo. H] Steuart. 

Maj.-Genl. comdg. direction the execution to-morrow at 
4 P. M. of the enclosed proceedings of General Court-Martial 
condemning 10 men of 3rd N. C. to be shot. 260 proceedings 
and sentence are not to be read to them until daylight take 
all precautions to secure them keep the matter secret until 
the proceedings are read select good men for the firing- 
parties from other regiments enclose a plat of the formation 
send chaplains to the men instruct guard-officers to allow 
no one else to communicate with them Maj. E. L. Moore, 261 
A. A. G., will report to assist you. A. L. S. S-i8. 

1863, Dec. 29, Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Div. R. W. Hunter, A. A. 
G., by order Maj.-Genl. Edward Johnson,] to Brig.-Genl. 
Geo. H. Steuart. 

Report on alleged uses of ordnance transportation for 
foraging purposes, of which complaint has been made by the 
Chief of Ordnance, A. N. V. A. L. S. S-ig-i. 

1864, Feb. 18, Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Division. R. W. Hunter, 
A. A. G., by order Maj.-Genl. E. Johnson to Brig.-Genl. Geo. 
H. Steuart, Presdt. Examining Board, Johnson s Div. 

The Maj.-Genl. comdg. says in reply to summons for Maj. 
E. L. Moore 262 to appear for examination for promotion that 
he has heard unofficially of Moore s nomination as A. A. G. 
on his staff the nomination has been confirmed by the Senate 

260 Major Hunter states that if he recalls correctly, these men were 
shot for desertion. 

261 Cf. Johnson to Steuart. Feb. 18, 1864, infra. 

262 See infra, p. 402. 


he suggests postponement of the examination until official 
notification is received all candidates can then be examined. 

A. L. S. M-33-2. 

1864, Apr. 6, Hd-Qrs. Johnson s Div. R. W. Hunter, A. A. G., 
[by order Maj.-Genl. Edward Johnson,] to Brig.-Genl. Geo. H. 

"The Maj. Gen. comclg. directs me to inform you that he 
leaves to-morrow morning for Richmond to remain absent 
for 7 days and to request you to assume command of the Divn. 
The order appointing a Special Board under the Act of Con 
gress No. 26 of which you are Prest. he desires to be convened 
as soon as possible." 263 A. L. S. -5-3. 

1864, May 4, Battery Glover. P. C. Johnson, Lieut. Engrs. 
to Capt. R. N. [P. N.] Page, A. A. G. 

Request detail of J. L. McAlister, Co. G, and John Goggan, 
Co. K, ist S. C. A[rty.] I need them to rivet guns and do 
other work cannot do it without competent men. 

A. L. S. J-2 5 . 

1864, Nov. 30, Thomas ville, Ga. Thos. C. Johnson, Sp. Agt. 
Q-M s. Dept. 

List of Q-M. stores delivered Capt. W. P. Webb. 

P. F. S. Q-4-20. 

[1861, Oct. ?] Hd-Qrs. Camp Phillips, Va. S. O Sig: 

Wm. A. Perkins, A. A. A. G., by order Col. Johnston, to Maj. 
[J. Thompson] Brown, Howitzer Batln. 

Send all your wagons to Yorktown, by direction S. O. 
440, Hd-Qrs. A. L. S. 6-31-22. 

1861, Nov.-Dec., [Columbus, S. C.?] Johnston, Shepherd and 

Proceedings against ; under Sequestration Act. I. Petition 
of C. J. Townsend, Receiver Dis. S. C. ; for proceedings, on 
account of debt due by John McCullom and Son, Marlboro 

263 See infra, p. 326. 


Dis. II. Petition to appear and answer, on the part of the 
defendants their clerk, John E. Wortendyke, alleged alien 
enemy, is not a partner conditions of his contract. III. 
Order of Court, by H. J. Gray, clerk, in favor defendants. 264 

A. D. and D. S. 8-44-12. 

1862, Apr. 22, Richmond, Va. Andrew Johnston, Atty. at Law. 
"Information" of debts due alien enemies $230.54, collec 
tions may recover more sworn and subscribed before Thos. 
T. Giles, Receiver, Eastern Dis. Va. order for payment to 
Receiver. 265 D. S. 8-44-10. 

1862, Mch. 14, Jackson, Miss., Hd-Qrs. Army [of the] Miss. 
Thos. Jordan, 266 A. A. G., [by order Genl. A. S. Johnston,] to 
Maj.-Genl. L. Polk, comdg. Humboldt, Tenn. 

The Genl. comdg. suspects culpable negligence in the re 
cent surprise at Paris 267 he wishes report by Maj. King, or 
comdg. officer was there any infantry at Paris? 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-3i. 

1862, Apr. 3, Corinth, Miss., Hd-Qrs. Army of the Miss. G. 
O. 8. Sig: Thomas Jordan, A. A. G., by command Genl. A. 
S. Johnston. 

Organization of the command. D. S. Ga-gm 14. 

1862, Apr. 7, Gordonsville, Va. Geo. Johnston, Capt. and A. 

Receipt of Q-M. stores from Capt. [W. P.] Palmer, 288 
Richmond Howitzers "one horse, low in flesh," saddle and 
bridle. D. S. P-35-3- 

264 See index, Sequestration Act. 

265 Cf. Z. M. Pearman, infra, p. 360. 

268 Jordan was made Brigadier-General on April 4, 1862. He served as 
Chief of Staff to Beauregard and to Bragg. See C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 

267 See O. R., s. 10, p. 18. 

268 F or Palmer, see supra, p. 168, note 9. 


1861, June 22, Hd-Qrs. Winchester, [Va.] S. O. . Sig: 
Wm. H. Whiting, Inspr. Genl., by order Genl. [J. E.] 

Thanks to Lt.-Col. Stewart [Steuart], Md. Regt., 269 for 
action at Harper s Ferry on the iQth. D. S. Md-85. 

1862, Feb. 6, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. V. Joseph E. Johnston, 
[Genl.,] to Capt. [E. P.] Alexander, 270 Corps of Engrs. 

Request for information as to defences and forces at Mc 
Lean s Ford. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-15- 

1862, Apr. 18, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. Va. G. O. . Sig: Thos. 
G. Rhett, by command of Genl. [Jos. E.] Johnston. 

"I. Major Genl. J. B. Magruder is assigned to the com 
mand of the right of the position commencing at Dam No. I 
and extending to the Rver. 

II. Major Genl. D. H. Hill is assigned to the command of 
Yorktown including the redoubts Nos. 4 and 5. 

III. Major Genl. Longstreet is assigned to the command 
of the Centre. 

IV. Major Genl. G. W. Smith is assigned to the command 
of the reserve." 271 O. C. 6-31-38. 

[i8]62, Apr. 22, Lee s Farm, [Va.] Jos. E. Johnston, [Genl.,] 
to Maj.-Genl. [D. H.] 272 Hill. 

Just received yours of this date Brig.-Genl. [W. N.] 
Pendleton left at 10 A. M. to ascertain your needs for Arty. 
and to supply them if practicable yesterday Brig.-Genl. 
Hood desired to see you regarding scouts he promised you. 

A. L. S. Mo- 3 8. 

269 See infra, p. 402. 

270 See supra, p. 165, note I. 

271 Genl. Johnston was at this time preparing his troops for the de 
fence of Richmond, and the Peninsula campaign had already begun. For 
the various dispositions, see O. R., s. 12. 

272 Necessarily D. H. Hill, since A. P. Hill s commission as Major- 
General dated from May, 1862. 


1863, Jany. 2, 273 Jackson, [Miss.] J. E. Johnston, Genl., to 
Lt.-Genl. [J. C.] Pemberton. 

I request that Col. Prados may accompany a proposed flag 
of truce to New Orleans. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-i6. 

1864, Feb. 15, Dalton, [Miss.] J. E. Johnston, [Genl.,] to Rev. 
Moses D. Hoge. 

Thanks for Bible sent personal good wishes. 274 

A. L. S. SS-C-27. 

1864, Apr. 8, Dalton, [Miss.] J. E. Johnston, Genl., to Col. 
B. S. Ewell, A. A. G., Army of Tenn. 

Proceed at once to Richmond and explain to commander- 
in-chief matters orally committed to you. 

A. S. Va-D-2 9 . 

1862, Oct. 8, Camp near Bunker Hill, [Va.] Marmaduke 
Johnston to Col. J. Thompson Brown. 

Request for more horses "You know it is a pity for 4 
horses to pull a piece even when they are fresh it only 
breaks them down prematurely. But when they are already 
in feeble condition, with short forage, such heavy work ought 
not to be imposed upon them" Harness "is the same old 
stock." A. L. S. 6-34-25. 

1863, Jany. i, Hd-Qrs. Arty. Taliaferro s Div. H. P. Jones, 
[Maj. and Chf. Arty.,] to Brig.-Genl. [W. B.] Taliaferro. 

I request the brigade Q-M. will furnish the batteries funds 
until a Q-M. can be appointed for the Arty. have a good 
place to winter, with plenty of wood and water "We are 
going about the stables first and the men s shelters afterwards" 
doubt if I can get enough forage suppose I can "manage" 
it with the railroad. A. L. S. J-2i-i. 

1863, Jany. 9, Hd-Qrs. Arty. Taliaferro s Div. H. P. Jones, 
Maj. etc., to Maj. Taliaferro. 

Report Maj. Bruce, Q-M. 2nd Brig, for refusing to forage 

273 Possibly Jany. 7. 

274 For similar letters to Dr. Hoge, see index, Hoge, M. D. 


Rain s batteries moving the batteries does not detach them 
trouble with Q-Ms. Without forage, horses will starve in two 
days in such weather. A. L. S. J-2I-2. 

1862, Aug. 13, Hd-Qrs. 3rd Div. J. M. Jones, Inspr. Genl. 
3rd Div., to [Brig.-] Genl. [Wm. B.] Taliaferro, etc. 

By order of Gen. Ewell I send a private of Carpenter s 
battery caught in two attempts to desert Ewell ordered him 
ironed, but finding he belonged to your command, sends him 
to you the sentinel with the prisoner can answer questions 
in the matter. A. L. S. T^tf-^i* i 

1862, Oct. 13, Hd-Qrs. ist Div. J. R. Jones, Brig.-Genl. 
comdg. Div., to Maj. [E. F.] Paxton, A. A. A. G., V. D[is.] 
"When citizens are known to have more of any article, 
such as salt, shoes, &c., than is needed for their own use and 
is kept for speculation, are Qr. Mrs. and Commissions author 
ized to take these articles for the use of the army, by paying 
fairly for them? Maj. Ballard, Com. of this Div., reports to 
me that it was so stated to him at Hd. Qr. V. D. this morn 
ing. Please answer this question at once as I may be able 
to benefit this Division by having such authority granted." 

A. L. S. J-23-i. 
Endsd : i. Oct. 13, 1862. Forwarded for action of comdg. 

Genl. T. J. Jackson, Maj .-Genl. A. S. 

2. Oct. 14, 1862, "The commanding General does not 
wish to give the authority asked at present, as it 
might lead to great exaction and citizens might 
be injured." By command of Genl. Lee, A. P. 
Mason, A. A. G. A. S. 

1862, Dec. 22, Hd-Qrs. Jones Brigade. J. R. Jones, Brig.- 
Genl., to Capt. [W. T.] Taliaferro, A. A. G. 

By orders of Genl. Taliaferro, I send 10 axes the allow 
ance is 2 axes to 15 men I have only i to 15 men this is 
hardly enough to procure wood I send therefore under pro 
test I reported 4 picks, 10 now called for. 

A. L. S. J-23-2. 


1863, Jany. 9, Hd-Qrs. Jones Brigade. J. R. Jones, Brig.- 
Genl., to Capt. [W. T.] Taliaferro, A. A. G. 

As the Q-M. is not present, I cannot answer the ques 
tions 275 forage to be procured can hardly supply increased 
demands would need more transportation. 

A. L. S. T-30-4. 

1862, Mch. 16, Hd-Qrs. Army of Mobile. Chas. S. String- 
fellow, A. A. G., [by order Maj.-Genl. Sam Jones,] to Lt.-Col. 
G. A. Smith, ist Regt. 

Permission is given for [specified] companies to be dis 
charged the service if they insist, but I trust they will con 
tinue in service until the present crisis is passed. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-22. 

1862, Apr. 20, Hd-Qrs. Dept. Ala. and W. Fla. Sam Jones, 27 * 
Maj.-Genl., to Genl. S. Cooper, A. & I. Genl. 

Printed : O. R., S. i., v. 6, pp. 879-880. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-23. 

1863, Sept. 28, 5:00 P. M., Carter s Depot, Tenn., Hd-Qrs. 
Dept. W. Va. and E. Tenn. Sam Jones, Maj.-Genl. comdg., to 
Brig.-Genl. Jno. S. Williams, 277 comdg. Cav. Brig. 

I believe the enemy in your front is mounted and small 
I cannot force a fight with the infantry advance, ascertain 
the facts and report at once. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-3i. 

1864, Sept. 19, Charleston, S. C, Hd-Qrs. Dept. S. C, etc. 
Sam Jones, [Maj.-Genl. comdg.,] to Maj.-Genl. J. F. Gilmer. 

I have recommended Mackall for a district command his 
dislike for Bragg will stand in the way of his appointment 
use your endeavors to procure his appointment 278 it is much 

275 Not found. 

276 For Jones, see C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 615-16. 

277 For Williams, see C. M. H., v. 9 (Kentucky), p. 256. 

278 General Bragg, it will be recalled, was always regarded as a special 
favorite with President Davis. 


needed I also need an officer to command the harbor de 
fences wish you might come could Custis Lee be spared? 
I am unable to "get along" with Ripley minor vexations 
of office. A. L. S. Ga-gm-26. 

1864, Dec. 29, Charleston, S. C, Hd-Qrs. Dist. S. C. Chas. 
Stringfellow, A. A. G., by order Maj.-Genl. Sam Jones. 

Comdg. officers will make returns of the 3ist inst. full and 
complete the information is particularly important. 

A. S. T-25-5. 

1865, Apr. i, Tallahassee, [Fla.] Hd-Qrs. Dis. Florida. Sam 
Jones, Maj.-Genl., to Jas. B. Gamble, Tallahassee. 

Capt. Hobart is the Confederate agent who makes agree 
ment as to exportation of cotton and importation of goods 
make terms with him I will afford such military protection 
as I can probable terms. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-25. 

1863, Feb. 27, Petersburg, [Va.] Wm. T. Joynes, Pres., to 
[Brig.-]Genl. [W. B.] Taliaferro. 

If your horses are at the depot by 6:30 to-morrow morn 
ing, they can go through to Wilmington. 

Tel. T-30-8. 

1864, May 17, 12 midnight, Hd-Qrs. Kelly s Cav. Div., Cal- 
houn and Allairsville road[?] J. H. Kelly, 279 Brig.-Genl., to 
Maj. E. S. Burford, A. A. G. 

Col. Harmon cannot come what must be done? 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-30. 

1864, Oct. n, near New Market, [Va.] Palmer Kennedy, 
pvt. Co. H, 23rd Va. 

Descriptive list of; Sig: S. D. Bu , Capt. Co. H, etc. 

P. F. S. P-22. 

27 For J. H. Kelly, see C. M. H, v. 7 (Alabama), pp. 421-22. Kelly 
was one of the youngest Brigadiers in Confederate service, being twenty- 
three years old when he was commissioned. 


1862, Mch. 2, [Richmond, Va.] Jas. Ker, Lieut. Infy., Ord 
Duty, for B. G. Baldwin, Capt. Arty. 

Invoice of ordnance, i i2-pdr Howitzer carriage, turned 
over to Capt. D. H. Wood, A. Q-M. for transportation to Maj. 
J. Thompson Brown, Yorktown, Va. P. F. S. B 2 -4O-2. 

Appended : Letter of transmission of same. P. F. S. 

1862, Apr. 12, [Richmond, Va.] Jas. Ker, Lieut, etc. 

Invoice of ordnance stores turned over to Capt. D. H. 
Wood, etc., for transportation to Capt. Wm. P. Palmer, Camp 
Lee. 280 P. F. S. P-35-4- 

Appended : Letter of transmission of same. 

P. F. S. P-35-5- 

1862, May 14, Richmond, Va. James Ker, Lieut., etc 

Invoice of ordnance stores turned over to Capt. D. C. 
[sic] Wood, A. Q-M. for transportation to Col. J. Thompson 
Brown, Dispatch Depot, R. & Y. R. R. P. F. S. 62-40-3. 

Appended : Letter of transmission of same. P. F. S. 

11862, Mch. 27-1863, May, Richmond, Va. Ladies Defence 

Proceedings and minutes. 281 Wj-23. 

1864, Feb. 25, Augusta, Ga. Geo. W. Lamar, Jr., Capt. and 
A. C. S., to [Brig.-]Genl. W. B. Taliaferro. 

I have been through Edgefield district and have seen scores 
of planters have procured no bacon all say they have not 
enough for home consumption I can find out facts from no 
other source, as Assessor has not been around all anxious 

280 Camp Lee was located in what were then the western suburbs of 

281 This organization was formed among leading women of Richmond 
to assist the government in the defence of the city. They took as their 
task the building of a gunboat, and by soliciting subscriptions and con 
tributions of scrap-iron, soon had the boat on the ways. The government 
assisted, and a branch organization in Lynchburg was active. Since this 
Calendar was set up, additional papers regarding the Association have 
been received. 


and ready to pay the tax in kind, but I could not receipt for 
it unassessed am told bacon enough is cured for shipment 
and immediate issue, but not for storing and later issue I 
believe tax will be large enough to last "considerable" time 
there is opposition at present to taking the money further 
effort useless now might succeed after assessment I ask 
orders I write direct as I see you have gone to Florida. 

A. L. 8. L-23. 

1864, Oct. 5, Fort Fisher, N. C., Hd-Qrs. Confederate Point. 
Wm. Lamb to Wm. M. Sutton and Co. 
Acknowledge funds sent good wishes. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-22. 

1863, July 12, Hd-Qrs. Fender s Div. J. H. Lane, 282 Brig.- 
Genl., to [Brig.-]Genl. [Geo. H.] Steuart. 

"I was ordered last night by Gen. A. P. Hill to close on 
Genl. Heth. Genl. H. did not move then as he did not deem 
it necessary, but is about to do so this morning and I will 
have to close on him. I suppose your orders to fill the gap 
left between you and myself still hold good. Please have this 
attended to." 283 A. L. S. H-i. 

1863, Nov. 6, Dill s Bluff, James Island, S. C., Q-M s. Office. 
G. B. Lartigne, Maj. and Q-M., to Capt. P. K. Malony, A. A. G. 
Report for information of Brig. Genl. comdg. that supplies 
of clothing are deficient I am informed jackets and pants are 
lacking number needed shirts, drawers and shoes deficient 
blankets also will to-day distribute 150 prs. shoes to bare 
footed men have no tents have sent in estimates know 
nothing of supplies for 27th S. C., S. C. Siege Train, Dunne- 
vant s Cavalry, 54th Ga., or 25th S. C. V. these not procured 
through me. A. L. S. L-25. 

1862, June, Dr. Wm. Latane, 284 Capt. Co. F, Qth Va. Cav. 
Accounts of the burial of ; statement of Mrs. C. M. Brock- 

282 See supra, p. 273, note 205. 

283 Cf. H. Heth to J. L. Lane, supra p. 273. 

284 For Latane, see University Memorial, 141 ; also an interesting ar 
ticle by Campbell in the Confederate Veteran for February, 1897. 


enborough, from whose house he was buried ; letters of ladies 
who posed for Washington s picture, the "Burial of Latane. 

L-i 3 . 

1863, Dec. 8, n. p. L. C. Latham, Capt. comdg. 

Report of action of 1st N. C. Infy. in the battle of Payne s 
Farm, Nov. 27, 1863. List of casualties in the command. 
Printed : O. R., S. 48, 864-65. A. D. S. 6-14-2. 

1861, May 28, n. p. Alex M. Lawrence, Lieut. Arty, and Ord. 
Invoice of ordnance stores, 500 rifles and accessories, de 
livered Mrs. [sic] Bradley T. Johnson this date. 285 

D. S. Md-8g. 

1861, Sept. 25, Savannah, [Ga.,] Hd-Qrs. Mil. Dis. A. R. 
Lawton, Brig.-Genl. comdg., to Col. Carey W. Styles, Bruns 
wick, Ga. 

Announcement of visit of Adjt.-Genl. to inspect and 
strengthen defences at Brunswick co-operation expected. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-33. 

1861, Oct. 23, Savannah, [Ga.,] Hd-Qrs. Mil. Dis. A. R. 
Lawton, Brig.-Genl. comdg., to Maj.-Genl, Braxton Bragg, 

Report of capture of a deserter from Co. F, 5th Ga. wish 
information regarding him. L. S. Ga-ga-i-33. 

Endsd. with order for the return of the deserter. A. S. 

1864, May 2, Richmond, [Va.,] Q-M. Genl s Office. A. R. 
Lawton, Q-M. Genl., to Lt.-Genl. [J. C.] Pemberton, Colum 
bia, S. C. 

Requesting information as to authority by which Maj. 
Richard Orme burned certain funds at the surrender of Vicks- 
burg 286 the matter is suspicious. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-2Q. 

285 See Beauregard s order of June I, 1861, supra, p. 186; also G. M. 
Cochran, supra, p. 222. 

28 Vicksburg had surrendered on July 4, 1863. 


1864, June 22, [Richmond, Va.,] Q-M. Genl s. Office. A. R. 
Lawton, Q-M. Genl. Circular. 

Order for form of receipt to be given future government 
creditors. 287 D. S. Ga-ga-i-ig. 

186-, n. d., n. p. Jno. F. Lay, Maj. and A. I. G., to Brig.-Genl. 
[Wm. B.] Taliaferro. 

"The enemy advanced again I ordered forward Col. 
Smith s command they retired without firing a gun. Our 
pickets occupy original position I think their object is to 
draw our advance into Ambuscade we shall hold present 
position." A. L. S. L-24. 

1862, July [24?], Richmond, Va. John W. Lea, [Capt. 5th 
N. C. Regt.] to [Judge Robert Quid?] 288 

Request for exchange reasons. A. L. S. 

1862, Aug. 28, Richmond, Va. John W. Lea, Capt. Co. I, 5th 
N. C. [Regt], paroled prisoner of war, to ........ 

Request for leave of absence until exchanged. 

A. L. S. NC-I78-6. 

Endsd: Leave cannot be granted in such cases men are on 
muster-rolls, receive pay and are subject to all orders not 
inconsistent with parole. Sig: ...... [obscured.] 

1863, Jany. 25, Camp 5th N. C. [Regt] Jno. W. Lea, Capt. 
etc., to Col. Thos. M. Garnett, comdg. 

Request for 15 days leave of absence to visit my wife, ill 
at Danville was parted from her a week after marriage 
have had no leave since entering the service, May 16, 1861. 

A. L. S. NC-I78-5- 

1863, Apr. 30, Hd-Qrs. 5th N. C. [Regt.] J. W. Lea, Lt.-Col. 
etc., to Maj. A. S. Pendleton. 

Requesting to be relieved of duties as Inspector D. H. 

287 For some of these forms, see W. P. Webb, infra, p. 426. 

288 Judge Ould was Agent for Exchange of Prisoners, and such a re 
quest would naturally be made to him. 


Hill s Div. I wish to be with my command during the ap 
proaching battle. A. L. S. 

1865, Feb. 17, Camp Pegram, Va., Hd-Qrs. Johnston s Brigade. 
John W. Lea, Col. comdg. Brig., to Maj. H. K. Douglas, A. A. 
G., Early s Div. 

Report of operations of Johnston s Brig, in engagements 
of Feb. 5-6, 1865. D. S. 

[i8]6s, Mch. 22, Hd-Qrs. 5th N. C. [Regt] John W. Lea, 
Col. comdg. Circular. 

Comdg. officers will march their commands to Clover De 
pot without delay. A. S. 

1865, Mch. 2, Fort Pulaski. "Lee Club Gazette." 

MS. newspaper, Vol I, No. i local news, jests, chess-club 
events, etc. the caption finely engrossed. Va-E-y. 

1863, Jany. 15, Hd-Qrs. Cav. Div. Fitz. Lee to Col ....... 

Enclose a letter from Maj. Ball hope it may be used to 
his interest good wishes. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-iy. 

1864, May 14, Hd-Qrs. Lee s Div., Cav. Corps, A. N. V. 
G. O. 6. Sig: Fitz Lee, Maj.-Genl. [comdg.] 

Announcing to the division the death of Major-Genl. J. 
E. B. Stuart. D. S. Fla-ga-i3. 

i86[4], 289 May 15, 11 145 P. M., n. p. Fitz Lee, Maj.-Genl., to 
Genl. [Braxton Bragg.] 

My understanding of my duties need of reinforcements. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-i6. 

1861, Apr. 17, [Richmond, Va.] Commonwealth of Va. Jas. 
K. Lee. 

Commission as Capt. of Riflemen, ist Va. Vols., 2nd Brig., 

289 Necessarily 1864, since Lee was not commissioned as Major-General 
until Sept. 3, 1863, and was confirmed on Jany. 25, 1864. See Jones, 
Roster, etc., o. 20. 


4th Div., Va. Militia 290 rank from Apr. 16, 1861. Sig: John 
Letcher, [Gov.] P. F. S. Va-sg. 

1861, Apr. 27, Hd-Qrs. Va. Forces. R. E. Lee, Maj.-GenL 
comdg., to Robt. Y. Conrad, 291 Jas. Marshall, Edmund Pendle- 
ton, Hugh Nelson and Alfred M. Barbour. 292 

Have received your letter of this date Col. Jackson leaves 
to-morrow to muster in companies ready at Harper s Ferry 293 
every effort will be made to supply them with batteries. 

L. S. Ga-ga-i-5. 

1861, Dec. 16, Charleston, S. C. R. E. Lee to G. B. Stacy, 
Richmond, Va. 

Thanks for a mattress sent. L. S. Mo-i. 

[r8]62, July 23, Richmond, Va. R. E. Lee, Genl., to Maj.- 
Genl. D. H. Hill. 

I submitted to the President the cartel for exchange of 

290 Virginia had not at this time joined the Confederacy, hence all 
commissions issued were signed by the Governor on behalf of the State. 

291 Robert Y. Conrad of Frederick, at this time a member of the Vir 
ginia Convention and leader of the conservative party. Conrad was later 
arrested and imprisoned by the Federal authorities. 

292 Barbour had been Superintendent of the Harper s Ferry Arsenal. 
See Richmond Enquirer, Feb. 25, 1861. All the men addressed in this 
letter were members of the Virginia Convention, and lived in the northern 
section of the State. 

298 The Lee bibliography should be noticed in connection with this 
and subsequent letters. Of a multitude of works the following are note 
worthy: C. F. Adams, Lee at Appomattox and Other Papers (Bos., 1002) ; 
C. F. Adams, Lee s Centennial . . . (Bos., 1907) ; P. A. Bruce, Robert 
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H. A. White, Robt. E. Lee and the Southern Confederacy, (N. Y., 1902) ; 
A. H. Wolseley, General Lee, (Rochester, 1006). 


prisoners, as signed by the commissioners 294 the 3rd article 
struck the President as it did me think you can give reasons 
for its introduction appointment with the President. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-5. 

1862, Sept. 4, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. G. O. 102. Sig: R. H. Pen- 
dleton, A. A. G., [by order Genl. R. E. Lee.] 
Printed: O. R., S. i, v. 19, pt. 2, pp. 592-593. 

O. C. T-IQ-I. 

1862, Sept 21, on the Opequan, near Smoketown, [Va.] Hd- 
Qrs. A. N. V. R. E. Lee, Genl., to Maj.-Genl. T. J. Jackson. 
I return you the letter from gentlemen in Winchester 
send an officer to take charge send the well men to the army 
provide a hospital for the sick. O. C. Ga-ga-i-5. 

1862, Oct. 4, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. S. O. 209. Sig : A. P. Mason y 
A. A. G., by command Genl. R. E. Lee. 

"I. 295 The necessity of the service requires an immediate 
reorganization of the Artillery of this Army. The combina 
tion of the companies hereafter named, is to be considered tem 
porary, and subject to the orders of the Secretary of War; 
their selection has been made entirely with, a view to the effi 
ciency of the Artillery and implies no blame or degradation 
to the batteries thus combined. Many of the Batteries have 
served with distinction, and their enfeebled condition is at 
tributable to the dangers and hardships they have encountered. 
Whenever circumstances will permit, the batteries will again 
be restored. 

II. Colonel Walton of the Louisiana Washington Artillery 
will retain one section of Captain Miller s Battery with the 
best guns and horses of that company and turn over the re 
jected guns, horses, &c., to the proper Departments. The men 
of Captain Leake s Battery and those of Captain Anderson s 
are relieved from duty with the Louisiana Washtg. Artillery, 
and will be at once returned to their proper companies. 

294 See the cartel in O. R., s. 117, pp. 266-68. 

295 See O. R., s. 28, pp. 652-54. 


III. The ten companies of the first regiment Virginia Artil 
lery, Col. Brown, will be formed into six. The officers of the 
Batteries of Captains Wyatt, Coke and Ritler, except ist 
Lieut. Thormond of Wyatt s, ist Lieut. Robinson of Ritler s, 
ist Lieut. Pendleton and 2nd Lieut. Hawes of Coke s Bat 
teries, are relieved from duty with their companies, and the 
men of those batteries will be distributed by Colonel Brown 
among the retained companies. Captain Young s company 
originally belonging to the infantry, will be returned to that 
branch of the servic.e if it is preferred. Should they wish to 
continue in the Artillery, the officers will be relieved from 
duty, and the men distributed by Colo. Brown among the re 
tained companies of his regiment. 

IV. The four companies of Major Jones Battalion will be 
formed into two. The officers of Captain Wimbish s and Cap 
tain Turner s Batteries are relieved from duty with their com 
panies and the men will be distributed by Major Jones among 
the retained companies. Captain Peyton is relieved from duty 
with his company and ist Lieut. Fry will assume command of 
it. Lieut. W. A. Deas is assigned to duty as ist Lieut. Act 
ing Lieut. Massie is assigned as Junior ist Lieut, and Lieut. 
Hawes is assigned as 2nd Lieut, of said Battery. First Lieut. 
Jno. L. Grubbs of Captain Page s Battery is also relieved from 
duty with his company. 

V. The four companies constituting Lieut. Colo. Cutt s 
Battalion will be formed into three. The officers of Captain 
Blackshear s Battery are relieved from duty with the company, 
and the men will be distributed as follows, twenty-two to Cap 
tain Ross, twenty-nine to Captain Lane, and the remainder 
to Capt. Patterson. 

VI. The four companies of Major Nelson s Battalion will 
be formed into three. The officers of Captain Ancell s Battery 
are relieved from duty with their company and the men will be 
assigned to the two other Virginia companies in suitable pro 
portion as Major Nelson may direct. Captain Huckstep and 
2nd Lieut. Poatz are relieved from duty with their company, 
and ist Lieut. Livingston Massie is assigned to its command. 
Lieut. Ancell is retained as ist Lieut of this battery, ist 


Lieut. Maddux heretofore attached to Captain Blackshear s 
Battery, is attached with his section to Captain Milledge s 
Battery. Lieut. Maddox will be the senior ist Lieut, of the 
battery, Lieut. Rogers the junior first Lieut, and acting Lieut. 
Falligant of Lieut. Col. Cutts Battalion is transferred to Mil- 
ledges battery as senior 2nd Lieutenant. 

VII. The three companies of Major Saunder s Battalion 
will be formed into two. The officers of Thompson s Battery, 
late Grimes , are relieved from duty with the company, and 
the men will be distributed by Major Saunders between Moor 
man s and Huger s Batteries. 

VIII. The officers of Captain Lloyd s Battery are relieved 
from duty with the company and fifty-five of the men will be 
assigned to Capt. Manley s Battery, Genl. McLaws division 
and the remainder to Captain Reily of Genl. Hood s division. 

IX. The officers of Captain Chapman s Battery of General 
Featherstone s Brigade are relieved from duty with their com 
pany, the men and horses will be assigned to Captain 
Pegram s Battery. 

X. The officers of Captain Brown s Battery, "Wise Artil 
lery" are relieved from duty, and the men and horses are as 
signed to Colo. S. D. Lee s Battalion. 

XI. The officers of Captain George Washington Nelson s 
Battery are relieved from duty with their company. Twenty 
of his men will be assigned to Captain Kirkpatrick s company. 
Major Nelson s Battalion, and forty to Capt. Woolfolks Bat 
tery, Colo. S. D. Lee s Battalion. 

XII. The officers of Captain Jno. R. Johnson s Battery are 
relieved from duty with the company. The men and horses 
will be distributed equally between Capts. Bearing and 

XIII. The officers of Captain Rogers Battery Loudoun 
Artillery are relieved from duty with the company. The men 
and horses will be assigned to Capt. Stribling s Battery. 

XIV. The officers of Captain Anderson s Battery Thomas 
Artillery, except the two senior Lieutenants, are relieved from 
duty with the company. The men and horses, and two senior 
Lieutenants are assigned to Captain Caskie s Battery. 


XV. The officers of Captain Leake s Battery are relieved 
from duty with the company. The men and horses are as 
signed to Captain Thomas Carter s Battery. 

XVI. The officers of Capt. Thomas Jefferson Page s Bat 
tery are relieved from duty with the company. The men and 
horses will be distributed among the Virginia companies under 
Colonel S. D. Lee, to whom Captain Page and Lieut. 
Magruder will report for duty. 

XVII. The officers of Captain Fleet s Battery, Middlesex 
Artillery, are relieved from duty with the company. The men 
heretofore temporarily assigned, will remain with the batteries 
where they now are serving. The remainder of the men will 
be assigned to Captain M. Johnson s Company. 

XVIII. To insure the speedy and proper reorganization 
of the Artillery as ordered, the Chief of Artillery will direct 
Colonels Brown and S. D. Lee to assist him in the execution 
of this order, and will assign to such companies as may not 
have their complement of officers, such of those hereby re 
lieved from duty as he may deem necessary. 

XIX. In every case, the best guns and horses and equip 
ments will be selected for the batteries retained in service. 
All surplus horses will be turned over to the Chief Quarter 
Master of the Army, and all rejected guns, equipments, &c., to 
the Ordnance Department. The guns, &c., will be forwarded to 
Staunton without delay." D. S. 6-31-39. 
Endsd : "Col Lee will please carry out his orders in regard 

to batteries merged in companies now in Genl. Long- 
street s wing, and Col. Brown in those merged in com 
panies belonging to Genl. Jackson s wing. W. N. Pen- 
dleton, 296 Brig. Genl. Acting A. G." A. S. 

1862, Oct. 9, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. Va. S. O. 215, I. Sig: A. 
P. Mason, A. A. G., by command of Genl. [R. E.] Lee. 

Maj. L. M. Shoemaker, Chf. Arty., ist Div., Valley Dis. is 
relieved from army duty 297 will report at once to A. & I. 
Genl. D. S. T-ig-2. 

296 See infra, p. 362. 

297 See infra, p. 411, for changes in the artillery in the Valley. 


1862, Oct. 12, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. G. O. 117. Sig: A. P. 
Mason, A. A. G., by command of Genl. R. E. Lee. 

Ordering a court-martial to meet at camp of [Maj.-]Genl. 
T. J. Jackson, Oct. 14, i862 298 detail for the court. 

A. D. S. T-ig-4. 

1862, Oct. 13, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. Va. S. O. 218, IV. Sig: 
A. P. Mason, A. A. G., by order Genl. [R. E.] Lee. 

Pvts. Lucius M. Estis, Co. C, and M. C. Luthell, Co. D, 4th 
Va. Cav., detailed as guides, are relieved will rejoin their 
command. D. S. 1-19-3. 

1862 [?] Oct. 22, 3 P. M., n. p. C. S. Venable, Maj. and A. D. 
C., [by order Genl. R. E. Lee,] to [Brig.-] Genl. [Geo. H. 

Genl. Lee desires you send word to Col. Chambliss that 
the wagons and railroad working parties have recrossed the 
river he need not hold his position longer than he advan 
tageously can. A. L. S. S-i6. 
Reverse: Pencil sketch of the country around Hagerstown 
Bloomfield to Romney, Cumberland to Lancaster. 299 

1862, Dec. 31, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. R. E. Lee, Genl., to Maj. N. 
R. Fitzhugh, A. A. G., Cav. Div. 

Send word to Col. Wickham to advise Genl. Stuart of the 
reported movement against him he is to do everything in 
his power to arrest it I will send up infantry in the morning 
on this side the river which will support his cavalry. 

L. S. Fla-ga-20. 

1863, Mch. i, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. S. O. 60, II. Sig: W. H. 
Taylor, [A. A. G.,] by command of Genl. [R. E.] Lee. 

Having passed the examination, Leonidas Points is ap 
pointed actg. ist Lieut, and Ord. Officer of Garnett s Batln. 

D. S. Ga-ga-i-i8. 

298 Cf. Jackson s G. O. 102-103, supra, p. 294. 

299 Probably drawn by General Steuart. 


1863, Apr. 22, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. S. O. 112. Sig: W. H. 
Taylor, A. A. G., by command Genl. [R. E.] Lee. 

"II. In accordance with the Act of Congress (No. 26, appd. 
13 Oct. 1862) as published in Genl. Orders No. 93, A. & I. 
G. O. of Nov. 22nd, 62, a Board of Examiners, to consist of 
Col. J. Thompson Brown, Lt. Col. Thos. H. Carter and Lt. 
Col. H. P. Jones is hereby appointed for the artillery of the 
2nd Army Corps, to meet at the camp of that command, on 
the 27th April, 1863, or as soon thereafter as practicable, to 
examine into the cases of such officers of the command as may 
be brought to their attention, for the purpose of determining 
their qualifications for the discharge of the duties properly ap 
pertaining to their several positions, whether they are careless 
or inattentive in the discharge of the same and their fitness 
for promotion to any existing vacancies in their respective 
commands. The Board will be sworn, will have power to 
summon witnesses, will keep a record of its proceedings, will 
give an opinion in each case and will be careful to conform 
to the requirements of Genl. Orders No. 50 from these Hd. 
Qrs. of 29 March, 1863." D. S. 6-31-11. 

1864, Mch. 29, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. G. O. 50. Sig: W. H. 
Taylor, A. A. G., by command Genl. [R. E.] Lee. 

"The attention of all Examining Boards is called to the 
following instructions received from the War Dept. : 

When the board shall be of the opinion that the officer 
is clearly unfit to perform his legitimate and proper duties, 
or is careless or inattentive in the discharge of the same; the 
report should be separate and complete as to each case ; show 
ing the order under which it acted ; that the officer was pres 
ent before the board, or notified to attend, and giving the evi 
dence taken in the case and the examination of the officer if 
one was made. 

Should the unfitness of the officer to perform his legitimate 
and proper duties proceed from physical disability, the char 
acter of that disability as to performance should be shown. 

In the examination of an officer for promotion by seniority 
to fill a vacancy, the Board will consider as an element in their 


inquiry, the reasonable probability of improvement on his 
part, so that though he may be at the time unfit for promotion 
to a higher office he may not be clearly unfit to fill his present 

Should the board desire to test the officer s knowledge of 
tactics practically, the result of their observations and the 
military exercise performed, should be properly stated. 

The Act of Congress does not require, when the decision 
of the board is favorable to the officer, that anything more 
than the decision should be forwarded. Each board can, 
therefore, include in one report, all the cases it has passed on 

As many vacancies may be created by the result of these 
examinations, it is desirable that the names of subalterns and 
enlisted men, deserving promotion, should be furnished by 
the board, that the vacancies may be filled by those who are 
most entitled and will promote the efficiency of their respec 
tive organizations. 

The authority vested in Brigade Commanders by Par. VI, 
General Orders No. 43, Adjt. & Inspr. Genl s. Office, 1862, is 
limited to promotion by seniority when competency is not 
questioned. " 30 D. S. 3-31-14. 

1863, May 28, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. Va. S. O. 144* IX - Sig:W. 
H. Taylor, by command of Genl. [R. E.] Lee. 

Brig.-Genl. G. H. Stewart [Steuart] will report to Maj.- 
Genl. A. P. Hill, comdg. 2nd Corps, for assignment to com 
mand of Colston s old Brigade loth, 23rd, 37th, Va., ist 
and 3rd N. C. A. D. S. 8-22-2. 

1863, July 30, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. R. E. Lee, [Genl.,] to Maj.- 
Genl. J. E. B. Stuart, comdg. Cavalry. 

Requesting report on necessary transportation, under the 
general reduction order 301 enclose report of signal officer 
that may furnish information. L. S. Fla-ga-4- 

300 This order, dated 1864, seems properly to belong to 1863. 

301 See the order in O. R., s. 45, pp. 1015-16. 


1863, Aug. 20, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. Va. S. O. 206, X. Sig: W- 
H. Taylor, A. A. G., by command of Genl. [R. E.] Lee. 

Detail of Capt. Geo. Williamson, 302 Steuart s Brig, to re 
port to Ins. Genl s. Dept. for duty with his Brigade. 

D. S. W-is-i. 

1863, Apr. 23, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. Va. S. O. 113, XI. Sig: W. 
H. Taylor, A. A. G., by command of Genl. [R. E.] Lee. 

Order for a board on the 27th inst. to examine and express 
opinion as to the Tredegar-made 2O-pdr. Parrotts whether 
those captured are "more esteemed" than the 10 and 3O-pdr. 
Parrotts the value of the "Boermann" compared with the 
"Worden" fuze 303 board to consist of Cols. J. Thompson 
Brown, E. P. Alexander, R. L. Walker, Lt.-Col. Thos. H. 
Carter and Maj. R. Hardaway. A. S. 6-31-12. 

1864, Feb. 18, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., [by 
order Genl. R. E. Lee,] to Lt.-Genl. R. S. Ewell, comdg. Corps. 

Yours of i6th received, relating to your disabled men 
Genl. comdg. thinks the best disposition that can be made 
is to "detail them as teamsters to relieve able-bodied men." 

A. L. S. E-6. 

Endsd: Forwarded to [Brig.-] Genl. G. H. Steuart, "are there 
any men among those reported unfit for Infantry [sic] 
service among those whom you recommend for trans 
fer to Cavalry that are still unfit for teamsters." R. S. 
E[well.] A. S. 

1864, Mch. 10, Camp Orange Co., [Va.] R. E. Lee to Rev. 
M[oses] D. Hoge, D.D. 

Thanks for Bible sent congratulations on large number 
obtained in England. 304 A. L. S. SS-C-2y. 

302 Cf. supra, p. 228. 

308 Cf. W. L. Broun to J. T. Brown, Aug. 13, 1864, supra, p. 201. 

304 For similar letters, see index, Hogd, M. D, Dr. Hoge had secured 
a gift of several thousand Bibles and portions of Bibles in England and 
ran the blockade with his sacred cargo. 


1864, Mch. 29, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. G. O. 23. Sig: W. H. 
Taylor, A. A. G., by command Genl. R. E. Lee. 

"I. In pursuance of instructions from the War Department 
the following regulations are published for the information 
and guidance of the Army. 

II. The exportation of cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar, mo 
lasses, and naval and military stores from the Confederate 
States, or into any part of the Confederacy occupied by the 
enemy, except under the regulations of the President, is pro 
hibited by law. It is therefore ordered that none of the ar 
ticles above enumerated be permitted to pass the lines of this 
army on the way to the territories of the United States, or 
to any part of the Confederate States occupied by the enemy, 
without permission under the authority of the Secretary of 
War to transport the same. 

III. Such permission shall be exhibited by the person in 
charge of the goods to the commissioned officer commanding 
the pickets at the place where it is desired to pass the lines 
and the officer shall examine the same, and if they conform 
in quantity, kind and description with the permission, they 
shall be allowed to pass, unless the officer shall have been 
otherwise instructed. In every case where the carrier has a 
proper permit, such assistance and protection as it may be 
possible to afford him consistently with other duties, will be 
given by those officers to whom he may apply. 

IV. Should no permission under the authority of the Sec 
retary of War be exhibited, or should the goods be greater 
in quantity or different in kind and description from those 
mentioned in the permit, the commissioned officer command 
ing the picket will take possession of the same, and of the 
vehicles and teams, or the animals used in conveying the 
same, and of any slave employed therewith, and deliver them 
with a detailed report of his action in the premises to his 
commanding officer, who will turn over the goods and other 
property seized, to the nearest marshal or deputy marshal oi 
the Confederate States, taking a receipt for the same, setting 
forth the quantity, kind and description of the property and 
person or persons from whom the same was taken, and shall 


forward said receipt, together with the report of the officer 
making the seizure to these Head Quarters. 

V. In the execution of the foregoing regulations, no waste, 
spoliation, damage, or injury of any kind shall be done to the 
property, nor shall it or any part of it be disposed of except 
as above directed. All seizures or examinations will be made 
only under the supervision of the commissioned officers above 
mentioned, who will be responsible for the prompt and safe 
delivery of the property as directed." O. C. G-6-i. 

1864, Apr. 4, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. Chas. Marshal [1], [by order 

Genl. R. E. Lee,] to [Lt.-] Genl. [R. S.] Ewell. 


The commanding General directs me to call your attention 
to the Gen. Order herein enclosed, and to say that it is de 
sirable that it shall be executed without letting it become 
generally known that there is such an order, or that the 
traffic referred to in it is allowed. It would defeat the object 
of the Department if the enemy became aware that the trade 
referred to was assuming systematic form. The Genl. comdg. 
directs me to say that he thinks the object of the order can 
be satisfactorily accomplished, if you will communicate it to 
the brigade commanders, with a caution not to give publicity 
to it, and direct them to cause general instructions to be given 
to the pickets to stop any wagons, animals, &c., laden with 
the prohibited articles that may attempt to pass the lines, or 
that may be found en route within their commands, and report 
them at brigade Hd. Qrs. The brigade commander will then 
be able to see whether the carrier has a proper passport, and 
otherwise cause the order to be executed without an undue 
publication of it. He will also see that there is no unwarrant 
able interference with the goods, and give such assistance 
and protection in proper cases, as he can consistently with his 
other duties. It is the object of the authorities to encourage 
the importation of supplies by the means indicated, and you 
will appreciate the importance of concealing the fact that the 
trade is carried on under its sanction. The trade itself must 
be known to the enemy, but those engaged in it will probably 


be able to manage that difficulty if they appear to be engaged 
only on their private ventures." 

Endsd : For information of Brigade Commanders the order 
will not be published to the troops when necessary communi 
cate it in confidence to officers in charge of pickets and out 
posts. R. W. Hunter, by command Maj.-Genl. Johnson. Apr, 
20, 1864. O. C. G-8-2. 

1864, Apr. 4, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. S. O. 93, XVII. Sig: W. H. 
Taylor, A. A. G., by command Genl. R. E. Lee. 

Appointing Brig.-Genls. Geo. H. Steuart, J. A. Walker and 
J. M. Jones a board of examiners for Johnson s Div. 305 

D. S. E-s-i. 

1864, Apr. 27, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., [by 
order Genl. R. E. Lee,] to Col. J. Thompson Brown. 

Batlns. of Arty, are entitled to the same allowance of 
candles as Regts. of Infy. or Cav., under G. O. 32, C. Series. 

O. C. 6-36-4. 

1864, May 4, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. G. O. 38, Sig: R. E. Lee, 

Printed : O. R., s. 68, 946. D. S. Fla-ga-2o. 

1864, June 9, 2J4 P. M., Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. R. E. Lee [Genl.,] 
to Genl. [Braxton] Bragg, Richmond, [Va.] 

Beauregard s telegrams received am aware of no troops 
leaving Grant s army regiment seen by Ware is a small force 
Hoke s troops now in the trenches they cannot be with 
drawn until night under any circumstances Ransom s Brigade 
is on the right bank of the Chickahominy, protecting the bat 
teries there I know of no necessity for the removal of these 
troops will send them if directed no troops have left Grant s 
army to my knowledge none could have crossed the James 
without discovery I think it very improbable Grant would 
weaken his army under existing circumstances Stanton s 
despatches say all available troops have been withdrawn from 
Butler, except enough to hold the line a letter from someone 

305 F or the proceedings of a similar board, see infra, p. 402. 


connected with Butler says the troops collected at Point Look 
out to reinforce Butler were diverted to Grant couriers seem 
to reach me from Richmond more promptly than telegrams 
[P. S.] Intended the above to be sent by telegraph, but I send 
it by the courier to save time. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-5. 

1864, June 22, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. Va. S. O. 151, III. Sig: 
W. H. Taylor, by command of Genl. R. E. Lee. 

Detail of Maj. N. R. Fitzhugh as Q.M. of the cavalry com 
mand, under general direction of the O-M. Genl. 

D. S. Fla-ga-s. 

1864, July 7, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. R. E. Lee, Genl., to Maj. James 
Breathed, 306 Richmond, Va. 

Regret to hear you are wounded sympathy and hopes for 
early recovery compliments on gallantry. 

L. S. Md-56. 

1864, Sept. 28, Petersburg, [Va.] R. E. Lee, [Genl.,] to 
[Brig-] Genl. R. E. Colston, Lynchburg, Va. 

Diligently instruct all your troops, local, militia and 
artillery. [Tel?] A. S. Ga-ga-i-6. 

1864, Sept. 29, 7:45 A. M., Petersburg, [Va.] R. E. Lee, 
[Genl.,] to Capt. 307 [J. K.] Mitchell, Chaffin s Bluff, [Va.] 

The enemy is said to be moving against Signal Hill fire 
on them from the gunboats if you can. 

[Tel?] A. S. Ga-ga-i-i6. 

1864, Nov. 3, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. Va. S. O. 265, VI. Sig: W. 
H. Taylor, A. A. G., by command Genl. R. E. Lee. 

Assigning Brig.-Genl. G. M. Sorrel 308 to command of 
Wright s "old" Brigade, Mahone s Division, 3rd Corps. 

D. S. Ga-22. 

306 See supra, p. 197. 

307 Mitchell was at this time senior flag-officer of the James River 
Squadron. See C. M- H., v. 12, p. 92. 

308 Cf. infra, p. 400. 


1864, Dec. 23, Petersburg, [Va.] R. E. Lee, [Genl.,] to [Lt.-] 
Genl. J. Longstreet, Osborne Turnpike. 

Lomax reports enemy in line of battle at Somerset, this 
side the Rapidan he has taken position two and one-half 
miles west of Gordonsville at 8:45 none of your troops had 
reached Gordonsville keep out scouts to ascertain if Gregg 
crosses James and endeavors to unite with Torbert. 309 

[Tel?] A. S. Va-Lee. 

1865, Jany. 20, Hd-Qrs. A. N. V. R. E. Lee, Genl., to Lt.-Genl. 
A. P. Hill, comdg. 

Calling attention to the condition of Hill s corps and its 
lack of clothing, etc. O. C. Ga-ga-i-y. 

1865, Apr. 9, [Appomattox, C. H., Va.] R. E. Lee, Genl.; 
W. H. Taylor, Lt.-Col., A. A. G. ;Chas. S. Venable, Lt.-CoL, 
A. A. G., H. E. Peyton, Lt.-Col., A. & Inspr. Genl.; Chas. 
Marshall, Lt.-Col., A. A. G. ; Giles B. Cooke, Maj., A. A. I. G. ; 

H. E. Young, Maj., A. A. G., [illegible.] 

Parole as prisoners of war agree not to serve further in 
the armies of the Confederate States, or in any military capa 
city against the United States, or render aid to enemies of 
the latter until properly exchanged as shall be mutually ap 
proved by the respective authorities. 310 

P. F. S. Va-Lee. 

1863, Dec. 10, Richmond, [Va.] Navy Dept., Office Orders 
and Detail. S. S. Lee, Capt. in charge 

Midshipman P[reston] B. Moore 311 is detached from the 
school-ship Patrick Henry will proceed to Mobile, Ala., and 
report to Admiral Buchanan, comdg., for duty. 

P. F. S. Tex-i34. 

1864, Aug. 4, Richmond, [Va.] Navy Dept., Office Orders and 
Details. S. S. Lee, Capt. in charge. 

Midshipman Preston B. Moore is detached from the Mo- 

309 Cf. Longstreet to Lee, Dec. 23, 1864 ; O. R., s. 89, p. 1295. 

310 This document was found among the papers of Judge Robert Ould, 
Confederate Agent for the Exchange of Prisoners. 

311 Cf. infra, p. 355- 


bile squadron will proceed to Savannah, Ga., and report to 
Flag-Officer W. W. Hunter, comdg. P. F. S. Tex-i34- 

Endsd : Forwarded ; delivered ; reported. 

1864, Dec. 30, Richmond, [Va.] Navy Dept. Office of Orders 
and Details. S. S. Lee, Capt. in charge, to Capt. J. Tattnall, 8 " 
C. S. N., Savannah. 

Yours of the 24th received orders have beer, given to 
turn over your officers and men make report of the destruc 
tion of public property, including vessels on the stocks, and 
those not completed, with report of property saved what 
became of ordnance and naval stores? 

L. S. Ga-ga-3-13- 

1861, May 8, Richmond, Va. John Letcher, [Gov.,] to Gov. 
[J. W.] Ellis. 

Gwyn needs reinforcements at Norfolk will you 
strengthen him to extent of your means with number called 
for the "defence of Norfolk is the defence of North Caro 
lina/ 313 Tel. NC-I53. 

1861, May 27, Richmond, Va. John Letcher, [Gov.,] to Gov. 
[J. W.] Ellis. 

After consultation with Genl. Lee I have sent dispatch to 
operator at Weldon to communicate to commanding officer of 
camp of instruction there to send all available force to Suffolk 
to await orders we are threatened on line Norfolk and Peters 
burg R. R. between 3,000 and 4,000 troops were landed this 
morning at Newport News troops are also advancing from 
Alexandria on line Orange and Alexandria R. R. 

Tel. NC-I53- 

1 86 1, June 26, [Richmond, Va.] John Letcher, [Gov.] 

Inspr.-Genl. Baldwin will muster into service, Tucker Ran 
dolph, 314 under 18, his father consenting. A. S. Tenn. 

312 For Tattnall, see infra, p. 419. 

313 Cf. Walter Gwyn, to Gov. J. W. Ellis, supra, p. 266. 

314 See infra, p. 360, 371. 


1863, Jany. 20, Richmond ,Va. John Letcher, [Gov.,] to .... 
Conscript laws do not exempt bank directors. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-is. 

1861, Sept. 6, Hd-Qrs. Forces near Harod s Mill. [G.] O. i. 
Sig: Wm. M. Levy, Col. comdg. 

2nd Lieut. L. Flournoy is appointed A. A. A. G. of the 
command. A. D. S. Va-E-i4- 

1861, Sept. 7, Hd-Qrs. Forces near Harod s Mill. G. O. 2. 
Sig: L. Flournoy, Adjt. By order Wm. M. Levy, Col. comdg. 
There will be battalion drill of 2nd La., and I5th Va., 
daily, from 9:30 to II A. M., and company drills daily for 
one hour at 4 P. M. all officers and privates present, not on 
special duty and not excused by commanding officers of their 
commands, must be present. Guard mounting at 9 A. M. 
number that may be granted leave from camp permits must 
be signed by Col. comdg. regiment sinks for 2nd La. and 
1 5th Cav. to be dug at least 200 yards from rear of lines 
thin layer of dirt to be thrown daily over deposits in sinks 
work to be done by prisoners of respective regiments if are 
no prisoners, by detailed regimental fatigue parties. "The 
health of the Regiments is of paramount importance and it 
can best be promoted by scrupulous neatness and cleanliness 
in the encampments; therefore commanding officers of Regi 
ments, detachments and companies are particularly enjoined 
to preserve such cleanliness in their camps. 

A. D. S. B-SI-IQ. 

1861, Sept. 7, Hd-Qrs. Forces near Harold s Mill. G. O. 3. 
Sig: L. Flournoy, Adjt., by order of Wm. M. Levy, [Col. 

Officers are to see that private property is not disturbed 
by the men prisoners to do police duty. 

A. D. S. Va-E-is. 

1864, Oct. 29, n. p. Jas. F. Lewis, John [ ?] F. Bowers. 
Oath before F. C .Cox, Capt. and A. A. G., Terry s Brig. 

loss of weight in cattle killed due to mistake in estimate 


Lewis clerk, and Bowers butcher, to Maj. W. B. Stanard. 315 

D. S. -8-24-4-5. 

1863, Jany. 24, near Lisbon, [Va.] G. W. Leyburn to [Hon. 
John Goode.] 

Requesting that Congress call on the Executive to appoint 
a day of fasting and prayer. A. L. S. Davis-4iib. 

1862, May 29, n. p. [Camp ist Va. Batln.] Jonathan Lilly, 
Capt. Co. B; Neville C. Beckley, ist Lieut. Co. B; Wm. H. 
McDonald, Capt. Co. F ; D. B. Baldwin, Capt. Co. D ; John M. 
Scott, 2nd Lieut. Co. F ; Thos. A. Snider, 3rd Lieut. Co. F, and 
15 other officers, to Lt.-Col. Derrick, comdg. 316 

Requesting the appointment of Lieut. Jas. H. Harden as 
Adjutant of the Regiment. D. S. L- 

[1863,] Mch. 27, n. p., "Office." J. J. Limkins, to Governor 
[John Letcher.] 

I hear political prisoners are being exchanged do not 
forget young Hipkins, 317 confined almost two years at Fort 
Warren "His release will take a load of anguish from the 
patriot mother; and send another good soldier into the field." 

Endsd: "Ex. Dept. Va. Apr. 3, 63 refd. to Hon. Ro. 
Quid, 318 by order the Governor, S. Bassett French, Col. and 
A. D. C." A. L. S. L- 

1862, May 18, Vicksburg, Miss. Lon Lindsay, Mayor; S. 
Phillips Lee, U. S. N. 

Correspondence as to bombardment of Vicksburg. 

Printed: O. R., S. I, v. 15, pp. 12-14. 

Copy [?] Miss-III-33- 

1864, J un e 25, Sparta, Ga. Frank L. Little, Sec. Comm. to 
Rev. Jno. W. Talley, Ch n., Jas. H. Middlebrooks [ ?], W. H. 
Brantly, Geo. W. Bass, Archy Jackson and Tom Whaley. 

315 Cf. pp. 199, 218. 

316 See supra, pp. 236, 239, 268-69. 

317 See supra, p. 275. 
818 See ibid. 


You are appointed Comm. to collect supplies in the neigh 
borhood for the wounded of Genl. Johnston s army articles 
to be collected disposition accept money where provisions 
cannot be secured the latter greatly preferred. 

A. L. S. Tex-74. 

1864, Dec. 7, Hd-Qrs. Tex. Brigade. M. Livingston, Capt. Co. 
C, 4th Texas; J. B. Boyd, 2nd Lieut; R. M. Franks [?], 2nd 
Lieut. Co. D ; R. J. Tedford, 3rd Lieut. Co. H ; G. E. Lyck, 1st 
[Lieut.] Co. H; T. J. McLaurin, Capt. Co. B ; E. T. Terrell, 
Asst. Surg., and seven others to Pres. Jefferson Davis. 

Asking appointment of Lt.-Col. C. M. Winkler, 4th Texas, 
as Brig.-Genl. to succeed deceased Genl. John Gregg 319 as 
comdg. officer, Texas Brig. ist, 4th, 5th Tex. and 3rd Ark., 
Field s Div., Longstreet s Corps, A. N. V. L. S. Tex-s6. 

1861, July 31, Camp Crescent Rifles. Danl. D. Logan to Julia 
P. Logan, [his sister, Glen Cameron, N. C.] 

Movements of the command impressions of the Army. 

A. L. S. SC-I55- 

1861, Oct. 3, Va. D[anl.] D. Logan to Julia [P. 


Personal matters army and home friends. 

A. L. S. SC-I54. 

1861, Nov. 6, Williamsburg, [Va.] Danl. D. Logan to Julia 
[P. Logan.] 

Movements health personal matters. 

A. L. S. SC-I55- 

1863, Oct. 13, Hd-Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps, [A. N. V.] S. V. 
Southall, [A. A. A. G.,] by order Brig.-Genl. [A. L.] Long, 320 
comdg., etc. Circular. 

Order for choice of camps by Battalions on the march. 

A. D. S. B-35-3. 

319 Gregg had been killed Oct. 7, 1864. See C M. H., v. u (Texas), 
p. 236. 

320 F ar General Long, see supra, p. 196, note 66. 


1863, Oct. 26, Hd-Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps, [A. N. V.] S. V. 
Southall, A. A. A. G., by order of Brig.-Genl. A. L. Long, 
comdg. [Circular.] 

Battalion commanders are to make requisitions for con 
scripts at once make recommendations where vacancies exist 
for field office of promotion take steps to fill existing com 
pany vacancies. A. D. S. 6-35-4. 

1863, Nov. 3, Hd-Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps. S. V. Southall, A. 
A. A. G., [by order Brig.-Genl. A. L. Long,] to Col. J. T. 

Genl. Long desires, owing to press upon his time, that you 
will select camps near Slaughter s Mountain to-day for the 
Battalions get supplies from nearest depots place camps 
as near together as possible. 6-35. 

1863, Nov. 5, Hd-Qrs. [Arty.] 2nd Corps, [A. N. V.] S. O. 
103. Sig: W. A. Pere[?], A. A. G., by order Brig.-Genl. 
A. L. Long. 

Appointment of Col. J. T. Brown as Chf. Arty. 2nd Corps, 
in absence of Brig.-Genl. comdg. A. D. S. 6-31-13. 

Endsd: "Reed. 12 M. Nov. 5, 1863." [J. T. B.] 

1864, Apr. 28, Hd-Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps, [A. N. V.] S. M. 
Cooper, Capt. and A. I. G. [sic] by order Brig.-Genl. A. L. 
Long. Circular. 

Report condemned horses to Maj. R. H. Carter, A. I. Field 
Transportation. D. S. 6-35-5. 

1864, Nov. 19, Staunton, Va. A. L. Long to Col. B. B. Long, 
Philadelphia, Penn. 

I have just learned that Melchior [M. Long], always dis 
tinguished for gallantry, was killed in the engagement near 
Middletown, Oct. 19 heard rumor of it, which is just con 
firmed he fell in a just cause, deeply lamented by many 
friends he was 1st Lieut, of Engrs. by his own efforts and 
"was in a sure way of further advancement." 

A. L. S. L- 


1861, Aug. 27, n. p. Melchior M. Long. 

Certificate of appointment as Fifth Sergeant Co. F, ist Va. 
Vols. rank from this date. Sig: P. F. Moore, Col., Saml. 
P. Mitchell, Adjt. P. F. S. L- 

1862, Jany. 31, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. M[elchior] M. 

Commission as Captain of Infantry, under Act No. 356, 
approved Jany. 22, 1862. Sig: J. P. Benjamin, Sec. War. 

P. F. S. L- 

1864, Apr. 30, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. M[elchior] M. 

Commission as ist Lieut. Engineer Troops rank from 
this date report to Lt.-Col. Presstman, comdg. Sig : James A. 
Seddon, Sec. War. P. F. S. L- 

1862, May 8, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Corps, [A. N. V.] G. O. . Sig: 
G. M. Sorrel, 321 A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. [J.] 

Orders to prevent straggling no men to be allowed to 
leave their commands without permission. 

D. S. Va-E-i6. 

1864, Dec - *3 Hd-Qrs. ist Corps, A. N. V. J. Longstreet to 
Rev. Dr. [Moses D.] Hoge, Richmond, Va. 

Thanks for Bible sent 322 apologies for delay in acknowl 
edging it reasons. A. L. S. SS-C-28. 

1862, Mch. 3, New Orleans, La., Hd-Qrs. Dept. No. i. S. O. 
48, VIII. Sig: Ed. A. Palfrey, Maj. and A. A. G., by com 
mand Maj.-Genl. [M.] Lovell. 

Assignment of 2nd Lieut. G. H. Frost 328 to duty in the 
city report to Maj.-Genl. comdg. D. S. La. 

321 See infra, p. 399- 

322 See supra, note 304, p. 323. 

323 See supra, p. 254. 


1864, Aug. n, Cobham, [Va.] Wm. M. Loving to R. M. 
Kent, [Louisa C. H., Va.] 

Will you procure a certificate from the enrolling officer at 
the Court-House that the application for furlough of my 
brother, P. S. Loving, Hughson s Co., Va. Reserves, has been 
favorably acted upon by the county board. 

A. L. S. K-6-i. 

1864, Feb. 12, Fort Pemberton, James Island, S. C. J. Jona 
than Lucas, Maj. comdg. Stono Fortifications, to Capt. [P. 
N.] Page, A. A. G., etc. 

In view of the military situation of John s Island, I beg 
to call attention to the armament of this Post has only 2 
smooth-bore and 2 rifled 32-pdrs by order Genl. Beauregard, 
left platform for I 8-inch and 2 lo-inch Columbiads, when the 
guns were removed to Tynes and Pringle emergency may 
arise ask for I lo-inch Columbiad nearest landing below 
the fort is at Gervais , about 4250 yards this is in range of 
lo-inch Columbiad and of rifled 32-pdrs. shells from the 
former would be fairly effective would like an 8-inch Col 
umbiad also. A. L. S. J-i8-5- 

1863, Mch. 3, near Petersburg, Va., camp 38th Va. Regt. 
Jas. N. McAlpine, Surg. 38th Va., to Maj. G. M. Sorrel, 
A. A. G. 

Request 20 days leave of absence for Saml. Y. Brown, 
Hospital Steward he enlisted Apr. 20, 1861, and re-enlisted 
for the war has never had furlough or commutation, never 
absent from his Regiment. A. L. S. M- 

Endsd : 4 approvals ; fourth, G. M. Sorrel, A. A. G. transport 
ation furnished returned. 

1864, [Apr. 18,] Morton s Ford, [Va.] E. S. McCarthy, 
{Capt.] comdg. ist Howitzer Co. 

15 days leave of absence to Edwin F. Barnes, this com 
mand, to visit Richmond. D. S. Va-C-S3. 
Endsd: Approved, H. C. Cabell, Col. comdg.; R. S. Ewell, 

Lt.-Genl. comdg. ; W. H. Taylor, A. A. G., by order Genl. 

R. E. Lee. A. S. 


1861, May 31, Richmond, Va. Bruce McClelland [?], Asst. 

Invoice of quarter-master stores turned over to Mrs. 
Bradley Johnson, 324 by request of Gov. Letcher 2802 yds. 
tent cloth ; 200 blankets ; 2 pr. wrappers ; 4 gross buckles. 

D. S. Md-86. 

1861, May 26, Fairfield, Rockbridge Co., Va. E. J. McClurg 
to Capt C. Y. Litchfield. 

Inquiry as to my "friends and correspondents," A. M. 
Crockett and Mr. Colley have heard nothing of them since 
fighting began please communicate with them. 325 

A. L. S. C r 45-i. 

Appended : C. L. Litchfield communicating the above to 
Colley. 0^45-ib. 

1862, Jany. 17, Hd-Qrs. 24[?] Div., Columbus, Ky. J. P. 
McCown, Brig.-Genl., to Maj 

Report of various troops sent out in obedience to orders 
no enemy seen positive information they were in the locality 
yesterday. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-3i. 

1863, Sept. 21, Richmond, Va., C. S. Patent Office. Z. Me- 
Daniel, Glasgow, Ky. 

Patent to ; for "Improvement in torpedoes." 326 Sig : T. 
H. Watts, Atty.-Genl. ; Rufus R. Rhodes, Commr. of Patents. 

P. F. S. Ga-ga-3-4i. 
Specifications for the same. D. n. S. . Ga-ga-3-43. 

186-, n. d., n. p. McEvoy s Time Fuze for Rifled Shells. 

Description of preparation of shrapnel for rifled guns. 
n. s. D. n. S. Va-E-4. 

1863, May 19, Camp Hill, Va. McGehee to his 


324 Cf. supra, pp. 186-87, 222, 312. 

325 The writer was evidently a woman. The Colley referred to is Tho?. 
W. Colley, see supra, p. 223. 

326 See index, Torpedoes. 


My wound details of deaths in the command fight with 
Sickle s command. A. L. n. S. 80447. 

1862, Jany. 20, n. p., Office of Chf. Q-M., Dept. N. Va. C. M. 
McGivern to Capt. Colin D. Clarke, A. Q-M. 

Maj. Cabell requests the return of his book with lists of 
wagons and teams 327 he suggests you make a copy of the 
entries he wishes the book by Wednesday, when he moves. 

A. L. S. Q-2-48. 

1862, Jany. 18, Centreville, [Va.,] Camp Allen. John K. 
Mclver, Capt. to Col 

Movements of the campaign personal matters. 

1861, July 18, near Williamsburg, Va., camp Hd-Qrs. L. 
McLaws, Col. loth Ga. Regt., to Maj. G. B. Cosby, Adjt. Genl. 

Requesting the return of the carpenters engaged in con 
structing the magazine they went off with their commands 
yesterday the magazines are unfinished. 

A. L. S. B-33-I- 
Endsd. with order for detail until the carpenters return. 

1863, Jany. i, camp I5th La. Vols. C. W. McLellan, Capt. 
Co. F, 1 5th Regt. La. Vols., to Lt.-Col. McG. Goodwyn. 

Request that Priv. P. Dowd may be returned to duty 
was sent on detail for 10 days and kept 5 months. 

A. L. S. M-4i. 

Endsd: I. Forwarded. W. B. Taliaferro: Order Dowd s re 
turn if this brigade is doing excessive detail duty. 
2. Edmd. Pendleton, comdg. Starke s brigade : There 
is no way of ascertaining what details are fur 
nished by the different brigades. 

1862, Mch. 31, [Wynne s Mill, Va?] M. C. Macon, Capt. Co. 
I, ist [Va.] Arty. 

Return of command for this month 3 officers, 109 en 
listed men, present and absent 13 absent. 

D. n S. 62-42-4. 

327 For the book, see W. L. Cabell, supra, p. 217. 


[1862,] Apr. 5-7, Wynne s Mill, [Va.] M. C. Macon, Capt. 
comdg. Arty. 

Report of ammunition fired these days Fayette Arty., 
102; Howitzer Co., 89. D. S. W-22-ig. 

1862, Apr. n-May 2, Wynne s Mill, Va. M. C. Macon, Capt. 
comdg. Arty. 

18 daily consolidated reports of artillery here men pres 
entnumber and condition of horses amount and character 
of ammunition. In station : Richmond Howitzers, Fayette 
Artillery, Southall s, Troop, Bedford and Stribling s Arty., 
with minor changes Missing: Apr. 13, 18, 20 and 28. 

D. S. W-22. 

1861, Feb. 9, Montgomery, [Ala.] C. J. McRae to Chas. 
Walsh, Mobile, (Ala.] 

Davis elected Pres. Stephens of Ga. Vice-Pres. com 
mittee appointed to revise tariff and report immediately 
until then old tariff remains in force 328 "what is doing in 
cotton." Tel. Ala-i6s. 

1861, Feb. 21, Montgomery, [Ajla.] C. J. McRae to Chas. 

Toombs Sec. of State; Memminger, of Treasury; L. P. 
Walker, of War others not appointed Slidell, Yancey and 
probably Manning of S. C. will be sent to Europe. 

Tel. Ala-i6s. 

1861, Apr. 17, Charleston, [S. C.] D. K. McRae to Gov. 
[J. W.] Ellis. 

Governor will furnish n mounted guns, 100 Ibs. shot and 
shell for each, 20,000 Ibs. powder, if at Wilmington 329 leave 
to-morrow require outlay to forward have obtained 8 ar 
tillery [sic] ask approval. Tel. 

1861, Apr. 18, Charleston, [S. C.] D. K. McRae to Gov. [J. 
W.] Ellis. 

328 That is, the former United States tariff. 

329 Cf. Pickens to Ellis, April 18, 1861, infra, p. 364. 


Officers advise twelve men be detailed and sent here from 
an Arty. Co. to be drilled in handling Columbiads will be 
familiar with them by the time the guns are ready report 
to Gov. s Hd-Qrs. leave to-night with 4 guns and supply of 
ammunition. Tel. NC-I53. 

1861, Apr. 21, n. p. John C. McRae to Gov. [J. W.] Ellis. 

Major Whitney, C. S. A., leaves to-night to report to you 
for duty Jones is with you Tuesday. Tel. NC-I53. 

1865, Jany. 24, Charleston Race Course, [S. C.] B. W. Mc- 
Tureousf?], Capt. comdg. Detachment. 

Report of arms, ammunition, horses, equipment, etc. of de 
tachment Butler s Brig., S. C. Cav. 3 officers, 34 enlisted men. 

A. S. T-25-8. 

1861, June 3, Div. Hd-Qrs. Yorktown, [Va.] G. O. . Sig: 
G. B. Cosby, A. A. A. G., by order Col. [J. B.] Magruder, 330 

Placing Capt. Brown, Howitzer Batln, in command of all 
Arty., except Peyton s company. D. S. Va-E-i5. 

1861, July 5, Hd-Qrs. Bartletts, [Va.] J. B. Magruder, Brig.- 
Genl. comdg., to [Capt. J. Thompson Brown.] 

You are placed in charge of the Arty. where the guns 
are to be posted advisability of entrenching the hill occupied 
by Norwood s batln. A. S. Va-E-i5. 

1861, July 5, Bartlett s, [Va.] J. B. Magruder, Brig.-Genl. 
comdg., to Capt. [J. T.] Brown, comdg. Arty. 

Ordering the two Arty, pieces which arrived yesterday to 
be placed for the protection of the right flank their location. 

A. S. Va-E-is. 

1861, July 15, Hd-Qrs. Williamsburg, Va. S. O. 141. Sig: 
G. B. Cosby, Maj. and A. A. G., by order [Brig.-] Genl. [J. 
B.] Magruder, to Capt. J. Thompson Brown. 

330 J. Bankhead Magruder. For his career see C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 
632-34 ; Long in So. Hist. Soc. Papers, v. 12, p. 105 ff. 


Report to Col. McLaws, in charge Arty, near Williams- 
burg drill the artillery there procure wagons for caissons 
arrange the ammunition detail to accompany you. 

A. S. 6-31-15. 

1861, July 26, Williamsburg, [Va.,] Dept. Hd-Qrs. S. O. 195. 
Sig: H. M. Stanard, Lieut, and A. D. C, by order [Brig.-] 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Assignment of guns to companies of Garrett, Hawkins and 
Cosnehan. Capt. Brown of Howitzers is to drill the com 
panies, and in co-operation with Capt. Rives, Chf. Engrs., they 
will be protected by Col. Hunt s regiment guns to be located 
on Gore wharf for drill, but to be removed to "this side" of 
Utopia Bottom in case enemy approaches or attack Col. Hunt 
will so order the artillery companies are exempted from all 
special duties except guard duty over their pieces and stables. 

A. S. B-3I-I8. 

1861, Sept. 27, Camp Phillips, [Va.] S. O. 408, n. s., by order 
[Brig.-] Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Assignment of Col. Johnston 331 to command of forces at 
and near Harrold s Mill Genl. Hill s command is relieved by 
orders from Hd-Qrs. D. n. S. 6-31-21. 

1861, Oct. 26, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. J. 
Bankhead Magruder, Maj.-Genl. comdg., to Gov. John Letcher. 

Requesting the consolidation of Montague s and Tomlin s 
Batlns, and Waddell s Co. into a regiment Montague as Col. 

L. S. Va-E-4. 

1861, Nov. 6, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. S. 
O. 495. Sig: Jn. Jones, A. A. G., by order [Maj.-] Genl. 
[J. B.] Magruder. 

Assignment of Capt. de Goumay to duty his command 
to establish regular drill to receive orders direct from Col. 
Randolph, comdg. Arty. D. S. 6-31-24. 

331 See supra, p. 303. The mill to which reference is made is spelt 
both "Harrold s" and "Harold s." 


1861, Nov. 17, Hd-Qrs. Alrmy Peninsula, in the Field near 
Bethel, [Va.J G. A. Cary, A. D. C., [by order Maj.-Genl. 
J. B. Magruder,] to Maj. J. Thompson Brown, Bethel. 

Acknowledge your letter to Genl. Magruder 332 enclose 
you his endorsation, with approval. A. L. S. 6-33-5. 

1861, Dec. 17, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
S. O. 549. Sig: Henry Bryan, A. A. G., by order Maj.-Genl. 
[J. B.] Magruder. 

Maj. [J. T.] Brown is to mount and equip six pieces of 
field artillery to remain as at present until arrival of Glouces 
ter militia terms of division then. D. S. 6-31-25. 

1861, Dec. 20, Dept. Hd-Qrs., Dept. Peninsula. Henry Bryan, 
A. A. G., [by order Maj.-Genl. J. B. Magruder.] 

General Magruder requests close perusal of S. O. No. 552, 
conveying his plans of defence keep it strictly private. 

D. S. Va-E-i 4 . 

1862, Jany. 18, Yorktown, Va., Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
G. O. 132. Sig: Henry Bryan, A. A. G., by order [Maj.-] 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Appointment of Cadet G. AV Magruder as Actg. Inspr. 
Genl. of the department. P. D. S. 6-31-1. 

1862, Jany. 19, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
G. O. 133. Sig: Henry Bryan, A. A. G., by order [Maj.-] 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Comdg. officers will make known that ship-carpenters and 
joineis are needed for Navy Dept. names to be furnished and 
forwarded. P. D. S. 6-31-2. 

1862, Jany. 21, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
G. O. 134. Sig: G. A. Magruder, A. A. A. G., by order [Maj.-] 
[Maj.-] Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Office-hours of comdg. Genl. P. D. S. 6-31-4. 

332 See Brown to Magruder, Nov., 1861, supra, p. 205. 


1862, Jany. 23, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
G. O. 139. Sig: G. A. Magruder, A l t A. A. G., by order 
[Maj.-]Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Modifying G. O. 136, Jany. 22, 1862, so as to limit afternoon 
drill to one hour, for infantry artillery and cavalry as usual. 

P. D. S. 6-31-5. 

1862, Jany. 26, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
G. O. 136 [sic]. Sig: G. A. Magruder, A. A. A. G., by order 
[Maj.-]Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Repeating G. O. 133 names will be forwarded at once. 

P. D. S. 6-31-3. 

1862, Jany. 29, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
G. O. 140. Sig: G. A. Magruder, A. A. A. G., by order Maj.- 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Regulations for preparation of Company Monthly Returns 
how forwarded. P. D. S. 6-31-6. 

1862, Jany. 30, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
G. O. 141. Sig: G. A. Magruder, A. A. A. G., by order Maj.- 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

No official communications to be received without regula 
tion endorsation. P. D. S. 6-31-7. 

1862, Jany. 30, Yorktown, Va., Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. S. 
O. . Sig: G. A. Magruder, A. A. A. G., by command Maj.- 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

"The following letter from the Secretary of War to Major 
General Magruder is published for the information of the 
forces in this Department. 

Richmond, War Dept., Jany. 25, 1862. 

I have received your letter of the I5th inst., making two 
enquiries concerning the recent law of Congress, relating to 

To your first enquiry, I reply, that in the call upon any 
State, for its quota for the common defence, the Volunteers 


from that State who enlist for the War, will be considered as 
forming a portion of said quota. 

To your second enquiry, I reply, that such Troops, as are 
re-enlisted under the recent Act of Congress, are forces raised 
by Congress, by virtue of a plain provision of the Constitu 
tion. The re-enlisted Regiments are authorized by the law 
to elect their Field Officers; and it is not supposed that any 
objection will be made in any quarter, to an enactment so 
clearly within the power of Congress. 

Your obd t serv t., 

(Signed) J. P. BENJAMIN, 

Sect, of War. * 
P. D. S. 6-31-10. 

1862, Feb. 3, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
G. O. 142. Sig: G. A. Magruder, A. A. A. G., by order Maj.- 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Appointment of John Donnell Smith, of Baltimore, Md., as 
Actg. A. D. C. P. D. S. B-3I-8. 

1862, Feb. 4, Yorktown, Va., Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. G. O. 
143. Sig: G. A. Magruder, A. A. A. G., by order Maj.-Genl. 
[J. B.] Magruder. 

Office of Genl. comdg. is besieged by officers and enlisted 
men presenting applications for leaves of absence and fur 
loughs. This is contrary to orders must be forwarded by 
mail or express through comdg. officers disobedience to this 
order will not be tolerated no applications will be entertained 
unless number of officers and men absent is stated, with their 
post offices form specified. P. D. S. 6-31-9. 

1862, Mch. 14, Yorktown, [Va.] Henry Bryan, A. A. G., 
[by order Maj.-Genl. J. B. Magruder,] to Maj. J. Thompson 

Decision of the Genl. comdg. on requisition for artillery 
horses. A. L. S. 6-34-12. 

1862, Mch. 25, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Dept. of Peninsula. 
S. O. 698, VIII. Sig: Henry Bryan, A. A. G., by order Maj.- 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 


Maj. [J. T.] Brown is to furnish full report of artillery 
horses on left wing. D. S. 3-31-26. 

1862, Mch. 27, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
S. O. 701. Sig: J. L. Brent, A. D. C., by command Maj.-Genl. 
[J. B.] Magruder. 

Order for mustering out of ist La. Batln disposition of 
their equipment appreciation of their services. The "enemy 
in vast numbers" is at the front the Genl. conidg. hopes the 
command will not emulate the Pennsylvanians at Manassas 
"who moved to the rear to the sound of the enemy s cannon" 
while publishing this order, the Genl. comdg. is satisfied 
no company will avail itself of it, until reinforcements have 
arrived to "meet successfully the impending blow" thanks 
to Lt.-Col. Righton and the Batln. D. S. F-2O-4- 

1862, Mch. 30, Lee s Farm, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
S. O. 704, VII. Sig: Henry Bryan, A. A. G., by command of 
Maj.-Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Maj. J. Thompson Brown is to supervise the artillery from 
Yorktown to Lee s Farm, consulting the comdg. officers in 
their respective territories. A. D. S. 6-31-27. 

1862, Mch. 31, Lee s Farm, Va., Hd-Qrs. Dept. Peninsula. 
S. O. 706. Sig: Henry Bryan, A. A. G., by order of Maj.- 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Lt.-Col. Cabell having returned, Major J. T. Brown will 
turn over to him arrangement and supervision of Arty, at 
Lee s Farm, retaining same from Lee s Mill to Yorktown, in 
cluding Arty, in Col. R. A. Pryor s position. 

A. D. S. 6-31-28. 

1862, Apr. i, Lee s Farm, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Dept. Peninsula. 
Henry Bryan, A. A r G., [by order Maj.-Genl. J. B. Magruder,] 
to Maj. J. T[hompson] Brown, Yorktown, [Va.] 

The Genl. comdg. approves your suggestion a detach 
ment of Capt. Nelson s battery will report to you to-morrow 
to be assigned to the proposed position Col. Pryor will con 
struct the redoubt. A. L. S. 6-34-15. 


1862, Apr. 7, "In the field." A. G. Dickinson, A. A. G., by 
command Maj.-Genl. [J. B.J Magruder, to [Brig.-]Genl. [G. 
J.] Rains. 333 

As Capt. Page s rifle-pie.ce is small, out of order and not 
of range, give him one of Capt. Nelson s rifle pieces. 

O. C. 6-31-29. 

1862, Apr. 7, u ln the field." S. O. . Sig: A. G. Dickinson, 
A. A. G., by command of Maj.-Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

[Brig.-] Genl. [G. J.] Rains will send the 24-pdr. arriving 
to-day, to Redoubt No. 4, to be exchanged for one of Capt. 
Richardson s 32-pdrs. O. C. 6-31-29. 

1862, Apr. 9, Lee s Farm, Va., Hd-Qrs. Dept. P[eninsul]a. 
S. O. . Sig: Henry Bryan, A. A. G., by command Maj.- 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Lt.-Col. J. Thompson Brown will report to Brig.-Genl. J. 
A. Early, 3rd Div., as Chief of Artillery of that Div. he will 
continue to supervise Brig.-Genl. [Howell] Cobb s Artillery 

A. S. 

1862, Apr. 4, Lee s Farm, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Arty, of P[enin- 
sul]a. S. O. . Sig: Henry Coalter Cabell, Col., etc., by 
order Maj.-Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Directions for the protection of the artillery horses from 
the enemy s fire horses to be unharnessed at night. 

D. S. Va-E-i7. 

1862, Apr. 14, Lee s Farm, Va., Hd-Qrs. Dept. P[eninsul]a. 
S. O. 731, XIV. Sig: Henry Bryan, A. A. G., by command 
of Maj.-Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Capt. Hardaway s battery will report to Maj.-Genl. Hill 
at Yorktown, to relieve Carter s BatVery the latter will re 
port to Genl. Rodes. In absence of Genl. Hill, Genl. Rains 
will order this. Copy? 6-31-32. 

833 For Rains, see C M. H., v. 4, p. 339 ff. 


1862, Apr. 14, Lee s Farm, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Dept. P[eninsul]a. 
S. O. 732, IV. Sig: Henry Bryan, A. A. G., by command 
Maj.-Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

"Rifle Guns and Parrot Guns will only be fired at long 
range, smooth bore guns are more effective at short dis 
tances." O. C. 6-31-31. 

1862, Apr. 14, Lee s Farm, [Va.] Henry Bryan, A. A. G., [by 
order Maj.-Genl. J. B. Magruder,] to Lt.-Col. J. T[hompson] 

General Magruder directs that you ascertain if any shell 
with copper discs have been fired from the 24-pdr. in Redoubt 
4. Col. Gorgas has directed such to be used, hence the query. 

A. L. S. 6-34-16. 

1862, Apr. 15, Lee s Farm, [Va.] Henry Bryan, A. A. G., 
[by order Maj.-Genl. J. B. Magruder,] to Lt.-Col. J. T[homp- 
son] Brown, Chf. Arty., 3rd Div., Army Peninsula. 

Requesting a copy of Magruder s order of the night of the 
I3th, from Early s Hd-Qrs., arranging the Arty. 

A. L. S. 6-34-17. 

1862, Apr. 15, Lee s Farm, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
S. O. 733, X. Sig: W. A. Alston, A. A. G., by command Maj.- 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Detailed acting surgeons of Batteries of detailed Companies 
are authorized to make requisitions on medical purveyor at 
Williamsburg ; the latter to issue with approval of the comdg. 
Co. officer brigade commanders will make this known. 

A. D. S. B-3I-35- 

1862, Apr. 16, Lee s Farm, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Dept. P[eninsul]a. 
S. O. 733, VII. Sig: W. A. Alston, A. D. C, by command 
Maj.-Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Maj. [S. D.] Ramseur 38 * will take charge of the Artillery 
in Redoubts 4 and 5, m reporting to Maj.-Genl. [D. H.] Hill 
at Yorktown. A. D. S. 6-31-36. 

334 For Ramseur, see C. M. H., v. 4, pp. 341-43- 

335 Cf. Brown to Hill, Apr. 22, 1862, supra, p. 207. 


1862, Apr. 17, Lee s Farm, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Army Peninsula. 
S. O. 734. Sig: A. G. Dickinson, A. A. G., by command Maj.- 
Genl. [J. B.] Magruder. 

Lt.-Col. [J. T.] Brown to furnish certain horses to Capt. 
Stanley, Troop Arty. A. D. S. 6-31-37. 

Endsd : Executed. 

[1862, Apr.?] n. d., n. p., Hd-Qrs. Army P. A. [sic.] S. O. . 
Sig: Henry Coalter Cabell, by order Maj.-Genl. [J. B.] 

Maj. [S. D.] Ramseur 336 will report to [Maj.-] Genl. 
Magruder it was so ordered yesterday probably did [not?] 
receive the order. A. D. S. 6-31-34. 

1*863, July 17, Talladega, [Ala.,] Office A. Q.-M. Jno. Maguire, 
Capt. and A. Q-M. 

Receipt to Hon. J. L. M. Curry for 22^ bushels of oats 
on account of tax in kind, present crop. A. S. Ala-Cur. 

1862, Dec. 30, Hd-Qrs. Mahone s Brig., Anderson s Div. S. 
O. . Sig: R. Taylor, A. A. G., by order Brig.-Genl. [Wm.] 
Mahone. 337 

2nd Lieut. Jas. E. Tyler 338 is promoted ist Lieut., vacant 
by promotion rank from Aug. 15, 1862. 

Copy. Va-E-2o. 

1863, Jany 21, Hd-Qrs. Mahone s Brig., Anderson s Div. S. 
O. 10, I and II. Sig: R. Taylor, A. A. G., by order Brig.- 
Genl. [Wm.] Mahone. 

Jas. E. Tyler is promoted Capt. Co. G, I2th Va. Infy., 
having passed examination appointment subject to approval 
of War Dept. O. C. Va-E-2O. 

1864, July 26, [Hd-Qrs.] Anderson s Div. Wm. Mahone, 
Brig.-Genl. etc. 

" See S. O. 733, VIL, supra. 

337 For Mahone, see C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 634-36. For his Crater charge, 
see Wm. H. Stewart, infra, p. 500. 

338 See infra, p. 428. 


Certificate of gallantry and good conduct of Pvt. Nash, 
I2th Va. Infy. A. S. Va-E-2o. 

1861, Apr. 22, Montgomery, Ala., Navy Dept. S. R. Mallory, 
Sec., etc., to Paymaster Henry Meyers, C. S. N., New Or 
leans, La. 

Giving heads under which requisitions should be made. 

L. S. Fla-ga-is. 

1862, July 24, Richmond, Va., Navy Dept. S. R. Mallory, 
Sec., etc., to Flag Officer Josiah Tattnall, 339 C. S. N., Rich 
mond, Va. 

Enclose decision of court-martial before which you were 
brought will see that after a full and satisfactory investiga 
tion, you were honorably acquitted of all the charges against 
you. L. S. Ga-ga-s-ig. 

1863, Feb. 21, Richmond, [Va.,] Navy Dept. S. R. Mallory, 
Sec. etc., to Comdr. J. D. Bulloch, 340 Liverpool, England. 

Letter in cipher: The movements and whereabouts of the 
Alabama. L. S. Ga-ga-3-i3. 

1863, May 23, Richmond, Va., Navy Dept. S. R. Mallory, 
Sec. etc. to Comdr. J. D. Bulloch, Liverpool, Eng. 

List of regular paid spies of U. S. doubtless known to you 
get information of one Delafield, called "the Count" sub 
scribe to, and send certain papers. L. S. Ga-ga-3-i3- 

1863, Sept. 25, Richmond, [Va.,] Navy Dept. S. R. Mallory, 
Sec., to 2nd Lieut Matthew P. Goodwyn, C. S. N. 

Notification of appointment as 2nd Lieut., C. S. N., for 
gallant conduct in the capture of the U. S. gunboats "Satellite" 
and "Reliance," on Rappahannock River, Aug. 23, 1863, in ex 
pedition under Lieut. John T. Wood, C. S. N. 341 

L. S. Va-I-44- 

339 For Tattnall, see infra, p. 419. 

340 See C. M. H., v. i, pp. 631-33. See Bulloch s own narrative: The 
Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe . . . (N. Y., 1884). 

341 Goodwyn was at this time a midshipman. For mention of him see 
Wood s report, O. R., Naval, s. I, v. 5, pp. 344-45. For the Federal reports 
and investigation of the capture, sae ibid., pp. 332-44. 


[1861, Feb. 22, Montgomery, Ala.] Rev. Basil Manly, D.D. 

[Prayer at Inauguration of Jefferson Davis, Pres. C. S. 
A.] 342 A. n S. Ala. 

1861, Feb. 15, Baton Rouge, [La.] Thos. C. Manning. 
[Gov.] Pliny D. Hardy, Sec. State. P. F. S. La. 

Commission as supervisor of State Seminary and Military 
Academy, for term ending Oct. I, 1864. Sig: Tho. O. Moore, 

1 86 1, May 8, Baton Rouge, [La.] Thos. C. Manning. 

Commission as junior 2nd Lieut., Rapides Co. Vols. five 
year term rank from this date. Sig: Tho. O. Moore, [Gov.] 
P. D. Hardy, Sec. State. P. F. S. La. 

1861, May 20, Baton Rouge, [La.] Thos. C. Manning. 

Commission as Aid-de-camp to the Governor, with rank of 
Lt.-Col. rank from this date. Sig: Tho. O. Moore, [Gov.] 
Pliny D. Hardy, Sec. State. P. F. S. La. 

1862, Mch. 6, Baton Rouge, [La.] Thos. C. Manning. 
Commission as Aide-de-camp to the Governor, with rank 

of Lt.-Col. rank from May 20, 1861. Sig: Tho. O. Moore, 
[Gov.] P. D. Hardy, Sec. of State. P. F. S. La. 

1863, Sept. 16, Shreveport, [La.] Thos. C. Manning. 

Commission as Brig.-Genl. and Adjt.-Genl., La. State 
troops rank from this date. Sig: Tho. O. Moore, [Gov.] 
P. D. Hardy, Sec. State. P. F. S. La. 

1862, Aug. 18, Camp 2nd Brigade. Jacob A. Marks, ist Lieut, 
comdg. Bat., to Maj. Seddon. 

A vacancy of 2nd Lieutenancy exists in Jackson Arty., 
Cutshaw s Battery, because of death of Lieut. C. M. Barton 
killed at Winchester the company unanimously chose David 
Barton for the place recommend him accordingly. 

A. L. S. M-49. 

342 Dr. Manly was at this time pastor of Baptist church in Montgom 
ery. See T. A. Owen, Dr. Basil Manly . . . (Montgomery, 1904; Ala. 
His. Soc. Rep., No. 5). 


Endsd: "Approvd and forwd." D. R. Dunn, A. A. A. G., by 
order of Maj. Seddon. A. S. 

1862, May 16, Shaws P ork [sic.] Sam M. Marshall to Gen. 
Taliafero [Brig.-Genl. W. B. Taliaferro.] 

Enclose list of damages, $67.50 less than what the ap 
praisers allowed disposition of the funds. 

A. L. S. TV47- 7 . 

1863, May 8, n. p., Hd-Qrs. Martin s Cav. Div., Wheeler s 
Corps. Will T. Martin, 343 Brig.-Genl. comdg. Div., to Maj. 
E. S. Burford, A. A. G. 

Condition of this command. A. L. S. Ga-ga-4-n. 

1862, Jany. i-June 18, n. p. Ben. T. Marvin, Co. D, 44th N. Y. 
Diary between these dates entries irregular. 344 


1861, May 22, Harper s Ferry, [Va.,] Div. Hd-Qrs. J. W. 
Massie 345 to Capt. [Thompson] McAllister. 

Report at sunrise at Col. Hill s Hd-Qrs. to act as Com 
missioner in taking vote of 4th Infy. on the Ordinance of the 
Convention. D. S. Va-F-g. 

1862, Mch. 26, Camp Rondally, [Va.] V. Maurin, Capt. [of 
Artillery,] to Maj. [J. Thompson] Brown. 

Report on hand 80 horses and 10 mules 10 of these unfit 
for service I expect 30 horses and 10 mules from Richmond, 
with harness to use six horses "to each piece and caisson." 

A. D. S. 6-34-14. 

1862, May i, near Yorktown, [Va.] V. Maurin, Capt. Donald- 
smith Arty., Independent Co. 

Return for April, 1862 total enlisted, 129 95 horses, 26 
mules, 5 field pieces. D. S. 62-42-5. 

343 For Martin, see C. M. H., v. 7 (Miss.), pp. 264-65. 

344 Found on the battlefield. 

345 Cf. supra, p. 282. 


1863, July 30, Mobile, Ala., Hd-Qrs. Dept. of Gulf. Dabney 
H. Maury, 346 Maj.-Genl. comdg., to Genl. S. Cooper, A. & I. 

Condition of affairs here demands the Department be ac 
curately informed I therefore send Maj. Cummins, I. Genl. 
to give full report. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-25. 

Endsd : "If President s engagements allow, Maj. Cummings 
[sic] would like a personal interview. J. A. Seddon, Sec. 
of War. 7 Aug. 63." A. S. 

1861, Aug. 2, Richmond, Va. M. F. Maury. 347 

Plan for peace a letter to be sent Washington note by 
Maury on the same. A. S. Ga-ga-3-24. 

1865, Jany. 19, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. R. I. Maury. 

Commission as Lieut.-Col. 24th Va. Infy. rank from Apr. 
9, 1863. Sig: Jas. A. Seddon, Sec. War. 

P. F. S. Va-6g. 

1863, Apr. 9-1864, Jany. 17. Wm. L. Maury, Lieut. C. S. N. 

Log of the C. S. S. "Georgia" between these dates 
weather, station, supplies bought, etc. Written in a U. S. N. 
log-book form. Ga-ga-3. 

1863, Apr. 7, Camp near Port Hudson, La., Hd-Qrs. Maxey s 
Brig. S. B. Maxey, 348 Brig.-Genl., to Maj.-Genl. F. Gardner, 34 " 

346 For D. H. Maury, see his Recollections of a Virginian . . . (N. Y., 
1894) He wrote frequent articles on the war. See his Defence of Mobile 
in 1865, (So. His. Soc. Papers, v. 3, pp. 1-13) ; Grant as a Soldier and 
Civilian, (ibid., v. 5, pp. 227-39) ; Recollections of a Campaign against 
Grant . . . 1862-3, (ibid., v. 13, pp. 285-311) ; Recollections of the Elk- 
horn Campaign, (ibid., v- 2, pp. 180-192). 

347 Matthew Fontaine Maury s contributions to Geography and Navi 
gation are well known. Unfortunately there is no satisfactory biography 
of this premier of Southern scientists. See In Memoriam Matthew Fon 
taine Maury, V. M. L (n. p., 1873). The Maury genealogy has been worked 
out in R. A. Brock: Documents . . . relating to the Huguenot Emigra 
tion to Virginia . . . (Richmond, 1886). 

848 For Maxey, see C M. H., v. 11 (Texas), pp. 246-48. 
349 For Gardner, see ibid., v. 10 (Louisiana), pp. 297-98. 


Calling attention to the unarmed condition of this com 
mand. L. S. Ga-ga-i-2g. 

1861, Apr. 22, Weldon, [N. C.] Horace Mayfield to Gov. [J. 
W.] Ellis. 

Tender services of troops of Warrenton to be included in 
the 10,000 volunteers. Tel. 

1862, Aug. 19, n. p. R. J. Mayrant, 2nd Lieut. Co. H, pth La., 
to Col. L. A. Stafford. 

Having resigned because of ill-health, I ask 20 days leave 
of absence. A. L. S. (^-56-5. 

Endsd : Approved ; L. A. Stafford, Col. comdg. and W. E. 
Starke, Brig.-Genl. comdg. 2nd La. Brigade. 

1861, Apr. 6, Montgomery, Ala., Treasury Dept. C. G. Mem- 
minger, Sec. etc., to S. R. Mallory, Sec. Navy. 

At an early date treasury notes will be issued when these 
are distributed by the officers of your department, have the 
date entered on the back of each, for from the date of dis 
tribution, interest begins the Government will not pay in 
terest for the time these notes are in the hands of the dis 
tributing agents, unissued. Copy. Fla-ga-is. 

1861, Aug. 26, Richmond, [Va.,] Treasury Dept. C. G. Mem- 
minger to Rev. Dr. Andrews. 

Your address received 350 exchange of prisoners South 
always willing exemption from capture of surgeons and 
chaplains 351 religious feeling in the army. 

A. L. S. SC-448. 

1863, Mch. 18, Richmond, [Va.,] Treasury Dept. C. G. Mem- 
minger, Sec et.c, to Lt.-Genl. J. C. Pemberton, Jackson, Miss. 

Requesting escort for treasury funds to be sent to reposi 
tory in Arkansas. 352 L. S. Ga-ga-i-28. 

350 Not found. 

351 Cf. supra, p. 31. 

852 This repository was near Little Rock, Ark. 


1864, May 9, Richmond, [Va.,] Treasury Dept. C. G. Mem- 
minger, Sec. etc. to Miss Julia Logan, Columbus, S. C. 

You are appointed clerk in this department salary $1,000, 
increased for the present to $3,ooo 353 report to S. G. Jamison, 
Chf. Treasury Note Bureau, Columbia, S. C. 

P. F. S. SC-in. 

Appended : Announcement of S. G. Jamison to same effect. 

1863, Feb. 2, Savannah, [Ga.,] Hd-Qrs. Dis. Ga. G. O. 6. 
Sig: W. W. Gordon, Capt. and A. A. G., by command Brig.- 
Genl. [Hugh W.] Mercer. 35 * 

Conveying thanks of Genl. Beauregard, ordered by tele 
graph, to defenders of Fort McAllister, for gallant action Feb. 
i, 1863. D. S. Ga-t-si. 

1863, Mch. 9, Savannah, [Ga.,] Hd-Qrs. Dis. Ga. G. O. 21. 
Sig: Geo. A. Mercer, Capt. and A. A. G., by command Brig.- 
Genl. [Hugh W.] Mercer. 

Announcing and commending successful defence of Fort 
McAllister, on Mch. 3. Copy. Ga-ga-i-33. 

1863, Mch. 18-28, [Savannah, Ga,. Oglethorpe Barracks.] H. 
W. Mercer, Brig.-Genl. ; W. B. Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. ; W. H. 
T. Walker, Brig.-Genl., Board of General Officers. 

Proceedings under S. O. 64, IV. Genl. Beauregard, to con 
sider necessary defences of Savannah. Pages 3-16, Proceed 
ings and evidence; pp. 17-23, Report, recommending large 
increase of forces, [pp. 21-22 missing.] Sig: W. W. Gor 
don, Capt., etc., Recorder. T-34. 

1863, May 16, Savannah, [Ga.,] Hd-Qrs. Dis. Ga. Geo. A. 
Mercer, Capt. and A. & I. [sic], [by order Brig.-Genl. Hugh 
W. Mercer, comdg.,] to Brig.-Genl. W. B. Taliaferro, comdg. 

Brig.-Genl. Walker s last report dates May 2, 1863, and 
gives Lt. Col. Pritchard s command as 329 yours of to-day 

a" Cf. Rhodes, Hist. U. S., v. 5, p. 369. 
354 p or Mercer, see C. M. H., v. 6, p 434. 


gives it 275 Genl. Mercer requests the difference be ac 
counted for, as report cannot be properly made with such dis 
crepancyreport 63rd Regt. [Ga?], i8th Ga. Batln and 
Pritchard s command as heavy artillery enclose copy of 
Walker s report return it. A. L. S. T-25-g. 

186-, n. d., Aug. 28, n. p. C. G. Merritt, Capt., J. H. Boughan, 
J. W. Bell, Capt. etc. 

Unsigned issue of forage to. P. F. n. S. Q-y-5. 

1864, Feb. 13, n. p. Ro. H. Miller, Capt., John S. Hix, Lieut, 
comdg. Co. B, 44th Va. Regt. 

2 Requisitions and receipts to Capt. Christian White for 
stationery, Jany. i-Mch. 31 each 2 quires foolscap paper, 3 
steel pens, 15 envelopes, y 2 lead pencil. 

P. F. S. Q-7-3-4- 

1862, Feb. 18, Richmond, [Va.] Chas. Minnigerode 355 to Pres. 
[Jefferson Davis.] 

I suggest, in view of the critical situation of affairs, that 
immediately after taking the oath, and before delivering your 
inaugural, you publicly implore Divine Blessing. 

A. L. S. Davis-4i2. 

1863, Feb. 20, Fredericksburg, Va. A "Mississippian" to Pres. 
Jefferson Davis. 

I suggest that another day of fasting and prayer be ap 
pointed, in view of the fact that "our enemies are strengthen 
ing themselves against us, and are now threatening more than 
one important point of our Confederacy." 

A. L. S. Davis-4i3. 

[ 1.861, May, Lake City, Fla.] Mrs. C. A. Mitchel to Capt. W. 
R. Moore,, Columbia Rifles. 

355 Dr. Minnigerode was rector of St. Paul s Church, Richmond, and 
was Pres. Davis spiritual adviser. Minnigerode s career was extremely 
interesting. See a sketch in the Parish Register (Rich.), Jany., 1903, pp. 


Present a flag to your command, on behalf of my sisters 
and myself, for your ready enlistment. 

A. L. S. Fla-ga-n. 

1863, Jany. 19, Thomasville, Ga. Geo. W. Mitchell. 

Receipt of ; for supplies purchased by Capt. Wm. P. Webb, 
A. Q-M. fodder @ $4.00 per C, hay @ $3.50 per C. [Form 12.] 

P. F. S. Q-4-i5-i6. 

1863, Sept. 16, Richmond, [Va.,] Navy Dept., Office Orders 
and Details. John K. Mitchell, 356 Capt. in charge. 

Midshipman Pfreston] B. Moore is detached from the 
batteries at Drewry s Bluff he will proceed to school-ship 
"Patrick Henry" and report to Wm. H. Parker, Lieut, comdg., 
for duty on that ship. P. F. S. Tex-i34 

Endsd: Forwarded; Reported. Oct. 3, 1863. 

[1861, July 27, 357 Richmond, Va.] Rev. Dr. Moore. 
Prayer at opening of the Confederate Congress. 

1864, A P r - 2 9> Hd-Qrs. Braxton s Braxton s [sic] Batln. Arty. 
M. N. Moorman, Maj. comdg. 

Monthly return of this command Cooper s, Carpenter s 
and Hardwick s batteries total present and absent, 389. 
"Since last monthly report, Dement s and Chesapeake Bat 
teries were ordered to the Maryland line and Capt. Cooper s 
Batty, ordered to this Batln. in their stead." 

A. D. S. B 2 -42-io. 

1864, Aug. 3i-Sept. 5, Corinth, [Miss.] John B. Morris. 
8 newspaper [ ?] reports of military operations. 

A. S. Ala. 

1861, Apr. 23, Norfolk, Va. P. M. Murphy to Gov. [J. W.] 

358 See C. M. H., v. n, pp. 92-94, etc. Mitchell s official correspondence 
can be found in O- R., Naval, s. i, v. 8, 9, 10, n, 12. 

357 Prayer was offered daily by the clergy of Richmond. Dr. Moore s 
name appears in Journal Congress, v. i, p. 287, at this date, 


I have resigned my federal commission am useful here, 
but my services are at the command of North Carolina, my 
native state. Tel. NC-I53- 

1864, Apr. 28, Camp near Somerville Ford, Va. Wm. Nelson, 
Lt.-Col. comdg. Batln. 

Monthly return of this command Kirkpatrick s, Milledge 
and Massie Batteries aggregate, 480. 

1864, Apr. 28, Camp near Somerville Ford, [Va.] Wm. Nel 
son, Lt.-Col. comdg. Batln. 

Report of number and kind of Guns, and number and con 
dition of Wagons, Forges, Ambulances, &c. to accompany 
Monthly Return" 13 guns, 203 serviceable horses. 

A. D. S. B 2 -42-7. 

[1*862,] Mch. 27, Camp Davis, near Savannah, [Ga.] [Mark 
Newman, Adjt. 49th Ga. Regt.] 

Report of guard-mount. 358 D. n. S. Ga-t-ss. 

[1863, July,] n. p. Mark Newman, Adjt. 49th Ga. Regt. 
Report of casualties in this command at Gettysburg. 

D. S. Ga-t-ss. 

[1865, June, Johnson s Island, O.] Mark Newman, Adjt. 49th 
Ga., A. N. V. 

Autographs of prisoners here pp. 18. Ga-t-S3. 

1864, Oct. 28, Weldon, N. C, Provost Marshal s Office. Robert 

Permit to visit Petersburg, [Va.,] "upon honor not to com 
municate in writing or verbally, any fact ascertained, which, 
if known to the enemy, might be injurious to the Confederate 
States of America." Sig: Robert Major, for J. H. Irving, 
Lieut, and Pro. Mar. P. F. S. P-27-i. 

1863, Jany. 16, near Front Royal, Va., camp Jackson s Div. 
Francis T. Nicholls, Brig.-Genl. 4th Brig., L. G. Picau [ ?] 

368 This was the first guard-mount of this regiment after it had been 
mustered into Confederate service. 


Capt. comdg. 2nd La. Regt., M. A. Grogan, Maj. 2nd La. Regt., 
James F. Metz, Capt. Co. B [sic], R. E. Burke, Lt.-Col. 2nd 
La. Regt., D. L. Griffin, Capt. Co. C, 2nd La. Regt. and 54 
other officers, to [Brig.-]Genl. [W. B.] Taliaferro. 359 

We desire to concur in a testimonial of appreciation of 
your services, in a form most agreeable to you we believe a 
letter setting forth the reasons for our esteem is the best 
form you have long been connected with this division, as 
Colonel, as Brigade Commander, as Division commander 
Since Winder s death your name is indissoluble from the divi 
sion s glory you participated in every possible conflict and 
bear signs of a severe wound, "and scars are the signs by 
which the Veterans of the division are known" your skill, 
vigilance and solicitude for the troops your maintenance of 
discipline "by combining with firmness that courteous and 
gentlemanly bearing, which makes obedience a pleasure" 
we hope you will be made a Major-General. 

L.S. T-SI. 

1863, Mch. 14, n. p. J. J. Northcutt, A. Q-M., ist Ga. State 

Special requisition for forage for "public horses" speci 
fied present supply is exhausted. F. S. N-y. 

1863, Jany. 23, Richmond, Va., Subsistence Dept. L. B. 
Northrup, 3 C. S., to Hon. J. A. Seddon, Sec. of War. 

Report of mismanagement and loss of subsistence stores 
at Vicksburg and Port Hudson. L. S. Ga-ga-i-iy. 

1865, Jany. 4, Richmond, [Va.] N. L. Norton to John F. 
Meyer. 381 

Enclose list of officers appointed about Feb. 27, 1863, of 
whom I wish information: Capts. Wm. T. Clarkson, R. H. 
Carter, W. G. [?] Tayne, George Haymaker, N. L. Norton, 

359 Genl. Taliaferro was about to be sent to Savannah, Georgia, where 
he assumed command in March, 1864. See supra, p. 227. 
seo For Northrup, see C. M. H., v. i, p. 620. 
381 Cf. supra, p. 171. 


Horace Branch [?], Lieut. F. A. Rogers, the last in artillery, 
others in recruiting service how many accepted, and how 
many resigned? I wish copies of appointment of Norton and 
Haymaker, their papers burned in Arkansas I resigned nearly 
a year ago, have received no return. A. L. S. M-38-2. 

1864, Sept. 28, Richmond, Va., War Dept. Ro. Quid, 362 Agent 
of Exchange, to Capt James Anderson, 35th Va. Cav., Fort 

Yours of Sept. i4th to Sec. Seddon, has been referred to 
me you are mistaken in supposing the government makes 
special exchanges we have steadily refused to make them as 
they are unjust to those not selected when prisoners are 
sent South, the Federal authorities make the selections, not 
we ready to return equivalent for any officer in confinement, 
but cannot designate those sent would show partiality when 
all have done their duty well if the Federals send you to City 
Point, will give an equivalent for you will do same in the 
case of any other officer show this to the others. 

A. L. S. O-n. 

1862, Mch. 18, Yorktown, [Va.], New. Genl. Hospital. J. R. 
Page, [M.D.,] to Maj. [J. Thompson Brown.] 

St. George Bryan, age 18, wishes to enlist in the Howitzers 
has been in Quarter-Master s department at this place for 
some time will call with him for your advice on Monday. 

A. L. S. B 2 - 3 8. 

Endsd : "I would certainly advise his enlisting in the com 
pany. J. Thompson Brown." A. S. 

[iB6i, May 27, New Orleans, La.] Rev. Dr. B. M. Palmer. 

Address to the Washington Arty. 363 on their departure for 
Virginia. A. C. C. La-6. 

1862, May i, Richmond, Va. Chas. T. Palmer, [pvt. 2nd Co. 
Richmond Howitzers,] to Col. J. Thompson Brown. 

Have secured a sergeancy in the Co. [J. L. Eubank s Light 

382 See supra, p. 275, note 210. 

368 This famous command of three and later of five companies was 
one of the most efficient in Confederate service. 


Arty.] to which I desire transfer I hope for another promo 
tion, if transferred I saw Actg. Sec. of War he said trans 
fers are granted please approve my application and use your 
influence with Genl. McGruder [sic]. A. L. S. P-2i. 

1861, May 27, Richmond, Va., Commonwealth of Virginia. 
Wm. P. Palmer. 364 

Commission as ist Lieut., ist Co. Howitzer Brig., 4th 
Regt. Arty. rank from May 10. Sig: John Letcher, [Gov.] 

P. F. S. Ga-ga-4-8. 

1861, Oct. 31, Leesburg, Va. Wm. P. Palmer, Lieut, comdg. 
Howitzer Co. 

Monthly return of this command total present, 98; total 
present and absent, 109. P. F. S. Va-E-o. 

1861, Dec. 21, [Richmond, Va.,] Commonwealth of Virginia. 
Wm. P. Palmer. 

Commission as Capt of Howitzers attached to 4th Regt. 
Arty. rank from Nov. 17, 1861. Sig: John Letcher, [Gov.] 

P. F. S. Ga-ga-4-8. 

1861, Apr. 18, Norfolk, [Va.] Marshall Parkes to Gov. [J. 
W.] Ellis. 

Harbor obstructed by sunken vessels we are making ar 
rangements for taking navy-yard state troops expected to 
day. Tel. NC-I53. 

1861, May 21, Norfolk, [Va.] Marshall Park[e]s to Gov. 
[J. W.] Ellis. 

Engagement last evening between our Point Battery and 
steamer "Monticello" steamer badly injured towed away 
we had one man injured. Tel. NC-I53. 

1864, Sept. 16, Raleigh, [N. C] Thos. Parks. 

Commission as Capt. nth N. C. Troops rank from Dec. 
3, 1863 Sig: Z. B. Vance, [Gov.] By the Governor, M. S. 
Robins, Priv. Sec. P. F. S. NC-iyS-n. 

364 See supra, p. 166, note 9. 


1863, Nov. 22, near Chatanooga, Tenn. W. D. Paul, Co. D, 
38th Regt. Ala. Vols. 

"Descriptive list" Sig: Jno. J. Jenkins, comdg. Co. 

P. F. S. Ala-ii7. 

1862, Dec. 5, Camp near Guinea s Station, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. 
Paxton s Brig. E. F. Paxton, 365 Brig.-Genl., to A. S. Pendle- 
ton, A. A. A. G., 2nd Corps, A. N. V. 

In obedience to circular from Hd-Qrs. enclose list of 
machinists and gunsmiths of this command: 24th Va., 2 ma 
chinists; 4th Va., i gunsmith, i machinist; 27th Va., I [un 
specified], i gunsmith; Carpenter s battery, i gunsmith; none 
in 5th and 33rd Va. 366 L. S. 6-23-2. 

1862, Feb. 14, Petersburg Va. Z. M. Pearman. 

"Register of Accounts and Notes Due, Northern Credi 
tors" 387 $7,707.40 sworn before Alexander Donnan, Not. 
Pub. A. S. P-I4. 

1864, Mch. 18, Richmond, Va. John Pegram, B[rig.-] G[enl.] 
to Sec. Navy, [S. R. Mallory.] 

I recommend Lieut. Tucker Randolph 368 of my staff, for 
a commission in the volunteer navy his ability. 

A. L. S. Tenn. 

1864, .... 22, near Petersburg, [ Va.] W. J. Pegram to [his 
mother,] Mrs. Jas. W. Pegram, Richmond, Va. 

Return to command health personal matters. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-ig. 

1861, Nov. 26, Centreville, [Va.] Jno. Pelham, ist Lieut, 
comdg. "S Horse" Arty. 

Receipt for ordnance supplies from Capt. E. P. Alexander, 
Chief Ord., A. P. D. S. Ga-ga-i-i4. 

35 F or Paxton, see C. M. H., v. 3, p. 644. 
36 Cf. pp. 257, 361, 411. 
367 Cf. Andrew Johnston, supra, p. 304. 
ses Cf. pp. 329, 371. 


1863, Apr. 4, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. John Pelham. 

Commission as Lt.-Col. of Arty, under Act of Jany. 22, 
1862 rank from Mch. 2, 1863 report to Genl. R. E. Lee. Sig: 
James A. Seddon, Sec. War. P. F. S. Ala. 

1-863, June 7, Vicksburg, Miss. R. W. Memminger, by order 
Lt.-Genl. [J. C.] Pemberton. Circular. 

"In order to correct the gross exaggeration of the number 
of troops entitled to draw rations and reduce the number of 
men reported to the actual strength of the command. Here 
after companies will draw rations for no other men than those 
actually in the trenches and the cooks for such men. Regi 
mental Qr. Mrts. will draw for all detailed men except cooks 
for men in the trenches and those detailed in General Hospi 
tals. The subsistence returns of General Hospitals will be 
approved by Brig. Genl. Taylor, commandant of Post. The 
subsistence returns for regimental and Brigade Hospitals will 
be approved by Division Commanders. 

It is requested of Division and Brigade Commanders that 
they give their personal supervision to this matter and en 
deavor by every means in their power to correct this abuse." 

L. S. Davis-8i8. 

1862, Dec. 9, Hd-Qrs. Starke s Brig. Edmd. Pendleton, Col. 

comdg. to Lieut 

Nearly one half of the brigade is absent without leave 8 9 
many known to be in Richmond in order to "reclaim" them, 
and bring them to Court Martial, I propose to send a detail 
of 2 commissioned and 3 non-commissioned officers from each 
brigade their names I propose to give them five days to 
do the work. A. L. S. P-26. 

[1862, Dec.,] n. p. Edmd. Pendleton, Col. comdg. 

Report of gunsmiths in Starke s (4th) Brigade I in 2nd 
La., i in 1 5th La. 370 D. S. 0-23-4. 

869 The brigade w~s at this time advancing to participate in the Fred- 
ericksburg campaign. 

370 Cf. pp. 257. 360,411- 


186-, n. d., n. p. J. H. Pendleton, Maj. and Q-M., to 

[Brig.-] Genl. [W. B.] Taliaferro, 1st Div., A. V. 

Protest against use of such a number of forage wagons 
this leaves none in camp for use. A. L. S. P-3O-2. 

1862, Apr. 2, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. Wm. B^ 

Commission as Capt. in Adjt.-Genl s. department report 
to Genl. Taliaferro. Sig: Geo. W. Randolph, Sec. War. 

P. F. S. P-24-i. 

186-, n. d., n. p. Wm. B. Pendleton to [Brig.-Genl. W. B. 

[Fragment of letter, pp. 5-6] appearance before Medical 
Board for placement on Invalid Corps ask that application 
be forwarded. A. L. S. P-24-3- 

1862, June 5-1865, Apr. i. W. N. Pendleton, [Brig.-Genl. 
and Chief of Arty., A. N. V.] 

Letter book between these dates, 371 pp. in. 


1862, June 17-1865, Apr. 5. W. N. Pendleton, [Brig.-Genl. 
and Chief of Arty., A. N. V.] 

Order book between these dates. D. D. Pendleton, 373 
A. A. G., pp. 120. Va-D-5. 

1862, May i, near Lee s Farm, Va., Hd-Qrs. Arty. Corps. 
W. N. Pendleton, Brig.-Genl. and Chief of Arty. [S.] O. . 
Announcement of officers elected in reorganization of Co. 
H, ist Va. Arty. Copy. Va-E-iy. 

1862, May i, near Lee s Farm, Va., Hd-Qrs. Arty. Corps. W. 
N. Pendleton, Brig.-Genl. and Chf. of Arty., to Lt.-Col. [J. 
Thompson] Brown, Chf. of Arty., Left Wing. 

In the regular service of the Confederate States, no com- 

871 See Introduction, p. u. 

372 A few of these orders are signed by other Adjutants. 


missions as officers are issued to men under 21 years of age 
1 know of no such rule in the provisional army no difficulty 
in this case, if age of appointee is near enough maturity to 
promise discretion and vigor. A. L. S. 6-34-19. 

1863, May 25, Hd-Qrs. Arty. Corps. W. N. Pendleton, etc., 
to Col. J. Thompson Brown, Actg. Chf. of Arty., 2nd Corps. 

The captured Napoleon assigned Major Mclntosh goes to 
Johnson s Battery, as others are full this releases for you 
one of the Richmond Napoleons, assigned Johnson. [P. S.] 
Where did Crutchfield assign the lo-pdr. Parrott which Caskie 
left must take it for ist Corps perhaps a Napoleon in ex 
change. A. L. S. B-35-22. 
1863, June 9, Hd-Qrs. Arty. Corps. W. N. Pendleton, etc., to 
Col. J. Tfhompson] Brown, etc. 

Proposed transfer of guns. A. L. S. Va-E-ig. 

1863, Dec. 19, Hd-Qrs. Arty. Corps. W. N. Pendleton, etc., to 
Col. J. Tfhompson] Brown, etc. 

Where will the batteries have winter-quarters where your 
Hd-Qrs? I have written Genl. Ewell about retirement of 
two remaining batteries asked him to inform you Major 
Harman is away this evening I wrote him about the im 
portance of your having long forage next week I expect to 
take first leave absence since war began my duties in part 
fall on you details of this arrangement will notify you. 

A. L. S. B-35-2I. 

1863, Dec. 21, Hd-Qrs. Arty. Corps. W. N. Pendleton, etc., to 
Col. J. Tfhompson] Brown, etc. 

I expect to leave on furlough to-morrow my Hd-Qrs. are 
at Louisa C. H. take for granted you act in my place attend 
my Hd-Qrs. daily or remove yours there routine relieve 
Col. Cabell about Jany. 15 send him to Louisa C. H. bat 
teries then do duty in succession. A. L. S. 6-35-23. 

1861, Apr. 15, Wilmington, [N. C.] S. J. Person to Gov. [J. 
W.] Ellis. 


Our people will take the forts send your orders or we 
take them without, and hold against all comers. 

Tel. NC-I53- 

1862, Feb. 12, C. S. District Court, Eastern Dis. Va. Chas. 
Petz, Richmond, Va. 

Indictment for having in his possession counterfeit C. S. 
treasury notes a true bill, John L. Tate, Foreman Exhibit: 
Counterfeit $20 notes, serial A, Richmond, Sept. 2, 1861 
not printed on reverse. 373 D. S. 1-7-3. 

1862, Mch. 26, Grafton Church, [Va.] Green Peyten, Lieut, 
comdg. Alb[emarle] Arty., to Maj. J. Thompson Brown. 

Report on horses and mules of Southall s battery. 

A. D. S. 6-34-13. 

1863, June 3, Camp Bee. J. A. Phillips, Capt. Co. G, 32nd 
Regt, to [Brig.-] Genl. [W. E. Taliaferro.] 

Have returned to camp called twice but found you re 
moved was 24 hours late due to illness in my family, en 
close physician s certificate. 374 A. L. S. P-36-i. 

1861, Apr. 18, Charleston, [S. C.] F. W. Pickens 375 to Gov. 
[J. W.] Ellis. 

Telegram received rejoice to hear your State is moving 
McRae received to-day n cannon of large calibre, also 5 
large Columbiad[s], shot and 20,000 Ibs. ammunition "You 
have my heart and hand. Let me hear often." 

Tel. NC-I53. 

1864, Mch. 31, Hd-Qrs. Dept. N. C. S. O. 51, H. Sig: C- 
Pickett, by command Maj.-Genl. [G. E.] Pickett. 

Transfer of two privates 44th Va. Battln. to Capt. Taylor 
s Battery. D. S. 8-33. 

373 No statement of the verdict on the indictment. 

374 Appended to the letter. 

375 For Pickens, see LeRoy F. Youmans, A Sketch of the Life and 
Services of Francis W. Pickenf, (Charleston, 187?). 


1864, Dec. 12, Pike Co., Ala. Isham Pilant. 

Certification and oath of, as to value of crop one-tenth 
for tax in kind, 376 $114.50 Duncan Finlay, Assessor. 

P. F. Ala-ioi. 

1864, May 2g-Dec. 14. Thomas Pinckney of South Carolina, 
C. S. A. 

Diary between these dates, with later additions from 
Aug. 13 the narrative is continuous, with no daily entries. A 
most interesting narrative by a close observer. Excellent pic 
tures of Fort Deleware life, the experiences of the "Six Hun 
dred," the falsification of war news, etc. 377 Copy. P-28. 

[1863, Mch., Richmond, Va., Treasury Dept.] John Adair 
Pleasants, Pvt. Sec. to Sec. Treasury. 

List of contributions to Treasury under joint resolution 
of Congress, No. 162, approved Mch. 13, 1862. Memo, book. 878 


1863, Mch. 25, Hamilton s Crossing, Va. W. T. Poague, Capt. 
etc., to Col. J. T. Brown, comdg. ist Va. Arty. 

My battery is becoming deficient in means of transporta 
tion because of bad condition of horses, battery is not effi 
cient majority of horses received were "very indifferent" 
of November lot of 28, only 3 or 4 fit for service compelled 
to take them to remove two heavy guns from Winchester 
reported their condition since Dec. 20 have received about 
4000 Ibs. hay, 12,000 Ibs. straw never lack for corn, but it 
has been "very inferior" it has been impossible to secure 
shelter I have no horse-medicines. 379 L. S. 6-35-12. 

876 Cf. p. 232. 

377 Publication of this Diary was reserved by Captain Pinckney. 

378 This act authorized the acceptance by the Treasurer of voluntary 
contributions from the public. The list will be printed in full at some 
future time. 

379 This was the Rockbridge Battery. See E. A. Moore, The Story of 
a Cannoneer . . . (N. Y. and Wash., 1907). 


1862, May 12, Camp near Chickahomaney [sic] River. G. B. 
Pocksess to Joeph [sic] Millhiser. 

News of the army recent marches no news from my 
family minor matters. A. L. S. Ala. 

1863, Apr. 20, Hd-Qrs. Folk s Corps. L. Polk, Lt.-Genl. 
comdg., to Brig.-Genl. [W. W.] Mackall, chf. of Staff. 

In obedience to orders, 380 forward names of 4 Tenn. sol 
diers, conspicuous for bravery, who fell at Murfreesboro and 
Perryville the names to be engraved on the guns of Maury s 
Div. submit the following from long list I believe no in 
justice is done others: Col. H. L. W. Bratton, 24th Tenn. 
Vols, Maury s Brigade, killed at Murfreesboro ; Q. T. Mitchell, 
color-bearer, ist Tenn. Vols., Preston Smith s Brigade, killed 
at Perryville; Lt.-Col. W. E. Morgan, I3th Tenn Vols., D. S. 
Donelson s Brigade, killed at Murfreesboro ; Col. Wm. M. 
Moore, 8th Tenn. Vols., killed at Murfreesboro have not re 
ceived names of Miss, men engraver ready to proceed. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-32. 

1863, Feb. 21, Savannah, [Ga.] A. Porter to Col. J. F. Gilmer, 
Richmond Va. 

Report of certain gold sold for you advise you to buy 
Confederate 8 per cent, bonds. A. L. S. Ga-gm-23. 

1864, Mch. 23-29, Savannah,, [Ga.] A. Porter. 

3 certificates of deposit in the C. S. Depository of $6,500, 
$40,000, $3,500 for which 4 per cent, bonds will be issued. 
Sig: J. R. Sneed, Jno. C. Ferrill, "Depository." 

P. F. S. Ga-gm-24. 

1863, May 8, Hd-Qrs. Carnot Posey, 381 [Brig.-Genl.,] 

to his wife. 

Details of Chancellorsville personal matters. 

A. L. S. Miss. 111-34. 

1863, June 27, Camp Franklin Co., near Chambersburg, Penn. 
Carnot [Posey, Brig.-Genl.,] to his wife. 

380 See Bragg to Polk, supra, p. 196. 

381 For Posey, see C M. H., v. 7 (Miss.), pp. 265-66. 


Advance into this state the forbearance of the army. 

A. L. S. Miss-i3. 

1862, Dec. 23, Camp 3rd Brigade. E. E. De Preist, Capt. Co. 
H, 23rd Va. to Lieut. Kesling[ ?] A. A. A. G., 3rd Brigade. 

I request the return of Pvt. Carline, who has been detailed 
on ordnance train for a month my company is very small 
need him. A. L. S. D-i8. 

Endsd : Forwarded, approved. 

1863, May 20, [Richmond, Va.] Nannie Overton Price. 

Appointment as "Aid de camp" to Genl. Stuart. Sig: J. 
E. B. Stuart, Maj.-Genl. "K. G. S" ; Heros von Bocke, Maj. 
and A. A. G. 382 D. S. Ga-ga-2-33. 

1864, Dec. 29, Charleston, [S. C.] Motte A. Pringle, Maj. and 
Q-M., to Capt. W. F. Nance, A. A. G. 

Have 6,000 bushels of corn, 141 bales of fodder Maj. G. 
W. Grice conducts the forage bureau districts assigned 
have 50 cords of wood. A. L. S. P-23-i. 

1864, Dec. 30, Charleston, [S. C.] Motte A. Pringle, Maj. etc., 
to Capt. P. N. Page, A. A. G. 

1 enclose report of wheel transportation of 2nd and 3rd 
Dists. 383 reason for delay. A. L. S. P-23-2. 

1864, Dec. 30, Charleston, S. C. Motte A. Pringle, Maj. etc. 

2 reports of transportation, by stations, horses, mules, 
wagons and ambulances. D. S. P-23-34. 

1865, Jany. 2, Charleston, [S. C.] Motte A. Pringle, Maj. etc., 
to Capt. W. F. Nance, A. A. G. 

382 Evidently given in jest. Von Borcke wrote later of his experiences. 
See his Zwci Jahre im Sattel und am Fende; Erinnerungen aus dent Unab- 
hangigkeitskriege der Konfodcrirten, (Berlin, 1886). This was published 
originally in English as Memoirs of the Confederate War for Independence, 
(Edin. and Lond., 1866; Phil?., 1867). In collaboration with Justus Scheib- 
ert he also wrote Die grosse Reiterschlact bei Brandy Station, 9 Juni, 1863 
. . . (Berlin, 1893). 

883 Second and Third Sub-Districts, District of Charleston, Depart 
ment of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. 


In reply to yours of to-day, beg to quote my report of 29th 
in relation to wood [P-23-i] have about same amount. 

A. L. S. P-23-5. 

[1862, Feb. i,] n. p. Mrs. Stephen Putney to Maj. [sic] [J. 
Thompson] Brown. 

Inquiry as to health of pvt. John B. Langhon [sic]. 

Tel. B-34-i. 

1862, Jany. 2, Yorktown, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. ist Div., Army Pen 
insula. P. N. Page, A. D. C, [by order Brig.-Genl. G. J. 
Rains] to Maj. J. T. Brown. 

Request for detail of pvt. Chas. U. Williams, 2nd Co. 
Howitzers. A. L. S. 6-34-4. 

1865, May 2, Abbeville, S. C. W. A. Ramsey, Capt. Engrs. 

Receipt for $1,000 silver from Genl. J. F. Gilmer for en 
gineers service in the field to be accounted for. 384 

D. S. Ga-gm-35. 

1864, Aug. 26, Tallahassee, [Fla.] Vans Randall. 385 

Commission as Capt. of Cavalry Company of Madison Co. 
having been so elected, July 29. Sig : John Milton, Gov. 
Hugh Archer, A. & I. G. P. F. S. Fla-23. 

1861, June 29, Yorktown, [Va.] Geo. W. Randolph, 386 Maj. 
of Arty., to Col. D. H. Hill, comdg. at Yorktown. 

I am informed that the requisitioned 32-pdr. navy guns 
cannot be supplied ask that requisition be made on the Navy 
dept. for 2 nine-inch shell guns and i 32-pdr. of the 57 cwt. 
size I suggest the shell guns be mounted on either side of 
the Hampton road, or that the 32-pdr. be placed in the English 
redoubt, to fire over the head of the troops at any enemy ap 
proaching by the Hampton road or by the Apple Orchard 
route south of the N. C. camp if these guns cannot be fur- 

384 Cf. supra, pp. 260, 261. 

385 Cf. supra, p. 195. 

386 For Randolph, see supra, p. 167; note 12. 


nished, any long range heavy guns will do as it is important 
the guns be procured, I will, with your permission, detail an 
officer to go to Richmond for them. A. L. S. R-23-i. 

1861, Oct. 2, Yorktown, [Va.] [S.] O. . n. s., by order Col. 
[G. W.] Randolph. 

An election of Capt. of 2nd Co. Howitzers will be held 
Oct. 3, the men from Ship Point to come up in wagons, and 
return immediately after the election. D. n S. H-28-i. 

1861, Nov. 20, [Richmond ,Va.,] Convention of Va. G. W. 
Randolph to [Maj. J.] Thompson [Brown.] 

Have been indisposed but hope to return when the cam 
paign opens Q-Mr. Genl. refuses to give lumber for winter- 
quarters without Magruder s approval no hopes of getting 
that am in a quandary if a house cannot be gotten, let me 
know so that I can have sash made and be looking for lumber 
had better have Hd-Qrs. at Yorktown have told Christian 
that unless his health improves and he returns to his duties 
as Q-Mr. he must resign expect he will return Hd-Qrs. for 
him appointment of an Asst. Surgeon on my return will 
make inspection hope to get the regiment into condition for 
good service I fear for the heavy artillery unless there is 
practice the convention will soon adjourn. 387 

A. L. S. B-33-6. 

1862, Mch. i, Suffolk, [Va.] G. W. Randolph to Maj. J. 
T[hompson] Brown. 

You misunderstood my letter about Howitzer s debts ex 
planation "I wish most heartily that you were here with at 
least one of the Howitzer Batteries and that we had two or 
three Regiments from the Peninsula. We are fearfully weak, 
all the able bodied men seem to have gone home, leaving a 
mere fragment of the great army that took the field a year 
ago." A. L. S. B-34-ii. 

387 It adjourned, sine die, Dec. 6, 1861. See Journal Convention, 1861, 
P- 459- 


1863, Jany. 14, Richmond, [Va.] G. W. Randolph to Col. 
J. Thompson Brown. 

"Dear Thompson 

Yours of the I2th inst. as well as your very kind letter 
from Winchester were duly received, and I should have writ 
ten to you long- ago if I had known where to direct my letter. 
] enclose back to you the letter from Genl. Richardson in 
reference to the Parrote Gun. 388 He is right about it. Genl. 
Smith brought it from Lexington and I got it from him as a 
loan to the Howitzer Battalion. I obtained another from the 
Armory and assigned one to the second and the other to the 
third Howitzer Company. The Gun belonging to the third 
company opened the fight at Bethel, and is the piece wanted 
by Genl. Richardson. I think I would let it go and get an 
other in its place. It will be kept as a trophy at Lexington 
with suitable inscriptions, and .notwithstanding Genl. R. s 
confidence in the company I think that it will be less liable 
to the accidents of war at Lexington than in the service. 

I am not to be Governor as you hope. That office will be 
embraced in some log rolling distributions of the various of 
fices about to become vacant. 389 I do not desire 1 it, preferring 
infinitely the gentlemanly ease of private life to the care-worn 
feverish existence of the Politician. I want nothing in the 
shape of office. Upon resigning my post of Secretary I felt 
it my duty to report for service in the field not because I 
stood in need of the salary or desired command for its own 
sake, but because I thought it right to render such service as 
might be in my power. They referred my letter to the At 
torney General, to try and get me out of commission, and 
failing in that I was informed after a delay of three weeks that 
I might take my choice between Echol s brigade or one pro 
posed to be formed under Humphrey Marshall. Not thinking 
it right to displace Echols or the acting Brigadiers Wharton 
and McCausland, and not desiring to care a command out of 
Humphrey Marshall s brigade, which had not men enough 

388 See Richardson to Gorgas, infra, p. 375. 

389 William Smith was elected, for whose career, see J. W. Bell, Me 
moirs of Gov. Wm. Smith, (N. Y., 1891). 


by half for one brigade, I sent in my commission and am now 
a private citizen. 

I regret that I can do nothing for the cause, but I have 
the satisfaction of knowing that it is not my fault. Having 
lost a part of my wife s fortune in the South by the careless 
ness of a trustee, I shall be pinched to make both ends meet, 
and I have accordingly converted my basement diningroom 
into a law office and gone back again to the bar. I feel entire 
confidence in my capacity to get along and find the burdens 
I have now mere trifles compared with those under which "I 
grunted and sweated" while in office. I hope that this 
wretched war will soon wear itself out and that our old Rich 
mond society may flourish as of old. It must be confessed 
that at present the social advantages of the Metropolis are 
few and far between. Can t you run down and see us, I can 
give you genuine tea and coffee and a wee drop of liquor." 

A. L. S. B-35-2. 

1861, Apr.-i862. Tucker Randolph, 390 orderly sergeant, Co. 
F, 2ist Va. Vols. 

Diary between these dates. Tenn. 

1861, Aug. 18, Yorktown, [Va.] W. C. U. Randolph, Surg. 
How. Batln. ; T. R. Baker, 2nd Co. Howitzers. 

We empower Maj. G. W. Randolph to receive and receipt 
for all funds due us by the State for services rendered. 

A. S. B-33-3- 

1864, Dec. 25, [Station] "A. & G. R. R." E. J. Raney, Lieut, 
and A. A. Q-M. 

Receipt for forage for 40 mules and 600 horses for one 
week from this date. Approved : A. Hood, Lt.-Col. comdg. 
Issued by W. P. Webb, 381 Capt. and A. Q-M. [Form 33.] 

P. F. S. (3-4-24. 

1862, Dec. 10, Office Q-M s. Dept., 4th Brig., ist Div., 2nd 
Army Corps. Francis Rawle, Maj. and Q-M., to Lieut. Alex. 
Marks, A. A. A. G. 

390 Cf. supra, pp. 329, 360. 

391 See infra, p. 426. 


Report on transportation of this brigade 14 horses needed 
wagons wanted have reported but received nothing com 
mand is ist, 2nd, loth, I4th and I5th La., and Rockbridge 
Battery. A. D. S. R- 2 6. 

Endsd: Edmd. Pendleton, Col. comdg: Horses have died 
since this report brigade cannot move without addi 
tional transportation. A. S. 

1863, June 24, Camp near Shepardstown, Va. L. S. Reid, 
Maj. and Q-M. Davis Brig. 

Invoice of $26,316.70 pay funds turned over to Capt. W. 
P. Webb, A. Q-M, etc. D. S. S. Q- 4 -i8. 

1863, July 26, Culpepper, [sic] Va. L. S. Reid, Maj. etc. 

Invoice of $1,000 pay funds turned over to Capt. W. P. 
Webb, A. Q-M., etc. P. F. S. Q-4-ig. 

1865, Jany. 13, St. Andrews Parish. [ . . Reid,] Capt., [to 
E. P. Harllee, 392 Cadet and A. A. I. G.] 

Report of inspection of Connor s S. C. Brigade 3rd, 7th, 
8th, 1 5th and 2Oth S. C. Regts, 3rd Batln 28,690 rounds am 
munition no public horses, no wagons 71 officers, 927 men. 

P. F. n S. T-25-4. 

1862, Apr. 26, Camp, near Yorktown, [Va.] E. P. Reeve, 

Minute of a meeting held this day to pass resolutions on 
the death of E. M. Ferneyhough, late corporal Co. D, ist Va. 
Arty. died Apr. 23 resolutions G. F. Norton, Lieut., chair 
man. D. S. F-y. 

1862, Mch. 28, Burnsville, Miss. Jesse Reeves, [pvt. Co. D,] 
to Col. [W. W. Gordon?] 

Asking to be transferred to Buchanan s Co., Gordon s Cav., 
because of advanced age. A. L. S. R-22. 

Endsd: Approved. W. W. Gordon, Lt.-Col. comdg. Batln., 
I7th [?] Bat., [sic] Crittenden s Div., Carrol s Brig. 

A. S. 

392 See supra, p. 269. 


1864, Oct. 12, Hd-Qrs. Davis Brig. A. G. Reynolds, Col. 
comdg., to Capt. Sam D. Davis, A. A. A. G. 

Reporting names of two privates who deserted yesterday. 

A. L. S. Miss-2i. 

1865, Jany. 2, [Sullivan s Island, S. C] Alfred Rhett, Col. 
comdg., S. Cordes Boylston, A. A. A. G. 

Report of field artillery detailed: Co. A. 1st S. C. Arty., 
Capt. F. D. Blake; Santee Light Arty., Capt. C. Gaillard 
both at Mount Pleasant these the only officers detailed for 
light artillery. D. S. T-2I-2. 

1865, Jany. 7, Sullivan s Island, S. C. A. Rhett, 393 Col. comdg., 
to Capt. W. F. Nance, etc. 

A one-stack steamer is outside the bar shows Federal 
flag above British flag at half-mast. Tel[ ?] 394 1^-44-1 . 

1865, Jany. 14, Sullivan s Island, Hd-Qrs. 2nd Sub-Dis. S. C. 
A. Rhett, Col. comdg., to Capt. P. N. Page, A. A. G. 

The following will be my staff should the Brigade be or 
dered to take the field : Lieut. S. Cordes Boylston, A. A. A. 
G.; Lieut. Iredell Jones, A. A. I. G. ; Capt. T. M. Barker, 
Brig. Q-Mr.; Maj. J. R. Robertson, Brig. C. S. ; Surg. M. S. 
Moore, Brig. Surg. ; Lieut. C. M. Creswell, Brig, Ord. Of. 

L. S. T-2I-3. 

1865, Jany. 14, Sullivan s Island, [S. C.] S. C. Boylston, A. 
A. A. G., [by order Co. A. Rhett,] to Capt. [P. N.] Page, etc. 
Steamer Syren passed out safely about 8:00 P. M. 

Tel? Tj-44-n. 

1865, Jany. 16, Sullivan s Island, [S. C.] A. Rhett, Col. 
comdg., to Capt. P. N. Page, etc. 

.A monitor was sunk at 7:30 last night cause unknown 
explosion heard no flash seen. Tel? ^-44-3. 

393 Rhett commanded the brigade, but was never commissioned as a 
Brigadier. He was captured during the retreat of Taliaferro s Division 
into North Carolina. 

394 See supra, note 61 ; p. 193. 


1865, Jany. 22, Sullivan s Island, [S. C] [A.] Rhett, Col. etc., 
to Capt. [P. N.] Page, etc. 

Another steamer ran in safely about 2:00 P. M. 395 

Tel? ^-44-9. 

1865, Jany. 28, Sullivan s Island, [S. C.] [A.] Rhett, Col. 
etc., to Capt. [P. N.] Page, etc. 

Two steamers passed out last night. 

Tel? T r4 4-i2. 

Duplicate adds: "at 7:30." Tel? ^44-13. 

1865, Jany. 31, Sullivan s Island, [S. C.] [A.] Rhett, Col. 
etc., to Capt. [P. N.] Page, etc. 

A steamer has just passed safely. Tel? ^-44-14. 

1863, July 23, Hd-Qrs. Richmond Defences. F[?] S. Rhett, 
Col. and Chf. Arty, to ist Lieut. R. F. Aunspaugh, Co. B, loth 
Batln. Heavy Arty. 

Notification of election to ist Lieutenancy. 

A. L. S. Va-E-23. 

1863, Nov. 20, [Richmond, Va?] F. S. Rhett, Col. 

"List of projectile charges. Ordered 20 March, 1863." 

D. S. O-io-sa. 

1862, Apr. 29, Camp Valley Mills, Augusta Co., Va. R. Sidney 
Rice, ist Lieut, comdg. Rice s Battery, to [Brig.-] Genl. Wm. 
B. Taliaferro. 

Report reorganization on the 7th battery numbers no 
recruits arrive daily will soon have maximum have 4 6-pdr. 
smooth bore guns will be entitled to 6 company of good 
material, well-drilled Capt. Wm. H. Rice reelected all wish 
to be attached to your command, since serving with you in 
Greenbrier will you accept us how can we be transferred. 

A. L. S. R-25. 

1863, Oct. 26, Gordonsville, [Va.,] Q-M s. Office. W. B. 
Richards, Jr., Post Q-M. by D. Johnston, clerk, to T. W. 
Colley, Abingdon, Va. 

395 Similar reports are to be found in O. R., s. 66, 92 and 99. 


Under recent orders of A. & I. Genl s Office, I cannot 
transfer or furlough detailed men they must report at once 
your detail is of Sept. 29, 1863 I need all the men "I can 
get" come at once. A. L. S. (^-45-9. 

Appended : S. O. 295, III., A. N. V., ordering as above. 

1861, Oct. 29, Richmond, Va. Richardson & Co. 

Petition of Thos. T. Giles, Receiver, Eastern Dis. Va., for 
sale at their warehouse of certain sequestered gootis surrend 
ered. Ordered, Oct. 31. J. D. H[alyburton, Judge.] 396 

A. D. S. 8-44-8-9. 

1862, Nov. 3, Holly Springs, Miss. R. V. Richardson, [Col.,] 
to Lt.-Col. [J. C.J Pemberton. 

Conditions in West Tenn. troops collected by me inap 
plicability of conscript laws to them. 4 p. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-27. 

1863, Jany. 3, [Richmond, Va.] Adjt.-Genl s. Office, Va. Wm. 
H. Richardson, Adjt.-Genl., to Col. J. Gorgas, Chf. Ord., 
C. S. A. 


In acknowledging receipt of your communication of 2d 
inst. with endorsement of Col. Brown in reference to a Par- 
rott gun loaned to Capt. Geo. W. Randolph, formerly of the 
Howitzers, I have to say that with all respect for that gentle 
man and for the natural feeling of attachment of the compan}^ 
which has it in charge, it is nevertheless my duty to insist 
upon its return I have no option, acting under instructions 
of the Governor and the Board of Visitors of the Virginia 
Military Institute. 

The piece is invested with peculiar interest to the State 
and the Institution from the fact that it was the first gun of 
the war fired upon the enemy in Virginia, and from other 
interesting antecedents. 

It was loaned to Capt. Randolph as a matter of personal 
favor by Genl. Smith, the superintendent, together with the 

396 Cf. supra, p. 279. 


12-pdr. Bronze Howitzer of a peculiar cast, a part of the 
Cadet s Battery upon the express condition that the pieces 
should be returned when called for. It was not a military 
transaction between the Confederate and State Governments, 
but between individual officers one of whom, Genl. Smith, 
had no authority to make the loan. A breach has, as you 
know, been made in the Cadets battery by the Revd. Genl. 
Pendleton having carried off, in defiance of orders, and lost 
to the enemy, one of the Howitzers. This loss is irreparable. 
Allow me to say, that under the circumstances, it would 
afford me the greatest pleasure to meet fully the wishes of 
Col. Brown, for whom I entertain the highest respect and 
esteem, and of the gallant Company of his regiment, whose 
attachment to the piece is so natural and so honorable to them. 
All that I feel authorized to do is to consent that Col. Brown 
may retain present possession of the gun, upon his pledge 
to return it when called for I feel this to be a respect due 
to him and the Company, which may be safely accorded, since 
J have no shadow of apprehension that the enemy can capture 
it from them. At the same time I trust and believe that our 
gallant troops will have conquered a peace, before it will be 
needful for the piece to be turned in. Col. Brown must un 
derstand however that it must finally be returned to the mili 
tary academy of the State, where with the other pieces of 
artillery which have been loaned for the service of the Con 
federate States it will be preserved, with an inscription desig 
nating the battles in which each one of them has been used 
against the enemy. I have only the history of the Parrott 
gun to and including the battle of Bethel and Col. Brown will 
greatly oblige me by enlarging it to the period when the piece 
shall be returned to the state. 397 

I am, Colonel, with high respect and regards, 

very truly yours" 

Copy. B-35-i. 

Endsd : "Respectfully referred to Col. J. Thompson Brown, 
com g first Va. artillery, Lt. Genl. Jackson s army corps 
who is requested to correspond with Genl. Richardson 

397 Cf. Randolph to Brown, Jany. 14, 1863, supra, p. 37- 


and in his own behalf furnish such an engagement as he 
desires in regard to this gun. The Government is 
anxious to comply with all that may be required by the 
State of Virginia and if detained after it can be returned 
it must be under some personal engagement between him 
and Genl. Richardson." Jany. 3, 1863. S. Gorgas, Chf. 
of Ord. A. S. 

1862, Men. 24, Richmond Va. Richmond City Council. 

Resolution authorizing the Treasurer to pay Capt. Wm. 
P. Palmer, 398 upon draft of the Auditor, $17.00 for each of 
the original members of the ist Howitzer Co. Capt. Palmer 
to certify the same and distribute the funds. 

Copy. H-48-i. 

1864, Nov. 8-1865, Mch. 23, Richmond, Va. Richmond Soup 
Kitchen Association. 

An association for the "relief of the poor of Richmond." 
Nov. 8, 1864. Rev. Dr. Chas. Minnigerode 399 chosen Presi 
dent; Wm. D. Gibson, Treasurer; Wm. F. Gray, Secretary. 
Committee appointed to get the Soup House into condition ; 
another committee to solicit contributions. 
Nov. 10, 1964. The President reported a form of constitution. 
He was instructed to confer with the ladies of the "Union 
Benevolent Society" and secure their aid as visitors. A sum 
of "between $8,000 and $9,000" was reported collected by the 
committee ; ample funds in sight ; Major Maynard promises 
wood at government cost-prices ; the government will sell 
meat, heads at $2, shins at $i. No purchasing agent yet 
chosen. Wm. A. Irving chosen Superintendent of the Soup 
house at $200. per month. 

Abstract of the constitution : Art. I : name Art. 2 : "The 
object of the Association is, to aid in the relief and support 
of the poor of the city of Richmond and its suburbs, by secur 
ing to them the daily supply of good and wholesome soup on 
such terms as will put it within the reach of all." Art. 3, Sec. I : 

398 See supra, p. 359. 

399 See supra, p. 354, and note 355- 


Officers. Sec. 2: Duties of the Superintendent of the Soup 
House to act as steward. Art. 4. Sec. I : There shall be daily 
one or two distributions of soup, time of which is to be pub 
lished, no distribution on Sunday. Sec. 2: Soup to be dis 
tributed by the guard on presentation of a ticket, received by 
the Superintendent. These tickets to be issued by the Treas 
urer on order from the poor visitors visitors may also secure 
tickets and personally distribute them. Sec. 3 : Tickets are 
not to be gratuitous a quart soup ticket to cost not more 
than 25 cents, with the price fixed monthly by the executive 
committee. Treasurer to give notice of the hours of sale of 
tickets. Treasurer is not obliged to sell less than $1.00 of 
tickets. Sec. 4: Soup shall be of most "substantial and nour 
ishing character." Art. 5 : Annual meetings to be held date 
fixed report. By-laws: I. Ladies of the Union Benevolent 
Society are to act as Visitors and distribute tickets. 2. Two 
of the visitors shall attend the Soup house daily during the 
hours of distribution. 

Nov. 24. "The Ladies" have accepted and will act as visi 
tors supply agent chosen. Soup house to be opened Dec. I. 

Dec. 9, 1864. W. P. Munford, Chairman Richmond Re 
lief Committee, and the President given power to issue orders 
for tickets. Measures to be taken for the issue of bread 
monthly meeting fixed. 

Dec. 20, 1864. Another depository of tickets to be chosen 
no more tickets to be sold at the Soup house board reports 
pleasure at the quality of the soup and the condition of the 
House. Superintendent to provide for the sale of offal to 
make regular reports of sales tickets to be returned to the 
Treasurer by the Superintendent every second day. 

Jany. 10, 11865. The supply agent reports, showing that 
additional funds will be needed. A committee appointed to 
procure them. 

Feb. 21, 1865. Committee appointed to visit the house and 
report the quality of soup being served. Two members re 
port $14,298 collected by them contributions in kind to be 

Mch. 23, 1865. Committee to visit the soup house report 


they favor a reduction in the price of the soup ordered to me 
sold at 50 cents the quart from this date. Committee ap 
pointed to wait on the Council of the city and ask appropria 
tion of $10,000 per month for two months. "On motion, Re 
solved that in view of the increased applications, the Treas 
urer is requested to furnish the President with a statement 
to the 25th inst. of the financial condition of the Association. 
There being no further business, on motion adjourned. Wm. 
F. Gray, Secy." 

Appended : List of contributions in kind : "Shins," Vege 
tables," Turnips 7 entries. 15. 

[1864,] n. d., Adam s Run. B. H. Robertson, 400 Brig.-Genl. 
comdg., to Maj.-Genl. Sam Jones. 

Enemy advancing in heavy force across James Island 
have sent all my available force cannot troops be thrown 
across the Stono from James Island. A. L. S. Ga-ga-46. 
Endsd: Sam Jones, etc. "Sent between July I and July 8, 
1864." A. S. 

1864, Sept. 13, [Sullivan s Island, S. C.] J. R. Robertson, Maj. 
and C. S. 

[Weekly] Report of subsistence stores on hand here 
14,294 Ibs. bacon; 167 Ibs. coffee; 9,519 Ibs. sugar; 5360 Ibs. 
soap, etc. D. S. 8-14. 

1864, Dec. 27, [Sullivan s Island, S. C.J J. R. Robertson, Maj. 
and C. S. 

[Weekly] Report of subsistence stores on hand here 70 
Ibs. bacon ; 167 Ibs. coffee, [other stores ample.] 

A. D. S. T-21-i. 

1865, Jany. 24, [Sullivan s Island, S. C.] J. R. Robertson, 
Maj. and C. S. 

[Weekly] Report of subsistence stores on hand here 
[supply ample.] A. D. S. T-2I-4- 

1864, July 7, Rich[mond, Va.,] Enrolling] O[ffice.] H. 

4 For Robertson, see C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 656-57. 


Exemption from military service "by reason of being a 
subject of Prussia" exemption invalid when he ceases to be 
such. Sig: W. H. Blackford, Lieut, and Enrolling Officer 
etc. Approved : Jno. A. Coke, Capt. etc. P. F. S. E-g. 

[1863?] July 6, Hd-Qrs. Div. R. E. Rodes, 401 Maj.-Genl. to 
[Maj.-] Genl. [Edward] Johnson, [comdg.] Div. 

"I have only three Brigades with me the other two being 
off on detached service. As the enemy is extending his lines, 
I think you had better leave one of your brigades with me." 4o2 

A. L. S. J-3-3- 

1862, June 12, Arty. Div., 3rd Brig., Huger s Div. Arth[ur] 
L. Rogers, Capt. comdg. Loudoun Arty., ist Brig., 2nd Div., 
to Maj.-Genl. [J.] Longstreet. 

At request of Genl. Blanchard, I report condition of my 
battery it has been on picket duty six clays men weakened 
by sickness I have not four men to a piece Genl. comdg. 
desires a battery of rifled guns, and asks my relief as I have 
only i rifled gun and 30 rounds after Tuesday s engagement 
but if there is to be a general engagement to-morrow, I pro 
test against being relieved. 403 A. L. S. R-24. 

1862, June 13, [near Richmond, Va.?] Arthur L. Rogers, 
Capt. comdg Light Arty., to Col. J. T. Brown. 

Morning report of this company 74 present for duty 
13 sick animals in good condition men much exhausted 
from a week s picket duty in the Chickahomony Swamp. 

A. S. 6-32-25. 

1862, Aug. 14, Hd-Qrs. ist Brig., V. D. Chas. A. Ronald, 

[Col?] comdg., by Jno. H. Fulton, A. A. A. G. to 

In obedience to circular, report Dr. Harvy Black as senior 
Surg. this Brig. his commission dates July i, i86i. 4 4 

A. L. S. TV47-6. 

401 For Rodes, see C M. H., v. 7 (Ala.), PP- 441-43- 

402 Cf. Johnson to Steuart, July 6, 1863, supra, p. 301. 

403 NO general engagement took place until June 26, when the battle 
of Mechanicsville was fought. 

404 Cf. p. 401. 


1863, Jany. 7, Guinea Station, [Va. J D. M. Ross. 

Receipt for $4,000 from W. J. Johnson, Maj. and C. S., 
Cav. Div., for the purchase of beef, cattle and other subsist 
ence stores. D. S. J-22. 

[1864, Dec.,] n. p. A. P. Routt to [Mrs. Wm. H. Routt.] 

Directions for sending the box to W. H. Routt 405 "We 
are all well here, tho awful tired of the war. If another cam 
paign is likely the Army of N. Va. will be much reduced in 
numbers the men appear much dissatisfied." 

A. L. S. R-2-2ib. 

1862, Nov. 25, Camp near Fredericksburg, [Va.] [Wm. H. 
Routt to his wife.] 406 

We left Culpeper on the igth reached here 22nd heavy 
rains all the time glad to receive the butter and sausage 
am surprised the people at home are getting alarmed there 
is no cause for it the Yankees will not venture so far from 
their gun-boats "they are too smart for that, they are not 
going to leave them for Jackson to come in behind them if 
they can help it" we arrived just in time to save Fredericks- 
burg the Yankees were to enter Sunday morning at 9 o clock 
had given the citizens until then to move they had 90 guns 
trained to "tare the town to pieces" we are placing our guns 
Gen. Lee has told the citizens to vacate, as the town will be 
injured by his fire 3 brigades occupy the town artillery is 
one mile this side some men said to have crossed the river 
1 think all will have to cross "before we can get a big fight 
out of them" have been appointed cook to Capt. Eubank 407 
details of the first meal Eubank was Secretary of the Con 
vention. . . . [ends abruptly.] 4 p. A. L. n. S. R-2-i. 

4 5 See infra. 

406 Routt was a private in Eubank s battery, Alexander s Artillery Bat 
talion, Longstreet s Corps, A. N. Va. The Battalion was composed of 
Moody s, Woolfolk s, Gordon s, Eubank s, the Ficklin and the Parker bat 
teries. The events described by Routt are treated in full in Longstreet s 
From Manassas to Appomattox. 

407 Routt seems to have held this position throughout the war. 


1863, Jany. 25, Hd-Qrs. Artillery. Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 
Letters received we have had a hard time since my last 
letter marched back to Fredericksburg on the i6th, as the 
Yankees were trying to cross the river again "put out and 
landed about noon of the I7th marched nearly all night 
returned yesterday rained nearly all the time had no camp 
equipage as soon as we reached the scene the enemy re 
treated they must have thought "we had gone clean out of 
their reach [,] but they were most awfully deceived" If they 
had crossed, they would have been more defeated than before 
"the army was in the mood for it, and mad because they 
had to leave comfortable quarters" personal home affairs I 
hope for a furlough. A. L. S. R-2-2. 

1863, Mch. 13, Hd-Qrs. Arty. Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

I reached camp safely sold my surplus clothing draw 
ers, $5.00 a pair; shoes, $16; pants, $25; vest, $10 make more 
and send them to me for sale details of the making. 

A. L. S. R-2- 3 . 

1863, Mch. 26, n. p. Wm. H. Routt. 

Account-book with entries for 1853-56 sale of effects this 
date, 408 household goods, library, 4o9 etc. few entries for slave 
hire. 12 p. R-2-23. 

1863, May 10, Camp near Salem Church, [Va.] Wm. H. 
Routt to his wife. 

Letters received personal news "no one takes any in 
terest in the soldiers but those who have relatives to inquire 
after, though but for the soldiers they would have been over 
run long ago" I believe a day is coming "when every tub 
will have to stand on its own bottom" 41 Genl. Pendle- 

408 Routt s references to his domestic affairs, which have been omitted 
in these abstracts, seem to indicate that he was a small farmer, owning 
one slave and perhaps more. 

409 Cf. infra, letter of May 27, 1863. 

410 It must be remembered that Routt did not belong to the large 
slave-holding class. His reference may be to social changes which would 
follow a peace. 


ton 411 preached to-day at Genl. Lee s request for a general 
thanksgiving. "In the course of his remarks he spoke with 
much feeling of the immortal Jackson, who he said was now 
lying bleeding and desperately ill, and said if he should be 
removed from earth 412 we would sustain a great loss, though 
he knew it would be to Jackson s gain. Spoke of his pure 
Christian virtue and lofty patriotism. He also spoke of Lee 
in the same tone, held them up as lights for men [to] walk by. 
As he spoke of Jackson, many a strong heart gave way to 
their feelings in a flood of tears and none felt the force of 
his remarks more than myself and in conclusion he offered 
up a feeling and eloquent prayer in behalf of both Lee and 
Jackson our army and our country, the men paid marked at 
tention to what he said. He preached out in an open field, 
the men sitting on the ground around him, officers and all. 
It was a picturesque looking scene." A. L. S. R-2-4. 

1863, May 27, Arty. Camp. Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

Receipt of letters personal news to-morrow is election 
day little interest taken by my Battalion most of the Vir 
ginians will vote for Smith he will get a larger vote than any 
of his competitors in the army almost all the Orange men 
in the Batln. will vote for Patton for the Senate over Early 
the latter admits opposing the soldiers voting all friends 
of army should oppose him Letters written home no fur 
loughs for more than two days Genl. Ewel[l] married last 
night good news from Vicksburg, all attacks repulsed do 
not sell my "cloth coat for less than $50," nor your silk dress 
for less than $75 one like it would cost $150 sell the "big" 
dictionary for $20, Benton s works for $30, "if you get a 
chance" clothes and shoes needed. A. L. S. R-2-5. 

1863, June 23, Camp near Milwood, Clarke Co., Va. Wm. H. 
Routt to his wife. 

411 Brig.-Genl. W. N. Pendleton, an Episcopal divine, later Rector of 
General Lee s church in Lexington. It is said that when Genl. Pendleton 
ordered the artillery to open fire at Manassas, he cried, "Fire, boys," and 
reverently added, "and God have mercy on their souls." 

412 Jackson died the same day. See Henderson op cit., v. 2, pp. 470-71- 


Orders received to start for Maryland troops already in 
Pennsylvania Genl. Jenkins sent a lot of fine horses and 
some negroes from there he took all he could catch caught 
500 Yankee conscripts drilling orders issued not to destroy 
private property in Maryland "but the wrath of Southern 
vengeance will be wrecked upon the Pennsylvanians and all 
property belonging to the abolition horde which we may cross 
we will try and pay them for what they have been doing to 
the innocent and helpless in our own ........ [obliterated] 

Southern land" Yankees have left this part of the country 
a little cavalry fight yesterday took 43 prisoners the people 
much relieved Yankees took everything but the land took 
all of the property of Mr. Bur [we]ll [?] offered to return it 
if he took the oath he refused a rich country great pity it 
is given over to war the Batln. returns from drill orders say 
all enemy property is to be respected 413 is thought we are 
bound direct for Maryland do not worry will fare better 
there than here "can get more to eat, &c." it is said Jenkins 
made them open the stores in Chambersburg, sell at regula 
tion price and take Confederate money. "I reckon there will 
be old scampering amongst them when our main army gets 
amongst them" I have received your letters we march at 
two in the morning I am told we go direct to Penn., "the 
men are in great glee" personal affairs. R-2-6. 

1863, July 16, Camp near Bunker Hill, Frederick Co., Va. 
Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

"We have landed safe again upon the soil of the old do 
minion, though many of our men sleep under the soil of the 
enemys country. & many of our wounded are left in the hands 
of our enemies, we crossed the potomac on the 25th June & 
recrossed back again on the I4th July, with our ranks very 
much thinned We had quite A heavy skirmish with the yan- 
kees the morning we crossed back, their cavalry attacked our 
rear, Genl. Pettigrew of S. C . 414 was badly wounded in the 
affair, supposed to be mortal, we have stopped here to recu- 

413 See G. O. 72, A. N. Va., June 21, 1863; O. R., s. 45, pp. 912-13. 

414 Properly of North Carolina. See C. M. H. v. 4, pp. 337-39. 


perate A little the men & horses are very much exhausted, 
since the fight, we have had A tough time of it, we have had 
wet weather nearly the whole time we were out, & frequently 
marching & meneuvring [sic] all night, we crossed back on 
the pontoons about midnight, pouring down rain & as dark as 
pitch, built large lights each side the river so we could see, no 
accident happened whilst crossing save an ambulance & horse 
which went over board the horse of course drowned the pon 
toons were as steady & solid as any bridge I ever crossed not 
A particle gave way though the bridge was crowded with 
artillery; wagons, horses, & men for more than twentyfour 
hours." the building of pontoons the destruction of this 
one "now the question is which side got the best of the fight. 
I believe we did, though at heavy cost our loss cannot fall 
much short of thirty thousand in killed wounded & missing, 
their papers already admit A loss of forty two thousand on 
their side, it is said to have been the most terrific artillery 
fight on record, they had much the better of us in position, they 
on the mountain & we in the plains, we opened on them with 
one hundred & ninety pieces of Artillery at one time & for 
three hours I never heard such a roar of artillery in my life the 
earth seemed to tremble under us. the air was sulphurious [sic] 
from their shells an projectiles. & then the shrieks of the 
wounded & dying rendered the scene more appaling & heart 
rending the like I never saw. the like I never want to see 
again." letters written the death of Col. Louis B. Williams 
of Orange the wounding of Genl. J. L. Kemper his ser 
vant s fidelity the wounding of Col. Patton "I hope our army 
will not attempt invasion again the invading party labours 
under two many disadvantages, the yankees of course will say 
they made us retreat back to our own country, it is not so. our 
ammunition gave out & we couldn t get any were two far from 
our base of supplies had to be brought from Richmond to 
Staunton & then hauled by wagons to us but for that we 
would have undoubtedly pressed onward, prisoners say if we 
had kept up our fire half an hour longer we would have driven 
them from the heights, but our ammunition failing we of 
course had to withdraw, they also said we killed & wounded 
nearly all of there canoniers & horses said they had to detail 


men from the infantry to work their guns during the fight, 
our men dont like the fall of Vicksburg much though they are 
not disheartened in the least at it are as determined as ever." 
news of a friend difficulties of writing news to conscripts 
directions for writing. A. L. S. R-2. 

1863, Aug. i, Mitchell s Station, Culpepper [sic] Co., Va. 
Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

Left Culpeper Court-House yesterday and came here 
better grazing here no hopes of furlough last night received 
orders to march cooked all night orders countermanded 
to-day I expect we will go to Fredericksburg personal 
affairs. A. L. S. R-2-8. 

1863, Sept. 6, [Culpeper Co., Va?] Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 
Reached camp safely accident to the butter I see no 
prospect of a move Genl. Lee has gone to Charleston and 
Chattanooga, "so I judge we will stand still until he returns, 
as he is the masterwheel of the whole" I hope for further 
leave preachers who address us 40 men are to be bap 
tized. 415 A. L. S. R-2-g. 

1863, Sept. 26, Camp near Ringgold, Catoosa Co., Ga. Wm. 
H. Routt to his wife. 

Reached here after journey of 7 days and 5 nights 416 
accident to the train poverty of the country of the crops 
Va. the greatest state of the Confederacy you have heard 
of Bragg s defeat of Rosecrans 417 great praise given Long- 
street is said that but for him, Bragg would have fallen back 
we are camped where the battle began hospitalities of 
Augusta, which is said to have had 3O,ooo 418 people until the 

415 This was one of the remarkable spiritual revivals which swept over 
the army several times during the course of the war. See C. M. H., v. 12, 
p. 163. 

416 See Longstreet, op. cit., pp. 436-37. 

417 Ibid-, pp. 439-60. 

418 Augusta s population by the United States census of 1860 was 


war began scarcely 10,000 now, so many are in the army 
I hope to return to Va. do not like this country. 

A. L. S. R-2-io. 

1863, Sept. 28, Camp near Ringgold, Catoosa Co., Ga. Wm. 
H. Routt to his wife. 

Further details of battle of i8th and iQth the Yankees 
badly whipped men who visited the field say it is covered 
with "unburied Yankees" were more arms stacked there 
than ever they had seen 40 pieces of Arty, were captured 
Forrest 419 has captured 200 loaded commissary wagons 
Yankees still have confidence in Rosecrans the men from 
Va. are very anxious to return will probably do so if we 
defeat the enemy. A. L. S. R-2-n. , 

1863, Oct. 4, Camp near Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., Tenn. 
Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

Frequent letters home cold weather hog-killng per 
sonal news desire to return home. A. L. S. R-2-I2. 

1863, Oct. 8, "Camp at the foot of Lookout Mountain in sight 
of Chatanooga." Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

We are at the foot of the mountain up a little higher we 
can see Chattanooga and the Yankee camps we have some 
"big guns up the mountain" occasionally exchange shots 
with the Yankees, who have a very large force Rosecrans 
is strongly fortified and is said to be receiving renforcements 
we are to make a strong flank movement, and are building 
a bridge six miles below the town Chattanooga does not seem 
as large as Charlottesville 420 "I judge we will have rough 

419 Several excellent works on Forrest have recently appeared: J. A. 
Wyeth, Life of Genl Nathan Bedford Forrest, . . . (N. Y. and Lond., 
1899); J. H. Mathes, General Forrest, (N. Y., 1902). The earlier work 
is T. Jordan and J. P. Pryor, Campaigns of Lt.-General N. B. Forrest, 
(N. Y., 1868). 

420 The population of neither town is given separately in the census 
of 1860. Albemarle County, Virginia, in which Charlottesville is located, 
had a population of 26,625 ; Hamilton County, Tennessee, in which is Chat 
tanooga, had 13,258 residents. 


work with old Rosy when we cross the river" 421 all are 
anxious to get to Va. troops from other states all praise Va. 
great abundance of wood this the only thing plentiful 
theft of my clothes home affairs. A. L. S. R-2-is. 

1863, Oct. 28, Camp near Chattanooga, [Term.] Wm. H. Routt 
to his wife. 

Personal affairs we have heard that Lee defeated Meade 
at Manassas and took 7000 prisoners 422 I am relieved, for [ 
feared they might reach home no news from you. 

A. L. S. R-2-I4. 

1863, Oct. 28, Camp near Chatanooga, [Term.] Wm. H. Routt 
to his wife. 

Letters received rain almost every other day a slight 
skirmish yesterday, 13 captured home affairs destruction of 
trees makes federal camp plain enemy s position strong and 
well-defended religious sentiments. A. L. S. R-2-i6. 

1864, May 21-23, Arty. Camp near Spottsylvania C.-H., [Va.] 
Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

I have procured half-a-dozen sheets of paper, for which I 
paid $2.5o 423 we have been busy for 17 days "and none can 
tell the hardship and privations we have undergone except 
those who have participated in it our men though are as 
cheerful and as bouyant as ever all seem determined to do 
or die" you have doubtless read of the battles the Yankee 
papers admit a loss of 60,000 to date our "loss will not ex 
ceed" 15,000 "we have whipped them at every point" stop 
here as orders are received to move [continued same day] 
personal sickness and recovery expect a big battle every day 
reinforced to-day by Hoke s Div. it is said Breckinridge 
will come in to-night Butler, failing on the Peninsula, is land 
ing at Port Royal Beauregard is waiting "and will pounce 

* See O. R., Atlas, plate XLIX. 

422 A gross exaggeration. Such rumors were frequently circulated 
and had great temporary effect in raising the spirits of the troops. 

423 The paper is a rough, legal-sized folio, of very inferior quality. 


on him as soon as he shows his head" Genl. Lee in his orders 
says this is the last effort of the enemy we will see that our 
comrades have not died in vain prisoners, say this is the last 
attempt they intend to make McClellan President and close 
the war have written all I should ; the enemy might get the 
letter [Continued May 23] have moved to Hanover Junction 
marched all night, but had moonlight fell back because of 
the inconvenience of supplies and because too many men were 
required to guard the rail-road "we are ready for the enemy 
when he appears we have the Northana river between us 
They will have a happy time crossing it." 

A. L. S. R-2-iy. 

1864, July 20, Howlitts, [Va.] Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

A visitor from home his news discussed had a fine rain 
yesterday no news that is not in the papers Yankee pickets 
insist Grant is killed no one believes it sell my coat I be 
lieve my jacket will sell for $75 or $100 by cold weather I 
hope you can "make out without breaking up" will buy Ann s 
shoes here for $8.00. A. L. S. R-2-i8. 

1864, Oct. 9, "In the Trenches." Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

Dangers at home cowardice of the conscripts hope they 
will have to try the realities in the trenches we have built 
a log hut with brick chimney and glass windows it is within 
20 feet of the gun most of our men have built winter quar 
ters hope and expect we can remain here boxes from home 
family news "our prospect is very bright." 

A. L. S. R-2-ig. 

1864, Oct. 18, "In the Trenches." Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 
All is quiet, "but I reckon the storm will burst upon us 
soon" many new men are coming in most of them young 
men who have managed to keep out is said Lee s army will 
be increased 30,000 by the last call newcomers from home 
tell them I am "glad they are beginning to get at them at last, 
I hope justice will be done now" your socks are selling for 
$10 a pair personal and family affairs. 

A. L. S. R-2-20. 

or . 
ixfrrn^l T i 


1864, Nov. 26, [In the Trenches in front of Petersburg, Va.] 
Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

My flannels must be sent directions if you have killed 
hogs, send a small piece of cooked chine and send me A loaf 
of saltrising bread" If they do not cost more than $60, have 
a pair of boots made for me. "Send a little red pepper." 

A. L. S. R-2-2ia. 

1864, Dec. 7, "In the Trenches." Wm. H. Routt to his wife. 

Received letters and the box accident to the latter do 
not buy the boots if they cost more than $60 I fear a raid 
may reach you family affairs will bring you a "pair of fine 
shoes" and a "pair of nice gloves." A. L. S. R-2-22. 

1862, Oct. 22, "In the Army of the Potomac." Frank Dunbar 
Ruggles to [his father] Henry B. Ruggles, Boston, Mass. 

I wish to communicate my whereabouts the awfulness 
of the war in separating kin belief in the justice of the 
Southern cause details of enlistment in the Washington 
Arty. battles participated in God s mercy and protection 
determination to finish the struggle hope for the independ 
ence of the South hope for a winter campaign news of 
friends. 424 A. L. S. La-3. 

i86-, 425 n. d., n. p. [Albert Rust, Brig.-Genl.] 

"Report of Artillery and Artillery Horses" in this com 
mand, 4 batteries. D. n. S. 

1863, Nov. 28, Richmond, Va. Thos. M. Rutherford, Beverly 
Dan. Tucker, Mumford Harrison. 

Receipts signed by; for canteens and haversacks.* 28 

424 Ruggles was born in 1837, of an old and distinguished Boston 
family. Business interests carried him to New Orleans, where he settled 
and became an ardent supporter of the Southern cause. He was killed in 
the battle of Fredericksburg. not two months after this letter was written. 

426 Not earlier than 1863, since Rust s commission as Brigadier dated 
from Mch. 4, 1862. See C. M. H., v. 10 (Ark.), pp. 414-16- 

426 See E. S. Gay, supra, p. 257. The signers of these receipts were 
school-boys, enlisted for local defence. 


1862, May 24, 10:00 A. M. Guinea s Depot. Jno. S. Ryan to 
Capt. L. W. Spratt. 

Notification of provisions sent. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-i5. 

1863, May 9, Big Black, Hd-Qrs. 3rd Mo. Regt., 2nd Brig. D. 
T. Samuel, Lt.-Col. comdg. to Maj. Memminger, A. A. G., 
Dept. Miss, and E. La. 

Request that my command of dismounted cavalry be re 
mounted. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-2g. 

1864, Dec. 20, Mount Pleasant, S. C. H. H. Sams, Capt. and 
A. C. S. 

"Report of subsistence stores (provisions) on hand" here 
small amount of meat and flour, 17,852 Ibs. meal. 

A. F. S. T-20-i. 

1865, Jany. 10, Mount Pleasant, S. C. H. H. Sams, Capt. and 
A. C. S. 

"Report of subsistence stores (provisions) on hand" here 
1368 Ibs. salt beef; 33,674 Ibs meal; 161 Ibs. coffee, etc. 

A. F. S. T-20-6. 

1864, Nov. 13, Rocky Mount, Va. John J. Saunders to Mrs. 

Have you procured the salt for which you were given an 
order? It is now selling at the works for $15 a bushel. 

A. L. S. C r45 -7. 

1862, Mch. 20, Williamsburg, Va. Ro. Saunders, Mayor, to 
Sergt. Finney, 427 La. Batln. etc. 

Thanks to you and your guard, on behalf of the inhabitants, 
for guard duty here efficiency of the command your own 
conduct. A. L. S. F-2O-5. 

1861, Jany. 13, Fort Pulaski. John Screven, comdg. Sav[an- 
nah] Vol. Guards, Hamilton Couper, Lieut. V. L. L, to Capt. 
John K. Anderson, comdg. Fort Pulaski. 

Report on proposed defences of Tybee Island with 2 
diagrams. D. S. Ga-ga-i-35- 

427 See supra, p. 248. 


1865, Jan., [Hd-Qrs. 2nd and 3rd Sub-Dists. S. C] Henry 
Seabrook, Capt. Arty, and Ord. Officer. 

"Consolidated report of number and kinds of small arms 
in hands of troops" here sum total, 4,997. 

A. D. S. T-25-6. 

1-862, Jany. g, C. S. District Court, Eastern Dis. Va. F. W. 
Seabury s Sons (A. L. and W. H.,) Norfolk, Va. 

Proceedings against; under sequestration act debts due 
Northern creditors, $31,224.93 answer admits claim but 
pleads stay of executions provided by Section 16, Amendatory 
Act filed, Jany. 9, i862. 428 D. S. 8-44-1-4. 

1864, Mch. i, [Richmond, Va.] J. A. Seddon, Sec. War. 

Permission to Col. J. T. Thompson Brown to collect a 
company of furloughed men for temporary service in repelling 
the enemy ordnance officers will furnish arms and ammu 
nition. A. S. Va-E-i8. 

[1864, Nov. 28,] 429 [Richmond, Va.] J. A. Seddon, Sec. War, 
to [Maj.-]Genl. S[am] Jones. 

Can afford no reinforcements all troops of the depart 
ment being pressed forward to intercept the enemy must 
rely on your own resources. Tel. Ga-ga-i-2i. 

186-, Aug. 10, Camp, Orange Co to Mrs. Selden. 

Thanks for communicating the news of William Finney 430 
his fine character sources of consolation. 

L. n. S. F-20-3. 

1862, Jany. 12, Camp, near Fredericksburg, [Va.] John A. 
Selden, Capt. and A. C. S., to [Capt. W. O.] Harvie. 

I have heard you were at Gordonsville know there is 
plenty of the "main stay of life" there please send a barrel 

428 Cf. supra, pp. 279, 303. 

429 Printed in O. R., s. 92, p. 963. 

430 Cf. supra, pp. 248, 391, etc., 


of whiskey or other spirits if you cannot spare a barrel, send 
a half-barrel very dry here send the best you have the 
Colonel approves enclose receipts "dull as the devil here." 

A. L. S. 8-40. 
Appended, receipt form [Form 21] for 44 gallons whiskey. 

1862, Nov. 19, Fort de France, Martinique. C. S. S. Alabama. 
R. Semmes, [Comdr.[ to Comdr. J. D. Bulloch, 431 C. S. N. 

Received your letter arrived here the enemy warned 
the "San Jocinto" off the harbor propose to run by her at 
night no cruise off New York personal matters. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-3-i. 

1862, Nov. 25, Fredericksburg, Va., Hd-Qrs. Semmes Brig. 
Paul J. Semmes, 432 Brig.-Genl. to Maj. J. M. Goggin, A. A. G. 
The officer of the day reports the enemy throwing up 
works on the hill opposite the mill in the upper part of the 
city arrested two soldiers yesterday for selling liquor to the 
men seized the liquor, intending to turn it over to the medi 
cal department found in the afternoon that the officers of the 
guard were drinking and giving liquor to the guard and to 
other officers some of the officers and part of the guard were 
drunk arrested four of the five officers poured out the liquor 
turned the two men first arrested over to the provost guard 
took precautions not to let drunken men go on duty town 
is very quiet, few officers or men in the streets. 

L. S. S-34- 

1865, Apr. 8, Hd-Qrs. 8th and i2th Ky. Cav. S. O. . Sig: 
A. R. Shacklett, Col. comdg. Regt. 

Lieut. Overton, Co. F, 8th and I2th Cav., appointed Adjt. 
until further orders. A. D. S. Ky-22. 

1862, Aug. 7, Camp near Liberty Millfs, Va.] J. L. Sheffield, 
Col. comdg. 48th Ala., J. W. Jackson, Lt.-Col. comdg. 47th 
Reg. Ala. Vols. Examining Board. 

431 See supra, p. 348, note 340. 

432 For Semmes, see C. M. H., v. 6, pp. 435-36. 


Certificate to Brig.-Genl. Wm. B. Taliaferro that as board 
appointed to ascertain the qualifications of officers, 2nd Lieut. 
Gaston G. Turner, Co. H, 47th Ala. Vols., was called before 
us "We find him ignorant of all his duties" recommend his 
immediate reduction for the good of the service. 

D. S. TV-45-i. 

[1861,] n. d., n. p. Nannie Clapton Shelton, nee Brown. 
"The Seven-Starred Banner" MS. poem, 5 quatrains. 

A. S. 

1864, June i, Richmond, Va., Conscript Office. Circular No. 
40. Sig: Jas. H. Binford, L[ieu]t. and Adji, by order Col. 
J. A. Shields. 

Order and directions for conscription of 5,000 free negroes 
to work on the Richmond defences. 433 

D. S. Ga-ga-i-ig. 

1862, Mch. 14-1863, Mch. 2. James Shields, Maj.-Genl. U. 
S. A. 

Order book of Third Brigade between these dates cap 
tured chiefly orders of ist Va. Infy. Va-C-yg. 

1864, Nov. i, n. p. Geo. Shrewth, pvt. Co. B, Lucas Bat. Arty. 
Charges and specifications against ; for attempted deser 
tion, Oct. 27-28, 1864; for mutinous conduction; for second 
attempted desertion charges preferred by Ginwald[?] Rich 
ardson, Capt. comdg. list of witnesses. D. S. T-3O-I3. 
Endsd : Forwarded [regular channels.] 

1865, Jany. 19, Charleston, S. C, Torpedo Service. John H. 
Simon, Capt. in charge, to [Brig.]Genl. [W. B.] Taliaferro. 

I have begun to blockade the Hog Island channel with tor 
pedoes, a short distance above Battery Bee, Sullivan s Island 
it will not be prudent for heavy draft crafts to pass 434 
small boats can pass safely by keeping near the shore. 

A. L. S. S-37. 

433 F or other employments of free negroes, see in ex, Free Negroes. 
Many orders for the conscription of negroes for work on fortifications ap 
pear in O. R., s. 127-29. 

* 34 For the location of this channel, ,ee O. R M Atlas, plate CXXXI. 


1863, July 4, Hd-Qrs. Monroe, La. E. Kirby Smith, Lt.-Genl. 
to Genl. J. E. Johnston, comdg. Vicksburg, etc. 

"General: On the 2Qth ultimo, I received at Shreveport 
a letter from Gen. Elgy, Vol. Aid to Gen. Taylor, conveying 
information from you of the critical condition of the garri 
son at Vicksburg. I proceeded immediately to this point, 
on the road I met Lt. Cunningham with your despatch of 
the 26th June. I find it impossible to do anything from this 
side for the relief of Vicksburg. When Gen. Taylor with all 
the disposable force of the District was ordered opposite 
Vicksburg I believed much would have been achieved. Gen. 
Taylor was instructed to spare no exertions in throwing 
supplies into Vicksburg. His efforts were vain, the main ob 
jects of the expedition, the relief of Vicksburg was unaccom 
plished. Gen. Taylor reporting it impossible to do anything 
more, returned to Alexandria, proposing to conduct in person 
the operations opposite Port Hudson. I approved of Gen. 
Taylor s course, as the troops were not withdrawn from op 
posite Vicksburg, but were left under the command of Maj. 
Gen. Walker, and as Gen. Taylor s presence was needed be 
low, and as a communication had just been received from you 
announcing the investment of Vicksburg and Port Hudson, 
stating that you were arranging for the relief of the former 
place and calling upon me to do all that I could for the re 
lief of the Garrison of Port Hudson. 

At the time of Gen. Taylor s arrival here, the force con 
centrated at his disposal numbered about 7000; operating in 
the swamps of the Mississippi, sickness has reduced them to 
less than 4000 effective The enemy here, reinforced and are 
prepared and on the lookout. The relief of Vicksburg from 
this side which Gen. Taylor with his force found impossible, 
is with the means now at my command absolutely imprac 
ticable. I enclose you a copy of a communication on this 
subject from Gen. Walker. I have taken steps for communi 
cating with Gen. Pemberton, and for throwing in a supply 
of caps which I hope will prove successful ; I have written 
him that he can expect no aid from this side, that his sole 
hope is in cutting his way through the enemies line, that he 


must by sending out information determine the day when by 
a simultaneous attack of both your forces on same point, 
the garrison may be extricated; that on his information, I 
will in advance make some demonstration, with the hope of 
drawing to this side a portion of the investing force. Any 
escape of the garrison by the river is I believe impracticable, 
it, with the character of the Peninsula opposite, is an insur 
mountable obstacle to success. 

Finding nothing is to be done opposite Vicksburg, I have 
ordered Gen. Walker to occupy a point above Lake Provi 
dence, which, while his flanks are protected, and his retreat 
secured, offers advantages for interrupting communications on 
the river." A. L. S. Fla. 

1863, May 3, Hd-Qrs. Army of the Miss. J. E. Slaughter, 435 
Brig.-Genl. and Inspr/Genl., to Inspr.-Genl., Maj.-Genl. Folk s 

See that muster rolls bear the proper certification, whether 
the men are entitled to clothing and bounty. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-30. 

1862, Oct. 8, Charleston, [Va.] B. H. Smith, Capt. 3rd How 
itzer Co., to Col. J. T. Brown. 

We are still in position repulsed the enemy in need of 
funds good feeding for horses, but they improve little 
harness kept on all the time men are well. 

A. L. S. Va-E-i;. 

1861, Nov. ii, Ship Point, [Va.] C. L. Smith, Capt. Wash 
ington Arty. 

Receipt for artillery tools furnished by Col. [G. W.] Ran 
dolph for the use of this command. A. D. S. R-23-2. 

1865, [?] Jany. 5, Hd-Qrs [obliterated.] L. Jaque- 

lin Smith, Capt. Arty. etc. to Lieut. O. Cohen, Actg. Ord. Of 
ficer, Cosawhatchie, [Ga.] 

Directions for regular report. L. S. Ga-ga-i-36. 

For Slaughter, see C. M. H., v. 3, PP- 662-63. 


1863, Feb. 14, n. p. M. L. Smith, 430 Maj.-Genl. to Lt.-Genl. 
[J. C.] Pemberton, comdg. 

I enclose two notes 437 I suppose the second relates to 
your inquiry whether Genl. Holmes would cooperate with the 
Army on this side. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-25. 

1863, May 9, Vicksburg, Miss., Hd-Qrs. Smith s Div. M. L. 
Smith, Maj.-Genl. comdg. to Maj. R. W. Memminger, A. A. 
G. Dept. 

Requesting additional copies of G. O. 69 for distribution to 
this command, as it is chiefly concerned in the court-martial 
proceedings. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-2g. 

1864, Feb. 15, Richmond, [Va.,] House of Delegates. T. 
J. Smith 438 to [Brig.-] Genl. Wm. B. Taliaferro. 

As the legislature adjourns shortly, and as I do not now 
belong to the army, I wish to serve as a voluntary [sic] aid 
on some General s staff would be glad to serve on yours 
will equip myself, if necessary ask an early reply. 

A. L. S. T 1 - 49 - 9 . 

1861, Jany. 19, Milledgeville, Ga. Wm. D. Smith, 439 Capt. 2nd 
U. S. Dragoons, to Col. S. Cooper, 440 Adjt.-Genl., U. S. A., 

Georgia having this day severed its connection with the 
Union, I hereby tender by resignation as captain, U. S. A. 

A. L. S. Ga-20. 

1862, June 28, Hd-Qrs. R[andolph-] M[acon] College, Va. 
Wm. H. Smith, comdg. Corps Cadets, R. M. C. 

A. D. S. Ga-ga-i-15- 

e For Martin L. Smith, see C. M. H., v. n (Fla.), pp. 210-11. 

437 Not found. 

438 Smith represented Russell, Wise and Buchanan Cos. 
9 For Smith, see C. M. H., v. 6, pp. 437-38. 

440 Col. Samuel Cooper, United States Adjutant-General, left the service 
shortly after this time and became Adjutant and Inspector General, C. 
S. A. He was senior General in Confederate service. 


Leave of absence to Cadet R. H. C. Brock until Sept. 18, 
unless ordered to rejoin before that time. 441 

1862, Mch. 14, Richmond, [Va.] War Dept. Wm. D. Smith. 
Commission as Brig.-Genl. rank from Mch. 7, 1862 re 
port to Maj. Genl. [J. C.] Pemberton. Sig: J. P. Benjamin, 
Sec. War. P. F. S. Ga-2O. 

1862, June 12, Richmond, Va. W. N. Smith, Lieut. C. S. A., 
Supt. C. S. Laboratory. 

Table of "Calibres and Weights of Balls and their charges" 
by arm, with charge and weight of ball. 

Copy. 0-10-3. 

1862, Sept. 6, Richmond, Va. W. N. Smith, Capt. and M. 
S. K. 

"A Statement of the No. of pounds Powder, required to fill 
Shells, and service bursting charges" arranged by kinds of 
shells. Copy. 0-10-4. 

Appended : "Ammunition for Columbiads ; Sea-coast Guns ; 

Mortars and Howitzers for ordinary service." Copy. 

1862, Sept. 6, Richmond, Va. W. N. Smith, Capt. and M. 
S. K. 

"Statement of Small Arm Ammunition, Balls, Charges, 
etc." 19 arms listed, with calibre and weight of ball and 
charge in grains blank for diameter of ball. 

P. F. S. Q-io-6. 

[1862?] n. d., n. p. [W. N. Smith, Capt. etc.?] 

"Size of Cartridge Bags and the amount of powder re 
quired to project the following rifle projectiles" specified by 
gun, diameter of cartridge bags and number pounds of powder. 

Reverse: "Receipt for making Confederate cement for filling 

441 The students of the college were enrolled as cadets, under quasi- 
military discipline. 


case shot. Coal Tar, i Gal : Rosin, 3 Ibs. To be boiled 
until it becomes sufficiently hardened for the purpose, 

which will be determined by the operative prepare " 

N. S. 

[1862?] n. d., n. p. [W. N. Smith, Capt. etc?] 

[I] "Table showing proportional bearings of projectiles to 
weight of Guns" specified by kind of gun, its weight, weight 
of projectile and proportional weight. 

[II] Table of "Information relating to Rifle Guns" speci 
fied by calibre, weight, length of bore, number and depth of 
grooves, etc. 

[III] "Proportional bearing of Charges to Projectiles of 
Rifle Guns" specified by kind of gun, weight of projectile, 
weight of powder, proportional weight, etc. 

[IV] "Range of Whitworth Guns" specified by weight 
of shot and of guns, by elevations, with median and greatest 
range." A. n. S. O-io-2. 

1863, Nov. 21, n. p. Willoughby N. Smith, Capt. and A. Q-M. 
"Statement of forage issued to the animals of Lt.-Col. Wm. 
Nelson s Battalion of Artillery" daily for week ending this 
day daily specifications no long forage issued. 

A. D. S. B 2 - 43 -i2. 

1863, Dec. 2, near Orange C.-H., Va. Willoughby N. Smith, 
Capt. etc. 

Statement of forage issued as above week ending Nov. 25 
301 animals. A. D. S. 6-35-6. 

1864, Feb. 18, Richmond, [Va.] W. P. Smith, pvt., E. C. Mc 
Carthy s Co., ist Richmond Howitzers. 

Honorable discharge upon surgeon s certificate of disabil 
ity Sig: J. W.[?] Pegram, A. A. G., by order Brig.-Genl. 
Jno. H. Winder. P. F. S. Va-E-2i. 

1862, July 24, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. G. M. Sorrel. 

Commission as Major, Adjt.-Genl s Dept. rank from May 
5, 1862 report to Genl. Longstreet. Sig: Geo. W. Ran 
dolph, Sec. War. P. F. S. Ga-22. 


1863, June 23, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. G. M. Sorrel. 

Commission as Lt.-Col., Adjt.-Genl s Dept. rank from 
June 18, 1863 report to Genl. Longstreet. Sig: James A. 
Seddon, Sec. War. P. F. S. Ga-22. 

1864, Oct. 31, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. G. M. Sorrel. 

Commission as Brig.-Genl., with temporary rank under A.ct 
of May 31, i86"4 442 rank from Oct. 27, 1864 report to Genl. 
R. E. Lee, to command D. R. Wright s Brig. Sig: James A. 
Seddon, Sec. of War. P. F. S. Ga-22. 

1863, May 16, Hd-Qrs. Arty. 2nd Corps. S. V. Southall to 
Col. J. Thompson Brown. 

Genl. Hill wishes to see you about your relations con 
trol of Arty, officers position of Genl. [W. N.] Pendleton in 
the matter. A. L. S. 6-35-15. 

1861, Oct. 2, Fort Magruder, [Va.] W. H. Southall, 443 comdg. 
Albemarle Arty., to Col. [G. W.] Randolph. 

I enclose requisition for harness [62-39-13] need it for 
8 horses harness for the mules is "exceedingly indifferent 
second-hand plough harness climate affecting the men very 
seriously "fifty odd men" sick. A. L. S. 62-39-14. 

1862, Apr. 13-30, [Stations around Yorktown, Va.] W. H. 
Southall, Sen. Capt. comdg., Thos. H. Carter, Capt. comdg. 
to Lt.-Col. J. T[hompson] Brown. 

Consolidated morning reports of artillery in and between 
Redoubts No. 4 and No. 5 the same and to the Right of No. 
5. present for duty No. of guns, caissons and horses 
their condition 23 papers. D. S. 6-32-1-23. 

1860, Dec. 20, Charleston, S. C. South Carolina Convention. 

"An ordinance to dissolve the Union between the State 
of South Carolina and other states united with her under the 

442 For the text of this Act, see O- R., s 129, p. 496; No. 17. 

443 For other mention of Capt. Southall, see index. 


compact entitled The Constitution of the United States of 
America " engrossed signed by members. 444 

D. S. SC-2I. 

1864, June 5, Staunton, Va. Rev. Wm. Sparrow, D. D. 

"All Things Are Yours" sermon MS., pp. 50 written on 
Federal blank regimental returns, stitched. 

A. n. S. S-2. 

Endsd: p. i. "Ps. 120, 3vv. Hy. 102, ist, and last SVY." p. 51. 
Staunton, June 5, i864[.] Seminary, Jan. 21, i866. 4 * 5 ,-j 

1862, Aug. 14, Hd-Qrs. 2nd La. Brig. A. M. Gordon, A. A. 
A. G., by ord[er] L. A. Stafford, Col. comdg. to W. T. Talia- 
ferro, A. A. A. G. 

Senior surgeon of this brigade is Dr. Stevens, 2nd La. 

commissioned May 17 or 26, 1861 he is now absent 448 

reasons for not sending reports. A. L. S. 1^-47-5. 

1862, Sept. 5, Hd-Qrs. Jackson s Division. G. O. 20. Sig: 
T. G. Pollock, A. A. A. G., by command of Brig.-Genl. [W. 
E.] Starke, 447 comdg. Div. 

I. Capt. W. N. Starke having arrived, he will assume duties 
of A. A. G. on the staff of Brig.-Genl. comdg. II. Capt. T. W. 
Doswell and Capt. S. M. Routh are accepted as voluntary aids 
on the same staff. D. S. 8-36. 

1863, Aug. 6, Hd-Qrs. 3rd Army Corps. W. N. Starke, Capt. 
and A. A. G., to John Meier, 448 Richmond, Va. 

What was the disposition of the approved request of J. 
Allensworth, Co. A, I4th Tenn. for transfer to Co. E, ist Ky. 
Cav. A. L. S. A-30. 

444 One of six copies engrossed at the time and signed by the members. 
The original was on parchment. 

445 Evidently the places and times of delivering the sermon. Cf. 
infra, p. 438. 

446 Cf. supra, p. 380. 

447 For Starke, see C. M. H., v. 3, p. 663. 

448 John F. Mayer? See p. 171, n. 28. 


1864, Feb. 18-23, Hd.-Qrs. Johnson s Div. George H. Steuart, 
Brig.-Genl., J. R. Jones, Brig.-Genl., Z. York, Col. I4th La. 
Regt., Board of Examiners. 

"Proceedings by virtue of the following order. 

[S. O. 33, VII.] In accordance with the Act of Congress No. 
26, appd. 13 Oct. 1862, as published in Genl. Order No. 93, 
(A. & I. Genl s Office, 1862) a Board of Examiners to consist 
of Brig. Genl. Geo. H. Stewart, Brig. Genl. John M. Jones 
and Col. Z. York, I4th La. Regt, is hereby appointed to meet 
at the Camp of Johnson s Division on the 8th day of Feby. 
1864, or as soon thereafter as practicable, to examine into 
the cases of such officers of the Division as may be brought 
to their attention, for the purpose of determining their quali 
fications for the discharge of the duties properly appertaining 
to their several positions, whether they are careless or inat 
tentive in the discharge of the same, and their fitness for pro 
motion to any existing vacancies in their respective com 
mands. The Boards will be Sworn, will have power to sum 
mon witnesses, will keep a record of its proceedings, will give 
an opinion in each case, and will be careful to conform to the 
requirements of Genl. Order No. 50 of 2Qth March, 1863, from 
these Hd. Ors. 449 

By command of Genl. R. E. Lee, 

(Signed) W. H. TAYLOR, 

A. A. Genl. 

"Camp of Steuart s Brigade, 

Feby. i8th, 1864. 

10 o clock A. M. 

"The Board met pursuant to the above order. Present all 
the members. It was impossible for the Board to meet at 
any time since 8th of Feby, 1864, on account of two of the 
officers having been on Picket duty. A communication was 
received from Brig. Genl. Walker, comdg. Stonewall Brigade 
that the possition of the Lt. Col. in 2nd Va. Regt. was vacant, 
and that he desired that Maj. E. L. Moore of said regt., now 
serving on Genl. Johnson s staff be examined for promotion/ 
Maj. E. L. Moore serving at present as Acting Inspector 

448 See supra, p. 321. 


General, was summonded to appear before the Board. A com 
munication was afterwards received from Maj. R. W. Hunter, 
Asst. Adjt. Genl. Johnson s Division, to the effect that Maj. 
Genl. Johnson instructed him to say that he had received au 
thentic information that Maj. E. L. Moore s nomination as 
Asst. Adjt. Genl. on his staff had been confirmed by the Sen 
ate, and that he expected in a few days to be notified of his 
appointment, and suggesting that the examination be post 
poned. 450 

As the examination could not proceed without examining 
the senior officer and Maj. Moore not appearing, the Board 
then adjourned subject to the call of the President. 


Brig. Genl. 
Presdt Board Examiners. 

"Camp of Steuart Brigade, 
Feb. 23, 1864. 
10 o clock A. M. 

The Board met at the call of the President. Present Brig. 
Genl. Geo. H. Steuart, Col. Z. York, i4th La. Regt and Col. 
H. A. Brown, ist N. C. Regt, who was detailed in place of 
Brig. Genl. J. M. Jones by the following order. 

Hd. Qrs. Dept. N. Va. 

1 9th Febry, 1864. 

4 [S. O. 48,] XII. Brig. Genl. J. M. Jones is relieved from 
duty as a member of the Board of Examiners convened by 
virtue of Par. VII, S. O. No. 33, current series from these Hd. 
Qrs. and Col. H. A. Brown, ist N. C. Regt. of Stewarts Bri 
gade is detailed in his stead. 

By command of Genl. R. E. Lee. 

(Signed) W. H. TAYLOR, 

A. A. General. 

Maj. E. L. Moore, 2nd Va. Regt. appearing, the Board was 
sworn in his presence. Witnesses were sworn and examina- 

o Cf. J. A. Walker to Steuart, Feb. 18, 1864, infra, p. 425. 


tion made. The Board find Maj. E. L. Moore, 2nd Va. Regt. 
qualified to fill the position of Lt. Col. in said regiment. 451 


Brig. Genl. 

Presd t Board Examiners. 

Capt. J. W. Rowan, 2nd Va. Regt. senior Captain, declin 
ing to appear before the Board, Capt. Charles H. Stewart, Co. 
"K" the next officer in rank appeared, and the Board was 
sworn in his presence, witnesses sworn and an examination 
made as to his qualifications for promotion to the rank of 

The Board find Capt. Charles H. Stewart of Co. "K" 2nd 
Va. Regt. qualified to fill the position of Major in 2nd Va. 


Brig. Genl. 

Presdt Board Examiners. 

There being no further business at present the Board ad 
journed subject to the call of the President. 


Brig. Genl. 

Presdt Board Examiners." 
D. S. E-5-2. 

1863, June 16, Hd-Qrs. Steuart s Brig., Johnson s Div., 2nd 

Corps, A. N. V. Geo. H. Steuart, Brig.-Genl. [comdg.1 


Request for permission to purchase a captured horse 1 

need another. A. L. S. 8-21-8. 

Endsd: I. Approved and forwarded. Genl. Steuart has two 
horses, but thinks he needs another. E. Johnson, 
Maj .-Genl. A. S. 

2. Approved and returned by order Lt.-Genl. Ewell. 
A. S. Pendleton, A. A. G. A. S. 

1863, June 19, Hd-Qrs. Steuart s Brigade. [Geo. H. Steuart, 
Brig.-Genl. comdg.] to Maj. B. W. Leigh, A. A. Genl. John 
son s Division. 

* Cf. ibid. 


Report of the action of this command in the operations 
around Winchester, Va., June I3th, with a list of the casual 
ties killed, 9 ; wounded, 34. A. n. S. W-I4. 

Printed, O. R., S. 44, 507-08. 

1863, Aug. 20, Hd-Qrs. Steuart s Brig. S. O. 28. Sig: Geo. 
K. Steuart, Brig.-Genl. comdg. 

Announcement of death of Capt. Wm. H. Murray, Co. H, 
ist Md. Batln. his career and ability. A. S. M-35-2. 

1863, Dec. 12, n. p. [Geo. H. Steuart, Brig.-Genl. comdg.] 
Report of action of Steuart s Brigade in the battle of 

Payne s Farm, Nov. 27, 1863. 

Printed : O. R., S. 48, 862-64. D. n. S. 6-14-1. 

1864, Jany. 30, n. p. Geo. H. Steuart, Brig.-Genl. 

Receipt of purchases for mess of; turkeys, $8.00 each 
Sig: H. F. Propst. A. S. 8-31-3. 

1864, Feb. 10, Gibson s House. [Qeo. H. Steuart, Brig.-Genl. 

"Suggestions for the formation of the picket lines from 
Raccoon Ford to Morton s Ford" posts duties of pickets. 

A. n. S. G-S. 

1864, Feb. 26, Hd-Qrs. Steuart s Brigade. G. O. 45. By order 
[Brig.-] Genl. [Geo. H.] Stuart. 

Hours for regimental calls. A. n. S. 8-21-1. 

1864, Feb. 26, n. p. Steuart s [Brigade] Minstrels to Brig.- 
Genl. G. H. Steuart. 

"Sir you are respecy solicited to attend a concert this even 
ing 6y 2 Oclock in the loth Va. Regiment to be given by 
Steuart s Minstrels." A. n. S. 8-217. 

1864, Apr. 2, Hd-Qrs. Steuart s Brigade. [Geo. H. Steuart, 
Brig.-Genl. comdg.] to Lieut. Henry Fry, 37th Va. 

Thanks for gloves sent by a lady through you 452 compli 
ments, etc. A. L. n. S. F-n-2. 

452 See Fry to Steuart, supra, p. 255. 


1864, Nov. 27~Dec. 31, n. p. Geo. H. Steuart, Brig.-Genl 

3 accounts of mess of ; with J. Canefield, Capt. and A. C. S. 
provisions ; flour, fresh beef, bacon, salt pork, salt, potatoes, 
candles, hard bread, soap, rice, molasses, vinegar, and lard. 453 

D. n. S. 8-21-4-6. 

186-, n. d., n. p. Geo. Williamson, [A. A. G.] by command 
of Brig.-Genl. [Geo. H.] Steuart. 

Instructions for the brigade guard" eleven sections de 
tails of routine duty. A. S. 8-21-2. 

186-, n. d., n. p. [Geo. H. Steuart, Brig.-Genl.] 

"Table of Evolutions of the Line Divided into six lessons, 
each containing three pauses" ist lesson, 1st pause. "To take 
a general alignment. To open and close the ranks. Loading 
and firing by the front and by the rear rank. To cause the 
line to rest," etc. pp. 7. A. n. S. 454 8-23. 

1863, Feb. 7, Rome, Ga. J. R. Stevens to R. M. Kent, Esq., 
[Cedar Town, Ga.] 

Will have 1,500 or 1,600 Ibs. of bacon for sale on Tuesday 
next at $.65 per Ib. shall we save it bacon will sell for $.75 
per Ib. before Mch. i, and for $1.00 before [next] winter bad 
weather heavy snow news of victory at Sabine Pass 456 
"we are whipping them now both on land and water" per 
sonal matters "no fresh news from Virginia." 

A. L. S. K-6-2. 

[1861,] Nov. 15, Columbus, Ky. Phil [D. Stevenson] 


News of recent engagement one of the hardest of the 
war details. A. L. S. Mo-3. 

1864, Apr. 29, In camp 5th Co. Washington Arty. Phil [D. 
Stevenson] to "Tilly" 

453 The last three items are on an undated account attached to the above. 

454 A rough draft. 

455 See reports of this engagement in O. R-, s. 41, pp. 302-12. Lieut. R. 
W. Bowling s report is reprinted in C. M. H., v. 11, pp. 108-10. 


Welcome news of friends good prospects of the army 
general satisfaction love making in the army details of 
friends. A. L. S. Mo-6. 

1864, July i, Marietta, Ga., "In line of Battle," 5th Co. Wash 
ington Arty. Phil [D. Stevenson] to his mother. 

Delight at receiving letters from home minor matters 
praises for the Washington Artillery their bravery and sol 
dierly characteristics joy over your picture thoughts of 
home news of friends. A. L. S. Mo-5- 

1865, Feb. 5, Columbus, Miss. Phil [D. Stevenson] to 
"Tilly" ........ 

Pleasure at writing safe return from Tenn. details ot 
Capt. B[artlett ]s wounding the fine character of the man 
thoughts of home no hopes for peace peace only on the 
terms of the South, if the whole country is made a "howling 
wilderness." A. L. S. 

1865, Jany. 18, [Elmira, N. Y.,] Office of Surgeon in Charge, 
Prisoners Hospital. Anthony E. Stocker, M.D. Surgeon, etc. 
to [Samuel F. Coleman, 456 etc.] 

I take pleasure in returning your letter it gives me op 
portunity to express entire satisfaction with your work the 
order is meant to be prospective in character I would be 
glad to see you all of same political faith, but am yet liberal 
enough to allow every man his own opinion differences will 
not prejudice me should be sorry to part with any of you 
do not anticipate it hope you will be satisfied with this ex 
pression of feelings, "and that I am each day trying to pro 
mote your comfort" your friend and well wisher. 

Copy. 27-i-C. 

1863, Mch. 7, Jackson, Miss., C. S. Arsenal. P. M. Stockton, 
Col. comdg. to Lieut Morrison, A. D. C. 

Will take Pierson s wrought iron at $.10 per Ib. do not 
need cables, chains or boiler. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-27. 

458 See Coleman, ct al to Stocker, supra, p. 223. 


1862, Aug. 7, Hd-Qrs. loth Va. Vols. J. Stover, Maj. comdg. 
to [Brig.-] Genl. [W. B .Taliaferro.] 

Request detail of Lieuts. J. W. Rallston and D. M. Ream, 
this Regt., to apprehend and bring in deserters. 

A. L. S. 8-48. 

1862, June 7, Camp on Harrison s Farm, Va. Robt. M. Strib- 
ling, Capt. Faquier Arty., Wm. C. Lawes, ist Lieut, same, 
S. Horace Hawes, 2nd Lieut. W[illa]msb[ur]g Arty. 

Valuation of a bay mare of Lt.-Col. [J. T.] Brown at $425. 

D. S. B-34-20. 

1862, May 26, Johnson s Island Prison, near Sandusky, O. 
Fr. Strube and Theodor Schneider, 2nd Lieut., Co. D, 2Oth 
La. Vols. to Col. [Aug.] Reichungf?], comdg. 2oth La. Vols. 

Requesting effort be made for our exchange. 

L. S. J-20. 

Endsd: Aug. Reichung[?], Col. etc. The whereabouts of Dr. 
Breedlore [doubtful.] 457 

1863, May 10, Hd-Qrs. Cav. Div., A. N. V. G. O. 15. Sig. 
J. E. B. Stuart, Maj.-Genl. 

Announcing the death from wounds of Maj. R. Channing 
Price, A. A. Genl., Cav. Div. his bravery and ability staff 
to wear usual badge of mourning for 30 days. 

Copy. P-34-i- 

1863, Nov. 21, near Orange C.-H. J. E. B. Stu6rt [to Moses 
D. Hoge, D.D.] 

Thanks for bible sent enclose $36, for w r hich I wish copies 
of Gospels sent for distribution among my friends religious 
thoughts. 458 A. L. S. SS-c-2;. 

1864, Mch. 21, Hd-Qrs. Cav. Corps, A. N. V. J. E. B. Stuart, 
Maj.-Genl. to Capt. Jas. Breathed, 459 Stuart Horse Arty., 
Charlottesville, Va. 

457 This endorsation was probably misplaced. It seems to have no 
connection with the subject-matter of the letter. 

458 See also pp. 246, 323, 334. 

459 See supra, pp. 197, 327. 


I regret you were not appointed among field-officers, A. 
N. V. hope for further promotion for you compliments and 
good wishes. L. S. Md. 

1861, Nov. 22, Hd-Qrs. Post Ship Point, [Va.] V. Sulakowski, 
Col. comdg. Post, to Maj.-Genl. [J. B.] Magruder, comdg. etc. 
I enclose and call your attention to requisition for muni 
tions to complete Capt. C. Smith s Battery the pieces are 
unserviceable without them. A. L. S. B 2 ~4i-6. 

1861, July 17, [Richmond, Va.,] Commonwealth of Virginia. 
Robert Swan. 

Commission as Maj. of Cavalry, Va. Vols. rank from July 
16, 1861 Sig: John Letcher. 460 P. F. S. Md-iO4. 

1864, Dec. 14, "In the field near Petersburg, Va." Macon 
Sykes, pvt. Co. K, 44th Regt. N. C. Troops. 

"Descriptive list" of; last paid, June 30, 1864 Sig: Wm. 
P. Oldham, Capt. P. F. S. NC-I78-25. 

1862, Jany. 24, Hd-Qrs. i$th T[enn.] V[ols.] R. A. T 

[Col. comdg.] to Maj.-Genl. [L.] Polk, comdg. ist Div. West 
ern Dept. 

Protest against release of three privates of Co. I, confined 
for attempt to desert. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-3i. 

1861, July 21, Hd-Qrs. 3rd Brig., A. V. R. K. Meade, A. A. 
A. G., by order Col. Wm. B. Taliaferro. 461 Circular. 

Commanders of loth, 23rd and 37th Va. will furnish 
complete list of men captured by enemy since the battle of 
Carrick s Ford inspection to-morrow after squad-drill to as 
certain number of improved captured arms report the same. 

A. D. S. T r4 7-i. 

1861, Nov. i, n. p. [Wm. B. Taliaferro, Col. comdg.] 

"Regular officers Fifth Brigade Army of Northwest cor- 

460 p or Letcher, see supra, p. 329. 

461 A sketch of General Taliaferro may be found In C. M. H., v. 3, 
pp. 670-72. 


reeled to this date" 23rd, 25th and 37th Va. Regts names, 
commands, dates of commission and of mustering into service 
names of some Lieutenants in 25th Va. not known, they 
"being prisoners on parole." D. n. S. 1^-42-1. 

[1861,] n. d., n. p. [Wm. B. Taliaferro, Col. comdg.] 

"List of commissioned officers of Col. Wm. B. Taliaferro s 
(5th) Brigade" dates of commissions and of mustering into 
service officers of 25th Va. captured at Rich Mountain given 
without dates Lieutenants of six companies not given com 
mand as above. D. n. S. ^-42-2. 

[1861?] n. d., n. p. [Wm. B. Taliaferro, Col. comdg.] 

"Register of officers of Col. Taliaferro s Brigade" ar 
ranged as above command listed: 1st Ga. Regt., 3rd Ark. 
Regt. D. n. S. 1^-42-3. 

1862, Mch. 10, Richmond, Va. [S.] O. . Sig: Wm. B. 
Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. 

Lieut. W. B. Pendleton, 23rd Va., is appointed A. A. G. on 
my staff 462 he will report at once. A. D. S. P-24-2. 

1862, Aug. I3-I5, 463 n. p. Wm. B. Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. 
comdg. Div. 

7 brigade morning reports to; as follows: 1st Brig., Va. 
Vols., Chas. H. Ronald, Col. comdg. Aug. 13-15 aggregate 
present, 2028, 2074, 2100 absent without leave, 904, 900, 864. 
2nd Brig., Vol. Div., John Seddon, Maj. comdg. Aug. 14-15 
aggregate present, 1302, 1313 absent withot leave, 432, 
433- 3 f d Brig., J. W. Jackson, Col., A. G. Taliaferro, Col. 
comdg. Aug. 13-14 aggregate present, 1523, 1644 absent 
without leave 614, 582. 3rd Brig., E. F. H. Warren, Col. 
comdg. n. d. aggregate present, 1547 absent without leave 
624. P. F. S., A. F. S. T-23-I-7. 

462 Taliaferro had been appointed Brigadier-General on Mch. 6, 1862. 
He had ranked as Major-General in the Virginia militia. 

463 The date of these reports explains the reason for the large number 
of men absent without leave; Jackson had just finished the fights around 
Cedar Mountain. 


1862, [Aug.?] n. p. [Wm. B. Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. comdg. 

Division report, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Brigs. aggregate present, 
4050 absent without leave, 1985. F. n. S. T-23-8. 

1862, Dec. 4, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Brig. W. T. Taliaferro to 
Capt. Page, A. A. A. G. 

In obedience to orders of Dec. 4, transmit list of gunsmiths 
and machinists in this command : 3/th Va. Vols., none ; 23rd 
Va. Vols., none; loth Va. Vols., 2; 47th Ala. Vols., 6; 48th 
Ala. Vols., I all gunsmiths, no machinists. 464 

A. L. S. G-23-i. 

1862, Dec. 31, Hd-Ors. Jackson s Div. [Wm. B. Taliaferro, 
Brig.-Genl. comdg. Div.] to Brig.-Genl. [R. H.] Chilton, A. 
A. G., A. N. V. 

Recommending Lieut. J. M. Garnett for promotion and 
appointment as chief, ord. officer have received order as 
signing Capt. L. Marye to the position if it is consistent 

with the [ends abruptly ; probably unsent.] 465 

A. L. n. S. T-2Q-I. 

1863, Jany. i, Hd-Qrs. Jackson s Div. Wm. B. Taliaferro, 
Brig.-Genl. etc., to James A. Seddon, Sec. War. 

Requesting- promotion of Maj. H. P. Jones, Chf. Arty, this 
Div., to be Lt.-Col. Jones ability and long service has 20 
guns under him. A. L. S. T-24. 

1863, Jany 7, Camp near Morse Neck, Hd-Qrs. Jackson s Div. 
Wm. B. Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. etc. to James A. Seddon, Sec. 

Career of Lieut. J. M. Garnett recommend he be made 
captain. A. L. S. T-2Q-2. 

1863, Jany. 9-24, n. p. [Wm. B. Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. comdg. 

5 brigade morning reports to ; as follows : Starke s Brig., 

464 Cf. supra, pp. 257, 360, 361. 
485 A rough draft. 


Jackson s Div., M. Nolan, Lt.-Col. comdg. Jany. 9-10, ag 
gregate present, 1089, 1086. The same, Edmd. Pendleton, Col. 
comdg. Jany. 15, aggregate present, iioo. Jones Brig., J. R. 
Jones, Brig.-Genl. comdg. Jany. 10, Jany. i4, 466 aggregate 
present, 887, 1117. Nicholl s (Fourth) Brig., Francis T. 
Nicholls, Brig.-Genl. comdg. Jany. 24, aggregate present, 
I202 - D. S. T-32-5-Q. 

1863, Jany. n, Hd-Qrs. Jackson s Div. Wm. B. Taliaferro, 
Brig.-Genl. etc. to [Lt.-]Col. [Jas. L.] Corley, O-M. GenL 
A. N. V. 

Is there any prescribed manner for estimating damages to 
property caused by soldiers cutting fuel, etc. have referred 
citizens to G. O. 131, D. N. V. is the Q-M. appraiser, or a 
board of survey or 3 disinterested free-holders before a Jus 
tice of the Peace which Q-M. acts? 467 A. L. S. 1-29-3. 

Not endorsed. 

1863, Jany. 15, Hd-Qrs. Jackson s Div. [Wm. B. Taliaferro, 
Brig.-Genl. etc.] to Maj. A. S. Pendleton, A. A. G. 

Papers have been returned for endorsation I thought 
Circular of Jany. 6, 1863, applied only to applications for 
leave of absence. A. L. n. S. 1-29-4. 

1863, Jany. 26, Hd-Qrs. Jackson s Div., 2nd Corps. Wm. B. 
Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. etc. to Lt.-Col. Jas. L. Corley, Chief 
Q-M, A. N. V. 

Does the appointment of the Board ordered to assess 
damages to injured property suspend payment of damages al 
ready assessed, and do away with all other methods of esti 
mate? Is the Q-M. to make assessment, or board of survey, 
or 3 freeholders when troops are encamped, are damages to 
be assessed after they leave or at intervals when assessed, 
who pays them? L. S. T-2$-g. 

Endsd : The board does not conflict with the duties of Q-Ms. 
in the premises the latter are, upon order, to assess 

466 1862 in the original; corrected in the endorsation. 

467 See Taliaferro to Corley, Jany. 26, 1863, infra. 


damages to give plaintiff ground for claim beyond regula 
tion prices irregular damages are assessed and paid as 
usual. R. H. Chilton, A. A. & I. Genl. Jany. 29, 1863. 

A. S. 

1863, Mch. 26, Savannah, [Ga.,] Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Brig. 
Wm. B. Taliaferro, Brig.-Genl. comdg. to Capt. G. A. Mercer, 
A. A. G. 

I forward report of Col. Harrison, 32nd Ga., as to condi 
tion of interior defences for the information of Capt. Mc- 
Crady, Chf. Engr. do not agree with Harrison that the sup 
ply requested will be sufficient armament have detailed a 
working party of 10 would suggest that the lunettes be con 
nected by curtains, or that trenches and rifle-pits be placed 
in rear of the intervals. L. S. 1-32-3. 

Endsd : Retired rifle-pits may be dug after all other important 
work is completed. John McCrady, Chf. Engr. etc. 
May 25. A. S. 

1863, May 13, near Savannah, Ga., Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Brig. 
Wm. B. Taliaferro, [Brig.-Genl. comdg.] to Genl. S. Cooper, 
A. & I. Genl. 

Requesting promotion of Capt. W. B. Brackett, A. Q-M. 
of 4th La. Batln. to be Major and assignment to this com 
mand as Brig. Q-M. 468 A. L. S. B 2 -45. 

1864, Feb. 20, [Charleston, S. C] to [Brig.-Genl. 

Wm. B. Taliaferro.] 

"Statement of troops in and en route to the State of Flor 
ida" this date. 469 Dis. of E. Fla: total effective, 1,196, in fol 
lowing commands : Cos. A and B, Melton Arty., 5 Cos. 
2nd Fla. Cav., 2nd and 6th Fla. Infy., McNeill s, 
Reynolds and Eichelberger s Cos. Infy. Dis. Middle Fla: 
total effective, 1,735, arranged by arms of service. Troops 
ordered to Fla: from S. C. and Ga., 6,555, m following com- 

468 j? or further references to Brackett, see Index. 

469 Taliaferro had been ordered to take command in Florida. See 
supra, p. 187. 


mands: Colquitt s Brig.; 64th Ga. Vols., ist Fla. Batln. ; nth 
and i8th S. C. Regts. ; 32nd Ga. Regt. ; 46th Va. Regt. ; 4th 
and 5th Ga. Cav. ; Chatham and Villipigne s Light Arty. 
"Brig.-Genl. [Jos.] Finegan had collected at the Olusta on the 
I3th inst., about 1800 Infantry, 450 Cavalry and two Batteries 
and one section of Artillery." D. n. S. ^-43-5. 

1864, May 1 8, n. p to [Brig.-Genl. Wm. B. Talia- 

ferro, comdg.] 

"Effective strength of the 7th Military District, S. C." 
forces at Fort Johnson, Legare s Point, Secessionville, "New 
Lines," Stono Fortifications, with S. C. S[ie]ge Train and 
"Light Arty" grand total, 2,124. A. n S. 1^-41-2. 

Endsd. with odd memoranda Genl. Taliaferro? 

1864, July 3, Battery No. 2, West Lines. Wm. B. Taliaferro, 
[Brig.-Genl.] to Maj.-Genl. [S.] Jones. 

I telegraphed the situation this morning ride up and dis 
cuss the propriety of attacking to-day a prisoner says enemy 
will attack I am afraid it is not true our force not half the 
enemy s. Tel. Copy. Ga-ga-i-2i. 

1864, Nov. 7, James Island, S. C to [Brig.-Genl. 

Wm. B. Taliaferro, comdg.] 

"Number of troops in East Lines, West Lines and Lt. Ar 
tillery of 3rd Sub. Dist. S. C., Dept. S. C.," etc. East Lines, 
Fort Johnson and Legare s Point, total, 1766. West Lines, 
total, 820. "Lt. Arty," 156 grand total, 2742. "The U. S. 
prisoners enlisted in Bonard s Batty, and the 47th Ga. are 
not counted in above statement of effective strength." 

D. n. S. J-i8-6. 

i86[4], n. d. [Charleston, S. C] [Wm. B. Taliaferro, Brig.- 
Genl. comdg.] 

[Fragment of information to; from a prisoner or deserter.] 
Four white and three negro regiments on Morris Island 
terms of service of three white regiments are up are prepar 
ing to leave they expect attack daily their signal-sergeant 
reports reading our signals says we would attack much dis- 


satisfaction among the men expect peace after next election 
large majority will vote for McClellan does not know num 
ber of troops at Hilton heard some were sent recently. 

A. n. S. 

Reverse : Outline of some fort around Charleston with calibre 
and location of guns. 470 

1865, Jany. 20, Sullivan s Island, [S. C] to Capt. 

P. N. Page, A. A. G. [to Maj.-Genl. Wm. B. Taliaferro.J 

Steamer Randolph sunk last night at Sumter Fog and 
rain prevented receipt of rest of message. 

Signal. T r 44-8. 

1865, Jany. 20, Hd-Qrs. Charleston, [S. C.] P. N. Page, A. A. 
G., [by order Maj.-Genl. Wm. B. Taliaferro] to Col. [Jno. 
L.j Black, James Island. 

What causes firing in harbor? 471 Tel. ^-44-6. 

1865, [Jany?], Charleston, S. C. etc. [Wm. B. Taliaferro. 
Maj.-Genl. comdg.] 

42 telegrams and signal messages to ; of events in and 
around the harbor. 472 

1865, Feb. 17, Charleston, [S. C.] [P. N. Page, A. A. G., by 
order Maj.-Genl. Wm. B. Taliaferro,] to Col 

Withdraw all details except those on [specified] guard- 
duty by 3 :oo P. M. assemble command on Citadel Green by 
5 :oo P. M. stack arms and post a strong guard no men to 
leave without permission of Co. commander have the officers 
remain in the rear shoot any men who attempt to leave the 
ranks this especially when marching through the streets 
if any enlisted men are drunk have them "locked" and place 
in front of the Co. if any officer is "in the least intoxicated," 

470 Probably based on the information given by the prisoner or de 
serter mentioned above. 

471 See Black to Page, supra, p. 193. 

472 The more important of these papers are entered supra, under the 
names of their respective senders. 


arrest him and place in close confinement send your ord 
nance wagons at 4:00 [P. M.] beyond the defences on Meet 
ing St. halt them until further orders at position of Le 
Gardeur s Bat. 473 L. n. S. ^-47-3. 

1865, Feb. 21, St. Stephens, [S. C] Hd-Qrs. Dept. S. C. etc. 

to Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B. Taliaferro.] 

[Fragment of order] You will detail a Regiment to guard 
the railroad bridge over the Santee it will relieve the i8th 
S. C. Militia, now on duty and ordered to Maj.-Genl. 
Wright. 474 A. n. S. T^yu. 

1865, Feb. 22, In the Field, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. P. N. 
Page, A. A. G., by command Brig.-Genl. 475 [Wm. B.] Talia 
ferro. Circular. 

Turn over extra wagons to Maj. McMecken, Q-M., on 
reaching other side of the Santee officers will dispose of 
extra baggage. A. L. S. ^-47-2. 

1865, Feb. 28, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. P. N. Page, A. A., 
G., [by order Maj.-Genl. Wm. B. Taliaferro,] to Geo. H. 
Walter, Capt. comdg. Light Batteries. 

Send all your wagons across the river to Harrington s, to 
report to Div. Q-M. A. L. S. T-i8-i. 

1865, Feb. 28, Cherauf?] S. C., Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. P. 
N. Page, A. A. G., by command Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B.] Talia 
ferro. Circular. 

Send in list of officers who have not purchased cloth dur 
ing last 12 months. A. L. S. T-i8-2. 

1865, Feb. 28, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. P. N. Page, A. A. G., 
by command Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B.] Taliaferro. Circular. 
Send cooking utensils and 7 days commissary stores across 

473 Little correspondence has been printed regarding these movements. 
Genl. Taliaferro did not submit a full report of his operations during 
January, and these papers published :n O. R., s. 99, are fragmentary. 

474 Major-Genl. A. R. Wright. See C. M. H., v. 6, pp. 456-58. 

475 Taliaferro had been made Major-General on Jany. I, 1865. See 
supra, note 09, p. 214. 


the river to or beyond Harrington s place them if possible, 
under cover send forage also cook and issue 3 days rations 
send half the ordnance wagons, with small arms and am 
munition across the bridge send other wagons with artillery 
ammunition and medical stores issue 40 rounds of ammuni 
tion send 5 men and i non-commissioned officer from each 
brigade with the wagons execute before night. 

A. L. S. T-iS-3- 

[1865, Feb. 28, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div.] Wm. B. Talia- 
ferro, B[rig.-] Gfenl.] 

Rough draft of T-i8-3. A - L - S. T-i8-i6. 

1865, Mch. 25, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. Perrin Kemp, A. 
D. C, by command of Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B.[ Taliaferro. Cir 

Officers will report number and use of wagons in their 
charge. A. L. S. 1-18-4. 

1865, Mch. 26, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. Perrin Kemp, A. 
D. C., by command of Brig.-GenL [Wm. B.] Taliaferro. Cir 

Officers will make immediate return of Federal prisoners 
captured iQth, 2oth and 2ist inst. A. L. S. T-i8-6. 

1865, Mch. 27, near Smithfield, N. C., Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s 
Div. Perrin Kemp, A. D. C., by command Brig.-Genl. [Wm. 
B.] Taliaferro. Circular. 

Officers will make return of "actually barefooted men" 
and of those whose shoes will not stand three days march. 

A. L.S.T-I8-7. 

1865, Mch. 27, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. Perrin Kemp, A. 
D. C., by command of Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B.] Taliaferro. Cir 

Comdg. officers will see to policing and cleaning camps 
sinks will be dug men must use them Brigade commanders 
will be held strictly accountable. A. L. S. T-i8-8. 


1865, Mch. 28, near Smithfield, N. C, [Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s 
Div.] Perrin Kemp, A. D. C., by command Brig.-Genl. [Wm. 
B.] Taliaferro. Circular. 

Corps of cooks ordered by G. O. 3, Army Hd-Qrs. will be 
organized at once report names of details by sundown 
choose men, as far as practicable, unfit for service Brig, 
commanders will place accountable commissioned officers over 
every 25 cooks report their names detailed men not in 
cluded in G. O. 3 will be returned to their commands couriers 
also to be returned, their horses turned in and appraised 
requisition will be made on Hd-Qrs. for cavalrymen needed 
as couriers. A. L. S. T-i8-g. 

1865, Mch. 28, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. R. W. Memminger, 
A. A. G., by command Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B.] Taliaferro. Cir 

To more effectually prevent straggling, have 5 roll-calls 
daily at irregular intervals absentees reported are to be 
severely punished have patrols sent about one mile in rear 
of camp at night to arrest stragglers and unauthorized ab 
sentees. A. L. S. T-i8-io. 

1865, Mch. 28, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div A. D. C., 

by command of Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B.] Taliaferro. Circular. 
Report number of [specified] blanks needed. 

L. n. S. T-i8-n. 

1865, Mch. 28, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. Perrin Kemp, A. 
D. C., by command of Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B.] Taliaferro. Cir 

Report at once number of unarmed men in Brigade com 
mands. A. L. S. T-i8-i2. 

1865, Mch. 29, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. R. W. Memminger, 
A. A. G., by order Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B.] Taliaferro. Circular. 
Keep strict guard around the camp a patrol during the 
day as well as at night. A. L. S. T-i8-i3. 

1865, Mch. 29, Hd-Qrs. Taliaferro s Div. R. W. Memminger, 
A. A. G., by command Brig.-Genl. [Wm. B.] Taliaferro. Cir 


Surgeon s certificates of disability will be authority for 
retaining clerks at Hd-Qrs. otherwise, they will be re 
turned. A. L. S. T-i8-i4. 

D86-, n. d., [Charleston, S. C?] [Wm. B. Taliaferro, Brig.- 
Genl. comdg.] 

Fragment, [i p.] of list of ordnance stores wanted for this 
command. 476 A. n. S. T-so-12. 

1863, Jany. i, Q-M s. Office, Steuart s Brigade. N. M. Tanner, 
Maj. and Q-M., to Brig.-Genl. Geo. H. Steuart. 

In reply to query as to use of ordnance wagons for forag 
ing purposes 477 beg to state that on the 3Oth while on picket 
duty, two of the ordnance wagons were so used the ordnance 
was properly protected against the weather I had no other 
wagons know of no order prohibiting their use in camp 
believe this has been done by other brigades was done also 
in summer in stationary camp could have supplied wagons 
for the ordnance on short notice I think they should be used 
in such cases. A. L. S. 8-19-2. 

Endsd : Forwarded : Ordnance wagons never used for foraging 
except in emergency find no order prohibiting their use. 
Geo. H. Steuart, Brig.-Genl. 

1861, Feb. 21, [Milledgeville, Ga.] Josiah Tatnall. 478 
Commission as senior Flag-Officer, Navy of Georgia rank 

from this date. Sig: Joseph C. Brown, [Gov.] By the Gov 
ernor, Henry C. Wayne, Adjt.-Genl. 

P. F. S. Ga-ga-3-i8. 

1862, Apr. 17, Norfolk, [Va.,] C. S. S. Virginia. Josiah Tatt- 
nall, Flag Officer, etc. to Flag Officer L. M. Goldsborough, 
comdg. U. S. Naval Forces, etc. 

476 The Taliaferro papers end with this order. The command sur 
rendered with Genl. Johnston on Apr. 26, 1865. 

477 Not found. 

478 The name is properly spelt Tattnall. See C. M. H., v. 5, p. 32; 
v. 6, pp. 55, 58-59; v. 11, pp. 9, 18, 50. 


Your letter to Maj.-Genl. Huger, dated I5th, has been 
turned over to me In this you propose parole for the officers 
and men taken from the "Congress" on the same terms as were 
given C. S. sailors captured by you. The men mentioned are 
out of my control, having been transferred elsewhere I will 
communicate with proper authority and inform you of the 
result. L. S. Ga-ga-s-ig. 

1862, Aug. 16. Chattanooga, [Tenn.] Hd-Qrs. Engr. Corps, 
Dept. No. 2, Tenn. Edwd. B. Taylor to Col. J. F. Gilmer. 
Chf .Eng., C. S. A. 

Death of Capt. Gray movement of the army across the 
river opinion of the country slow crossing good health of 
the army. A. L. S. Ga-gm-ig. 

1862, Dec. u, near Guinea Station, [Va.] Hd-Qrs. ist Regt. 
Va. Arty. Jefferson Taylor, 479 Ord. Sergt. to S. P. Hughes. 480 

By order of Col. J. T. Brown, I enclose account 481 of ord 
nance stores sent before the retreat from Yorktown how 
many were received? you were then ordnance sergeant. 

A. L. S. B 2 -4i-7. 

1863, Mch. 15, Alexandria, Dept. of West La. R. Taylor, 482 
Maj.-Genl. to Lt.-Genl. J. C. Pemberton, comdg. Dept. Miss, 

Details of supplies of corn and meat sent more will be 
sent. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-2y. 

[1864,] Aug. 6, [Richmond, Va.] S. I. F. Tebbs, Lieut, comdg. 
"Report of a guard mounted at C. S. Military [Libby] 

Prison on Aug. 6 and relieved " 54 men, 3 reliefs. 

P. F. S. L-ig. 

479 See supra, p. 226. 

480 See supra, p. 278. 
4 i Not found. 

482 For Taylor, see C. M. H., v. 2, pp. 163-65. 


1862, Feb. 8, Harwood s Mill, [Va.] B. B. Temple 483 to Maj. 
[J. Thompson] Brown. 

Requesting appointment as resident physician to proposed 
hospital for 2nd Co. of Howitzers, in order to prepare for 
the Medical Board on subjects forgotten. 

A. L. S. B-34-5. 

1861, May 29, Suffolk, [Va.,] Hd-Qrs. Maryland Forces. 
Francis I. Thomas, Col. comdg. to Gov. [J. W.] Ellis. 

Letter received thanks for sympathy we are prepared 
"without arms to act if need be." Tel. NC-I53. 

1863, Nov. 27, Hd-Qrs. 3rd N. C. Regt. S. D. Thruston, Col. 

Report of action of this command in battle of Payne s 
Farm, Nov. 27, 1863. 

Printed : O. R., S. 48, 866-67. A. D. S. 6-14-2. 

1862, Jany. 29, Hd-Qrs. Fort Donelson, [Tenn.] Lloyd Tilgh- 
man, 484 Brig.-Genl. C. S. A. comdg. to Maj.-Genl. L. Polk, 
comdg. Columbus, Ky. 

Reports of hospital arrangements at Florence, Ala. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-3i. 

[1862?] n. d., n. p. Albert Tolson, Sergt. Co. C, [ist Md.], 
Richard L. Brown, Sergt. Co. C, Geo. Tyler, Sergt. Co. A, 
F. Farr, Sergt. Co. F, W. Joseph Wranek, Sergt. Co. D, and 3 
others, to Mrs. Bradley T. Johnson. 485 

We consign to you the flag of the disbanded ist Maryland 
Regt. its career and history. L. S. Mdi88. 

1861, Feb. 21, [Washington, D. C.,] Navy Dept. I. Toucey, 
[Sec. etc.] to Josiah Tattnall, late Capt. U. S. N. 

Your resignation as Capt, tendered by letter of the 2Oth, 
is accepted. L. S. Ga-ga-3~i8. 

483 See supra, p. 278. 

484 For Tilghman, see C. M. H., v. 2 (Maryland), pp. 163-65. 

485 See page 336 and note 324. 


1863, May 13, Q-M s Office, Arty. 2nd Corps. F. P. Turner, 
Capt. and Q-M. Arty. 2nd Corps, to [Col. J. Thompson 

I have seen Col. Corley I have order for about 48 mules 
and horses, arriving to-day want them early, and so send 
report probably enough mules to fit out Col. Jones and Maj. 
Mclntosh distribute them so that details can go for them in 
morning Col. Corley expects 500 horses to-morrow will 
send courier when they arrive. A. L. S. 6-35-13. 

1863, Dec. 22, Fredericks Hall, Va., Q-M s. Office Arty. 2nd 
Corps, A. N. V. F. P. Turner, Capt. and Chf. Q-M. to CoL 
J. Larkin Smith, Asst. Q-M. Genl., Richmond, Va. 

Proposed arrangements for supplies for Arty. 2nd Corps 
in winter quarters here principal forage likely to come from 
tithes" due and undelivered by farmers these already as 
signed me agents to proceed place them near canal 486 and 
notify me of amounts will carry them by boat to Columbia 
and hold there is so much indisposition, at least apparently, 
on the part of citizens, to sell, that the only prospect of for 
age seems to be from the Tithe, or by impressment. As I do 
not desire to resort to the latter if it can be avoided," I ask 
facilities to obtain former. A. L. S. 6-35-24. 

1861, July 13, Hd-Qrs. Dept. No. I. S. O. 40. Sig: D. 
Beltzhomer, Maj. and A. A. G., by command Maj .-Genl. [D. 
E.] Twiggs. 487 

Lieuts. Geo. H. Frost 488 and Lucien D. Sandidge, C. S. 
Arty., will repair to Fort Pike and report to Capt. H. A. Clinch 
for duty in place of officers now in command there. 

D. S. La. 

486 The James River and Kanawha canal which ran from Buchanan, 
Botetourt County, to Richmond. This canal was the chief source of com 
munication from the Piedmont section to the sea, before the era of 
railroad communication. After the war the canal fell into disuse, and 
was abandoned. Its right-of-way was bought by the Chesapeake and Ohio 

487 For Twiggs, see C. M. H., v- 6, pp. 448-49- 

488 Cf. supra, pp. 254-55. 


1863, Oct. 28, Hd-Qrs. ;th Mil. Dis. [S. C] H. D. D. Twiggs, 
Capt. and Inspr Genl., Jas. Island, to P. K. Malony, A. A. G. 
Report on the capacity of two houses used by Majs. Burke 
and Lartigne as store houses. A. L. S. T^I-I. 

1863, Mch. 2, Richmond, Va. Andrew W. Tyree. 

Honorable discharge under S. O. 256, A. & I. Gen s. Office. 
Sig: W. M. Elliott, Maj. comdg. 25th Batln. Va. Vols. 

Appended : Certificate, signed, Smith, Bailey and Co., 
Tyree is employed on the Sentinel his return would be much 
appreciated. P. F. S. Va-E-2y. 

1861, June i, Weldon, N. C. Z. B. Vance to Gov. [J. W.} 

Notification of the desertion of two men request identi 
fication. Tel. NC-I53. 

1863, Mch. 19, Raleigh, [N. C.,] Exec. Dept. Z. B. Vance, 
[Gov.] to Jas. A. Seddon, Sec. War. 

Add my commendation of Col. Bradley T. Johnson 489 
North Carolina has had cause for complaint in promotion 
of strangers, or I would have spoken earlier hope Johnson 
will be promoted. Copy. Md-y6. 

1863, Aug. 19, Raleigh, [N. C.] Exec. Dept. Z. B. Vance, Gov. 
to Wm. H. Day. 

You have been appointed 1st Lieut, in ist Regt. N. C. 
Troops, subject to examination under G. O. 36, A. & I. Genl s. 
Office rank from Jany. 3, 1863 commission will be issued 
when the order is complied with. P. F. S. D-i. 

1864, Dec. 30, Mount Pleasant, [S. C], Q-M[ s Office,] 2nd 
Sub-Dis. S. C. W. G. Vardell, Maj. and Q-M., to Capt. F.[?] 
D. Blake, comdg. , 

Report of boats at Schem s Creek, at Hd-Qrs. Sullivan s 
Island, at Battery Marshall canoes at Schem s Creek in bad 
condition there are steamers names given they can navi 
gate these waters on the tide, and will be more satisfactory. 

A. L. S. T-20-3. 

489 Cf. supra, pp. 267, 298. 


1861, Apr. 21, [Richmond, Va.] Virginia Convention. 

"An ordinance to provide for the organization of a Sub 
sistence and other departments of the Military Service" 
adopted this day examined, John A. Carter, P. B. Borst. 

0- 9 . 

1 86 1, Apr. , [Richmond, Va.] Virginia Convention. 

"An Ordinance concerning the Commissary department" 
text marked through not signed. O-g. 

186-, July 18, Lynchburg, Va. [The] Virginian to Coale and 

"Washington Chronicle of the I4th Reed. It says Rebels 
commenced to retreat from Washington Tuesday night. Sup 
posed they would cross into Va. by Edwards and Noland 
Ferries. They destroyed and carried off a million bushels 
of Grain, all the Horses and large number Cattle." 

Tel. C 1 - 45 -6. 

1861, Jany. 1-1865, Dec. 31, Alexandria, Va. Cornelius 
Walker, [D.D.] 

Diary with daily entries between these dates. 490 


1864, Feb. 18, Hd-Qrs. Stonewall Brig. J. A. Walker, Brig.- 
Genl. to Brig.-Genl. G. H. Steuart, Presdt. Board Examiners, 
Johnson s Dir. 

There is a vacancy of Lieut.-Col. in the 2nd Va. I desire 
Maj. E. L. Moore, of that regiment, now on Johnson s staff 
may be examined by the board as to his fitness for the pro 
motion. 491 A. L. S. M-33-i. 

490 Dr. Walker was an Episcopal clergyman and Professor in the Sem 
inary near Alexandria, Virginia. Forced to refugee, he resided during 
the last years of the war in the vicinity of Richmond, acting as preacher, 
teacher and government employee. His diary is largely personal, but 
throws some light on social conditions, the poverty of the country, etc. 
The handwriting is unusually difficult to read. 

491 See supra, p. 403. 


1864, Feb. 18, Hd-Qrs. Stonewall Brig. J. A. Walker, Brig.- 
Genl. to Brig.-Genl. Geo. H. Steuart. 

I have received notice the board adjourned without acting 
in E. L. Moore s case must insist that the vacancy be filled at 
once if Moore wishes to remain on Johnson s staff, he may 
waive the right of promotion the right of his examination 
is due myself will appear before the board if convened, and 
state my reasons. A. L. S. M-SS-S. 

1863, June 13, Gunn s Station, [Va.] R. S. Walker, Col. and 

Ch[f.] Arty. 3rd Corps, to Capt 

Ask for instructions as to the division of the ordnance 
trains my ideas of the proper division. 

A. L. S. B-35-i6. 

Endsd: "J une 4, 64 [sic] 492 Col. Brown; Please regulate this 
matter and make a fair distribution of the wagons. Yrs. 
R. S. Ewell. M. G. Com." A. S. 

1863, Dec. 5, Hd-Qrs. loth Va. Infy. E. T. H. Warren, Col. 

Report of the action of this command in the battle of 
Payne s Farm, Nov. 27, 1863. A. D. S. 6-14-4. 

Printed : O. R., S. 48, 867-68. 

1864, Feb. 23, Hd-Qrs. loth Va. E. T. H. Warren, Col. and 
to Capt. [Geo.] Williamson, A. A. G. 

By request of Brig.-Genl. comdg., furnish the opinion of 
the examining board in the case of Col. A. G. Taliaferro, 23rd 
Va. : Board find him unfit for service at present doubt if he 
ever recovers sufficiently to do active field work but by 
reason of his gallantry, recommend he be continued as enroll 
ing officer of the district until Feb. I, 1864 [sic] if he is then 
unfit for service, recommend, in justice to his subordinates, 
that he be permanently relieved, but keep his rank, pay, etc., 
and be assigned to duty compatible with his health. 

A. L. S. T-i3. 

492 Evidently an error, probably the inadvertent repetition of the "4" 
of the month-date. 


1862, Apr. 12-23, [Camp, Upper Dam, York River, Va.] David 
Watson, comdg. Arty. Upper Dam.* 93 

7 daily reports between these dates of action of 6th de 
tachment, Albemarle Arty., and 3rd detachment, 2nd Co. 
Howitzers number of men and horses and amount of ammu 
nition [reports missing for I5th, i6th, i8th, 2Oth and 2ist.] 

D. S. B 2 - 43 -i- 7 . 

1862, Nov. is-Dec. 20, Winchester, Va. David Watson, Capt. 
Co. K, ist Va. Arty. 

3 morning reports between these dates to Col. J. Thomp 
son Brown men present and absent. P. F. S. 6-32-26. 

1861, Jany. 12, Milledgeville, Ga., Exec. Dept, Adjt.-Genl s 
Office. Henry C. Wayne, Adjt.-Genl. to Col. A. R. Lawton, 
ist Ga. [Regt.,] comdg. Fort Pulaski. 

Orders and regulations for pay of mechanics employed 
on the Fort. 494 L. S. Ga-ga-i-33. 

1861, May 10, Macon, [Ga.] Henry C. Wayne to Jefferson 
Davis. [Private.] 

Explanation of my refusal to accept service in the Q-M. 
dept. the discourtesy of Sec. Walker. 

A. L. S. Davis-4iy. 

1864, Oct. 31-1865, Mch. 15, [Thomasville, Ga., etc.] Wm. P. 
Webb, Capt. and A. Q-M. 

8 receipts in duplicate 495 given to; by various persons for 
service in Q-M. Dept. clerk s hire, hauling, storage, etc. 
[Form 22.] P. F. S. (3-4-7-14. 

1864, Dec. [31,] Thomasville, Ga. Wm. P. Webb, Capt. etc. 

"List of Persons and Articles employed and hired" here 

agents, clerks, slave-laborers, rooms, teams, etc. some sal- 

493 See location of this Battery in O. R., Atlas, plate XV, 4. 

494 This was, it will be observed, before the formation of the Con 
federacy, and at a time when all defence operations had to be carried 
on by the State governments. 

495 No duplicate to Q-4-7- 


aries due since Oct. 1864. Approved: Geo. W. Grice, Maj. 
and Q-M. [Form 2.] Duplicates. P. F. n. S. (3-4-21-22. 

1864, Dec. 31, Thomasville, Ga. Wm. P. Webb, Capt. etc. 

Abstract of purchases here specified by dealer, value and 
quantity of articles chiefly forage total $22,623. Signed and 
certified. [Form 24.] A. F. S. (^-4-23. 

1864, Dec. 31, Thomasville, Ga. Wm. P. Webb, Capt. etc. 
Abstract of articles received here from Thos. C. Johnson 

and Capt. R. K. Mines 496 for quarter ending this date. 
Signed and certified. [Form 26.] P. F. S. (3-4-25. 

[1864?], Dec. 31, n. p. Wm. P. Webb, Capt. etc., E. J. Rainey 
[sic], 497 Lieut. 

Abstract of forage issued to, during Oct. and Dec. corn 
only [Form 31.] [Part of quarterly account?] 

P. F. n. S. Q-4-35- 

1865, Jany. i, n. p. Wm. P. Webb, Capt. etc. 
Acknowledgement of unpaid bill of J. J. Nash for Q-M. 

supplies. "I have not paid the account because of his being 
unwilling to take schedule price. His place being bonded I 
could give no more." [Form 25.] P. F. S. Q-4-iy. 

1865, Jan. 2-29, Miccocsukee, [Fla.] and Thomasville, Ga. 
Wm. P. Webb, Capt. etc. 

"Property Impressed and Paid For," with bill and receipt 
of owners appraisement by disinterested parties and certifi 
cate of impressment signed by Webb Space for approval or 
disapproval of Q-M. not signed. [Form not numbered.] 

P. F. S. Q-3I-34- 

1865, Feb. 5-23, Cherry Lake and Miccosukee, Fla. Wm. 
P. Webb, Capt. etc. 

"Property Impressed but not appraised" certified and re- 

496 Cf. supra, p. 275. 

497 See supra, p. 371. 


ceipted with later appraisement by disinterested parties 
Form not numbered. P. F. S. (3-4-29-30. 

1862, May i, Norfolk Co., [Va.] D. H. Weisegar, Col. I2th 

Certificate of election of James E. Tyler, 408 this date, as 
Lieut. chosen by members of "Light Infy. Co." 

D. S. Va-E-20. 

1863, Apr. 12, [Richmond, Va.] West and Johnston. 499 

Bill and receipt of; for 2 blank books, 2 quires each @ 
$4.00 per quire, $16,00 bought by Capt. E. Taliaferro, C. S. 

P. F. S. T 1 - 47 - 9 . 

i86[4] 500 Mch. 4, n. p. R. W. Hunter, by order Maj.-Genl. 
[Jno. A.] Wharton, to Brig.-Genl. G. H. Steuart. 

"The enemy s cavalry have recrossed the River. Resume 
your original position. Leave a strong picket on the Brock 
Road leading to Ely s ford/ 5o1 A. L. S. H-a-i. 

1862-1865, Hd-Qrs. Dept. Tenn., etc. Joseph Wheeler, Maj.- 
Genl. etc. 

Miscellaneous general orders sent to; from Hd-Qrs. of 
Departments. Printed. P. D. Ga-2-i5. 

1*863, May 2, Camp Guinea Station, Va. C[hristian] White, 
Capt. and A. Q-M. 

Invoice signed by ; for one 4-horse ambulance receipt not 
signed. P. F. S. 

1863, June 30, "Camp in the Field." Christian White, Capt. 

* 98 Cf. supra, p. 347- 

499 Stationers and publishers of Richmond. They issued many books 
during the war. 

600 Evidently 1864, since Wharton was appointed Major-General in 
Nov., 1863, and in March, 1865, he was in Texas. 

601 Ely s Ford is on the Rapidan River, about five miles from its con 
fluence with the Rappahannock. See O. R., Atlas, plate XXXIX, 2. 


Abstract of forage issued incomplete Apr. 30 and later, 
by command with specified issue. [Form 31.] 

P. F. S. Q-7-I-2. 

1861, Apr. 18, Richmond [Va.] J. D. Whitford to Gov. [J. 
W.] Ellis. 

Virginia is out customs house taken United States 
"sign" down Confederate flag over Capital [sic]. 502 

Tel. NC-I53- 

1861, Nov. 16, Hd-Qrs. Troops near Dumfries, [Va.] [W. 

H. C.] Whiting 503 to Genl 

An attack anticipated the enemy preparing a pontoon- 
bridge to cross the Occoquan the situation need of rein 
forcements, etc. A. L. S. NC-I78-2. 

186-, n. d., Fort Fisher, N. C., Hd-Qrs. Confederate Post. W. 
H. C. Whiting, Maj.-Genl. to Genl. [Braxton] Bragg. 
Request two commissary assistants for Col. Lamb. 50 * 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-22. 

1864, Oct.-i86s, Feb., n. p. J. N. Whitner, Capt. Co. I, 6th 
S. C. Cav. 

Fragment of record-book partial list of the command 
details partial descriptive lists pp. 24. 80-442. 

1861, June 12, [Richmond, Va.,] Commonwealth of Virginia. 
Powhatan B. Whittle. 

Commission as Lt.-Col. Va. Vols. rank from June 12, 
1861 Sig: John Letcher, [Gov.] P. F. S. Va-F-i4- 

1863, Oct. 31, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. Powhatan B. 

502 See supra, p. 169, note 18. 

60s p or Whiting, see C. M. H., v. 4, pp. 352-54. 

604 Colonel William L^mb, distinguished for his defence of Fort Fisher. 
See C. M. H., v. 3, pp. 989-90. Lamb s article on Fort Fisher, in Battles 
and Leaders, v. 4, pp. 642-54, is important. 


Commission as Col. 38th Va. Regt. rank from July 3, 
1863 assigned to Barton s Biigade. Sig: James A. Seddon, 
Sec. War. P. F. S. Va-F-i4. 

1863, Nov. 14, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. Powhatan B. 

Commission as Col. of Cavalry rank from Nov. 15 to 
report as member military court attached to A. P. Hill s Corps. 

P. F. S. Va-E-ay. 

The same. O. C. Va-F-ig. 

1861, Apr. 17, Charlotte, [N. C.] L. S. Williams, Capt., by J. 
H. Wayte, to Gov. [J. W.] Ellis. 

"Hornet s Nest Riflemen tender 80 men for immediate use 
by order." Tel. NC-iss. 

[1862, June,] n. d., n. p. T. V. Williams, Col. comdg. 37th 
Va., Jas. L. White, Adjt. 

List of casualties in this command, engagements at Mc 
Dowell and Richmond total: killed, n, wounded, 32, pris 
oners, i. D. S. 

1863, Sept. 8, Camp Steuart s Brig. T. V. Williams, Col. 37th 
Va., S. D. Thruston, Lt.-Col. 3rd N. C., John Preston, Capt. 
and A. Q-M., 37th Va. 

Appraisement, as board of a black mare and a bay horse 
[belonging to Brig.-Genl. Steuart?] $1,000 each. 

D. S. S r 57- 

1863, Dec. 7, Hd-Ors. 37th Regt. Va. Infy. T. V. Williams, 
Col. comdg. 

Report of action of this command in the battle of Payne s 
Farm, Nov. 27, 1863. A. D. S. 6-14-6. 

Printed : O. R., S. 48, 869-70. 

1863, Dec. 8, Hd-Qrs. 37th Va. Regt. [Infy.] T. V. Williams, 
Col. comdg., to Col. R. H. Chilton, Chief of Staff, A. N. V. 

List of deserters from this Regt. in other commands 64 
names, with companies, counties, congressional districts, dates 
of desertion, and names of commands in which they are sup 
posed to be. Also 210 names of deserters not in other com 
mands receipts of bounty. D. S. 0-14. 


Endsd: Request they may be arrested with due care as to 
manner of arrest, as at the first alarm, "many may get 
off and conceal themselves in the mountains." Geo. H. 
Steuart, Brig.-Genl. A. S. 

1862, June 19, Camp near Richmond, [Va.] W. M. Willcox 
to Mrs. Wm. E. Hinton. 

News of the army expedition to Charles City C-H. the 
condition of the men minor matters. A. L. S. Md-i6y. 

1861, Sept. 2, [Milledgeville, Ga.] Claudius C. Wilson. 505 
Commission as Col. I4th Ga. Sig: Joseph C. Brown, 

[Gov.] By the Governor, Henry C. Wayne, Adjt.-Genl. 

P. F. S. Ga-ga-2-sg. 
Appended: Circular of enclosure. 

1863, Nov. 18, Richmond, [Va.,] War Dept. Claudius C. 

Commission as Brig.-Genl. rank from Nov. 16, 1863 to 
report for assignment to Walker s Brig. Sig: Jas. A. Seddon, 
Sec. War. P. F. S. Ga-ga-2-3g. 

1863, Nov. 7, Royals, James Island, S. C. Hd-Qrs. Telegraph 
Office. N. J. Wilson, Manager, to [Brig.-] Genl. [Wm. B.] 
Taliaferro, comdg. 

In compliance with your instructions in regard to opening 
Telegraph Offices at Secessionville and Battery Haskell, I 
have communicated with Mr. Jas. W. Kates, Genl. Supt. of the 
Harbor Defence Telegraph Line and am requested by him to 
say that if requisition is made through him or to Department 
Hd. Qrs. direct, he will immediately upon receiving the order 
proceed to do as you desire. We have wire sufficient to do 
the work and can probably procure the necessary Instruments 
for those offices. The greatest difficulty under which the 
Supt. labors is in getting the services of competent operators. 
The line at present and for some time back has been very 

BOS F or Wilson, see C. M. H., v. 6, pp. 453-54- 


short of capable Telegraphist so much so that at each station 
one oper has" to do the work and watching of three. The 
refusal on the part of the Government to pay the same sal 
aries paid by the Telegraph Companies caused this state of 
things. As over half of the operators quit rinding that they 
could not sustain themselves on the amount paid while cost 
of living, &c., was increasing. The demand for good opera 
tors throughout the Confederacy is great and on the increase 
and they pay from 2 to 300$ salary per month on those civil 
lines, according to position and expenses. As long as the 
military lines will not pay as much as the civil lines this 
difficulty will exist, more particularly as the labors on this 
line in point of night as well as day are so much more labori 
ous and if anything the importance of correct and faithful 
service being rendered, competent men are more needed here, 
and men of small experience would be of little avail and might 
do our cause a serious injury. You asked me this A. M. 
about learning men and making them competent I will an 
swer the question by saying that the Supt. has given a fair 
opportunity to new beginners under Gov. auspices (Signal 
Corps of Savannah) and in but one instance they had to be 
returned to their positions for want of a thorough knowledge 
of the business. Some it s true learn to read and write by 
Telegraph in an incredible short time, but the mere knowledge 
of being able to manipulate does not fit him to take charge 
of an instrument, and a much longer time is necessary than 
one not familiar with the business would think. Causes con 
tinually arising from the elements, &c., may exist and prevent 
the working of the lines, that Experience and a thorough 
knowledge of atmospheric Electricity and the governing laws 
of Electricity, can only remedy, and if such should be the case 
an incompetent man would do you no good when you would 
most want the services of the Telegraph. 

The position of affairs with us demand men of capacity 
because they are needed at once. I have taken the liberty 
of making these remarks, which are somewhat irrevolent to 
the subject matter with the hope that you might deem it ex 
pedient to make some suggestions to the Dept Hd Qrs in 


order to procure additional aid on the Government Tele Line 

The above is very respectfully submitted." 

A. L. S. J-i8-2. 

1861, Dec. 16, Richmond, [Va.,] Dept. of Henrico. W. S. 
Winder, A. D. C. to 

List of 8 members of Richmond Howitzers discharged 
from the service on surgeon s certificates. D. S. H 3i. 

1863, Sept. 30, Camp near Chattanooga, [Tenn.] C. M. Winkler 
to Miss Angie V. Smith, Dover Mills, Va. 

Write on captured paper 506 disgusting tone of captured 
letters possibility of attack our lines strengthened we may 
have to attack our mistake in not following up the victory. 

A. L. S. Tex-42. 

1861, July 8, Richmond, Va., Q-M. Dept., Transportation Of 
fice. D. H. Wood, Capt. and A. Q-M. to Col. Dodamead. 

Genl. Lee wishes the N. C. Regt. to go to Staunton this 
evening the 8th, and Ala. [sic] and 38th Va. are to go to 
morrow I propose you borrow [rolling-] stock from the Fred- 
ericksburg road and stop passenger trains a day or two if 
necessary appointment. A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-37. 

1864, Nov. n, Richmond, Va., Q-M. Dept., Transportation 
Office. D. H. Wood, Maj. and Q-M. 

Order on the Richmond and Danville Railroad to furnish 
transportation for one horse to Surg. Chas. Selden, from Rich 
mond to Danville on government account. "No. 314673." 

P. F. S. Q-3-i. 
Appended: Similar order Danville to Greenwood. 

P. F. S. Q-3-2. 

1865, May 5, n. p. R. R. Wood, Maj. and Q-M. 

Receipt to Maj. R. I. Moses for three boxes, containing 
bullion, estimated at $10,000 certification of count to be 
made. 507 D. S. Ga-t-54. 

506 Small folios of peculiar cut and fine quality. 

507 Cf. supra, p. 261, n. 181. 


Appended: W. F. Alexander, Maj. and Asst. to Q-M. Genl: 
Order for the above transfer. A. S. 

[1861?] n. d. Pearisburg, Va. [Mary Woodram.] 

List of contributions to purchase a flag for the "Giles 
Guards" of this village contributions 25 cents to $2.00. 

A. D. S. 0-7-1. 

Appended: Newspaper account of presentation of the flag. 
Speech of presentation by Miss Woodram, accepted by 
J. E. Bane, color-sergt. 

1861, Apr. 17, Goldsboro, [N. C.] Council Wooten to Gov. 
J. W. Ellis. 

Has the arsenal been taken if not, when will it be? Will 
arms be sent to Fort Macon? Can arms be had for cavalry 
Co. for Lenoir? Tel. NC-I53- 

1864, Feb. 7, Hd-Qrs. Anderson s Div. A. R. Wright 508 to 
his daughter, [Sarah H. Wright.] 

Personal matters advance of the enemy. 

A. L. S. Ga-ga-i-i7. 

1864, July 27, Petersburg, [Va.] R. A. Young to Maj. R. 
Tannahill, C. S. 

"Dear Sir 

In behalf of the Board of supplies for the city of Peters 
burg for the relief of the Poor, and the Soldiers families, of 
our city, we would most respectfully ask, that you allow our 
Committee to purchase a portion of the Toll meal, ground for 
the Government in order to give relief, to that portion of our 
population, who are now in great destitution and want. Since 
our City has been beseiged, there has not been any Corn 
ground on individual account, and none brought to market 
for sale, in consequence of the interruption of our Roads by 
the Raiders. We deem it proper to state, that our millers 
when grinding, on toll for individuals, sold the toll meal, at 
$10 pr. Bushel, and in one or two instances it has been given 

BOS F or Wright, see C. M. H., v. 6, pp. 45<>58. 


to the Committee without charge. We hoped the vegetable 
crop would have afforded great relief, but in that we are dis 
appointed, as the late drought has all most entirely destroyed 
the crop. We trust that since our Roads have commenced 
running again, that the receipt of corn will be sufficient for 
you to allow us to purchase such quantity of the Toll meal 
as can be spared without detriment to the Army. 

We feel assured that you will render us all the assistance 
you can, in behalf of the Board, 

Very Respectfully Yours" 

A. L. S. B 2 - 4 6. 
"City Petersburg, Va. To Wit 

The suffering of the families of soldiers, and of the poor of 
the city, is at this time greater than I have ever known. I 
do not know where any relief is to come unless from the 
source appealed to by the President of the Board of Supplies. 
I consider it not only a meritorious, but an urgent and 
necessary application : These people must be provided for, 
and it only can be done by the assistance of the Govt. in some 
form and all other means but this have been exhausted." W. 
W. Townes, Mayor. July 28, 1864. A. S. 

Endsd: i: "Off. Chf. C. S., ist Dist. Va. Petersburg, Va. 
"Respectfully refd to Lt. Col. Cole, Chf. C. S., A. N. Va. 
Under instructions from the Chf. of this Bureau, no toll 
in kind is allowed millers at this Post, but the value of 
same commuted. I know that the statement made by 
Mr. Young is in accordance with facts and that the poor 
of this city to a considerable extent are suffering for and 
in want of bread. I would therefore suggest that author 
ity be given me to allow the millers here to retain the 
toll in kind of meal three days out of every seven, during 
the month of August, to be sold at rates not to exceed 
the terms herein mentioned, and exclusively to the needy, 
the issuing of same to be immediately under the direction 
of the Board of Supplies. " Robt. Tannahill, etc. July 
28, 1864. 
2. "This appeal is respectfully referred to Genl. R. E. Lee, 


Comdg. &c. Many of these poor people have been driven 
from their homes and have lost all of their supplies 
their gardens have been destroyed by our own troops in 
many cases many have been deprived of all means of 
support from the stopping of operation in many of the 
factories of the city. The case seems to me to deserve 
a favorable consideration. I believe it can be granted 

without injury to the Government. The amt. 

asked for in one month, supposing corn meal was issued 
to the troops each day, would not exceed one day s ra 
tions to the army and I recommend that the suggestion of 
Major Tannahill, C. S. be allowed viz : that the millers 
be allowed to sell to this committee the regular toll three 
days in seven." R. G. Cole, Lt.-Col. A. S. 

3. "Respectfully forwd. and recommd. Numerous appli 
cations have been made to me by women and children for 
bread I have no means of supplying them. The soldiers 
of this army will willingly relinquish if necessary the 
amount of meal asked for." R. E. Lee, Genl. Aug. 2, 1864. 

A. S. 

4. "To Commy. Genl. 

This application demands immediate attention. I rec 
ognize the necessity of supplying the wants of these suf 
fering poor and do not see how it can be better done than 
in the mode suggested. So unless you have a preferable 
mode of supplying to suggest." J. A. S[eddon]. Aug. 4, 
1864. A. S. 

5. "Resp y retd. to Hon Sec. of War. On the I5th April, 
the C. G. S. placed the following endorsement on a letter of 
Genl. Braxton Bragg, directing, by the order of the Presi 
dent, that in future the millers grinding for this Bureau, 
in this city, should not be allowed to sell their toll meal 
to the poor of the city, but should furnish the whole 
product of their mills to the Gov t. The argument then 
used was independent of seasons, ripening crops or facili 
ties of transportation. 

Resp y refd. to Sec. of War. The judgment of the 
Pres d t that the meal now allowed to Messrs. Haxall & 


Crenshaw as toll, shall be appropriated to the use of Gov t 
as a military necessity, can be executed; for while the 
contract protects the toll from impressment, a clause in 
it provides for the purchase of the toll, at a price fixed 
by appraisers selected by the two parties to the contract. 
Such will be greatly to the interest of Haxall & Crenshaw, 
for they have sold their toll to citizens at a price half 
that ruling in the market, but in my judgment, the ab 
straction of that amount of bread-stuff from them will 
be injudicious, while not adding materially to the re 
sources of Gov t, for: ist: The poor are greatly aided by 
the liberality of the firm employed by Gov t, and 2nd, the 
people must live, and what would be brought to them here 
from the south and from other portions of this state, 
would be available for collection by our agents, and its 
collection by them would just so much diminish the de 
mand for transportation from the south. This is merely a 
consideration of quivalents, but the moral consideration, 
that the Govt. will is auxiliary to the wants of the poor, 
is of value, and is effected without any expense to Gov t. 
I resp y suggest to the Sec. of War that he endeavor to 
sustain his own decision previously given, as sounder than 
any other less matured. 

"C. G. S. can see no difference between the two cases. 
He has no alternative plan of supplying poor of Peters 
burg, to suggest, and remits the question to the Hon. 
Sec. of War, for his directions." L. B. Northrup, C. G. 

5. Aug. 4, 1864. A. S. 

6. "Com. Gen. 

As the action of the President was confined to the toll 
here, let them in Petersburg, which is now strictly in a 
state of seige and the people more straitened, be ap 
plied to their use." J. D. Sfeddon], Sec. Aug. 4, 1864. 

1864, Apr. n. d., Camp near Pisgah Church, [Va.] D. Zable, 
Lt.-Col. i4th La., Oscar White, Lt.-Col. 48th Va., A. S. Stone- 
hathef?], Capt. and A. Q-M., Board of Appraisers. 

Appraisement of one horse at $1433.00, and one mare at 
$2133.00. D. S. 8^58. 



1863, Apr. 15, Vicksburg, Miss., Hd-Qrs. 1st La. Regt 


Report on filling of companies F and K. 


1863, Dec., Enterprise 

Sermon preached before Genl. [L.] Polk text, St. John s 
Gospel, i, 29. M r 53. 

Endsd : p. 12 places where preached 7 times. 

186-, n. d., n. p 

[Fragment] Reasons for placing Confederate military 
prison at Andersonville, Ga. Ga-ga-4Q. 

186-, n. d., n. p 

Diagrams of armament of Batteries Pringle and Dill, Nos. 
I, 2, 3 and 4. 1-28-1-3. 

186-, n. d., n. p. Army of Tennessee 

Notebook of an anonymous scout. Ga-3-oo. 





The heirs of the late George Shea, Chief-Justice of New 
York, have deposited in the museum those papers of that emin 
ent lawyer which relate to the trial of Jefferson Davis. In 
conjunction with Charles O Conor, also of counsel for Mr. 
Davis, Mr. Shea began correspondence with the friends of the 
prisoner in July, 1865; and this continued, without intermis 
sion, until the hearing of the motion to quash the indictment. 
These papers, as preserved by Shea, consist of autograph 
copies or drafts of letters written by him, together with the 
originals of letters sent him by other persons connected with 
the defence. The file is not complete, but the preparation of 
the defence, the gathering together of evidence and the plans 
for the betterment of Mr. Davis condition can be followed 
somewhat in detail. The lack of information on some essen 
tial points is doubtless due to the fact that important matters 
were decided in personal interviews between counsel, while, 
at the same time, they were careful not to express themselves 
freely in writing from a fear that their letters might be 
intercepted. 609 

509 Published material on the Davis trial is not abundant. Davis speaks 
of it briefly in his Rise and Fall, v. 2, (N. Y., 1881), and Mrs. Davis gives 
some facts in her Jefferson Davis, v. 2, (N. Y., 1890). Dodd in his Jefferson 
Davis (Phila., 1907), gives a similarly brief account. Gen. Bradley T. 
Johnson prepared an elaborate Report, which is, unfortunately, very rare. 
C M. Blackford s article, The Trials and Trial of Jefferson Davis (Rich., 
1900), is an excellent review of the trial from the standpoint of an able 
lawyer. He has little to say, however, of the preparation of the defence. 
George Shea, in an article in the New York Tribune of Jany. 24, 1876, 
which was reprinted in the So. His. Soc. Papers, v. i, pp. 316-325, and 
published separately as Jefferson Davis : A Statement concerning the 
Imputed Special Causes . . . (Lond., 1877), gives an excellent summary 
of the preliminary proceedings. 


1865, May 27, "On Steamer Clyde/ Mrs. V. C. Clay to Hon/ 
Ben. Wood. 

My Dear Sir, 

The circumstances of my husband s voluntary surrender to 
the U. S. authorities are well known to you. You will pardon 
me if I add a line explanatory. Mr. Clay was en route to 
Texas when he first saw the astounding proclamation. He 
retraced 175 miles and presented himself to Gen. Wilson s 
H. Qrs. at Macon, 510 Mr. Davis and party arriving next day. 
We were all sent via Atlanta and Augusta to Sav. There we 
Embarked, as we tho t for the scene of trial, Washington. 
After anchoring in Hampton Roads for five days and nights, 
Mr. Clay was taken to Fortress Monroe, and I left aboard ship 
without a single male acquaintance, and under guard. I 
meant of course to go to Washington to engage counsel for 
my husband, and assist him in every and any manner pos 
sible. Judge my surprise to learn that I cd. not even land to 
see the prison, nor cd. I go anywhere, but back to the South ! 
Nor for days were we permitted any communication ashore, 
nor even to see a paper. But we were boarded by two women, 
a Maj. and 4 guards, and thoroughly searched, cabin, bag 
gage, and person, wh. you may imagine amazed me, a poor 
private lady ( passenger, who accompanied her husband by 
permission of Gen. Wilson, without order or restriction. But 
prisoners must expect and endure indignities, and I do not 
not complain. The object of this hasty note is to invoke your 
kindly aid in behalf of my dear and noble husband. I rejoice 
that you know him however slightly, for you cannot have 
failed to discern his sterling and admirable character. His 
Honor is far dearer to him than life, and he could not live 
under the foul brand of assassin. That you, and indeed the 
great majority of the northern people believe him innocent 
and ignorant of the means and manner of the heinous crime 
imputed to him I cannot doubt. 511 But as some shadow of 

510 Clement C. Clay, Jr. For the accusations against him, the reports 
of his confinement, etc., see O. R., s. 121. 

511 Complicacy in the assassination of Lincoln, etc. See the charges 
in O. R., s. 121 pp., 695-98, 708, etc. 


testimony seems to inculpate him, he must be vindicated. All 
I ask for him, is the "full, fair, and impartial trial" he expects 
to receive and I "shall fear no evil." May I beg that you will 
assist him in obtaining that as far as possible without com 
promising yourself? You might see and confer with Mr. F. 
Peirce, 512 and Judge Black. 513 I wish Mr. Carlile 51 * of Wash 
ington, and Mr. Chas. O Conor 515 of your city employed as 
counsel, and will be obliged if you will see and engage the 
latter s services. I will immediately set to work and obtain 
monies to defray all expenses, so do not hesitate to make any 
outlay necessary to summon witnesses, etc. 

Meantime, I know you will by strong but moderate ar 
ticles, exert all your influence to bias public opinion favorably 
towards all the prisoners now held by Federal power. My 
husband s opinion of you, as often expressed to me, is my 
only apology for this inelegant note. We are in a transport 
ship, without any comforts, and this the I2th day! I have- 
agonized in seasickness until to-day, when being at anchor, 
I have risen and written you this incoherent letter. Pardon 
error and may God bless you forever for any aid He may 
put in your heart to give me at this hour. 

Do write me a line to Macon, Geo. under cover to Richard 
Cuyler and greatly oblige me. 

Respectfully Yr friend. 

I hope to be allowed to go to Washington at the trial, but 
fear denial to heart-sickness." A. L. S. SM-6-i. 

512 Cf. infra, p. 481. 

613 Doubtless Judge J. S. Black of Buchanan s cabinet. 

514 Probably John S. Carlile, formerly of Virginia. Carlile s political 
views, however, little suited him for such a task. 

516 Charles O Conor, "premier of the American bar." He was born in 
1804, and early took up the practice of his profession, which he pursued 
until his death. His first famous cause was the Forrest divorce case, in 
which he appeared as counsel for Mrs. Forrest. He later acted for Vir 
ginia in arguing the case of Napoleon vs. Lemmon, the so-called "Lemmon 
slave case," before the Supreme Court of New York. He also acted in 
the Jumel will case, in the prosecution of the Tweed ring and appeared 
before the Electoral commission as one of Tilden s advisers in 1877. He 
was a Democrat, and gladly took up the Davis and Clay cases. He died 
in 1884. 


1865, July 3, New York. Geo. Shea to Mrs. V. C. Clay. 

Yours of May 27 handed me by Wood affected by it I 
gladly acquiesce in Wood s desire that I act as Clay s counsel, 
and see that he had trial or is discharged for want of prose 
cution am already engaged to defend Jefferson Davis and 
in communication with O Conor thereon have but recently 
returned from Washington saw Attorney-General 516 and 
went to War Department is very clear Davis will not be 
tried in Washington if at all, either in Baltimore, before 
Chase, or in Pennsylvania "But it is by no means certain 
that Mr. Davis will be tried." most certainly not by a mili 
tary tribunal if this is the course with Davis, Clay and the 
others need have no trouble Asst. Atty. Genl. 517 promises 
every facility and ample time for defence when trial is deter 
mined upon No person of influence believes the charges 
against Clay as to the assassination of Lincoln Greeley fre 
quently expressed want of belief O Conor has written you 
he had asked and been refused for the present an interview 
with Davis I do not know whether the same strictness will 
be enforced in Clay s case will apply for an interview no 
cause for anxiety as to Clay s ultimate release government 
will not follow bad policy attributed to it by some papers 
could give reasons for this view felicitations. "I hope that 
another Fourth of July will see us all of one heart as well as 
of one Nation." 518 A. C. S. SM-ig-i. 

1865, July 3, New York. Geo. Shea to Mrs. Varina Davis. 

Was asked by leadings gentlemen of the city, about middle 
of May, to act professionally for Davis accepted had my 
views as to what was best for the country in the case knew 
these views were also held by influential men whose aid might 
be invoked the honor of the nation was bound up in the 
method of trial, especially in Davis case I heard with great 
pleasure that the trial was to be civil and that communications 
should go to the Attorney General, not the War Department 

516 James Speed of Kentucky. 

517 J. Hubley Ashton. See O. R., s. 121, p. 782. 

518 The letter probably was not sent until July 4. 


am also informed trial will not be in Washington, but in 
Baltimore, under Chase, or in Pennsylvania thought until 
to-day there would be no trial, but certain gentlemen want 
some issues of public law decided think this trial might ef 
fect it with no harm to Davis do not think government will 
<v aid this notion." conferred with O Conor before going to 
Washington enclose letter from him O Conor s great ability 
my friend Greeley showed us your letter of the 22nd ulto 519 
he did not think its private character meant to apply to 
counsel I wish to ask certain questions will wait for an 
answer do not know what surveillance may be over your 
correspondence you ask about Davis treatment At my re 
quest Truman Smith asked Stanton "who answered that there 
was no truth in the newspaper stories, and that he knew of 
no mis-treatment/ " 52 I trust this is true believe Davis is 
constantly confined at Fortress Monroe if on any vessel, a 
gun-boat correspondence with Mrs. Clay no just cause for 
anxiety government will not follow advice of some news 
papers. Asst. Atty. Genl. assures facilities for defence if 
Davis is not brought to trial, steps for his release will be 
taken reassurances of Davis safety have hopes for a gen 
eral amnesty. A. C. S. SM-ig-2. 

1865, July 14, Savannah, Ga. Mrs. Varina Davis to Geo. Shea. 
"My dear Sir, 

Your kind letter of the 3rd inst 521 was duly received, but 
must have met with a good deal of detention upon the road, 
perhaps in the "circumlocution office" for a copy of Mr. 
O Conner s letter to me which you enclosed, and which he 
had dispatched through a channel which I suggested to him, 
reached me some days earlier. I forwarded Mrs. Clay s letter 
[to] her immediately, I am very sure it will be very welcome. 

Please believe I feel more deep gratitude than language is 
granted me to express for [y]our disinterested desire to serve 
Mr. Davis. 

519 See infra, pp. 448-49. 

520 Cf. O. R., s. 121, p. 712. 

521 Supra. 


The poor make no new friends, 
But oh they love the better far 
The few their Father sends/ 

Measure my thanks by my forlorn condition, and helpless 
womanhood. I perceive that you concur with Mr. O Connor 
in the belief that Mr. Davis may not have a trial at all, but 
eventually may be pardoned, or transported, or something so. 
Perhaps a long imprisonment. The prospect is not inviting. 
I inferred from Judg Bingham s reiteration of the charge that 
Mr. Davis was accessory to Mr. Lincoln s assassination, made 
in his closing argument against the prisoners before the What 
is it? that the government would certainly proceed to indict 
ment, and trial for that crime. 522 Perhaps it is proposed to 
pardon him this punative crime because the real assassin 
slain before a confession of his accomplices could be made, 
did not kill Mr. Lincoln s alternate. I have little patience with 
the false accusers, or their hollow pretences of magnanimity. 
If he is saved from an inquisitorial tribunal, it is only because 
the people would not have submitted to such a violation of 
the dearest right of a freeman. The manacles showed the 
animus of the government. 523 Again, if Mr. Davis is tried 
for treason, and should happen to prove by that absolute in 
strument the constitution, that the federal government could 
not coerce a state, because all the powers not ceded to the 
federal government in the Constitution were reserved to the 
States, Mr. Johnson would find it awkward to pardon him for 
(if you choose to so characterise our secession) an inexpedient 
assertion of an undeniable right. For the rest he has not 
even $20,000 left now, 524 and has stolen the property of no 

622 Cf. the charges against Herold et al, in Genl. Ct-Mar. Order, No. 
356, July 5, 1865 ; O. R., s. 121, pp. 696-98. 

523 See C. A. Dana s order of May 22, 1865, in O. R., s. 121, p. 565; 
N. A. Miles to C. A. Dana, May 24, 1865: "Yesterday I directed that 
irons be put on Davis ankles . . ." O. R., s. 121, pp. 570-71- Cf. ibid., 
p. 577. For Davis prison life, consult J. J. Craven : Prison Life of Jeffer 
son Davis, (N. Y., 1866, 2nd ed., 1905). See also T. K. Oglesby: Captor 
and Captive; the Shackler and the Shackled . . . (Atl., 1809). 

524 Mr. Davis fortune had never been great, and after the war he was 
sometimes in straitened circumstances. 


person living or dead, nor yet of any fat corporation, conse 
quently he is utterly contemptible; and beneath a pardon. 
How long oh Lord, how long! Falsely accused of every 
baseness, and inhumanity which could disgrace mankind with 
out a shade of proof, a brave soldier, a devoted patriot, and 
honest gentleman lies in prison awaiting the next vier in pop 
ular opinion In that helpless condition he has been pusilani- 
mously insulted by a personal enemy who is now by accident 
"dressed" in a little brief authority." 525 Col. Pritchard 526 re 
ports of Mr. Chase answer to his question what will be done 
with Mr. Davis was I do not know, it remains to be seen 
what the feelings of the people will indicate. Not whether 
he was guilty but how the people would decide to dispose of 
him. I was gravely asked if I thought I could find counsel 
for him ! I do not think the administration know any more 
than you do what they are going to decide upon. They are 
mousing among the archives of our government 527 for some 
thing upon which to support accusations, and it depends upon 
their success whether Mr. Davis is done to death by ill 
treatment, a "military court," or a public trial. And com 
bining business with pleasure, Quidnuncs are polluting with 
their unhallowed gaze the precious records of my few happy 
hours, and turning an honest penny by selling garbled extracts 
from my Husband s letters, and mine to those papers whose 
readers needing a gentle excitement are willing to pay for 
"readable matter." 

Mr. Stanton s assertion that he knew of no ill treatment is 
disgusting. What is his standard of decency. Mr. Davis was 
taken from his family, every male protector having been pre 
viously withdrawn from them, and sent to different prisons, 
he was not advised that his was a final separation, put upon a 
tug boat with a high fever upon him, and placed in a case- 

525 Reference is doubtful, probably Miles or Johnson. 

526 B. D. Pritchard, Lt.-Col., 4th Mich. Cavalry, who had charge of 
the prisoners and their families when they arrived at Fort Monroe. See 
O. R., s. 121, p. 558. 

527 That is, among the papers captured. The secret journals and 
special correspondence were not found by the Federal authorities. See 
Shea, op. cit., (So. His. Soc. ed., p. 321). 


mated cell, though he had been forced while Sec. of War to 
remove strong men from those very casemates because they 
died of diseases superinduced by the dampness. 528 He was 
there offered coarse food, such as a healthy man in constant 
habitual exercise might become hungry enough to consume 
but which a sick man, immured in a dungeon could not eat. 
I know this is so because Genl. Miles told me that he received 
soldier s rations and would be allowed to buy nothing. The 
destination of his helpless family was kept a secret from him 
as from them And when mental and physical agony exerted 
themselves in impatience, he was manacled like a felon or a 
madman. The opinion of the world compelled Mr. Johnson, 
and Mr. Stanton to feed his body better, but his mind is given 
over to their tender mercies. In looking forward to his future, 
I pray that the wicked may cease from troubling but I know 
that if they do not very soon cease, the weary will be at rest/ 
and then the strength and glory of my house will have passed 
away, but, as thy day is, so shall thy strength be, watching, 
and praying as one whose only hope is in the God of justice, 
and love, I know he doeth all things well, and though he slay 
us yet will I trust in him. 

Ever since Mr. Davis incarceration I have been detained 
here I was brought here against my will, had never been 
here before, and knew no friend to whom I could turn. Left 
with no other support than the small sum which the cupidity 
of the enemy, our captors had failed to ferret out and steal 
I have been forced to spend as much in one month as I could 
have lived upon in a cheap place for a year or until Mr. 
Davis case could be decided. Denied the comfort of telling 
him how his baby prisoners are 529 or of sending one word of 
love to him. When his life was apparently hanging upon a 
thread, the government had not the humanity to send me 
notice of it, but every agony of his was published accompanied 
with jeers of the valiant editors, and hawked about the streets 
in extras. I applied three days ago to go to Augusta to see 

528 See Craven, op. cit. Many reports of Davis condition are to be 
found in O. R., s. 121. 

529 Mrs. Davis youngest daughter was born in 1864. 


rny family, leaving all my children in Savannah, but was re 
fused permission, because a prisoner within the limits of 
Savannah. Yet the government does not pay my expenses. 
1 am accused of no wrong, yet am I confined here without 
redress, as I was conveyed here guarded by men armed with 
Spencer rifles, and bayonets and up to the hour of leaving 
Fortress Monroe, they guarded my door. If not relieved from 
the coerced visit to Savannah I fear I shall bury one of those 
precious ones who seem to cumber the ground now that their 
dear Father is no longer able to protect them. My infant who 
came here rosy, and gay is now drooping, and suffering from 
the whooping cough, contracted here where it is epidemic. 
All the children are failing as well as I. Can Mr. Greeley do 
nothing for me Can it be that the name of the unarmed help 
less sufferer in Fortress Monroe is worth a thousand men/ 
Is it sought to prevent me from communicating with the outer 
world least the plea for justice may not be overpowered by 
the cry of crucify him. For our down trodden people I 
crave the amnesty whatever that may be, it is Protean and 
I cannot define it, unless it is their Adamic legacy confirmed 
to them by President Johnson permission to breathe God s 
air, and to gain their bread by the sweat of their brows. 

But as for me, and for mine, we crave no amnesty. We 
have been robbed of everything except our memories God 
has kept them green. Friends, brothers, Husband, home 
strength, hope, even the graves of my dear children do not 
belong to me. There is no bond uniting us to the Northern 
ers A great gulf of blood rolls between and my spirit shrinks 
appalled from attempting to cross it. I am strong to suffer, 
but quite unable to offer friendship, or receive amnesty at the 
hands of the Federal "many headed monster thing" which has 
usurped the place of our grand old compact. If we get jus 
tice, I desire no favors. Mr. Johnson may pardon us like the 
Revd. Mr. Chadband whether we wish it or not, but he will 
never be asked. Byron somewhere describes my sensations 
as I look at the swarms of armed negroes, and Yankees who 
are standing like the abomination of desolation where they 
ought not I quote from memory, and perhaps do not quote 


aright It is as though the dead could feel, The icy worm 
around him steal. Without the power to scare away, The 
cold consumers of the clay 53 If I am bitter against your 
people, it is because not only my men have been slain in 
battle, but one of my women kin has been deliberately mur 
dered. However enough of this, I am unhinged by sorrow, 
and forget you have not lived in an invaded country and that 
consequently your ire has not been lighted at the funeral pyre 
of friends, and homes lost forever. Living in the closest 
friendship with Mr. Davis, I am cognizant of a great deal 
relating to his official conduct, and where I cannot speak from 
personal knowledge, could tell you in most instances where 
to apply to those who participated in his action. I have also 
a very valuable record in his letter book, but it is impossible 
for me to trust that in the Federal reach as it is now the only 
record which he has left of his official life 531 Files of the 
Richmond papers will best show the falsity of the accusations 
of cruelty to prisoners For they contain one unbroken tirade 
against him for not consenting to emulate the Federal gov 
ernment in such atrocity. 

Please if you write, direct your letter on the first envelope 
to Carrie Belle, on the next to W. F. Sergeant of this place, 
and I will certainly receive them speedily, and intact. 

If so illustrious a combination of talent, energy, and good 
will as yours with Mr. O Connor s fail to extricate Mr. Davis, 
vain is the help of man. 

Confident of your whole power being exerted in the case, 
satisfied if justice can flow from a rock, that your rod will 
open the way, grateful beyond expression for your manly out 
spoken sympathy, pray consider me in any event yours very 
gratefully and sincerely 

P. S. The only injunction of secrecy which I intended to 
impose upon that kind, and fair minded old gentleman Mr. 
Greely, was that the newspaper people about his office should 

530 The editor has been unable to identify this mutilated quotation. 

531 See supra, note 527. 


not see my letter and cause me to be further persecuted by 
the powers that be." 532 A. L. S. SM-n-i. 

1865, July 17, New York. Geo. Shea to Mrs. V. C. Clay. 

Enclose letter of O Conor referred to in mine of 3rd. 633 
1 trust letters sent to Savannah have reached you disap 
pointed at no answer yet received none from Mrs. Davis 
C. E. L. Stuart, said to have been on Davis staff, calls and 
professes your confidence 534 is commended by B. Wood 
Stuart says you are now in Augusta I prefer to write under 
cover to Richard Cuyler of Macon till otherwise directed 
hope to hear my letters have reached you matters relating 
to the trials in about the same state The Tribune is making 
"a humane and nobly politic stand" for a general amnesty. 53 * 

A. C. S. SM-ig-s. 

1865, Aug. 3, P[?]alensville[?], Catskill Mountains, [N. Y.] 
Geo. Shea to Mrs. Varina Davis. 

Welcome to New York while here are your husbancPs 
chief political enemies, you will find your chief personal 
friends wrote that I hoped for general amnesty rather 
hopes for general oblivion, as after Pharsalia 536 whatever 
may be the future will do my best in the present mission 
breakfasted with Greeley on Monday he told me to say to 
you that "he had just received assurances that all was right 
at last, at Washington and that he felt very comfortable as 
to the result" hope you have seen him ere this "he is a 
good and firm friend of those who need a friend and unswerv- 

532 See this letter mentioned in Shea to Mrs. Davis, July 3, 1865, supra, 
P- 443- 

533 Supra, p. 442. Enclosure not found. 

534 See infra, pp. 455, 478. 

535 This was, of course, the work of Horace Greeley. A limited am 
nesty, excepting all persons of prominence, had been declared May 29, 1865. 
See text in O. R., s. 121, pp. 578-80. 

536 Fought Aug. 9, B. C. 48, between the forces of Caesar and Pompey, 
resulting in the defeat of the latter and the practical destruction of his 
army. Lucan wrote an epic on the subject. 


ing in the day of defeat and danger." I will see you to-mor 
row P. S. may not arrive until too late. 

A. C. S. SM-ig-4. 
1865, Aug. 4, Macon, Ga. Mrs. V. C .Clay to Geo. Shea. 

Thanks for yours of the 3rd 537 received O Conor s letter 
I hope you or he may be able to converse wth Clay begin to 
fear confidence in the government is misplaced, since Clay is 
so vigorously dealt with that I am prohibited visiting Wash 
ington have applied to Judge Black for permission to do so 
have received no answer I believe his release would be ac 
complished if my friends and the authorities might be seen 
Have comfort in the defence to be made by "the good and 
pure and great men of the North." I cannot think of personal 
violence to Clay do not believe it in the case of Davis but 
solitary confinement without any books but the Bible and 
Prayer-book is very hard Clay is not permitted to write me 
future address. P. S. have received your second letter of 
the i5 538 mails prevented speedier reply I do not know Mr. 
Stuart blessings on Greeley for his efforts for Justice and 
Peace so strange that only "an hour ago" he was regarded 
as the most implacable foe and fanatic Please send me the 
news-papers. A. L. S. SM-6-2. 

1865, Aug. 12, N[ew] Yfork.] Ch[as.] O Conor to Geo. Shea. 
Yours of 12 received 539 I wish to write as little as possible 
that must go by mail cannot prevent indiscretion in others 
will do my best in that direction. Your policy is doubtless 
most hopeful of good results "mine may be expressed in a 
single sentence. Externally respectful and obedient acquies 
cence in the goodwill and pleasure of the powers that be[,] 
so long as that course has any tendency to mitigate suffering 
or save life, precisely an opposite line of action, pursued with 
all the inveteracy that indignant feeling can suggest and fear 
less resolution prompt, the moment a military commission is 
formed for the purpose of throwing over a wicked assassina- 

53T July 3, see supra, p. 442. 

538 See supra, p. 449. The letter is correctly dated July 17. 

" Not found. 


tion the flimsy disguise of its worthless and lawless sanction." 
If any tools of the authorities read this, they will understand 
I have no intention of concealing this much future personal 
movements hope for a conference at Saratoga, if I leave the 
city. A. L. S. SM-iy-i. 

"Reed at Saratoga, Augt. 17/65." 

1865, Aug. 14, New York. Mrs. M. L. Howell 540 to Geo. Shea. 

Acknowledge letter I plan to go to Montreal my plans 
for my [grand?] children I saw O Conor but did not tell 
him your views my son Jeff arrived yesterday he says our 
friends are still in Augusta 541 a part of their plans having 
fallen through. A. L. S. SM-I4-I. 

"Reed, at Saratoga, 17/65." 

1865, Aug. 21, Caldwell, Warren Co., N. Y. Chfas]. O Conor 
to Geo. Shea. 

Thanks for yours of 22nd the morning papers show some 
other "queer things on the Wirz 542 case." The Ch[ief] jus 
tice] is in Washington "If you could get a letter to him from 
our friend 543 and could spare time to see him some valuable 
information might be elicited." I go to visit some persons in 
Baltimore who may be able to render service. 

A. L. S. SM-I7-2. 

"Reed. Augt. 28/65." 

1865, Aug. 22, Saratoga Springs, [N. Y.] Geo. Shea to Mrs. 
M. L. Howell. 

I have had a conference with O Conor on views expressed 

640 A sister of Mrs. Jefferson Davis. 

541 Mrs. Davis and family are probably meant; but see Shea to Mrs. 
Davis, Aug. 3, supra, p. 449. 

542 Major Henry Wirz, Confederate commandant at Andersonville, Ga. 
For the government side of the case against him, see Advocate-General 
Holt s summary, in O. R., s. 121, pp. 775-81 ; the charges and specifications 
in ibid., pp. 785-89; the finding and sentence in ibid-, pp. 789-91. The 
Southern view is set forth in a series of articles in the So. Hist. Soc. 
Papers, v. i on the Treatment of Prisoners. 

543 Greeley is probably meant, but the reference is doubtful. 


to you he accords we unite in hope of "a happy, if not 
speedy accomplishment" I am determined to try all proper 
methods to effect Davis release not by pardon or clemency 
but "by due process of law" this method has advantages for 
all which none other has, with reasons already given you 
no decisive news, but favorable gossip from Washington 
address should "our friend at Augusta" 544 arrive in Canada, 
telegraph me at New York I will then come at once for 
conference caution against confidence in adventurers in Can 
ada do not have communication with them personal news. 

A. C. S. SM-ig-5. 

1865, Aug. 28, New York,] 44 Bible House. Horace Greeley 
to Geo. Shea. 

"I cannot judge whether this letter of Mrs. D would do 
more good or harm if printed. 545 There are parts of it that 
would do good ; parts that would not ; if properly edited, it 
could [?] be published with benefit. The worst of it is that J. 
D s proclamation to hang Butler, also other [?] officers who 
should be captured while commanding negro troops, &c., &c., 
are in opposition to its spirit. 548 There would have been no 
trouble about exchanges if they had been willing to ask no 
questions, but exchange all they had." 

A. L. S. SM-I2-2. 

1865, Aug. 29, New York, Office of The Tribune. Horace 
Greeley to Francis P. Blair, 547 Esq., Present [Washington.] 
"The bearer is Charles O Conor, Esq., eminent at our Bar, 
whose reputation is of course familiar to you, though his per 
son is not. He has undertaken the defence of Jefferson 
Davis, and visits Washington with reference thereto. I com 
mend him most trustfully to your highest consideration." 

A. L. S. SM-I2-5. 

644 Mrs. Jefferson Davis. 

545 Not found, but cf. an earlier letter mentioned in Shea s article (So. 
His. Soc. ed. p. 320). See Shea to Mrs. Davis, Aug. 31, 1865, infra. 

646 Gen. Benj. F. Butler is meant. 

547 Francis Preston Blair, Sr., one of President Johnson s confidential 
advisers, not to be confused with his son, Maj.-Genl. Francis P. Blair, 
U. S. A. 


1865, Aug. 31, New York. Geo. Shea to Mrs. Varina Davis. 
I want to write little by mail reticence is to be taken as 
favorable if Davis were to be tried by military tribunal, or 
where just administration of law was interfered with, or if he 
were in personal danger, I would write freely am assured 
everything is going well if I could communicate in person 
could give you much that would comfort you do not believe 
what you read in the papers about trials whenever a trial 
upon indictment is announced, "fair weather has set in" a 
civil trial, even before Chase, is most fervently hoped for 
still believe there will be no trial certainly none before a 
military tribunal take it the government has unequivocally 
declared this have no forebodings "Before a civil tribunal 
we are safe in our defence." more cannot be said I go with 
O Conor to-morrow to Baltimore and Washington a chance 
for "further good" presenting itself there will write on my 
return send this as Mrs. Waller promises safe delivery 
P. S. If there is a trial, be assured you will be enabled to at 
tend I have read your letter to Genl. Lee 548 O Conor showed 
it to me Greeley also read it we all think it had better not 
be published now there are hints in this which should be 
kept "very private." A. C. S. SM-ig-6. 

1865, Sept. 5, Washington, D. C. Fred [eric] k A. Aiken to 
Geo. Shea. 

I did not write yesterday as Judge Hughes told me of 
meeting O Conor in Baltimore and giving such information as 
O Conor desired of the Chipman conversation this confirmed 
my first impression that it was not important. 

Nothing of interest this week in the Wirz trial I think the 
government will soon close did not try to learn anything 
of the Davis trial I presume when you wish me to do so, 
where positive information can be obtained, you will inform 
me P. S. Have arranged fully for the report of the trial. 

A. L. S. SM-i-i. 

"Reed. Sept. 6,765." 

648 See Hreeley to Shea, Aug. 28, 1865, supra. 


1865, Sept. 9, Silver Spring, [Md.] F. P. Blair to Geo. Shea. 

I saw the President yesterday gave him your views, tell 
ing him whence they came he gave no answer, but talked 
freely on the subject. I think it would be well, if you intend 
to press the matter as you suggested, to write out your views 
and submit them to the President they might thus be dis 
cussed in the Cabinet and in all likelihood the law officer might 
apprise you of the result. A. L. S. SM-3. 

1865, Sept. 10, Washington, D. C. Fred [eric] k A. Aiken to 
Geo. Shea. 

"My dear Sir : 

Mr. Sutton, the official Reporter of the Senate who will 
report Mr. Davis trial when it takes place, had, a day or two 
since an interview with Chief Justice Chase the substance of 
which he had given to me with the permission to communicate 
it to you. The conversation is kept close here. It is not 
known outside of the parties named as I believe it your wish 
and Mr. O Conor s that matters relating to the trial shall not 
be made public prematurely. The Chief Justice s long inti 
macy and friendship with Mr. Sutton led him to speak quite 
freely and fully and I deem it of great importance that you 
should have the substance of the interview both for informa 
tion and to see how it squares with what was said in your 

In the first place the Chief Justice said that he had no 
knowledge of any arrangements for the trial of Mr. Davis 
and that he had no expectation of presiding at such a trial 
at Norfolk as the newspapers have represented. He inti 
mated that he could not preside in any of the seceeding states 
until there had been some legislation in relation to them by 
Congress. Congress will not meet until the first Monday inr 
Dec. next. The Supreme Court of the United States will meet 
on the same day and the Chief Justice said positively that 
he should not absent himself from the Bench of that Court 
during the Term. In the course of the conversation, as Mr. 
Sutton had intimated his intention to report the trial and to 
get it out in a creditable manner in book form, the Chief 


Justice replied, "If you wait for that purpose until I try the 
case you will wait a long time." This remark gives a peculiar 
significance to the remark made to me by yourself that there 
might not be any trial at all. The Metropolitan Record alluded 
to when you were here, I have mislaid. Can t find it. When 
do you think I had better visit New York for a day or so? As 
1 have not written a similar letter to Mr. O Conor I presume it 
would be well to tell him of this. The Wirz Trial is getting a 
little more interesting from the fact that, to use the classic 
words of Col. Chipman, the Judge Advocate, they are now 
implicating bigger fish. 
With my kind regards 

I am very truly yr. ob t serv t" 

A. L. S. SM-u-2. 

1865, Sept 13, Chambly. Mrs. M. L. H[owell] to Geo. Shea. 

Have received your letter of 22 have been preparing my 
grandchildren for school their destination have not heard 
from "our friend" 54t) since Aug. 19 she was then well and in 
Augusta I have been afraid "our dear friend" 55 was to have 
a military trial wish information about my son I have taken 
your suggestions as meant 551 will say nothing to embarrass 
our cause Dr. Chas. E. Steuart [sic] is a "confidence man" 55L> 
his dishonorable actions. A. L. S. SM-I4-2. 

"Reed. Sept. 18/65." 

1865, Sept. 19, Mill View, near Augusta [Ga.] Mrs. Varina 
Davis to Geo. Shea. 

Have received your letter 553 my anxiety for Mr. Davis 
health has been greatly allayed by an unrestrained letter from 
him and by a telegram from Genl. Miles I hope his health 
will improve trust by exercise of great caution to continue 

549 Mrs. Jefferson Davis. 

550 Jefferson Davis. 

551 See Shea to Mrs. Howell, Aug. 22, 1865, supra, p. 452. 

552 Cf. pp. 191, note, 58, 449, 4?8. 

553 Shea to Mrs. Davis, Aug. 31, 1865, supra, p. 453. 


my correspondence with him and relieve his mind upon domes 
tic subjects political matters may not be written him as 
to their use, it were better so you must not take my sister s 
letters too seriously 554 I myself have perfect confidence in 
you and O Conor will assist if I can otherwise will be 
patient like you, I regard a trial as a boon I only fear its 
postponement "until a reliese [sic] will be the end" my debt 
to Mr. O Conor have faint hope of being allowed to see Mr. 
Davis directions for writing hope you will communicate 
developments. A. L. S. SM-n-2. 

1865, Oct. 20, New York. Geo. Shea to Mrs. Varina Davis. 
Yours of Sept. iQth received 555 most pleasing that you are 
in correspondence with Mr. Davis, especially as his letter is 
"unrestrained" this confirms what I heard at Washington 
in September I went to Washington to confer with "old Mr. 
Blair" 556 on a plan to expedite the trial I had a plan which 
O Conor approved Blair laid it before the President re 
ceived not unfavorably I also urged Blair to procure corres 
pondence for you with Davis went to Washington again last 
Monday asked that myself and O Conor have access to Davis 
for conference Stanton denied this said policy was un 
changed on this point, but granted Gen. J. R. Davis request 
that suitable winter clothing be sent Davis I called on Blair 
again O Conor or myself will go to Washington shortly 
hope it will be O Conor Montgomery Blair 557 said his mother 
had seen the president with request that you might see Davis 
they had great hopes of it Blair would have written you 
but would not anticipate, for fear of failure everything that 
can make in favor of Davis is employed "All is going well" 
I think the government will enter civil prosecution from which 
Davis need fear nothing as you may soon be on the way to 
see him, I will delay further news congratulations on happy 

* Mrs. M. L. Howell. 

555 Supra. 

556 Francis P. Blair, Sr. See note 547. 

657 A son of Francis P. Blair, Sr. He had been Postmaster-General 
under Lincoln, but resigned and became a Democrat after the war. 


change in Davis favor. P. S. Had a full talk about Davis 
with Judge Black. 558 A. C. S. 

[1865, Oct.] [n. p.] Mrs. M. L. Howell to [Geo.] Shea. 

Did you receive my letter please send information about 
my friends. A. L. S. SM-I4-3. 

"Reed. Octr. 14/65." 

1865, Nov. 12, [Newport, R. I.?] Jos. R. Davis 559 to Geo. 

I regret not seeing you before I left New York when can 
we meet? A. L. S. SM-io-i. 

"Reed, Nov. 15/65." 

[1865,] Dec. 20, Newport, R. L Jos. R. Davis to [Geo. Shea.] 
Have just returned from Canada received the letters sent 
I wish I might have remained in Montreal and examined 
the books 560 if you wish to go there and do so, have a con 
versation with Mr. B 561 will postpone my trip South. 

A. L. S. SM-io-2. 
"Reed. Dec. 25/65." 

1865, Dec. 28, Newport [R. L] Jos. R. Davis to [Geo. Shea.] 
Have received your letter of 26 I plan to meet you "on 
Wednesday" 562 and proceed to Montreal. 

A. L. S. SM-io-3. 

1865, Dec. 30, New York. Ch[as.] O Conor to Wm. Preston 

"My Dear Sir 

This letter will be presented to you by my friend George 
Shea, Esq. of this City. Mr. Shea is a member of the bar and 

888 Judge T . S. Black. See supra, note 513. 

859 Brig.-Genl. Jos. R. Davis, a nephew of Pres. Davis. 

860 The secret journals of the Confederate Congress and the Executive 
letter-books. See Shea s article, loc. cit., p. 321. 

861 John C. Breckinridge, last Confederate Secretary of War. See 
supra, p. 198; Shea s article, loc. cit., p. 321. 

562 Jany. 3, 1866. 


has zealously promoted all measures tending to the relief of 
Messrs. Davis and Clay ever since the commencement of their 

He now proceeds to Canada to confer with the friends of 
these gentlemen there and to gather such information in aid 
of the defence as may be accessible. 563 

Of course you will be pleased to meet Mr. Shea and to 
further his objects as far as may be in your power. 

It now seems highly probable that Mr. Davis at least, if 
not both of these gentlemen, will soon be tried in a Civil 
Court under some novel arrangments in acts of congress now 
in progress which are designed to facilitate their conviction. 
There is but one ground on which a doubt of their early trial 
would be warranted. A game of cross-purposes in Congress 
between the President s own proper party, and the extreme 
radicals might arise and might lead to delays, and an ultimate 
abandonment of the prosecution. 

Strange as it may seem the persons most likely to urge the 
prosecution are of that faction in the Republican party which 
is likely to be the Republican Wing of Mr. Johnson s legion. 

The last out-giving from Washington is an assertion of 
Mr. Stanton that Mr. Mallory 564 would be tried in a civil 
court within thirty days. He did not say that this would be 
the first trial, but I infer that such was his meaning. 

I am Dear Sir 

Yours Truly" 
A. L. S. SM-iy-3. 

i866, 565 Jany. 6, Montreal. Geo. Shea to Chas. O Conor. 

I have been here for three days two gentlemen for whom 
1 had letters are not here hope to hear from the more im 
portant by to-morrow "The business upon which I am here 
is already satisfactory in results.* 566 have much to say had 

563 Shea, loc. cit., 321. 

564 Stephen R. Mallory, Confederate Secretary of the Navy. For papers 
regarding his proposed trial, see O. R., s. 121. 

565 Improperly dated 1865 in the original. 

566 That is, the examination of the Confederate archives. 


better deliver it in person will be home Wednesday after 
noon. A. C. S. SM-ig-8. 

1866, Feb. 12, New York. Ch[as.] O Conor to Geo. Shea. 
"Dear Sir, 

Thanks for your note of the Qth inst. 567 The only question 
is whether some [one] ought to be sent to Washington, and, 
if need be, thence to Raleigh to investigate the premises. 
There is some difficulty in getting the right person to do this. 

Forney 568 has just written a very bloody military commis 
sion article. But in point of reasoning it is very feeble. It 
demonstrates the utter unfitness of a civil tribunal to meet 
the exigencies of the case and at the same time prove the utter 
in applicability of any judicial process civil or military. In a 
word it establishes my doctrine that Power is remediless in 
the premises unless it dares to slay without form or ceremony. 

Yrs Truly" 

A. L. S. SM-17-ii. 

1866, Feb. 14, N[ew] Y[ork.] Ch[as]. O Conor to Geo. Shea. 

"Our sincere thanks are due to the enemy. By and by, we 
may think it prudent to have them presented. A leather-medal 
is the form usually suggested in vulgar speech as suitable for 
such cases ; but a hempen collar might be at once more decor 
ous and more appropriate. 

It is marvellous to me that he seems so perfectly blind 
to the perfection of his own reasoning. It is seldom that so 
good a player moves in a series so artistic toward an inevit 
able check-mate. 

You have rendered a great service by thus drawing their 
fire. It might be well to prosecute the controversy a little 

Please to let me know the date of the Chicago paper in 
which this article appeared." 569 A. L. S. SM-iy-4. 

"Reed. Feby. 16/66. Answ. Feby. 17/66." 

567 Not found. 

568 John W. Forney, editor of the Washington Chronicle. Forney did 
not long support Johnson s policy. See Shea, loc. cit., 323. Forney wrote 
interesting Anecdotes of Public Men, (2 v., N. Y., 1873-81). 

569 The article to which reference is made was not found. 


1866, Mch. 27, n. p. [Chas.] O Cfonor] to Geo. Shea. 
"Dear Sir 

Is not the controversy touching the invention of "Uni 
versal Amnesty and Universal Suffrage" very amusing? 570 

Would it be worth while to give a reprint from the Tribune 
of last summer, showing that it is a plagiarism. 

Perhaps Horace would not incline to pluck any feathers 
from the tail of republican daw, but Ben. Wood of the News 571 
would have no such scruple. I perceive that the Dead Duck 
has joined in chorus with the Black Douglass about traitors 
remaining unhanged. 

What a pity it is that all scoundrelism could not be 
promptly and vigorously punished by bonds the lash or the 
gallows. If so Forney-cation would have become as infamous 
by this time as the Dead Duck wishes to make treason. 
Washington s example of its being a virtue notwithstanding. 


"Reed. 28/66." A. L. S. MS-I2-5. 

1866, May 14, New York. Truman Smith 572 to Hon. Wm. H. 
Seward, Sec. State. 

"My dear Sir : 

Mr. Geo. Shea is one of the counsel of Mr. Jefferson Davis 
recently indicted for treason in Judge Underwood s court at 
Norfolk, Va. Mr. Shea visits Washington in that connection 
(i) to ascertain, whether it is in fact the intention of the 
Government to bring Davis to trial and if yes then (2) to se 
cure the ordinary privilege of counsel that of access for him 
self and for his associate (Mr. Charles O Conor) to his client. 
I cannot conceive of a reason to justify a denial of this privi 
lege and I feel sure that such an extreme measure will not be 
countenanced or sustained by the Hon Head of the Depart- 

570 That is, the controversy as to who was the author of the policy 
and of the slogan. 

671 Benj. Wood of the Neiv York News, who later signed Davis bail- 
bond. He was intimate with Greeley, Shea and others. 

572 Former Senator from Connecticut and at this time Judge of the 
Slave-trade Court in New York. 


ment of State. The truly liberal course of Mr. Shea on some 
important subjects appertaining to your administration of our 
foreign affairs induces me to take a particular interest in the 
realization of his wishes and purposes as above indicated. 

I have the honor to be with high respect truly and faith 
fully Yours" 

A. L. S. SM-22. 

1866, May 1 6, Washington. Geo. Shea to Mrs. Varina Davis. 
I am here at O Conor s request on certain preliminaries of 
the trial it is likely to be brought on before the Chief Jus 
tice the latter part of next month in Richmond it now be 
comes advisable for myself and O Conor to see Davis have 
Davis write a letter designating us as of his counsel we can 
talk over other counsel when we meet we will then make 
the usual application for permission to see him. [The follow 
ing scratched through : Send this by Genl. Q. A. Gillmore 
on a visit to Fortress Monroe he will deliver through com 
manding officer and bring answer.] P. S. Will await an 
swer here I hope for it by next mail or by special hand. 

A. C. S. SM-ig-g. 

1866, May 17, Fortress Monroe. Mrs. Varina Davis to Geo. 

Have received yours of 16 glad you are to be associated 
with O Conor 573 Mr. Davis thanks In regards to a letter 
for permission for an interview with counsel, Davis says ap 
plication has been filed since June 7, in answer to a letter 
from O Conor offering services In this Davis said : "Though 
reluctant to trouble you with the labor of coming here, I 
must for the considerations indicated request you to obtain 
the requisite authority to visit me for the purpose of a free 
conference" s74 A sentence in the letter was objected to the 
request declared "premature" by Seward letter recopied ex 
actly, without the sentence explanation of facts annexed 

573 The formal tone of this note was due to the fact that it was to be 
sent through official channels. 

574 Cf. Townsend to Miles, June 8, 1865, O. R., s. 121, p. 647. 


If the request was then thought premature, it may be granted 
now upon application to the Department, you may probably 
see the letter Time for preparation is so short, that no time 
should be lost in seeing Davis. A. L. S. SM-n-3. 

1866, May 21, Washington. Geo. Shea to Mrs. Varina Davis. 

I return to New York to-night yours of the i6th re 
ceived 575 congratulations that my visit here was successful 
will immediately communicate with O Conor in a few days 
we go together to Fortress Monroe to confer with Davis 
from present indications we will not be hurried in preparation 
are assured at least one month s previous notice of trial. 

A. C. S. SM-iQ-io. 

1866, May 27, Fort Monroe, Va. Geo. Shea. 

Military pass to ; at main and postern gates good until 
revoked. Sig: John S. McErran, Capt., A. D. C., and A. A. 
A. G. P. F. S. SM-8-3. 

1866, June i, New York. Office of the Tribune. Jno. Russell 
Young, Managing Editor, to Geo. Shea. 

I beg to introduce Kane O Donnel who goes to Richmond 
to "watch" the Davis Trial I commend him to you. 576 

A. L. S. SM-26. 

1866, June 9, Washington, D. C. Horace Greeley. 

"I authorize George Shea to appear in behalf of me and 
in my name to enter into a recognizance in such sum as he 
may think proper for the due personal appearance of Jefferson 
Davis in any court of the United States at any term during 
the present year i866 577 to answer to anything which may be 
alleged against him by the United States." 

D. S. SM-I2-6. 

575 Supra. Properly May 17. 

578 It was generally thought at this time that Mr. Davis would be tried 
at once in Richmond. His counsel did not share this opinion. 
577 "1866" pencilled in the original. 


1862, Apr. 17, Norfolk, [Va.,] C. S. S. "Virginia. Josiah Tatt- 
I beg to introduce Wm. G. Swan, a friend of Jeffn. Davis, 
and a member of the C. S. Congress 578 communicate to him 
freely regarding the trial introduce him to O Conor, if the 
latter is in town. A. L. S. SM-io-4. 

1866, July 19, New York. D[aniel] H. London 579 to Geo. 

Have called to see you with letter from Greeiey 580 as I 
was leaving Richmond to remove here, heard through F. H. 
Wynne that Davis health and condition were not satisfactory 
reaching here, I determined to see if a memorial originating 
with Greeiey, his friends, and others wishing Davis release 
might not be used successfully Greeiey says you leave to 
morrow can you call at my office or write Greeiey to go 
ahead I regard mself as Davis personal friend as wishing 
for his release by means suggested, cannot a prompt decision 
regarding the petition be made? A. L. S. SM-is. 

1866, July 20, New York. Office of the Tribune. Horace 
Greeiey to Geo. Shea. 

The bearer, Mr. D. H. London, proposes that a few of 
us unite in a memorial to the President to parole Jefferson 
Davis. I think it desirable that nothing be done in the prem 
ises that does not meet the hearty approval of Mr. D s counsel. 
He calls on you in accordance with that suggestion." 

A. L. S. SM-12-i. 

1866, Aug. 6, New York. Ch[as.] O Conor to Geo. Shea. 

"Your note of the 2nd inst. 581 reached me this morning. I 
spent last night in the rail car, and during my solitary vigil 
the very project now suggested by Mr. Greeiey 582 occurred 

578 Swan represented Tennessee in the first and second Congresses. 

579 London had been a leading merchant of Richmond before the war, 
and was for several years president of the "Central Southern Rights Asso 
ciation." His advertisements are frequently met with in the Richmond 

580 Greeiey to Shea, infra. 

581 Not found. 

582 See Greeiey to Shea, July 20, 1866, p. 463. 


to me. The coincidence is a favorable one. I approve of the 
measure most decidedly and very much desire that it be pro 
ceeded in without delay. 

My recent visit to Fort Monroe was for the purpose of 
comparing views in relation to the defense. I found Mr. 
Davis much weaker and greatly fear that he may sink under 
the hardships of his imprisonment. Hence my anxiety for 

The memorial should be as strong in point of numbers as 
time and other circumstances may permit. I presume Gerritt 
Smith would sign it. I do not understand the quotation with 
which your letter commences and consequently cannot re 
spond to it. 

Hoping that your stay at the Springs is attended both as 
to Mrs. Shea and yourself with much pleasure." 

A. L. S. SM-I2-6. 

1866, Aug. 13, New York. Geo. Shea to Chas. O Conor. 

Your telegram received and answered I came here Sat 
urday night saw Greeley yesterday this evening he will 
get the memorial with signatures he procures meanwhile 
to-morrow afternoon, unless you telegraph the contrary, I go 
to Boston to procure signatures of Gov. Andrews, Wendell 
Phillips, Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Henry Wilson and others 583 
they may be able to get will be back Thursday Henry 
Ward Beecher will sign Greeley will see to Gerrit Smith s 
signature in addition to these abolitionists, I propose, you 
approving, to give the President s prominent friends oppor 
tunity to sign will therefore call on Henry J. Raymond, and 
Senators Dixon and Doolittle 584 give your directions and sug- 

583 All of these were prominent abolitionists of Massachusetts. 

584 Henry J. Raymond was editor of the New York Times, and was a 
warm supporter of Johnson. He wrote the address issued by the Phila 
delphia Convention of 1866. See A. Maverick : Henry J. Raymond and the 
New York Press, (n. p., 1870). James Dixon was Senator from Con 
necticut and was thoroughly loyal to Johnson. He was named by the latter 
to be minister to Russia but declined the post. James Rood Doolittle was 
Senator from Wisconsin, an original free-soiler and author of the call for 
the Republican Convention of 1860. His support of Johnson drew forth 
a request for his resignation from the Wisconsin Legislature, but he de 
clined to retire. 


gestions as to this take for granted Cornelius Vanderbilt 
will sign some reason to believe Alex T. Stewart 855 would 
not refuse would like your suggestions by Thursday ad 
dress. A. C. SM-ig-n. 

1866, Aug. 14, New York. Geo. Shea to Chas. O Conor. 

Enclose copy of memorial 586 is proposed Gerrit Smith 
and one or two like him present it to the President what say 
you? I do not know object of Johnson, who wishes an op 
portunity "to spit his venom towards Davis." Tribune an 
swers this morning. Greeley recognizes the great political 
struggle at hand has disengaged from everything else to 
give his time to advocating and disseminating his views 
will hereafter issue daily extra of the Tribune of 100,000 
copies it will be circulated throughout the states this is 
done that the people may know the cause for which he wishes 
their support in New England I am to have Gov. Andrews 
cordial support in procuring signatures. 587 

A. C. SM-ig-12. 

1866, Aug. 14, New York, Office of the Tribune. Horace 
Greeley to Gov. John A. Andrew, Boston, M[as]s. 

"The bearer is my friend George Shea, Esq. of counsel for 
Jefferson Davis, who visits new England hoping to secure 
sbme support from leading Abolitionists to his .... [illegible] 
that his client be either tried or bailed. I beg you to hear 
Mr. Shea, and to commend him to the personal favor of such 
friends as he may wish to see." A. L. S. SM-i2-^. 

1866, Aug. 16, Saratoga Springs, [N. Y.] Ch[as.] O Conor to 
Geo. Shea. 

"Your favor of yesterday 588 is just received. It is not 

585 Alexander Turney Stewart, a native of Ireland and a leading mer 
chant of New York. He was reported to have the largest income of any 
man in New York. 

586 Memorial for the trial or liberation of Mr. Davis. See infra, p. 467. 

587 Cf. Shea to O Conor, Aug. 20, 1866, infra. 
688 Not found. 


necessary to add a word beyond what was conveyed in my 

The sooner the better consistently with securing strength 
among the opponents of the President and his non-democratic 

The moment it is ready let it go by some sure hand who 
will himself deliver it to the President. It is not necessary 
to await any action on my part. It is not necessary that I 
should see it although by way of providing material for his 
tory a copy might properly be preserved. Even this I do 
not insist upon. I am Dear Sir 

Yours Truly" 
A. L. S. SM-iy-7. 

1866, Aug. 20, Caldwell, Warren Co., N. Y. Chas. O Conor to 
Geo. Shea. 

"Your Boston telegram is just received. I apprehended 
on reading the document that there was an access [sic] of 
fainting in the work. 

All I now desire is that with such names as may be gotten 
in N. Y. be it only one or two the document 589 be at once; 

The moment this is done I pray to be informed of it." 

A. L. S. SM-I7-8. 

1866, Aug. 20, New York. Geo. Shea to Chas. O Conor. 

Am back from New England I saw all but one I went to 
see success not equal to what had been hoped memorial not 
yet in condition to be presented mission not a failure had 
from one of Johnson s responsible and chief advisers a letter to 
the President 590 this ought to be quite as potential as a me 
morial from his opponents this substantially the result of the 
week s work will relate details when see you notice the 
President s proclamation of peace 591 in this morning s paper 

689 That is, the Memorial. 

690 Not found. 

591 See text in McPherson, Political History of Reconstruction, (Wash., 
1875) PP- 194-96. 


that removes all objection to Chase s granting Habeas Cor 
pus, and "if he holds to his expressed opinions, releasing Mr. 
Davis on bail" shall it be tried again or shall we wait the 
effect of the letter referred to will act as you direct mean 
while I will work on the memorial. P. S. "The Chief Justice 
said he would act and admit to bail if such a proclamation was 
issued." A. C. S. 

1866, Aug. 22, Caldwell, Warren Co., N. Y. Ch[as.] O Conor 
to Geo. Shea. 

"Yours of the 2oth is received. 592 To its various sugges 
tions but one reply occurs to me. 

The non-transmission of the memorial, be it good or bad, 
strong or weak, is an evil. I want it delivered to the President 
as soon as possible. I do not think it advisable to apply to 
Judge C. 593 for a Hab. Corp. 

I was misled about the memorial. I expected it to recom 
mend a parole. This opinion induced action on my part 
which I regret and which may be producing some embarrass 
ment. I will explain the more fully when we meet. But, I 
repeat, the action now most desirable is the immediate de 
livery of the memorial if it has only one name to it. 

Yrs &c." 

A. L. S. SM-iy-g. 

K866, Aug. 22, New York. Geo. Shea to Gerrit Smith. 

Enclosing Greeley s memorial to the President. 
Printed: O. B. Frothingham s Gerrit Smith (2nd ed., N 
Y. 1879) P- 306. A. C. S. SM-ig-14. 

[1866, Aug. 22, New York.] Horace Greeley. 

Memorial to President Johnson for the trial of Jefferson 
Davis. 594 A. n. S. SM-I2- 

1866, Aug. 22, New York. Horace Greeley and Gerrit Smith. 

Memorial to President Johnson for the trial of Jefferson 

592 Supra. 

593 Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase. 

594 A rough draft of SM-I3, infra. 


Printed : O. B. Frothingham s Gerrit Smith (2nd ed., N. 
Y. 1879) p. 308. A. L. S. SM-20-7. 

1866, Aug. 24, Peterboro, N. Y. Gerrit Smith to Pres. Andrew 

Printed: O. B. Frothingham s Gerrit Smith (2nd ed. N. 
Y. 1879) p. 308. A. L. S. SM-20-7. 

1866, Aug. 24, Peterboro, [N. Y.] Gerrit Smith to Horace 

"As requested by Mr. Shea, I send to yourself the accom 
panying memorial. You will see that a word is omitted on 
the first page. I also send to you a letter to Mr. Shea and 
one to President Johnson. Please read them both. You will 
see that it is to turn on your and Mr. Shea s judgment whether 
the letter to President Johnson be sent or withheld." 

A. L. S. SM-20-2. 

1866, Sept. 26, New York, Law Institute. Ch[as.] O Conor to 
Geo. Shea. 
"Dear Sir 

A statement in yesterday s Tribune 595 renders it doubtful 
whether any court will be opened, even pro forma, in Rich 
mond on Tuesday. Again a doubt exists in another direction. 
There is some indication of intent to open some kind of a 
court at Norfolk on that day. This coupled with some other 
circumstances places the affair in an awkward predicament. 

If practicable I wish you could go on to Washington to 
night and by seeing Chase, Underwood, 596 Ashton, 597 the Atty. 
General or some of them find out the actual condition of things 
and telegraph me about it to-morrow. I will see you before 
you leave. Yrs &c." 


595 N. Y. Tribune, 6ept. 25, 1866. 

596 John Curtiss Jnderwood, Judge of the United States District Court 
of Virginia. 

597 J. Hubley Ashton, Asst. Atty.-Genl. 


1866, Sept. 26, Washington, [D. C] Alex M. Davis to John 
Russell Young, Managing Editor, New York Tribune. 

Have received 5 and 6 it is now 7 120 Chandler and Un 
derwood are at Alexandria I cannot go to-night have tele 
graphed them for answer I shall go down early in the morn 
ing. 595 * Tel. SM-y-i. 

1866, Sept. 27, New York. Geo. Shea to Chas. O Conor, Court 
of Appeals, Albany, [N. Y.] 

"Received your note 509 regret did not see you as had al 
ready sent a very competent person to Alexandria. Just re 
ceived the following dispatch : Alexandria, Sept. 26. 8 120 
P. M. No court next month. John C. Underwood. Is this 
enough or shall I learn more?" Tel. Copy. SM-ig-i5. 

1866, Sept. 28, Washington, D. C. Alex. M. Davis to John 
Russell Young, Managing Ed[itor], [N. Y.] Tribune. 600 

Jefferson Davis will not be tried in October or November 
Counsel will be so notified to-morrow "(that private)" 
Likely Dis[trict] Court will be held at Richmond and Nor 
folk in November not improbable Circuit Court will be held 
in Richmond in November cannot say whether Davis coun 
sel will appear there or not may know in day or two "(Pri 
vate)" Underwood undecided about going to Richmond at 
all He, Chase, and Chandler are all decided there was a con 
spiracy to murder Underwood, who fears for his life hence 
indecision about holding courts. "That editorial U[inder- 
wood], C [handler] and Cfhase] say covered the whole ground 
of objection Underwood will not go to Richmond this fall 
if by any legal quibble he can keep away." 601 

Tel. SM-7-2. 

1867, Mch. 15, Baltimore, Md. Mrs. Varina Davis to Geo. 

Please come over here for conference my address. 

A. L. S. SM-n-4. 

598 Cf. Shea to O Conor, infra; A. M. Davis to J. R. Young, infra. 

599 Not found. 

600 In an envelope addressed to Geo. Shea. 

601 That is, for fear that his life would be endangered. Underwood, 
unlike Chase, was anxious to try Mr. Davis. 


1867, Mch. 16, Washington, [D. C] Geo. Shea to Mrs. [Var- 
ina] Davis. 

Hospitality kept me in Richmond 602 arrived yesterday af 
ternoon after conferring with those whose judgment is es 
teemed, I think we had better not commit anything to aid 
Davis release to the hand of the gentleman of whom I at 
first thought so well 603 it will only be mixed with some 
scheme for a general confiscation of southern property this, 
if introduced, will be signally defeated in Congress deter 
mined on another course it 1 cannot have a tendency to em 
barrass the President, if rightly regarded and will "facilitate 
a disposition, if any exists," on the part of the President to 
"manumit" Davis I will draft the resolution "in the spirit 
of Mr. Gerrit Smith s letter" 6o4 will be offered this afternoon 
or Monday by Senator Wilson compliments to Miss Howell. 

A. C. S. SM-iQ-i6. 

1867, Mch. 17, Washington, [D. C.] Geo. Shea to Henry 
Wilson, U. S. S. 

"The resolutions which I left with you last night at the 
Capitol, 605 were not intended to be offered in the form pro 
posed ; but were purposely drafted more full than the occa 
sion requires, so that you may have the whole case before 
you, and thus be enabled to make a resolution better suited 
to the temper of the Senate. In my judgment it would be well 
to have the resolution rest chiefly on the gross want of prose 
cution in the case." I return to New York to-morrow will 
see Greeley the Tribune will very warmly second the reso 
lution when offered I know Greeley had long wanted some 
thing done in the matter and as the President will not act, 
I hope congress will not adjourn without showing that it at 
least has no part in the unjust and impolitic delay. 

A. C. S. SM-ig-17. 

02 Shea had been to Richmond to arrange the preliminaries of the trial. 
603 Shea gives no intimation of the identity of this person, who was 
evidently a member of Congress. 

804 Smith s letter to Johnson is probably meant. See supra, p. 468. 
05 Not found. Wilson presented no such resolutions in the Senate. 


1867, Mch. 17, Washington, [D. C] Geo. Shea to Mrs. [Var- 
ina] Davis. 

Drafted the proposed resolution presented it to Wilson 
he will offer it I leave for New York the Tribune will 
support the resolution and "bring to bear any auxiliary aid apt 
to help" enclose a copy of the resolution it was thought too 
strong anticipated as much will probably be curtailed in 
length I am promised the spirit will be preserved please 
return the enclosed copy, as I have no other. 606 

A. C. S. SM-ig-iS. 

[1867, Mch., Fortress Monroe, Va.] Jefferson Davis. 

"To Geo. Shea, Esqr. from his friend and fellow citizen 
Jefferson Davis." A. S. 

[On the fly leaf of a Bible presented Shea this date.] 

Miss. II. 

1867, May i, [Washington?] n. p. Geo. Shea to The Chief 
Justice [Chase.] 

"If convenient to the Ch. Justice will he please state a 
time and place where he will see Mr. Geo. Shea during this 
day. He wishes to make an application for a Writ of Habeas 
Corpus to have Jefferson Davis before the Court at Richmond 
on the 6th inst. Or, if it be agreeable to the Ch. J. Mr. Shea 
will leave the petition so that the application can be consid 
ered and passed upon now." 
[Reverse. The following in Shea s handwriting, ink 607 ] 

"Ch. Justice . I can answer this in a second. The applica 
tion must be made to Judge Underwood 608 at the Court in 

S. We have preferred to make it to you, Sir, as you are 
the Circuit Judge, and your jurisdiction is at least equal in 
this matter to Judge Underwood. 

Ch. Justice. The case is not in my jurisdiction it is in 
Judge Underwood s you must make your application to him. 

606 Not found. 

607 Evidently a minute taken by Shea at the time. 

608 That is, to the District Judge, in whose district the case was called. 


S. The ground of the application is to have Jefferson Davis 
brought before the Court at Richmond on the 6th of this 
month so that the civil authority can deal with the case. 

Ch. J. Whatever the ground of your application is the 
case is not in my jurisdiction it is in Underwoods. 

S. I hope the Ch. Justice is well this morning. 

Ch. J. Quite well, thank you and glad to see you." 609 

A. D. n S. SM-ig-ig. 

1867, May 2, Washington, [D. C] Ch[as.] O Conor to Geo. 

"It would be well to give immediate attention to procuring 
the attendance of loyal anti-slavery recognitors for Mr. D. 
at the return day. Unless Underwood kick, the deed will be 
done. As there is not a great deal of time it w T ould be well 
to see Mr. Greeley and to commune in some way with Mr. 
Smith. We may want some of that influence to induce assent 
on the part of Judge U. 

Of course you know I will make proper arrangements to 
pay travelling expenses. It might be well to consider whether 
the gentlemen would prefer a trip by land or voyage by sea. 
At all events let the matter receive prompt and full atten 
tion. 610 Yrs Truly" 

A. L. S. SM-iy-12. 

1867, May 12, New York. Gerrit Smith to Geo. Shea, Ex 
change Hotel, [Richmond, Va.] 

"Too late to get proxy to you 611 will be in Richmond 
Tuesday I sign bond." Tel. SM-2O-Q. 

1867, May 14, Petersburg, [Va.] [Chas.] O Conor to Geo. 
Shea, Exchange Hotel, [Richmond, Va.] 

"Get Chandlers 612 consent and add Ben Wood." 613 

Tel. SM-iy-13. 

09 The i aS clause underlined by Shea. 

610 No answer found. O Conor s wishes were carried out, however, by 
the appearance of Horace Greeley, Gerrit Smith and other abolitionists. 

611 Proxy to sign Davis bail-bond. 

612 Possibly Senator Z. Chandler. He did not sign the bail-bond. 

613 Benj. Wood of the New York News. 


1867, June 10, Niagara. J. M. Mason to Geo. Shea. 

"I will meet you at Clifton House by train this morning." 614 

Tel. SM-i6. 

"Reed, at Clifton House." 

1867, Aug. 20, Baltimore, [Md.] James M. Buchanan 615 to 
Geo. Shea. 

Introducing my son, Wm. Jefferson Buchanan, attached to 
my legation at Copenhagen. A. L. S. SM-4- 

"Reed. Sept. 7/67." 

1867, Sept. 4, Albany, State of New York, Constitutional Con 
vention. Horace Greeley to Geo. Shea. 

Movements on Saturday and Sunday when I will be in 
the Tribune office. A. L. S. SM-I2-3. 

1867, Oct. 18, New York. Geo. Shea to Gerrit Smith, Peter- 
boro, N. Y. 

"We are just informed and officially that Mr. Davis will 
have to appear in Richmond on Novr. 25th ; and that the trial 
will commence on that day. Of course the accused and his 
counsel are ready. But it is clear to me that a great public 
benefit can even at this late day be elicited from the trial itself 
of Mr. Davis ; and in this view of the case I wish to solicit 
your patriotic services. Their effective performance may 
need your personal attendance in Baltimore, for a day or so, 
and not later than next week. It will not do to commit it to 
letter-writing. The object is important and its success would 
be a great triumph for you personally, and a great benefaction 
to the Nation. 

If you can be in N. York next week we will meet here 
if you should like to be fully possessed of the object I have in 
my mind before leaving your home, telegraph me here and I 
will at once go to Peterboro . But I am sure the object is 
one that you will promptly and indeed, enthusiastically un 
dertake. [P. S.] Our friend H. G. fully approves of the 
idea." 616 A. C. S. SM-ig-20. 

814 Ex- Senator James M. Mason of Virginia, then residing on the Can 
adian side of Niagara. 

615 United States Minister to Denmark, 1858-1861. He succeeded 
Henry Bedinger at Copenhagen. 

616 See Smith to Shea, Oct. 21, 1867, infra. 


1867, Oct. 20, New York. Geo. Shea to Genl. Jos. R. Davis. 


We are officially notified by Dist-Atty Chandler that 
Davis will have to appear in Court at Richmond, on Nov. 25 
and that the trial will commence the papers have inklings ^ 
I hope for the present they will have no more have just had 
a conference with those who can and will aid towards a tri 
umphant acquittal" of Davis will require the same careful 
selection as to topic and person that was found effective in 
Richmond last May 617 more depends on that now arguments 
must be presented by those with no local squabbles with the 
court 618 you agree on this your presence is therefore desired 
in Richmond not later than the I5th prox., as preliminaries 
have to be fixed "All will be well" but we must not be 
burdened with men "despising and execrating" the judge, and 
themselves hated by the judge no matter how ardent their 
friendship or great their abilities, these must not come into 
the trial sFow this to Atty. Genl. Hooker 619 Gov. Hum 
phreys ought to be informed so that Miss may be repre 
sented by its Atty. General at least. 

A. C. S. SM-ig-21. 

1867, Oct. 21, Canastota, N. Y. Gerrit Smith to Geo. Shea. 
"Do visit me. I write you a letter to-day." 62 

Tel. SM-20-io. 

1867, Oct. 21, Peterboro, [N. Y.] Gerrit Smith to George 

"I am happy to get a letter from you : and yet, I am 
pained to learn by it that Mr. Davis is really to be put upon 
his trial. I feared from what the newspapers were saying, 
that it would be so and yet, I continued to hope that this 

617 Mr. Davis case had been called and the hearing had been postponed. 

618 In other words, it was desirable that Virginia "lawyers, who despised 
Underwood, should not risk their client s cause by pleading before the 

619 Attorney-General oi Mississippi. 
2 Infra. 


great wrong- would not be done him ; that our Nation would 
be saved from the dishonor of charging Treason in the case 
of a Civil War; and saved from setting, in this respect, an 
example for despots to plead and profit by. 

I am convinced that I have done all in this matter that 
I can do, and that I can be of no further use in it. Of no 
avail could it be for me to go, as you propose, to Baltimore 
or New York. 

But let me assure you, that it would afford me great pleas 
ure, and not a little to Mrs. Smith also, to receive a visit from 
you. Why cannot Mrs. Shea accompany you? Peterboro is 
within three or four hours of your Brother and Sister 

If I could know when you will be at Canastota, I would 
have my carriage there for you. We are but 9 miles from 
there, and the road is very good. Do come! 

P. S. I send you Telegram also." 

A. L. S. SM-20-3. 

1867, Nov. 3, Canton, Miss. Jos. R. Davis to Geo. Shea. 

"My dear Sir 

Yours under cover to Col. Hooker was received a few 
days since, and would have been promptly answered, but that 
I waited in the hope of being able to say, I would join you 
in New York or Richmond. I fear it is not possible to meet 
you in either place. My negroes have not worked well, in 
my absence, and the consequence is, my cotton crop is not 
more than sufficient to pay current expenses, to get money 
for future operations, I have therefore, to rely on the sale of 
property (lands and lots). At the time of the reception of 
your letter I was negotiating for the sale of a summer resi 
dence on the sea shore, and hoped to realize from that enough 
to take me to Richmond and meet other demands, but find 
it will require some weeks yet to consummate the sale, and 
fear it will be too late to attend my Uncle s trial in Richmond. 
I would make any sacrifice to be with him on that occasion, 
and fancy that in some respects I might be useful, as a skir 
misher or scout, for the main defensive line, at least. I was 


both amused and disgusted at Chase s letter to his Dear 
Underwood and on first reading thought it was a hoax, is it 
possible that the Chief Justice of the U. States wrote such a 

I infer from the day named by you for the trial, that coun 
sel have declined to avail themselves of the Chief Justice s 
kind offer, to remain a day or so, to hear a case of petty lar 
ceny, and rejoice at the declension. To appear before Under 
wood is bad enough, but on the whole, I would prefer him to 
Chase. I would give much to hear what you have to say 
about the case, and deeply regret that as matters now stand, 
it is impossible to be with you at Richmond. It is barely 
possible I may be able to join you, but I scarcely hope it. 
Since my return to Miss, have been constantly on my planta 
tion gathering the small crops of cotton and corn made by 
my freedmen this season, and am near enough the end of 
havesting to see that I will fall short of expenses, and how 
to go on another year, I don t exactly see. If it was possible 
would sell out, and let my former slaves go where they are 
fast hastening, to the devil. You have no idea of the im 
providence, and the worthlessness of the negro in his present 
condition. To give you the facts in my own case This year 
I made contracts, with about twenty-five or thirty of my 
former slaves, selecting the best men and women, on the 
share system, giving them one third and one half of the crops, 
and I furnishing land, meat, corn, team, houses and farming 
implements, and the result is, I have lost several thousand 
dollars and the negroes will not have enough to buy winter 
clothes. By the way I am sorry to see that the functions of 
the Treedman Bureau, are about to expire, it is unfor 
tunate for the negro as within the next few years they will 
greatly need the charity of the Government, and won t you 
please say to Mr. Greely, that I as a Southern man, beg he 
will use the influence of his paper to continue the Bureau, 
and ask an appropriation from the Government of at least 
fifty millions of dollars per annum, for its support. I know 
it s a large sum, and much of it will be stolen by the patriotic 
agents of the Government, but it is my deliberate conviction 


that it will be needed to save the negro from starvation. If 
he is to be saved from ignorance, poverty and death, he must 
have the fostering care of the Government, as well as its 
protection, from the vicious. 

We are to have an election in Miss, the present week. 
Few respectable white men take any interest in it and the 
convention will be composed of a few adventurous speculating 
Yankees, negroes, and perhaps a very small number of re 
spectable white men. What a miserable farce will be Re 
construction in Miss. But enough of this. One word on 
personal matters. I see there has been Incorporated a Plant 
ers Loan and Relief Association of which Mr. Greely, Mar 
shal Jewell, Chas. Partrige, Horace F. Clarke, John T. Hoff 
man, W. R. Beebe, C. Brainard and E. M. Lee are Incor- 
porators. The object is said to be to loan money to Planters 
on mortgage, that they may give employment to freedmen. 
As I would be glad to get money for that purpose, would 
make application to the company mentioned and give mort 
gage on a good plantation. Will you do me the favor to 
enquire of Mr. Greely or some of his associates, if it is a 
Bona fide concern, and if money can be obtained and at what 
rates, &c., &c. 

If I can get money will plant cotton next year, not on the 
system of this, but another from which I would hope for a 
reasonable success. If I do not plant, and cannot sell, will 
try my fortune somewhere else. Could you suggest anything 
in your city? 

1 have inflicted on you a long rambling letter, and my only 
excuse is, I did not intend it, and beg you will excuse its 

Please write me at your earliest convenience. With best 
respects to Mrs. Shea. 

I am Res. your friend." 

A. L. S. SM-io-5. 

"Reed. Nov. 9/67." 

1867, Nov. 8, New York. Horace Greeley. 

"I authorize Charles O Conor to appear in behalf of me 
and in rny name to enter into a recognizance in such sum 


as he may think proper for the due personal appearance of 
Jefferson Davis in any Court of the United States at any 
term thereof to answer to anything which may be alleged 
against him by the United States." D. S. SM-12-y. 

1867, Nov. 8, New York. Augustus Schell. 

Power of attorney as above. D. S. SM-i8. 

1867, Nov. 8, New York. Gerrit Smith. 

Power of attorney in same form, except Geo. Shea is named 
as proxy. D. S. SM-2O-8. 

The same. A. D. S. SM-2o-8b. 

1867, Nov. 8, New York. B[enjamin] Wood. 

Power of attorney to Chas. O Conor as above. 

D. S. SM-2 5 . 
1867, Nov. 16, New York. H. F. Clarke. 

Power of attorney as above. D. S. SM-5. 

1867, Nov. 16, New York. C[ornelius] Van Derbilt. [sic.] 
Power of attorney as above. D. S. SM-24. 

1867, Nov. 20, Peterboro, [N. Y.] Gerrit Smith to George 

"This day s mail brings me yours of 12 instant. I wish I 
could have seen yourself [with] your letter. 

I prize the Paper you sent to me and it will leave at 6 to 
morrow morning for Richmond to your address. I herewith 
enclose a duplicate of it to you at New York, fearing the 
other may possibly miscarry. 

For the honor of my country and for what is done to him. 
I pray that Mr. Davis may not be put on trial for Treason." 

"P. S. I send to you at Richmond a copy of this letter." 

A. L. S. SM-20-5. 

186-, n. d., Saturday,, [New York.] C. E. L. Stuart to Geo. 

I received your note will meet you at New York Hotel 
at one o clock thanks for your promptness. 

A. L. S. SM-23. 



1863, July 2, Richmond, Va. Jefferson Davis to Alex H. 

Printed: O. R., S. 119, pp. 7475. Copy. 622 SM-86. 

1863, July 2, Hd-Qrs: Richmond, Va. Jefferson Davis, Com- 
mander-in-Chief, etc. to Abraham Lincoln, Commander-in- 
Chief, etc. 

Printed: O. R., S. 119, pp. 75-76. Copy. 623 SM-8a. 

1865, Mch. 2, Richmond, Va., Dept. State. J. P. Benjamin, 
Sec. etc. to Hon. J. Thompson. 
See supra, p. 190 and note 58. 

621 See Shea s article in So. His. Soc. Papers, v. I, p. 320 ff. 

622 In Shea s autograph. 

623 In Shea s autograph. 



Among the letters of Ex-President Jefferson Davis were 
found a number written to Mr. Davis by J. M. Mason, Confed 
erate Commissioner to England, during the years 1867-68. 
These are of interest as illustrating the relations of former 
Confederate leaders and their concern for Mr. Davis. Mason s 
comments on the treason proceedings are especially valuable. 
Abstracts of all of these letters are given below. 

1867, May 14, Toronto, [Can.] J. M. Mason to Jefferson 

I saw from the papers that you were to be in Richmond 
yesterday sent a letter to you in care of Randolph Tucker at 
that place thought he would have access to you as a member 
of your counsel and could give it to you hope you received it 
I find by this morning s papers that you were released on 
bail is a great relief to know that you are at last at liberty 
"and under circumstances on which I confidently rely, that you 
will not again be molested" I remained in England a year 
after the sad reverse in our fortunes wrote often to O Conor 
found he did not have access to you hope he told you of 
the letters, that you may know the concern of your friends 
hope you may come to Canada I see little prospect of return 
ing to Virginia "and of all things I should desire once more 
to be with you, and to talk over what may be the future of 
our unhappy country" personal affairs residence at Niagara 
advantages of St. Catherine s it may be to you, as to me, 
a matter of some moment "to be and remain in a country, 
freed from the tyranny and brutality now dominant, at our 
once happy homes" write at your leisure regards [P. S.] 
Address me in the name of "John C. Ambler, Esq." he is my 
little grandson. [May 16] I hear you are en route to Mon 
treal Corse is to telegraph me of your arrival will soon see 
you. L. S. and A. L. S. M 2 - 


1867, June 7, Niagara, Canada West. J. M. Mason to Jefferson 

Letters sent hope your run down the Lake was pleasant 
you should have remained with us fine weather excellent 
fishing "Ah, what you have lost by the perverse habit of 
having your own way" hope you will return. 

L. S. M 2 - 

1867, June 17, Niagara, [Canada West.] J. M. Mason to Jef 
ferson Davis. 

Did you receive my last letter? I have one from Genl. 
Franklin Pierce in which he asks if Mrs. Davis received a let 
ter sent her in care of Judge Lyons Richmond Pierce has 
received no reply personal matters. 

A. L. S. M 2 - 

1867, June 22, Niagara, C[anada] W[est.] J. M. Mason to 
Jefferson Davis. 

Your letters received I sent you McRae s letter am sorry 
it was not explicit now forward letter from Benjamin let 
me hear if you have news of the trial send this under cover 
to Corse sent you a letter from Mr. Beresford Hope good 
wishes. A. L. S. M 2 - 

1867, June 28, Niagara C[anada] W[est.] J. M. Mason to 
Jefferson Davis. 

Letters sent you enclose one from McRae I gather from 
it that you should send over the bills you have in hand, both 
Nos. I and 2, and then the matter can be arranged by Brewer 
as McRae proposes the transaction was placed in Brewer s 
hands for safety I think the best mode of remittance would 
be to send bills similar to those returned, payable to some 
friend whom you might name at Montreal pardon these 
suggestions I am much interested that the business should 
be safely transacted hope you will visit us soon. 

L. S. M 2 - 

1867, July 13, Niagara, C[anada] W[est.] J. M. Mason to 
Jefferson Davis. 


Letter from Col. Mann his address I have yours return 
ing McRae s letter the extract you give of his letter to you 
was never intended to give the impression that what he did 
was at your request or intimation you say this construction 
might be put on his letter McRae s action was at the 
prompting of his own mind he would be mortified at any 
other construction of it as soon as he heard of your arrest, 
he sent instructions to O Conor to defend the members of your 
Cabinet and others of like grade, as well as yourself visit of 
"J- T." to Montreal if he mentions the subject to me, I shall 
tell him what I told you on Benjamin s report to me in London 
hope you can visit us let me know how the trial goes. 

L. S. M 2 - 

1867, July 17, Niagara, [Canada West.] J. M. Mason to Jef 
ferson Davis. 

Beg to introduce Mr. Jas. E. Macfarland, who was Secre 
tary of Legation to the Confederate Commission to London. 
He is now returning to England. L. S. M 2 - 

1867, Aug. 12, Niagara, Canada West. J. M. Mason to Jef 
ferson Davis. 

Col. Helm is much disappointed at not having any response 
to his invitation for you to visit him we yet hope you will 
come I note what you say of your interview with "Jacob T." 
was perhaps as well not to mention what I told you as 
coming from Benjamin I shall tell him if he comes here he 
has never been in this quarter I heard he was twice in Lon 
don while I was there, but did not know it until he was gone 
hope the matter pending in Europe can be arranged I have 
had nothing recently on the subject from McRae enclosed 
you letters from Slidell and Mann plans for the future 
opinion of Johnson s policy personal matters. 

L. S. M 2 - 

1868, Nov. 6, Niagara, Ontario. J. M. Mason to Jefferson 

We hear your trial is postponed until May that the Chief 


Justice may be present can rely but little on newspaper 
writers, but I credit this it accords with my settled convic 
tion that as the matter was under the control of the Chief 
Justice, "he dared not rule the offence imputed, Treason" be 
lieved he never would allow a trial where he was to preside 
hope you may not have to appear in Richmond how this 
may be arranged let us hear of any changes Col. Helm says 
you are not to visit us hope you yet may do so. 

L. S. M 2 - 

1868, Aprl. 22, Niagara, Canada [West.] J. M. Mason to Jef 
ferson Davis. 

Letters received had not heard of your return to Canada 
have observed the finding of a new indictment have read 
the counts "Those ignorant brutes who now govern affairs 
act so strangely, to delude the mob at their heels, that it is 
impossible to know the object of their movements In one 
thing only are they consistent pertinacity in malice. The 
real pinch is, and that which has led me always to believe they 
would never venture to try, that by no standard of law could 
they make out the crime of treason. The complicated and 
muddy idea now put out, of conspiracy to resist the laws, or 
to levy war, does in no sense modify the rule of law. Before 
the Federal tribunals, I should have no reliance on a defence, 
resting on a construction of the Government, or the Sove 
reignty of the States, however tenable in the minds of Jurists. 
The principle, which they can never get round, or get over, 
is, that whatever you did in wielding the Army, and whatever 
others did in counsel, were acts of war immediately and at 
the time recognized as such, by all the authorities, civil and 
military, of the enemy all the time authorized by a power 
competent in law, to conduct war, and entitling those bona 
fide so acting, to all immunities arising from acts of war and 
then comes the co-relative principle, that for such acts, the 
belligerent power is alone responsible, the individuals com 
mitting them, irresponsible. That the occasion was one of 
war, was recognized in the judgment of the Courts, including 
the Supreme Court, by the Executive, and by the Military, in 


consistent, uniform action, in every case presented, as well as 
by the unanimous declaration and acting, of every Power in 
Europe. The Cheif [sic] Justice stands committed to hold the 
Court before his Country, unless his presence is dispensed 
with by yourself, and whatever my opinion of the man, or of 
his complication with party, yet he stands at the head of 
the Judiciary, is undoubtedly an able lawyer, and responsible 
for the character and reputation of the Department over which 
he presides and I thus have relied, and yet rely, that on such 
a trial, with the world looking on, he cannot rule that to be 
law, which he knows, and which the entire enlightened world 
is aware he knows, is not law. That he has shirked and evaded 
the Court at successive terms is undoubted, and could have 
had no reason to do so, but to evade this responsibility. 
Should they profess to be ready for trial in May< I trust that 
your counsel will have reasoned as I do, and will insist on 
the presence of the Cheif [sic] Justice as a right, to say noth 
ing of his committals, direct and indirect, to preside, should 
the accused desire it. I have observed the proceedings in Con 
gress in regard to the eligibility of persons who have ex 
pressed opinions a measure in flagrant contempt of every 
principle of justice known to criminal jurisprudence but my 
impression is, that though the Bill passed the House, it had 
not been finally acted on the disgrace of negro jurors, is the 
disgrace of the brutes, who force it on the South. Recurring 
again to Chase, I should have the more hope of him because 
of his present political attitude Whatever hopes he may have 
had of the Presidency, they are for present at least extin 
guished, and he to that extent remitted to independence. I 
think, too, his whole course whilst presiding on the impeach 
ment, has shown him observant, and careful, of the dignities 
and duties of his position manifestly independent of any 
party pressure. Bad as it all is, I am yet encouraged in the 
double aspect, first that there will be not trial, or if there is, 
that the Cheif Justice dare not pronounce it treason." I can 
not understand why you have to return to Richmond the law 
in the case gratified that O Conor is "attentive and diligent" 
in your cause the Richmond counsel can "supply sound 


views, connected with the locality" prayers for your welfare 
wish that I might be with you in Richmond personal 
affairs. L. S. M 2 - 

1868, June 13, Niagara, Canada [West.] J. M. Mason to 
Jefferson Davis. 

Regret at not hearing from you doubt as to your where 
abouts disgrace of the administration in neither trying nor 
releasing you cannot you visit us. We have a large and 
attractive Confederate circle Genl. John S. Preston is here 
with his family Breckinridge is expected "I have nothing 
to say of things passing in the South- we have but one hope, 
that bondage will become too vile at the North, for even the 
vile to bear, & an internecine [sic] war there may follow then 
we may come to our own." x L. S. M 2 - 

1 This letter concludes the correspondence between Mason and Davis 
as preserved in the Confederate Museum. Mason returned shortly to Vir 
ginia, and there, in 1871, death ended his interesting career. His biography 
has been written by his daughter, Virginia : The Public Life and Diplo 
matic Correspondence of James M. Mason (Roanoke, Va., 1903). 



The chief feature of this collection is the series of maps 
of the late Maj.-Genl. Jeremy F. Gilmer, Chief of Engineering 
Bureau, C. S. A. These maps, either originals from war sur 
veys, or official contemporary copies, are chiefly of Virginia, 
and particularly of the Richmond and Petersburg defences. 
Many of them are beautifully executed, and all are well pre 
served. The printed maps are, for the most part, very roughly 
drawn. The official copies were made by a photographic 


United States of North America: (South Eastern Division.) 
The Confederate States, with the Border States and the Ad 
joining Portion of the Federal States, by J. Bartholomew, 
F. R. G. S. Geo. Philip and Son, London and Liverpool, n. d. 

Folding map, 21^x25%. Finely engraved. Apparently 
a section of an old U. S. map recolored. Used in the 
Confederacy. Ga-2-i2. 


The District around Monterey. Corinth, Apr. 3, 1862. 
Original, 8 x 10. Ga-gm-iy. 

"The Siege of Vicksburg, Its Approaches by Yazoo Pass 
and other Routes. Published by S. H. Goetzel & Co., Mobile, 
Ala. May i, 1863." 

With location of armies, explanatory notes, etc. W. R. 
Robertson, Mobile, Ala. Lith. T. S. Hardee, Del. Rough 
wood-cut. V-4. 

Pennsylvania Campaign. 

Sketch of Routes of Cavalry Div., A. N. Va., from Culpeper 
C. H. Va. to Carlisle, Penn., and Return. June-Aug. 1863. 

Original, 14 x 16. Ga-2g-6. 


Sketch of Routes of Third Corps, A. N. Va., from Fred- 
ericksburg, Va., to Gettysburg, Perm., and Return to Orange, 
June i4-Aug. 4, 1863. 63-29-7. 

Original, 14 x 13. 

The same; a copy. Ga-2Q-8. 

Virginia General. 

"Photographic Map of the Seat of War, 1861. Evans and 
Cogswell, Charleston, S. C." 

Folding, with roughly colored cuts from photographs of 
Battlefield of Bethel, Chesapeake Bay, Western Virginia, 
Eastern Virginia and Approaches to Washington. 


"Map of the Seat of War. Published by T. A. Burke, 
Morning News Office, Savannah, Ga. (Compiled & drawn by 
M. B. Grant, C. E.) (Lithographed by R. H. Howell, 

Folding, 18x23. Includes the district from Washington 
South to the James, East to Norfolk, West to Grafton and 
beyond. Ga-2-i7. 

"Map of the State of Virginia containing the Counties, 
Principal Towns, Railroads [,] Rivers, Canals & all other In 
ternal Improvements. Published by West & Johnston, Rich 
mond, Va. 1862." 

Folding. Includes all railroad lines, completed, in progress 
and proposed ; plank roads ; canals ; "roads, small roads ;" and 
telegraph lines. Table of length of railroad lines. Lithograph. 


Virginia Bethel. 

Topographical Sketch of the Battle of Bethel, June 10, 1861. 

Original, 13^x9^. Rough outline. 

"Battlefield of Bethel. Surveyed and drawn by Lieut. W. 
G. Lewis, copied by Harold Pender." NC-U2. 

Copy, 15 x 18, with dispositions of troops. 


Virginia Drewry s Bluff. 

"Progress sketch of a Reconnaissance of the Flank and 
Rear of Drewry s Bluff." Aug. n. d. P. W. Oscar Koerner, 
Lieut. Engrs. 63-29-15. 

Original, 34 x 24, outline only. 

Virginia Eastern. 

"Map of a Portion of Eastern Virginia (From a Map in 
Progress) Compiled from Surveys and Reconnaissances made 
Under the Direction of Capt. A. H. Campbell, P. E., in charge 
Topi. Dept. D. N. V." Fla-2. 

Photo, copy. Folding, 39x36. Drawn by J. Houston 
Patton, Asst. Engr. 

Virginia Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. 

Battlefields of .Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Sur 
vey by B. L. Blackford, Asst. Engr. 63-29-5. 
Original, 36 x 25, with lines of advance. 

"Battle of Fredericksburg." F-i. 

Sketch, 6x8, found among papers of Brig.-Genl. Geo. H. 

Virginia "Greenbrier River." 

"Map of the Battle Ground of Greenbrier River, Drawn and 
Published by A. T. McRae, C. S. A., Quitman Guards, First 
Reg t. Ga. Vols. Engraved by J. Baumgarten . . .Rich 
mond, Virginia." Va-E-i. 

Woodcut, 12 xi 8, very roughly executed, with graphic 
representations of camps, etc. 

Virginia Henrico Co. 

"Part of Henrico Co., Va. Approved, Albert H. Campbell, 
Chief Topo. Dept." 63-29-3. 

Original, 48 x 26, very detailed and carefully drawn, six 
inches to the mile, with location of batteries and infantry 


Virginia James River, etc. 

Location of signal stations along the James and Appomat- 
tox Rivers. Ga-2g-g. 


Virginia Manassas. 

"Map of Battles on Bull Run near Nanassas. . . . 2ist of 
July, 1861. . . . Made from Observation by Solomon Bam- 
berger, Published by West and Johnston, Richmond, Va." 


Lithograph, 2 x 18, with descriptions. 

"Military Map showing the works erected at Manassas 
Junction and at Centreville. ... by Lieut. Thos. W. Wil 
liamson, Chf. Engr." Va-48. 

Copy, 29 x 1 6. 

Virginia Montgomery Co. 

Map of Montgomery County, Va. Approved, Jany. 12, 
1865. Ga-29-n. 

Tracing, 34 x 24, carefully executed. 

Virginia Orange and Spottsylvania Cos. 

Map of Orange and Spottsylvania Counties, Va. n. d. 
Original, 28x10. Fla-i. 

Virginia "Peninsula." 

Map of the Peninsula of Virginia [Counties between the 
James and York Rivers.] Ga-2Q-2. 

Copy, 34 x 19, outline only. 

Virginia Petersburg. 

"Map of Approaches to Petersburg and their Defences, 
1863." Ga-29-i4. 

Original, 34 x 24. The most perfect map of the collection, 
giving the location of 55 numbered batteries. 

"Vicinity of Petersburg, made from Survey under the 
direction of A. H. Campbell, Capt. R. E. C. S. A. 1864." 
Photo, copy. Fla-ga-6. 


"Sketch of Confederate and Federal Lines" [in front of 
Petersburg, Va.,] by D. E. Henderson, Lieut. Engrs. Aug. 
1 6, 1864. Ga-2Q-4. 

Original, 33x21, with location of batteries. 

Plan of the Defences of Petersburg ... by Chas. H. 
Dimmock, Capt. Engrs. [1864?] n - d. Ga-2Q-2. 

Original, 34 x 18, with location of batteries ; outline only. 

Virginia Richmond. 

Map of Northwest District of Richmond . . .Approved, 
A. H. Campbell, Capt. etc., Oct. 16, 1862. 

Original, 36x28, covers about six miles. 

"Map of the Vicinity of Richmond, from surveys made 
under the direction of A. H. Campbell, Capt." etc., Nov. 27, 
1862. Ga-2Q-i3. 

Original, 38 x 32, finely executed ; roads, infantry caver, etc. 

"Map of the Vicinity of Richmond, from Surveys made 
under the direct of A. H. Campbell, Capt., etc., July, 1863. 
Original? [A revision of Ga-29~i3.] Ga-i3. 

"Map of the Vicinity of Richmond and Part of the Penin 
sula from Surveys made under the direction of A. H. Campbell, 
Capt., etc. Tex-i39. 

Photo, copy. Property of Brig.-Genl. John Gregg. 

"Map of the Vicinity of Richmond, from Surveys under 
the direct of A. H. Campbell, Capt. etc. n d. Ga-2Q-i. 

Original? Very distinct and elaborate. 

Virginia Shenandoah Valley. 

[Field map of the Valley of Virginia, with location of 
villages, streams, roads, railroads, etc.] Va-J. 

Original, on oil paper. Property of Lt.-Genl. T. J. Jackson. 



(Arranged Alphabetically by States and by Arms of the 

1865, Apr., n. p. s8th Ala. Vol. Infy. 

Muster-roll of field staff, non-commissioned staff and band 
A. R. Lankford, Col. last muster Feb. 28, 1864. 

D. S. Ala-n6. 

1862, Jany., n. p. Co. B, Laurens Battalion. 
Muster-roll of ; John G. Williams, Capt. D. S. Ala. 


1863, Apr., near Fredericksburg, Va. 2nd Florida Infy. 
Muster-rolls of Cos. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M 

this date [except Co. B, Feb. 28.,] Lewis G. Pyles, Col.; W. 
R. Moore, Maj. P. F. S. Fla-ic-24. 

1862, June, n. p. Lang s Co., 8th Fla. Regt. 

Muster-roll of ; David Lang, Capt. ; R. F. Floyd, Col. 

P. F. S. Fla-sy. 

1862, May, Camp McCarthy, Putnam Co., Fla. Ocklawaha 

Muster-roll of ; John W. Pearson, Capt. Original muster 
enlisted for the war. P. F. S. Fla-ga-26. 

1864, Apr., n. p. s8th Ga. Vols. 

Chestam Light Arty., muster-roll of; Wm. Hendrix, Capt. 

S. S. 

1861, Sept. n. p. Waring s Ga. Hussars. 

Muster-roll of ; Ga. Vols. unattached mustered in this day 
for the war J. F. Waring, Capt. P. F. S. Ga-i2. 



1/862, Dec., n. p. ist La. Infy. 

Roster of officers of; Wm. R. Shivers, Col.; M. Nolan, Lt- 
Col. comdg. D. S. R-27-2. 

1862, Dec., n. p. 2nd La. Infy. 

Roster of officers of; J. M. Williams, Col. ; M. A. Groganf ?] 
Maj. comdg. D. S. R-27-3. 

1864, Apr., n. p. Co. B, gth La. Infy. 

Muster-roll of; R. A. Pearsons, Capt. S. S. 

1862, Dec., n. p. loth La. Infy. 

Roster of officers of ; M. de Montigny, Col. 

D. n. S. R-27-4. 

1862, Dec., n. p. 1 4th La. Infy. 

Roster of officers of; Z. York, Col.; W. K. Penny, Capt. 
comdg. D. S. R-27-5. 

1862, Dec., n. p. isth La. Infy. 

Roster of officers of; Edmund Pendleton, Col. 

D. n. S. R-27-6. 


1861, May., Richmond, Va. Clarke s Md. Guards. 

Muster-roll of; J. Lyle Clarke, Capt. Light Infantry Co. 
mustered in this day for one year s service. Md. 


1 86-, n. d., n. p. Co. E, 5th Mo. [Vol.] Infy. 

Return of; attached to ist Mo. Brigade from memory, by 
E. H. Jeffries, ist Sergt. MO-S. 

1865, Apr., n. p. Co. E, loth Mo. Vol. Infy. 

Muster-roll of ; Alex. Trammell, Capt. ; John W. Williams, 
ist Lieut, comdg.; Wm. M. Moore, Col. last muster, Feb. 
28, 1865. P. F. S. MO-Q. 

North Carolina. 

i86-[?], n. d., n. p. 5th N. C. State Troops. 

"Recapitulation of roll of;" aggregate joined, 1591; total 
deaths, 549; deserted, 143. D. n. S. NC-I78-5. 


1862, Apr., n. p. Co. B, 2$rd N. C. Vols. 

Muster-roll of ; Geo. W. Seagle, Capt. comdg. S. S. 

1864, Apr., n. p. Co. A, 52nd N. C. Infy. 

Muster-roll of; J. M. Alexander, Capt. comdg. S. S. 


1861, July, Corsicana, Tex. Co. I, 4th Tex. Infy. 

Roster of; attached to Hood s Texas Brigade raised at 
this place roster recent. Tex-iQ4. 

1862, Dec., n. p. Rountree s Partisan Rangers. 
Muster-roll of L. C. Rountree, Capt. 

P. F. S. Tex-isS. 

1862, Dec., n. p. Co. E, Spright s Regiment. 

Muster-roll of; J. L. Halbent, Capt; J. W. Spright, Col. 
comdg. P. F. S. Tex-i56. 

Virginia Infantry. 

[1865, Apr., Appomattox, Va.] i2th Va. Infy. 

Roster of ; at this date ; newspaper clipping. R-3O. 

186-, n. d., n. p. Co. I, 23rd Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of; M. T. Hughes and J. P. Fitzgerald, 
Captains. S. S. 

1-862, Dec., n. p. Co. E, 2yth Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of ; P. F. Frazer, Capt. S. S. 

1862, Dec., n. p. Co. F, 2yth Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of; G. C. Smith, Capt. Fragment of field re 
turn of 27th Va. appended. S. S.-go. 

1861, Aug., n. p. Co. G, 3ist Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of ; J. C. Aebogast, Capt. S. S.-QI. 

1862, Apr., n. p. Co. E, 38th Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of; T. M. Tyree, Capt. S. S.-Q3. 

1863, Sept., n. p. The same. S. S.-Q3. 


1862, Feb., n. p. Co. I, s8th Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of; J. S. Wood, Capt. S. S. 

1861, Dec., n. p. Co. , 4ist Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of; company unassigned J. D. Maury, Capt. 

S. S.-no. 

1864, Oct., n. p. Co. G, 42nd Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of ; J. C. Forbes, Capt. S. S. 

1862, Apr., n. p. Co. F, 44th Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of ; T. K. Weiseger, Capt. S. S.-Q4. 

1861, Aug.-Dec., n. p. Co. I, 44th Va. Infy. 

3 muster-rolls of ; W. H. Marshall, Capt. Rolls of August, 
October and December. S. S.-iog. 

1862, June, n. p. Co. C, 4Qth Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of ; B. M. Randolph, Capt. S. S.-gs. 

186-, n. d., n. p. Co. D, s6th Va. 

Roster of; "Buckingham Yancey Guards, Hunton s Brig., 
Pickett s Div." from memory, by S. F. Abraham, pvt. Co. D. 

R- 3 i. 

186-, n. d., n. p. Co. K, 6oth Va. Infy. 

Muster-roll of ; W. A. Gilliam, Capt. S. S. 

Virginia Cavalry. 

11862, Oct., n. p. Co. C, ist Va. Cav. 

Muster-roll of ; C. F. Jordan, Capt. S. S.-gy. 

1861-1865, n. p. Co. A, gth Va. Cav. 

Roster of; Thos. Waller, Thos. Touson, E. M. Henry and 
Hugh Adie, Capts. killed, wounded, missing roster recent. 


1863, Aug.-Oct., n. p. Co. F, i2th Va. Cav. 

Muster-roll of; J. L. Clarke, Capt. S. S. 


1864, Aug., n. p. Co. E, 4srd Va. Batln. Cav. 

Muster-roll of; J. S. Mosly s command Saml. Chapman, 
Capt. S. S.-g8. 

Virginia Artillery. 

1862, Jany. 20, n. p. Co. D, 2nd Va. Heavy Arty. 

Roster of ; organized this day. Copy. R-2O. 

1862, Dec., n. p. Carpenter s Battery. 

Muster-roll of; Light Arty. Jos. Carpenter, Capt. 

S. S.-I02. 

1 86-, n. d., n. p. Fluvanna Arty. 

Roster of; names of members, places of birth, dates of en 
listment, personal descriptions full and comprehensive. 
Bound. S. S. 

1861, June, n. p. Grimes Mounted Arty. 

Muster-roll of; attached to 4th Va. Vols. C. F. Grimes, 
Capt. S. S. 

1865, Feb., n. p. Co. A, Huger s Batln. 

Muster-roll of; J. D. Smith, Capt. Copy. S. S. 

[1865, Apr., Appomattox, Va. The same. 

Supplied from paroles. Copy. S. S. 

1 86 1, Aug.-Dec., n. p. Jordan s Heavy Arty. 

3 muster-rolls of ; T. C. Jordan, Capt. musters of August, 
October and December. S. S. 

1862-1864, n. p. Jordan s Co., Alexander s Batln. 

12 muster-rolls of; T. C. Jordan, Capt. musters of Aug., 
Oct., Dec., 1862, Feb., Apr., June, Oct., Dec., 1863, Jany., Mch., 
Aug., Oct., 1864 re-enlistments, etc. Copy. S. S. 

1861, Aug., n. p. King William Arty. 

Muster-roll of; Thos. H. Carter, Capt. also called "Tay 
lor s Arty." S. S. 

11861, Dec., n. p. Richmond Howitzers, ist Co. 

Roster of; Wm. P. Palmer, Capt. from the pay-roll of 


this date careers of members by J. V. L. McCreery, Sergt. 
6 p. D. S. H-48-2. 

1861, n. d., n. p. The same. 

Roster of ; Wm. P. Palmer, Capt. certificate to Auditor of 
Richmond. [-48-1. 

1 86 1, Apr., n. p. The same, 2nd Co. 

Muster-roll of; J. Thompson Brown, Capt. with field re 
turn of isf Va. Batln. Arty., Dec., 1861. S. S.-gg. 

[1865, Apr. g, Appomattox, Va.] The same, 2nd Co. 
Roster of; including deserters and absentees. 

C. C. H-2 4 . 


1862, Sept. 13, Alexandria, Va. Alexandria Prison. 

List of soldiers confined in the "Slave Market" 32 names. 

D. n. S. Va-C-i2o. 

1862, Dec. 21, n. p. Lusk s Battery. 

Roster of officers of; attached to Starke s Brigade. 

D. n. S. R-27-i. 

1863, Sept., n. p. Maj. Caleb Smith s Command. 

Return of; no place mentioned. S. S. 

186-, n. d., n. p. Steuart s Brigade. 

List of field-music of; commands listed: ist and 3rd N. C., 
23rd and 37th Va. Regts. D. n. S. 8-17-2. 



The following papers have been selected from the Archives 
of the Museum as of special interest in connection with some 
phase of the war: 

John Brown Raid. 

1859, Nov. 23, Wheeling, Va. "F." to Col. A. M. Barbour, 

Harper s Ferry, Va. Confidential. 

Hasten to transmit letter handed me by a friend circum 
stances known to you and the Governor will enable you "to 
form an opinion which may have a tendency to prevent the 
contemplated attack. This would be the natural course for 
these fellows to pursue." Person attempted to mail the letter 
at Harper s Ferry it got in the railroad mail and was brought 
here details of its discovery. A. L. n. S. T-22-i. 

1859., Dec. 9, [Richmond, Va.,] Adjt.-Genl s Office. Wm. H. 
Richardson, Adjt.-Genl., to Genl. W. B. Taliaferro. 

In reply to yours of the 7th, I am instructed to say that the 
Sheriff has jurisdiction of the jail the military control the 
exterior guard recommendation to the sheriff will throw the 
responsibility on him your report of 7th received and ap 
proved I sent detail for relief on the 6th Anthony s Co. is 
to take the place of Borst s (Page Co., 97th Regt.,) found 
unprepared for service efforts to procure overcoats. 

A. L. S. T-22-3. 

1859, Nov. 26, Charlestown, [Va.] John Scott, Capt. comdg. 
Post, to Genl. [W. B.] Taliaferro. 

[Obliterated] . . . scouts for the day each detail to be 
composed of three men each party to extend its observations 
.eight or ten miles on principal roads from Charlestown. 

A. L. S. T-22-2. 


1859, Dec. 10, Charlestown, [Va.] D. A. Weiseger, Col., Pres. 
C[ourt] M[artial]. 

Officer of the day will send Pvt. Moffatt, Woodis G. Rifles, 
to the Court Martial now in session. A. S. T-22-4. 

1859, Dec. 10-11, Charlestown, Va. F. M. Wright, Lieut, 
comdg. Petersburg City Guard, 39th Va. Militia. 

"Report of a guard mounted" here supplies of guard 
house parole and countersign list of guard and of prisoners. 

A. S. T-22-5. 

John Brown, Execution of. 

Diagram of the route to the scaffold, with an account of 
the vicinity, by T. W. Tomlinson, Charlestown, W. Va. 
Recent. Ga-ga-4-y. 

William Davis. 

Land grant to; and to William Sturges 1,000 acres of 
land surveyed Jany. 2, 1789 situated in the Beaufort District 
Recorded, Grant Book yyyy, page 393 Examined, Peter 
Freneau, Secretary Sig: Charles Pinckney, Gov. 

Appended: Certificate of survey. Sig: J. Bremar, Sur. 
Genl., Jany. 31, 1789. 

Governor s Guard. 

Original bonds of members of; given Jos. R. Anderson, 
Capt., for swords, pistols and holsters sword, valued at $9.00 
Colt s Navy Pistol and holsters, $32 Names of members 
Feb., 1860, Feb., 1861. D. S. 

Chas. E. Lining, Assistant Surgeon, U. S. N. 

Diary and Journal, Augst. 3rd, 1858, to Dec 3ist, 1862. 
Lining was Asst. Surgeon on the U. S. frigate "Cyane" from 
Aug., 1858, to Dec. 10, 1860. He has regular entries for this 
period. The vessel sailed from Hampton Roads Sept. 24th, 
1858, touching at Rio, and coasting the western coast of South 
America. Panama was reached March nth, 1859. With the 
exception of a trip to San Francisco, June, 1860, the vessel 
remained in Central American and Mexican waters until the 
relief crew arrived, Dec. loth, 1860. Lining then crossed the 


Isthmus, and reached New York on Christmas day, 1860. 
After leaving Panama the entries are fragmentary, appear to 
be in a different hand, and from the ink were all entered at 
the same time. Jany. I9th, 1861, his resignation in the United 
States Navy was accepted, and after serving for some weeks 
around Charleston, he was appointed Asst. Surgeon in the 
Confederate Navy, and sent to New Orleans. He engaged in 
various river escapades and minor fights, principally on the 
gunboat "Pontchartrain," Lieut.-Commander J. W. Dunning- 
ton, and on the gunboat "Tuscarora." The journal is of minor 
importance for events occuring while he was in the Confeder 
ate Navy during this period. Bound MS., pp. 144. 24. 

Mrs. St. Julien Ravenel. 

"The Defence of Charleston Harbour, 1861-1865." Based 
on personal reminiscences, and rich in local color. Written in 
1899. Bound MS., pp. 32. R-io. 

Lt.-Col. Wm. H. Stewart, 6ist Va. Infty. 

"The Charge of the Crater, Personal recollections of par 
ticipants in the Charge of the Crater at Petersburg, Va., July 
3Oth, 1864." Contains 74 statements made in 1903 by sur 
vivors of Mahone s Brigade, Anderson s Division, A. P. Hill s 
Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. These statements agree 
with one another completely, except as regards the number of 
flags on the works and the speech of General Mahone before 
the charge. Col. Stewart collected them with the intention of 
writing a history of the charge. The most important state 
ments are those of : Francis M. Whitehurst, Lieut, 6th Va. ; 
Major Wm. H. Etheredge, comdg. 4ist Va. ; Major John T. 
Woodhouse, i6th Va. ; John T. West, Lieut., 6ist Va. ; Lt.-Col. 
R. O. Whitehead, comdg. i6th Va. ; James E. Phillips, Capt., 
I2th Va. ; Major R. W. Jones, comdg. I2th Va. ; and Lt.-Col. 
Wm. H. Stewart, comdg. 6ist Va. 30. 

J. E. B. Stuart. 

1850, June 3, Washington, D. C. J. E. B. Stuart to 

his cousin. 

Impressions of public men Congress in debate. 4 p. 

A. L. S. Va-E- 4 . 


1855, Aug. 10, On Board Steamer for St. Louis. J. E. B. Stuart, 

to his cousin. 

Personal experiences and impressions. 

A. L. S. Va-E-y. 



This Bibliography, as was stated in the Introduction, does 
not pretend to be comprehensive or final, and lists only those 
books and important pamphlets published or used in the Con 
federacy and now in the Confederate Museum. The books 
and pamphlets gathered by Mrs. Mary De Renne of Savannah, 
and known as the De Renne Collection, are the most valuable 
of the Library. At a time when Confederate publications were 
much more numerous and more easily acquired than at pres 
ent, Mrs. De Renne, with rare judgment, gathered a collection 
of Confederate publications second to none in the country. 
Other private individuals have also made substantial gifts to 
the Library. 

Owing to the limitations of the present volume, it has been 
impossible to include any extended critique on the various 
volumes listed, and, for the same reason, unimportant tracts, 
sheet music, and similar publications have been omitted 
altogether from this list. The Commission hopes, at a future 
time, to publish an exhaustive Bibliography of Confederate 
publications ; but, in the meantime, it offers the following titles 
as a contribution towards such a Bibliography. 

I. Official Publications of the Government of the Con 
federate States of America. 
II. Official Publications of the Governments of Southern 

III. Unofficial Publications Relating to War Organization. 


IV. Contemporary History and Biography. 

V. Literary Works. 

VI. Confederate Text-Books. 

VII. Political Miscellany. 

VIII. Religious Publications. 

IX. Periodicals. 

X. Almanacs and Miscellaneous. 


a. Legislative Publications. 

b. War Department. 

c. Other Departments. 

A. Legislative Publications. 

Acts and Resolutions | OF THE FIRST SESSION | OF 
ERS. | 1861. | 1 

8, pp. 131. 

Acts and Resolutions | OF THE SECOND SESSION | 
1861. | 2 

8, pp. 100. Ga-2-i3. 

Inner title page has Shirter and Reid, Printers and Binders. 
[See Public Laws of the Confederate States, infra.] 

1 The first session of the Provisional Congress was held in Montgomery, 
Alabama, from Feb. 4 to March 16, 1861. The Congress was formally 
organized on Feb. 9, 1861, sitting before that date as> a convention of the 
Southern States represented. This Journal is reprinted in Senate Docu 
ments (U. S.) 58th Congress, 2nd Session, Document No. 234, vol. I. 

2 This was the first called session, lasting from April 29, to May 21, 1861. 
Reprinted in Ibid, vol. I. 


JOB PRESS. | BY f YLER, WISE & ALLEGRE, | 1861. | 3 

8, pp 78 and index, [16]. P-IO-I. 

Certified : James M. Matthews, Law Clerk, Department of 
Justice. [See Public Laws of the Confederate States, infra.] 


8, pp. 8. Half title-page. 

[n. p., n. d.] 

8, pp. 16. 182, 1185, 186. 

STATES OF AMERICA. | Adopted unanimously by the 
Congress of the Confederate States of America, March | n, 
1861. | 

8, pp. 17. [See Permanent Constitution, infra.] 

April nth, 1863, to April 29th, i863.) 5 

8, pp. 58. Half title-page. 

3 The third session of the Provisional Congress was held in Richmond, 
from July 20 to Aug. 31, 1861. The Journal is reprinted in Ibid, vol. I. 

4 Reprinted, So. His. Soc. Papers, vol. i, p. 24 ff. 

5 Castle Thunder was a Richmond Military Prison, used chiefly as a 
detention camp for deserters and as a prison camp for Confederate soldiers 
under sentence. 






8, pp. 19. Ga-2-i4. 


8, pp. 94. 199. 

Arranged by sessions. 

THE | FIRST CONGRESS; 1862. Carefully collated with 
the Originals at Richmond. | EDITED BY JAMES M. 

8, pp. 56; with index and private laws. 63-2-153. 

OF THE | FIRST CONGRESS; | 1862. Carefully collated 
with the Originals at Richmond. EDITED BY | JAMES M. 

8, pp. 92, with index and private laws. Ga-2-i53. 



OF THE FIRST CONGRESS; | 1863. | Carefully collated 
with the Originals at Richmond. | EDITED BY | JAMES M. 
8, pp. [87], with index and private laws. 

8-26. 03-2-153. 

OF THE | FIRST CONGRESS; | 1863-4. | Carefully collated 
with the Originals at Richmond. | EDITED BY | JAMES M. 

8, pp. [81], with index and private laws. 

THE | SECOND CONGRESS ; 1864. | Carefully collated with 
the Originals at Richmond. EDITED BY JAMES M. 

8> PP- [35] > with index and private laws. Ga-2-i53. 


8, pp. 14. Ga-2-y. 

"Senate Report No. 9. April 6, 1863. Three hundred copies 
ordered to be printed." 


SIONAL GOVERNMENT | OF THE Confederate States of 
ERNMENT, February 8, 1861, TO | ITS TERMINATION, 
I 1864. | 

8, pp. 411 -j- xlviii. Ga-2-i52. 

"By authority of Congress." 


FEDERES. | (Message of Jany. 12, 1863 ; Paris. Imprimeries 
de Duboisson et Ce.) 

8, pp. 12, double columns. Ga-2-43. 

B. War Department, arranged alphabetically. 


12. Ga-i-8g. 



1863. G-iy. 

A concise collection, approved by Thos. Jordan, Brig.-Genl. 
and Chief of Staff, Dept. of S. C., Ga., and Florida. Includes 
General Orders Nos. I (Jany. I, 1862) to in (Dec 24, 1862.) 
The index is very full. 

ATE STATES ARMY, For the Year 1863, | WITH A FULL 
SPECTOR GENERAL S OFFICE. | The Orders as they 
appear in this book have explanatory notes | calling attention 
to each Paragraph or Order that has | been modified, amended 
or revoked ; and to the Paragraph and | Order by which the 
change has been caused. | RICHMOND: | A. MORRIS, 
Publisher. | 1864. | G-i8, G-ig. 

1863. 205-07. 

1.2, pp. 297 -j- plates. 

Plates: Arteries, 8; amputation, 14; resection, 8. Pre 
pared by officers under direction of the Surgeon-General. 
Preface dates Richmond, Va., Oct., 1863. An out-line manual 
of surgical diagnosis, operative technique, etc. 

REGULATIONS | FOR THE | Army of the Confederate 


OF | THE ARMY. | As Published by Authority of the Sec 
retary of War. | THE ARTICLES OF WAR, | As Amended 
by Act of Congress. Also ALL the j LAWS APPER 
TAINING TO THE ARMY. | Revised Edition. | NEW- 
ORLEANS: | BLOOMFIELD & STEEL, Publishers, 60 
Camp-street. | 1861. | 6 Ga-2-3. 

12, pp. 262 + forms [95] + index [5]. 

FEDERATE STATES, | 1862. (Certification. Sig. : J. P. 
Benjamin, Secretary of War, Mch. I3th, 1862.) | J. W. RAN 
DOLPH, | 121 MAIN ST., RICHMOND, VA. | 1862. | 

8, pp. 420. 198. 

STREET. | 1862. | Ga-2-6. 197. 

8, pp. 420. 

Page iii, Certification. Sig. : Geo. W. Randolph, Secretary 
of War, Nov. I, 1862. Includes "Articles of War." 

ATLANTA, GA., | JAMES McPHERSON & CO. | 1862. | 

12, pp. 408 [pages missing] including articles of war. 

Page 3, Certification. Sig. : Geo. W. Randolph, Secretary of 
War, Nov. i, 1862. Ga-2-4. 

CORRECT EDITION.] (Certification. Sig.: James A. Sed- 

6 The Army Regulations were published, with the consent of the War 
Department, by a number of firms in different cities of the South. In some 
instances the editions are identical, except for the publishers names. 


don, Secretary of War, Jany. 28th, 1863.) | J. W. RAN 
DOLPH, | 121 MAIN ST., RICHMOND, VA. | 1863. 

12, cloth, pp. 420. Ga-2-8. SC-245. 

cation. Sig. : Jas. A. Seddon, Secretary of War. Jany. 28, 
STREET. | 1864. | Ga-2-g. 

12, pp. 432. 

Includes "Articles of War," and "Addenda." 

PARTMENT, On the 15th of April, 1862, FOR CARRY 
PRINTERS. | 1862. | 7 1-6. 

12, pp. 81. 

General regulations and the "Law of Intercourse," April 
8, 1862. 


Small 12, pp. 58. 1208. 

Page 3, certification by Geo. W. Randolph, Secretary of 
War. April 10, 1862. Contains general orders for management, 
supply-lists, etc. 

7 This volume is one of the few sources of information for an interest 
ing phase of the history of the Confederacy. The Cherokees, the Creeks and 
Seminoles and the Choctaws were in alliance with the Confederacy, and 
rendered valuable service as partizan rangers. 



12, pp. 12. Ga-2-IOO. 

With ordnance forms. 

WEST & JOHNSTON. | 1862. | 

12, pp. 122. Ga-2-5. 

Certified by J. P. Benjamin, Secretary of War, Feb. i, 1862. 


I2 , PP- 55- Ga-2-g8. 

Including specimen forms. Page i, certification and order 
for use of these regulations. 

SECOND REPORT | OF THE | Board of Artillery Offi 
Special Orders, No. 278, Head Quarters Dep t S. C, Ga. & 
Fla., dated December iQth, 1863, for the purpose of determin 
ing | the proper Charges for Heavy Guns, the highest allow-| 
able angles of Elevation, and other matters con-|nected with 
the service of Artillery in general. 

8, pp. 15. Ga-2-7. 

Tables included. 

MOBILE, ALA. j 1863. 

16, pp. 57- S r59- 


CONFEDERATE STATES | (Authorisation. Sig. : S. 
Cooper, A. and I. Genl., Sept. 12, 1861.) | RICHMOND: | 

2 > PP- 5 + [ J 4] plates. 

Includes G. O. No. 9, A. and I. Genl s Office, June 6, 1861. 

THE SAME. Ga-2-8. 

The plates uncolored. 

C. Other Departments. 

Confederate States of America, POST OFFICE DE 
VANT. | 1861. | 

12, pp. 24. I- 3 . 

PRINTERS. | 1861. | 

16, pp. 48. Ga-2-72. 

Official. Sig. : Rufus R. Rhodes, Commissioner of Patents. 


Arranged alphabetically by States. 

TION. | 1862. | 

Large 8. 80-246. 

8 This volume contains lithographs, in colors, of the uniforms first 
adopted for the army. 



FICE. | 1861. | 

12, pp. 457 + appendix [12]. Ga-2-2. 

PUBLIC PRINTER. | 1862. | 

8, pp. 142, with resolutions and index [40]. 

182, 185, 186. 


8, pp. 29 with index [7]. 182, 187. 


8, pp. 38. G- 3 . 


8, pp. 107. 190. 

Includes election precincts, court terms, and state balance 



8, pp. 130, with index [24]. 182. 

Governor s Message and other Documents of the House of 
Delegates of Virginia, 1863. 

8, 14 documents, no continuous pagination. 195. 

Binder s title: MESSAGE | AND | DOCUMENTS | 1863. 


8, pp. 71 + index [14]. 194. 

The Governor s [Opening] Message (Doc. No. i) ap 
pended [pp. xiv]. 


8, pp. 302 -f- index [19]. 194. 

The Governor s [Opening] Message (Doc. No. i) ap 
pended [pp. xxxii]. 


8 > PP- 335 + documents [45] -f index [34]. 182. 



8, pp. 454 -f- [31] documents + index [44]. 183. 

Sessions from Apr. i, 1862, to May 19, 1862; September 15, 
1862, to Oct. 6, 1862; Jany. 7, 1863, to Mch. 31, 1863. Includes 
the Secret Journals. The Documents have no continuous 


8, pp. 29. 182, 188, 189. 


8, pp. 32. [n. p.] L-II. 

Official copy attested by the Governor. 

12, pp. 8 [n. p.] 9 V-s. 


8, pp. n. [Richmond, 1862.] 182, 185, 186. 

9 Probably printed in Richmond in 1861. 



8", pp. 55- V - 6 - 

Includes official forms. 


8, pp. 32 + covers. R-34- ; 


(Alphabetically Arranged.) 

OF THE | Army of the Confederate States, | IN ACCORD 

10 These regulations were adopted for use by the authorities of Virginia 
after the passage of the Ordinance of Secession and before Virginia joined 
the Confederacy. 

11 This speech was one of a series delivered in the Convention of Vir 
ginia by advocates of secession. It was begun on the afternoon of April 3, 
and was concluded April 4. An elaborate digest of its principal arguments 
was printed in the Richmond Dispatch April 4 and 5, 1861. 


STREET. | 1861. | 

Narrow 8, pp. 198 + index [2]. Ga-2-i. 

AND JOHNSTON. | 1863. 

12, pp. 95 + index [7]. M-2I-23. 

Pages 82-83, the Paris Declaration, Apr. 16, 1856; pp. 84-86, 
the Queen s Proclamation, May 13, 1861 ; pp. 87-91, Sir 
Roundell Palmer s Speech on the Effect of the Queen s Procla 
mation, London Times, Feby. 21, 1862. 

INFANTRY TACTICS, | OR | Rules for the Exercise and 
the Provisional Army C. S. RICHMOND, VA. | WEST & 
JOHNSTON, 145 MAIN STREET. | 1862. | 

24, pp. 211 -f- viii. 310. 


12. Ga-i-3. 


12 This was one of the text-books written for and used in the Confede 
rate Naval Academy. Captain Parker, superintendent of the academy, 
wrote an interesting chapter on the academy in C. M. H., v. 12, p. 96 ff. 


| 1862. 

12, pp. 272. 203. 

Excellent plates. Printed by Evans & Cogswell, Charles 
ton, S. C. Certified by a Board of U. S. Officers, B. Huger, et 
al., and authorized by C. M. Conrad, Secty of War, May 10, 

STON, | No. 145 MAIN STREET, | 1863. 

8, pp. 251. 196. 

With forms and notes. 

A MANUAL | OF | Infantry and Rifle Tactics, | WITH | 
LIEUT. COL. WM. H. RICHARDSON, | Graduate and 
formerly Assistant Instructor of Tactics, Virginia | Military 
RIS. | 1861. | 

12, pp. 360. 2l6. 

Includes folding lithographic plat of regimental formation, 
Lith. of Hoyer & Ludwig, Richmond, Va. Chas. H. Wynne, 
Printer, Richmond, Va. Preface dates June, 1861. 



UNITED STATES. | Galveston, Texas: | PRINTED AT 

16, pp. 116. T\-5i. 

Includes the "Articles of War." Approved, by H. McLeod 
and S. Sherman. 2nd edition, July I, 1861. 

145 MAIN STREET. | 1862. 

8, Pp. 559- 201-02. 

82 excellent plates. Printed by Evans & Cogswell, Charles 
ton, S. C. 

Rules and Regulations of the Medical Department | OF THE | 
145 MAIN STREET. | 1862. | 

12, pp. 514. Ga-2-io. 

| 121 MAIN STREET, RICHMOND, VA., | 1863. 

12, pp. 92 -f- xvi. M-2O. 

Printed in Atlanta, Ga. 


STON. | 1862. 

1 6, pp. 159. Va-J. 

j "Maxims, Counsels and Instructions on the Art of War, or 
Hand\book for the Practice of War. For the use of Military 
Men of all | Arms and Countries. From a manuscript written, 
in 1815, by a | General of that time, and revised in 1855, to be 
put in Harmony with the Knowledge and Organization of 
the Present Day. 4th | Edition, pocket size, 15 plates. 1857: 
WEST & JOHNSTON. | 1863. | 14 

16 pp. 216. 217. 

FOR THE USE OF THE | Cavalry and Mounted Infantry, 
Chief of Cavalry, Army of Tennessee, C. S. A. MOBILE: | 
S. H. GOETZEL & CO. | 1863. | 

24, pp. 220 + 104 -|- 47 -f- [n] + index [xiv]. 


The music of the "bugle-calls" is paged 97-108, and is evi 
dently taken from another work. 

13 This interesting volume was found in the haversack of Lieutenant- 
General T. J. Jackson, after he had been wounded at Chancellorsville. 

14 The Begeaud referred to was T. R. Begeaud de la Piconnerie, 
Marechal de France, Due d Isly, whose Memoirs (1789-1849) were edited, 
in 1884, by Comte H. d Ideville. The editor of Jomini s Precis was proba 
bly the Paris edition of 1855. 



24, pp. 250. "The only copyright edition." Ga-2-68. 


24, pp. 224. "The only copyright edition." Ga-z-jo. 


24, pp. 232. "The only copyright edition." Ga-2-6g. 

RIEN | Mounted Home Guard. SAVANNAH: | POWER 
PRESS OF JOHN M. COOPER & CO. | i86i[?]. 

12. Ga-i-yi. 

THE | School of the Guides, | FOR THE USE OF | THE 
QUESTIONS. | Twenty-eight Illustrations. | GRIFFIN, 
JOHN M. COOPER & CO. | 1861. | 

24, pp. 71. Ga-2-65. 



| COLUMBIA, S. C. : EVANS AND COGSWELL. | 1864. | 15 
12, pp. 278. Ga-2-gg. 

Light Dragoons and Mounted Riflemen. | COMPILED, 
DAVIS, Graduate of the United States Military Academy, 
West Point; for-|merly an Officer of the United States Army; 
and for many | years commander and instructor of Volunteer 
Cavalry. Third Edition. | RICHMOND, VA. | PUBLISHED 
BY A. MORRIS. | 1862. j 

24, pp. 276. Ga-2-7i. 

Includes index and bugle-calls. 



a. General. 

b. Particular Campaigns. 

c. Personal Narratives and Observations. 


a. Collected. 

b. Individual. 

15 Auguste-Frederic-Louis Viesse de Marmont (1774-1852), one of 
Napoleon s generals, was made Due de Raguse in 1808, and Marechal de 
France in 1809. He published his Esprit des Institutions Militaires in 1845. 
The best-known English edition of this work is that published in the Royal 
Service Journal, 1845, pt. i, pp. 161-182, 370-387, 500-511; pt. 2, pp. 28-43, 
221-228, 350-363. Marmont s Memoirs were published in 1856. 


History General. 

STREET. 1862. | 16 

8, pp. 406. Ga-2-32. 

[See "Southern History of the War," "The Second Year of 
the War," etc., infra.] 

THE | Historic Significance | OF THE | SOUTHERN 
REVOLUTION. | A LECTURE | Delivered by Invitation in 
Petersburg, Va., March I4th | and April Qth, 1864. An d in 
Richmond, Va., | April ;th and April 2ist, 1864. | BY | REV. 
BANK STREET, | 1864. | 

8, pp. 45- H-io. 

AUTHOR. | 1864. 1 1T 

12, pp. 20. 

POLLARD, | Author of "The First and Second Years of the 

16 Pollard s narratives of the war, though marred by a strong prejudice, 
are perhaps the most lucid and ablest of the contemporary accounts. 

17 See The Rival Administrations, infra. 


War." | [Motto: Justinian.] | RICHMOND: | PUBLISHED 
FOR THE AUTHOR. 1864. | 

8, pp. 32. P. 12. 

Preface states this is a chapter of the third volume of the 
author s "First and Second Years of the War" [q. v.,] being 
printed in England because of the scarcity of paper in the Con 
federacy. Page i, strong criticism of Davis "want of capa 
city" ; p. 2, his bad choice of Generals, etc. 

THE | Second Year of the War. | BY EDWARD A. POL 
(Motto : Aeneid) | RICHMOND : WEST & JOHNSTON, 
145 MAIN STREET. | 1863. 

8, pp. 326. Ga-2. 


STREET, TORONTO. | Ga-2- 3 6. 

U. S. copyright, Kentucky, 1863 ; Canadian, 1863. 

RICHARDSON, [ 540 BROADWAY. | 1865. 

8, pp. 391- Ga-2-35. 

B. Particular Campaigns. 

The Battle of Fort Sumpter AND j First Victory of the 
Southern Troops. | April I3th, 1861. | Full Account of the 
Bombardment, with Sketches of the Scenes | Incidents, etc. 
Compiled chiefly from the detailed I Reports of the Charleston 


BROAD AND 103 EAST BAY STS. | 1861. | F-i8. 

Reprint of newspaper accounts. Appendix contains official 

SAID BATTLE. By T. B. Warder & Jas. M. Catlett. | 

24, pp. 156. 6-4. 

Two important contemporary maps ; much local color and 
numerous incidents. The action of each Confederate com 
mand is followed in detail. 


! 1863. | 

12, pp. 158, pages missing. Tex-ios. 

With a muster roll of 4th Texas Inf. 




8, pp. 46. M-is. 

Reports of May 3, 1862, and Aug. 12, 1862. Pages 34-35, 
Magruder s defence. Appendix with orders, etc. No. 12, his 

EDITION. 1 MOBILE: | S. H. GOETZEL. | 1864. | 

Historical background of doubtful accuracy. 


65 CORNHILL. | 1865. I Ga-2-i6 4 . 

A continuation of "A Military View," infra. 


12, pp. 230. Ga-2-i6s. 

Covers events from the Peninsula Campaign, 1862, through 
Chancellorsville, May, 1863. 



MOND, VA., WEST & JOHNSTON. | 1864. [All Rights 

12, pp. 338. 209. 

Harrild, Printer, London. Based chiefly on official docu 
ments and on Semmes Journal. The latter largely reprinted. 

C. Personal Narratives and Observations. 

DEFONTAINE & CO. | 1864. | 

8, pp. 248. Ga-2-i5. 


8. Ga-i-54. 


12, pp. 158. Ga-i-5i. 

Bound in wall paper. 



8, pp. 352. Ga-2-59. 


MDCCLXIII | The Right of Translation is reserved. | 

12, pp. 316. Ga-2-i66. 


A. Collected. 

RICHMOND : | AYRES & WADE. 1864. 18 

8, pp. 86. W^s. 

Contains sketches, illustrated with rough wood-cuts, of 
Generals S. Cooper, R. E. Lee, T. J. Jackson, Wade Hampton, 
G. W. Smith, Jas. Longstreet, A. P. Hill, R. S. Ewell, Jos. E. 
Johnston, Jas. H. Lane, John C. Pemberton, John B. Hood, 
T. C. Hindman and M. L. Smith ; Majors J. S. Mosby and John 
Pelham ; Commander Geo. N. Hollins. 

B. Individual. 

& CO., PRINTERS. 1864. | [Virginia Baptist S.-S. & Publi 
cation Board, Richmond, No. 109.] 

16, pp. 44. C-s. 

A sketch of Coleman s career, with moral lessons. 


18 This volume is practically a reprint of a series of articles which 
appeared in The Southern Illustrated News. 


SLAUGHTER, | Editor of the "Army and Navy Messenger." | 

12, pp. 48. S-IO. 

Based largely on Fairfax s letters ; a beautiful sketch. 2nd 

of the Gospel | AND CAPTAIN IN THE ARMY | OF THE | 

16, pp. 48. SC-377. 


INSTITUTE. | Read before the Board of Visitors, Faculty 
and Cadets, July ist, 1863. WITH | PROCEEDINGS OF 
OUS DECEASED. | [Published by order of the Board of 
PRINTERS. | 1863. | 

12, pp. 23. Va-D-i8. 

Important as giving a view of Jackson as a professor. 19 

19 See supra, p. 281. 


GINIAN. | [Motto: Lee to Jackson, at Chancellorsville.] | 
RICHMOND: | AYRES & WADE. | Illustrated News Steam 
Presses. | 1863. | 

12, pp. 305. Va-D-24. 

STILES, D. D. CHARLESTON, S. C. : | The South Caro 
lina Tract Society. | 1864. | 

24, pp. 56. Ga-2-7. 

Based on letters of King; with moral lessons. 



12, pp. 178. Ga-2-6i. 

Cover, p. i, a rough portrait of Jackson taken when in U. 
S. service. Dedicated to Sir Henry de Hogton, of Hoghton 
Tower, Co. Lancaster, by the authoress. The work shows 
some use of contemporary sources, orders, newspaper ac 
counts, etc. 


a. Prose. 

b. Verse. 
A. Prose. 

of the N. O. Washington Artillery, RICHMOND : | M. A. 


1863. | 

12, pp. 79. 

Advertisements of forthcoming books appended. 7 copies. 

32. Ga-i-yo. 

A child s story. 

PARR. A Historical Novel. | BY L. MUHLBACH. | From 
the German, | BY REV. H. N. PIERCE, D. D. | VOLUME 

12, pp. 142. Ga-2-73. 

Covers of wall-paper. Vol. 2 bound with Vol. i ; 12, 
PP- 143- 

FLOYD," "LADY AUDLEY S SECRET," | &c., &c., &c. ] 
RICHMOND: WEST & JOHNSTON, Publishers. | 145 
MAIN STREET. 1865. | 

8, pp. 168. 

Double columns, advertisements. 6 copies. 

JOSEPH II. | AND HIS COURT. An Historical Novel, | 
BY L. MUHLBACH, | From the German, | BY ADELAIDE 

12, 4 Vol. in 2. Ga-2-7i. 

Bound in wall paper. 20 

20 Nothing better illustrates the impoverishment of the South than the 
deterioration in the quality of paper. Until 1862, the books published were 
printed on paper already in stock, and compared favorably with similar 
publications in the North. From that time paper became scarce, and its 
quality became very inferior. 


THE AUTHOR OF "BEULAH." | [Motto: Melvil.] | 
STON, 145 MAIN STREET. | 1864. 

8, pp. 183. Ga-2-6g. 

STON. 1863. 

8, pp. 204. NC. 

WEST & JOHNSTON. | 1863. | 

8, pp. 151. t NC. 

JOHNSTON. 1863, | 

8, pp. 173. , NC. ^ 

JOHNSTON. | 1864. 

8, pp. 173. NC. 


MISTRESS AND MAID. | A Household Story. | BY 
& JOHNSTON, 145 Main Street. 1864. 

8, pp. 121. S. S. 

I 1863. I 

8, pp. 276. Ga-ga-3-68. 63-2-70. 

Bound in wall paper. 

LYTTON. | MOBILE: | [S.] H. GOETZEL & CO. 1863. | 
8. Ga-i-94. 


"GUY LIVINGSTONE." | (Geo. A. Lawrence.) SECOND 
BROTHERS, 18, CATHERINE ST., STRAND. | 1863. | [The 
Right of Translation is Reserved.] 

8, pp. 277. Ga-2-ig. 

Interesting pictures of leaders and conditions, North and 

of the War in the Old Dominion. With Illustrations. NEW 
1864. | 

12, pp. 300. Ga-2-6o. 


B. Verse. 

CO. H, 7th REGT. FLA. VOLS. | Knoxville, Tenn.: | PUB 

24, pp. 32. Fla-Vc-2O. 


16, p. 66. A-iy. 

Pages 5-8, "Dedicatory Epistle"; 9-15, Canto I; 16-19, 
Canto II, Stonewall; 20-24, Canto III, McClellan; 24-30, Canto 
IV, Pope; 31-34, Canto V, Burnside ; 35-37, Canto VI, The 
West; 38-46, Canto VII, Confederate Navy; 47-52, Canto 
VIII, The Dream. This begins: 

"One night last week, I had a dream, 

I may as well now give it, 
I dream d I saw old Abraham, 

A-swinging on a gibbet ; 
And who do you think, boys, held the rope, 

Twas Mr. Jefferson Davis, 
And as he pulled, old Abram cried 

For a writ of corpus Habeas." 

SEWELL, | Author of "The Children of Summer-jbrook," 
"Our Father s Care," &c. FROM THE THIRTIETH LON 

16, pp. 28. Ga-2-n6. 

SIVE) BY JOHN H. HEWITT. | [Mottos Shakespeare 


and Byron.] | RICHMOND, VA. : | PUBLISHED BY 
WEST & JOHNSTON, | No. 145 MAIN STREET. | 1862. | 

8, pp. 85. 

Page 85, Note. "The 2d Canto of the Poem of War is in 
course of completion, and will be issued as soon as circum 
stances will permit." H-4Q. 

War Songs of the South. | EDITED BY "BOHEMIAN," | 
Fletcher s Political Works.] | RICHMOND: | WEST & 

12, pp. 2IO. 210. 

A valuable collection, made up largely of poems clipped 
from newspapers, includes many well-known Southern 


LES CONFEDERES. [Par Alfred Cauwet,] PARIS. [ 
IMPRIMERIE DU BUISSON ET Ce | 5, rue Coq-Heron, 
5 I 1864. | 

8, pp. 4. Ga-2-86. 


a. Readers. 

b. Spellers. 

c. Arithmetics. 

d. Geographies. 
A. Readers. 


12, pp. 48. 0^62. 

Page 4, cut of a cannon firing, with third Confederate flag. 
Page 31, story of a brave drummer-boy, emphasizing the duty 
of defending the country. No other references to the war. 


PUBLISHED BY G. L. BIDGOOD, | No. 121 Main Street. | 
1864. I 

12, pp. 120. C t -63. 

Contans no reference to the war; the selections are largely 

unb | (SrfteS 2efe*33u$, | eraugeQeben Don $. 

| <Rt<i)monb, <Ba., \ 1863. | 
16. Ga-i-64. 

Bound in "Virginische Zeitung." 

THE First Dixie Reader; | DESIGNED TO FOLLOW | 

24, pp. 63. Ga-2-iis. 

LISHED BY B. DUNCAN & CO., Columbia, S. C. | [n. d.] 
1 6. Ga-2-ii2. 

No pagination, elaborately colored. 

1865. | 

1 6, pp. 36. Ga-2-ui. 


MOND, VA.: W. HARGRAVE WHITE. | [1862.] 

12, pp. 96. Ga-2-io6. 

B. Spellers. 

1865. | 

16, pp. 48. Ga-2-io5. 

Decorated with old wood-cuts. One is of a man of war, 
full rigged, floating a U. S. flag. Fifth Edition, 4oth thousand. 


12, pp. 159. 211. 

Compare the fifth edition. The cut, p. 58, is different; the 
text is identical. 


12, pp. 162. Ga-2-io3. 

Very rough paper; page 58, cut of four soldiers and an 
officer. "A soldier is a man who fights for his country. It is 


the duty of every man to love his country, and to defend it 
bravely against its enemies." 

& FARRAR. | 1864. | 


12, pp. 1 20. Ga-2-iO4. 

The Revised Elementary Spelling Book. | THE ELE 
FLEMING. | [Cut, the Bible verses beginning: "Holy Bible, 
PRIETORS. | 1863. | 

12, pp. 168. Ga. 

C. Arithmetics. 


12, pp. 154. Ga-2-io8. 

Page I2iff: "Confederate Currency." 



STREET. | 1864. 

12, pp. 184. 213-14. 

Binding leaves are made from plates giving the insignia 
of naval officers. U. S. copyrights, 1834 and 1850; C. S. copy 
right, 1864. 

MOND, VA., W. HARGRAVE WHITE. | 1863. | 

Small 12, pp. 216 [pages missing]. Ga-2-io7. 

D. Geographies. 


Square 12, pp. 42, double columns. Ga-2-ioi. 

To be used as a reader and geography. Maps : rough 
wood(?) cuts of the different states, uncolored. 

Page 39 : "Q. If the people of the United States had always 
elected good men for rulers what would have been the result? 

A. We should have had no war. 

Q. Why? 

A. Because every man would have been willing to treat 
others justly, and there would have been no cause for war. 

Q. Are these judgments for our sins alone? 


A. They are partly for our sins, and partly for the sins of 
our forefathers. 

Q. Then how shall we expect peace, since sin has brought 

A. We must repent of our sins, and ask God to bless our 
efforts to defend our country. 

Q. Why so? 

A. Because, "If God be for us who shall be against us?" 

[See "Primary Geography/ infra. 


[Outer title-page.] STEWART S COURSE OF GEOG 

16, pp. 223. Ga-2-ioo. 

| Questions and Answers Attached. BY | M. B. MOORE. | 

21 The "Palmetto Geography" had a most interesting history. Con 
vinced that a satisfactory geography could not be issued in the South, the 
publishers determined to have Mr. Stewart s book printed in England. 
Accordingly they sent the manuscript and $1,000 in gold to England. The 
book was printed in handsome style, and a few copies of it, sent to Virginia 
by the first blockade-runner, duly reached their destination. The rest of 
the edition, however, fared badly: the ship upon which it was sent was 
captured by the Federal blockading-squadron, and the edition was de 


Square 12, pp. 47, double columns. Ga-2-io2. 

An enlargement of the "Geographical Reader" (supra). 
Part One is identical with the Reader, Part Two is an expan 
sion of the text of the Reader, the maps are colored. 

Page 29: [Reader, Tennessee] "7. Many hard battles 
have been fought here during the war for independence. But 
though she is oppressed now, and suffers much, no one fears 
for Tennessee. She is nobly doing her part, and when the war 
is ended, she will be one of our best States. Many pure spirits 
are praying for peace, and if we all huble ourselves as we 
should, we shall soon be blessed with the glorious news Peace ! 
Peace ! ! Peace ! ! ! O who will not appreciate Peace when it 

Page 47: [Part II. Commerce.] Q. Has [sic] the Con 
federate States any commerce? 

A. A fine inland commerce, and bids fair, sometime, to 
have a grand commerce on the high seas. 

Q. What is the present drawback to our trade? 

A. An unlawful blockade by the miserable and hellish 
Yankee Nation." - z 

AMERICA. | In which the Political and Physical Condition 
of the States composing the Confederate | States of America 
are fully treated of, and their progress in Commerce, Educa 
tion, | Agriculture, Internal Improvements and Mechanic Arts, 
prominently set forth. | BY JOHN H. RICE. | 1862. | Atlanta, 
HANLEITER, RICE & CO. | 1862. 

4, pp. 91. Ga-2-iog. 

22 See further extracts from this interesting volume in S. B. Weeks 
Bibliography of Confederate Text-Books (Report of U. S. Commissioner 
of Education, 1898-99, c. 22, p. 1150.) 


No maps. 

Page 12, c. 2: "What is the best example of a republican 
government in the world? 



MOND, VA. WEST & JOHNSTON. | 1862. | 

8, pp. 192. Ga-2-7. 

President of the Confederate States. | BY DUFF GREEN. | 

8, pp. 80. Ga-2-7. 

MS corrections to the text. 

"Government or No Government," | OR | The Question of 
State Allegiance. | A Tract for Churchmen. | MOBILE: | 1861. 
8, pp. 16. G-2Q. 

Maryland s Hope ; | HER TRIALS AND INTERESTS | 
JEFFERSON BUCHANAN. "Depressa Resurgit." | WEST 
& JOHNSTON, 145 Main Street, Richmond. 1864. 

8, pp. 62. 6-15. 

Reasons why Maryland would ultimately join the 




| 1863. | 

16, pp. 22. P- 39 . 

Thursday, October 27, 1863, And again by special request, on 
Monday, December 7, 1863, | FOR THE BENEFIT OF 
PEATED With slight alterations for similar objects in | 
DON, Col. 63d Regiment Georgia Volunteers. | PUB 

12, pp. 28. Ga-2-84. 


DENTU, LIBRAIRE-EDITEUR, | Palais-Royale, galere 
d Orleans. | 1862. | 

8, pp. 168. Ga-2-42. 

With diplomatic correspondence. 

DILLY. | 1861. | 

8, pp. 42. Ga-2-87. 

Copy presented the former owner by Wm. L. Yancey. 


1863 | Tous droits reserves. | 

8, pp. 31. Ga-2-4i. 

NEW BURLINGTON STREET, Publisher in Ordinary 
to Her Majesty. | SOLD ALSO BY WEBB & HUNT, LIV 
ERPOOL. | 1862. | 

12, pp. 48. Ga-2-y. 

Argues the reasons for recognition of Southern inde 


a. Scripture Texts. 

b. Prayer-Books. 

c. Books of Devotions. 

d. Sermons and Religious Discourses. 

e. Miscellaneous Publications and Proceedings of Reli 
gious Bodies. 

A. Scripture Texts. 

LANTA, GA. | 1862. 

32, pp. 303, + Psalms [80]. Va-C-42. Ga-2-26. 


Franklin Steam Printing House, Atlanta, Georgia. | J. J. 

24. Ga. 

B. Prayer Books. 

cesan Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church of Virginia. RICHMOND : | CHAS. H. WYNNE, 
PRINTER. | 1865. 

32, pp. 96. A-I4-I5, Ga-2-7. 

Rough unmarked paper covers. Pages 8-14, Psalter "Selec 
tions." No. I, Psalms 42 and 51 ; No. 2, Psalms 32, 121 and 
130; No. 3, Psalms 23 and 34. Pages 19-20, "A Prayer for the 
President of the Confederate States, and all others in civil 
authority" ; pp. 23-32, "A Second Service," including the 
Litany; pp. 32-57, "A Third Service," including the General 
Confession and the Antecommunion ; pp. 37-49, "Occasional 
Prayers," including "For Persons under Affliction," "In Time 
of War and Tumults," "The Prayer to be said before a Fight 
against any Enemy," "Thanksgiving for Victory," and "A 
Prayer for the Army and Navy." 

CORDING TO THE USE OF THE | Protestant Episcopal 

32. Ga-i-92. 


Protestant Episcopal Church IN THE | CONFEDERATE 
lished by authority of the Joint Committee on the BOOK OF 
COM-|MON PRAYER, appointed by the first General Council 
of the Church in | the Confederate States of America. | AT 

1863. | 

8, pp. 47. Ga-2-i20. 

Includes hymns. Certified by Stephen Elliott, Chairman 
of Joint Committee on the Book of Common Prayer. Very 
rough paper. 

FERGUSON, | 1863. | 

16, pp. 64. SC-454. 

Pages 12-13, Prayer for the President of Confederate 
States, and all in civil Authority. 


24. Fla-mc-2i. 

C. Books of Devotions. 

BALM FOR THE | Weary and the Wounded. | BY 
REV. C T. QUINTARD, | Chaplain 1st Tenn. Regt., C. S. 

1864. | 

24. Ga-i-g6. 


Arranged for Public and Private Use | IN CAMPS AND 
J. B. EGE, PRINTER, 1863. j 

32, pp. 32. M-so. 

Pages 14-15, "A Prayer for a Happy Death." 


C. T. QUINTARD. | Chaplain ist Tenn. Regiment. 

16, pp. 96. Q-8. 

THE | Soldiers Pocket Bible ISSUED | FOR THE USE 
1643. I [n. p., n. d.] 

32, pp. 32. Ga-ga-i-38. 

THE Soldiers Pocket Bible, | ISSUED | FOR THE 
USE OF THE ARMY. | [n. p., n. d.] 

24, pp. 16. Va-C-34. 

Apparently a modification of the "Cromwell Bible." 

THE | Soldiers Text-Book; | OR, | CONFIDENCE UN 
TIME OF WAR. | BY J. R. MACDUFF, D. D. | Author of 
"The Morning and Night Watch- es," "Mind and Words of 
Jesus," etc. | [Texts.] 

32, pp. 48. Va-C-74. 

D. Sermons and Religious Discourses. 




1 7th, 1862. | RICHMOND: | MACFARLANE & FERGU 
SON, PRS. | 1862. | 

8, pp. 8. J-28. 

D. D., TO THE THIRTY-NINTH | Annual Convention | 

OF THE Protestant Episcopal Church, 
12, pp. 19. 

| IN THE | DIO- 
1861. | 23 

Ga-2-n8, 151. 

RINGTON. | [Motto, Samuel x:i2.] | PREACHED AND 

8, pp. 15. D-8. 

The sketch of Carrington is meagre. 

Preached in Camp, at Centreville, Virginia, by the | REV. 
VIRGINIA VOLUNTEERS. | Condensed by request, into a 

Tract for the times, 
son, Printers, n. d.] 

8, pp. 7- 

Richmond, Va. : [Macfarlane & Fergus- 


EXTRACT | From a Sermon preached by BISHOP 
ELLIOTT, on the i8th of September, containing a 
TRIBUTE to the Privates of the Confederate Army. | [n. p., 
n. d.] 

8, pp. 4. Ga-2-iso. 

23 See supra, pp. 239-40, note 147. 


EZRA S DILEMNA. [sic] | A SERMON | Preached in 
Christ Church, Savannah, | On Friday, August 2ist, 1863, | 
PRAYER, | Appointed by the President of the Confederate 
THE | DIOCESE OF GEORGIA. | "It is better to trust in 
the Lord than to put confidence in man." Ps. 118, v. 8. 
Savannah, Georgia: | POWER PRESS OF GEORGE N. 
NICHOLS. 1863. i 

12, pp. 26. Ga-2-n8, 151. 

sow in tears shall reap in joy. Psalm cxxvi, 6. | COLUMBIA, 

12, pp. 28. Ga-2-n8, 151. 

Important for its personal view of Polk. An account of 
his death, obsequies, etc. 

Preached in Christ Church, Savannah, | On Friday, the 8th 
day of April, 1864. | THE DAY SET APART BY THE | 
[PUBLISHED BY REQUEST.] j "And the Lord said unto 
Gideon, By the three hundred men that lapped will I save | 
you, and deliver the Midianites into thine hand." JUDGES 
VII: V. 7. | Macon Ga. : | BURKE, BOYKIN & COMPANY. 
I 1864. | 

12, pp. 22. Ga-2-n8, 151. 

By Rt. Rev. Stephen Elliott, Bishop of Georgia. 


God s Presence with the Confederate States. | A SERMON 
BY THE | President of the Confederate States, | AS A DAY 
OF | Solemn Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer. | BY THE 
CHURCH. | Published by Request of the Vestry. | SAVAN 
NAH : | W. THORNE WILLIAMS. | 1861. | 

12, pp. 21. Ga-2-n8, 151. 

God s Presence with our Army at Manassas. | A SERMON, 
BY THE Congress of the Confederate States, TO BE OB 
JUNCTION, | On Sunday, the 2ist of July, 1861. | BY THE | 
CHRIST CHURCH. And Joseph called the name of the first 
born Manasseh : For God, said he, hath made | me forget all 
my toil, and all my Father s house. GEN. XLI. 51. | SAVAN 
NAH : | W. THORNE WILLIAMS. | 1861. 1 

12, pp. 23. Ga-2-isi. 

THE SAME, 2nd edition. Ga-2-n8. 

How to Renew our National Strength. | A SERMON | 
Friday, November 15th, 1861, | BEING THE DAY OF | 
ERATE STATES. | "But they that wait upon the Lord shall 
renew their strength." \ ISAIAH XL: 31. j SAVANNAH: | 


12, pp. 16. Ga-2-u8, 151. 



8, pp. 43- Ga-2-7. 

BOTTLES." A SERMON | Preached in Christ Church, 
Savannah, J On Friday, February 28th, 1862, | BEING THE 
Appointed by the President of the Confederate States. | BY 
CESE OF GEORGIA. | "And no man putteth new wine into 
old bottles." ST. LUKE V : 27. | SAVANNAH : STEAM 

12, pp. 18. Ga-2-n8, 151. 

OBSEQUIES OF THE Rev. Edward E. Ford, D. D., 

12, pp. 21. Ga-2-i5i. 

With obituary notices, resolutions of respect, etc. 

Christ Church, Savannah, | On Thursday, September i8th, 
THE | Rt. Rev. STEPHEN ELLIOTT, D. D., | Rector of 
Christ Church, and Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia. | "Why 


do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing" | 
PSALM II : v. i. | Savannah : | POWER PRESS OF JOHN 
M. COOPER & CO. 1862. | 

8, pp. 23. Ga-2-n8, 151. 


12, pp. 46. F-25. 

An Address delivered before the General Assembly of | the 
Presbyterian Church, at Augusta, Ga., December 10, 1861. | 

24, pp. 25. Ga-2-n6. 

Half title-page. 

"SAMSON S RIDDLE." | A SERMON | Preached in 
Christ Church, Savannah, | On Friday, March 27th, 1863. | 
PRAYER, | Appointed by the President of the Confederate 
States. | BY THE Rt. Rev. STEPHEN ELLIOTT, D. D., | 
| DIOCESE OF GEORGIA. | "Out of the eater cometh forth 
meat, and out of the strong cometh forth sweet-|ness." 
JUDGES XIV: 14. | Macon, Georgia: | BURKE, BOYKIN 

12, pp. 24. Ga-2-n8, 151, 

A SERMON | DELIVERED | In the Government Street 
JEFFERSON DAVIS, | President of these Confederate 
States, | JUNE 13, 1861. | BY REV. J. C. MITCHELL, | 


ROW & DENNETT, PRS. 1861. | 

8, pp. 24. M.-s;. 

MOBILE, | On the I3th of June, 1861, | THE NATIONAL 
AND JOB PRINTERS, | 1861. | 

8, pp. 12. P- 3 8. 

RECTOR. | [n. d.] 

8, pp. 17. Si-io. 

The Silver Trumpets of the Sanctuary. | A SERMON | 

Text: Numbers x, 9. 

12, pp. 12. Ga-2-n8, 151. 



refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." | PSALM 
PANY. | 1864. | 

12, pp. 13. Ga-2-u8, 151. 

VA., | FRIDAY, APRIL 8TH, 1864, | BY REV. D. S. DOG- 
NATIONAL FAST. | Published by the Soldiers Tract Asso 
ciation, M. E. Church, South. Richmond: | Macfarlane & 
Fergusson, | 1864. I 

12, pp. 20. D-2O. 

The evil effects, the issues and the probable outcome of the 
war. The writer holds [p. 15^] that the war must and will 
end soon ; that there can be no compromise ; that mediation 
cannot be expected ; that the South must finally triumph ; that 
victory will speedily come. 

E. Miscellaneous Publications and Proceedings of Religious 

WORLD, [n. p., n. d.] A-36. 

8, pp. 12. 

Signed by numerous clergymen of the Protestant churches. 
The address maintains the justice of the Southern cause, and 
gives assurance of the independence of the Confederacy. The 
fifth theses [p. 7] is, "The moral and religious interests of the 
South ought to be appreciated by Christians of all nations." 
Page 12 [n. 2] : The number of colored communicants in the 
South is "about five hundred thousand." 



R. WILSON, D. D., AUGUSTA, GA., | And Published by 
Order of the Assembly. RICHMOND : PRESBYTERIAN 

12, pp. 12. P-8. 

PASTORAL LETTER | FROM THE j Bishops of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church | TO THE | CLERGY AND 
LAITY | OF THE Church in the Confederate States | OF 
urday, Nov. 22d, 1862. | AUGUSTA, GA. : | Steam Power Press 
Chronicle & Sentinel, | 1862. | 

12, pp. 15. Ga-2-isi. 

Attributed to Rt. Rev. Stephen Elliott. 

STATE OF FLORIDA, | Held in St. John s Church, Jackson 
ville, | May 2d, 1861. JACKSONVILLE: C. DREW, 

8, pp. 30. F-26. 

DIOCESE OF GEORGIA, | Fortieth Annual Convention. 
| 1862. | Savannah: | 1862. | 

8, pp. 59- G-so. 

Diocese of Georgia. | EXTRACT | FROM THE | 
BISHOP S ADDRESS. | With Minutes of Proceedings there 
on. | [n. p., 1865.] 

8, pp. 8. G-3i. 

CONVENTION | OF THE | Protestant Episcopal Church | 


JOB OFFICE. | 1861. 

8, pp. 104. M^S. 

The Protestant Episcopal Church in South Carolina, | HELD 
20th of June, | 1861. | Charleston, S. C. : | 1861. 

8, pp. 74. S 2 -6i. 

Diocese of Texas. | TWELFTH ANNUAL CONVEN 
April nth, i2th, and i3th, | 1861. | SAN ANTONIO: | 1861. 

8, pp. 49. T 1 - 5 2. 

Diocese of Virginia. | SIXTY-SIXTH | ANNUAL CON 
VENTION, | 1861. 1 RICHMOND: | 1861. | 

8, pp. 123. V-y. 

CONVENTION | OF THE | Protestant Episcopal Church | 
RICHMOND, | ON THE | 2ist and 22d May, 1862. | RICH 

8, pp. 80. 8-14. 

Important for condition of the church ; contains numerous 

PROCEEDINGS | OF THE | Southern Baptist Conven 
GA., | MAY xoTH, iiTH, I2TH AND I3TH, 1861. | RICH 
1861. | 

8, pp. 71. Ga-2-y. 


(Alphabetically Arranged.) 

The Bohemian. 

Richmond, Va. Vol. i, No. I ; n. d. 

Literary and military. 

The Children s Friend. 

Richmond, Va. Vol. 2, No. 18; July i, 1864. 

The Children s Guide. 

Macon, Ga. Vol. 2, No. 4 ; Oct., 1864. 

The Commission. 

Richmond, Va. Vol. 6, No. 2; Aug., 1861. 
Official organ of the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern 
Baptist Convention. C 2 -7O. 

Confederate States Medical and Surgical Journal. 24 

Richmond, Va. Vol. i, No. 4; Apr., 1864. 

Contains : "On the Miscroscopic Anatomy, Physiology and 
Pathology of the Human Liver," by H. D. Schmidt, Surgeon, 
P. A. C. S. ; Report of the Eruptive Fevers treated in the Gen 
eral Hospitals, Department of Virginia, from October i, 1862, 
to January 31, 1864. Consolidated by Surgeon Wm. A. Car- 
rington, Medical Director." [Erysipelas: cases treated, 1,386; 
deaths, 108. Variola: cases treated, 2,513; deaths, 1,020, etc.] 
"Confederate States Hospital Reports." "Transactions of the 
Army and Navy Surgeons, Debate on Tetanus." Fla-lc-23. 

DeBow s Review. 

New Orleans, La. Vol. 5, No. 2 ; Vol. 6, No. i ; Vol. 7, Nos. 
3-4; new series; Feb., 1861, July, 1861, Mch.-Apr., 1862. 


Hutton and Freligh s Southern Monthly. 
Memphis, Tenn. Vol. i, Nos. 2, 3, 4, 6; Oct.-Dec., 1861, 
Feb., 1862. H-4Q. 

24 See supra, p. 33, and note 49. 


The Index. A Weekly Journal of Politics, Literature, and 
News; Devoted to the Exposition of the Mutual Interests, 
Political and Commercial, of Great Britain and the Confeder 
ate States of America. 25 

London, Eng. Vol. I, Nos. 1-26; May-Oct., 1862; Vol. 4, 
No. no; June 2, 1864. 

Published by the Confederate Commission. 18. 

The Key-Stone. A Monthly Masonic Magazine. 

Raleigh, N. C. Vol. I, No. I ; January, 1865. 

Literary and Masonic. K-g. 

Magnolia Weekly. 

Richmond, Va. Vol. i, No. 38; Vol. 2, Nos. I, 2, 9, June, 
Oct.-Nov., 1863. 

Missouri Army Argus. 

"Camp at Springfield, Missouri." Vol. I, No. 16; Feb. 13, 

A two-page, three-column newspaper. Contains many 
items from foreign newspapers, predicting speedy recognition 
of Southern independence. ^-45. 

The Record of News, History and Literature. 
Richmond, Va. Vol. i, Nos. I, 3-9, 12, 16, 19, 20, 25, June- 
Dec., 1863. 

The Richmond Age, A Southern Eclectic Magazine. 
Richmond, Va. Vol. i, Nos. 1-3; Jany.-Mch., 1864. 
Title-page changes with second number. 312. 

Smith and Barrow s Monthly Magazine. 

Richmond, Va. Vol. i, No. i ; May, 1864. 

A note below the table of contents states that the delay in 
the appearance of the first number was due to calls made on 
the employees for military service. S 2 -62. 

25 Since this Bibliography was put in type, additional numbers of The 
Index have been received, practically completing the file. The Index: is an 
important source for contemporary comments on the war, for financial 
statistics, marine happenings, etc. James M. Mason was editor. 


Southern Churchman. 

Richmond, Va. Vol. 31, Nos. 5-10; Feb.-Mch., 1865. 

Southern Illustrated News. 

Richmond, Va., [Weekly]. Vol. I, Nos. 1-31, 34-42; Vol. 
2, Nos. 1-25; Vol. 3, 1-31, Sept., i862-Oct., 1864. 
A very popular paper; much read in the army. 26 

Southern Monthly. 

Memphis, Tenn. Oct.-Dec., 1861, Feb., 1862. 


The Southern Presbyterian Review. 
Columbia, S. C. Vol. 15, No. I, July, 1862. 

S 2 -6 3 . 

Southern Punch. 

Richmond, Va., [Weekly.] Vol. I, Nos. 1-3, 8-16, 21-25 J 
Vol. 2, Nos. 1-2, 5-12, 14-24, 29; Vol. 3, No. 3; Aug., i863-Nov., 


a. Almanacs. 

b. Guide-books. 

c. Miscellaneous. 
A. Almanacs. 

| Repository of Useful Knowledge, | For 1862. | COMPILED 

Small 8, pp. 176. A-i2. 

Pages 5-16, almanac, calendar and astronomical notes; pp. 
17-22, Formation of the Southern Confederacy; pp. 32-33, The 
Origin of Secession, tracing it to a speech of Josiah Quincy, 

29 Cf. C. C. Baughman to Mrs. George Batighman, Nov. 24, 1862, supra, 
P. 175. 


January 14, 1811 ; p. 33, Pay of Volunteer Officers and Pri 
vates ; p. 34, State Governments of the Confederate States, 
including Maryland and Kentucky as "Southern States not yet 
in the Confederacy"; p. 35, Organization of the Confederate 
Army, Nov., 1861 ; pp. 36-37, the Representation and Electoral 
Vote of the Confederate States in the First Congress ; pp. 38- 
51, Constitution of the Confederate States; pp. 70-71, cotton 
supply; pp. 72-74, Cotton Crop in the United States, for the 
year ending August 31, 1861 ; p. 75, Supply and consumption of 
cotton in Europe and the United States, for the decade 1850- 
60; pp. 76-79, Sugar Crop of Louisiana for 1860; pp. 78-85, 
The Tobacco Industry, [valuable tables] ; pp. 86-87, Confed 
erate postal rates ; pp. 88-104, "Chronicle of Events and Diary 
of the Present Revolution; pp. 105-111, The Battle of Manas- 
sas; pp. 113-176, APPENDIX TO THE | CONFEDERATE 
SHOWING | The Causes that have led to a Dissolution of the 
itical Review of the Old Union" ; pp. 123-160, History of Aboli 
tionism in the Northern States; pp. 166-169, Southern and 
Northern Commerce; pp. 170-176, The Commercial and Finan 
cial Independence of the Confederate States. 

THE | Confederate States ALMANAC, | AND | REPOS 
the Third Year of the Independence of the Confederate | 
States of America. | AUGUSTA, GA., VICKSBURG, MISS., | 
H. C. CLARKE, | PUBLISHER, 1863. | Vol. 2nd. ist Series. ] 

Outer title-page reads: 





12, pp. [100]. "Vol. 2d. First Series." A-S. 

Pages 2-16, Almanac, calendar and astronomical notes ; 
pp. 34-36, "Our Indian Relations" ; pp. 36-42, Industrial and 
Financial Statistics ; pp. 59-60, "Hog Statistics" ; p. 66, Rail 
roads of the South ; pp. 63-64, Dates and locations of sessions 
of the Confederate Courts ; p. 65, Colleges and Education in 
the Confederate States ; pp. 66-98, "Diary of the War for 
Separation," Jany i, i862-Nov. 19, 1862. 

YEAR | 1864: Being EBSEXTILE or LEAP YEAR; the 
July 4th, the EIGHTY-EIGHTH of the | INDEPENDENCE 
OF THE UNITED STATES. | Astronomical Calculations for 
the Latitude and Meridan of Augusta, Ga., and Richmond, 

8, pp. 119. "Vol. Third. First Series." A-4. 

Calendar contains dates of various battles of the War ; pp. 
71-101, "Diary of the War and Chronology of the Remarkable 
Events of the Present Revolution"; pp. 101-111, Statement of 
the Losses, etc., in the Confederate and Federal Victories, 
1861-63; p. in, "Comparative Statement of the Killed, 
Wounded and Prisoners" on both sides to Sept. 20. 1863. 
Total Confederate losses, 217,465; from disease and sickness, 
130,000. Federal killed, etc., 262,720; died from disease and 
sickness, 290,000. 



Outer title-page reads : 

| Repository of Useful Knowledge, | FOR THE YEAR | 1865. 

12, pp. 96. "Volume . . . Fourth." A-3. 

Pages 27-28, Assessment of the war tax under act of Aug. 
19, 1861 ; pp. 28-29, officials of southern state governments; 
pp. 32-35, postal system of the Confederate States ; p. 35, 
Deaths in the Confederate Army to Dec. 31, 1863 total given 
as 57,895, Georgia having the heaviest losses, 9,504 ; pp. 36-37, 
Confederate Treasury notes, giving total issue of non-interest 
bearing notes since the establishment of the government as 
$973^77.363-5 outstanding, $796,254,403.00; pp. 37-41, "The 
Amended Tax Law" ; pp. 42-72, Diary of the War, Sept. 9/10, 
1863, to Oct. 13, 1864; pp. 73-79, Confederate and Federal vic 
tories, 1861-63, with losses Gettysburg: Confederate killed, 
2,200; wounded, 13,470; captured, 4,000; Federal killed, 2,834; 
wonuded, 14,709; captured, 7,000; pp. 80-84, "Comparative 
View of the Capital, Wealth, and Annual Products of the 
Northern and Southern States"; pp. 85-88, "The New Tax 


32. Ga-i-93. 

INDEPENDENCE. | [Wood-cut of Va. State Capitol.] 

12, pp. 36. A-I3. 


Pages 2-16, Almanac, calendar and astronomical notes ; p. 
17, Government of the United States; p. 18, Rates of Postage; 
p. 19, Government of Virginia, with lists of judges, court- 
circuits, court-days, etc. ; p. 24, Virginia Representation in 
Congress ; p. 24, United States Courts in Virginia ; pp. 25-28, 
corresponding information regarding North Carolina. 


12, pp. 35. "Wynne s Edition." 

ERN CONFEDERACY. | [Wood-cut of Va. Capitol] | CAL 

12, pp. 36. "Wynne s Edition." A-g, 10. 

Pages 19-21, Confederate government officials ; p. 34, Loca 
tion of government buildings and offices. 



cut of Va. Capitol.] | CALCULATED BY DAVID RICH 
Main Street, RICHMOND. | CHAS. H. WYNNE, 

12, pp. 36. "Wynne s Edition." A-y. 

Pages 21-21, Members of the Confederate Congress; pp. 
28-30, Members of the Virginia Legislature. 

STATES. | [Wood-cut of Va. Capitol.] | CALCULATED 
AND STATIONERS, | 145 Main Street, | RICHMOND. | 
8, pp. 36. "Wynne s Edition." A-6. 

BY THE Soldiers Tract Association, of the M. E. Church 

16. Ga-i-gi. 


1 6, pp. 24. A-8. 

Includes religious articles and poems, lists of Confederate 
government officials and of the Governors of Southern States. 

WARROCK S | Virginia and North Carolina | AL 


ERATE STATES. Calculated by David Richardson of 
| Printed by James E. Goode, | Main street, opposite Farmers 
Bank. | 

12, pp. [36]. A- 35 . 

Practically the same as Wynne s Edition. 

B. Guide Books. 


16, pp. 24. T-8. 

Pages 3-4, names and residences of Heads of Confederate 
government departments ; p. 5, names, addresses and Rich 
mond residences of members of the Confederate Senate ; pp. 
6-7, standing committees of the Confederate Senate; pp. 8-n, 
names, addresses and Richmond residences of members of the 
Confederate House of Representatives ; pp. 12-14, standing 
committees of Confederate House of Representatives; p. 15, 
Virginia State officials ; p. 16, List of Army hospitals in Rich 
mond, 44 listed; pp. 17-21, Location of Confederate, State and 
city offices; p. 21, Location of army supply depots of different 
states ; p. 22, Railroad depots ; p. 22, Richmond hotels ; p. 23, 
Bank discount days. 

Showing the Location of the Public Buildings and Offices of 
the | Confederate, State and City Governments, Residences | 
of the Principal Officers, etc. | GEO. P. EVANS & CO., 

16, pp. 31. "No. i, Vol. i, October, price 50 cents." 


Page 3, Situation of Public Buildings; pp. 4-16, Officials 
of the Confederate government; pp. 16-20, Officials of the Vir 
ginia State government; pp. 21-23, Officials of the Richmond 


city government ; p. 24, Post Office hours, and hours of closing 
the mails ; p. 24, Location of the Banks ; pp. 24-25, Railroad 
depots, train-schedules ; p. 25, Principal hotels ; p. 26, Location 
of army depots ; pp. 27-28, Hospitals ; p. 28, Masonic Direc 
tory; p. 29, Odd Fellows Directory; p. 30, Newspapers and 
Periodicals, location of their officers; p. 31, Location of mis 
cellaneous points of interest. 

THE SAME. T- 4 . 

Different cut on title-page, and different type. The text 

is identical. 


C. Miscellaneous. 

BROTHER, AUGUSTA, GA. | 1864. | 

i6,pp.7i Ga. 

Jokes and stories. 

RICHMOND. | 1863. G. W. GARY, Printer, 21 Pearl Street.] 

8, pp. 28. Ga-2-i2i. 

Recipes for dishes made of economical quantity of ingre 
dients, substitutes, etc., "Adapted to the Times." Page 7, 
"Apple pie without apples" ; p. 7, "Artificial oysters" ; p. 9, 
Table beer made of treacle ; p. 10, Vinegar from molasses, etc. ; 
p. 13-15, Remedies, etc.; p. 16, "Preserving meat without salt"; 
p. 19, "To improve pale black ink" ; p. 17, "Substitute for 
cream in Tea or Coffee"; p. 17, "Substitute for Coffee, Take 
sound ripe acorns, wash them while in the shell, dry them, 
and parch until they open, take the shell off, roast with a little 
bacon fat, and you will have a splendid cup of coffee." 



This Index includes in one alphabet, all names given in the text, 
and references to all subjects mentioned in the abstracts. Each 
letter is entered alphabetically tinder the names of the sender and of 
the receiver. Immediately after each name entry will be found the 
references to pages where that name occurs. Then follow in order, 
the letters written by that person, with the dates, the orders and 
endorsations by him, letters addressed to him, and lastly, particular 
references to him. 

The abbreviations used are self-explanatory: e. g., "L to ," 

Letter addressed to ; "L. to: from ," Letter addressed 
to, from ; etc. All references are to pages, and are printed in 
black type, e. g., 432. 


Abbeville, S. C., Trinity Church, 


Abbreviations, of dates, 12; of 
titles, 12-13; list of, 4. 

Abeles, S., L. to: from J. Gott 
lieb June 12, 61, 264. 

"Abigail," the, 146. 

Abingdon, Va. withdrawal from, 


Abolitionism, rise of, 559. 
"Abolitionism from 1787 to 1861," 


Abraham, S. F., 494. 

"Abram, A Military Poem," 533. 

Abrams, A. S., author, 522. 

Absentees, list of, 410. 

Abstracts, of provisions, 271. 

"Acts and Resolutions of Con 
gress," 502-503. 

"Acts of the General Assembly of 
Virginia/ 512-513. 

Adams, Harry, see S. F. Coleman. 

"Address delivered by the Right 
Rev. John Johns, D. D." 546. 

Address of Congress to the peo 
ple, 225, 503. 

"Address of the Rt. Rev. Stephen 
Elliott," 547. 

"Address to Christians Through 
out the World," 553. 

"Adelaide, the," 129, 16311. 

Adie, Hugh, 494. 

Adjutant, appointment of, 228, 
302, 330, 401; comn. for, re 
quested, 236. 

"Adventures of the Marion Hor 
nets," 533- 

Aebogast, J. C., 493. 

Aid, request to act as, 397. 

Aiken, F. A., L. to George Shea, 
Sept. 5, 65, 453; Sept. 10, 65, 

Akyab, 133. 

Alabama, troops brought from, 

Alabama, The, movements of, 
348, 393; account of, 525. 

Alabama Infy., sth. 280; 38th. m. 
r. of staff, 491; 47th, 281, 393, 
411; 48th, 226,393,411; Laurens 
Batln., m. r. of staff, 491. 

Albemarle Arty, 204, 426; sick in, 

Alexander, E. P., 67; 165, n. i.; 
323; L. to J. T. Brown, June 19, 
62, 165; receipts to, 360; L. to 
from J. E. Johnston, Feb. 6, 62, 



Alexander, E. P., receipt sig: by, 

Alexander, Jas. B., 289. 

Alexander, J. M., 493. 

Alexander, W. F., 434; Endor. by, 

Alexandria Prison, soldiers in, 

Alford, Marion, absent, 218. 

Alien enemies, debts due to, 279, 

Allan, J. W., requisition by, 165. 

Alldridge, A. J., resigns, 226. 

Allen, B. R, 249. 

Allen, J. W., 283. 

Allensworth, J., transfer of, 401. 

"All Things Are Yours," sermon, 

Almanacs, 558ff. 

Alston, W. A., 346. 

Alton, 111., prisoners at, 89; sup 
plies sent to, 89-90; see J. F. 

Ambler, J. C., 480. 

Ambulance, invoice of, 428. 

Amelia, Mrs Mary, L. to: from 
Jeffn. Davis, Apr. 2, 65, 234. 

American Historical Asso., 12. 

Ammunition, charges of, 398; fir 
ing of, 338; receipt for, 223; 
sent to Dunlop s, 67. See Ord 

Amnesty, advocated by Tribune, 
449; controversy regarding, 460. 

Amot, Jno., rec. sig: by 166. 

Amputation, methods of, 36, 37, 
42; of leg, 45; does not prevent 
tetanus, 38. 

Ancell, Lieut., 317. 

Ancell s Battery. 317. 

Anderson, A., to report to Ran 
som, 56. 

Anderson, E. C., L. to: from T. 
D. Bertody, Jany. 9, 65, 192. 

Anderson, J. A., 49. 

Anderson, J. P., L. to G. G. Gar 
ner, Nov. 13, 61, 166. 

Anderson, Jas., L. to: from R. 
Quid, Sept. 28, 64, 358. 

Anderson, Jos. R., 498. 

Anderson, Jos. R. & Co., L. to: 
from J. M. Brooke, Aug. 7, 63, 
199; from W. L. Broun, Aug. 
28, 63, 200. 

Anderson, Robert H., 166, n. 8; 
L. to Col. Grigsby, Jany. 15, 65, 

Anderson, Col. R. H., command 

of, 188. 

Anderson s Battery, 316, 318. 
Anderson s Divn., movements, 

347, 434- 

Andersonville, Ga., reason for 
prison at, 438. 

Andrew, Jno. A., 464; L. to: from 
H. Greeley, Aug. 14, 66, 465. 

Andrews, C. M., 13. 

Andrews, Garnett, 258. 

Andrews, Lt.-Col. 236, 244; Batln. 
of, 218, 236. 

Andrews, Rev. Dr., L. to: from 
C. G. Memminger, Aug. 28, 61, 

Aneurism, tramatic, of the axil 
lary, 36; of the femoral, 36, 37; 
forms of, 42. 

"Anna Jane," the, 129. 

Anthony s Co., Va. Militia, 497. 

Apothecaries, exemption of, 49- 

Apple-Orchard, Va., 368. 

Applepie, without apples, 565. 

Applications, for invalid corps, 
362; for transfer, 372. for dis 
charge, 296. 

Applications, surgical, advantages 
of, 35; uses, 36; report on, 36; 
discussed, 36; value of, 43. 

Appomattox Campaign, subsist 
ence during, 9. 

Appraisers, board ot, 430, 437. 

Archer, Gen l, 69. 

Archer, Hugh, 368. 

Archer, W. M., 116, n. 9; L. to H. 
Hudnall, Feb. 12, 62, 167; S. O. 
Oct. 7, 61, 166. 

Architecture, study of, 193. 

Archives, location of papers in, 4. 

Arithmetics, 537-38. 

Arkansas Infy., ist, 255; 3d, 332, 
410; isth. 91. 

Armour, Jas. E., L. to G. W. Ran. 
dolph, Aug., 62, 167. 

Arms, captured, inspected, 49; 
discharge of, 291; furnished, 
293; men without, reported, 
418; seized, 221; uniformity of, 

Armstrong, C. V., cert, sig: by, 

Armstrong, E. H., cert, sig: by, 

Armstrong, F. C., L. to J. Wheel 
er, Feb. 29, 64, i67- 68. 



Armstrong, W. J., 204; L. to J. T. 
Brown, Jany. 64, 168; to W. J. 
Hanks, Dec. 23, 63, 168; to H. 
P. Jones, Dec. 63, 168. 

Army, of Northern Va., route of 
Cav. Corps, 486; of 3rd Corps, 

Army, organization of, 559. 

"Army Regulations Adopted for 
the Use of the Army," 515-16. 

"Army and Navy Messenger," 528. 

"Army and Navy Prayer-Book, 
The," 544. 

Army and Navy Surgeons, publi 
cation of, 556. see Asso. of the. 

Army Depots, in Richmond, 564. 

Arrest, for desertion, 248. See 

Arteries, ligation of, 35, 36; com 
pression of, 35; advantages of 
ligating, 36; control of, 42. 

"Articles of War/ 508. 

Artillery, at Wynne s Mill, 338; 
camps for, 332; furnished, 305; 
in Peninsula Campaign, 339; 
names engraved on pieces of, 

366; officers of, their status, 
400; organization of, 346; reor 
ganization of, 316; requisition 
for horses, 343; reserve, 301; 
transfer of, 209. 

Artillery, A. N. V., order book of, 

Ascension Islands, "Shenandoah" 
at, 142. 

Ashby, Turner, order of Feb. 25, 
62, 168. 

Ashe, Wm., Tel: to J. W. Ellis, 
Apr. 18, 24, 61, 168-69. 

Ashton, J. H., 442, 443, 468. 

Association of the Army and 
Navy Surgeons, records, 33-43; 
membership, 33; discuss ion, 
33ff; proceedings, Aug. 22, 63, 
33-34; Sept. 5, 63, 34; Sept. 19, 
63, 34; Oct. 3, 63, 34; Oct. 17, 
63. 35; Oct. 31, 63, 35; Nov. 28, 
63, 36; Dec. 12, 63, 36; Jany. 2, 
64, 36; Jany. 16, 64, 36-37; 
Jany. 30, 64, 37; Feb. 13, 64, 
37; Feb. 27, 64, 37; Mch. 12, 64, 
38; Mch. 26, 64, 38; Apr. 9, 64, 
38-39; Apr. 23, 64, 39; Feb. 4, 
65, 39; Feb. 18, 65, 39; Mch. 4, 
65, 39-40; Mch. 18, 65, 40- Di 
vided, 34; rules for discussions, 
34; officers, 33, 34-35; applica 

tions, 34-35; questions for dis 
cussion and report, 33-34, 38, 
40^41, 41-42, 42-43, 43-44. 

Atcheson, Geo., L. to R. Ramsey, 
Jany. 3, 65, 107. 

Atkins, T. M., et al., L. to W. N. 
R. Beall, March 6, u, 16, 65, 
97; Mch. , Mch. 30, Apr. 5, 
65, 98. 

"Atlanta," U. S. S., 81, 82. 

Attorney s fees, 160. 

Augusta Co., Va., troops, 284. 

Augusta, Ga., Arty, board at, 510; 
population of, diminished, 386; 
St. Paul s Church at, 548. 

Augusta Mfg. Co., 249. 

Aunspaugh, R. F., L. to from F. 
S. Rhett, July 23, 63, 3745 ap 
pointment of, 228; promotion 
of, 241. 

Austin, Texas, St. David s Ch., 


Axes, allowance of, 307. 
Ayer, Benj., L. to, June i, 63, 169. 
Aylett, P. H., 272; cert, sig: by, 

Ayers & Wade, publishers, 507, 

529, 534- 
Ayres, E. W., printer, 526. 


Baber, M. D., et al., L. to W. N, 
R. Beall, Feb. 29, Mch. 9, 65, 
95; Mch. 15, 17, 29, Apr. 6, 14, 

65, 96. 
Bacon, curing of, 311; prices, 230, 

406; receipt for, 230; survey of, 

Bacot, R. B. and Mary, deed of, 


B., Carroll, 253. 
Bahia, 129. 
Bailey, T. P., L. to E. A. Fluellen, 

Feb. 2, 64, 44. 
Bailey, Wm., vote to, 249. 
Baker, L. S., 68; Tel. to: from G. 

T. Beauregard, Aug. 3, 64, 64; 

Aug. 26, 64, 69. 
Baker, T. R., L. to B. Blackford, 

Jany. 13, 64, 28; cert. sig. by, 

371; receipts to, 169. 
Baldshear, B. S., receipt, 170. 
Baldwin, A. S., papers of, n, 44. 
Baldwin, B. G., Tel: to W. L. 

Broun, Aug. 8, 64, 65; Aug. 

17, 64, 67; j. M. Gregory, Aug. 

18, 64, 67. 



Baldwin, D. B., 331. 

Baldwin, J. B., 329. 

Baldwins , Federals at, 56. 

Ball, Maj., 314. 

Ballard, T. E., L. to W. B. 
Stanard, Dec. 25, 63, 170. 

Ballard, T. E. P., L. to W. B. 
Taliaferro, Jany. 27, 63, 170. 

"Balm for the Weary/ 545. 

Baltimore Volunteers, 290. 

Banister, Monro, L. to S. P. 
Moore, Dec. 10, 61, 44. 

Bane, J. E., 434. 

Bangor, Me., 133. 

Bank Street, Richmond, 15, n. 

Banks, transfers between, 238. 

Baptist Ch., Front Royal, Va., 18. 

"Baraconta," the, 152. 

Barbour, A. M., L. to: from "F," 
Nov. 23, 59, 497; see R. Y. Con 

Barbour, B. J., 170, n. 26; L. to 
W. B. Taliaferro, Aug. 13, 62, 

Barker, T. G., Tel: to W. Hamp 
ton, n. d., 71. 

Barker, T. M., 373. 

Barksdale, C. R., 271. 

Barksdale, C. W., 271. 

Barksdale, T. E., 271. 

Barnes, E. F., leave to, 335. 

Barnes, J., 113. 

Barques, on James River, 61, 62. 

Barr & Coale, see Coale and Barr. 

Barrett, Wimbish & Co., Pbs., 

Barry, Lt., ordered, 58-59. 

Bartlett, Capt., 407. 

Bartholomew, J., 486. 

Bartly, negro, 229. 

Barton, C. M., death of, 349. 

Barton, David, promoted, 349. 

Barton, S. M., 53; brigade of, 430; 
Tel: to T. O. Chestney, May 7, 
64. 52; May 8, 64, 52-53; May 
9, 64, 54, n. d., 71. 

Bartow, F. S., 171, n. 30; L. to A. 
R. Lawton, May 4, 61, 171. 

Basinger, W. S., L. to W. T. Tal 
iaferro, June 6-7, 63, 171-72. 

Bass, G. W., 331. 

Bassette, Mrs., pass for, 211. 

Bates, J. W., rec. sig: by, 172. 

Battery Bee, 394; Dill, 438; Glov 
er, 303; Haskell. 431; Marshall, 
423; No. 3, 266; Pringle. 260, 
438; Warden, 17; Zynes, 266. 

Batteries, recalled, 219; report on, 
216; weakness of, 316. 

Battle, Genl., 71. 

"Battle of Young s Branch," 524. 

"Battle of Fort Sumpter," 523. 

Battles, chronology of, 559, 560. 

Baugh, E. F., 266. 

Baughman, C. C., L. to his family, 
172-84; see Otey Battery. 

Baughman, E. A., 184; see C. C. 

Baughman, Geo., Jr., 175. 

Baughman, Geo., Sr., L. to C. C. 
Baughman, Sept. i, 13, 63, 184; 
bill to, 185; L. to: see C. C. 

Baughman, G. H., L to George 
Baughman, Apr. 14, 61, 185. 

Baughman, Miss M. A., 180, 182, 
184, 247. 

Baumgarten, J., 488. 

Baylor, Mrs. 48. 

Beall, John Y., trial, etc., 186. 

Beall, W. N. R., L., to Comm. at 
Fort McHenry, May 10. 65, 
108; H. W. Halleck, Dec. 19, 
64, 76; Dec. 22, 64. 76; W. Hoff 
man, July 28, 65, 80; L, Polk, 
May 25, 62, 186; H. E. Paine, 
Mch. n, 65, 78; R. O. Tyler, 
Mch. 22, 65, 79; D. T. Van Bu- 
ren, Dec. 29, 64. 77. Circulars: 
Dec. 9, 64, 88, Sept. 14, 65, 91; 
endorsations by, 87, 125; L. to: 
from T. M. Atkins, (q. v.)- from 
M. D. Baber (q. v.). 95; N, H. 
Broun, Dec. 26, 64, 81; A. Cha 
pel, May 14, 65, 91; R. F. Den 
nis, Dec. 21, 64, 91; F. T. Dent, 
Dec. i, 64, 75-76; Jany. 5, 65, 
77; Jany. 8, 65, 82; Duncan, 
Sherman & Co., (q. v.). 83, 85, 
86, 124; A. H. Edey, Dec. 15, 64, 
99; D. G. Farragut, Dec. 22, 64, 
81; J. A. Fite (q. v.), no, 112; 
A. W. Harman, Jany. 3, 65, m; 
W. S. Hawkins (q. v.), 91-94; 
C. W. Hill, Feb. 8, 65, 78; J. H. 
Hill (q. v.), 102-03; Hopkins, 
Hull & Co. (q. v.), 124; A.Jack 
son (q. v.), 109-110; A. R. Law- 
ton, Nov. 28, 64. 74; M. V. 
Lindsby, Feb. 26, 65, 112; J. C. 
McKee, Mch. 13, 65, 112; J. M. 
Maury, Feb. 17, 18, 20, 6;, 103; 
W. H. Middleton. Dec. 19, 64, 
117; G. V. Moody (q. v.), 108- 



09; A. Morgan (q. v.), 113-17; 
R. C. Morgan (q. v.), 10,406; 
F. G. Noyes (q. v.), 82, 83, 85- 
86; R. Quid, Mch. 13, 65, 79; H. 
E. Paine, (q. v.) 74-77, 83, 85; 
J. G. Parkhurst, May 24, July 7, 
65, 112; G. D. Phillips, Oct. 17, 
64, 74; D. S. Printuss, (q. v.) 
99-102; E. R. P. Shurly, Mch. 
27, 65, 96; W. F. Siemens, (q. 
v.) 121-23; C. H. Smith, Dec. 19, 
64, 107; R. T. Thorn, (q. v.) 
106-07. Parole and work, 73; di 
rections to, 74; limitations on, 
74-75; parole suspended, 76-82. 
would buy on credit, 76; tobac 
co sent to, 78; to be again im 
prisoned, 80; released, 80; to 
visit Washington, 80; shipment 
of cotton to, 80; invoice to, 81; 
bill of lading to, 82; receives 
cotton, 83; to report, 85; re 
ceives second consignment, 86; 
instructs prisons comms., 88; 
memoranda of, 123; accounts, 
123-24; sells stock, 124. 
Beauregard, Capt., 70. 
Beauregard, G. T., 56, 58, 64, 227, 
260, 335, 353, 524. L. to L. S. 
Baker, Aug. 3, 64, 64; Aug. 26, 
64, 69; D. B. Harris, Aug. n, 
64, 65; J. E. Johnston, Sept. 5, 
61 187, Apr. 17, 65, 188; Sam 
Jones, Aug. 30, 64, 69; Dec. 10, 
64, 188; R. E. Lee, June 3-4, 64, 
59; L. B. Northrop, Aug. 8, 64, 
64; J. L. Morrow, Aug. 19 64, 
68; W. H. C. Whiting, Aug. 7, 
64, 64; Aug. 8, 64, 65; Aug. 24, 
64, 68; J. D. Wright, Jany. 9, 
62, 187; J. F. Gilmer, Jany. 20, 
64, 187; L. to: from M. L. Bon- 
ham, Aug. i, 61, 194; J. F. Gil 
mer, et al., Sept. 14, 63, 260; W. 
H. Stevens, May 24, 64, 58; G. 
H. Terrett, Jun e 9, 64, 60; June 
9-10, 64, 61; June 14, 15, 19, 64, 
62, n. d., 72; G. E. Pickett, Sept. 
2, 64, 69. Whereabouts of, 57; 
orders reconnaissance, 59; can 
not leave dept., 59; forces of, 

59- Orders: June i, 61. 186; G 
O. 15. series 64, 187; S. O. 40, 
IV.-VL. Feb. 20, 64, 187-88. S. 
O. 5. II., 211. 

Beckham, R. F., 289. 

Beckley, N. C., see Jonathan 

Bedding, in hospitals, 25; for 
warded, 28; scarcity of, 28; re 
moval of, 30; loss of, 30. 

Bedford Co., Va., sheriff of, 22; 
Arty. Co., from, 207, 338. 

Beeke, W. R., 477. 

Beecher, H. W., 464. 

Beef, ration of, 170; Hampton 
captures, 179. 

Beer, from treacle, 565. 

Bell, H. M., 200; L. to A. R. Law- 
ton, May 19, 64, 188-89; Cert, 
sig: by, 188. 

Bell, J. W., forage issued to, 354. 

Bell, Wm., death of, 161. 

Bell, Mrs. Wm., 48. 

Belle, Carrie, 448. 

"Belle of New Orleans, The," 247. 

"Beneficiary Ministerial Educa 
tion," 553. 

Benjamin, J. P., 259, 268, 334, 398, 
482, 508, 510. L. to B. Bragg, 
Oct. 28, 61, 189; to J. E. John 
ston, Dec. 27, 61, 189; J. B. Ma- 
gruder, Jany. 25, 62, 342; A. H. 
H. Stuart, Mch. 25, 64, 190; J. 
Thompson, Mch. 2, 65, 190-91, 


Benton s Works, sale of, 383. 

Bernen, J. H., cert, sig: by, 44. 

Berrien Mounted Guard, 520. 

Bertody, T. D., L. to E. C. An 
derson, Jany. 9, 65, 192. 

Bethel, Va., battle of, 280; first 
gun at, 370; maps of, 487. 

Betterson, R. F., disabled, 48. 

"Beulah," 531. 

Bibb, J. M., 49. 

Bible, presented Geo. Shea, 471. 

Bibles, gift of, 323, 334; furnish 
ed, 306; purchase of, 408; sent 
generals, 246. 

Bibliography, contents of, 501. 

Bidgood, G. L., 535, 536; receipt 
of, 192. 

Bier, G. H., L. to W. B. Taliafer- 
ro, Dec. 21-22, 62, 192. 

Bigger, C. P., cert, sig: by, 46. 

Binford, J. H., 394. 

Bingham, Judge, 444. 

Biography, military, importance 
of, 9; works on, 52iff. 

Bird, H. D., Tel. to W. H. Tay 
lor, Sept. 2, 64, 71; Tel. to: 
from R. E. Lee, Aug. 22, 64, 68. 

Bishop s, Ordnance, at, 66. 

Black, G. R., L. to: from H. 



Bryan, May 9, 63, 210. 

Black, H., L. to V. Dabney, Apr. 
8, 64, 45- 

Black, Dr. H., 380. 

Black, J. L., 237; L. to P. N. Page, 
Jany. 20, 65, 193^ 

Black, J. S., 441, 450, 457- 

Black Oak Soldiers Relief Asso., 
records, 193. 

Blacker, Engr., 146, 155, 160. 

Blackford, B. L., 488. 

Blackford, Benj., L. to W. A. 
Carrington, Mch. 3, 63, 25; 
Apr. 3, 63, 25; June 23, Oct. 16, 
63, 26; June 28, 64, 30; Feb. 
4, 65, 32; to S. Cooper, June 6, 
62, 20; Aug. 9, 62, 21 ; Sept. 22, 
62, 21 ; Oct. 17, 62, 22; Nov. i, 
62, 22; Jany. 9, 63, 24; to E. N. 
Covey, Mch. 28, 64, 29; E. S. 
Gaillard, Sept. 24, 64, 31; D. S. 
Green, May 21, 62, 19; H. Mc- 
Guire, Feb. 26, 62, 19; C. K. 
Mallory, Feb. 16, 64, 29; S. P. 
Moore, June 14, 62, 20; June 
16-18, 62, 21 ; July 7, 62, 21; 
Oct. 31, 62, 22; Jany. 3, 63, 23- 
24; Dec. n, 63, 21 ; Jany. n, 
64, 28; Dec. 8, 64, 32; T. W. 
Williams, Dec. 17, 61, 17; Jany. 
4, 62, 17-18; Feb. 18, 62, 18; 
Feb. 20, 62, 18; Nov. 28, 62, 23; 
L. to: from T. R. Baker, Jany. 
13, 64, 28; from W. A. Carring- 
ton, Apr. 27, 63, 25; June 2, 63, 
25; June 19, 63, 26; Dec. 18, 63, 
28; Jany. 14, 64, 31; from E. N. 
Covey, Dec. 18, 63, 28; Jany. 14, 
64, 39; from S. P. Moore, May 
19, 62, 19; May 27, 62, 20; Sept. 
22, 62, 21 ; Oct. 25, 62, 22; Nov. 
1 8, 62, 23; Jany. 7, 63, 24; May 
27, 63, 25; from W. O. Owen, 
May 22, 62, 20. Circular of, 32; 
sketch of, 15, n. 4; accepts ap- 
ptmt. as surgeon, 20; corre 
spondence, 16-32; returns to 
duty, 30. 

Blackford, W. H., 380. 

Blackford, W. W., L. to T. W. 
Colley, Nov. 21, 64, 193. 

Blackmar, & Bro., pbs., 565. 

Blacknall, C. C., L. to Mrs. V. 
Blacknall, May 7, 63, 193. 

Blacknall, V., see C. C. Blacknall. 

Blackhear s Batty., 317. 

Blagden, G., L. to Miss M. M. 
Carne, Aug. 18, 64, 193. 

Blair, F. P. 456; L. to Geo. Shea, 
Sept. 9, 65, 454; L. to: from H. 
Greeley, Aug. 29, 65, 452. 

Blair, H. E., 204. 

Blair, Montgomery, 456. 

Blake, F. D., 373; L. to: from W. 
G. Vardell, Dec. 30, 64, 423. 

Blake, J. C., L. to L. Blake, Aug. 
19, 62, Apr. 30, 63, 194. 

Blake, Laura, see J. C. Blake. 

Blanchard, Genl., 380. 

Blankets, lack of, 28; for prison 
ers, 78, 92, 93, 96, 97, 101, 104, 

Blanks, to be reported, 418; requi 
sitioned, 292; used for sermon, 

Bleakley, A., printer, 535. 

"Blind Bartimeus," 528. 

Blockade, "unlawful," 540. 

Blockade runners, 270; at Charles 
ton, 270. 

Bloomfield & Steel, printers, 508. 

Bloomfield, 320. 

Board of Examiners, see Examin 
ing Board, 302. 

Board of Valuations, proceedings, 

Boatwright, T. S., 246. 

Bocock, T. S., 225. 

Bodley, T. B., see J. W. Gill. 

Boerman fuze, 323. 

"Bohemian," author, 534. 

Bohemian, The, 556. 

Bolivar, guard in, 284. 

Bonard s Battery, 414. 

Bonds, purchase of, 366. 

Bonham, M. L., report of, Aug. I, 
6 1, 194. 

Booker, Jno. A., cert, of, 257. 

Booker, Lewis, 167, 170. 

"Book of Common Prayer, The," 

Books, prices of, 383; publication 

of, abroad, 539. 
Boots, prices of, 390. 
"Border and Bastille," 532. 
Borst, P. B., 424. 
Borst s Co., Va. Militia, 497. 
Boteler, Col., 299. 
Boteler, A. R., L. to: from J. A. 

Early, Oct. 19, 64, 238. 
Bottom s Bridge, Va., 60; forces 

ordered to, 59. 



Boughan, J. H., forage issued to, 


Bounty, receipt of, 430; vouchers 
for, 165; to be certified, 396. 

Bowen, Jas., L. to Mrs. De Bar, 
June 8, 64, 194; to Mgrs. Thea 
tre, June 8, 64, 194. 

Bowen, Jno. S., L. to R. W. Mem- 
minger, Apr. 15, 63, 195. 

Bowen, Mrs. 48. 

Bowers, J. F., cert, sig: by, 330. 

Bowles, Jno. S., 269. 

Bowyer, T. M., agreement, Apr. 
19, 64, 195. 

Boyd, J. B., 332. 

Boyleston, S. C., report by, 373. 

Brackett, W. B. (Brockett), com 
plaint against, 276; promotion 
of, 413. 

Bradley, A. G., 113. 

Braddon, Miss M. E., author, 530. 

Bragg, Braxton. 54, 55, 59, 386, 
436; L. to B. S. Ewell, Jany. 14, 
63, 195; J. Jones, Feb. 12, 62, 
195; L. Polk, Apr. 8, 63, 196; 

5. O., 46; series 62, 195; Endor. 
by, 189, 312; L. to: from G. T. 
Beauregard, June 3-4, 64, 59 > 
J. P. Benjamin, Oct. 28, 62, 189; 
G. G. Garner, Aug. 13, 61, 256; 
R. F. Hoke, May n, 64, 56-57; 
A. R. Lawton, Oct. 23, 61, 312; 
Fitz Lee, May 15, 64, 314; R. E. 
Lee, June 9, 64, 326; R. Ran 
som, May 9, 64, 53; May n, 64, 
55; W. H. Stevens, May 14, 64, 
58; G. H. Terrett, May 12, 64, 
57; June 4, 64, 59; W. H. C. 
Whiting, n. d., 429. Influence of, 
308; matters referred to, 53; 
opinion of subordinates, 195; 
should consult Beauregard, 58. 

Brainard, C., 477. 
Branch, Horace, 358. 
Branch, L. O B., L. to: from T. J. 
Jackson, June 26, 62, 292; Sept. 

6, 62, 293. 

Branson, Farrar and Co., 537-38. 

Brantley, W. S., see A. W. Cock- 

Brantley, W. H., 331. 

Bratton, H. L. W., bravery of, 

Braxton, C. M., L. to J. T. Brown, 
May 4, 64, 196; return of com 
mand of, 355; L. to: from W. F. 
Dement, Apr. 16, 64, 236. 

Breathed, Jas., Comns., 197; L. to 
J. A. Seddon, Sept. 25, 63, 197; 
L. to: from R. E. Lee, July 7, 
64, 327; from J. E. B. Stuart, 
Mch. 21, 64, 327. Opinions of, 
197; wounding of, 327. 

Breckinridge, J. C., 260, 388, 485. 
L. to J. J. Dickinson, Apr. 15, 
65, 198; T. M. Jack, Dec. 13, 62, 
198; J. E. Johnston, Apr. 17, 65, 
198; circular, May 4, 65, 198; 
arrival of, 388; sent Johnston, 

Breedlove, Dr., 408. 

Bremar, J., 498. 

Brent, G. W., Tel: to G. T. Beau- 
regard, Sept. 9-10, 64, 70; L. to: 
from H. Bryan, Aug. 8, 64, 211. 

Brent, J. L., 344. 

Brent, T. W., C. S. N., 280. 

Brickhouse, L. S., 279. 

Bridges, W. N., L. to J. W. Mar 
shall, Aug. 8, 64, 198. 

Brigade Guard, instructions for, 

Brisbourne, J. L., L. to W. B. 
Stanard, Dec. 16, 64, 199. 

Bristow, J. A., see A. H. Edey. 

Brittain, M. L., see T. M. Atkins. 

Broad River, passage of, 170. 

Brockenborough, Mrs. C. W., 312- 

Brooke, J. M., L. to J. R. Ander 
son, Aug. 7, 63, 199; J. L. M. 
Curry, Nov. 30, 63, 199. 

Brooke s Battery, 209. 

Brooks, W. G., log on C. S. S. 
Stonewall, 199. 

Broun fuze, 219. 

Broun, Annie, L. to: from T. L. 
Broun, Apr. 24, 61, 199. 

Broun, N. H., invoice of, 81 ; L. to 
W. N. R. Beall, Dec. 26, 64, 81. 

Broun, T. L.,L. to Miss A. Brown, 
Apr. 24, 61, 199; L. to: from W. 
L. Broun, May, 64, 200, 202; 
condition of, 189. 

Broun, W. L., 71 ; L. to J. R. An 
derson & Co., Aug. 28, 63, 200; 
T. L. Broun, May, 64, 200; May 
22, 64, 202; J. T. Brown, Apr. 
*3> 3O, 64, 201; W. N. Smith, 
Nov. 30, 63, 201. Tel. to: from 
B. G. Baldwin, Aug. 8, 64, 65; 
Aug. 17, 64, 67. 

Brower, J. C., endor. by, 108. 

Brown, G. Campbell, 244, 246. 

Brown, H. A., 266, 403. L. to R. 



W. Hunter, Apr. 12, 64, 203; 
endor. by, 222. 

Brown, Jno., execution of, 498; 
guard over, 497; papers regard- 

"" ing, 497-8; troops organized af 
ter raid of, 200. 

Brown, J. C., 419, 431; letter by 
order of, 247; L. to: from J. T. 
Garner, Nov. 13, 63, 256. 

Brown, J. E., 189. 

Brown, J. M., 246. 

Brown, J. T., 44, 164, 223, 310, 317, 
321, 323, 376, 408, 420, 425, 426, 
L. to R. T. Colston, Sept. 19, 
62, 207; S. Crutchfield, Apr. 13, 
63, 208; R. S. Ewell, Sept. 18, 
63, 209; W. R. Garrett, July 18, 
61, 204; D. H. Hill, Apr. 22, 27, 
62, Sept. 27, 62, 207; J. B. Ma- 
gruder, Nov., 61, 205; E. F. Pax- 
ton. Oct. 31, 62, 208; W. N. 
Pendleton, June 5, 63, 208; J. 
A. Seddon, Mch. 10, 63, 209. 
Receipts by, 205; requisitions 
by, 205; S. O., July 18, 61, 204; 
Sept. 5, Oct. 6, 61, 205; memor 
anda of, 209, 210. L. to: from 
E. P. Alexander, June 19, 62, 
165; from C. M. Braxton, May 

4, 64, 196; W. L. Broun, Apr. 
13, 30, 64. 196; W.W. Chamber- 
lame Afch. 18, 63, 219; W. H. 
Coffin, Jany. 6, 62, 45; R. T - 
Colston, Sept. 18, 62, 224; S. 
Crutchfield, Dec. 17, 62, 231; 
Jany., Feb., 63, 231; Lieut. En- 
gle, Oct. 31, 62, 241 ; B. S. Ewell, 
Jany. 19, 62, July 18, 61, 242; 
R. S. Ewell, Sept. n, 13, 63, 
243, 245; Oct. 23, Nov. 7, 63, 
246; J. Gorgas, Aug. 2, 61, 263; 
A. Graham, Nov. 18, 63, 264; 
Mrs. W. H. Haxall, Mch. 13, 63, 
272; D. H. Hill, Apr. 8, 62, 274; 
H. Hudnall, Feb. 8, 62, 277; 
Feb. 28, 62. 278; S. B. Hughes, 
n. d., 278; T. J. Jackson, Oct. 8, 
62, 294; Nov. 4, 7, 10, 62, 297; 
M. Johnston, Oct., 61, 303; Oct. 
8, 62, 306; R. E. Lee, Apr. 27, 
64, 326; A.